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Creating Community, Not Converts.
Dismantle Podcast is a show aimed at bridging the gap between church and culture, discussing topics the church needs to dialogue about.
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223 "The Continuum" with Peter Pendell
In this mini-episode of Dismantle Podcast, we chat with Peter Pendell about church abuse, how to spot it, and what to do about it.  #dismantlepod
September 24, 2021
222. "Moving Forward Isn't Moving Together" with Rachel Spears
What does church revival look like? Could it actually be the deconstruction community? Rachel Spears shares this and more in our latest episode! CONNECT: @youknowthatgirlrachel
September 22, 2021
221. "You Can Just Dance" with Colby Martin
What do weddings, the Greatest Showman, and being who God made us to be have to do with each other? Colby Martin shares his insights with us on this latest episode of Dismantle Podcast. CONNECT:  @colbymartin
September 19, 2021
220. "Live First, Theologize Later" with Luke Wilson
What is Christianity's obsession with sex? If we're not talking about it, we're trying to convert people's orientations. Luke Wilson shares his experience with Liberty University, conversion therapy, and what the Church can do to actually listen.  CONNECT:  @lukeslamdunkwilson Listen to Luke on Gangster Capitalism here:
September 16, 2021
219. "Not Good, Not Bad, But Not Neutral" with Ian Simkins
Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Xanga. What role should social media play in our churches? What about sabbath and disengaging from the platforms? Ian Simkins joins us to chat about this and more in our new episode! CONNECT:  @iansimkins
September 12, 2021
218. "Bigger Churches & Billy Graham" with Tim Gombis
What did the early church gather around? What was their focus? And why did Billy Graham screw it up for us? Tim Gombis joins us to describe the meal of the church and the power it truly holds for transformation! CONNECT:  @timgombis
September 5, 2021
217. "The Secret of Gaslighting" with Eli Weinstein
What is gaslighting and how do you identify it? Eli Weinstein shares his professional experience and what to look for with religious, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse.  CONNECT: @eliweinstein_lcsw
September 2, 2021
216. "Getting Curious" with Rev. Sarah Heath
Come listen to Rev. Sarah Heath share her story, some of the good, the bad, and the curious! We discuss her role in ministry, her time on sabbatical, and the role curiosity plays in her faith! CONNECT:  @Revsarahheath
August 29, 2021
215. "Digital Jesus, Digital Commission" with Caleb J. Lines
What's the digital responsibility of the church in a post-pandemic world? Caleb J. Line has a few ideas on how to best engage a culture and church that is hybrid with digital and in-person.  CONNECT:  @progessivechristianity
August 26, 2021
214. "Trauma, Therapy, & Theology" with Matthias Roberts
What's the connection between how we understand God, ourselves, the world, and then how we live that out? Our guest Matthias Roberts has some thoughts and experience with this, including therapy, the LGBTQ+ community, and understanding how God sees us! CONNECT:  @matthiasroberts
August 23, 2021
213. "Proactively Resting" with Andrew Kerbs
Is there a way to avoid deconstruction fatigue? Andrew Kerbs thinks so. Listen to our new episode as we look into the idea of barriers and guardrails along the deconstruction path. CONNECT:  @deconstructeverything
August 20, 2021
212. "Unity Is Not The Most Important Thing" with Table Theology
What's the problem with Progressive Christianity? How do we define what that even is? Josh, Ryan, & Sam, hosts of Table Theology, have some thoughts and experience on social activism, progressive churches, even getting kicked out of their home church. And yet, they still feel drawn to historical christianity. Listen as we dive into what we agree on, where we differ, and how we can move forward together, although, that may not be the most important thing. CONNECT: @tabletheology
August 18, 2021
211. "Critics In The Pew" with Steve Cuss
What do you do with a narcissist behind the pulpit? What about when critiques come from people who have no skin in the game? Steve Cuss shares with us some thoughts on how to engage when feedback comes our way.  CONNECT: @stevecusswords
August 15, 2021
210. "Being A Lighthouse" with Grace Baldridge
Can you be "privately affirming" of the LGBTQ Community? Can you keep your thoughts and preferences to yourself? Grace Baldridge joins us to discuss allies, pronouns, and faith in action! CONNECT: @gracebaldridge
August 12, 2021
209. "Templates Don't Work For Cities" with Josh J. White
What is a post-deconstruction church like? What does the community reflect? Josh White in Portland shares some of his experience and thoughts in our latest episode about how the church can serve those in the deconstruction space and focus on the bright future ahead.  CONNECT: @joshjwhite
August 9, 2021
208. "Head> Heart> Hands>" with Zach Lambert
What does it look like to take theoretical concepts and bring them to material impact? Zach Lambert has some ideas. Listen as we discuss topics like race, activism, and deconstruction and how the church should be engaging on a physical level.  CONNECT:  @zachlambert
August 5, 2021
207. "A Safe Place To Land" with Natalie Kember
What does spiritual abuse look like? How can you identify spiritual manipulation? What's the difference between the two? Natalie Kember joins us to discuss her experience and calling out spiritual abuse within the church.  CONNECT: @freedomfromspiritualabuse
August 1, 2021
206. "Moving Into The Feelings" with The Here Podcast
What role can the Psalms play in the process of deconstruction? Drew Nelson from The Here Podcast shares with us how the deconstruction process connects to the middle poems book in the Bible and how it can lead to greater understanding our our circumstances, our spirituality, and our selves.  CONNECT: @theherepodcast
July 29, 2021
205. "Words For Intuitions" with Thomas J. Oord
how does 'open & relational theology" completely change everything we know about God?  Thomas J. Oord returns to the show to discuss the idea of total control, total agency, and what the relationship with God truly looks like.  CONNECT:  @thomasjoord
July 26, 2021
204. "The Oodles of Doodles" with Ali Hoffman
Ali Hoffman of "The Oodles of Doodles" joins us to discuss art, catholicism, and how Jesus is the great denominator across our belief preferences.  CONNECT:  @theoodlesofdoodles
July 23, 2021
203. "Politics Is A People Thing" with Samuel Deuth
We're all tired of talking about politics. But what can we learn from diving deeper into the subject? Samuel Deuth joins us to discuss the current political spectrum, the role of the christian in them, and finding the blessing of God on our nation.  CONNECT:  @smanueldeuth
July 19, 2021
202. "God Said It, Not Me" with Cortland Coffey
What's the role of sermons? Do we even need them? Cortland Coffey joins us to dissect the purpose of these spiritual Ted-talks and whether or not we need messages the way we've designed them.  CONNECT: @cortlandcoffey
July 15, 2021
201. "There's More To Say" with Derek Webb
What if you were wrong about the things you were wrong about? That's what Derek Webb is asking. In his reevaluation of faith and belief, listening in on this amazing conversation about a new fundamentalism, the person of Jesus, and the new project of transparency Derek is bringing us all into.  CONNECT:
July 11, 2021
200. "A Progressive Outlook" with Dismantle Podcast
Listen to this special episode of Dismantle Podcast as host Joey Monteleone shares where the show has been, where it is, and where it's headed!
July 6, 2021
199. "Clean Your Damn House" with Justin McRoberts
Is revival of a religious culture really possible in our age today? Listen to Justin McRoberts share about the new fundamentalism being created, the aspect of leadership, and agency we have to make what's ours better right now.  CONNECT:  @justinmcroberts
July 2, 2021
198. "Caffeine-Free Diet Versions" with Ethan Luck
What has the evolution of the Christian music industry looked like over the last 20 years? Ethan Luck shares his perspective on the changes, supporting other musicians, and the engagement of the church in the future. CONNECT: @ethanluck
June 30, 2021
197. "Urgency To Grow" with Joy Vetterlein
Church Staff gets a bad rap - probably because we've set it up that way. What is the common thread of church leader personalities? Whats the hiring and firing process for families like? Why do churches all need to look alike? This and more is some of our conversation with Joy Vetterlein.  CONNECT:  @joyvetterlein
June 28, 2021
196. "Being Genuine Has The Last Word" with Aaron Gillespie
What if we got the carpenter from Nazareth completely wrong. Arron Gillespie of Underoath shares his perspective on how being authentic and genuine speaks louder than your belief.  CONNECT:  @underoath
June 26, 2021
195. "Give Them Space" with Bridget Eileen Rivera
What is heterosexism? A big word you've probably never heard. But the church thrives in it. Is it good? Bridget Eileen Rivera joins us for a new episode to discuss this and more! CONNECT: @travelingnun
June 24, 2021
194. "A Major Paradigm Shift" with Rev. Dr. Marcia Ledford, Esq.
What could we learn from the two aspects of salvation and how it connects to the LGBTQ+ community? Rev. Dr. Marcia Ledford, Esq. shares her perspective on the power of sharing love and dignity to all people and how living out our salvation is the other half of the "salvation moment." CONNECT:
June 22, 2021
193. "Instant Dad" with David Clark-Sally
What is it like parenting in a same-sex marriage? Is it any different from that of heterosexual families? David Clark-Sally joins us to discuss the dynamics and focus on his family and the church in our special Father's Day episode! CONNECT:  @Davidclarksally
June 20, 2021
192. A Better Version of The Gospel" with Micah J. Murray
Is there a faithful way of deconstruction that has nothing to do with Jesus? Micah J. Murray joins us to discuss in an honest and transparent way his journey of deconstruction and reconstruction aside from a faith system.  CONNECT:  @micahjmurray
June 17, 2021
191. Blowing the Roof Off The Taboo Part" with Staci Frenes
We've all heard stories of friends coming out to various communities. But when you're neck-deep in your evangelical community and your daughter comes out, what do you do? Staci Frenes joins us to discuss this and her new book "Love Makes Room." CONNECT:
June 15, 2021
190. "Living Visibly" with Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons
What does church decline say about our culture? Is this the end of the evangelicalism we know or are we missing something? Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons shares with us the opportunity of the current age of church and how to live out your christianity through activism and daily life.  CONNECT: @guthriegf
June 13, 2021
189. "Preaching Through Pain" with Arthur J. James
What do pastors really go through? Does anyone tell them what theyre getting into beforehand? Pastor and author Arthur J. James joins us to discuss some of the dark side of ministry and what the congregation can do to support the work but also the unity of the church.  CONNECT:
June 11, 2021
188. "Be Kind To Yourself" with Kurtis Vanderpool
How do you accept yourself? You've got the front row seat to your flaws, faults, and thoughts. How do we see ourselves the way God does, and what exactly is that? Kurtis Vanderpool joins us to discuss self-acceptance and the role it plays in our spirituality.  CONNECT:  @kurtisvanderpool
June 9, 2021
187. "The Boxes Humans Made" with Gable Price
What are these frameworks we've made and why are they so important to us? Gable Price joins the show to talk about offense, growth, and being a middle child in our new episode! CONNECT:  @gablepriceandfriends
June 6, 2021
186. "Love The Sinner...?" with Lucy Davies
Where did the term "love the sinner, hate the sin" come from? Is it biblical? Is it necessary? Lucy Davies joins the show to discuss the phrase, what it really means, and maybe why we shouldn't use it anymore.  CONNECT:  @aqueersearchforfaith
June 3, 2021
185. "Exclusive To Humanity" with Brady Hardin
We've been deconstructing for sure. But how about doing so from a secular perspective? Brady Hardin joins us to share his story and perspective about the church, deconstruction, and the LGBTQ+ community.  CONNECT: @bradyhardin
June 1, 2021
184. "Mary, Martha, & The Lazy Genius" with Kendra Adachi
With all we need to focus on in our lives, what qualifies as 'important' when everything is so demanding? Kendra Adachi from The Lazy Genius joins us to discuss how to be a genius about some things, lazy about others, and discovering balance in our lives and souls.  CONNECT:  @thelazygenius
May 30, 2021
183. "The Hermeneutics Challenge" with Jared Byas
What does it look like to "Live well"? What does that even mean? Jared Byas stopped by the podcast to chat about this and more from his new book! CONNECT:  @jaredbyas
May 28, 2021
182. "Don't Woe Me If You Don't Know Me" with Kevin Makins
Why would anyone go to church? Whats a reason to actually stay and work through the shit? Kevin Makins joins us to discuss this and more themes from his book, "Why Would Anyone Go To Church?" CONNECT:  @Kevinmakins
May 26, 2021
181. "Boys & Girls & Purity" with Jessie Drysdale
Purity Culture: some of you just cringed, others are saying, "What?" Jessie Drysdale joins the show to discuss some of the lies that purity culture propagates and how we can walk in truth.  CONNECT:  @exvangelicallessons
May 24, 2021
BONUS: "I Just Want Real Friends" with The Podcast Roundtable
Join us for a special episode about, with, and fostering community! Podcasters in the deconstruction space sat down for an in-depth conversation about community, it's opportunities, as well as struggles! CONNECT:  @holyheretics @thenewevangelicals @thespacebetweenuk @thepostmodernfish @uncertainpodcast
May 20, 2021
180. "The Show Must Go On" with Tim Whitaker
Many people leave church. But what happens when it wasn't your choice, like, your pastor asked you to leave? Tim Whitaker of The New Evangelicals sat down in a raw, unfiltered, and hilarious conversation about when the church disagrees with itself, the leadership and its people.  CONNECT: @thenewevangelicals Podcast: The New Evangelicals Podcast
May 18, 2021
179. "A Little Bit Culty" with Sarah Edmondson & Nippy Ames
What's it like to be inside a cult? Is it filled with rituals and sacrifices, or is it more discreet than that?  Anthony (Nippy) Ames and Sarah Edmondson from "A Little Bit Culty Podcast" join us to chat about their experience and how people of all religious spheres can recognize "culty" behavior.  CONNECT:  @alittlebitculty
May 16, 2021
178. "In The Shadow Of A Flower Garden" with Drew Newkirk
What if you could completely understand your strengths and weaknesses, while growing in maturity, awareness, and even spirituality? Drew Newkirk joins us to discuss the enneagram and the powerful aid it gives to psychotherapists and people alike! CONNECT: @drewnewkirkpsychotherapy
May 14, 2021
177. "Focus On The Red Letters" with Mat Koenig
What if following Jesus has nothing to do with church? What if you need to unlearn everything you were taught so you can actually "follow"? This and more are the themes of today's new episode with Mat Koenig! CONNECT:  @valuedrivencoaching
May 12, 2021
176. "A PSA on PSA" with Keith Giles
How does Jesus ACTUALLY save us from our sins? Is it with blood? Does God the Father hate us and Jesus just happened to get in the way? Keith Giles returns to share with us a new framework for understanding Penal Substitutionary Atonement. CONNECT: @keithgiles
May 9, 2021
175. "The Key to Collaboration" with Will Anderson
Is there an unknown potential around collaboration? What do we miss if we don't collaborate? Will Anderson (Parachute, Reaves) shares this and more in our new episode! CONNECT:  IG, Twitter, TikTok @willyj1234 @reavesmusic
May 7, 2021
174. "Many Levels of Understanding" with Rabbi Daniel Bortz
A Christian and a Rabbi walk into a podcast... Join us for our phenomenal conversation with Rabbi Daniel Bortz as we discuss the parallels of Judaism and Christianity, how we view scripture, and the unity we can build together.  CONNECT: @millennialrabbi Beneath the Surface Podcast
May 5, 2021
173. “Give Permission To Ask" with Holy Heretics Podcast
Is deconstruction a destination? A new fundamentalism? How do we understand it? Melanie and Gary-Alan from Holy Heretics Podcast join us to discuss this and more!  CONNECT: @holyhereticspodcast @sophia.society
May 2, 2021
172. "I Know Nothing About Beer" with Allan Heida
What does the Bible mean when it says "Dont drink if it will offend someone"? What does prohibition and the church have to do with each other? Our guest Allan Heida shares this and more on today's new episode! CONNECT: @althebrewer PODCAST: I Know Nothing About Beer
April 30, 2021
171. "The Noble Goal" with Youth Min
Ever think Youth Ministry is weird? It is. And we're going to talk about it with the creators of the mockumentary "Youth Min." CONNECT: @youthpastordeee
April 28, 2021
170. "Reclaiming Beloved Community" with Kayla Felten
When a community that is central to your family, your culture, and your spirituality no longer accepts you as one of their own, how do you navigate the "world"? Kayla Felten from Reclamation Collective joins us to discuss this and more in our 170th episode! CONNECT:  @reclamationcollective
April 25, 2021
169. "Start, Learn, Take Action" with Travis Chappell
Is money truly evil? Is it a trap or a tool? Travis Chappell joins us to discuss the idea of finances, church management of that, and how we can build a better financial future. CONNECT @Travischappell
April 23, 2021
168. "Wearing Your Mother's Sadness" with Karyn Thurston
Karyn Thurston, of "Heathen Podcast" joins us to discuss how to create spiritually healthy kids while deconstructing! CONNECT:  @heathenpodcast
April 21, 2021
167. "Take Shame Out" with Dr. Brian Goldman
What do we do with shame? How does it really affect our lives? Dr. Brian Goldman shares his thoughts on this and more in today's episode of Dismantlepod. CONNECT: @NightShiftMD
April 18, 2021
166. "I Hope Jesus Would Agree" with Religion Shouldn't Hurt
When an IG handle provides better vernacular trauma, what can the church learn from it? Troy from "Religion Shouldn't Hurt" shares this and how to create common language to prevent church abuse.  CONNECT:  @religionshouldnthurt
April 14, 2021
165. "The Head Can't Go Where The Heart Isn't Willing" with Colby Martin
Have we used the Bible in a way it was never intended to be used? Have we found a few verses on homosexuality and crafted a theology of our own making? Colby Martin joins us to discuss this and more on our new episode!  CONNECT:  @colbymartin Visit and use the code DISMANTLE20 for 20% off!
April 11, 2021
164. "This Isn't A Moment, It's A Movement" with Tiffany Bluhm
#metoo #churchtoo #timesup - it's all around us. But what happens when that applies TO YOUR pastor? Tiffany Bluhm joins us to discuss this and more from her new book! CONNECT:  @tiffanybluhm
April 8, 2021
163. "Curiosity & Gratitude" with Thea Matthews
What's the connect between belief and experience? Can both exist when connecting to a Higher Power? Author and poet Thea Matthews joins the show to discuss this and more in today's new episode! CONNECT:  @theamatthews_
April 5, 2021
162. "I'm Not An Oreo, I'm A Woman" with Meghan Tschanz
Today on Dismantle Podcast we’re discussing the need for reclaiming feminism for Christianity. Meghan Tschanz joins us to discuss power differentials, sexual abuse, and what the church can do about it.  CONNECT:  @meghantschanz
April 1, 2021
161. "Embrace Mystery" with Jon Steingard
"I'm constantly fascinated with the person of Jesus" - someone who no longer identifies as a Christian.  But what does the church do with someone like that, someone who asks questions and isn't satisfied with simplistic answers? Jon Steingard joins the show to discuss his story, his questions, and his doubts in our new episode!  CONNECT:  @jonsteingard
March 29, 2021
160. "Is He Nuts?" with Dennis Schleicher
Why a gay man would join the LDS Church? Especially if you didn't grow up in that environment? Dennis Schleicher joins the show to discuss the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints as well as his new book! CONNECT: @denschleicher
March 26, 2021
159. "Deconstruction Is Not Prescriptive" with Phil Drysdale
What exactly is "deconstruction"? We use it all the time, its within every faith community's fears, but can we define it? Does it have data attached to it so we can understand? Guest Phil Drysdale joins us to discuss this and more in our new episode! CONNECT:  @phildrysdale
March 24, 2021
158. "Rotten Trees" with God Is Grey (Brenda Marie Davies)
With all the "wars" being fought today, does there really need to be one between progressive and conservative Christians? Brenda Marie Davies of God Is Grey joins the show to discuss how the church protects itself, the location of the new progressive movement, and more! CONNECT: YOUTUBE: God Is Grey PATREON:   INSTAGRAM: @godisgrey
March 22, 2021
157. "Thank God For Women" with Simone Rizkallah
What role did women play in the early church? What exactly is the Feminine Genius? Simone Rizkallah joins the show to chat about this and much more! CONNECT:  @culturalgypsy 
March 19, 2021
156. "When To Speak Up & When To Shut Up" with Dr. Michael Sedler
We've all been there; when is sharing our thoughts the right thing and when is it the wrong thing? Michael Sedler shares his thoughts as well as perspectives from his book of the same name in today's Dismantle Podcast.  CONNECT:
March 17, 2021
155. "Jesus, John Wayne, & Mr. Rodgers" with Kristin Du Mez
The Christianity many of us were introduced to had a rugged masculinity attached to it; one that demands a stoicism and strict adherence to just “being the best we can.” Why have we replaced the Jesus of the Bible with a cowboy in essence? Kristin Du Mez joins us to discuss this and more themes within her book "Jesus & John Wayne." Connect:  Twitter: @kkdumez
March 15, 2021
154. "Citizens" with Jon Guerra
Join us on a special episode of Dismantle Podcast where we sit down with singer/songwriter Jon Guerra and do a deep dive of his powerful song, "Citizens." CONNECT: @iamjonguerra
March 12, 2021
153. "Planning & Failure & Balance, Oh My!" with Paul Croswell
What does a life truly balanced look like? Can you really set goals AND achieve them? Author Paul Croswell dives into this and more along side his new book in todays Dismantle Podcast episode. CONNECT:  @paulwcroswell
March 10, 2021
152. "Stop Being Patriotic" with Stephen Backhouse
Can the ideal of nationalism and Christianity compatible? What exactly is nationalism? A religion? Stephen Backhouse joins us to discuss this and more in our powerful new episode!  CONNECT:
March 8, 2021
151. "A Deeply Formed Life" with Rich Villodas
What does the christian life look like, not as a one-time event, but as an on-going process? Pastor and author Rich Villodas joins us to discuss these ideas and more from his book of the same title.  CONNECT:  @richvillodas
March 5, 2021
150. "Help! I'm Being Oppressed!" with Jo Luehmann
The persecution complex among christians is something to behold. Where does it come from? Is it founded in scripture or our minds? Jo Luehmann joins the show to discuss this and more in today's new episode! CONNECT:  @joluehmann
March 3, 2021
149. "Creativity, COVID, & Church" with William & Katy (The Space Between Pod)
Has the church adapted to the current changes in the world? William & Katy from "The Space Between" podcast dive into this and more in today's episode of Dismantle Pod! CONNECT:  @thespacebetweenuk
February 28, 2021
148. "Tell Me All About Your Grief" with Chris & Amanda Pahls
How can grief be both and intellectual glass of water and an emotional hurricane? Chris & Amanda Pahls join the show to discuss life, love, loss, and community, all needed for understanding the topic of grief.  CONNECT:  @amandapahls @chrispahls
February 25, 2021
147. “Theology On Pause" with Will Thorpe
What do we do with the Bible? Amidst its complexities, its something rarely discussed from the pulpit. Guest Will Thorpe dives into some thoughts on the Word of God and its accuracy.  CONNECT:  @heretical_theology
February 22, 2021
146. "Don't Swim Through The Crocodiles" with Sherine Guirguis
Vaccines, and Anti-Vax, and COVID oh my! Where does the church fall when discussing vaccines? Sherine Guirguis graciously joins the show to discuss this and provide more understanding around the subject of vaccines.  CONNECT:  @gocommonthread
February 18, 2021
145. “The Eventual Medium" with Kay Reynolds
What does a connection to the spirit realm really look like? Listen to medium Kay Reynolds share about her gifting and connection to God in this new dismantle episode! CONNECT:
February 15, 2021
144. "Less Emails; More Letters" with Kelly Latimore
What can the church learn from classic and modern iconography? Is there a way to capture story through images in a way more powerful than any sermon? Listen as Kelly Latimore shares thoughts and perspective on creative icons for the church.  CONNECT: @kellylatimoreicons
February 12, 2021
143. "The Mississippi River" with Jay Stringer
Sexual brokenness is everywhere in our society, in our culture, and in our church. Jay Stringer joins us to discuss therapy, unwanted behaviors, and the issues under the issues that may surprise you.  CONNECT:
February 7, 2021
142. "Nutcracker Ethics" with Bruxy Cavey
We all know that Christianity is a "relationship, not a religion." But how do we act on that 'knowledge.' Pastor and author Bruxy Cavey joins us to chat about his new book, "The End of Religion" and its themes for the individual and church.  CONNECT:  @bruxycavey
February 1, 2021
141. "The Broken Bike of America" with Mark Charles
If a child stole a bike, broken it, and then apologized for breaking it, you'd make them give it back, right? This and so much more are the themes of today's episode with Mark Charles. Mark is a dual citizen of the United States and the Navajo Nation, and recently ran for the president of the United States and an independent candidate.  CONNECT:  @wirelesshogan
January 25, 2021
140. "The Proclaiming & Prescribing Problem" with Ryan Daniel Dobson
What does the church gain by rushing past the experience and perspective of a life lived? What's the problem with rushing to the point of the narrative? Ryan Daniel Dobson joins us to discuss this, as well as his new film "Hosea." CONNECT:
January 22, 2021
139. "A Long History of Shame" with Brandan Robertson
Why doesn't the church engage well on sex? Is there something we missed as Christians? Listen to Brandan Robertson share his research and thoughts on the subject.   CONNECT:  -  @brandanrobertson
January 17, 2021
138. "White Lies" with Daniel Hill
What is it about saying the words "White Supremacy" from the pulpit that make us unable to move? Daniel Hill joins the show to chat about diversity, race, and what the church could do to begin dismantling the issue that divides us so deeply.  CONNECT:
January 14, 2021
137. "The Institution: Do You Know People's Name?" with Bradley Jersak & W. Paul Young
What exactly "is" the Church? Is it an institution, and is that enough? Or is there another way the Church should be functioning? Bradley Jersak & W. Paul Young dive into a raw and touching conversation with an honest look at the Church. CONNECT:
January 11, 2021
136. "Powerful Churches < Powerful Homes" with Seth Dahl
What does 'Spirit Led' Parenting look like? How should the church partner with parents along the journey? Seth Dahl dives into this and more on our latest episode! CONNECT:
January 8, 2021
135. “Gun & A Hotel Bible" with Daniel Floren & Bradley Gosnell
Is the Bible really "enough"? What does it say about our deepest flaws and emotions? Join Dismantle Podcast as we chat with the stars and producers of "Gun & A Hotel Bible."   CONNECT:  @gunandahotelbible
January 5, 2021
134. "Know What You're Talking About Please" with Josh Patterson
Should theology be something that's heard once and applied forever, or does it grow and change with our experience? Podcast host and pastor Josh Patterson of (Re)Thinking Faith Podcast joins Dismantlepod to chat about theology, humility, and the role of anchoring ourselves to a box or a person.  CONNECT:  @rethinking_faith
December 30, 2020
133. "Meeting People Where They Are" with Leanor Ortega Till
If they wont come to you, you may have to go to them. Its a business model for marketing, but what does the church think? Leanor Ortega Till sat down with us to discuss her work and journey with meeting people where they are and what the church can learn from that! CONNECT:  @leanorinezortegatill @fiveironfrenzy
December 27, 2020
132. "Not Seen or Heard" with Tim Be Told
When you're rejected for what you do, what's one thing. When you're rejected for who you are, that's different. Listen to Tim Ouyang, frontman of Tim Be Told, share his experience with the music industry, the church, and why the church needs queer people.  CONNECT:  @timbetold
December 21, 2020
131. "A Heretical Reformation" with Derek & Rachel Myers
"Your Favorite Heretics" (Derek & Rachel Myers) join the show to discuss the word heresy, how the church has used heresy through the years, and what love truly looks like amidst differing beliefs.  CONNECT:  @yourfavoriteheretics
December 17, 2020
130. "A Normal Part of Life" with Joseph W. Smith III
Sex. Violence. Massacre. And it's all in the Bible. How should the church grapple with the reality of more graphic content within the Holy Book and its connection to our lives? Joseph W. Smith III joins the show to discuss this and more, including his book, "Sex & Violence In the Bible." CONNECT:
December 14, 2020
129. "The House That's On Fire" with Cece Jones-Davis
What does justice look like? In our country? In our Church? Cece Jones-Davis joins us to discuss the role of justice and how it should embody our faith.  CONNECT:  @cecejonesdavis
December 7, 2020
128. "Show God Better" with Matt Sallee (of Pentatonix)
What's it like for a follower of Jesus in the secular music industry? Listen to Matt Sallee from Grammy Award Winning group Pentatonix share about his experience, how the church can engage in culture, and what it looks like to love people like Jesus. CONNECT:  @mattsalleemusic @ptxofficial @e58worship
December 4, 2020
127. "A Noun & A Verb" with James Powell
James Powell joins us to discuss identity, the Church, and the space made for the LGBTQIA+ community within her.  Connect with James:  Web: www.ThisLittleLightOfMine.CA IG: @MyLightShinesBright FB: @MyLightShinesBright Twitter: @james_powell Podcast:
November 29, 2020
126. "Address the Original Sin" with The Decolonized Christian
Considering Thanksgiving this week, we sat down with "The Decolonized Christian" (IG) to discuss colonization, missions work, and the "right to rule" and how that mentality has caused pains for years to come, even within the Church.  CONNECT:  @the_decolonized_christian
November 23, 2020
125. "Til Doubt Do Us Part" with David Hayward (Naked Pastor)
What happens when you start deconstructing your faith, but your spouse doesn't? If changing beliefs are changing your marriage, guest David Hayward has some thought from his new book of the same title about faith, belief, and love.  Connect with David:  @nakedpastor
November 16, 2020
124. "Survival vs. Safety" with Brian Peck
Brian Peck joins the show to discuss spiritual and religious trauma and how 'safe places' in our lives have the potential to scar or heal.  CONNECT:  @roomtothrive
November 12, 2020
123. "A Dare To Christian Music" with Grace Baldridge
What if the something as simple as turning on the radio for something "positive & encouraging" is actually super divisive? Grace Baldridge joins the show to discuss CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and its implications on asking questions of your faith.  Connect with Grace:  @gracebaldridge Podcast: Under Our Roof Music: Semler Youtube: State of Grace
November 9, 2020
122. "You Are Enough" with Jonathan Puddle
What if 'it's not your fault', but you can do something about it? Guest Jonathan Puddle dives into his new book 'You Are Enough' and the theme of learning to love ourselves the way God does.  Connect with Jonathan: Social: @jonathanpuddle Podcast:
November 4, 2020
121. "A Million Shades of Grey" with Ali Chandra, Hank Johnson, Missy McCulley, and Kyle Thompson
Politics: here we go.  With an election in the U.S. around the corner, we sat down with four different guests to discuss political views, the role of a christian in politics, voting, and more! We don't share these opinion to tell you how to vote, we just ask that you do! Vote on November 3, 2020 either by mail or in person at a local polling station.  Connect with our guests online:  @alirae29 @hank259 @undauntedlife
November 2, 2020
120. "It Is What It Is" with Justin McRoberts
Do you really need to care about everything? Are things really able to be changed? Can you really make an impact? This and more are things Justin McRoberts dives into in our new episode of Dismantle Podcast! Connect with Justin:  @justinmcroberts @40daysprayerbook
October 26, 2020
119. "Rekindle The Wonder" with Scott Erickson
Suicide isn't just the ultimate 'checking out' of existence, it could be happening to you every day. What does a reckoning with our eventual disappearance look like? Scott Erickson joins the show to discuss life, death, his show "Say Yes", and his new book "Honest Advent." Connect with Scott:  - - - Watch "Say Yes" here: - @scottthepainter - @honestadvent
October 19, 2020
118. "Bring Balance To The Force" with Keith Giles
"THE END IS NEAR"... or is it? Keith Giles dives into this and more thoughts from his new book, 'Jesus Unexpected', as well as the rapture, end times eschatology, and the Second Coming of Jesus.  Connect with Keith:  Blog: Social: @keithgiles
October 12, 2020
117. "Take Off Your Running Shoes" with Mariah Scherlacher
Hear the powerful story of Mariah Scherlacher and her journey through same sex-attraction, idolatry, and finding a brand new life! Connect with Mariah:  Instagram: Mariah__dawn_
October 5, 2020
116. "The Shift" with Colby Martin
How do you navigate your politics, your worldview, and your spirituality when you move from a conservative worldview to a more progressive one? Guest Colby Martin joins to discuss this and more while we look at his book "The Shift." Connect with Colby:  Instagram: colbymartin Website:
September 28, 2020
"Series Finale" with Joey Monteleone
Listen to the series finale of Dismantle Podcast, as Joey shares some of the revelations that led to the show's ending.
November 25, 2019
114. "The Black & White Contention" with Brandon Cleaver
Brandon Cleaver joins the show to discuss racism, slavery, and how the church can step into justice. Connect with Brandon:
November 20, 2019
113. "It's Just Safer This Way" with Dan Quagliata
Pastor Dan Quagliata shares thoughts on reverse fundamentalism, tribalism, and the safety found in merely affirming what we already believe. Connect with Dan: @danquagliata
November 18, 2019
112. "Get The Hell Out" with Joshua Ryan Butler
Author and pastor Joshua Ryan Butler discusses the idea of Hell, how we 'preach it', and four paradigm shifts that would help us understand it better. Connect with Joshua:
November 15, 2019
111. "Picking At A T.U.L.I.P." with Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson joins us to chat about Calvinism, its concepts, and dialoguing with those who see it differently. Connect with Robert: Seminary Content:
November 13, 2019
110. "Scary God" with Mattie Montgomery
Author, evangelist, and former frontman Mattie Montgomery shares thoughts on the fear of the Lord, how we've missed it, and how we can get it back in our churches! Connect with Mattie:
November 11, 2019
109. "#WeToo" with Mary DeMuth
Mary DeMuth shares her story with sexual abuse and trauma and how the church can best step into the problem together. Connect with Mary:
November 8, 2019
108. "Dinner for Strangers" with Palmer Chinchen
Author and pastor Palmer Chinchen shares about inviting strangers to dinner, justice, and the Christian's call to a better world. Connect with Palmer: @palmerchinchen
November 6, 2019
107. "Clarity Is Kind" with Evan Wickham
Evan Wickham M.Div is a pastor and musician and joins us to discuss the four D's of church thought and agreement.  Connect with Evan:
November 4, 2019
106. "A Means of Birth Control" with Rebecca Todd Peters
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Todd Peters (Toddie) shares with us thoughts on the topic of abortion, trusting women, and the mindset behind the pro-life movement that may surprise you. Connect with Rebecca:
October 30, 2019
105. "Divine Echoes" with Mark Karris
Pastor, therapist, author and musician Mark Karris delivers a dynamite approach to prayer and how 'petitions' may have missed the intent all together.
October 27, 2019
104. "It's In The Bones" with Cameron Dezen Hammon
Cameron Dezen Hammon shares thoughts on the misogyny within the church, the construct of a 'working' church, and her new book! Connect with Cameron:  @cameron_dezen_hammon
October 23, 2019
103. "The Eternal Current" with Aaron Niequist
Author, liturgist, and worship leader Aaron Niequist shares his thoughts on the Eternal Current, authentic living, and how our spiritual practice is like wearing our dad's jacket. Connect with Aaron:
October 20, 2019
102. "Figuring Out The Mystery" with Michael Hoddy
Magic. Faith. The Last Jedi. Donald Trump. All of these are connected. Find out how in our new episode! Connect with Michael:
October 16, 2019
101. "Activist Theology" with Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza shares thoughts on oppressive systems, the need for reform, and how the church can adopt activist theology. Connect with Robyn: @irobyn
October 13, 2019
100. "I Know We Can Do Better" with Derek Webb
In our 100th episode, Derek Webb joins the show to discuss his music career, his provocative writing, leaving christianity, and what he's found outside the walls of the church. Connect with Derek:
October 9, 2019
99. "Preemptive Love" with Jeremy Courtney
Jeremy Courtney joins us to discuss the theology of preemptive love, his new book, and living in Iraq. Connect with Jeremy @jeremycourtney
October 6, 2019
98. "The Lucky Few" with Heather Avis
Heather Avis is an author, podcast host, and mom who shares with us some of the blessings of kids with down syndrome and how the church can come along side everyone with different abilities. Connect with Heather:
October 2, 2019
97. "A War of Loves" with David Bennett
Former atheist and gay activist David Bennett shares his radical encounter with Jesus and the reality of a celibate life as a homosexual christian. Connect with David: @dacbennett
September 29, 2019
96. "I Don't Wanna Get It Wrong" with Justin McRoberts
Author and pastor Justin McRoberts sat down to discuss the idea of prayer, of our desire to "not get it wrong", and how practice can take us to a deeper level of spirituality. Connect with Justin: @justinmcroberts @40daysprayerbook
September 25, 2019
95. "Humorous Homemaking" with Stacy Myers
Stacy Myers shares about essential oils, their role in health, and how comedy for moms is a necessity! Connect with Stacy: @humoroushomemaking
September 22, 2019
94. "Sit With These Moments" with Dave Barnes
Musician Dave Barnes shares his thoughts on the cyclical relationship of music and worldview, sitting in moments with songs, and what the church can learn from the songs we sing! Connect with Dave: @davebarnesmusic
September 18, 2019
93. "Head, Heart, Hands, & Holiness" with The Rogue Muslim
Samiyyah, host of The Rogue Muslim, gives an indepth look at Islam, the practices of a Muslim, and the surprising similarities to Christianity. Connect with The Rogue Muslim: @theroguemuslim
September 15, 2019
92. "Choose to Believe" with Awni Haddad and Andy & Linda Tremper
Our guests today share their first hand experience with the events of September 11, 2001, along with a message of what should our response to catastrophe be.
September 11, 2019
91. "Be Like the Bereans" with D.R. Roquemore
D.R. Roquemore joins us to discuss eschatology, his Wrath book series, and encouraging learning how to think, not what to think. Connect with D.R.:
September 8, 2019
90. "Love, Light, & Melody" with Brad Corrigan
Dispatch band member and non-profit head Brad Corrigan joins us to discuss poverty, its affects around the world, and how the Church can re-examine Matthew 26:11. Connect with Brad: @lightlovemelody
September 4, 2019
89. "Bad News Before Good News" with Lindsy Wallace
Podcast host Lindsy Wallace discusses the connection between proximity and solidarity. The differences may surprise you, but the need will leave you questioning how we, as the Church, do this.  Connect with Lindsy:  @lightbreaksforth
August 31, 2019
88. "The 'S' Word" with Ben Christian
Ben Christian (a pseudonym) joins us to talk about cursing, strong language in the Bible, and the game he's created called "A Game for Good Christians." Connect with GFGC:
August 28, 2019
87. "The After" with Michael Hoddy, Paul Madsen, & Tom McKenna
Ever wonder what its like working for a church and then leaving? Here's an intimate conversation with 4 ex-clergy sharing views and thoughts on the mechanism of "church." Connect with Michael: @michaelhoddy Connect with Paul: @paulyjakob Connect with Tom: @clergyoncall
August 25, 2019
86. "From 'Door-to-Door' to 'Out-the-Door'" with JT & Lady Cee Thomas
Podcast hosts JT & Lady Cee Thomas share their experience with being Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower, going door to door, the exodus from the Bible Tract Society and how they are educating the culture now on the outside. Connect with EXJW Critical Thinker: -
August 21, 2019
85. "Hope: The Common Ground" with Matt Baehr
Matt Baehr shares the importance of dialoguing with those who don't believe what you do. Connect with Matt:
August 18, 2019
84. "Born For It" with Carson Case
Carson Case joins the show to chat about calling, purpose, gifting, and how to understand all of that more clearly! Connect with Carson: @carson_case
August 14, 2019
83. "Should I Stay or Should I Go" with Chris North
Guest Chris North shares his experience with marriage, divorce, and how the church can come along side someone walking through this journey. Connect with Chris: @browncoatzombie
August 11, 2019
82. "Beating On The Barrel Of A Gun" with Shane Claiborne
Author and activist Shane Claiborne has a heart wrenching conversation about the statistics of gun violence, the christian's response to it, and how the Jesus disarms us all. Connect to Shane's work:
August 6, 2019
81. "Castles, Clouds, & Culture" with Paul Croswell
Pastor, musician, and author Paul Croswell chats about the gap between church and culture and the need for christians to bridge the two. Connect with Paul:  @pastorpaul.jr
August 4, 2019
80. "Speak Into the Chaos" with Joshua Luke Smith
Artist, musician, activist and TEDx speaker Joshua Luke Smith joins us to discuss the power of words, the effect they have in speaking into chaos, and how music has allowed him a platform for sharing light in dark places. Connect with Joshua: @joshualukesmith
July 31, 2019
79. "The Catholic Feminist" with Claire Swinarski
Podcast host and writer Claire Swinarski discusses the Catholic expression of spirituality, being a feminist, and how the two coexist in a holistic journey of faith. Connect with Claire: @thecatholicfeminist
July 28, 2019
78. "Truth Plus Love" with Matt Brown
Author and Evangelist Matt Brown shares the importance of balancing truth, love, and the fruits of the spirit. Connect with Matt: Think Eternity - @evangelistmatt
July 24, 2019
77. "Don't Be A Superhero" with Jackie Gronlund
Youtuber, author, and public speaker Jackie Gronlund shares her experience with depression and anxiety. Listen now and check out Jackie's content listed below! Connect with Jackie:
July 21, 2019
76. "Message < Commentary" with Propaganda
Artist Propaganda shares his thoughts on hip-hop, certain words used in music, and how hip-hop is more like folk music than you may think.  Connect with Propaganda:  - @prophiphop
July 17, 2019
75. "Cheers & Amen" with Dean and Mindy Anderson
Dean and Mindy Anderson share their thoughts on community, bars, church, and their adventures to all 50 states! Connect with Dean & Mindy:
July 14, 2019
74. "A Dose of Spice" with John Mark McMillan
Singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan sat down to discuss the imagery within art, metaphors, and why the Church may struggle with use it more often. Connect with John Mark: @johnmarkmcmillan
July 10, 2019
73. "Join The Taco Stand" with Chris Nye
Pastor and author Chris Nye joins Dismantle to discuss the allusion and seduction of 'more', how it's creeped into our lives, and our churches. We also discuss his new book "Less of More." Connect with Chris:  @chrisnye
July 7, 2019
Bonus: "Why Can't We Talk About That?" with Joey Monteleone
In celebration of 1 year of Dismantle Podcast, Joey was interviewed by friend Paul Madsen to discuss the why of the podcast, some of his perspective on the show, and where it's headed moving forward!
July 3, 2019
72. "Everyone Gets To Play" with Jennifer Knapp
Recording artist Jennifer Knapp shares her experience with reconstruction, what it means to be inclusive as well as productive, and her role within the LGBTQ community.  Connect with Jennifer:  @jenniferknapp
June 30, 2019
71. "The Forgotten Ones" with Doug & Mandy Chapman
Doug and Mandy Chapman discuss the foster care system, their experience with 7 adopted children, and how supporting foster care is more than just the act of housing a child. Connect with Doug: Instagram: @s0n0fthunder Connect with Mandy: Instagram: @pe8bles82
June 26, 2019
70. "Extend Assumptions of Dignity" with Torri Blue
Torri Blue is our Dismantle guest, sharing her story with the Church, being queer, the role of dignity, and the assumptions we make. Connect with Torri: @notesontheway
June 23, 2019
69. "The Storyteller" with Mike Perna
Mike Perna, of Gamestore Prophets Podcast, Innroads Ministries, and Bard & Bible Podcast, returns to us to discuss sermons, nuance, the art of telling a story, and how that all correlates to the Gospel. Connect with Mike:…ry/podcast/…bard-bible/
June 19, 2019
68. "Nothing But Jesus" with Chase Thomas
In a special Father's Day episode, Chase Thomas shares his story of abuse, drugs, his father, and finding God in a prison cell. Connect with Chase: - @hopeforthenations -
June 16, 2019
67. "A Virtue of Virginity" with Special Guest
Producer and freelance director guest shares her experience and thoughts on sex within the church and the conversations it brings up.
June 12, 2019
66. "Jesus, Prayer, & Lollipops" with Stephanie Ramos
Stephanie Ramos shares her experience with missions work, proving your work, and how the church can understand the missionaries they send out and the work that needs to be done.  Connect with Stephanie: instagram: @secondhand.steph
June 9, 2019
65. "You Can't Be What You Can't See" with Melissa Florer-Bixler
Author and pastor Melissa Florer-Bixler sat down to chat about women's roles in the church, the Scriptural context, her experience as a pastor, and her new book which dives into the significance of the Old Testament. Connect with Melissa: @melissaflobix
June 5, 2019
64. "God's Man In The World" with Charlie Peacock
Musician and record producer Charlie Peacock joins Dismantle to discuss his career, the progression of CCM, and what it means to be a good neighbor as a Christian in our culture. Connect with Charlie: blog: music: etsy:
June 2, 2019
63. "Stories In The Stars" with Joe Amaral
Joe Amaral shares with Dismantle Podcast the connection between astronomy and the words in the Bible. Connect with Joe: @joeamaraltweet
May 29, 2019
62. "Yeezys N Yeezus" with PreachersNSneakers
The world is losing their mind over a tough question: "Should pastors wear $5000 shoes?" Instagram account PreachersNSneakers asks this and more questions of this episode of the Dismantle! Connect with PreachersNSneakers: @preachersNsneakers
May 25, 2019
61. "Thank Goodness, God's Not In Control" with Thomas J Oord
Thomas J. Oord shares his perspective on God's control in the world, his role in the pain and sin of this earth, and how believers should understand the connection between the world we find ourselves in and the God we serve.  Connect with Thomas:
May 22, 2019
60. "The Balance of Mental Illness" with Suze Perna
Suze Perna shares her journey with mental illness and the balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of having mental illness as a part of one's journey. Connect with Suze:
May 19, 2019
59. "Look At The Fruit" with Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia shares his thoughts on being a queer Christian, the role the church plays in fostering community, the Church having clear standards for the gay community, and if context truly makes a difference in our understanding of Scripture.  Connect with Kevin: @thekevingarcia
May 15, 2019
58. "This Could Be It" with Casey Cattell
Casey Catell shares her journey with childbirth, the complications it could pose, and dealing with pregnancy trauma. Connect with Heroes for Moms: @heroesformomsnj @caseycattell
May 12, 2019
57. "An Unexpected Life" with Remi Adeleke
Actor, author, and former Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke shares his story of Africa, the Bronx, his childhood, and the role God plays in all of it! Connect with Remi:  @remiadeleke Pre-order Transformed:
May 8, 2019
56. "God Speaks In Color" with JJ Barrows
JJ Barrows shares her experience growing up in the American south, her job as artist and comedian, and what the worth of art should be for the church. Connect with JJ:  @jjbarrowsart
May 4, 2019
55. "It's Either Metal or It's Not" with Michael Sweet
Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet sat down with Dismantle Pod to talk about his experience with the music industry and the label of "Christian metal." Connect with Michael: - @michaelsweet
May 1, 2019
54. "This Upside Down Life" with Kayla Craig
Podcast host Kayla Craig joins the show to talk about her mom-life, social activism, her role as wife to a pastor, and what the church can learn by stepping outside of ourselves. Connect with Kayla: Follow: @kayla_craig Listen: - Preemptive Love Coalition - Upside Down podcast
April 28, 2019
53. "The Menu Has Become The Meal" with Keith Giles
Author and former pastor Keith Giles shares his thoughts on "the Word of God" and the implications it has on how we read scripture and in turn live our lives. Connect with Keith:…&s=gateway&sr=8-1 @keithgiles
April 24, 2019
52. "The Failure of Faith" with Phil Assad
Phil Assad joins us to chat about intellectual honesty, his journey to atheism, and the role of faith within humanity.  Connect with Phil:  email: facebook: Philip Assad
April 21, 2019
51. "Finding The Humor Of It All" with Jeff Allen
Comedian Jeff Allen joins Dismantle Podcast to discuss his comedy career, his journey through sobriety, and the importance of Bible teaching in Church. Connect with Jeff: -
April 17, 2019
50. "Standing In The Gap of Tension" with Brandon Eloy
Brandon Eloy sat down with us to discuss his views on belonging, the church's approach to the gay community, and what the communion table is actually saying! Connect with Brandon: @brandoneloy
April 14, 2019
49. "Beauty in the Contradiction" with Donna Harris
Podcast host Donna Harris sat down with us to discuss her show, the art of storytelling, and how processing life together makes the Church a beautiful place.  Connect with Donna:  Podcast: Constantly Under Construction Website: Instagram: @constantlyunderconstruction
April 10, 2019
48. "The Truth About Excellence" with Michael Hoddy
Michael Hoddy joins the Dismantle to discuss honesty, art, and expression and how that all can be done with excellence. Connect with Michael:  email: Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter: @Michaelhoddy
April 7, 2019
47. "The Jaguar & The Therapist" with Laurie & Matt Krieg
Podcast hosts and husband and wife Laurie & Matt Krieg sit down to discuss fractured physical intimacy, same-sex attraction, and what real "one-ness" within marriage looks like.  Connect with Matt & Laurie:  Website: Podcast: Blog: Matt's Counseling:
April 3, 2019
46. "Brave Surrender" with Kim Walker-Smith
Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture joins the Dismantle to discuss her counseling, her story with abuse, and her new book "Brave Surrender." Connect with Kim: Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook @kimwalkersmith
March 31, 2019
45. "The Oppressed Become The Oppressors" with Dr. Mark Shrime
Dr. Mark Shrime joins the show to discuss some of his work with Mercy Ships, the healthcare system, and how the Church should be stepping in to dismantling oppressive systems. Connect with Mark - Instagram: @ninjasurgeon Twitter: @markshrime
March 27, 2019
44. "Love Burns Red" with Jake Luhrs
Jake Luhrs, frontman for the Grammy nominated band 'August Burns Red', joins the Dismantle to discuss metalcore music, reaching people where they are, and his non-profit Heart Support. Connect with Jake:  Instagram: @jakeluhrsabr Connect with August Burns Red: Instagram: @augustburnsred Website: Connect with Heart Support:  Instagram: @heartsupport Website:
March 24, 2019
43. "The Elephant, The Donkey, & The Lamb" with Brian Zahnd
Pastor and author Brian Zahnd discusses his new book, American Nationalism, the Nazi christian, how America is not one things but four, and the role of the Christian in this and any country.  CONNECT WITH BRIAN:  @brainzahnd
March 20, 2019
42. "Order, Disorder, Reorder" with Audrey Assad
Singer-songwriter Audrey Assad joins Dismantle Pod to discuss views of faith, the response from friends and fans when those views change, social justice, and parenting. Connect with Audrey:  Twitter: @audreyassad Instagram: @audreyassad Facebook: audreyassadmusic Website:
March 17, 2019
41. "A for Effort, But..." with Katie Bagosy
Katie Bagosy shares the story of her husband, his service in the military, suicide, PTSD, and what the church can learn from the numerous stories just like hers.  Connect with Katie: Website: Instagram: Katiebagosy
March 13, 2019
40. "The Wall: What Would Jesus Build?" with Mariano Leonczik
Mariano Leonczik shares his story as an illegal immigrant to the United States, how he interprets Romans 13, and what the church needs to understand about the sacrifice of the "alien & foreigner." CONNECT WITH MARIANO: Instagram:  @marianoleonczik @chapter.nj @golgothastudios
March 10, 2019
39. "My Brain is Broken" with Aaron J Smith
Author and blogger Aaron J. Smith joins the podcast for an intricate look into the experience, struggles, and faith of those who deal with mental illness within their story.  Connect with Aaron: Instagram: Culturalsavage Twitter: /culturalsavage Whispers in the Pews:
March 6, 2019
38. "Our American Obligation" with Christina Meredith
"Miss California" of 2013 Christina Meredith shares her story from rags to riches, her work with ROTC, mental, physical, and emotional abuse, and how the Church can join her in her fight for Foster Care reform! CONNECT:  - - @christinameredith
March 3, 2019
37. "Keep Portland Simply Weird" with Josh White
Pastor and musician Josh White shares his views on the importance of simplicity within the Church and the necessity of a "city" mentality.  CONNECT: Instagram: @josh.alexander.white Website:  - - Music: -
February 27, 2019
36. "The Search Through Uncertainty" with Shawn McDonald
Singer-songwriter Shawn McDonald sat down to discuss his music, loss, the nature of God, and the role uncertainty plays in our lives.  Connect with Shawn: Instagram: shawnmcdonaldmusic Website:
February 24, 2019
35. "What Are You Gonna Do?" with Liz Vice
Gospel and R&B singer Liz Vice shares her experience with the music scene, a 'living' faith, and being challenged in your spiritual walk. Connect with Liz: - - @lizvice
February 20, 2019
34. "Make Masculinity Great Again" with Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson, host of Undaunted.Life Podcast, joins Dismantle Podcast to discuss masculinity, its presence in culture, and how the Church can and needs to get it back.  CONNECT:  Instagram: Undauntedlife Website: Podcast: Mentions: -
February 17, 2019
33. "Release the Haunting" with Scott Erickson
Artist and speaker Scott Erickson joins the Dismantle to chat about imagery, the Cross, his artwork, excellence, and how the Church can understand art and its potential! Connect with Scott:  Website: Instagram: Scottthepainter Say Yes: 40 Days of Practice: Stations in the Street:
February 10, 2019
32. "The Surrogate Religion" with Stephen Roach
Stephen Roach, podcast host of "Makers & Mystics" shares about the creative process, his podcast, and how through the art of listening, the church and the artist don't have to be at odds. Connect with Stephen:  Websites:
February 3, 2019
31. "The Feminist from Flatbush" with Adina Miles
Adina Miles joins the show to discuss feminism, Judaism, how those two intersect, and how we are not all the same.  Connect with Adina:  Instagram: Flatbush Girl Email:
January 27, 2019
30. "I Kissed Being Right Goodbye" with Joshua Harris
Author and TEDX speaker Joshua Harris joins the show to discuss retraction, humility, and the book that taught him the power in not needing to be right all the time.  Connect with Joshua:  Instagram: harrisjosh Website:
January 20, 2019
29. "Secret Unspoken" with Nate Tranquilla
Nate Tranquilla shares his journey with sexual addiction, church community, and the freedom found in community. Connect with Nate:  instagram: secretunspoken Blog:
January 13, 2019
28. "Don't Wait 'til Something Happens" with Alec Shover
Alec Shover of Love True shares the statistics of abuse and recovery, how the church has hindered and helped, and what can be done in the efforts against sex and human trafficking.  Visit: If you or someone you know needs help with information, aid, or to report trafficking, please call the National Human Trafficking hotline:  888-373-7888
January 6, 2019
27. "Tattoos Pt.2: Better Than The Stigma" with Derek Zielinski
Returning guest and Ink Master contestant Derek Zielinski joins Dismantle Podcast for part two of our discussion concerning tattoos, rising above the perception of those around you, using tattoos as a punchline, and how to engage the culture with body decoration. Visit: Derek's Recommendations:  Podcasts:  - Rob Bells “Robcast” - Jay Bakker “Revolution Church” - The Deconstructionists Recent Books: - Rob Bell “What is the Bible” - Pete Rollins “The Orthodox Heretic” - Graham Hancock “Fingerprints of the Gods” - Malcom Gladwell “David and Goliath” & “Outliers” - Richard Rohr “The Divine Dance”
December 31, 2018
26. "The Project Is the Barn" with Dr. Allan Wilks
Having been at his current church for over 30 years, Dr. Allan Wilks shares his thoughts on church hopping, what the mission of God truly is, and how we can help "raise the barn" along with Him! Questions for Dr. Wilks? Email us:
December 24, 2018
25. "Good White Racist" with Kerry Connelly
Author, blogger, podcast host, and speaker Kerry Connelly joins the show to discuss race, church, and belief systems centered around racism. Connect with Kerry:
December 17, 2018
24."Religion Is A Language... and Beer" with Nate Nakao
Nate Nakao from Jersey Brew Theology joins the show to discuss inter-faith dialogue, the power of a beverage in discussion, and how to view faith as a language as we share a beer and discuss his work with Brew Theology on this episode of Dismantle Podcast! Connect with Nate:  Instagram: natenakao Twitter: Brew Theology: Podcast: Instagram: • jerseybrewtheology • brewtheology Join Jersey Brew Theology:
December 10, 2018
23. "Grey is Okay" with Sam Matthews
Artist and entrepreneur Sam Matthews shares about her faith, her art, and how seeing the world with blurred colors is okay sometimes.  Follow Sam here: Art Across Borders: MillennialMakersNJ:
December 3, 2018
22."Palms Up: Vulnerability & Ego" with William Price III
Filmaker William Price III dives into his new short film, the ego, and vulnerability on the new episode! We also cover faith/doubt, Christian representation, and career on Dismantle Pod! Follow William:  Instagram - @williampriceiii  Claire McKenna Film: Instagram - @clairemckennafilm IMDB - Visit -
November 26, 2018
21."Do They Have a Fish On The Business Card?" with Adam & Angela Parker
Entrepreneurs and husband and wife, Adam & Angela Parker join the Dismantle to discuss being in business, working from home, balancing family, and how faith impacts decisions.  Follow Angela: Instagram: grassfedmama Website: Books:  - Start With Why: Simon Sinek - Dave Ramsey -
November 19, 2018
20."Speaking God from Scratch" with Jonathan Merritt
Faith and culture writer Jonathan Merritt talks about the power of words, the lost art of vernacular, and his new book, "Learning to Speak God from Scratch." You can follow Jonathan here: Instagram: jonathan_merritt Grab his new book…ing/dp/1601429304
November 12, 2018
19. "Follow Your Pain, Find Your Purpose" with Andy Zaremba
Andy Zaremba discussed purpose, pain, and taking the good things from philosophies of life while leaving the bad in this week's episode of the Dismantle Podcast. Connect with Andy - Instagram: Website: Vancouver Real Podcast: ManTalks: Float House: Mindful Mass:
November 4, 2018
18."Blood, Guts, & Jesus" with Chris North
Chris North joins the Dismantle to discuss fear, film, and how Jesus intersects both in the Horror Film genre! Connect with Chris:  Instagram: browncoatzombie Check out Chris's blog "Last Film on The Left", reviewing horror films and their spiritual content.  •
October 28, 2018
17."God Is A Woman" with Caroline Ely
Caroline Ely from Good Christian Fun Podcast joins the Dismantle in an episode discussing gender, connection, and the illumination that can come when discussing the gender of God. Follow Caroline:  - - Instagram & Twitter:  @CarolinesFarts Mentions:  - She Who Is: Elizabeth Johnson (book)
October 21, 2018
16. "Discovery: From the Classroom to the Sanctuary" with Drew McCulley
Guest Drew McCulley shares his thoughts on the educational system, church sermons, and how the church community can step into the realm of discovery. Drew mentions Malcolm Gladwell in our discussion.  His books are:  - Outliers - The Tipping Point - David & Goliath - Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking - What the Dog Saw His podcast "Revisionist History" can be found here:
October 14, 2018
15. Relationships: From N.J. to Eh? with Nikki Tranquilla
Guest Nikki Tranquilla shares her experience with church, moving to Canada, and relationships within the church.
October 7, 2018
14."Tattoos: I'm Aware of What I Look Like" with Derek Zielinski
Ink Master contestant and owner of Glass Heart Tattoo, Derek Zielinski shares his views on tattoos and church, all while opening the shop up and getting ready to tattoo for the day! Visit:
September 30, 2018
13."Can't We All Just Get Along?" with Russ Sutherland
Guest Russ Sutherland shares his experience and thoughts on the paradigm of denominations, their origins, and how the body of Christ should function with the existence of so many flavors.
September 24, 2018
12. "All The Single Ladies" with Josh Wilder
Josh Wilder shares his experience and insight on the topic of singleness, marriage, focus, and being content.  • Does God's analogies of marriage pose problematic for single people? • Is singleness downplayed, almost given a “less than” status? • If no one would say “there’s something wrong with being single” in the Church, how do we then reflect that in our local expression of the church?  These questions and more on this week's episode of "The Dismantle."
September 15, 2018
11. "Teen Mom: The Church That Turned Its Back" with Alexis Slade-Joseph
How would you respond if a teen came to you and shared that she's pregnant? How should you respond? How should the church respond? Writer, director, and activist Alexis Slade-Joseph shares her story with being a teen mom, the church's response to it, and how we can better understand teen pregnancy.
September 10, 2018
10. "Mega-Church: Mega-Jesus" with Nithin Thompson
Pastor Nithin Thompson of Liquid Church (NJ) shares his thoughts and experience with the larger expression of church.
September 3, 2018
09. "Comedy" with Kevin T. Porter
GCF host Kevin T. Porter shares his experience with church, podcasting, humor and having some 'good christian fun' in our episode on comedy!
August 24, 2018
08. "Homeschooling" with Jessica Smartt
An author, blogger, and homeschooling mom of three, our guest Jessica Smartt shares her unique perspective on education, balance, and family life through homeschooling,
August 20, 2018
07. "Secular Humanism" with Paul Chiariello
Paul Chiariello is our guest this week, discussing Secular Humanism.
August 13, 2018
06. "Common Language" with Hank Johnson
Guest Hank Johnson shares the importance of common language and it's effect on culture and church.
August 6, 2018
05. "Christian Film" with Chris North
Guest Chris North shares his viewpoint about Christian film and its implications on our daily spiritual walk.
July 30, 2018
04. "Gaming" with Mike Perna
Mike Perna has a honest discussion about God, gaming, and groups on this week's episode of 'The Dismantle."
July 23, 2018
03. "Adoption" with Melissa McCulley
Guest Melissa McCulley joins The Dismantle Podcast to discuss adoption.
July 16, 2018
02. "Church Planting" with Peter Assad
Guest Peter Assad shares his experience with planting a church in Kansas City, MO.
July 9, 2018
01. "Agnosticism" with Jon Guirguis
Guest Jon Guirguis shares his experience with christianity, agnosticism & atheism.
July 2, 2018