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Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast

Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast

By Dirtwalker Outdoors
The Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast is about adventure, and those who seek it. Come along as we interview adventurers on dirt, rock, ice, air, or water, and learn with us as we talk with survival instructors on Survival Sunday.
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Survival Sunday with Witchdoctor Joe Nichter
At this point, most people have heard of or watched the popular television series Naked and Afraid. In this edition of Survival Sunday on The Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast, I have an interesting discussion with one of Naked and Afraid's most interesting, Joseph Nichter. Listen as Joe tells us about his experience on and off the camera, as well as the entertaining story of how he came to be featured on the Naked and Afraid show in the first place. Is that all? Not at all. There is far more to Joe Nichter than his appearance on a television show and he shares some insight into modern survivalism, unusual survival practices and skills, and his love and friendship with a unique tool. #survival #nakedandafraid #survivalism #wimhof #witchdoctorjoe 
September 14, 2021
Thru Hiker Vince Strawbridge Adventure Seeker
In this episode, we hear from Vince Strawbridge, the humble and passionate father and husband of the Strawbridge family of thru hikers who have each, and together, completed thru hiking's triple crown. Vince, Monica, Aiden, June, Henry, and Georgie hiked the breadth of our United States, three times, completing the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and The Appalachian Trail, each in its entirety. It is a marvelous story of an incredible family adventure that will have its place in hiking history.
August 18, 2021
Survival Sunday with survival instructor Byron Kerns
Byron Kerns has made a name for himself in the world of survival instruction for most of his life, yet has done so without considering himself an expert. He would say, there is always something to learn. Listen as Byron shares with us just a little about his newest, third, and last survival school,  #survival #survivalschool #survivalinstruction #survivalpodcast #learnsurvival
August 08, 2021
Trail Talk with Squarepeg
In this episode of Trail Talk, I talk with David Alan Lane, or Squarepeg by trail name, about his current SOBO thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I chose Squarepeg because of his genuine love for the AT, as well as the people on it. At fifty one years of age, he is on his fourth thru hike of the AT and continues to return, not only for the magnificent views, but to share with the community of people. 
August 04, 2021
Adventure Seeker Krista Isaacson, or "Pockets"
Imagine taking that step...into somewhere else, with only a backpack on your back from which you live, and thrive. Imagine the immense challenge of crossing deserts, mountains, rocks, roads, ice, snow, and sun baked fields, and in doing so, hiking three thousand miles and more. For days at a time you might be alone. You would be cold, and wet. At times it will rain for days, and yet, at others, when you wish a rain cloud would block out the sun's glare, it will not rain at all. Imagine the slippery, ice and slush, snow covered, rocky trail that you must cross just to find a place to pitch your tent and camp for the night. That, is an image of thru hiking. In this episode, I interview Pockets, or Krista, of Krista's CDT 2021 Adventure on Facebook, and hear of the challenges, trials, and excitement she experiences while thru hiking the greater than three thousand mile, Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. You will not be disappointed.
July 28, 2021
Survival Sunday with Ray McKee of Texas Survival School
Welcome to this first edition of the new segment on the Dirtwalker Outdoors podcast, Survival Sunday. In this episode we hear from Ray McKee, co-owner of Texas Survival School in North Texas, and Ray gives us a great explanation of Texas Survival School and some of what the school has to offer. This is an introduction to Texas Survival School so that you, as the listener, might find the school meets your needs for survival instruction, or you can visit the website for Texas Survival School at  It is clearly evident in this episode that Ray and the many instructors at Texas Survival School not only enjoy providing instruction, but wholeheartedly emphasize the purpose of the school. This school is indeed for everyone, from all walks and trails of life, and most anyone willing to learn, is welcome. Stay tuned each Sunday for a new edition of Survival Sunday, only on the Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast.
July 25, 2021
Introducing Survival Sunday to the Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast
In this short clip, I introduce to you the new segment on the Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast, Survival Sunday. In this segment, I will introduce both survival experts and instructors as well as the schools and classes they might be part of. The purpose of Survival Sunday is to provide information to those who seek it, connect students to teachers, and establish community within those interested in survival. Please stay tuned for some great people that should prove to make for interesting content.
July 22, 2021
Adventure Seeker Ellen Falterman
Rivers. They carry life from mountains to oceans, toiling and rolling in complete freedom without natural constraint. The majesty of a river swells the current of our own hearts and souls. This episode features the indomitable, Ellen Falterman, a twenty six year old adventurer that understands the call of the river, and also, the big blue water of our earth's oceans. In just her tiny canoe, she has accepted the challenge of thousands of miles of river water, and now looks further, to row upon the surface of the depths, and experience life as only she can. I captured her words here for an interview in this first episode of Adventure Seekers on this new podcast, Dirtwalker Outdoors.
July 17, 2021
Dirtwalker Outdoors Introductory Episode
This is the beginning. The introduction. It is recorded through a phone microphone, so the quality may not be excellent, but it gets my point across. This episode starts and explains what hope will be a long lasting and successful podcast. I explain to you the three segments of the Dirtwalker Outdoors podcast. Those are, Adventure Seekers, Survival Sunday, and Trail Talk. These three interesting segments combined with the amazing guests I hope to feature, should make this podcast worth listening to, and possibly inspiring.
July 14, 2021