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Creative Conversations with Dionne White

Creative Conversations with Dionne White

By Creative Conversations with Di
Dionne White is an Artist, Author, Painting Instructor and a Spiritual and Creative Mentor. Creative Conversations with Dionne White is where Art and Spirit converge. She is passionate about helping others become Creative Disciples of Purpose for the Kingdom of God. As a Professional and Prophetic Painter Dionne teaches and discusses artistic, spiritual, and Inspirational content with an intuitive and practical approach; merging Spirit, Soul and Art with bible based content! She is here to Help YOU Persevere Empowered on your creative journey! Visit for more info!
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EP 13 CC w/ Dionne White -The Power of Small Art
Join Dionne as she talks about the Power of Small Art and Creative Flow. Dionne gives you FOUR KEY BENEFITS to creating small Art.  1. THE INTIMIDATION FACTOR   2. THE FULFILLMENT FACTOR  3. THE FOCUS FACTOR   4. THE FLOW FACTOR - By Practicing art, focusing on the Promises of God, and yielding to the Holy Spirit  we can receive great emotional and mental healing.  Begin to say goodbye to anxiety, depression, poor self worth and esteem when you follow what she has outlined in this episode.  SO take it from someone who loves to paint small - It can pack a punch spiritually, soulfully and physically.  Enjoy! I hope this helps you! Stay Creative!
May 11, 2020
Creative Tips from Dionne White- Don't be a frustrated Artist
Quick Creative Tip - Dionne shares creative tips and secrets to help you get the most out of your creative life. In this Quick Tip Segment - I briefly share about a recent conversation with a friend that led me to think about the right medium and tools for our work. Don't be a frustrated artist, know your tools and mediums so you can get the right result and effect you want to achieve.
May 11, 2020
EP 20 CC w/Dionne White- Week 3 Inspiration Series; Filling your creative well
In EP. 20- Filling your creative Well, Dionne wraps up the 3 Week Inspiration Series.  In this episode she shares practical tips and inspirational keys- teaching how to fill your creative well and WIN AT KEEPING THE INSPIRATION ALIVE!  She gives and expands on Three Simple Keys to tending to your well and filling it so that purpose and destiny can flow through you!  Listen as she explains these 3 Keys. Uncap your well Unclog your well Unleash your well Then she shares about her personal struggle with her former diagnosis of depression and anxiety. Giving testimony to God's amazing grace and healing power through the creative arts. But it didn't come without her seeking God and applying what she was able to do in her time of struggle - God made up for the rest! With her willingness, desire, and yielding God took Dionne's little and turned it into much.  The Story of the Ten Virgins  Dionne gives you spiritual insight and biblical foundational teaching for practical application with take-aways from the story of The Ten Virgins. She addresses the importance of Preparation, Readiness, and Action; urging you to practice this way in order to be.... Prepared Ready Aware Activated "Impression without expression leads to depression" - Ray Hughes musician, author, speaker GO, SEEK, and UNLEASH INSPIRATION!  Stay Creative, Dionne To view and purchase art, read blogs, info on creative consultation/coaching, artist writing services - You can reach Dionne visit through the contact link here. To learn more about Dionne's spiritual journey and her upcoming book The Art of Freedom visit  Reserve your author signed copy today for a minimum gift donation of $25 or more and receive a special gift from Dionne. 
October 21, 2019
EP 19 CC w/Dionne White Inspiration Series -Fine Art Prophetic Sculptor Jake Griggs on Faith and Inspiration. It's time to LEVEL UP!
Special Guest Jake Griggs, Fine Art Prophetic Sculptor. Dionne continues the conversation on Cultivating and Stewarding Inspiration and you are in for a treat with this episode!  She welcomes Fine Art Prophetic Sculptor Jake Griggs of Jake Griggs Sculpting.  The conversation started out with a little technical difficulty but we conquered that and were able to capture the heart and passion of Jake's work and hear about his incredible yet somewhat "normal" journey as a son of God and a husband and father. He shares the journey of the struggle and the triumph and lets us in on a personal God encounter moment. Jake worked in the Oil Fields of Texas, went to bible school and was a successful pencil artist but the Lord led him to operate in a place of upgrade, blessing, success and influence for the Kingdom of God. He turned to sculpting and honed his craft, blessing others with art as a prophetic message from the Lord for them. It was years before he truly saw the "fruit of his labor" in his heart and his art. The Lord taught him how to be a farmer of the word and his craft. He now has a successful sculpting business and ministry where he travels to bring the message of the Gospel and His divinely inspired creations to the fields. The harvest is ripe my friends! This story will no doubt inspire you to keep persevering on the path of faith and creativity.   Check out his art gallery and connect with Jake at and on facebook at Jake Griggs Sculpting.
October 14, 2019
EP 18 CC w/ Dionne White - Cultivating and Stewarding Inspiration
In this episode Dionne talks about Cultivating and Stewarding Inspiration and how we have to  guard it fan it  contemplate  it And our connection and health of our relationship with God is key to all of it and it shows in our art. She discusses something she calls exhausting or thoroughly examining topics or creative projects. This can put us in a place of "Divine Frustration" but if we persevere through the transition and yield to the "frustration" it will produce incredible results.  She describes inspiration to striking a match and how if we just watch it burn and not steward it, the inspiration will not manifest and it will burn out and have been just a nice thought.  She touches on a challenging subject of abandoning ship early or stopping before we reach the blessing and likens this to the story in the bible in John chapter 5 - The man by the pool of Bethesda. She shares her very real and vulnerable points of her own story of how she has to guard herself against self sabotage mentally, emotionally, and aristically as she calls out the thief of comparison and how the struggle of this is very real for artists.  This informative yet challenging message will stir you to go deeper both in connection with God and thoroughly examine creative avenues so we are walking in integrity with greater character. Her hope is that a spark is ignited in you to go deeper and blow on the coals of your inspired soul! 
October 07, 2019
EP 17 CC w/ Dionne White -Creative Voice Series. Vol. 3 - Batching Your Art
Join Dionne for the 3rd and final week in the series “Finding Your Creative Voice and the Artist Identity.” She wraps up the conversation with some practical and valuable content on "Batching your art" . She touches on and clarifies the difference between being intuitive and spontaneous as an artist and the myths that circle that and the importance of planning and strategy. She will explain Batching by teaching you about ... 💡Definition 💡Process 💡6 Benefits • If you’ve never tried batching your art You will want to listen to this episode - NOW is the perfect time to experiment with this beneficial and systematic approach of Art Making! Oh, the possibilities! • 🔥Bonus Blessing as she dismantles lies around creative voice, identity, and your significance and  empowers you in your identity as an artist and the destiny you have been mantled with. #dionnewhiteart#dionnewhiteconsulting#dionnewhitepodcast#creativeconversationswithdionne #artistpodcast #thecreativelife#thepodcastgrind #artrepeneur#creativeentrepreneur #progress#movingforward #goals #goals2019#envision #execute #experience#artiststatement #artistidentity#jesusisouridentity #propheticpodcasts#thepropheticartistlife #propheticart#creativityfound #arttalk
September 30, 2019
EP 16 CC w/ Dionne White -Creative Voice Series. Vol. 2 Artist Identity and the Artist Statement
Join Dionne for the second week in the series  "Finding your Creative Voice"  as she continues the conversation around "The Identity of an Artist and The Artist Statement."  She gives a quick recap of week one and finding your creative voice and the importance of it.  Then shares 6 key things that shape Us and our Art! Those being... Belief Perspective Experience Mindset Love Purpose Then does a walk through of what an Artist Statement is and gives you 5 elements of what should go into creating one.  Podcast Resource Book by Vicki Krohn Amorose Art-Write - The Writing Guide for visual artists NEED HELP CRAFTING YOUR ARTIST STATEMENT?  CONTACT DIONNE AT  I do not receive any $ or compensation from/for the resources, services, and people mentioned in the podcast. 
September 23, 2019
EP 15 CC w/ Dionne White -The Artist Identity & Finding Your Creative Voice Series. Vol. 1
The Artist Identity and Finding your Creative Voice Series- A 3 Week Series to Help you persevere empowered on your artistic journey. What is a creative voice?  How do I find my creative voice?  What kind of artist are you?   Dionne addresses these sometimes paralyzing and sabotaging questions we face on our artistic journey. She shares about her own struggle with lies and fears around these topics. Dionne gives you important Pro Tips that she has learned over the years to help you find, define and refine your creative voice.  Including the 4 key components that go into a Creative Voice.  6 Questions you can ask yourself to help find the path and eliminate things that don't align. And 6 KEY PRO TIPS To stir your creative well and help you find and develop your creative voice. This Podcast is packed full of content so grab a pen and paper or your tablet and take notes. It's a little longer but she promises it will be worth the listen!!!  As always if you want the notes or tips from the podcast email her at and request the notes for Podcast Episode 15. 
September 16, 2019
EP 14 CC w/Dionne White- Art Critique Etiquette
In this episode Dionne talks about one of her favorite things as an artist "Art Critique Etiquette". She gives you Four Pro Critique Points on how to give or participate in a proper, productive,  and objective Art Critique.  Giving and receiving a proper art critique is important to growing as an artist both in skill and character. She also challenges you to be vulnerable in order to grow, find the gold in others' work, and reminds us that thick skin is needed to receive critiques and that comes over time. Enjoy!  Pro Critique Points  - Something Good  - Something Constructive - Overall Critique - A Different Perspective  Remember we are all trying to grow and we can either add to others or subtract.  If you want the notes from this podcast email me at, I'd love for you to have them!
September 09, 2019
EP 12 CC w/Dionne White "Get a Vision and be S.W.I.F.T. about it!"
What if I told you that your dreams really could come true? That your 'high hopes" are attainable! In this episode I take you on a little walk down memory lane and I address the difference between a Wish board and a Vision Board. Then I briefly explain my process of how I go about getting a vision, creating a vision, then seeing that come to pass with a process I created and call The S.W.I.F.T. Cycle Method! Listen in to find out what S.W.I.F.T. stands for and how it can help bring your visions and dreams to pass. I hope you enjoy this episode of Creative Conversations with Dionne White.  Please listen all the way through the music to the end for a special message from me!  Thank  you for following and listening! Stay Creative!
January 10, 2019
EP 11 CC w/Dionne White Value vs. Volume
In this episode, I identify something I call "The Holiday Ball". That frantic cycle of process and productivity that can make you feel overwhelmed this time of year. I discuss Identifying mindsets about "value" and the "push to please" on demand. By choosing to focus on value over volume we take the focus off of revenue and define the true meaning of value. Searching for the deeper and greater meaning of art and artists - learning to appreciate the gift and the "Gifter". I compare this understanding and mindset to a parable about "rare value" "The Pearl of great Prize” and the pressure and process it must go through to be of value. Learning that "Pressure without growth is purposeless". Speaking from personal experience. I hope you enjoy this insightful message from my heart.
December 19, 2018
EP 10 CC w Dionne White How to Have a Healthy Gallery/Artist Relationship
I reflect on what I have learned as an emerging artist so far as I go into the very public professional art life. In this episode, I go over 7 points into having a healthy gallery/artist relationship. I hope to inspire you to apply these tips to have a better creative community experience. Honestly, it is a win-win situation for all if we just practice a little gratitude and a shifted perspective about our role in our creative community. Enjoy! And please as always share this episode or leave comments on your thoughts!
November 07, 2018
EP 9 CC w Dionne White guest Creative Katelyn Zoss, searching the soul of others & the importance of practice.
In this episode, I talk with Katelyn Zoss. She is a young emerging artist with a bright future. Katelyn is gifted in the areas of visual art, music and theatrical arts. She creates celebrity portraits with colored pencils and acrylic paint. Katelyn is also active in her local theatre where she just finished performing in Lion King Jr. She desires to follow the career path of acting. She explains that she searches the soul of her subjects and seeks to express that in her work on and off the stage. Katelyn shares an important truth about the purpose of practice, practice, practice. Enjoy!
September 07, 2018
EP 8 CC w Dionne White - Guest Artist Sarah Sander
Sarah Sander is A freshman at Georgia State College majoring in art minoring in art therapy. Sarah is a highly gifted visual artist and musician. In this episode we talk about the importance of art as therapy both visually and in music and how it affects our every day life. We discuss critiquing art as well as the process of creating it. We have a few laughs as she shares a personal story then leaves us with an important quote from a former teacher of hers. Enjoy!
August 29, 2018
CC with Dionne White EP7 Guest Creative Alec Gomez - On finding your passion and first impressions
Alec Gomez is a young creative entrepreneur who wants to make a good first impression. Alec is a photographer, web and graphic designer who has an eye for style. Alec has been attending his father's art openings since he was 3 years old and has taken that as inspiration for fashion. He desires to bring visual art to fashion in a fresh way. We talk about the importance of trying different creative things to help find your identity as a creative. I give Alec a "this or that" Q & A session that tells us a little more about his favorite things. Lastly Alec leaves us with some wise advice about first impressions. Enjoy! Follow Alec on IG @itsomar or contact him at
August 09, 2018
EP 6 CC w Dionne White -Guest Artist Maggie Macdonald "Celebrate where you are at"!
Today I talk with Maggie Macdonald, painter, printmaker, wedding calligrapher and muralist. Maggie is a talented and ambitious young creative entrepreneur who is also studying at Converse College to get her studio art degree. We talk about her recent travels to Spain and France where she did the Camino Walk that has inspired some of her current work. She encourages others to be confident in themselves and their art and to celebrate where you are at! Her vibrant spirit and art truly are a joy. It was a pleasure to interview her.
August 03, 2018
EP 5 CC w Dionne White w Layne Johnson -Imagination & Trust
In this episode of CC with Dionne White, I interview Texas Oil Landscape Painter Layne Johnson. Layne paints beautiful Landscapes and Is a master at capturing light and recreating clouds. He shares an inspiring and challenging message about Imagination and trusting the process. Enjoy
June 22, 2018
EP 4 CC with Dionne White- w/ Chicago Artist Antonia Ruppert
Today's guest is Antonia Ruppert of Antonia Ruppert Fine Art. Antonia, born and raised in Chicago, is a Contemporary Urban Artist who embraces the city and has a passion to connect the community through creativity and art! We also discuss the healing properties of art and how it has helped us both through times of grief and depression. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by today's episode.
May 25, 2018
EP 3 CC with Dionne White - Guest Adam Powell SC Photographer
This week I talk with SC Photographer Adam Powell, of Silver and Chalk Images, who shares with us how an unlikely device sparked his love for photography and photographing nature. He brings a message of persevering through the fear of failure and how to use what you have right now!
May 18, 2018
EP 2 CC with Dionne White
This week I talk with Louisiana Textile Artist and Clothing Designer Wendy Bryant. Be inspired by her purpose behind why she creates and what she creates. Enjoy!
May 10, 2018