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Plant Medicines and Inner Peace Podcast

Plant Medicines and Inner Peace Podcast

By Dillyn Hoffman

In this podcast we will be discussing all things related to plant medicines like the history, variations of psychedelic medicines, safety, spirituality, and the possibilities for facilitating healing.
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The Fourth Episode: To Shamanize, or Not To Shamanize
The Fourth Episode: To Shamanize, or Not To Shamanize
In this episode we make some distinctions from a shaman, neo-shaman, shamanic practitioner, and other spiritual healers like "spirit workers" and facilitators. We explain the roles and why the shamanic impulse derives from plant medicine use, allowing them to be the wisdom keepers of facilitation and integration. We also talk about some characteristics to discern a shaman. We mention a few difference cosmologies in different shamanic cultural expressions. We briefly mention the Tree of Life, and how a shaman uses this pathway for knowledge and transformation. And we speak into the Power of Turbulence. Contact
December 26, 2020
The Third Episode: Shamanism and Soul Retrieval
The Third Episode: Shamanism and Soul Retrieval
We briefly talk about what shamanism is and how this practice is rooted deeply in the plant medicine world. We also speak into some key components of shamanism like soul retrieval, accessing trance, and working with spirits. This is a 101 type episode which will be all of season 1. Season 2 we will go into the 202 of some of these subjects and topic points. Thanks for tuning in and feel free to message us for support, feedback, or if you are interested in connecting. Contact
December 24, 2020
The Second Episode: Navigating Visionary States of Consciousness
The Second Episode: Navigating Visionary States of Consciousness
In this episode, you will learn a very brief introduction to some important factors to consider when utilizing plant medicines as well as working with a spiritual advisor. Some imperative points mentioned in this episode have to do with history of plant medicines, the effects of them, how to prepare for ceremony, how to navigate a ceremony with grace and awareness, and how to continue and integrate the spiritual relationships forged even after the plant medicine work. In later episodes, stay tuned for us to go into more depths on these topics. If you would like to hear more details or information on something specific, we invite you to connect with us and give us feedback. In this episode we mention topics like: Energetic Beings Elemental Spirits Animal Spirits Spirit Guides/ Protectors Importance of a Facilitator Importance of Set and Setting Importance of Unfolding/Integration Are you struggling with processing an experience? Looking for an accountability, couples, spiritual, or integrative coach? Contact Heather and Dillyn at
December 10, 2020
The First Episode: The Introduction
The First Episode: The Introduction
The Introduction This episode speaks into a little bit about Dillyn Hoffman and Heather Crewe and how they are trusted sources for education on plant medicines. We will go into our background, personal struggles, and overview why we are passionate about creating this podcast. This is a quick overview, and we will save the juicy stuff in later episodes. This is a quick overview of some of the upcoming episodes, the content to expect, and the order may change over time. Introductions Navigating Visionary States of Consciousness What is Shamanism Who is a Shaman  Medicine Carrier vs. Practitioner Different Plant Medicines and origins Introductory Guide to Utilizing Rapè Dangers of Plant Medicine Work Accessing Trance States Integration Legal Plant Medicine Churches  Ancestors and a Time of Paying Off Debts  Spirit Allies and Power Animals  Sacred Tools, Objects, and Instruments  Strengthening Relations with Cannabis History of Psilocybin Mushrooms History of Ayahuasca  History of Peyote/ San Pedro  History of MDA/ MDMA Non-dual therapy with 5MEO-DMT Bufo toad Kambo / Sapo Tree Frog 🐸
December 03, 2020
Plant Medicine Podcast Trailer
Plant Medicine Podcast Trailer
This is the trailer to Plant Medicine Podcasts to educate the importance of the spiritual, religious, and personal reasons why these catalysts have been utilized since beginning of humanity.
December 02, 2020