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Hold the Mustard (by Dineable)

Hold the Mustard (by Dineable)

By Mark Surkin
A hospitality guest experience and personalization podcast discussing industry perspectives on everything from dietary restrictions to food waste, featuring leading event planners, caterers, chefs, restaurateurs, and others.

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Culinology at The Drexel Food Lab with Rachel Sherman and Jon Deutsch
For episode 5 we go academic with the Drexel University Food Lab via special guests chefs Jon Deutsch and Rachel Sherman. Jon & Rachel are "culinologists" who "good food" product development and culinary innovation through the Food Lab. Looking for help with a food innovation? Get in touch through the food lab website or email Jon anytime. Highlights from this episode of Hold the Mustard (powered by Dineable): What's culinology (TM of the Research Chefs Assoc.)? / What defines "good food?" as it relates to the Food Lab's innovations? / Supply chain chaos & whether the modern supermarket model will become obsolete due to COVID-19 / How careers in hospitality & culinary so often start with passion at a young age All about food sustainability & upcycling
April 23, 2020
The Food Detective with Peter Wareing
In episode 4 we meet a real life Food Detective, Peter Wareing of P Wareing Food Safety LTD to learn all about food safety, mycology, microbiology, and how those confusing "best by" dates are determined on grocery labels. Peter is a food safety and hazard analysis expert, having consulted for celebrity chefs, giant food producers, startups, and even tracked down carcinogens on brazil nut farms in Bolivia, like Indiana Jones crossed with Sherlock Holmes. Peter's services are available to any business that needs help packaging, producing, fixing, and improving food products for grocery stores, as well as hazard analysis and safety consulting for caterers and restaurants. He can even be an expert witness if you find yourself in need of one! Reach out to him anytime via Linkedin. Highlights from this episode of Hold the Mustard (powered by Dineable): How "best by" or "expiration dates" on food packaging are determined / Why your favorite restaurant sauce doesn't always taste the same off the store shelf / Chasing carcinogens in Brazil Nuts in Bolivian rainforests / Working with celebrity chefs / How coronavirus is affecting food safety and supply chains now and in the future
April 10, 2020
Engaging Food Allergen Safety Programs with Jacqui McPeake
In this episode we welcome Jacqui Mcpeake of JACS Limited to chat about all of the fun, engaging, and rewarding ways a professional kitchen can make food allergen safety a part of their culture.  Jacqui is one of the UK's preeminent experts in food allergen safety, having won awards for her program at Manchester Metropolitan University, and then set out on her own to build an accredited food allergen training, certification, and auditing program. Jacqui's services are available to UK-based schools, universities, restaurants, caterers, and other foodservice operations. Contact her anytime via email / linkedin / web Highlights from this episode of Hold the Mustard (powered by Dineable): How to make training fun with staff allergen challenges and even playdough! / The importance of "step into my shoes" / The PURPLE Allergen Plan / Similarities between allergen safety and coronavirus safety / Why the UK / EU has 14 allergens, and the new law going into effect (Natasha's Law)
March 26, 2020
The Relationship Industry with Jill Anwaar, The Event Coach
In this episode we hear from Jill Anwaar, The Event Coach, all about how the hospitality industry is driven by strong relationships and great communication.  Jill has had an amazingly diverse career in the industry from high end hotels to city DMO's to planning events for the NFL's "Big Game," managing high profile speakers, and running her own agency. Just getting started in the events industry and need a coach? Need some help navigating contracts (especially right now with cancellations due to coronavirus)? Planning a huge event for later this year and need a great planner? Contact Jill via email / linkedin / facebook / instagram Highlights from this episode of Hold the Mustard (powered by Dineable): "No Means Next!" / Empathetic Planning Strategies and How Empathy Drives Retention / Super Meals / Togetherness in Challenging Times
March 20, 2020
Food Cost & Food Waste with Nick Farrell and Lou Marrocco
Join us as we learn all about food cost and food waste from Chef Nick Farrell, chef/owner of Sovana Bistro, and Lou Marrocco, Founder/President of Brandywine Events, and Meetings & Events Director of VisitDelcoPA. Nick & Lou share what terms like food cost and food waste really mean, how to manage and optimize both, and how to exceed guest expectations. #SpoilerAlert: It's all about balance, communication, and planning ahead. Highlights from this episode of Hold the Mustard (powered by Dineable) Food waste and food cost defined Working cooperatively amongst event planners, caterers, clients, and guests to exceed expectations and mitigate waste What happens when communication breaks down How to achieve healthy food cost Special order scallops and a special plate for an unexpected guest
February 26, 2020
Hold the Mustard Introduction
Welcome to Hold the Mustard, a hospitality podcast that pulls back the curtain on how hospitality leaders create magic for their guests. On each episode we’ll chat with industry professionals ranging from catering to restaurants to hotels to event planners, food allergy experts, and more. Hospitality is a business that requires a ton of human intuition, empathy, understanding, and as much prior knowledge about each guest as possible.  That’s what this podcast is all about. Finding that balance by using every tool at our disposal, from people to technology to process, and everything in between, and sharing what we’ve learned with all of you out there. We’ve got a ton of great episodes in store for you. To learn more, reach out to us at Hold the Mustard is sponsored by Dineable.
February 26, 2020