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The DCR Coffee Podcast

The DCR Coffee Podcast

By Dillanos
Dillanos Coffee Roasters is the roaster for the most successful coffee retailers across America. We started roasting coffee in the shadow of Mt. Rainier in Washington State in 1992 and have met some amazing entrepreneurs along the way. This podcast sits down with the founders of America's most-loved independently owned coffee shops and lets them tell their story--insights for entrepreneurs, how to avoid common pitfalls as a new business owner, and the ways the coffee has inspired them.
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Episode No. 19: Stephanie Papke & Mykel Papke of Jump Start Espresso
Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand talk shop with Stephanie and Mykel Papke—twin sisters that have been running Jump Start Espresso in Federal Way, WA since 1998. These two are OG baristas hailing from a time in coffee when Santeria by Sublime was playing on repeat and humble coffee carts in front of grocery stores were the go-to.  White chocolate powder was everything.  And let’s not forget about those chocolate-covered espresso beans that topped our drinks… Those were the days!  Fast forward to present day and this power duo is still pulling shots in the same community they grew up in—but this time they’re running the show. These savvy business owners are committed to three things: coffee, customers, and community. And they check their egos at the door.  You can still find them picking up barista shifts at both of their two Federal Way locations and working alongside a team that have been with the company for five, ten, and even twenty years! These two don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Today’s episode is a fun conversation about how to embrace change, benefit from competitors, and discover your resilience. Tune into episode 19 of The DCR Coffee Podcast and listen to the story of Jump Start Espresso’s beginning and the secrets to their 23-year-success. . . . Find Jump Start Espresso on social and online: Web: Facebook: @jumpstartespressofw Instagram: @jumpstartespresso
August 1, 2021
No. 18: Julian Torres & Ryan Klineman of Nuova Simonelli
In this special episode of The DCR Coffee Podcast, Co-Host Dave Rand takes the opportunity to sit down with two of the guys running one of the biggest brands in the industry: Nuovo Simonelli.  Julian Torres, VP of Sales & Marketing, and Ryan Klineman, Service Engineer, stopped by the DCR headquarters to show us the latest in their line up: Prima from Victoria Arduino. This new machine is a show-stopper. And the best part?  It bridges the gap between smaller cafes and the home aficionado.  It is built to the exacting standards of excellence Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino has defined for decades.  It has sleek, modern styling that sits nicely on any counter-top: home, office, or café.  The DCR Coffee team loved getting a personal tour of what’s up next for a brand we’ve relied on since our company’s launch back in 1992. Enjoy a short chat with Julian, Ryan, and Dave about a brief history of the Nuova Simonelli brand, how to get the best quality espresso out of any machine, and how their brand is representing sophisticated home brewing in their future equipment designs and innovations. . . . Find more information about Nuova Simonelli and the new Prima by Victoria Arduino at  
July 18, 2021
No. 17: Jeff Archer & Betsy San Miguel of YOLO Coffee
On this week’s episode of The DCR Coffee Podcast, the guys welcome Jeff Archer and Betsy San Miguel of YOLO.  These two are teaching us all about how to remember that you only live once.  Whether it’s in their new line of coffee or their stand-up paddle boards and electric beach cruiser bikes, these two are leading a brand that represents a quality of life many of us strive to achieve. Hard work and laser focus brought this vision to bear.  Over the years, they’ve said no to trade shows and yes to more time in the shop pushing their own R&D concepts to the next level.  Thanks to receiving early advice to “stay focused on who you are and what you’re trying to build”, Jeff was able to define the brand based on his own terms and values.  Betsy partnered later having been moved by the YOLO mindset and what it was achieving in the competitive Florida coastline market. Together they’ve grown this brand of SUP board and bikes into one that is loved by celebrities like Drew Brees and Brian Kelley of the country duo, Florida Georgia Line.  And next up: YOLO Coffee.  “Coffee is so fun and it’s allowing us a way to talk to a new, younger customer in a way that we hadn’t before” says Archer.  Dillanos Coffee Roasters is proud to partner with a brand that shares a likeminded sense of values and purpose. Look for YOLO Coffee to continue to grow its presence across the Gulf Coast. . . . Find YOLO Board on social and online: Web: Facebook: @yoloboardnbike Instagram: @yoloboard
June 20, 2021
No. 16: Phil Beattie of Dillanos Coffee Roasters
Today’s interview is with Phil Beattie, Director of Coffee for Dillanos Coffee Roasters.  He’s a Professional Q Grader, former chair of the Coffee Roasters Guild, private coach to no less than two US Barista Champions in the last five years, and has invested the last 20 years of his career into the award-winning Dillanos coffee program. The DCR Coffee Mission Statement is unique for a coffee roaster: Help People. Make Friends. Have Fun!  But it makes sense when you think about it… As Phil explains, this philosophy is the heart and soul of how they’ve cultivated authentic relationships around the globe.  He even credits it as the defining factor in Dillanos’s ability to provide a wide spectrum of coffees to both retail and wholesale customers without interruption during last year’s supply chain road blocks. Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand discuss challenges the coffee industry as a whole is currently faced with and how Dillanos’s proactive approach to green coffee management has preserved them through the crisis. “Right now, we’re leaning heavy on that relationship capital we’ve built up with our supply chain in order to get what we need” he shares.  Dillanos hasn’t skipped a beat—something Phil’s proud of because of what it means to the cafes, restaurants, and home coffee drinkers Dillanos serves. In a season of immense stress for many, DCR customers had one less thing to worry about. Interested in a peek behind the curtain of the coffee world? Tune into Episode 16 of The DCR Coffee Podcast for a must-listen interview.  Phil, David, and Dave cover what it takes to maintain relationships with farmers and producers all over the world, anticipate fluctuations in the market, and select coffees for the Dillanos Limited line from thousands of samples, all while still taking time to raise up the next generation of professional coffee roasters. . . .  Find Dillanos Coffee Roasters online and on social Web: Instagram: @Dillanos Facebook: @Dillanos Resources & Links Coffee Roasters Guild US Barista Championships Las Lajas by Dillanos Coffee Roasters
June 6, 2021
No. 15: Erika Lowery of Coffee Fest
Coffee Fest is back for 2021 and we are stoked to chat with Erika Lowery, Portfolio Director for the event, on this week’s episode of The DCR Coffee Podcast! Attendees are in for a treat with live events returning.  Classes and workshops have a huge emphasis on COVID recovery for businesses, including how to plan for the future and shift business models.  They’re putting a lot of focus on how to incorporate the highly sought after mobile ordering.  Mobile ordering is in demand and Coffee Fest has all the tools you’ll need to implement it into your operations. Coffee Fest will also be launching their 365 digital platform this year.  With live events suspended in 2020, Erika saw an opportunity to invest time into developing a fully online resource tool for the Coffee Fest community.  Within the coming weeks, they’ll be rolling out this exciting resource of trusted partners that will benefit everyone in the industry, A to Z! “People want to be heard and they want solutions” says Erika. “If I don’t have it, I guarantee that within two phone calls I can find someone you can help.”  This spirit of service, community, and access drives Erika’s ongoing commitment to meeting exhibitors’ and attendees’ evolving needs.  And that’s exactly what anyone participating in either the live events or Coffee Fest 365 will get to experience this year. Find more information about how you can participate in Coffee Fest 2021.  They will be hosting live events in four locations around the country and are excited to showcase all new workshops, classes, and products to the coffee community. . . . Find Coffee Fest on social and online:  Web: Facebook: @coffeefest Instagram: @coffeefestshow
May 20, 2021
No. 14: Bryon Clarke of Rivers Edge Cafe
From flipping houses to flipping a struggling café into a thriving local hub, Bryon Clarke of Rivers Edge Café in Sumner, Washington talks about his path to success with the guys on this week’s episode of The DCR Coffee Podcast. Dillanos Co-CEO David J. Morris and Bryon became friends in elementary school and continue their fun-filled adventures in friendship and business together to this day.  In fact, Bryon was Dillanos’ first salesperson back in the early 90’s.  He is also credited with creating one of our popular blends, Black & Tan—a strong, full bodied blend roasted to a perfect medium-dark. Together with his wife Danielle, Bryon parlayed his role with Dillanos into purchasing a struggling café several years ago.  They did a deep dive into renovating everything: the décor, the menu, the ingredients, the equipment… and the coffee.  Today, a stop into Rivers Edge Café means a relaxed vibe while enjoying a great sandwich made from top-quality ingredients served alongside a cup of Dillons Blend coffee—Dillanos’ best-selling blend since 1992. Bryon is a local’s local with deep roots in his community.  His café looks out onto the same railroad tracks where his grandfather worked as a switch operator in the 1930’s.  And nearly all of their 12 taps pour beers and ciders from breweries within 5 miles of the café.  Rivers Edge Café is a case-study in how to become a fixture in the community. Listen to Bryon share his thoughts on what inspired his journey to pursue entrepreneurship and how he and Danielle keep their busy Rivers Edge Café humming on episode 14 of The DCR Coffee Podcast. . . . Find Rivers Edge Cafe on social and online. Web: Facebook: Rivers-Edge-Cafe Instagram: @riversedgesumner
April 25, 2021
No. 13 Anna Gutierrez of Barista 22
We’re kicking off season two of The DCR Coffee Podcast with a behind the scenes look at Barista 22, the only product line created by baristas for baristas.  Tune into for an energetic conversation with Anna Gutierrez, Director of Brand Development. This season Co-Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand will continue talking with business owners serving Dillanos coffee in their shops and cafes.  In addition to inspiring stories from entrepreneurs we admire, look for conversations with Dillanos employees and even a few vendors that help us keep our customers at the front of the industry. And the brand that’ll keep your shop at the top of the drink ingredient game?  Barista 22.  Here’s why it matters that these products are created by baristas: most syrups on the market were originally designed for cocktails. They don’t always taste right when mixed with coffee, milk, or in higher volume beverages, like a 24 oz iced latte.  Barista 22 is the only brand whose products were specifically crafted to complement the strong and variable flavors of coffee and espresso, distribute consistently throughout creamy milk beverages, and yet still taste great with just club soda.  These products won’t curdle in milk either—a notorious concern for baristas during spring and summer when fruit syrup flavors are in demand. Anna describes what it’s like to don a lab coat and craft a product from scratch—something unique to Barista 22’s product research and development process. She also shares stories from her 20 years in the industry, including one time when her day started with a routine trade show and ended with a jam session in Kid Rock’s living room. Ready for a taste test of your own?  Head to! Contact Anna with your questions or to request products to sample. Anna is hoping to meet lots of listeners! If you’ve been enjoying our podcast, please leave a 5-star review wherever you’re listening! It will help others like you find us and our guests. . . . Resources from this episode: Book: The Aladdin Factor Web: Instagram: @BaristaTwentyTwo Facebook: @BaristaTwentyTwo Email Barista 22: CONTACT FORM
April 10, 2021
No. 12: The Season 1 Highlight Reel
Co-Hosts David J Morris and Dave Rand take a look back on their favorite moments from Season 1.  Over the last 11 episodes, guests have shared stories of the vision, values, and hard work that paved the path to successful business ownership with our audience.  In this episode, our hosts discuss what these insights mean to them personally and how Dillanos Coffee Roasters applies similar practices in its daily operations. Season 1 covered everything from company culture and community engagement to brand evolution and whether or not franchising is right for your business.  Highlights include: “The Total Customer Experience” by Darren Spicer of Clutch Coffee “How to Cater to a Unique Market” by Shane Murphy of Java Espress “Bold Branding” with Emily Holzer of Hot Shotz “Bringing Community Together” with Andrew Stanisich of Two Guns Espresso “How to be the Solution to Your Culture Problem” with Bryan Reynolds of Anthem Coffee “Expansion Strategies” with Joe Lloyd of Durango Joe’s “To Franchise or Not To Franchise… That is the Question” with Marty Cox of It’s a Grind “Resourcefulness as a Guiding Principle” with Alan Butts of Coffee Crossings “Large Scale Team Management Techniques” with Robin Jean Lyon of Copper Mountain Coffee “Constant, Never-ending Improvement” with Chris Heyer of Dillanos Coffee Roasters All episodes are archived on The DCR Blog and available on Apple Podcasts & Stitcher. If you’ve enjoyed Season 1 of The DCR Coffee Podcast, take a second to leave a review!  We’re already in production on our second season and can’t wait for you to hear more stories from behind the scenes at Dillanos Coffee Roasters---the roaster for the most successful specialty coffee retailers in America!
March 21, 2021
No. 11: Chris Heyer of Dillanos Coffee Roasters
Get to know Dillanos Co-CEO Chris Heyer in the season one finale of The DCR Coffee Podcast.  Co-Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand enjoy a candid and light-hearted conversation with Chris… it’s a little bit of business and a little bit of stroll down memory lane in this last episode of our first season. Those close to the company will tell you: there’s no Dillanos without David, and there’s no Dillanos without Chris.  These brothers are the yin and yang of the DCR Coffee brand and business. And together with their late father/step-father, they built it from the ground up. This duo has been through it all.  Exploding coffee bags, wild goose chases to Las Vegas, and that one time a car drove straight into their very first roastery… And while they’re best known for their wildly different personalities, you’ll still find 90’s rock playing on their Air Pods and New Balance shoes on their feet. Join us for a fun conversation about the odd jobs Chris held before joining David to start building what has become one of the most beloved coffee roasters in America.  Learn what’s still Chris’s favorite thing about running this business, the coffee he’s been drinking every morning for the last ten years, and the shockingly few college classes these successful CEOs have between them in our latest episode! Chris balances the demands of building the systems that keep Dillanos running by adventuring around the Puget Sound to the Salish Sea in his boat with his wife and kids.  You can find his favorite coffee on, along with the two blends named after his children: Ava Blonde and Skylar’s.
February 28, 2021
No. 10: Marty Cox of It's a Grind
The best part about running your own business? You get to make all the decisions. And the worst part about running your own business? You get to make all the decisions.  Can anyone out there relate? This week’s guest on the DCR Coffee Podcast shares his path to entrepreneurial success with our audience.  Marty Cox of It’s a Grind is like many of our previous podcast guests.  Each finding themselves at professional crossroads along the way and making a leap into owning a coffee shop, often without a sense of what lies ahead. Marty’s background is in sales, and like many others in the industry, Marty often found himself in various cafes throughout the week to catch up on the day’s leads and refuel with a cup of coffee.  After a negative experience trying to place his order for an extra dry double cappuccino, he thought to himself that he would do a much better job if it were his business.  And the idea for It’s a Grind was born. In partnership with his wife Louise, they committed themselves to a brand that was dedicated to customer service. “The customer’s needs drove all of our decisions” says Marty in today’s episode. Right from the start they were turning heads. The first location popped up in July 1995. Over the course of 5 years, another 6 locations were up and running. And by the year 2000, they had begun to franchise It’s a Grind.  The brand was in high demand—they secured a 60-location deal right out of the gate as a newly minted franchisor. As his ownership of It’s a Grind began to sunset, Marty and Louise’s place the spotlight became even brighter.  They were recognized multiple times in the Los Angeles business community, securing award after award from 2004 through 2009. 9th Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Business Journal (2004) 2nd Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Business Journal (2005) Small Business of the Year, Long Beach Chamber of Commerce (2005) Top 100 Movers & Shakers, Fast Casual Magazine(2005, 2006) 3rd Top New Franchises in the United States, Entrepreneur Magazine (2006) 1st Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Business Journal (2006, 2007, 2008) Top Franchisors in Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Business Journal (2006, 2007) Biggest Customer Award, Dillanos Coffee Roasters (1998 through 2009, annually) Listen to episode 10 of The DCR Coffee Podcast to hear real insights from the front lines of business ownership. Get a sense of the hard days that fuel the good days, the kind of hard work that is so often a prelude to the big wins. . . . It’s a Grind has 200 locations across 15 states. If you happen to find one in your neighborhood or in your future travels, be sure to stop by for a cup of coffee.  And in the meantime, you can always order a bag of whole bean Dillons Blend for a taste of It’s a Grind at home.
February 15, 2021
No. 9: Robin Jean Lyon of Copper Mountain Coffee
Co-Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand talk to Robin Jean Lyon of Western Montana’s favorite coffee chain, Copper Mountain Coffee. Copper Mountain Coffee is a female-owned-and-operated business thriving in the Northwest corner of Montana. One part Business Management Degree, two parts grit and intuition, Robin leveraged her business savvy to transform an uninspired juice and coffee shop into a stylish 12-location chain of drive-thrus and cafés across the region. Since 2006, Robin has been reading the landscape of customer demand and responding with her famous agility.  “Focus on the people; don’t worry about making money” is what Robin has to say to everyone out there pursuing dreams of business ownership. After all, even if this entrepreneur had the choice, she’d still choose hard work over luck… “it’s more satisfying that way, we won’t appreciate what comes from luck nearly as much as through hard work.” Over the last two decades, Robin has fearlessly led this growing business not from the front, per se, but shoulder-to-shoulder alongside her 90+ employees.  They have a unique approach to company organization and effectiveness.  Copper Mountain Coffee employees organize themselves into various teams, depending on the task at hand.  Each team member knows what “hat” they’re wearing and together they get the job done!  With communication at the forefront of the company’s values, the employees use a popular walkie-talkie app called Voxer.  This enables teams to communicate via video messaging—a creative solution to address a common challenge all companies face: detecting tone in email.  Using video messages improves communication quality and protects their great culture. If you find yourself taking in the scenery of the Flathead Valley anytime soon, be sure to swing through one of twelve locations from Libby to Whitefish down thru Kalispell to Missoula.  Robin recommends trying one of their customer-favorite signature drinks like the Copper Mountain Mocha and the Copper Top Latte. . . .  Find Copper Mountain Coffee on social and online: Web: Facebook: @CopperMountainCoffee Instagram: @coppermountaincoffee
January 31, 2021
No. 8: Alan Butts of Coffee Crossing
The DCR Coffee Podcast shares the mic with co-founder and co-owner of Coffee Crossing, Alan Butts. Hailing from the heartland of America, Alan has been running Coffee Crossing since 2002 with his wife, Mary, and their children. Fueled by faith, this family has grown their business from a single location in 2003 to five thriving locations to date—with two more scheduled to open in 2021 alone. Company culture is on the minds of most business owners these days and Alan is no different.  Anyone can tell you that protecting healthy culture requires a keen approach to recruiting new staff.  So you might be surprised to learn that their recruitment process doesn’t prioritize a knowledge of coffee. That’s right—this café owner doesn’t have coffee anywhere near the top of his list.  Alan says, “the number one thing is to focus on having great people… everything else will find its way.”  They look for integrity, a love of customer service, and a generous attitude – people who happily give their time and care to both customers and coworkers.  It’s important that each new employee brings a spirit of service with them as they join a likeminded team. This successful entrepreneur doesn’t sweat the small stuff… and he doesn’t sweat the big stuff either.  When co-host David J. Morris asked Alan to describe his “end game” for our listeners, his answer wasn’t what we expected to hear. He didn’t have one.  Instead, he shared the benefit of setting aside the worry that often accompanies building that traditional 5-year-plan having been inspired by an archived Chris Locurto Podcast episode.  The discussion landed here: “Some entrepreneurs are just in it for the creation.”  That clicked.  Nineteen years into entrepreneurship, Alan’s still having fun creating new opportunities for Coffee Crossing—enjoying every chance to serve coffee and his community along the way. Alan and the team at Coffee Crossing in Southern Indiana are a great example of what the path to a successful coffee chain can also look like... You’ll enjoy listening to some thoughts on how both businesses and business owners evolve over time and how to chart a better course for your brand and business by tuning into Episode 8 of The DCR Coffee Podcast! . . .  Find Coffee Crossing on Social & Online:  Web: Facebook: @coffeecrossingllc Instagram: @coffee_crossing Podcasts Discussed:  Keys to the Shop Podcast The Chris LoCurto Podcast
January 17, 2021
No. 7: Bryan Reynolds of Anthem Coffee
Episode 7 of The DCR Coffee Podcast features a business owner that is local to the Dillanos headquarters in the Pacific Northwest and the originator of your next favorite customer service mantra: Heroic Hospitality. Bryan Reynolds, co-founder and co-owner of Anthem Coffee, sits down in our latest episode with hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand for a conversation about being in “the people business”, the value of self-care as a business owner, and a great way to cook a steak. Bryan’s passion for serving people radiates through every word spoken.  He’s best known for being a team builder, visionary, and a business mentor.  Plus, he’s the biggest fan you didn’t know you had.  Seriously—if you’re having a bad day, just go sit by Bryan and you’ll walk away refreshed and ready to start turning problems into possibilities. His passion for developing leaders, defining brand culture, and creating memorable moments is among his many entrepreneurial hallmarks.  As he says, “Every cup, every interaction, every experience needs to be a good one, cause people are talking.” But the Anthem Coffee experience wasn’t always that.  Bryan shares his biggest-mistake-made-slash-lesson-learned taught him that scaling a business isn’t just scaling the good, but the bad as well.  Like so many other growing businesses, improved communication was the key to their turning point.  Communication improved culture, culture improved customer experience, and customer experience became a brand-defining tenet for Anthem Coffee. Now he preaches and teaches a hands-on approach to business ownership. In fact, he’ll still put on an apron and get behind the bar from time to time. Tune in to hear a true “diamond in the rough” tale of what Dillanos Co-CEO David Morris considered to be the worst location for a coffee shop that he had ever seen.  But Bryan knew that sleepy part of town was where he wanted to plant roots. Fourteen years and eight locations later, Anthem Coffee remains a South Puget Sound favorite. . . . All Anthem Coffee locations use our Skylar’s blend as espresso.  Try a bag for yourself at Find Anthem on social and online: Web: Facebook: @anthemcoffee Instagram: @anthemcoffee Books & Podcasts mentioned in today’s episode: Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller  The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey The GaryVee Audio Experience with Gary Vaynerchuk
January 3, 2021
No. 6: Andrew “Stan” Stanisich of Two Guns Espresso
Be honest. Be accountable. Be the best version of yourself. Be of service. It may just be a café to some, but to those in Manhattan Beach, California, Two Guns Espresso goes beyond just a cool place to grab a Flat White.  The company’s core values of “Be honest. Be accountable. Be the best version of yourself. Be of service.” defines the spirit of community Two Guns Espresso thoughtfully cultivates. This place is developing future leaders. And entrepreneurs, you should be taking notes. Brand visionary, Andrew “Stan” Stanisich founded Two Guns in 2011 after transplanting from New Zealand a couple years prior.  As owner, he still captains product innovation and their signature customer experience.  Heard of those crazy cafés that don’t offer Wi-Fi?  Well, Two Guns is one of them—and they’re proud of it! A sticker that reads “Ain’t No Wi-Fi” is proudly displayed in their locations.  “Watching a community build” is owner Stan Stanisich’s favorite thing about running a business.  Moreover, this entrepreneur shares his perspective on owning this 9-location thriving café-only chain: “It doesn’t belong to you anymore… it actually belongs to them.” The customers are the real owners of every Two Guns location… And when you stop by, like the famed Alton Brown often does, you’ll feel like you’ve found your spot too. Two Guns made their mark by introducing a beverage that’s old hat to New Zealanders and Aussies yet only recently popularized amongst Americans: the Flat White. And if you’re thinking, “Wait, what? New Zealanders invented the Flat White?”, you’re not alone. It’s a pretty fun story to look up—and in fairness, there’s still a bit of a debate between Australia and New Zealand as to who can actually lay claim to the espresso and micro-foamed milk beverage.  Regardless of who’s calling dibs, Two Guns brought this to the California coffee scene, and next to the famous “Stanwich” Breakfast Sandwich, it has set them a part in the coffee landscape of the laid back south bay area of Los Angeles. Two Guns continues to grow and push forward in creative ways despite the unprecedented times all small businesses have experienced this year.  Host David J. Morris said it best: “we’re in a time of forced resourcefulness”.  Your head is nodding too as you read those words, right? Episode 6 of The DCR Coffee Podcast will lift your spirits, recenter your “why” behind your own vision, and reminds us all to stay focused on the bigger picture.  And maybe dream of starting our days with a walk on the beach one day as well… . . . Find Two Guns online and on social! Web: Facebook: @twogunsespresso Instagram: @twogunsespresso Podcast Recommendation: Monacle Radio: The Entrepreneurs
December 20, 2020
No. 5: Shane Murphy of Java Espress
As host David J. Morris says, Shane’s path to coffee stardom could be titled “From Cow Pies to Coffee”. After spending more than a decade in the family’s cattle, ranch, and farm supply business, Shane Murphy founder and owner of Idaho-based Java Espress decided it was time for a change.  He traveled back to his hometown of Coeur d’Alene to check out a popular pizza franchise and left with an unexpected passion for coffee after being served an amazing peach latte (yes, peach). The first Java Espress location popped up in 1993 in the town of Idaho Falls---an area that, shall we say, wasn’t exactly known for a thriving coffee scene at that time.  In fact, the construction of their first location was mistaken for a photo booth!  “Do you seriously think that’s gonna work here?” a woman asked… Shane wasn’t so sure that coffee was the right choice over that pizza idea he originally investigated.  But the fog quickly lifted as their massive flavor selection and famous smoothies using fresh ingredients became a fast trademark of the rapidly expanding business. Aspiring entrepreneurs: if you ever feel like the odds are stacked against you, then this week’s episode of the DCR Coffee Podcast is exactly what you need to hear.  Shane Murphy’s passion for coffee is only matched by his wisdom for new business owners. His advice to his younger self would be to “wear one hat--and don’t try to conquer the world.”  As Shane puts it, constantly “running and gunning” makes it difficult to find the kind of quality time to relax with family that he craves.  It’s his biggest challenge as a successful businessman. “Focus” is his best advice. Java Espress proudly serves a proprietary blend of coffee crafted by the DCR Coffee professional roasting team.  And the must-have drink to order the next time you swing through one of their 9 locations?  Their signature latte: Sweet Anarchy.  This classic beverage using white chocolate, amaretto, and black cherry syrups hit the menu over 20 years ago and hasn’t changed since. (If it’s not broken, right?) What’s next for Java Espress? They’re expanding into Utah with 3 new franchise deals signed and sealed.  Ask Shane and he’ll tell you this is all for family, for his son and daughter. And Hawks fans, don’t hold it against him.  He’s been rooting for the Chicago Bears since childhood. We hope you enjoy our 5th episode with one of our favorite specialty coffee retailers, Shane Murphy of Java Espress. ____ Find Java Espress online at  Facebook:  Instagram: 
December 6, 2020
No. 4: David Morris of Dillanos Coffee Roasters
Get ready for a deep dive into the history of Dillanos Coffee Roasters through the eyes of its founder, David J. Morris.  The Coffee Maverick himself is taking us back in time to the days of half-time shows for the Seattle Sonics, outdoor coffee carts, and sleeping on the floor of their first roastery.  Today, Dillanos is a leader in the coffee industry, but the road to success wasn't paved in Geisha varietal espresso grounds.  Listen in on how David's personal growth through the years has impacted the company's evolution from a ground floor start-up to the award-winning brand it is today.  The soul of this company was borne from vision and passion and a hunch that coffee was gonna be a big deal--but don't call it luck.  Ask David and he'll tell you, "hard work makes the luck."  David's advice to current and aspiring entrepreneurs is to figure out what you're good at and stay in that lane.  DCR Coffee remains a shining example of what entrepreneurs know to be true: build a business that solves your own problem and chances are it'll solve one for someone else too.   The core of Dillanos remains the same from those early days: a passion for industry-defining coffees, a commitment to supporting customers in all areas of their business, and an uncompromising focus on company culture.  Hear behind the scenes stories about the rigorous and unconventional hiring process, what it was like to grow a business as co-CEOs with his brother, and how David ended up with a tattoo of Evel Knievel's signature on his arm. We hope you enjoy this candid interview of David J. Morris, co-CEO and founder of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, by our friend Chris Deferio over at Keys to the Shop.  Chris has been talking to the who's who in coffee since 2018, continuing to invest in our collective knowledge as entrepreneurs, managers, and coffee retailers. Chris offers consulting for those looking for a professional guidance in their quest to build a solid, thriving shop. ----  Find Coffee Maverick here: Facebook: @thecoffeemaverick Instagram: @coffeemaverick Twitter: @coffeemaverick Web:
November 22, 2020
No. 3: Emily Holzer of Hot Shot Espresso
Based in Lewiston, Idaho, this community-focused entrepreneur built a business from scratch 21 years ago after leaving her job working for an ammunition manufacturer.  Emily shares the books that inspired her to take the leap both in starting the business itself and in facing the trials and tribulations that go along with managing an unexpectedly large work force.  She talks about the life-changing trip she took to origin in El Salvador, spending time with Emilio on his farm.  Awestruck by the experience, she continues to convey her appreciation of the hard work that goes into harvesting each lot to her team as part of employee training.  Staff are taught to be mindful of how many hands the coffee crosses before it gets to them, and that theirs is the last before it goes to the consumer. She shares, "We care that much about the coffee."  Get to know Emily and the creative ways they support their local community, such as putting stickers on their to-go cups to help advertise for local fundraisers, in the 3rd episode of The DCR Coffee Podcast with hosts David J. Morris, co-CEO at Dillanos Coffee Roasters, and Dave Rand, National Sales and Marketing Manager.  If you're local to Lewiston, swing through one of their four locations. And if not, there's always ordering the coffee served at Hot Shot Espresso, one of our darkest blends, Special Dark, from  
November 8, 2020
No. 2: Darren Spicer of Clutch Coffee Bar
This week we sat down with founder Darren Spicer of Clutch Coffee Bar out of North Carolina.  Darren shared his early visions for building Clutch Coffee Bar, including what inspired the name and their flagship location in Mooresville.

In this episode, Darren shared his leadership insights for fellow entrepreneurs, including how his staff’s signature friendly, high-energy customer service hasn’t skipped a beat; their contributions to further breast cancer research are intact; and how plans for continued expansion are pressing forward, even amidst the economic challenges thrown at them by the pandemic.  

Get the behind-the-scenes story on what makes one of North Carolina’s fastest growing specialty coffee retailers the success story it is and continues to be – Enjoy Episode 2 of the DCR Podcast!  .  .  .  For more information on our guest check them out here:   FB Page:    Instagram Pages: /    Twitter:    Website:      To learn more about your Host:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Twitter:   To learn about the coffee we talked about:   Website:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Twitter:
October 26, 2020
No. 1: Joe Lloyd of Durango Joe’s Coffee
In this episode we have a chance to sit down with one of our good friends Joe Lloyd. He founded Durango Joes coffee in southwest Colorado and shares the insight he has learned from running a successful coffee house chain for 10+ years. He shares everything from his new secret morning wake up drink to why his customers love the unique coffee experience they get at Durango Joes. . . .  For more information on our guest check them out here:  Instagram: @durangojoes Facebook:   Twitter: @durangojoes  To learn more about your Host:  Instagram: @Coffeemaverick Facebook: Twitter: @Coffeemaverick  To learn about the coffee we talked about: Website: Instagram: @dillanos Facebook: Twitter: @DillanosCoffeeRoasters  Links to books Start with Why by Simon Sinek: Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni: The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni: Beat Provided By
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October 6, 2020