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Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

By Disorderly Blondes
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South Florida moms, Brenda and Kristi, candidly discuss MOTHERHOOD and AUTISM while balancing heels, cocktails, and meltdowns. They share the challenges and triumphs that define the parenting journey of their own special needs sons (autism spectrum disorder + CHRNA7 genetic duplication). Together, they provide community support and a lifeline to parents of newly diagnosed children, teens, and adults.
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S2 E20 Therapeeds: Brainy in Davie

Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

S3 E38 Return of the Papis
They're baaaaack! The Disorderly autism dads commiserate over their most trying case of 2020 (the crummy, complicated Covid-19), while clutching cups of coquito.   Catch their colorful commentary concerning their boys' conditions, the courts, camps, college, companions, and the challenges many special needs dads confront (complete with cursing, coño!). Want more Disorderly Blondes? Check out their social media HERE, and visit them on PATREON.
November 27, 2020
S3 E37 Seizures, Sadness, and Silver Linings
The blondes discuss how they are able to place a (Spanish) accent on "lo positivo" in light of the fact that #2020problems, on top of #autismproblems feel SUPER heavy.  Listen as they sip and share their thoughts on some tough autism parenting topics, and toast to coming out on the other side. Everyone is hurting right now.
November 01, 2020
S3 E36 Love Serving Autism
The Disorderly Blondes bring order to center court (and tone down their normal "racket") to interview founder of adaptive tennis program Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix. There is no match for the "A" game her program, Love Serving Autism, brings to special needs individuals. This tennis pro turned SLP champions local families who would feel sidelined without her love of giving everyone a shot at sports success. You just got served! Visit us at DISORDERLYBLONDES DOT COM. 
September 28, 2020
S3 E35 Scriptless with Sangria
We, autism moms, are completely punch drunk over school stresses, seizures, shade, scrubbing, sanitizing, sports bras, and seltzer.  Cheers to all the special needs parents who have the stomach for education on Covid. For those who do not, we have a drink for that too! Back to school, here we go! 
August 30, 2020
S3 E34 Autism Mom and Author Laurie Hellmann
Join a blonde threesome as we interview autism mom, author, and fellow podcaster Laurie Hellmann. She just launched her first book: Welcome to My Life, A Personal Parenting Journey Through Autism. Laurie’s memoir is a raw, real, heart-wrenching glimpse into the day-to-day struggles caregivers of severely autistic individuals face. She champions her special needs teenager Skyler and his typical sibling like a pro with the help of ingenuity, a few great dance moves, and tons of love.
August 01, 2020
S3 E33 Autism, Covid, and More: Esto No Pasaba en Cuba
Join the South Florida blondes for another unscripted, uproariously funny update to which only super autism moms (and masochists) can relate. Quarantine life may have cramped special needs schooling, birthdays, graduations, and vacays, but certainly not their style! A few spectrum squirrels also sound off, but in the words of the fabulous Walter Mercado, "I never rehearse to be myself." Listen to this top podcast, laugh with abandon, and relate "con mucho, mucho amor! Podcast available on all major platforms. Join the #DisorderlyTribe on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
July 12, 2020
Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast Trailer 2020
South Florida moms, Kristi and Brenda, candidly discuss MOTHERHOOD & AUTISM while balancing heels and cocktails on this podcast. Never a dull moment. 
May 31, 2020
S3 E 32 Mourning Alejandro: The Impact of Filicide on the Autism Community
It seems inconceivable to shed any light on the murder of Alejandro Ripley. His is an extreme case, a victim of the unimaginable. This episode is for our Autism Spectrum Disorder community and anyone who wants to learn more about the possible "WHYS" and the plea for "WHAT NEXT?" #Miami #autism #autismspectrum #autismsupport #autismreality #autismfamily #autism911 
May 29, 2020
S3 E31 Autism Sibling, Uncensored
Meet Kristi's son, Jackson, younger sibling to autistic brother J.R. Through laughter and a few muffled tears, Jackson reveals his thoughts about his brother's autism spectrum disorder, as much as a teenage boy is willing to admit to this autism mom.  --------------------------------------------------------------------- South Florida rubias, Brenda and Kristi, candidly discuss MOTHERHOOD & AUTISM on their podcast while balancing heels and cocktails. Click to find out more. Thank you for your support.
May 16, 2020
S3 E30 Miami’s Spectrum Law interviews Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast
Life as South Florida moms (and one cool aunt) of teens on the AUTISM spectrum. Keeping it real, as usual.  VISIT US WRITE US:   
May 05, 2020
TRAILER: Welcome to our AUTISM world
Find out what happens when two South Florida moms stop being polite and start getting autism meltdown at a time.
April 26, 2020
S3 E29 ASD Quarantine
Okay fine, these autism moms are a little less blonde these days but very little can be done to quarantine our mouths. Sorry not sorry! Just listen along as we record our podcast remotely for the very first time. The added benefit: no dark roots nor hanging lashes to see! We’re checking in with our special needs families, and updating our #disorderlytribe on our homeschooling successes (bwahahahahaha- gotcha!).
April 02, 2020
S3 E28 Meet the F•R•I•E•N•D•S (Part 2)
PART 2 of The Friendship Café The South Florida blondes met with Elizabeth Camp recently. She introduced them to some of the inspiring young adults she serves, and how satisfied they are with her recipe for (their) success! This time, listen to the F•R•I•E•N•D• S share all about their experience. Meet Jennifer, Cameron, Billy, Jesse, Nikol, and Mikey. They'll be there for you!  Visit them and spread the word!  Missed an episode? Catch up on your favorite podcast platform or on our website.  #autism #autismpodcast #specialneeds #womenpodcasters #TheFriendshipCafe #specialneedsemployment #autismawareness
March 15, 2020
S3 E27 The Friendship Café PART 1
Meet Elizabeth Camp, the special needs whisperer with a loud and persistent advocating voice. She dishes up a delicious plate of support training adults with disabilities in both job and life skills at Fort Lauderdale's new Friendship Café. She's welcome at our table any time! Remember to check back for PART 2 coming up next week! Hear from some of the young adults she serves, and how satisfied they are with her recipe for (their) success!  Remember to please visit us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for additional content. Check out our website for the corresponding episode SHOW NOTES.  Also leave us a review on iTunes or Facebook.  Listen and share! It's the best way to reach as many families as possible.  We are SO grateful for your continued support.  #autism #autismawareness #specialneeds #specialneedsadults #FortLauderdale #BrowardCounty #autismpodcast #autismfamily
March 08, 2020
S3 E26 This is Improv
Guest Alexandra Zadak of This Is Improv speaks off the cuff about the benefits of improvisation for individuals with high-functioning autism. May she break a leg as the clever South Florida ad-lib queens of The Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast wing-it through their first episode of Season 3!  Also starring squirrels. Okay, just one squirrel.  She gets around. #autismawareness #autismsupport #SouthFloridamom #autismfamily #autismpodcast
February 10, 2020
S2 E25 Unwrapped, Unraveled, & Unscripted
Like a gift you JUST found as you packed up your Christmas decor, the Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast presents ... a BONUS EPISODE! The wrap may be a bit wrinkled, but our gift of autism mom gab just keeps on giving. Join us as we emerge from the holi-daze and discuss the moments of tears, laughter, and blazin' firefighters (yeah, really) that made up our holiday season.  A SUPER shoutout to the following special friends who made our Autism Bites: MOM HOLIDAY BRUNCH so amazing!  La Fresa Francesa Bistro Allyson Fortney Photography Sharon Avalon of Fun Wine & Fifo USA Gypsy Bachiller Eileen Castro of Rodan & Fields Raquel Cincini of Touchstone Crystal Ashley Dallas of Elixinol CBD Kristi Davis of Norwex Amy Delgado Marta Gonzalez of Krista-Marie Touch of Love Melissa Howard of Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. J & J Real Estate Astra Torre Family of Tower Pest Control Susan Ostroff Puzzle Peace Now Scalemen of Florida, Inc. ScentsAbility Candles Samantha Schnurr of Goodman Jewish Family Services of Broward Rebecca Spennato of Michelle Marie Salon Vicky Bakery in Pembroke Pines City of Hialeah Fire Department I MEAN, HOW LUCKY ARE WE? 
January 06, 2020
S2 E24 The Papis' Takeover: Tears, Fears, and Holiday Cheer
Move over Father Christmas.  The Papis are baaaaack and SLEIGHed it as they interviewed a couple of festive, disorderly, blonde autism moms. There's snow way around BELIEVING the Disorderly Blondes' season finale will deliver joy (and perhaps a few tears) to every podcast listening girl and boy! Will these South Florida autism dads remain on the naughty list or did they prepare their own Santa "clause"? Turn those carols off and tune IN to find out if we should all be singing the praises of papis or gifting them coal.
December 23, 2019
S2 E23 PLAY Time with Dr. Jennie
Dr. Jennie Troccio is an autism educator, consultant, DIR/Floortime provider, and founder of PLAY. She teaches the South Florida blondes that kicking off one’s heels can be the key to reaching children AND families dealing with autism.
December 16, 2019
S2 E22 Let's Get Physical
South Florida's Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast, by hosts Kristi and Brenda, features guest Jason Miletsky of Exceptional Fitness Foundation. This charitable organization is committed to providing unique fitness, exercise, recreation, social,and safety programs to individuals of all ages and abilities in a fun, safe, and natural environment.  To the tune of Olivia Newton John's LET'S GET PHYSICAL: The blondes are sayin' all the things that they know you'll like, Makin' SUPER good conversation. They gotta handle their latest guest just right, You know what I meaaaaan. Let's get physical, physical. They wanna get physical (not really) Let's get into physical... They'll let you hear Jason talk*, Jason Miletsky talk. *boy can Jason TALK (and he's speaking our language). FOR ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE, CHECK OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR THE VIDEO VERSION OF THIS EPISODE (COMPLETE WITH OLIVIA THEMED WORKOUT "GEAR" AND ALL). 
November 25, 2019
S2 E21 On Brand Blondes
On this episode, the blondes are "FALL"ing back, and ironically it's rosé that helps their footing as they reflect upon homecoming, influencing, base running, and (sticker) swapping. Also, they see unicorns. Can this all be accomplished by remaining #onbrand? You'll have to listen to find out!  Mentions: Autism Bites Supper Club The Miami Lakes Mayor's Gala Unicorn Children's Foundation Lisa Frank (yes, the stickers) La Fresa Francesa Vanilla Ice Tiffany Child Photography Ysela Heim Lucy Lopez
November 11, 2019
S2 E20 Therapeeds: Brainy in Davie
Dr. Julia Harper delivers H.O.P.E. to families willing to look beyond autism symptoms and make the "smart" move toward her brain-based therapy model. Dr. Harper's Therapeeds Family Center, located in Davie, Florida, is an enviable space buzzing with bass (yes, she's all about that bass) commitment, and evidence-based, hard-a** work with children, young adults, and beyond.  Mentions: grandparents, Cuban abuelas, Miami bass, Coca-Cola
October 28, 2019
S2 E19 ¡Trico Trí!
Prepárence for our scariest episode yet. Poltergeists aside, blonde screams are 100% audible.  Tune in to hear us conjure Halloween horror tales from the crypt while unearthing enough survival tips to make your ears bleed. Have no fear though- no listeners will be left behind to check the basement alone! Que horror! To the tune of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER  'Cause we say trico  Trico tri  And no one's gonna save you  From the bruja about to strike  You know it's all tricos  En el jalowin night 🧛‍♀️  Our tips will save your life  Inside a killer, thriller ASD night!  Ahahahahahahahaha  No hay kandi tonight  Pero JAPI JALOWIN anyway! Mentions: “SNL Fever,” Casa de los Trucos, Spirit Halloween.
October 12, 2019
S2 E18 Guardianship & Gold Diggers
She works hard for her money, so hard for it honey! She works hard for her money so she’d better treat her (will, trustee, guardian, assets, and dependent child) RIGHT!  Estate planning is MUY IMPORTANTE, but where does a special needs parent even start? Hint: we have special financial planning needs! Enter Douglas Vogel, Special Needs Estate Planner and special needs PARENT. If he can break the process down so the blondes can understand, then anyone* can.  *a basic knowledge of geometry is helpful but not required Mentions: Gold Diggers, Kanye, sisters-in-law
September 29, 2019
S2 E17 Whirls & Squirrels
The Disorderly Blondes' lives are a whirlwind!  Add a hurricane, a call to 911, school blues, math problems, a new puppy, and what do you get? You guessed it: squirrels! Just TRY to follow along this update as the South Florida blondes share what's up (and what blows!). Mentions: squirrels, Autism on the Seas, United in Autism, Town of Miami Lakes, Autism Bites Supper Club, algebra, and the lies we tell.
September 16, 2019
S2 E16 C'mon Get HAAPE!
Maria Jacobo is the lead voice at Help Adults with Autism Perform and Excel located in Weston, Florida and is a SUPER tuned in mom to an adult 😇 with autism. Her all-volunteer organization works to provide adults on the spectrum meaningful employment. This talented troupe is dedicated to creating a harmonious dialogue to get everyone on the BANDwagon. HAAPE, we think we love you!  💙🎹 Mentions: selfie apps, Armani, Jovani, The Chocolate Spectrum, Canada, Cypress Bay High School (bigger than Canada) & Inclusion Films (California here we come!) To the tune of The Partridge Family’s “C’mon Get Happy” 🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼 Hello world our FIRST GUEST will have you singin’ 🌎 🎤🎶 C’mon Get HAAPE! 🧩😇 A whole lot of lovin’ is what she’ll be bringin’ 👩🏻 💙 Cuz she co-founded HAAPE (pronounced “HAPPY”) 💪🏼 Because Maria Jacobo makes us HAPPY! 👱🏼‍♀️😋👱🏼‍♀️
September 01, 2019
S2 E15 Back to Cool
Much like the Jonas Brothers' smash summer hit,  lately the blondes have been feelin' so COOL. Their kids are back to school.  They're stoked about their Season 2 debut.  But OOH, they still have to get to the dreaded carpool. Dammit, they WERE feelin' so cool, cool, cool, cool (they're fools). Listen to alllll the foolishness as the blondes recap their South Florida days of summer and kick their boys to the school curb.  It's back to pencils, back to books, back to podcasts and autism too.  Oh, wait.  WEBSITE  INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK
August 18, 2019
S1 E14: Que Calor! (Summer Bonus Episode)
Can we talk? 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ OBVIOUSLY!  Crazy from the 🔥 heat 🔥 but wanting to keep things on the ☀️ sunny ☀️ side, the Disorderly Blondes called upon their cabana boy 🍹🧒🏼🍷 to serve them in the A/C so they could 👙 suit up 👙 for this BONUS EPISODE! 🧯💨 🤩🤩 Catch up with what the rubias have been up to, and if you want an even 🖐🏽 tan 🖐🏽, listen to the very end for Season 2 & 3 SPOILERS! 🤫 No SPF required for these 🔥 topics!: 🔥  Mumm Napa Sparkling Wine Toast  🍾 (2:50) 🔥  The Unsinkable Oli 🏊🏼‍♂️ (8:20)  🔥  B’s Check Please! Debut 🍽 (21:00) 🔥  Summer Camp Roundup ⛱ (33:50) 🔥  Gear Up for Autism sports program 🏀 (37:58) 🔥  Mission Fishin' 🎣 (44:00) 🔥  Table Turn Podcast Guest Appearance 🗣🍴(56:00) 🔥  DB’s Autism Bites Supper Club 🧩🍝 🎨(1:00:15) 🔥  Pete The Cat’s Last Stand 🙀 (1:03:35)  🔥  Season 1 Recap💁🏼‍♀️🎤 (1:21) 🔥  Announcements 📣 (1:29) 🔥  SPOILERS 😱 (1:31) #autismlife #MiamiMoms #autismdads #Jupitermoms #ASD #Autism #SouthFlorida #parenthood #Miamipodcast #autismadvocate #autismpodcast #autismTV #autismfathers #autismreality #toppodcast #podcastlife #womenpodcasters #influenceHER #autismawareness #momofboys #mompodcast #SouthFlorida #motherhood Visit us at
July 15, 2019
S1 E13: The Papis
We have more daddy issues than Vanidades. What happens when you put two autism dads who couldn’t be more different in the same room with two rubias and a bottle of bubbly? You laugh. You cry. You meet the Disorderly Blondes’ sugar daddies, better known as the husbands.  These papas don’t preach, but their perspectives on all things autism had even the blondes at a loss for words. As if!  The dads tackle the tough questions, including Where are you taking us to dinner? and offer advice to others in their “man-cletas.” Ready? Set? Dale!
June 04, 2019
S1 E12: Going to Town (of Miami Lakes)
MOOve over autism awareness (such a MOOt conversation!).  Have you not HERD? The Town of Miami Lakes is lassoing its best and brightest, corralling MOOcho effort into “branding” itself a model, autism-friendly town. Steered by rare breeds Mayor Manny Cid and Councilmembers Marilyn Ruano & Luis Collazo, the “range” of this town’s plan will make special needs families feel right at home: no bull!
May 21, 2019
S1 E11: Literallllly Virtual
In their efforts to keep things REAL (thanks to genius colorists), the Disorderly Blondes are literallllly on the edge of their salon chairs with excitement to invite you to experience VIRTUAL REALITY.  VR applications for special needs individuals are endless, from lessons in safety to anxiety reduction to pure fun. Step aside, social stories! Listen to the blondes interview Dr. Toby Honsberger, EdD, BCBA-D and conveniently rubio executive director of The Learning Academy at The Els Center of Excellence. Dr. Toby is an expert on the topic of autism and safety, and after meeting the DB it’s safe to say he’ll soon be a connoisseur of all things Miami (do you hear that, Pitbull?).
May 06, 2019
S1 E10 A Few of Our Favorite Things
When our day bites  When the bleach stings  When our hair looks bad  We simply remember our favorite things  And then we don’t feel so HAD Move over Oprah (and certainly Ariana Grande, pfft), cuz we’ll splurge on (and happily share) anything that makes our kids’ lives (okay who are we kidding?)- OUR LIVES easier! Shout out to Ariana tho, cuz we don’t mean to brag, but we be like, “Put in in the bag,” when it comes to sanity products we feature in this season’s Favorite Things episode.  Also: Our ideas are priceless, we know we’re the nicest We knew you would like this, we must be psychic You want it, we got it, you want it, we got it (yeah) Thank you, next [but listen, share, shop, repeat]!
April 21, 2019
S1 E9 Legally (Non) Blonde
The South Florida Disorderly Blondes are happier than Elle Woods at Harvard to unpack this stellar podcast episode featuring autistic attorney Haley Moss. Much like the time Elle found Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, we blondes gain a closet full of invaluable autism insight. We may ask the tough questions (have you met us?), but you’ll see this “exercise” in respecting differences gives off plenty of endorphins for all to enjoy. What? Like, it’s hard? Now who’s in for a bend and SNAP? Unpacked: The term “openly autistic.” Diagnosis Childhood Speech Therapies Schools Hobbies College A day in the life Relationship status Self-advocacy Employability skills Severe autism Twitter wars (#actuallyautistic vs #actualautismparent) Media misrepresentation of autism How to help all on the spectrum The future Bridging the gap  Also: Flat-iron tutorial Nails Shopping Miamisms Naps Squirrels
April 07, 2019
S1 E8 We Got the Beat
See the kids at Ms. Audrey’s schoooool They can’t wait to hang out and be coooool Hip hop moves to ABA in 3…2…1 They got the beat They got the beat Kids got the beat Yeah, kids got the beat! Who knew movement was therapy and could be so much fun? Meet Miami native Audrey Amadeo, founder of Spectrum Dance Therapy: Arts for Autism Foundation. Her strong belief to tune ASD children into the arts falls right in time with her training in Applied Behavior Analysis. Audrey is truly a step ahead of the rest, and has found a rhythm by mixing Autism Movement Therapy to a tempo kids on the spectrum get (and get DOWN to). Click the link below to LISTEN to the latest episode: WE GOT THE BEAT.
March 23, 2019
S1 E7 Flip the Script
Sadly, mainstream media “entertainment” has Americans TUNED OUT to the REAL WORLD of autism by creating shows like The Good Doctor.  We want to see the TRUE story of individuals with autism, picked to live in 1 out 59 homes, who work hard as hell to “improve” at a cost of $2.3 million, and have their families’ lives turned upside down; let’s find out what happens when we stop being polite…and start getting REAL.  Let’s FLIP the script!
March 10, 2019
S1 E6 The Sweet Spot
Meet Valerie Herskowitz, owner of The Chocolate Spectrum Café and Academy in Jupiter, FL. Her sweet contributions to the special needs community have provided a rich assortment of flavorful foundations and textured trainings, sprinkling hope for young adults on the autism spectrum. Listen in as only Valerie could concoct this Master Class on just how much adult support and instruction still needs to be cooked up.  What do you get when you combine an already “seasoned” speech and language pathologist, then stir in extra-decadent amounts of patience, determination, and love? You get one hungry chocolatier whose specialty is breaking the autism mold!
February 23, 2019
What Would the Disorderly Blondes Do, you ask? They’d pour an adult beverage (duh) then turn their show over to their #disorderlytribe via IG! Tune in for answers to burning questions like How do the blondes navigate this special needs life with such exceptional poise? and Who dares refer to autism as a gift in their presence? Ha! Okay, actual questions came from their loyal, loud, and proud followers who are not afraid to proclaim #iamdisorderly #sosoydisorderly. Autism. South Florida. Motherhood.
February 11, 2019
S1 E4 The Smoking Gun
Everything is A-OK at this autism corral! The Disorderly Blondes are shooting first and asking questions later as their very first guest enters, guns a-blazin’! High caliber advocate Ysela aims to please as she discusses her role as an educational consultant. Her mission (if you choose to accept it) is to keep special needs families in close range while providing all the ammunition they need for those dreaded IEPs. There is no telling if these 3 cats can be completely herded, but they’ll give it their best shot!
January 28, 2019
S1 E3 Holidazed & Confused
It’s the most wonderful(ly) stressful time of the year!  Did your 2018 holiday season bite the big one, compliments of autism? Well if so have we got an ego boost for you! Listen in on the unique challenges the South Florida Disorderly Blondes unwrapped, and the number of bottles they uncorked in order to cope.  Think trains, nutcrackers, and tantrums. Oh joy! Merry Christmas!
January 11, 2019
S1 E2 The "D" Word: Autism Diagnosis Day
All aboard the D train! This parenting episode doesn’t disappoint as we disorderly podcast dames date ourselves, dig deep, and dish on our desperate, dreaded days of autism diagnoses.  Dom will be served. Dale! #autism #autismawareness #livingwithautism #autismmompodcast #autismreality #autismdiagnosis #autismfamily #autismmom
December 19, 2018
S1 E1 Welcome to Disorderly Blondes!
Join us as we begin our dream project, ten years in the making. Our goal is to dish on all things motherhood, with a focus on balancing autism, cocktails, and heels. No Spanglish skills will be required to listen, but they will certainly help. To know us is to know we have faced special needs parenting head on, while somehow keeping our blonde heads on straight and semi-coiffed.
November 29, 2018