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Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast

Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast

By Mark Magro, Dave Grima, and Dan Colonna
Different games discussed every episode. Join the Dinosaur Machines for a book-club-style chat, some trivia, and a healthy dose of mirth.
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150th Episode Spectacularrrrrr!
One hundred and forty-nine episodes later, we're still doing this thing! Join us on this sesquicentennial episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast! Mark, Dave, and Dan will share each of their favorite games featured on the last twenty-four episodes. And, they'll also compare the games which the found to be less than favorable. Regardless, this is sure to be a celebration of the ages! MAIN TOPIC: 2:27 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 43:28
July 01, 2022
You are the Ghostrunner. With no memory, you've got a voice whispering orders... or, "suggestions" in your head. Weakened and confused, you climb Dharma Tower while cutting through any opposition that stands in your way. This sharp adventure through the dystopian future challenges players to dodge bullets and dispatch enemies with unbelievable accuracy. If at first you don't succeed, slice and dice and slide again. Mark, Dave, and Dan hone their edges in an attempt to unravel the truth of this bleak future they find themselves in. Then, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to figure out which games have gained value over the years. Will they cash in on their investments, or be left with a mountain of duds? MAIN TOPIC: 30:38 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 1:04:29
June 12, 2022
A Memoir Blue
Wade through a flood of memories with Miriam in A Memoir Blue by Cloisters Interactive. Published by Annapurna Interactive; this heartfelt story explores Miriam's complicated relationship with her mother. In spite of being a world-renowned swimmer, Miriam is left to navigate the sometimes murky waters of her past in this interactive narrative. Dive into this beautiful journey with Mark, Dave, and Dan as they learn more about Miriam's past. Then, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to his own gaming-themed version of Wordle. Who can decipher Dave's hidden words first? MAIN TOPIC: 27:27 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 1:02:55
May 25, 2022
Greak: Memories of Azur
Greak: Memories of Azur is a single-player puzzle platformer by Team17 that features three playable heroes. With Greak's cunning, Adara's magic and Raydel's strength, the Urlags don't stand a chance! By their powers combined, can the three siblings defend against an invasion? Meanwhile, a different trio takes their hand at saving the world. Can Mark, Dave, and Dan bring peace to the Courines? Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to... Guess That Game! Can Mark and Dave piece together which character Dan's making them guess? Find out in this spine-tingling Trivial Tastemaker! MAIN TOPIC: 21:04 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 43:57
May 14, 2022
Solar Ash
Solar Ash by Heart Machine is what happens when the creators of Hyper Light Drifter play a bit too much Jet Set Radio. Skate through the vibrant yet dying worlds as Rei: the last Voidrunner. Her goal is to prevent the Ultravoid from swallowing the known universe into its abyssal innards. Each area features an epic creature that will stop at nothing to keep Rei from her mission. Unfortunately for the Ultravoid's minions, Rei only grows more cunning and agile as this adventure progresses. Mark, Dave, and Dan each take their chances against the all-consuming black hole. Will they emerge victorious, or discover an even darker truth to the circumstances before them? Then, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to create an accurate release timeline of games. Who will be able to retrace the footsteps of gaming history? MAIN TOPIC: 25:25 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 1:03:20
April 27, 2022
Sifu by Sloclap tells a tale about vengeance by means of martial arts mastery. Players take on the role of an orphan who spends their life mastering hand-to-hand-and-sometimes-knife combat. Their mission? They're gonna kill Bill... I mean, Yang. Sifu requires players to succeed and fail on their journey. With each loss comes a chance to learn new moves and unlock passive perks. However, they'll literally age every time they perish in combat. Age enough times, and it's game over! Well, obviously, but we're still talking about Sifu here. After this flurry of kicks and punches subsides, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to identify a series of characters that have something very mysterious in common. Can you name these individuals before they can? Or, will you have to tap out of the fight? MAIN TOPIC: 15:05 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 1:08:19
April 06, 2022
Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
The name's A... Agent A. Well, that's at least the moniker by which this episode's game goes by! Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is a point-and-click puzzle game by Yak and Co. Unravel the web of lies and danger that's been spun by the notorious Ruby LaRouge. Work your way from a chic supervillain loft, to an ultra high-tech, ultra dangerous underground base! Pick locks, find hidden switches, and cause many controlled explosions in this escape room inspired adventure. Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to one of the most chilling rounds of Twenty (or More) Questions yet! Will these sleuths be able to crack Dan's code? Or, will they be left to the sharks that have laser beams attached to their heads!? MAIN TOPIC: 28:05 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 48:01
March 24, 2022
Death's Door, ft. Ron Chan
Grab your sword (or umbrella), and get ready for your first day on the job at the Reaping Commission! In Death's Door by Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital, you take on the role of a Crow who has been tasked with finding a missing soul. Before long, it becomes clear that this is much more than a simple case of spiritual theft. The only way forward is by fighting through giant Spirits who each have a tale of their own. Mark, Dave, and Dan are joined on this adventure through Death's Door by none other than Ron Chan! As a self-proclaimed Death's Door aficionado, Ron is more than prepared to share his experience with this isometric adventure. Then, Mark challenges Ron, Dave, and Dan to a special edition of the Trivial Tastemaker! With Dan fighting for survival and Dave competing for this season's championship, Ron stands to secure a victory out from the Dinosaur Machines' grasp. Who will prevail in this contest of epic proportions? MAIN TOPIC: 27:47 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 1:00:53
March 08, 2022
Deltarune - Chapter 2
Head back into the Dark World of Deltarune by Toby Fox! Kris is reunited with Susie and Ralsei as they embark on another journey through mysterious portals. Along the way, they'll encounter even more quirky characters than in Chapter 1. Can they stop The Queen before it's too late? Mark, Dave and Dan take turns discussing their return to the world of Deltarune. Who relates most to Berdly? Which of the Dinosaur Machines thinks Queen is the best character ever? All of this and more on yet another mirth filled episode! Then, tensions rise as Dave challenges Mark and Dan to unravel even more NeuralBlender masterpieces! Which games were used to inspire these abstract yet familiar pieces of art? MAIN TOPIC: 22:01 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 58:53
February 23, 2022
Feeling trapped in a dead-end marriage, Veronica Villensey decides to take drastic measures. In an effort to take her life back, she ends another -- by throwing her husband, Malcolm... overboard! With no remorse, Veronica must now convince the crew and passengers that she's innocent. Can she get away with murder, or will she find herself locked up? Mark, Dave, and Dan take a toss at getting away with the crime of the century. Which of them made it out with insurance money, and which got thrown behind bars? Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to his own version of the popular hit word game, Wordle. He introduces... Gaming Wordle! MAIN TOPIC: 22:24 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 54:49
February 02, 2022
I Am Dead
After gracefully passing on from the world of the living, Morris Lupton finds himself on a quest to save the island of Shelmerston from volcanic disaster. Morris teams up with his dearly deceased pooch, Sparky, to find the island's next spiritual protector. Along the way, they'll give other ghosts some much needed rest and closure. Mark, Dave, and Dan share their thoughts on this thoughtful puzzle adventure game by Hollow Ponds. Join them as they traverse the intricacies of the afterlife! Hopefully, they'll finally find that missing sock. Then, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to guess which version of Monopoly doesn't exist. With a stunning portfolio of properties under his belt; has anything escaped the grasp of Mr. Monopoly?! MAIN TOPIC: 25:56 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 53:43
January 23, 2022
Some cartographers make maps, others use maps to create their own versions of the world -- like Carto! After being separated from her Granny, Carto must find her way home by gently manipulating the world. On her quest, Carto will make friends, solve mysteries, and create memories that'll last a lifetime.  Mark, Dave, and Dan take the universe into their hands in this lovely puzzle / adventure game. Will they create the perfect map, or is this journey fated for catastrophe? Then, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to the classic "Synonym Challenge!" Will his co-hosts be able to unravel the riddles that hide each game? MAIN TOPIC: 26:09 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 55:48
January 07, 2022
TOEM is a photo adventure that takes players through charming locales. A hobbyist photographer takes their first steps on a journey to meet a mythical being known as the TOEM. Along the way, they'll solve photo-based puzzles and aid townsfolk in their tribulations. So, grab some film and clean your lens -- it's time to see the world through the eyes of a camera! Mark, Dave, and Dan compare photos and experiences from their time with TOEM. Does the game live up to its focus, or is everything just out of frame and blurry? Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to figure out what game he's hiding *in his mind.* Will they be able to decipher what series he's thinking of, or will Dan's game remain forever hidden?! MAIN TOPIC: 24:04 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 49:30
December 23, 2021
It Takes Two
Cody, May, and Rose are one big happy family! However, things have been getting somewhat murky for this seemingly happy picture. As Cody and May begin to finalize the ends of their relationship, they're suddenly transformed into living dolls. With the aid of a talking self-help book by the esteemed Dr. Hakim, Cody and May embark on an unforgettable journey through a surreal version of their own home. Along the way, they begrudgingly cooperate to navigate through this perilous experience. But, does this help them find what brought them together in the first place? After Mark and Dan played this game with Dave in the backseat, the Dinosaur Machines sat down to discuss this serious-yet-goofy adventure by Hazelight Studios. Then, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to decipher art that was created by an amazing AI called Neural Blender. Will they be able to think like a machine and identify which games inspired this art, or will SkyNet finally win? And, if you'd like to play along, check this Twitter thread! MAIN TOPIC: 20:23 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 49:20
December 09, 2021
Chicory: A Colorful Tale
In a world without color, what's left to do but paint? In Chicory: A Colorful Tale, it's up your job to bring vibrancy back to a land facing monochrome doom. As the most talented artist around has evidently thrown out their brush, can you take on this daunting role of creative heroism? Mark, Dave, and Dan each take to the canvas in an effort to assist the citizens of these food-inspired towns. Will they paint themselves into a corner, or does Chicory: A Colorful Tale get more interesting the longer they look at it? Then, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to a contest involving unusual weaponry found in video games! Who will be immortalized as the champion of this episode's Trivial Tastemaker?! MAIN TOPIC: 17:41 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 56:24
November 22, 2021
Last Stop
Last Stop is an adventure game that puts you in control of three individuals who each face reality-altering experiences. John, Donna, and Meena embark on unique journeys before ultimately converging with each other in a fated union. What forces have brought these otherwise disconnected individuals together? Mark, Dave, and Dan embark on their own quest to get through this supernatural story. Will they emerge unscathed, or are their fates already decided? Then, Dan exposes Mark and Dave on a treacherous Trivial Tastemaker. Can Mark and Dave deconstruct Dan's fake game titles? MAIN TOPIC: 23:42 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 1:09:56
November 06, 2021
Procession to Calvary
Have you ever wanted to cause an outrageous ruckus in your favorite historical works of art? Well, aren't you a lucky scamp! Procession to Calvary lets you frolic about as an agent of chaos in multiple Renaissance paintings. As a soldier from the Crusades, it's your quest to slaughter Heavenly Peter in the name of Immortal John! On this adventure, you'll break into castles, perform street magic, and successfully make an offering to the Devil themself. Can Mark, Dave, and Dan fulfill their destinies, or will they carve a new path? Then, Mark throws Dan and Dave to the lions in this episode's Trivial Tastemaker! Who will survive this gauntlet of wits and wisdom? MAIN TOPIC: 15:02 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 48:11
October 19, 2021
Dodgeball Academia
Juke! Side-step! Maneuver! And if all else fails: DODGE! What’s with all the evasion, you ask? It’s because we played Dodgeball Academia by Pocket Trap. Attend a school dedicated to the art of throwing rubber balls with great strength, and skillfully avoiding them when your opponent strikes back. You’ll make friends, create rivalries, and settle local disturbances every day of each semester! Mark, Dave, and Dan hit the courts with unwavering determination in their hearts. You’ll definitely want to catch this tournament of champions as it unfolds. The excitement continues as Dave challenges Mark and Dan to a game for true sportsmen: video game sports trivia! Can he beguile his cohosts? Or, will they prevail VICTORIOUS?! Find out! MAIN TOPIC: 18:32 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 48:19
October 03, 2021
Disco Elysium
The only thing worse than being a cop with amnesia is having a necktie that just does not stop talking. Such problems merely scratch the surface of the warped encounters you'll experience in the world of Disco Elysium. After waking up from what seems like an epic bender, it's your job to solve a murder, remember who you are, and re-learn simple concepts such as currency. Why is this place in shambles? Where are your shoes? Will a spin kick really be the next logical course of action? Mark, Dave, and Dan take this journey through their broken minds together as they share stories from Revachol. In this hefty episode, it's anyone's guess how their investigations went. MAIN TOPIC: 22:15 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER: 1:20:55
September 13, 2021
Narita Boy
What happens when you mix Tron and Lord of the Rings? Studio Koba has an answer: Narita Boy! Traverse the Digital Kingdom as a being of ultimate power. Using the radical techno-sword, only the true Narita Boy can bring down the corrupt programs known as Stallions. Do you have what it takes to aid Motherboard before total system failure? Mark, Dave, and Dan downloaded their consciousnesses into the pixelated realm. Sharing thoughts on their individual journeys, will Narita Boy be code complete, or does it rest in force? MAIN TOPIC - 29:21 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER - 1:05:36
August 30, 2021
Before I Forget
In this episode, we take a look through the eyes of a woman who faces her life one flashback at a time. Developed and published by 3-Fold Games; Before I Forget is a walking simulator that brings the player on an unforgettable stroll in the shoes of a woman named Suni. Throughout the game, we're given a unique perspective into what it's like to live with a fading memory. Mark, Dave, and Dan work together to put the pieces of Suni's tale back together. Who is Dylan? And, what was Suni's life like before we met her? MAIN TOPIC - 24:13 TRIVIAL TASTEMAKER - 1:01:28
August 12, 2021
Hypnospace Outlaw
Are you ready to make the Hypnospace a safer place for global citizens? Now's your chance to clean up the virtual streets in Hypnospace Outlaw. Do your duty as an Enforcer of the fastest growing online community. It'll be your job to catch thieves, bullies, and... murderers? Better throw on your Hypnospace Headband and get to work! Mark, Dave, and Dan join forces to solve some of the most hair-raising mysteries to ever hit the digital domain. Will they make it out alive, or are they doomed to get "bacon brain?!" Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to a rousing match of "Twenty (or more) Questions." Can they be able to decipher his riddle, or will they be lost to the dark net? TIMESTAMPS: Main Topic: 17:39 Trivial Tastemaker: 51:22
July 28, 2021
Call of the Sea
The sea beckons to Norah as her lifelong condition worsens. As her husband Harry goes missing on the search for her cure, Norah takes her fate into her own hands. Solve puzzles, explore ancient mysteries, and discover the truth about Norah's unspoken connection to an island in the Southern Pacific. Call of the Sea is an adventure game developed by Out of the Blue, and published by Raw Fury. To contrast the game's beautiful landscapes, Call of the Sea challenges players to solve riddles and track down Harry's missing expedition. Mark, Dave, and Dan bring you along on this expedition through the unknown. So, get those gills ready for deep sea adventures! TIMESTAMPS: Main Topic: 22:34 Trivial Tastemaker: 1:03:09
July 14, 2021
Begin your ascent to freedom in Hades by Supergiant! Zagreus -- the son of Hades -- begins his journey towards the surface. In defiance of his father, Zagreus will find himself locked in combat with individuals who he once called allies and family. Can Zagreus break free of his birthright as the lord of the Underworld? With help from his relatives on Mount Olympus, Zagreus may yet have a chance to discover the truth around his origins. Mark, Dave, and Dan share their experiences from their attempts (and successes!) to free Zagreus from Hades' oppressive parenting tactics. Then, things get combative as Mark and Dan are thrust into combat by Dave's Synonym Challenge on this episode's Trivial Tastemaker. TIMESTAMPS: Main Topic: 26:29 Trivial Tastemaker: 1:05:47
June 30, 2021
Star Renegades
Star Renegades is a turn-based, roguelike strategy RPG by Massive Damage Inc. With stunning pixel art and a unique take on turn-based combat, Star Renegades brings the player on a high-risk-high-reward journey through space and time. Will you be able to lead your army to ultimate quantum victory? Mark, Dave, and Dan take their shot at being the best time traveling commanders that the universe has ever seen. Will Star Renegades satiate their thirst for success? After the dust has settled, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to a rousing round of Roguelike Trivia. Or, as Dave calls it: "Random Roulette!" Which of the Dinosaur Machines' resident cousins will emerge the champion of this contest? TIMESTAMPS: Main Topic: 24:48 Trivial Tastemaker: 58:18
June 16, 2021
125th Episode Spectacularrrrr!
Another twenty-five glorious episodes of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast have come and gone! To celebrate our momentous one-hundred and twenty-fifth episode, we once again compare and contrast our individual experiences with each of the last twenty-four games. Will one of your favorites be featured by our trio? Or, will Dan snuff a great game once again? Gather 'round, and find out! This laid back jaunt is sure to be a barrel of laughs and memories.
June 01, 2021
Stories Untold
Work your way through a series of surreal scenarios in Stories Untold by No Code. Sample the best of classic PC gaming with a text-based adventure, first-person exploration, and puzzle solving! As you relive these old school genres, you may find yourself reading between the lines to uncover an even deeper reality. Mark, Dave, and Dan are your guides through this strange journey of CRT monitors and gigantic safes. Then, it's time for the Trivial Tastemaker! Mark challenges Dave and Dan to decipher what game he's talking about based on Molly's description of its trailer. Will they be able to dive into her mind, and find the truth? CHAPTERS: Main Topic: 26:22 Trivial Tastemaker: 1:03:00
May 17, 2021
What do you get when a hat-loving ship captain embarks on a journey to save his town? As it turns out, an epic quest lies in wait. Play as Lord Faraday as he finds himself in way over his head in Olija. Using unnatural abilities, Faraday can traverse impossible distances while quickly striking down his enemies. But, will it be enough to fend off the mysterious Terraphage? On his journey, Faraday crosses paths with a revered princess named "Olija." What might her role be in all of this? Mark, Dave, and Dan set sail on this story-heavy action game by Skeleton Crew Studios. Does Faraday's spear strike true? Or, will we find ourselves adrift in this dreary landscape? When we finally return to port, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to a Dinosaur Machines classic: "(More Than) Twenty Questions." Mark and Dan must use smart questions to learn the identity of Dave's hidden games. Who will emerge victorious in this nail biting season finale?? CHAPTERS: Main Topic: 23:54 Trivial Tastemaker: 56:07
May 02, 2021
The Pathless
In The Pathless, players take on the role of a Hunter who stands as the last hope of a dying world. As the final guardian of the light falls, impossible odds are stacked against any chance of survival. Armed with nothing but a magical bow, the Hunter has their work cut out for them. But, is it too late? Mark, Dave, and Dan do their best to shine some light on this open world adventure / puzzle experience by Giant Squid Studios. Does The Pathless hit its target, or is it off the mark? Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to a simple test: "was that Laura Bailey?" With a storied career in her wake Laura Bailey also plays the Hunter in The Pathless. And, in this Tastemaker, we learn even more about her previous roles! CHAPTERS: Main Topic - 22:41 Trivial Tastemaker - 1:00:29
April 18, 2021
Downwell is a game all about falling down... a well! This classic indie title was created by Moppin, and published by Devolver Digital. Navigate your way to the depths of this seemingly-bottomless well equipped with nothing more than a pair of fancy Jump Boots. Will you discover what awaits in the depths? Get vertical with Mark, Dave, and Dan as they guide you through this minimalist journey toward the center of the Earth. Once we hit bedrock, it'll be time for the Trivial Tastemaker! Then, Mark tests Dan and Dave's knowledge about animals. But, some of these animals are actually Pokémon? Can the Dinosaur Machines' Pokémon Masters unravel Mark's bubble-net of lies? Find out! CHAPTERS: Main Topic - 22:30 Trivial Tastemaker - 57:12
April 03, 2021
Among Us
It'd be pretty sus if you haven't heard of Among Us by now! It's the hit multiplayer social deduction game by InnerSloth! As a Crewmate, it's your goal to survive! But, Imposters lurk within your midst. They'll do everything in their power to literally murder you and your friends, while acting as if they're innocent. Mark, Dave, and Dan all have a very hard time trusting one another on this episode. After many sessions of the Among Us, the Dinosaur Machines are ready to share their harrowing experiences. Then, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to pick a pair of characters, and explain why they'd team up and betray their own causes. Deception runs deep!
March 14, 2021
Have you ever heard the old saying, "you are what you eat"? Well, the creators of Octodad made an entire game about it. Young Horses presents Bugsnax! Seek the truth about Snaktooth Island as a journalist who may bitten off more than they can chew. The wildlife of this mysterious place looks and tastes like ordinary food. Is that a red spider? Why, no -- it's a Strabby! Deeelicious. Mark, Dave, and Dan share their experiences after investigating the strange individuals and events of Bugsnax. Will they come back for seconds, or is it time for dessert? Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to an extra-sweet Trivial Tastemaker. Three games on a list, but only one of them came out exactly 20 years ago. Who will take the cake!?
February 25, 2021
WARNING. An unknown biological threat is on the loose. Luckily, that biological threat is you! Carrion by Phobia Game Studio sets you loose on a laboratory filled with helpless scientists. Uncover the truth behind your wretched existence, and give your creators a taste of very gross revenge. Mark, Dave and Dan are your hosts on this horrifying trip through the corridors of Carrion. Does it make being evil look good, or is this game too toothy for its own good? Then, Mark pits Dan and Dave against one another in a game of "Either This or That!" But, is there a surprise guest in Mark's back pocket? Find out on this uncomfortable episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast! 
February 13, 2021
Yoku's Island Express
Have you ever imagined yourself as a dung beetle Postmaster? If you answered "yes", then you're in for a treat with Yoku's Island Express by Villa Gorilla! Take on the role of Yoku in this pinball-powered platformer. What should have been a simple career delivering mail turns into an epic quest to save the diety of Mokumana. Join Mark, Dave, and Dan as they flip their flippers in this colorful jaunt. Then, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to some good, old fashioned gaming trivia. Can they answer some normal questions for once? Or, will they crumble as their brains go into overdrive?!
February 02, 2021
Creature in the Well
Creature in the Well brings us to a world being endlessly battered by a tremendous sandstorm. One gigantic machine within a mountain was humanity's last hope, but it hasn't operated in ages. The mountain now echoes with sinister groans and an eerie stillness. Suddenly, a maintenance bot has sprung to life. Can BOT-C reactivate the machine, and save the world? Or, will the Creature in the Well crush them... and their efforts? Mark, Dave, and Dan each took their chances against Creature in the Well by Flight School Studios. Join them as they share their battle stories in this episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast! Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to guess numbers associated with Guinness World Records that pertain to pinball! Given the silverball inspired nature of Creature in the Well, this should be an educational Trivial Tastemaker!
January 16, 2021
The Last Campfire
The Last Campfire is a puzzle game about finding meaning and a way home. After being separated from their group, a lone Ember must travel through mysterious terrain. Along the way, the Ember will encounter various individuals who could use some guidance of their own! Mark, Dave, and Dan each navigated this lonely journey. Now, they emerge! And, they're prepared to share their experiences. Does this charming puzzle game by Hello Games hold a flame to some of their favorites? Then, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to the most puzzling experience of all: how well do they know... themselves?! Do they know how good (or bad) they are at their respective games of choice? Find out on this stunning Trivial Tastemaker!
January 02, 2021
Going Under
Imagine if you will, Internship Simulator: Bring your boss coffee, pay for your own supplies, and make absolutely no money! Thankfully, Going Under by Aggro Crab is none of these things. Instead, you'll spend your time beating up dungeon dwelling evil-doers who have fallen victim to daaaark maaagic. As Jackie - Fizzle's latest marketing intern - can you unravel the mystery that surrounds these ill-fated startups? Mark, Dave, and Dan dive right into this opportunity of a lifetime. Is their experience at Fizzle enough to start a career? Or, will they be headed back to the job board? Then, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to name items found in games of his choosing. What a deliciously tense Trivial Tastemaker!
December 18, 2020
A Short Hike
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life - by going on A Short Hike! This indie morsel by Adam Gryu explores the simple hike of a bird named Claire. What awaits our fair bird at the top of Hawk Peak? And, who will Claire meet along the way? Mark, Dave, and Dan each share their experiences with this cozy day in nature. After reaching the summit of Hawk Peak, it's time for the Dinosaur Machines' biggest challenge - the Trivial Tastemaker! Dan challenges Mark and Dave to Guess-That-Game! Mark and Dave get the chance to cross-examine Dan's mind to see if they can determine the game on his mind. What will it be?!
December 04, 2020
It's just you and a fist full of quarters. The room is lit by nothing but high scores and power-ups. You choose an arcade cabinet, and nothing can stop you. It's this kind of nostalgia that Hi-Bit Studios wants you to revel in as you step through their indie timepiece, 198X. You play as Kidd; a youth just trying to find their way in a rapidly growing world. With their childhood in the rearview mirror... what's next? Mark, Dave and Dan share their experiences in this pixelated paradise. Does this game do a good job as a love letter to 80s gaming culture, or is it game over? Then, Dave and Dan duel for this season's Trivial Tastemaker trophy: the coveted Silver Monkey. Who will emerge victorious? Will they still be friends after this jarring match? What *is* a podcast, really? All of these questions are answered in this - the 112th episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast!
November 20, 2020
Creaks is a puzzle adventure side-scroller by the creators of Machinarium and Samorost. Amanita Design brings us into a world behind the wallpaper of a mild-mannered gentleman. In this episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, we find ourselves solving compelling puzzles and dodging mysterious creatures that take on the shape of regular household objects. Does Creaks keep things flowing, or is it dead in the water? After their chat, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to a classic Trivial Tastemaker format: the Synonym Challenge! Find out the winner of this season's Silver Monkey in this thrilling competition of wit! Sea Waves sampled from by Mike Koenig
November 06, 2020
Fall Guys
Fall Guys is your chance to experience obstacle course mayhem from the comfort of a couch cushion! Mark, Dave, and Dan share their experiences in this light-hearted frolic by Mediatonic, and published by Devolver Digital. Will the slime be climbed, or does this one get eliminated right off the bat? To get things started, the Dinosaur Machines discuss the dramatic events that surround this year's jump to the next generation of consoles. Will the surprises ever cease?! Finally, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to guess the names of various failed game shows. Can they decipher the correct answer with no useful hints?! Cozy up with your favorite beverage, and find out! 
October 19, 2020
Streets of Rage 4
On this episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, we take to the streets! Of course, we're referring to Streets of Rage 4 by DotEMU, LizardCube, and Guard Crush Games. The classic arcade brawler is back, and better than ever! But, does this tried and true format stand the test of time? We'll go through our bare-knuckled emotions, while also kicking around some good ol' fashioned mirth. So pull up a chair, throw it, and get cozy. After that, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to decipher his video gamed theme haiku! Can his co-hosts pick up on what he's puttin' down? Find out as this most Trivial Tastemaker unfolds.
October 07, 2020
AER Memories of Old
In this episode, the Dinosaur Machines take to the skies in AER Memories of Old! Developed by Forgotten Key; AER Memories of Old utilizes simple puzzles and stress and minimalist graphics, delivering players to floating islands of mysterious nature. So, swoop on into this episode as your faithful trio puts the wind beneath your wings! And then, Dave is Thy Dungeonmaster!! That's right! The return of Thy Dungeonman can only spellst despair for yon Mark and yon Dan!
September 24, 2020
Slay The Spire
On this episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, you've activated our TRAP CARD! Wait, wrong trading card game... instead, we discuss Slay The Spire by Mega Crit Games. We discuss our favorite card combos, most successful strategies, and how much we loved this deck building indie game. Then, this episode's Trivial Tastemaker challenges Mark and Dave to "Guess That Magic: The Gathering Card"! Dan reads a card's flavor text, and it's up to his co-hosts to figure out which card he's talking about. Who will win this nail-biter of a competition?!
September 12, 2020
The Occupation
Grab your briefcase, because it's time for some sleuthing in The Occupation by White Paper games. By uncovering evidence and sneaking into top secret files, it's your burden to decide the fate of an entire nation. Can you prevent a national legal disaster in 1980s England? Then Mark challenges Dave and Dan to figure out the fastest known completion times for games of his choosing! As always, this Trivial Tastemaker is one for the ages!
August 24, 2020
Enter The Gungeon
Join the Dinosaur Machines as they... ENTER THE GUNGEON. That's right! Our heroes three venture forth into one of the most critically acclaimed indie games ever! Listen as they dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge their way through a discussion about this top-down 2D pew-pew party - developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital. And then - Dave challenges Mark and Dan to a rousing match of (Way More Than) Twenty Questions. Who will guess the game first? CHAPTERS Main Topic - 30:45 Trivial Tastemaker - 1:01:22
August 07, 2020
Late Shift
On this episode, Mark, Dave and Dan make some questionable decisions in Late Shift by CtrlMovie. Will their next choice spell certain doom for the hero of this game? Find out in this discussion of their perilous journey through a London-based heist. Then, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to a rousing game of Thy Dungeonman 3 by Videlectrix. Who will be responsible for Thy Dungeonman's demise in this dangerous Trivial Tastemaker?! CHAPTERS Main Topic - 20:20 Trivial Tastemaker - 1:04:17
July 24, 2020
Gone Home
Gone Home was an instant classic when it released in 2013. Players explore an eerie and cavernous house with the goal of figuring out where everyone went. Mark, Dave, and Dan are your guides through this heartfelt and honest story. Developed and published by Fullbright; Gone Home is chock full of different emotional journeys that the player can discover. Which will you explore before you close the door? Then, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to chronologically organize games of his random choosing! Who will create their game release timeline first? CHAPTERS: Main Topic - 36:01 Trivial Tastemaker - 01:17:12
July 08, 2020
Mark, Dave, and Dan spend this episode talking about a game focused on friendship. But, can their bond stay strong as they discuss Wattam by Funomena? Wattam, is all about dancing, climbing, holding hands, and going KA-BOOM! So, join the Dinosaur Machines as they take this journey with Keita Takahashi as their guide. Then, Dave has constructed complicated stories based on vague questions that he's asked his lovely co-hosts ahead of time. Can Mark and Dan figure out which game Dave is referencing in his complicated tales? CHAPTERS: Main Topic - 20:25:00 Trivial Tastemaker - 48:55:00
June 23, 2020
Children of Morta
The Bergson family is all that stands between the Mount Morta and a slew of corruption. Join Mark, Dave and Dan as they explore Children of Morta by Dead Mage. This action-RPG focuses on the strength of the many to empower the actions of one or two players at a time. Wielding magic, bows, and blades; the Bergsons are only as strong as their next of kin. After the Dinosaur Machines save the world (again!), Dan challenges Mark and Dave to guess which video game character he's talking about by delivering three extremely clever hints. Who will emerge victorious in this conflict of cousins?!
June 10, 2020
The 100th Episode Spectacularrrr!
To celebrate the 100th episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, we take a long trip down memory lane. With 99 episodes behind us, we discuss some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) experiences thus far. Buckle up! Like every good adventure, there's sure to be a bump in the road. It's hard to believe that we started this podcast in 2016. Thank you for listening, Listener! It's been our pleasure to explore video games with you. Here's to 100 more episodes!
May 24, 2020
Sayonara Wild Hearts
Top off the tank on your neon-colored motorcycle; it's time to break some hearts at 200 mph in Sayonara Wild Hearts by Simogo. Mark, Dave, and Dan discuss this feast for the eyes, ears, and soul on the 99th episode of this beloved podcast. Does this musically driven, arcade inspired game entice their souls? Hang around to find out! Then, Mark confirms to the entire world that he has one big crush on Troy Baker by creating an entire Trivial Tastemaker in his name! Can Dan and Dave figure out the answer to the question on everyone's mind: is that the voice of Troy Baker?
May 14, 2020
The Messenger
Whoosh! Suddenly - not three, but four podcasters just snuck by you with extreme stealth! Fret not, dear Listener - they mean you no harm. Mark, Dave and Dan are joined by none other than the illustrious Matt Storm. With the artist formerly known as DJ Stormageddon in tow, the Dinosaur Machines venture forth through The Messenger by Sabotage Studio and published by Devolver Digital. Our adventurers discuss the ins and outs of this time hopping, pun slinging journey. But, will their combined strength be enough to approach yet another astonishing Trivial Tastemaker? In a stunning betrayal, Dave challenges Mark, Dan, and Matt to a gauntlet of defining video game characters or items based on their place (or plane!) or origin. Will wonders never cease?! Be sure to buckle up and pack extra shurikens... this one's gonna be a doozy.
April 28, 2020
Gris (developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital) is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer which transports you to a beautiful world of watercolor landscapes. However, the color has been robbed from this once vibrant reality. Solve puzzles, make friends, and traverse treacherous typhoons on your quest to restore the land's hues. In this episode, Mark, Dave, and Dan discuss the meaning behind Gris' symbolism; as well as the role this game's beautiful art style plays in the grand scheme. Afterward, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to decipher the titles of games by reconstructing their titles using synonyms. Who will triumph in this blood-boiling Trivial Tastemaker contest?!
April 05, 2020
Kentucky Route Zero
Fuel up that rickety old delivery truck! It's time to take a road trip through Kentucky Route Zero. A mysterious highway connects the travelers of Kentucky to surreal locales in this adventure game by Cardboard Computer. This episodic adventure started back in 2013, and is finally wrapped up 7 years later. So, hop in and get ready for a tale that will surely leave you asking more questions than you had at the start. Then, for the first time ever, Dave and Dan are head-to-head in the Twenty (or more) Questions Trivial Tastemaker!  Who will prevail in this head-scratching puzzle posed by Mark?
March 18, 2020
Drinking with the Devil? Apple Watches for poor people...? Turd sculptures?! This episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast absolutely has it all! Pick your poison as we work our way through Afterparty by Night School Studio. In this game, two recently unalive teens try their darndest to drink their way out of Hell. Experience the antics that come with one-way ticket to the sauna of eternity in this crass yet entertaining journey. Then, Dave takes Mark and Dan six-feet under as he challenges them to recall characters who have met the Reaper in video games. Who will burst to life in this thrilling challenge?!
March 05, 2020
SUPER-POD. SUPER-POD. Why all the yelling, you ask? Don't ask us, we're just following the theme set in place by SUPERHOT - the game of this episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast! SUPERHOT was created by the SUPERHOT Team. The player must navigate their way through an impossible number of enemies. Thankfully, time is on their side! In SUPERHOT, time moves (or doesn't!) around the player's actions (or inaction). There happen to be two versions of SUPERHOT! VR, and Standard. Fret not, dear Listener: Mark and Dan have you covered in VR, while Dave takes the reigns with his experiences in Standard. Amazing! After all the action, Dan throws Mark and Dave a proverbial Tastemaker curveball. Can the guys reconstruct the names of video game enemies using Dan's convoluted clues? Join us, and find out!
February 20, 2020
Untitled Goose Game
Secure your gardening equipment and keep an eye on your shoelaces; this episode is all about Untitled Goose Game by House House. What's more, we're joined by our wonderful friend Vin Forte! Take a gander while we chat about the different ways one town's local goose ruins everyone's day. After our golden bells are secured, Mark's Trivial Tastemaker is made to tease the mind. Is it an Elton John song? Or, is it a Dark Souls character? Only Dan, Dave and Vin can decide! HONK! Thanks again for hanging with us, Vin! Be sure to keep up with him. He's a host alongside Emilio Sparks on Wrassle Rap: a podcast about all things wrestling.
February 02, 2020
Throw some coal in the generator and bundle up - this episode is about surviving the frozen tundra of Frostpunk! Mark, Dave and Dan do their best to bring the last human city on the planet into a chilly age of glory. Follow along to see how they felt about this dark, frozen city building simulator. After the polar vortex, Dave challenges his lovely co-hosts to recall the musicians of gaming. Will it be Mark or Dan who finds themselves out of tune? Find out during this note-worthy Trivial Tastemaker!
January 21, 2020
Killer Queen Black
On this episode, Mark, Dave, and Dan team up to secure victory in Killer Queen Black by Liquid Bit! Once only available in select arcades; Killer Queen Black is finally playable from the comfort of your couch. Join in on the discussion and help decide for yourself if the elusive Snail Victory is worth the trouble. Then, Dan helps Mark and Dave reflect on the last decade of gaming in one lofty Trivial Tastemaker! Can they decipher which game he's referring to in this decade-spanning Synonym Challenge? Or, will this episode be the one that bans Dan from ever making a Tastemaker again?
January 06, 2020
Outer Wilds
Buckle up, and don't forget to put on your space-suit: it's time to blast off into a mysterious galaxy! The game of the hour is none other than Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital. Will the conversation wrap up before our Sun goes supernova? Hopefully. Prior to our space-faring discussion, Mark, Dave, and Dan discuss the 2019 Game Awards. What was announced? Who won? Did Sonic and Knuckles somehow win "Best Acting in a Video Game"? Find out!
December 23, 2019
Concrete Genie
Paint the town red, blue, purple, yellow, and maybe even orange in Concrete Genie by Pixelopus! Set in the dying town of Denska; the player summons powerful genies using a magical paint brush to enliven their surroundings. Mark, Dave and Dan discuss how much of a masterpiece this game actually is. Then, Dave challenges his fellow hosts to a classic Trivial Tastemaker: the Synonym Challenge. Enjoy this after the chatter about Sidewalk Mage... er, Concrete Genie.
December 10, 2019
Telling Lies
Piece together the truth using recorded video conversations in Telling Lies by Sam Barlow and Furious Bee Limited. Can you get to the real story before it's too late? Mark, Dave and Dan do their best to play detective in this follow-up to Her Story. Be wary that this episode contains many spoilers for this Full-Motion Video sleuthing adventure game. Then, Dan challenges Mark Dave to an exceptionally well-received Trivial Tastemaker. Can the Maltese Cousins figure out where and when each of the selected FMV games came out?
November 25, 2019
In Deltarune by Toby Fox, we explore a world inhabited by monsters as a human named Kris. After falling into a Dark World with a monster named Susie, we discover that a prophecy lies in waiting! Can Deltarune live up to the expectations that cult classic Undertale has set before it? Mark, Dave and Dan are here once again to have a lengthy chat that ponders just that! This episode also sees the conclusion to yet another epic Trivial Tastemaker season! Mark revives Dave's favorite challenge: Google Trends. Will Dan or Dave emerge victorious in this game of literally just guessing?
November 13, 2019
Sea of Solitude
What if your inner demons were actually hulking, evil-looking outer demons? That's the premise for Sea of Solitude by Jo-Mei Games. As Kay, the player faces the horrific manifestations of trauma, sadness, and self-doubt. Mark, Dave and Dan are here as your guides through this intense Exploration game. For this episode's Tastemaker, Dave tries to throw us off his scent with a Skyrim inspired Red Herring challenge. Can Mark and Dan figure out which book titles are from the game, and which are completely made up?
October 30, 2019
Mark, Dave and Dan smash through that fourth wall after playing ICEY by FantaBlade Network. Hack, slash, and ignore those dang arrows in this stylish side scrolling action romp. Does this meta game from 2016 age well when stacked against other reality bending titles? Then, Dan brings you a bucket of fried romance with this episode's Tastemaker. Mark and Dave have to guess the names of characters from KFC's "I Love You, Colonel Sanders" using only their descriptions.
October 15, 2019
My Friend Pedro
The Dinosaur Machines go BANANAS. Mark, Dave and Dan peel into My Friend Pedro by DeadToast Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital. Surround yourself with blood, bullets and bananas in this shoot'em up of graceful violence. On this episode's Tastemaker, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to a simple game: Axe Body Spray or Online RPG? The truth may shock you!
September 30, 2019
In Observation, Mark, Dave and Dan take control of a space station's highly advanced operating system. Can they assist Dr. Emma Fischer as she unravels a chilling mystery aboard her damaged galaxy faring vessel? Plot twists and puzzle solving await in this episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast!
September 18, 2019
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
Mark, Dave and Dan finally fulfill their unified lifelong dream of becoming a belly dancing genie. That's right: the Dinosaur Machines finally play Shantae and the Pirate's Curse! It's time for these Shantae newbies to discover and discuss what made Shantae such a beloved series. Before that, the trio discusses their wonderful couch co-op adventures with Square-Enix's masterpiece: The Quiet Man.
September 03, 2019
Speed Dating For Ghosts
There's love in the afterlife! In Speed Dating For Ghosts by Copychaser Games, you can get early practice on swooning fellow spirits. On this episode, Mark, Dave and Dan compare their dating after-lives. Once all those gross emotions are handled, Mark challenges Pokémon Masters Dave and Dan to a Trivial Tastemaker. This time, they're figuring out if a creature's description represents a real animal or a Pokémon.
August 20, 2019
Do Not Feed The Monkeys
Before you commit to this episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, two rules must be made known: - Do not rest on your laurels. - Do NOT Feed The Monkeys. Get cozy and cover up any near by cameras, it's time to discuss the surveillance simulator: Do Not Feed The Monkeys by Fictiorama Studios.
August 05, 2019
Far: Lone Sails
Start your Okomotives for an adventure through the wasteland! In Far: Lone Sails, Mark, Dave and Dan endure a landscape that throws every element in their way. After that, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to a Tastemaker that cuts no corners! Who can sniff out a fake cheat code from a real one?
July 23, 2019
Falcon Age
Live out your one truth of being a nomadic falcon trainer in Falcon Age by Outerloop Games! On this episode, Mark, Dave and Dan take turns discussing their experiences as bird parents in this PlayStation VR adventure. Afterward, Dan and Dave face off in what could be the most scandalous Trivial Tastemaker in Dinosaur Machines history!
July 07, 2019
Katana ZERO
Be kind and rewind that VHS tape; it's time to slice our way through Katana ZERO by Askiisoft. After that, Dave challenges Mark and Dan to the newly-wed game! Can these fellas figure each other out?
June 26, 2019
E3 2019 Hot Cakes!
Hot off the griddle, we're back with everyone's favorite post-event snack: Hot Cakes with the Dinosaur Machines. Mark, Dave and Dan sound off on their individual impressions of how 2019's E3 went. We hope you packed an appetite, because this episode takes some turns!
June 14, 2019
Headliner Novinews
In Headliner: Novinews, we're tasked with deciding what hits the national paper. With such immense power, one could expose government conspiracies, or keep the public in blissful ignorance. On this episode, Mark, Dave and Dan compare their journalistic adventures as they discuss this game of multiple endings and drama by Unbound Creations.
June 11, 2019
The 75th Episode Spectacularrr!
Seventy-five episodes later, and we're finally ready to tackle the big question: Are dentists more equipped to wrangle an angry alligator? We rank and discuss our last twenty-four games and chat about each of our goings-on. So, get cozy and prepare for a reflective jaunt down memory lane.
May 27, 2019
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Tread lightly! Mark, Dave and Dan quietly and efficiently discuss Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Before that, we discuss midnight cereal motion detectors, Wargroove on Switch, and Valkyria Chronicles 4. On a related note, how does Dan's ability as a swimmer compare to Olympic living legend Michael Phelps?
May 14, 2019
On this episode, we kick around our thoughts on Pikuniku by Sectordub. Get ready for a friendly chat about a charming platformer. Beforehand, we discuss Dan's adventure to PAX East, Mark's thoughts on Anthem's longevity, and Dave's love of Paul Rudd. Let's "MAKE IT RAIN!"
April 29, 2019
The Missing: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories
Are frosted Pop-Tarts the default Pop-Tart? Will the Google Stadia be a waste of time? These burning questions and more, on this episode. Mark, Dave and Dan go down the rabbit hole in J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories. This is a body-horror game about getting through a situation by *any* means possible... even if that means ripping off a limb or two.
April 15, 2019
Wheels of Aurelia
Grab your favorite snacks, it's time for an Italian road trip! Journey with Mark, Dave and Dan through Wheels of Aurelia - a game about the lengthy conversations people have on long drives. Is this "The Room" of video games? Listen and find out!
April 02, 2019
The Gardens Between
It's time to discuss The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents! Before we dive into those greener pastures; we've got a bone to pick with you, Internet! Let's unpack the unanimous hatred that EA and BioWare's newest online game has sprouted. Can the titular game of this episode help us wrap things up on a positive note?
March 18, 2019
Onimusha: Warlords
You are the... Jumpmaster?! We talk about the sudden and successful release of Apex Legends. Mark gets a crash course on what exactly a Battle Pass is, while Dave and Dan sing Respawn and EA's praises. Afterwards, we talk about a game that doesn't require a Battle Pass - Onimusha: Warlords! Since being remastered for the modern era, we explore how well this supernatural Samurai action game has aged. To top things off, Mark and Dave face off in a Battle Royale themed Red Herring Challenge! Only one of them can survive this Tastemaker.
March 03, 2019
Flipping Death
In Flipping Death by Zoink Games, you assume the role of Death's newest intern. We take a jaunt through this quirky adventure game, and talk about it at length! Before that, hot topics like music and Animal Crossing are all the buzz. And finally, Dave and Dan try to help Mark answer an age old question: "Should I play the entire Kingdom Hearts series?"
February 19, 2019
Laser League
Laser League by Roll7 - is it the next big thing in competitive gaming? Join us as we discuss this flashy game of strategy and snap decisions. Dave learns the hard way that researching haircuts in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a one-way ticket to Spoiler Town USA. On this Tastemaker, Mark challenges Dan and Dave's Trophy hunting knowledge.
February 05, 2019
Guacamelee! 2
It's time for everyone's favorite Agave farmer to make a comeback. That's right... the Juan game that Mark, Dave and Dan could be discussing on this episode is Guacamelee! 2!! Before that, we talk about celebrity likenesses. Just how handsome is Eugene Levy, anyway?
January 21, 2019
Bad North
Shake and bake, baby! We kick off 2019 by discussing a real time strategy game called Bad North by Plausible Concept. Before that, we chat about the last few games we played in 2018, and what really... makes us cry.
January 06, 2019
Return of the Obra Dinn
On Episode 64, we discuss Return of the Obra Dinn - a game by the creator of Papers, Please. In this murder mystery, players can step into the precise moment of their subject's demise. Speaking of grim moments, Dan lays it all out there regarding his feelings on Fallout 76. Buckle up, and join us on this dicey adventure!
December 26, 2018
The Game Awards 2018 Hot Cakes!
Another year, another awards show! Mark, Dave and Dan sit down with the results of The Game Awards 2018. Lend your ears and digest the award results with the Dinosaur Machines.
December 11, 2018
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Grab your pickle juice, it's time for another retro game! This time, we're sinking our teeth into Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Does this beloved gem of dramatic capes hold up? Probably! After the feast, Mark and Dave struggle through this Trivial Tastemaker as they try to guess which character Dan's hiding from them.
December 03, 2018
Detroit: Become Human
Roomba today, android assistant tomorrow! On this episode, we discuss Detroit: Become Human. Join us for a trip to the slightly distant future where technology is on the verge of sentience. After that, this season's finale brings us on a nail-biting trip to the Silver Monkey. Who will be the victor!?
November 19, 2018
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight
Throw your hands up and SHOUT! In his maiden voyage as a husband, Dan shares why certain songs may or may not have played at his wedding. We also discuss Spider-Man on PS4 before diving into our main topic, Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight! Join us as we discuss the Priestess' plights in this Soulslike Metroidvania.
November 07, 2018
Battle Chef Brigade
Grab your chef's hat and heat up that stove! On this - our 60th episode (wow!) - we discuss Battle Chef Brigade by Trinket Studios! Before we get into the different flavors of this game, we discuss the fall of Telltale Games, classic consoles, Spider-Man on PS4, and... Facebook Pokes? For this Tastemaker, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to determine which PlayStation games made more money. Cha-ching!
October 22, 2018
Donut County
What's delicious and has a giant hole in the middle of it? Well, it', Episode 59, of course! In the latest, Mark, Dave, and Dan dive in Donut County by Ben Esposito! Also, the gang settles some DLC beef and the Trivial Tastemaker challenges the D&D's true knowledge of Pokemon!
October 08, 2018
Into The Breach
Prepare to leap through time with Mark, Dave and Dan as they discuss Into The Breach. Subset Games brings us this strategy game that sends the player back to the beginning more often than not. Find out how we fared through this loop of saving and losing the world! After that, Dave sends Mark on a trip through Ancient China! Does Mark remember his time with Dynasty Warriors? Will Dan lose this Tastemaker by saying... nothing!?
September 23, 2018
Mark, Dave and Dan kick this episode off with a heated debate: are peaches also nectarines? No! With that handled, join us for a chat about Annapurna's mysterious puzzle game: Gorogoa. Does narrative compel the player in this unique game? For the Trivial Tastemaker: Dan challenges Dave and Mark to guess which Mega Man X boss names are real, and which are red herrings. So much mystery!
August 28, 2018
Mark, Dave and Dan take a deep dive into RiME - an exploration game which beautifully depicts a host of emotions. On this episode, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to match a series of quotes said by none other than ourselves. Who said what?!
August 14, 2018
This time, join us as we navigate the many phases of a relationship in the game Florence. We discuss the clever storytelling of this interactive experience. Is this the "500 Days of Summer" of phone games? After the heartbreak, Mark and Dan square off to name as many classes from Final Fantasy Tactics as they can. Dave brings the Thundaga on this Tastemaker!
July 30, 2018
One girl. One mountain. And lots of personal baggage to bring along with her! Grab your climbing gloves and join us as we take the journey through Celeste! Plus, everyone's favorite Tastemaker returns - THE SYNONYM CHALLENGE! Some saltiness quickly follows.
July 16, 2018
Crossing Souls
Five rebellious kids get themselves involved in some real dark stuff. Join us as we explore the world of the dead in Crossing Souls! After we bury the hatchet, Mark has disrupted the game release timeline. In this Tastemaker, it's up to Dave and Dan to fix gaming history!
July 03, 2018
E3 2018 Hot Cakes!
It's that time of year once again! After a few thrilling days of game announcements, the gang delivers some hot cakes on how they think the big 3 did at E3 and what games are building the hype! Come listen in and discuss!
June 15, 2018
What would you if you were stuck in a school filled with monsters as you come to terms with your past? Complete item driven puzzles of course! Listen in on the gang's in-depth discussion of Red Candle Games' Detention. Plus, Mark, Dave, and Dan deliver some predictions/hopes for E3 2018!
June 03, 2018
The Red Strings Club
Welcome to the Red Strings Club! Here, you can have order a cocktail specifically mixed to enhance whatever emotion you like. Join us as we discuss a world filled with bionic implants and fully-functioning androids. After last call, Mark and Dave test their mettle against Dan's most ravenous Trivial Tastemaker yet!
May 21, 2018
The 50th Episode Spectacularr!
Fifty episodes of Dinosaur Machine mirth! Mark, Dave and Dan take a moment to look back upon all of the games they played over the last year. Join us as we rank them all and take a lovely jaunt down memory lane. After all the nostalgia is done, it's time for our modified version of Apples to Apples! We put all our cards on the table for a rare award: The Latinum Pterodactyl.
May 06, 2018
Pop quiz: if all the gold in the world could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, would Mark swim in it? Beyond this conundrum, we discuss the psychic powers of cult-classic: Psychonauts! Once that mental trip is all said and done, Dan and Mark try to sell Dave on their pitches for new games. Who will Dave ultimately support in their dreams of game creation?!
April 23, 2018
Super Metroid
On this episode, we eventually discuss Super Metroid - a staple of gaming's history. However, we first have to talk about the legality of neighborhood lemonade stands, Mark's inability to make a pun, and Dave's dashing blazer / t-shirt look. For the Silver Monkey - it's Dan and Dave in a game of what Mark might be calling: "The Price(of all the DLC) is Right."
April 08, 2018
Doki Doki Literature Club
"Make new friends", they said. "Express yourself with poetry", they said. Little did we know that Doki Doki Literature Club by Team Salvato has so much more to show us. Join us as we get to know Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and of course, Monika. For this Trivial Tastemaker, Dave keeps the poetry train a'chuggin' with a Haiku Challenge.
March 25, 2018
The Yawhg
On this episode, we talk about The Yawhg. It's an adventure game by Damian Sommer, Emily Carroll and Halina Heron. With multiple endings and an intriguing event system, you may want to hunker down for this one! After the winds have settled, Dan challenges Mark and Dave to a round of Twenty (Probably More) Questions! Who will guess the game??
March 11, 2018
Mr. Shifty
Mark Magro on iced coffee: "I think it's fundamentally against the concept of coffee!" WHOA! Look out, controversy! Teleport around with us as we discuss Mr. Shifty by Team Shifty. To keep his shocking streak going, Mark challenges Dave and Dan to a brand new type of Tastemaker. What kind, you ask? Find out for yourself - it's a whoppah!
February 26, 2018
On this episode, Mark, Dave and Dan take a heaping sip of Cuphead. We discuss this game's art style, difficulty, and compare notes about what we think constitutes a unique art style. From there, we launch at full speed into Dave's Trivial Tastemaker! This time, he dusts off an oldie-but-goodie: the Synonym Challenge! Who will win this Flavorcreator?
February 11, 2018
At long last, Episode 39 is upon us! What seemed like a complete lack of counting skill was actually a minor technical issue. Brought to us by the creators of Gone Home, we hang out on the space station called Tacoma. Where's the crew? And, who's this charming AI fellow? That and more on this rehashed romp!
January 29, 2018
Down for a quick bout of religious basketball? We played Pyre - a high stakes fantasy sport by Supergiant Games. After passing the torch around, Mark revives his Haiku Challenge! Can Dan and Dave decipher these powerful poems?
January 14, 2018
Tooth and Tail
Ring in the New Year with us as we discuss Tooth and Tail - a fast-paced Real Time Strategy game that pits vermin against one another in combat. For this Tastemaker, Mark and Dan form a fragile alliance to try and figure out which game Dave picked. Stick around for the exciting conclusion.
January 01, 2018
Old Man's Journey
Mark, Dave and Dan continue on their journey to old manhood by playing Old Man's Journey. This marks the second mobile game that the Dinosaur Machines have covered, so buckle up for some on-the-go goodness! After the reminiscing, stick around for the Trivial Tastemaker! Behold, the return of the Dating Sim Red Herring Challenge!
December 17, 2017
The Game Awards 2017 Hot Cakes!
The Game Awards have come and gone, but the Dinosaur Machines are still serving you some hot cakes on the winners, reveals, and show in general! Grab a knife and fork and come have a listen!
December 10, 2017
Join us as we dive into the dungeon-based chaos that is Crawl by Powerhoof. Before that, listen on as we discuss the state of gaming and all the drama that comes along with it. Feeling trivial? Well, so is Mark! For this Tastemaker, Mark uses spoilers to quiz Dave and Dan on their ability to reverse-identify games.
December 03, 2017
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
We lose our heads while discussing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Let us be the voices in your head as we discuss our experiences in this journey through our worst fears come true. Among these is Mark's fear of pronouncing Norse names. On this episode's Tastemaker, Dan runs Mark and Dave through a gauntlet composed of (mostly memorable songs in gaming.
November 19, 2017
Passpartout: The Starving Artist
Break out your paint brushes and spray paint - it's time to get creative with Passpartout: The Starving Artist! Join us as we work our way through a journey for baguettes and wine. After we discuss our different experiences on the canvas, we dive right back into Mark's (and only Mark's) favorite Tastemaker - Google Trends!
November 05, 2017
The Sexy Brutale
Things start off with a few good ol' existential crises: where are all the anvils, and what do you call a herd of Dinosaur Machines?? Then, we get our supernatural masks on to discuss the dangerous dealings that go on in The Sexy Brutale by Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works. Finally, we wrap things up with a "guess-that-gaming-song" Tastemaker!
October 23, 2017
The Flame in the Flood
Hidden chocolates and diabolical trophy lists, oh my! Load up your makeshift raft and disembark with us on a tale of survival. We played The Flame in the Flood by The Molasses Flood. After that, play along as Dan challenges Mark and Dave to a Wheel of Fortune-themed Tastemaker.
October 08, 2017
What Remains of Edith Finch
Take a stroll with us through the Finch Mansion as we take a deep dive into "What Remains of Edith Finch" by Giant Sparrow! Also, Dave makes a the social faux Pas and Mark brings back "Bad Video Game Reviews!"
September 24, 2017
Things start off at 88mph as Dave brings to the table some serious allegations about Back To The Future's timeline. After that, we get roguish with Flinthook by Tribute Games. In a grand finale, this episode's Tastemaker is a fan-favorite: the Synonym Challenge!
September 09, 2017
Blackwood Crossing
For the glory of tri-blend shirts! Mark, Dave and Dan head off into a foray of feelings and frowning in Blackwood Crossing. Afterward, Dan has concocted some fake dating sim titles! Which of the guys can find the red herrings? On that subject - would you date a herring?!
August 27, 2017
Join us as we soar through the air in Owlboy! For episode 31, the guys discusses a long-awaited game which touts gorgeous art and unique mechanics. After that, Mark's Tastemaker tests Dave and Dan's knowlegde of popular gaming trios. Who will survive this trifecta challenge?!
August 13, 2017
Sara is Missing
In Episode 30, we get real scared on our mobile phones with Sara Is Missing. We discuss our experiences as detectives in search of a woman named Sara. In this episode's Tastemaker, Mark and Dan do their best to guess what hilarious stuff Jen had to say about gaming.
July 30, 2017
PaRappa the Rapper
Episode 29 explores a PlayStation classic - PaRappa the Rapper. Take a trip back to a simpler time when you could pay off a new car by rapping! Also, "DJ Nick Folk" squares off against "Stone Cold Killa" in the rap battle of the century. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
July 16, 2017
Incognito mode can't help you now because Episode 28 checks out Orwell! Also, we decide Mass Effect: Andromeda is not as terrible as everyone says it is and the Trivial Tastemaker gets crowdsourced! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
July 02, 2017
Night in the Woods
Prepare for Crimes because, in Episode 27, we take a stroll with Night in the Woods! Also, Dave wonders the truth behind overnight shipping and the Trivial Tastemaker has Mark and Dan running for a thesaurus! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
June 19, 2017
E3 2017 Hot Cakes!
In a special episode of the Dinosaur Machines Podcast, the gang gives their impressions on what was shown at E3 2017, including impractical ways to carry a chest of booty and former spartans with parenting issues. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
June 15, 2017
The Turing Test
"WHO AM I?!?!" and other questions are in our sights because episode 26 is about The Turing Test! Also, Mark goes to hell and back for a 4k tv and things get steamy in the Trivial Tastemaker! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
June 04, 2017
The 25th Episode Spectacular!
In this special 25th Episode Spectacular, the Dinosaur Machines look back to the games played over the first 4 seasons, hand out some awards, engage in some mirth, and battle it out for the uber rare Platnium Pterodactyl! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
May 21, 2017
Grab your maps and forget your understanding of reality, because it's time to take a trip to Virginia! Plus, Mark, Dave, and Dan show their ignorance of how planets work and a Season 4 Trivial Tastemaker Champion is crowned! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
May 07, 2017
What's that lurking in the shadows? It's Episode 23 of course because we're talking about Aragami! Also, Dave lays out his plan for Dino Machines Airlines and Dan and Mark rekindle a (very)temporary alliance in the Trivial Tastemaker! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
April 23, 2017
The Last Guardian
Cuddle up with your dog, cat, or catdog because it's time to talk about The Last Guardian! Also, Mark is downright angry about Final Fantasy XV and diabolical Dan does it again with his Trivial Tastemaker! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
April 09, 2017
Saturday Morning RPG
Stay in your pajamas and pour yourself some sugary cereal because Episode 21 woke up early for some Saturday Morning RPG! Also, Dan makes a life altering decision and Mark delivers a Trivial Tastemaker full of spice! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
March 26, 2017
The Bunker
Grab your radiation suits because in Episode 20, the boys are talking about The Bunker! Also, Mark outlines Dan's heroic sacrifice in XCom 2 and enemies become temporary allies in the Trivial Tastemaker! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
March 12, 2017
Love terrible city building games? Good, because in Episode 19, we play Citalis! Also, Mark follows Dave down the Hamilton rabbit hole and Dan comes up with a Trivial Tastemaker that is SIMply mindblowing! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
February 26, 2017
Long day? Well pull up a stool and take a load off because we're taking a trip to the hottest bar in Neo San Francisco: VA-11 HALL-A! Also Mark goes on a Bioshock Infinite rant and a Season 3 Trivial Tastemaker Champion is crowned! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
February 12, 2017
Grab your snorkels and Speedos because we're diving into Abzu by Giant Squid! Also Dave is the sickest man in the world and Mark gets a rematch against Dan in a musical Trivial Tastemaker. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
January 29, 2017
Feel like having your sense of reality toyed with? Good, because Episode 16 is all about Playdead's Inside. Also, Dave falls in love with Hamilton and Dan picks a really hard Trivial Tastemaker. We had some audio difficulties with this one - sorry in advance! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
January 16, 2017
Steamworld Heist
Start the new year off the right way with episode 15 of the DMGC Podcast! In the latest, the boys raid some robots in Steamworld Heist, Mark lays out his love for Bioshock, and Dan and Dave dive into some terrible reviews. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
January 01, 2017
Get on your hazmat suits because Episode 14 heads underground to chat about Sheltered! Also, Dan murders Magus in cold blood, and the Trival Tastemaker gets musical. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
December 19, 2016
2064: Read Only Memories
Sad about life? Cheer up with Episode 13 of the DMGC Podcast! In the latest episode, the boys take a trip to Neo-San Francisco with Read Only Memories. Also, Dan discovers that ballerinas are weird and Mark flexes his Final Fantasy VII knowledge. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
December 04, 2016
Emily is Away
Put up your away messages because in the latest DMGC Podcast, the boys are talking about Emily is Away! Also, Mark gives a high five to his future self and a season 2 Trivial Tastemaker champion is crowned! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
November 20, 2016
Hyper Light Drifter
Episode 11 turns out to be a "saucy" one with the boys diving into Hyper Light Drifter! Also, Dan still doesn't know who Janus is and the Trivial Tastemaker gets a sponsor from a certain company from Pandora... Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
November 08, 2016
Super Time Force Ultra
In Episode 10, the boys take a stroll through time with Super Time Force Ultra. Plus, Mark flexes his From Software muscles and this week's Trivial Tastemaker ends in CONTROVERSY!!!! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
October 23, 2016
Aviary Attorney
Episode 9 of the DMGC Podcast tackles the hottest bird lawyer game to come out of 1800s France: Aviary Attorney! Also, future Dan grows disappointed with past Dan, and the boys discover who really was the most dominant team in Legends of the Hidden Temple. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
October 10, 2016
Ori and the Blind Forest
Episode 8 of the DMGC Podcast has the boys taking a romp in the woods with Ori and the Blind Forest! Also, Dan dominates Majora's Mask(but still hasn't beaten Chrono Trigger)and the Trivial Tastemaker gets...OUT OF THIS WORLD!
September 27, 2016
Stories: The Path of Destinies
Season 2 kicks off with the gang rifling through the pages of Stories - The Path of Destinies, Mark uncovers a Majora's Mask/Empire Strikes Back connection, and search for the next Trivial Tastemaker Champion begins... Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
September 12, 2016
In the latest episode of the Dinosaur Machines Gameclub Podcast, the boys take a vacation from themselves with Firewatch, Dave experiences anxiety about Majora's Mask, and a Season 1 Trivial Tastemaker champion is crowned! Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
August 29, 2016
Nuclear Throne
In episode 5 of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, the boys seek the elusive Nuclear Throne, Mark and Dave pick holes in how Dan pronounces names, and a Mario-enemy free-for-all ensues. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
August 15, 2016
Papers, Please
Hello, greetings from glorious Arstotzka. In this episode, citizens Mark, Dave, and Dan discuss topics such as Papers, Please, Day of the Tentacle, cats, and diseases that possibly make you like them more. (PS this is probably funnier if you read it in a faux-Russian accent). Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
August 01, 2016
Pony Island
In the latest episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, the gang takes a hellish trip to Pony Island, Mark likes the Personas of Golden variety and tests Dave and Dan's knowledge of Resident Evil. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
July 18, 2016
Crypt of the Necrodancer
In episode 2 of the Dinosaur Machines Podcast, the crew gets funky with Crypt of the Necrodancer, debate what the heck a "rogue-like" even is, and convey many feels about classic SNES rpgs. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out their work here:
July 03, 2016
In the first ever episode of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast, the gang gets deep into Oxenfree, Dan and Dave are still in love with Destiny, and Mark shows he knows nothing about Street Fighter. Thanks to The Glowing Stars for the awesome intro and outro tunes! Check out there work here:
June 21, 2016