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Memories from the Margin

Memories from the Margin

By Dina Hendawi
Who do we accept as our truth tellers? We often rely on what we see on the screen, what we hear on the radio, and what we read in print. We participate in the manufacturing of narrative by merely adopting these false truths. This podcast is a space in which stories from the margins may surface – the truths that are so often muffled by various modes of power. Perhaps then, by listening and reflecting, we can challenge the discourse which tells us who we are and what we must believe.
A Chat with Gabriel Alvarez
Gabriel Alvarez uses his vivid and eclectic artwork to deliver a call for us to confront the dilemmas of our humanity.
June 01, 2022
A Chat with Rabab Tantawy
Rabab Tantawy takes us through an artistic journey of space, tone, and vibrant color in her quest to engage us towards a sense of togetherness.
May 09, 2022
A Chat with Reem Al-Refaie
Reem shares her artistic vision and how culture, memory, and the endless desire for bright color fuel her work.
March 05, 2022