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Displaced Ppl

Displaced Ppl

By Maggie Ibiam & Ola Olayinka
A podcast about finding your place in the creative industry and the worlds that surround it.
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20: What's Happening?
We speak about the some of the current protests and movements around political and human rights issues happening on the African continent. From #EndSARS in Nigeria to the violations happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We also reflect on this season of the podcast and what we have planned for season 2. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
October 19, 2020
19: Power of Manifestation
In this episode we talk about the process of us achieving our goals, personal and business. Are you a journal writer, goal lister or vision board creator? Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
September 28, 2020
18: All In The Name Of Collaboration
Collaboration? Partnership? Is there really a difference? We talk through our experiences of the both, how to cultivate collabs, making sure they're mutually beneficially and manifesting the collaborations that you want. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
September 7, 2020
17: The New Normal
In this episode we reflect on some of the changes we've noticed in eating out, retail, art and music etc, due to the pandemic. How do we feel about online exhibitions, partitions at concerts and having to use hand sanitiser at every concession you pass in Selfridges? Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
August 25, 2020
16: Intern Life
In this episode we reflect back on our best and worst internship experiences. From working in cupboards to sitting on boxes. We've also both been in positions to employ interns and talk about some best practice when applying for internships.  Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
August 10, 2020
15: Let's Talk Business
In this episode we talk about how and why we started our businesses (Maggie @lookingglassco @nwanne.home// Ola -  @by_OlaOla)  and why if you're thinking to start a business, even in a pandemic, you should "just do it".  Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
August 3, 2020
14: That's Not My Name
Have you ever experienced Imposter Syndrome? We talk about what it is, our experiences and how you can try to over come it & growing up with a name which is "difficult to pronounce". IN OTHER NEWS: How much is your occupation a part of who you are, especially coming from an African background. UK Government pledge £1.5 billion to help the Arts sector. The case of Boohoo and modern day slave labour in the fashion industry. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
July 13, 2020
13: Who's The Source
Once you release your work into the Wild West of the internet, what can you do to protect it? This week we talk about a few cases of where brands have copied smaller designer, steps you can take to protect your work & call-out culture. IN OTHER NEWS we talk about the Black in Fashion Council & the multi job role-job role. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
June 29, 2020
12: Drags and Tribulations
In this episode we look into how different art institutions, galleries, publications and universities have responded badly (and therefore have been dragged) to racism and the black lives matter movement.  Also the relationship between art and social activism. Now feathers of institutions have been ruffled publicly, what change is going to come from this? Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
June 15, 2020
11: A Toast To Friendships
With the current pandemic, self isolation and managing your mental health, good friendships are even more important. Outside of hosting this podcast we've also been friends for almost 10 years. In this episode we decided to question and quiz each other on our friendship experiences and memories, giving you all more of an insight into your podcast hosts. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl #friendshiptag
June 1, 2020
10: Unprecedented Times
How are you? We speak about how we're doing, our quarantine pet peeves, habits and hobbies, how to stay sane and use your time "productively", social media purges and what we're looking forward to after lock-down. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
May 18, 2020
9: Black Abroad
In this episode we talk a bit more about our experiences of being Black whilst living in Paris (Ola) and Berlin (Maggie). Where are you really from? Is it safe for Black people in these cities? Finding your community and making genuine connections. Making a home away from home. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
May 4, 2020
8: Creatives Need Love Too
In this episode we are talking all about dating. How is it dating creatives? Join the conversation as we talk about types of dates, dating etiquette, finding potentials and dating abroad, cause remember, Creatives Need Love Too! Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
April 20, 2020
7: Sorry, I'm Not Sorry
In this episode we talk about our experiences of learning how to say no, unnecessary niceties and setting boundaries or ultimatums at work & in relationships. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
April 6, 2020
6: In Conversation with Rebeckah Apara of Embellished Talk
To celebrate International Women's Month and Mothers Day, we catch up with Rebeckah Apara, founder of Embellished Talk. A space for maker interviews, workshops and embroidery (@embeliishedtalk.) We talk about subjects such as living abroad, life as an embroidery designer, juggling different identitities, being a working mum and women who inspire us. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
March 23, 2020
5: Creatively Inclined
In Episode 5 we talk about visibility as black women in the creative industry, how our African parents responded to our education & career choices and we give you a summary of what we are currently up to. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
March 9, 2020
4: The Thing About Networking
In episode 4 we talk about our experiences of networking, particularly as self confessed introverts. Love it or loathe it, let's talk about how to make the best of these situations. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
February 24, 2020
3: Don't Fumble The Bag
In this episode we talk about the importance of understanding the business side of the creative industry, negotiating salaries & pay rises and creating & finding spaces to work. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
February 10, 2020
2: The Art of Doing Nothing
In this episode we touch on topics such as self care  & the art of doing nothing, why we named the podcast 'Displaced Ppl', how & why we moved abroad  (Paris & Berlin) and making friends as adults. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
January 27, 2020
Welcome to Displaced Ppl
Hello and welcome to Displaced Ppl, a podcast about finding your place in the creative industry and the worlds that surround it. Join Maggie Ibiam & Ola Olayinka, two friends and creatives, who will be speaking about topics such as their lived experiences, living & working abroad, passion projects, careers, dating and much more. In this first episode, they talk about quitting your job,  being Black in the office, managing your time, University clout and going back into education. Instagram & Twitter: @displacedppl
January 13, 2020