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Honey Gone Nuts

Honey Gone Nuts

By Dingding Hu
"Honey Gone Nuts" is a podcast hosted by artist and writer Dingding Hu, the mastermind behind the very bubbly creative studio "Hu is Hungry". The show is dedicated to stories of artistic transformation, shared by brilliant creators from all walks of life.

The conversation usually starts with food and mood, then travels from relationships, pop culture to mindfulness and beyond! It is created for professional over-thinkers and creative workaholics who are overdue for a snack break. You will walk away feeling sparkling and unstoppable!
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005 Pursue your dream as an immigrant, Creative Habits and Imposer Syndrome - Watercolor the World with Volta Voloshin-Smith
In this episode, Dingding and Volta from Color Snack chatted about why it is important to pursue what you love as an immigrant, their everyday creative habits and food as a love language and inspiration!
June 28, 2022
004 Tale of a Cartoonist Egg Lady, Finding Identity and Love for Nattō - Everything Eggcellent with Dami Lee
In this episode, Dingding and Dami chatted about their identical egg personality, artist journey, relationship and favorite snacks!
June 14, 2022
003 From Film school to "Michelin" Kitchen, Champagne and Question of the Day - Restaurant Confidential with David Kurihara
David walks us through his journey from film school to food management, and all that in between!
June 01, 2022
002 Awakening of the inner artist, belief system and peace as a practice - Healing through art with KJ Nasrul
In this episode KJ and I explored our similar path towards the discovery of the authentic artist we have always been.  
May 17, 2022
001 The artist's journey, relationship with food and the unexpected pivot into comedy - Who (Hu) is Dingding?
In this episode, I briefly chatted about why do I love food, my artistic journey and how did I get into comedy! Leave me a review and share your thoughts!!
May 03, 2022
Welcome to the show! Let's open up :)
Wanna know why did I start the podcast?
April 22, 2022
Honey gone nuts - honest conversation for collective healing!
Honey Gone Nuts the podcast is coming Spring 2022! 
April 02, 2022