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District of Conservation

District of Conservation

By Gabriella Hoffman
District of Conservation is a podcast highlighting the incredible conservationists who thrive and survive deep in or around "The Swamp." These are the policymakers, storytellers, trailblazers, and hardworking folks who go unnoticed but shape this region—whether they live or work here. In addition to guests, the podcast will also cover difficult and even controversial conservation public policy matters and news.

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EP 135: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly—New Bills to Track in 117th Congress
In Episode 135 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses some new bills just introduced in Congress relating to wildlife conservation, public lands, and gun rights.  Bills Discussed in This Episode:  H.R. 286 - Gray Wolf Removal from ESA & DOI Delisting Order on Lower 48 Wolf H.R.247 Public Lands H.R.218 To prohibit future moratoriums on new federal oil & gas permits on federal lands) H.R.59 Fishery management H.R. 47 Increase public access on federal lands H.R. 167 So-called gun show loophole H.R. 127 Licensing for firearms and ammo - very bad H.R. 95 Hearing Protection Act (aka deregulate suppressors) H.R. 125 Seven-Day Waiting Period for Guns and Ammo (bad) H.R. 38 Concealed Carry Reciprocity  ### Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast.
January 13, 2021
EP 134: Biden Administration Now Has a Mandate and Virginia Sunday Hunting Bill
In Episode 134 of District of Conservation, Gabriella talks about the mandate the incoming Biden Administration has on conservation and environmental issues and why Virginia's Sunday Hunting bill must pass.  SHOW NOTES Townhall Article Sunday Hunting Factoid Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast.
January 12, 2021
EP 133: A Firearms Industry Update with Roy Hill from Brownells
In Episode 133 of District of Conservation, Gabriella chats with Brownells Public Relations Specialist Roy Hill for a wide-ranging interview.  Serious About Firearms Since 1939™, Brownells is the world’s leading source for gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools, survival gear and archery products. The family-owned company proudly serves gunsmiths, gun owners, law enforcement and military organizations.   As a company forever connected to the outdoors and forever committed to its industry, Brownells fosters proud culture of honesty, integrity and respect for its customers and employees alike.  Watch on YouTube. Follow Brownells on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  Connect with Roy on Instagram. ### Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast.
January 5, 2021
EP 132: Republicans Hunt Too & BLM Guidance Affirms Recreational Shooting on Public Lands
In Episode 132 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses three key points to kick off 2021. First, goals for the podcast and what content listeners can expect. Two, why Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem shouldn't be shamed for hunting — which is considered responsible recreation. Three, Bureau of Land Management issues guidance affirming recreational shooting on public lands on December 31st. SHOW NOTES VIDEO: Stop Shaming Republicans Who Go Hunting BLM Guidance on Recreational Shooting on Public Lands
January 4, 2021
EP 131: Female Guests Dominated District of Conservation This Year & Previewing 2021
In Episode 131 of District of Conservation, Gabriella reveals the five most listened-to episodes of 2020 and previews what listeners can expect on the show in 2021.  Top Five Episodes of 2020 1) Katie Pavlich, Editor & Fox News Contributor 2) South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem 3) Biden vs. Trump: Who's Better for Conservation?  4) Samantha Pedder, Council to Advance Hunting and Shoot Sports 5) Jenny Anderson, Girl of 10k Lakes Blogger
December 29, 2020
EP 130: ATF Withdraws Guidance on AR Pistol Braces, DESCEND Act Awaits Trump's Signature, Your Reviews
In Episode 130 of District of Conservation, Gabriella gives the skinny on the latest news transpiring from in and around Washington. She discussed ATF withdrawing guidance on a proposal to ban 3-4 million AR-15 pistol braces, which would have been the largest gun confiscation effort in US history had it proceeded; the status of the DESCEND Act and how it'll bolster red snapper numbers in the Gulf; and your reviews.  SHOW NOTES ATF Withdrawal Letter Pistol Brace Backgrounder + Stephen's Tweet Gun Industry Response to ATF News Sen Cassidy's Press Release on DESCEND Act Passage & CSP News Alert
December 28, 2020
EP 129: The North Face Gets a Lump of Coal for Christmas, Trump Signs Bipartisan Veterans Outdoor Bill Into Law
In Episode 129 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses The North Face's hypocrisy regarding their divestment from oil and gas and the bipartisan The Accelerating Veterans Recovery Outdoors Act being signed into law by President Trump on December 5th.  SHOW NOTES CBS 7 article on The North Face dissing Innovex Innovex's viral letter slamming The North Face Rep. Dan Crenshaw's tweet blasting North Face Great Falls Tribune story on "The Accelerating Veterans Recovery Outdoors Act" & Congressional Text Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) tweet on the bill
December 22, 2020
EP 128: Biden Announces Interior Secretary and EPA Administrator Nominees
In Episode 128 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses President-elect Joe Biden's picks for Interior Secretary and the Environmental Protection Agency and how, if confirmed, both nominees will usher in a climate-centered, preservationist philosophy at their respective departments.  SHOW NOTES:  CFACT piece on Haaland Scientific American article on Regan
December 21, 2020
EP 127: Is Hunting Going Extinct in the U.S.? Far From It
In Episode 127 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses three positive developments on the hunting front that may have slipped under your radar. Good news: COVID-19 has given new life to hunting. And it isn't going extinct anytime soon. Here's why:  First, Missouri's Department of Conservation approved a highly-regulated black bear beginning October 2021—despite misinformation from the Humane Society. Second, WSJ and Pew Trusts positively covered the surge of hunting in USA in wake of COVID. And third, why you should subscribe to Blood Origins' new podcast.  ### Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe to the podcast.
December 15, 2020
EP 126: EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler
In Episode 126 of District of Conservation, Gabriella sits down with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler - the agency's 15th administrator. Join in and listen to this wide-ranging interview regarding climate and environmental issues.  His bio:  On February 28, 2019, the U.S. Senate confirmed Andrew Wheeler as the fifteenth Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.  President Donald J. Trump had announced his appointment as the Acting EPA Administrator on July 5, 2018. Mr. Wheeler had previously been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the EPA Deputy Administrator on April 12, 2018. Mr. Wheeler has dedicated his career to advancing sound environmental policies. He began his career during the George H. W. Bush Administration as a Special Assistant in EPA's Pollution Prevention and Toxics office. He was a Principal and the team leader of the Energy and Environment Practice Group at FaegreBD Consulting, as well as Counsel at Faegre Baker Daniels law firm, where he practiced since 2009. He also served as the Co-chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Industry team across the entire firm. Prior to his work with the firm, Mr. Wheeler served for six years as the Majority Staff Director and Chief Counsel, as well as the Minority Staff Director, of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Before his time at the full Senate EPW Committee, Mr. Wheeler served in a similar capacity for six years for the Subcommittee on Clean Air, Climate Change, Wetlands and Nuclear Safety. Mr. Wheeler is the past Chairman of the National Energy Resource Organization (NERO) and a Stennis Fellow. Mr. Wheeler is also an Eagle Scout. Mr. Wheeler is from Fairfield, Ohio.  He completed his law degree at Washington University in St. Louis, his MBA at George Mason University, and his undergraduate work at Case Western Reserve University in English and Biology. SHOW NOTES Administrator Wheeler's Bio | Twitter Account |  Benefit-Cost Analyses on Future Clean Air Act Rule Making EPA at 50 POLITICO Article on Superfund Clean-up & Recent Update WOTUS Update Pull-Out from Paris Accords NEPA Modernization Gold King Mine Spill COVID-19 Info ### Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe to the podcast.
December 14, 2020
EP 125: Congresswoman-elect Kat Cammack (R-FL)
In Episode 125 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Kat Cammack - who'll succeed her boss, Ted Yoho, as the congresswoman from Florida's 3rd Congressional District. Cammack grew up on a cattle ranch and is passionate about fishing, agriculture, and water issues in her state. Kat will be the youngest Republican serving in Congress in the 117th Congress. She also hopes her new Republican colleagues will join her in advocating for true conservation principles and sound environmental policies.  SHOW NOTES Kat's Bio Obama HAMP Program Kat mentioned  Follow Kat on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe to the podcast.
December 8, 2020
EP 124: Westerman to Lead Nat Resources GOP, Corporations Want US to Rejoin Paris Accords, BLM Monolith Update
In Episode 124 of District of Conservation, Gabriella highlights three interesting stories from the conservation and energy space. The three stories include: Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR) is incoming Ranking Member for House Natural Resources Committee for the 117th Congress; 42 corporations urge incoming Biden admin and Congress to re-enter unenforceable, ineffective Paris Climate Accords; and an interesting turnaround for the BLM Utah monolith.  SHOW NOTES Westerman announcement | Westerman on District of Conservation Letter to rejoin Paris Accords | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article | 2017 pullout from Paris Agreement Deseret article on BLM Monolith origins Your Mountain Website + Podcast
December 7, 2020
EP 123: Don't Compare National Parks to Disneyland & BLM Utah Monolith's Disappearing Act
In Episode 123 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses two subjects: why National Park Services fees shouldn't go up to Disneyland levels/price out visitors and an update on the strange Utah monolith that appeared, then disappeared on Bureau of Land Management lands.  SHOW NOTES Kevin Williamson's Article Arguing to Raise NPS Fees NPS Entrance Fees Proposed Park Hikes 2018 NPS Fee Hike Reconsidered BLM Statement on Illegally Installed Monolith Facebook Post on Monolith Southwest Airlines mocks monolith - very funny
December 1, 2020
EP 122: Black Rifle Coffee & Biden's Potential Interior Secretary Picks
In Episode 122 of District of Conservation, Gabriella revisits the failed cancellation attempts of Black Rifle Coffee Company, a pro-Second Amendment, pro-conservation brand, and examines four likely contenders to be Biden's Interior Secretary pick. SHOW NOTES Black Rifle Coffee Company Letter in Response to Kenosha Evan Hafer on Dana Show Top Biden Interior Picks Outgoing Montana Governor Steve Bullock (hasn't spoken to Biden team yet) Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) (Udall, not Heinrich, retired) Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-NM) (Green New Deal endorsement, anti-fossil fuel views, Grijalva backing)
November 30, 2020
EP 121: Wild Stories With NJOA's Cody McLaughlin
In Episode 121 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes back friend of the podcast and NJOA's Cody McLaughlin! They discuss their hunting successes thus far, the future of conservation under a new presidential administration, how spending time outdoors is the ultimate social distancing, urban fisheries, Cody's new house in Alaska, the case for eating catfish, and four wildlife stories that slipped under your radar. SHOW NOTES:  Cody's Bio | NJOA Facebook and Twitter Rockefeller the Owl NY deer vasectomy program a bust Jimmy's Seafood "PETA Tears" Brew PETA wants Late Night TV to abandon animal segments post-COVID ### Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe to the podcast.
November 23, 2020
EP 120: Senator-elect Cynthia Lummis (R-WY)
In Episode 120 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes Senator-elect Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) to the podcast. Lummis will begin her term in January 2021. She previously served in the House of Representatives from 2009 to 2017. Cynthia is a dedicated champion of Wyoming’s mineral and energy resources. In Washington, she fought off attacks from the environmental left while advocating for market opportunities both at home and abroad. She is the proud godmother of the ANSAC Wyoming, a commercial shipping vessel transporting trona from the U.S. to Southeast Asia and is the recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the Washington Coal Club. Cynthia worked to keep public lands open to the public and available for multiple use. She successfully passed the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act in 2016, a bipartisan effort led by Cynthia to maintain over 157,000 miles of trails within our national forests. Prior to serving in Congress, she spent eight years as Wyoming State Treasurer and 14 years as a member of the Wyoming State House and Senate. Cynthia also worked as general counsel to Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer and Director of the Office of State Lands and Investments, as well as a law clerk at the Wyoming Supreme Court. Today, Cynthia operates her family’s cattle ranches, and the Sweetgrass development in Laramie County, with her brother and sister. She is a three-time graduate of the University of Wyoming in animal science, biology and law. Cynthia and her late-husband, Al Wiederspahn, have one daughter, Annaliese, son-in-law Will Cole and grandson Doran Augustus Cole, affectionately known as Gus. SHOW NOTES Senator-elect Lummis' Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe to the podcast.
November 18, 2020
EP 119: Mike Schmid, WGFD Commissioner & Owner of Solitude Ranch and Outfitters LLC
In Episode 119 of District of Conservation, Gabriella chats with Mike Schmid—owner and operator of Solitude Ranch & Outfitters, LLC. Mike also serves as one of seven Wyoming Game and Fish Department Commissioners, in District 3.  Here's Mike's bio: He's also the president and CEO of SOS Well Services, LLC.  Mike has 40 years of experience in oilfield services, including managing roustabout crews; constructing well field roads and drill pads, managing trucks, equipment, and hundreds of employees; and administering complex Oil & Gas projects. His early career began by working for various oilfield-related companies. Mike founded Schmid Oilfield Services, Inc. in 1984.  This successful company was sold to First Energy Services in June 2000. Mike remained with the company, serving as the President and COO. During his time with First Energy Services, Mike was an integral part of the team that acquired 5 more oilfield related companies with operations throughout the Rocky Mountain region and Alaska where he managed over 400 employees and hundreds of pieces of equipment and vehicles. Eventually the company was sold to Basic Energy Services in October 2003.  While working for First Energy Services, Mike founded SOS Well Services as a workover rig company. In 2006, Mike started to expand SOS Well Services to create the multi-million-dollar operation that exists today. During the time building his first oilfield company Mike also founded Schmid Development Co. as a company that buys, sells and leases commercial properties. This company still operates today and holds properties in Wyoming, Nebraska and Michigan. In late 2000 after the sale of his company to First Energy Services and while working for them as their President & COO he purchased the Watts Ranch near Devils Tower, WY. Mike continued to purchase, and lease land there and eventually founded Solitude Ranch & Outfitters, LLC. The ranch today consists of 8500 acres of prime Black Hills land. The ranch has a reputation for quality Whitetail deer, Mule deer and Turkey hunting as well as raising Angus cattle. Today, Mike oversees the operations of all three of his companies as well as serving as a Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioner, appointed By Governor Mead in 2017 to serve a 6-year term. He also serves as a Board of Directors member for the Wyoming State 4-H Foundation. Mike was also one of the organizing members of the now successful 10-year-old “Old West Turkey Shoot” (OWITS) that is held in Hulett, WY every May. The event was organized to promote turkey hunting in Wyoming and to raise funds for the Greater Hulett Community Center (GHCC) which serves the rural ranching families and community of Hulett, WY. The event raises well over 100,000.00/year for this cause. *SHOW NOTES* Book at trip with Solitude Ranch & Outfitters LLC. Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe to the podcast.
November 16, 2020
EP 118: Gabriella's First Deer, Wyoming's Black Hills, & Previewing Upcoming Guests
In Episode 118 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recounts her Wyoming whitetail doe hunt from over the weekend and its life-changing nature. She discusses her thoughts on crossing the big game threshold, why it was nice to get away from DC, who she interfaced with, hunting/spending time with veterans, and much more. She also teased Monday's guest, previewed some guests and topics, and what sportsmen and women need to brace for in a new administration.  Paying respects to a harvest Gabriella's first deer Sighting-in 40 states allow suppressed hunting Book a guided trip with Solitude Ranch
November 12, 2020
EP 117: From Game Warden to Podcaster (ft. Lt. Wayne Saunders)
In Episode 117 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with retired NH Fish & Game game warden, Lt. Wayne Saunders. He is a retired Lieutenant Conservation Officer from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.  An honored and celebrated wildlife Law Enforcement Officer overseeing patrols in the northern reaches of New Hampshire from Mount Washington to the Canadian border, he still considers natural resource protection a passion and calling.  He became a "cowboy of the woods" in 1995 and served until May of 2018, spanning 23 years in service. He appeared on the popular Animal Planet TV program, NORTH WOODS LAW, and hosts Warden's Watch and co-hosts the Thin Green Line podcast with John Nores.    Learn more about Wayne here.  Warden's Watch Website + Podcast Subscribe to the Thin Green Line.  North Woods Law Follow Warden's Watch on social media:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
November 3, 2020
EP 116: How Drug Cartels Destroy Our Public Lands (ft. John Nores)
In Episode 116 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews John Nores—retired California Fish and Wildlife game warden who helped pilot the Marijuana Enforcement Team, three-time author, TV host, conservationist, and avid hunter.  John came on to discuss how drug cartels are destroying America's public lands with their illegal activities, the gray wolf delisting news, the importance of hunters and anglers in conservation, cohosting the Thin Green Line/Warden's Watch podcasts, and much more.  *SHOW NOTES* Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Apple Podcasts Connect with John John's Website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Buy HIDDEN WAR Thin Green Line Show | Recoil TV Subscribe to the Thin Green Line podcast
November 2, 2020
EP 115: 2020 State Ballot Initiatives & EPA Urges DOJ to Investigate "Green" Groups
In Episode 115 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses several ballot initiatives—three in particular—being mulled by voters this November AND a letter from Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX)'s urging EPA to be aware of potential Chinese and Russian meddling through "green groups" propped up by the Sea Change Foundation. The three ballot initiatives include: Utah's Amendment E: The right to hunt and right amendment + history behind these amendments Nevada Question 6: "Question 6 (2020) would add language to the Nevada Constitution requiring the state's (RPS)) to increase to 50 percent by 2030. An RPS is a mandate that electric utilities acquire a minimum amount of electricity from renewable energy sources. The constitutional amendment would increase the RPS to 50 percent by 2030. The amendment would also define renewable energy to include sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, and hydroelectric." Michigan Proposal 1: "A proposed constitutional amendment to allow money from oil and gas mining on state-owned lands to continue to be collected in state funds for land protection and creation and maintenance of parks, nature areas, and public recreation facilities; and to describe how money in those state funds can be spent." Use of State and Local Park Funds Amendment, which has support from sportsmen's groups like the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation FARA + Sea Change Foundation Rep. Lance Gooden's Letter + EPA Wheeler's response Washington Times article on the development Newsweek, 2017: Putin, Russia trying to discredit fracking in USA Sea Change Foundation support for Sierra Club, NRDC + Environmental groups backed by Russian, anti-fracking groups THROWBACK:  Biden vs. Trump on conservation and environmental issues Colorado Proposition 114: Forced wolf reintroduction ### Submit/leave your review of the podcast!
October 27, 2020
EP 114: Congressman Roger Marshall, Avid Hunter and U.S. Senate Candidate (Kansas)
In Episode 114 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke with Dr. Roger Marshall—two-term congressman representing Kansas' 1st Congressional District and current Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Kansas. He's also an avid shooting sports enthusiast and hunter.  Here's Dr. Marshall's bio:  Dr. Roger Marshall is a common-sense political outsider. As an OB/GYN, Doc delivered more than 5,000 babies during his 25 years practicing in Great Bend. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Great Bend Regional Hospital for 14 years. For the last few years, he has represented the Big 1st District in Congress. A Kansas native, Dr. Marshall earned his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Kansas State University, before graduating from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He received his Medical Doctorate in 1987. During the final year of his residency in St. Petersburg, Florida, Dr. Marshall was named Teacher of the Year by all other residents and faculty and earned the Resident Research Award. In addition, Dr. Marshall scored in the top one percent in the nation on the final exam given to all OB-GYN residents. After completing his residency, Dr. Marshall moved back home to Kansas, and started his practice in Great Bend in 1991. When elected to Congress for the first time in 2016, Dr. Marshall made 3 specific promises: Get Kansas a seat back on the Agriculture Committee, help write a Farm Bill that protects crop insurance, and jumpstart the economy by rolling back regulation and passing a tax cuts bill. ### Follow Dr. Marshall on social media:    Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter  Learn more about his campaign 
October 26, 2020
EP 113: Jana Waller, Conservationist and Skull Bound Chronicles Host
In Episode 113 of District of Conservation, Gabriella talks to Jana Waller—Skull Bound Chronicles host and outdoor communicator.  Jana joined the podcast to discuss: how she got involved in the outdoor industry; her new CarbonTV series Skull Bound Chronicles; why she loves hunting with veterans; her work with Mule Deer Foundation, The National Wild Turkey Federation and why groups like Sportsmen's Alliance, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club International - SCI matter; why she's on board Sportsmen for Donald J. Trump, the importance of hunting storytelling with projects like Blood Origins and MUCH MORE. Here's her biography:  Jana Waller resides in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana where she revels in her passion for hunting and fishing. A bowhunter for nearly three decades, Jana has traveled the globe hunting Africa, Alaska, Canada and all over North America. She is a freelance outdoor writer for numerous websites and magazines and has been featured in Bowhunter Magazine, Sports Afield, Bowhunting World, Turkey Country, Predator Xtreme, Mule Deer Foundation Magazine, Petersenʼs Bowhunting, Montana Magazine, Hunting Illustrated, Earned, Lady Hunter, Buckmasters, Bowfisher Magazine, Texas Bowhunterʼs Journal, as well as on Jana is a lifetime member of Safari Club International, The Mule Deer Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation and an annual member of The NRA, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and The Sportsman Alliance. She was awarded the prestigious 2015 “Communicator Of The Year” award by the National Wild Turkey Federation. Jana was also awarded the ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’ in 2016 from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater for her work in promoting the outdoors and conservation. In 2019 she was appointed as a member to the Federal Hunting And Shooting Sports Conservation Council. Along with being an ardent conservationist, Jana is dedicated to supporting veteran organizations. She is committed to getting veterans back into the woods and the mountains, featuring many veteranʼs stories of courage and strength on her shows Skull Bound TV and Skull Bound Chronicles. Many of Janaʼs painted or beaded skulls are donated every year to raise money for conservation and veteran related organizations. To date, she has personally raised over $71,000 for conservation and veteran causes. ### WATCH the interview on YouTube. Bookmark Skull Bound Chronicles. Check out Sportsmen for Trump. Follow Jana on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
October 19, 2020
EP 112: Colorado Proposition 114 (ft. Mia Anstine)
In Episode 112 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke with Mia Anstine—a jill of all trades based in Colorado. Her titles include: hunting guide, writer, podcast host, outdoor tv guest host, commentator, keynote speaker, and firearms, archery, hunter-ed instructor, and POMA Board Member.   One thing on Mia's mind is Proposition 114, if passed at the ballot box, would lead to forced reintroduction of gray wolves into Colorado. Hunters like Mia and other stakeholders are concerned this would upend wildlife management efforts in the state.  Mia's Bio: She grew up in a small house on a dirt road along the San Juan River. Her father hunted to put food on the table. Mia’s mom grew a garden, sewed, and taught her daughter how to fish. Her great-grandfather used to visit the area for annual hunting trips and passed on his skills to Mia’s father, who passed them on to her. From her rural home base, Mia’s traveled to pursue wild animals around the world. She guides hunters chasing elk, mule deer, black bears, and Merriam’s turkeys in southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico. Growing up, Mia learned about all things wonderful through a simple, pioneer way of life. Most people these days will never have the opportunity to experience, or even understand, the ways of living independent of technology. It’s that basic style of living in the Colorado mountains that inspired her to encourage others to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, cook, eat, survive, create, and live life in a positive way. Mia’s work has been featured on television, radio, and in newspapers and magazines. She is a hunting guide and instructor in archery, firearms, and other outdoor-related skills. She’s an engaging speaker, commentator, and instructor. Mia has been featured in numerous interviews, and her passion for influencing others projected Mia to becoming the first American woman to be featured on the cover of Field & Stream magazine (the August 2016 issue). Mia, along with 10 other ladies profiled inside, are “feet-on-the-ground,” everyday women who are making a difference in the outdoor and hunting industries. She’s also been featured in KJ Houtman’s “Why Women Hunt” and Chris Crisman’s “Women’s Work.” With her inspiration and passion to share, Mia has created her business, MAC Outdoors, where you’ll find her articles, videos, podcasts, apparel, accessories, homemade creations, recipes, and more. If you would like to learn more, visit Follow Mia on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Show Notes Denver Post Editorial Mentioned Safari Club International Primer - No on Prop 114 Trump admin intends to fully delist recovered gray wolf Joe Rogan & Cam Hanes touched upon this recently
October 13, 2020
EP 111: Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-AR)
In Episode 111 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-AR) of Arkansas' 4th Congressional District. They chatted about the history of forest management in the US, how to manage wildfires, the congressman's legislative priorities, his love of duck hunting, why free market environmentalism is the future, and more.  Here's Westerman's Bio: U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman is a Hot Springs native currently serving his third term as representative from the Fourth District of Arkansas, having first been elected in 2014. Westerman serves on the Committee on Natural Resources and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, where he is Ranking Member of the Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee. Westerman also serves on the Minority Whip Team under the leadership of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. Prior to serving in Congress, Westerman was elected to two terms in the Arkansas General Assembly, where he was the state’s first Republican House Majority Leader since Reconstruction following the 2013 GOP takeover of the Arkansas House of Representatives. An engineer and forester by trade, Westerman worked for 22 years at Mid-South Engineering in Hot Springs. He was named Engineer of the Year by the Arkansas Society of Professional Engineers in 2013. A 1990 graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Westerman was a four-year walk-on member of the Razorback football team. He was awarded the Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2005 and the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2012. Westerman is also a graduate of Yale University, earning a Master of Forestry degree in 2001. Westerman lives in Hot Springs with his wife, Sharon, and their four children. He enjoys hunting and fishing. Follow the Congressman on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Visit his Congressional website or check out his re-election website.
October 12, 2020
EP 110: ACE Act & ACB Gun + Environment Rulings Spell Good News for SCOTUS
In Episode 110 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discussed two trending subjects: the American Conservation Enhancement Act (ACE Act) and how a Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett would rule on gun rights and environmental issues. Hint: good news for gun owners and true conservationists! ACE ACT The ACE Act Text + SCI Primer + Rep. Wittman Statement ACB RULINGS 2A Revolution- Free Beacon Piece by Stephen Gutowski POLITICO + E&E News
October 7, 2020
EP 109: America's Most Anti-Hunting Governor Strikes Again (ft. NJOA's Cody McLaughlin)
In Episode 109, Gabriella welcomed back Cody McLaughlin of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance onto the podcast and asked him to brief listeners on what's happening with the New Jersey black bear hunt—back in the news. And Cody touched upon more topics too. Black bears are at healthy numbers in the Garden State and must be managed, or else it'll lead to more bear-human conflicts and other problems. Governor Murphy's approach is anti-science, anti-conservation, anti-wildlife management.  Governor Murphy's tweet about killing the bear hunt by year's end & news story Humane Society endorsing Murphy NJ Sierra Club praising the move
October 6, 2020
EP 108: Samantha Pedder, Director of Operations at Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports
In Episode 108 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Samantha Pedder—Director of Operations at the Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports.  She previously served as the Manager of Outreach and Diversity for the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Hunting Outreach Specialist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Samantha has spent her career focusing on improving contemporary R3 practices through each of these organizations. Samantha holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University, a Master of Natural Resources from Utah State University and just recently finished a Master of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University. Samantha is an avid hunter and angler, and a novice trapper. More and more of her time afield is being dedicated to pursuing waterfowl, however, she still annually reserves a week to spend time with family and friends pursuing white-tailed deer during Pennsylvania's rifle season. About the Council: The Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports was formed by the leaders in the Conservation community to take a fresh look at the business of recruiting and retaining hunters and shooters and to develop new and sustainable strategies and tactics to solicit, engage and support these groups so vital to Conservation and America’s heritage. Sam's bio CAHSS Website R3 Follow CAHSS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
September 29, 2020
EP 107: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem
In Episode 107 of District of Conservation, Gabriella traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota to exclusively chat with Governor Kristi Noem about the annual Buffalo Roundup, her love of hunting, why conservatives should be conservationists, and more.  Here's the Gov's bio:  Governor Kristi Noem is a wife, a mother, and a lifelong rancher, farmer and small business owner. In 2010, after serving in the South Dakota legislature for several years, Noem was elected to serve as South Dakota's lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives. During her time in Congress, in addition to many other successes, Governor Noem helped pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which put $2,400 back in the pockets of the average South Dakota family. In 2018, with the platform of protecting South Dakotans against tax increases, government growth, federal intrusion, and government secrecy, she was elected as South Dakota's first-ever female Governor. As Governor, Noem has respected the rights of her people by trusting them to exercise their personal responsibility to make the best decisions for themselves, their loved-ones, and – in turn – their communities. This approach has been most evident in her response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Governor Noem never ordered a single business or church to close and never issued a statewide shelter-in-place order. Despite all of this, Governor Noem often says that her greatest accomplishment is raising her three children, Kassidy, Kennedy, and Booker, with her husband Bryon. All have a deep love for their family and an even deeper love for the Lord. ### Buffalo Roundup Viral Hunting-Covid Video Follow the Governor on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
September 28, 2020
EP 106: Bill Cooksey, Sportsmen Outreach Director at Vanishing Paradise
In Episode 106 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Bill Cooksey. Bill is a Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator at Vanishing Paradise, a project of National Wildlife Federation and Ducks Unlimited started in 2009 to advocate for restoration of the Mississippi River Delta. From meeting with legislators at the state Capitol to connecting outdoor industry leaders to the conservation movement, they are educating on the issue of coastal restoration in duck blinds, out on the water and in D.C. — and everywhere in between. Bill and Gabriella were connected by a mutual friend and past guest of the podcast, Travis Thompson. Bill came on to discuss his background—from migrating from the private sector/outdoor industry to the outdoor nonprofit realm, the importance of lobbying (advocacy) lawmakers, the big role sportsmen and women play in environmentalism, and much more.  Subscribe to the podcast.  Learn more about Vanishing Paradise. Connect with Bill on Facebook and Instagram.
September 22, 2020
EP 105: Michael Shellenberger, Founder & President of Environmental Progress
In Episode 105 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Michael Shellenberger—bestselling author and founder & president of Environmental Progress.   Shellenberger came on to discuss his book, Apocalypse Never, his work with Environmental Progress, why he changed his mind on renewable energy, why he advocates for nuclear energy, the truth about wildfires out West and what the future of environmentalism looks like.   Subscribe to the podcast.  Environmental Progress Website.  Follow Mike on Twitter.    Buy Apocalypse Now Get tickets for Climate Hustle 2.
September 21, 2020
EP 104: Four Federal Environmental & Conservation Updates to Be Aware Of
In Episode 104 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discussed four key policy updates across the environmental and conservation space. ENVIRONMENT: Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) being praised by environmentalists for Superfund Clean-up and the establishment of the new Office of Mountains, Deserts and Plains to address abandoned mines and clean-up.  CONSERVATION: The news that USFWS will fully delist the biologically recovered gray wolf in the Lower-48 by year's end and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works deliberated S. 614 (Grizzly Bear State Management Act of 2019).  ### Subscribe to District of Conservation.  Chip in to support the podcast and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
September 15, 2020
EP 103: Biden vs. Trump: Who's Better for True Conservationists?
In Episode 103 of District of Conservation, Gabriella compares the 2020 candidates on the issues of Second Amendment rights, hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, land management, public lands access, and more. She dissects and assesses Joe Biden's proposals on firearms and conservation issues against President Donald Trump's record. Is it better? Is Trump terrible on public lands issues and the environment as reported? Is Biden offering something new or largely borrowing from the Trump Administration?  You, the listener, can decide for yourself.  SHOW NOTES Sportsmen for Trump vs Sportsmen for Biden & alleged Trump failures regarding sportsmen and women Biden on guns December 2016  lead tackle ban on USFWS lands (Obama-Biden) Trump awarding $320M to  Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (February 2020) Trump awards $250M to Everglades Restoration Trump on wildlife corridors Trump DOI announces $130 Million in Public-Private Funding for Wetland Conservation Projects  Trump signed GAOA into law Trump Interior news and accomplishments Trump signs Modern Fish Act  Recreational anglers happy with Trump administration 2013 Biden Interview on MSNBC 2013 Biden Interview in Field & Stream Obama-Biden cut CWD funding in 2015
September 14, 2020
EP 102: Red Drum Fishing with Captain Josh Saunders of Peake Tide Fishing & Your Reviews
In Episode 102 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recounts her recent red drum fishing trip with Captain Joshua Saunders of Peake Tide Fishing. Josh launched his fishing charter in 2014. During season, he splits his time between Hampton, Virginia, in the Peninsula and his home base of Kilmarnock in Northern Neck.  Although she hooked-up a bull red and it got away, there's still many a fish tale to tell. Josh worked very hard to help put Gabriella on the board and the fish didn't cooperate, despite having success catching them earlier in the week. But guess what? That's okay. Anglers must celebrate both the victories and missed catches. That's what fishing is all about, after all!  She brought Josh on the podcast to share his story, the inspiration behind his business, what makes the fishery in the Lower Chesapeake Bay unique, working with Green Top Hunt Fish, the status of small fishing operators, how to support them despite COVID, and how to fish with him.  Get to know Capt. Josh and book a charter with him! Meet Captain Josh Saunders Peake Tide Fishing Website + Pricing Follow Peake Tide on Facebook Follow Peake Tide on Instagram
September 7, 2020
EP 101: Jenny Anderson from 'Girl of 10,000 Lakes'
In Episode 101 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with former journalist and outdoor content creator Jenny Anderson, who runs the Girl from 10,000 Lakes blog. Jenny was born in Korea and immigrated to the USA as a child. She also serves as a WSI Sports pro staffer (like our host). She talked about her journey in the outdoor industry and what makes her tick. She chatted how she picked up fishing and most recently hunting on her own since she didn’t grow up with these activities. You don't want to miss this convo!  Girl From 10,000 Lakes Website  Meet Jenny  Follow Jenny on Facebook  Follow Jenny on Instagram  Follow Jenny on Twitter
August 26, 2020
EP 100: We've Hit 100 Episodes! Plus: a Preview of Season 3
In Episode 100 of District of Conservation, Gabriella expressed her gratitude to listeners, clarified the mission of the podcast, and previewed what people can expect in Season 3, which will debut on September 8th.  Leave a review for District of Conservation Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter
August 25, 2020
EP 99: Jeff Angers of Center for Sportfishing Policy
In Episode 99 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Center for Sportfishing Policy president Jeff Angers. Here's more about the organization:  The Center for Sportfishing Policy’s role is to affect public policy related to the conservation of marine resources with broad abilities to pursue political solutions. The organization is non-partisan and focuses on having an impact in the national political arena, principally Congress and federal regulatory agencies. The Center is organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code; accordingly, donations are not tax deductible. Additionally, the Center has established the Center for Sportfishing Policy Political Action Committee (Center PAC), so that its members can fully participate in elective politics. The Center and Center PAC work to elect candidates to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who support marine conservation. Show Notes:  DOI opened largest public area to fishing and hunting Dem 2020 platform on 30 by 2030 (pg. 56): "Democrats will protect wildlife habitats and biodiversity, slow extinction rates, and grow America’s natural carbon sinks by conserving 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030." CSP Website, Facebook, and Twitter Economic impact of recreational anglers AB 3030 Modern Fish Act Drop-down/descending devices
August 24, 2020
EP 98: Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA)
In Episode 98 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA) of Virginia's 1st Congressional District.  Serving the First Congressional District of Virginia since 2007, Rob has been focused on strengthening our military and supporting veterans, promoting economic development through fiscal responsibility, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, increasing access to high-speed internet, and promoting workforce development through Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs. In the U.S. Congress, Rob serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Natural Resources, where he is well-positioned to represent the needs of Virginia's First District.  He has quickly earned a reputation for being an advocate for our men and women in uniform and for being a champion of the Chesapeake Bay. As a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Rob brings his professional expertise in water quality, fisheries, and other natural resource issues. He is a champion of the Chesapeake Bay -- for its environmental and economic attributes -- and has introduced legislation that will increase the accountability and effectiveness of cleaning up the Bay. He serves as co-chair of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Caucus, which brings Bay issues into focus for Members of Congress. He was re-elected for his sixth full term in the House of Representatives in November 2018 and for more than 20 years, Rob has served in several levels of government, from Montross Town Council to United States Congress. Rob won his first campaign for public office in 1986 when he was elected to the Montross Town Council, where he served for 10 years, four of them as Mayor. In 1995, Rob was elected to the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors and was elected its Chairman in 2003. In 2005, voters in the 99th Legislative District elected Rob to the Virginia House of Delegates, where he served until he was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2007. Prior to his election to Congress, Rob spent 26 years working in state government, most recently as Field Director for the Virginia Health Department's Division of Shellfish Sanitation. Earlier, he worked for many years as an environmental health specialist for local health departments in Virginia's Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula regions. He holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Master of Public Health degree in Health Policy and Administration from the University of North Carolina, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Virginia Tech. Wittman's Congressional Website Congressman Wittman on Facebook Congressman Wittman on Instagram Congressman Wittman on Twitter District of Conservation is powered by CFACT. 
August 17, 2020
EP 97: Henry & Lakeisha Woodard of H.A.L.O. Chronicles
In Episode 97 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Henry and Lakeisha Woodard of HALO Chronicles. The Woodards reside in NW Mississippi with their four children and love to fish and hunt.   "H.A.L.O." is an acronym for Henry and Lakeisha Outdoors.  Henry and Lakeisha Woodard of H.A.L.O. Chronicles are God-fearing, family-oriented, Mississippi Shuffling, avid hunters who suffer occasionally from buck fever and the turkey pox!   Different organizations across the outdoor industry and even advocacy have partnered with this lovely husband and wife duo — including Mossy Oak, Winchester, Lacrosse, Hunter Nation, TPUSA, and others. They were recently featured in promotional materials for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and interviewed by Business Insider.    HALO Chronicles Website Follow on Facebook Follow on Instagram Follow on Twitter Follow on YouTube
August 12, 2020
EP 96: Nick Hoffman, Country Music Artist & Outdoor Channel TV Host
In Episode 96 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke with a fellow but unrelated Hoffman—"Nick's Wild Ride" star and country music artist, Nick Hoffman!  Nick Hoffman is an award-winning country music artist whose passion for travel and the outdoors takes him to the world’s most interesting places. After 12 years as the fiddle player in country music star Kenny Chesney’s Band, he struck out on his own and scored two hit songs with country trio “THE FARM”. Now, Nick’s Wild Ride, shows people a side of Nick Hoffman they’ve never seen. Part traveler, part hunter, part historian, with some party-guy sprinkled in, you never know what he’ll do next.  Nick's Wild Ride, with host Nick Hoffman, takes viewers on a unique journey as Nick digs deep into the food, culture, music, history, and heartbeat of a location as he hunts and fishes.     Nick's Wild Ride has won critical acclaim for its distinctive entertaining style and dynamic pace.  Season 1 was nominated for 3 coveted Outdoor Sportsman ("Golden Moose") Awards  in 2016 and won 3 Telly Awards in the categories of Travel/Tourism, Culture & Lifestyle, and Activism for Short Form for Nick Hoffman's work to spread the message on African Conservation.  In 2017, the success of Season 2 of Nick's Wild Ride positioned the show as one of the best-rated programs on the Outdoor Channel and produced another 4 nominations for excellence at the 18th Annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards and his first win after taking the "Golden Moose" home for "Best Conservation" for his work in Africa.   Season 2 of Nick's Wild Ride won an amazing 7 Telly Awards including taking home awards in the categories of Travel/Tourism, Culture & Lifestyle, and Religious Spiritual for his episode on the culture of the Blackfeet Nation in Montana.   In 2019, another 4 Telly awards, and the POMA PINNACLE AWARDS for Excellence in Broadcasting were added to the impressive list of accolades that Nick's Wild Ride has accumulated in its 4 Seasons. Season 5 will drop this fall. Nick's Wild Ride Nick's Website Nick's Facebook Nick's Instagram Nick's Twitter
August 10, 2020
EP 95: Make Seafood Sexy Again with Chef Andrew Gruel
In Episode 95 of District of Conservation, Gabriella chats with Chef Andrew Gruel.  Chef Andrew Gruel is currently the Founder and Executive Chef of Slapfish Restaurant, the award-winning food truck turned international brick and mortar, based out of Huntington Beach, CA. Chef Gruel’s goal is to make “seafood sexy again.”   Slapfish was established in 2011 by Chef Andrew Gruel as a food truck in California, focused on serving fresh, honest seafood. The concept has since become the fastest growing fast-casual seafood restaurant in North America, with over 20 brick-and-mortar locations and more than 150 in development. Known for its emphasis on sustainability and conservation, Slapfish is on a mission to, “make seafood sexy again,” at an affordable price. The brand has been featured on Food Network, PBS and Food & Wine, just to name a few. For more information about Slapfish, visit  Gruel’s first TV appearance was in 2007 on the BBC program The Endless Feast in 2007. Among multiple TV appearances he’s made, the chef has served as a judge on the Food Network’s Food Truck Face Off in 2014, and hosted the reality TV show Say It To My Face! On FYI.    His is the co-host of The SoCal Restaurant Show on KLAA, which launched in 2012   Chef Gruel's Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Slapfish Website Facebook Instagram Twitter
August 5, 2020
EP 94: U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO)
In Episode 94 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO).  U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), the junior senator from Colorado and chief architect of the recently passed Great American Outdoors Act, sits down with our host to update viewers and listeners about the campaign, how he got the Great American Outdoors Act across the finish line, if conservatives/Republicans can be conservationists, how the relocation of Bureau of Land Management from DC to Grand Junction is going, his favorite outdoor setting, and more. Watch the interview on YouTube.  Learn more about Senator Gardner's re-election campaign here. Follow the Senator on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
August 3, 2020
EP 93: Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation
In Episode 93 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke with Aoibheann Cline and Ellary Tucker Williams of Congressional Sportsmen Foundation. You don't want to miss this girl-power episode. The ladies spoke about the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, the problem of 30x30 legislation, AB 3030, the Wildlife for the 21st Century: Volume VI report, their bipartisan work, how to get women in the outdoors, and much more. Since 1989, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) has maintained a singleness of purpose that has guided the organization to become the most respected and trusted sportsmen’s organization in the political arena. CSF’s mission is to work with Congress, governors, and state legislatures to protect and advance hunting, angling, recreational shooting and trapping. The unique and collective force of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, the Governors Sportsmen’s Caucus, and the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses, working closely with CSF, serves as an unprecedented network of pro-sportsmen elected officials that advance the interests of America’s hunters and anglers. CSF’s stature as the sportsmen’s leader on policy issues has steadily grown through active involvement within the hunting and fishing conservation community, including staff leadership and engagement in the American Wildlife Conservation Partners, Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports, and the Alliance for America's Fish and Wildlife at the national level, and Families Afield and the Sunday Hunting Coalition at the state level. Additionally, CSF is represented on federally chartered advisory councils (FACs) dealing with hunting, recreational fishing, and wildlife management: the Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council, the National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee, The Sport Fish and Boating Partnership Council, and the Marine Protected Areas FAC. District of Conservation is now powered by CFACT. ### CSF Website | CSF Facebook | CSF Instagram | CSF Twitter
July 27, 2020
EP 92: Mountain Dew 'Outdoor Stimulus' Program, New Salmon Farm Coming to Maryland's Eastern Shore
In Episode 92 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses two interesting updates on the conservation front. First, the fanfare associated with Mountain Dew's new "Out Here It's DEW" campaign, which has closed on account of 5,000 people applying (WOW). Second, she discussed the new $1 billion salmon farm operation coming to Maryland's Eastern Shore starting 2021. District of Conservation is now powered by CFACT.  SHOW NOTES:  Mountain Dew 'Out Here It's DEW' campaign & Forbes Article on it Chesapeake Bay Magazine Article on New Salmon Farm
July 21, 2020
EP 91: Environmental Law with Pacific Legal Foundation's Jonathan Wood
In Episode 91 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Jonathan Wood of Pacific Legal Foundation. Jonathan spoke about his work, recent PLF legal victories, the need to modernize the Endangered Species Act, how the EAJA is abused by preservationist/radical environmental groups, how the future of environmentalism is in free enterprise, and much more.  District of Conservation is now powered by CFACT.  SHOW NOTES:  Jonathan's Biography Jonathan's Twitter Jonathan's Work with PERC Pacific Legal Foundation Website PLF Facebook PLF Twitter PLF YouTube
July 20, 2020
EP 90: State Dept. Legalizes Suppressor Exports, 9th Circuit GYE Grizzly Ruling, ICAST 2020 Online
In Episode 90 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses three topics: the State Department allowing exports of suppressors abroad, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against true conservation stakeholders with respect to GYE grizzly, and why we should get excited about ICAST 2020 online this week.  SHOW NOTES:  NSSF praises State Department rule; as does the American Suppressor Association ; DDTC update GYE 9th Circuit Update (NYT version) ICAST 2020 Online
July 13, 2020
EP 89: VDGIF's New Name, VA Elk Tag, Atlantic Coast Pipeline Canceled, and Soaring Gun Sales
In Episode 89 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses what's happening in Virginia on the conservation front.  VDGIF is now the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources We're getting an elk tag — it's now law Despite winning at the Supreme Court, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is canceled Gun sales top 81,000 in June in Virginia.  SHOW NOTES/EXTRAS:  YouTube video on Shenandoah National Park visit On the Run w/ Remso Martinez
July 7, 2020
EP 88: Rachelle Hedrick of Smoke Hole Outfitters
In Episode 88 of District of Conservation, Gabriella ventured next door to West Virginia to the town of Cabins to experience Smoke Hole Outfitters and all the fishing it had to offer. She spoke to Rachelle Hedrick, who co-manages the outfitting operation of Smoke Hole Resort, Smoke Hole Outfitters, alongside her husband, Josh Hedrick. You'll learn about her story and her work in the outdoor industry.  SHOW NOTES:  Rachelle's Bio DSG Smoke Hole Resort Smoke Hole Outfitters Follow Rachelle on Facebook and Instagram Follow Smoke Hole on Facebook and Instagram
June 29, 2020
EP 87: Is Teddy Roosevelt Being #Canceled? Plus: Watch Yellowstone S3 on Paramount Network
In Episode 87 of District of Conservation, Gabriella Hoffman discusses two newsworthy items: the #canceling of President Theodore Roosevelt (?!) and why listeners should watch Yellowstone on Paramount TV Sunday at 9pm ET.   SHOT NOTES:  NYT Story and Quotes from American Museum of Natural History & TR descendent CBS article I mentioned Yellowstone S3 on Paramount Network
June 22, 2020
EP 86: Atlantic Coast Pipeline SCOTUS Ruling, Forest Service Modernization, 'Get on Board' Campaign
In Episode 86 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses three important updates. First, being the SCOTUS ruling in favor of the Atlantic Cost Pipeline. Second, the new U.S. Forest Service rule to allow more balanced use on USFS lands. And the third update on the newly-launched Discover Boating x TakeMeFishing campaign 'Get On Board' out today.  SHOW NOTES:  SCOTUS Majority Opinion AP article on SCOTUS ruling ACP's response to ruling US Forest Service Rule Memorandum 'Get On Board' Campaign Video | Discover Boating | TakeMeFishing
June 16, 2020
EP 85: Jennie Gordon, First Lady of Wyoming, Talks New Hunger Initiative and How Hunters Can Play a Role
In Episode 85 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviewed Wyoming First Lady Jennie Gordon about her newly-launched Wyoming Hunter Initiative—a program geared towards ending childhood hunger. A component of her initiative, believe it or not, gives hunters the ability to donate their food through the program's 'Food from the Field' facet. Here's more about this new component from the No Hunter Wyo website: "Wyoming's majestic landscapes offer hunters some of the best opportunities in the world; Food from the Field enables them to share that bounty by donating all or part of their meat to participating local processors who in turn will prepare it for local organizations to distribute to our neighbors in need."    Interview Resources:   YouTube Video Jennie Gordon's Biography  Wyoming Hunger Initiative No Hunger Wyo/Hunt  Wyoming Women's Foundation Antelope Hunt Follow First Lady Jennie Gordon on social media:    Facebook Instagram Twitter
June 8, 2020
EP 84: June is Great Outdoors Month, A Bill That Can Unify Us, and Your Reviews
In Episode 84 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the history behind Great Outdoors Month and how nature can heal a hurting nation. Plus, a breakdown of the Great American Outdoors Act and some reading of reviews.  *Show Notes* Great Outdoors Month Proclamation Great Outdoors Month Townhall Column - Use code HOFFMAN to access it. Great American Outdoors Act Post a Review for District of Conservation
June 2, 2020
EP 83: Sign the #ResponsibleRecreation Pledge
In Episode 83 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses why she's taking the #ResponsibleRecreation pledge. It's a challenge started by Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership with backing from National Wild Turkey Federation, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, and Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.  Here are the six principles:  Plan ahead; purchase licenses and park passes online, if available. Recreate close to home Adhere to best practices for avoiding COVID-19 Follow state and federal guidelines Pack out your trash as a courtesy to others and to avoid the appearance of overuse Share your adventures in a respectful way on social outlets *Show Notes* Take the Pledge TRCP Launches #ResponsibleRecreation Pledge
May 27, 2020
EP 82: Boris Returns to the Podcast to Update Listeners on His Hunting Journey
In Episode 82 of District of Conservation, Gabriella's dad Boris returns to the podcast to share where he is on his hunting journey. He updates listeners, talks about the importance of spending time outdoors, why he's excited to experiment with Hi-Mountain Seasonings, and what their upcoming fishing trips look like once the Virginia lockdown is up in a few weeks. Show Notes Dad Interview 1 & Dad Interview 2 IHEA Hunters Ed Course (Online) Neringa, Lithuania Hi-Mountain Seasonings
May 18, 2020
EP 81: DC Project's Dianna Muller Discusses Why Women Are Empowering Themselves with Guns and More
In Episode 81 of District of Conservation, host Gabriella Hoffman chats with Dianna Muller, competitive shooter and founder of The DC Project. The D.C. Project comprises women from all 50 states meeting their legislators in Washington, D.C. as firearm owners and 2nd Amendment supporters. The 2nd Amendment should not be a partisan issue and our goal is to take every member of congress to the range and educate them on firearms safety, all the while giving them the opportunity to get to know us as good, upstanding, responsible citizens. Here's more on Dianna's biography:  Dianna Muller is a two-time national 3-gun champion. She is a 22-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department serving assignments in Narcotics, Gangs, Street Crimes, and Patrol. She is a CLEET law enforcement firearms instructor, a member of the NRA Law Enforcement committee, and a subcommittee member of the Department of Interior Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council. Dianna is the Founder of The DC Project. She is a host of the Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel. SHOW NOTES:  Dianna's Bio Connect with Dianna on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter The DC Project Get Involved Support DC Project DC Project on Facebook DC Project on Instagram
May 4, 2020
EP 80: Fly Fishing the District with Art Noglak of Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders
In Episode 80 of District of Conservation, Gabriella caught up with Orvis Arlington store manager and Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders president Art Noglak to get the latest on fly fishing in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area.  Here's what Art discussed:  His background and how he came into fly fishing Running Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders Managing the Orvis Arlington shop Why fly fishing shouldn't be intimidating The effort to save Fletcher's Cove in Washington, D.C. The latest on the shad run The case for pursuing invasive fish species like carp, snakehead, and blue catfish Orvis' 50/50 on the Water campaign And much more! Show Notes:  Orvis Arlington Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders Fletchers Cove #SaveTheCove 50/50 on the Water Orvis Arlington Instagram Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders Instagram
April 27, 2020
EP 79: Katie Pavlich Explains Why Conservatives Are True Conservationists and More
In Episode 79 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Katie Pavlich. Katie is an award-winning and New York Times bestseller author, Fox News Contributor, and Editor. She's also an avid outdoors woman, gun owner, and hunter.  Katie is the award winning author of Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women (Threshold Editions 2014) and the New York Times Best Seller Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up (Regnery 2012). In 2015, Katie hosted Outdoor Channel's first documentary Safe Haven: Gun Free Zones in America. She has also been interviewed for the History's Channel's America's Book of Secrets series. Katie grew up in the mountains of northern Arizona, rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and hunting big game with her father in the forests and deserts that Barry Goldwater called home. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her dog Gadsden, her husband, friends, family and the great outdoors. Here's what she discussed: Why she became a journalist Her work at and Fox News Channel How growing up in Arizona made her love the Great Outdoors Why she credits her dad for introducing her into hunting How conservatives are the true conservationists An update on gun control and its impact on the 2020 election Her dream of one day becoming Interior Secretary The story of how her grandparents lived in Yellowstone National Park in the '60s and witnessed a blizzard one summer A Texas mule deer hunt she did and filmed with SilencerCo Being an ambassador for Volquartsen Arms and Black Rifle Coffee Company What her fellow journalists get wrong about firearms in their reporting Her upcoming outdoor excursions once the pandemic recedes Tips for new gun owners and hunters And more! Website: Articles: Fox News: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
April 20, 2020
EP 78: WSI Sports is Equipping First Responders, Medical Personnel Battling #Coronavirus
In Episode 78 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews WSI Sports co-owner and operations manager Priscilla Magana-Wiens. Priscilla talks about the company, how they converted their business operations in two weeks to meet coronavirus challenges head-on, what they're manufacturing for first responders and medical personnel, and how listeners can support their efforts.  WSI Sports website: Follow WSI Sports on Instagram: Follow founder Joel on Instagram: Follow Priscilla on Instagram: # DOI News:  Letter from Hunting, Fishing Orgs: &
April 13, 2020
EP 77: Abby Casey of AC Outdoors
In Episode 77 of District of Conservation, host Gabriella Hoffman interviews Abby Casey of AC Outdoors. Abby isn't your typical outdoor influencer. She began her career in the outdoor industry at Realtree Outdoors, went to host a program on the popular channel Rated Red, and now works with brands like Browning Arms and Airgun Depot as an Outdoor Lifestyle Specialist. This jill-of-all-trades almost reached the Olympics, won the 2018 POMA Pinnacle Award for Broadcasting, dispenses tips on how to break into the outdoor industry and what activities she's doing to stay active in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. She's got true grit and is the real deal. Follow Abby on social media:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Abby's YouTube Video Reel: Abby's Website:
April 6, 2020
EP 76: 'Tiger King' Spurs Wildlife Conservation Debate & Firearms Industry Businesses Essential for COVID-19 Response
In Episode 76 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses her thoughts on the 'Tiger King' documentary from a wildlife conservationist standpoint and why it's good news the Department of Homeland Security listed firearms manufacturers and ammunition companies as "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce" businesses.  SHOW NOTES:  Tiger King Joe Exotic's lawsuit: Lacey Act: ESA: States you can own tigers in:  Accredited non-AZA wildlife preserves and centers: Big Cat Public Safety Act: Tiger Permit: Firearms Businesses Are Essential During Coronavirus Pandemic Article: DHS CISA Advisory Memorandum: NSSF Praises DHS Move:
March 30, 2020
EP 75: Coronavirus Can't Keep Us Down: Peak Bloom, Virginia Gets an Elk Tag , GoWild Pledges $250K to Wildlife Agencies & More
In Episode 75 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses some good conservation news—meant to combat coronavirus news. The five items were:  1) Department of Interior announced sportsmen and women pumped back nearly $1B into conservation funding last year 2) NPS & USFWS entry fees waived 3) Peak Bloom happened March 20th and made the BloomCam live: 4) Three good conservation bills passed in Virginia: menhaden management moved from General Assembly to VMRC; stiffer penalties for wildlife violations during hunting, fishing, and trapping; AND elk tag is coming: 5) GoWild doing an incredible initiative to keep conservation funding flowing:
March 23, 2020
EP 74: Practice Social Distancing in The Great Outdoors, LWCF Update & MAPLand Act
In Episode 74 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses ways to practice social distancing in The Great Outdoors and how to heed caution from state wildlife agencies and be aware of any closures in your state(s). She also discussed the Great American Outdoors Act (to permanently & fully fund Land and Water Conservation Fund + address $12-18B National Park Service backlog), and the MAPLand Act.  SHOW NOTES:  NPS Social Distancing: Great American Outdoors Act: Trump originally cut LWCF budget by 97%: Trump tweet in support of permanent, full funding of LWCF: MAPLand Act Primer: MAPLand Act Statement: Rep. Fulcher -
March 16, 2020
EP 73: PERC's Hannah Downey Talks Market Solutions to Environmental Problems and More
In Episode 73 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Hannah Downey from the Bozeman, MT-based  Property and Environment Research Center. Hannah serves as their Policy Director. They touched upon a multitude of subjects , ranging from finding market solutions to environmental problems to the status of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), in this 20-minute segment.  ### SHOW NOTES:  Hannah's Biography: PERC Website: PERC on Facebook: PERC on Instagram: PERC on Twitter:  ### Subscribe to District of Conservation and leave us a review here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
March 9, 2020
EP 72: Travis Thompson of Cast & Blast Florida Podcast
In Episode 72 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Travis Thompson of Cast & Blast Florida podcast. Travis is also a waterfowl & fishing guide. They touched upon Florida wildlife, an update on the Everglades, why nuance matters in conservation public policy debates, and other fun topics.  SHOW NOTES:  Travis' bio: Find Travis on Facebook: CBFL on Facebook: Find Travis on Instagram: CBFL on Instagram: Find Travis on Twitter: CBFL on Twitter: Download Cast & Blast:
March 4, 2020
EP 71: Kate MacGregor Confirmed, Wolf Delisting Update, VA School District Offering Hunting Courses
In Episode 71, Gabriella begins with a call-to-action to encourage listeners to get more women fishing, hunting, and partaking in shooting sports this International Women's Day on March 8th. She also discusses the confirmation of Kate MacGregor as the new Deputy Interior Secretary, a House bill to delist the gray wolf, and one Virginia school district offering free & optional hunter-safety courses this fall. SHOW NOTES:  DOI Press Release on MacGregor's confirmation: Gray Wolf Delisting bill introduced in the House: Senate version of gray wolf delisting bill: Culpeper, VA school district offering hunter-safety course: Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts & leave us a review here: ### Follow DOC on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
March 2, 2020
EP 70: My Georgia Hog Has Been Recovered and Let's Talk Conservation at CPAC This Week
In Episode 70 of District of Conservation, Gabriella gives an update on her wild hog harvest from October and encourages listeners attending CPAC this week to come talk about conservation at the CFACT booth. She also previewed her upcoming interview on Cast & Blast FL Podcast with co-host Travis Thompson, which will be recorded later today. Don't miss it! ### Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts & leave us a review here: ### Follow DOC on social media:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
February 24, 2020
EP 69: Good News—HB 961 is Dead (For Now) in Virginia. Now the Battle for 2A Begins
In Episode 69 of District of Conservation, host Gabriella Hoffman discusses the latest update to HB 961 in Virginia: This morning, four Democrats joined Republicans in the Judiciary Committee to pass on this extreme gun control bill, which would have banned most semi-automatic rifles and handguns, magazines exceeding 12 rounds, and suppressors.  Show Notes:  HB 961- Committee Vote to Pass On HB 961 - Four Dems who joined GOP State Senators: Cam Edwards' article on why this is a sound defeat of Governor Northam's anti-gun agenda: Fully automatic guns are very hard to obtain - Suppressors:
February 17, 2020
EP 68: Finally Some Good News Out of Virginia: Elk Tag Closer to Reality & Trout Slam Challenge Announced
In Episode 68 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses several positive things happening in Virginia on the conservation front. First, both chambers of the General Assembly passed their respective versions of the elk tag bill, in accordance with the 2019 Elk Management Plan. Second, VDGIF announced a Trout Slam Challenge is coming in March 2020. Two things to be excited about.  SHOW NOTES:  Elk Tag - House of Delegates: HB 388 Elk Tag - State Senate: SB 262 2019-2028 Elk Management Plan: Conservation Nation Elk Episode: Virginia Trout Slam Challenge: Brook Trout Native to Virginia: WaPo article on hunter decline and its effect on endangered species:
February 3, 2020
EP 67: Virginia Democrats Don't Understand Gun Safety, One Trillion Trees Initiative, New WOTUS Rules Finalized
In Episode 67 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a viral video of a Virginia Delegate, Mark Levine, gunsplaining about what gun owners should own and shouldn't own to justify his House Bill 961 that would ban commonly owned sporting rifles like the AR-15; President Trump endorsing the One Trillion Tree Initiative; and new EPA finalized "waters of the United States" rules.  Show Notes:  My appearance on Cam & Co: Mark Levine's town hall: Resurgent Article: One Trillion Trees: & Rep. Westerman Tweet: New WOTUS Rules - EPA:
January 28, 2020
EP 66: Here's What Actually Happened at Lobby Day This Week
In Episode 66 of District of Conservation, Gabriella briefed listeners on her observations from the annual Lobby Day held in Richmond, VA - Virginia's state capital - this past Monday. She debunked misinformation, provided context, explained why much of the state is opposed to these gun control measures, why Second Amendment Sanctuary movement took the state by storm, how gun control policies will affect conservation funding here in Virginia since excise taxes from guns and ammo fund a large share of it, and more.  SHOW NOTES:  Virginia Citizens Defense League: Gabriella's Resurgent article on her Lobby Day observations: Yesterday's Triggered Podcast appearance: How gun control will diminish conservation funding: Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937: Virginia December 2019 gun sales broke 30-year record, 2nd highest ever
January 22, 2020
EP 65: Brad Luttrell of GoWild App Joins District of Conservation
In Episode 65 of District of Conservation, GoWild App co-founder and Gabby's friend Brad Luttrell joins the podcast to dish the latest on the company, the intersection of tech and the outdoors, their new—and fascinating—hunting survey, and so much more.  Website: *Download GoWild* Apple: Android: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Brad's IG: Brad's Twitter:
January 14, 2020
EP 64: Beau Beasley Previews The 20th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival and More
Our first episode of 2020 is LIVE.  In Episode 64 of District of Conservation, host Gabriella Hoffman sits down with outdoor writer and Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival director, Beau Beasley, to preview this weekend's upcoming festival and to chat about his background, writing endeavors, and why conservation guides his philosophy in reporting.  Get your tickets to the festival online: Follow the festival on Facebook: Follow the festival on Instagram: Follow the festival on Twitter:
January 6, 2020
EP 63: Check Out GoWild App's 2019 Hunting Survey
On Episode 63 of District of Conservation, Gabriella talks about GoWild's new 2019 hunting survey and some of its initial findings.  More on GoWild: Download the app: 2019 Survey: Purchase the Survey:
December 18, 2019
EP 62: Aurelia Skipwith Confirmed, BLM Relocation Brouhaha, LA Sues CA Over Gator Meat & Skins Ban
In Episode 62 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses some breaking news from in and around the nation's capital. Here's what she discussed:  Aurelia Skipwith's Confirmation to USFWS She was confirmed last Thursday BLM Relocation Update AP Article: 93% of Public Lands are Out West: Past BLM Relocation Bills in Congress: Louisiana Sues California Over Gator Skins, Meat Ban  NBC Article:
December 16, 2019
EP 61: Innovative Ways to Overcome Access Challenges with Buck Robinson of Outdoor Access, Inc.
In Episode 61 of District of Conservation, Gabriella talks with Outdoor Access' Buck Robinson, the company's CMO and co-founder.  Outdoor Access is taking the outdoor industry by storm and has been called  the "Airbnb of the Great Outdoors." The start-up company is dedicated to unlocking the outdoors by making private land more accessible and affordable for all outdoor enthusiasts. They work with private land owners to make their properties available through our platform on a per day basis.   Join Outdoor Access: Follow OA on Facebook: Follow OA on Instagram: Follow OA on Twitter: Connect with Buck:
December 9, 2019
EP 60: Brad Smith of Walton Rods
In Episode 60 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Brad Smith of Walton Rods. Brad discusses his journey from outdoor communicator to small business owner/rod maker, shares some perspectives about misconceptions about fly fishing, how social media (especially Instagram) has played an integral role in their business model, why they don't work with influencers, and retells a story of almost being attacked by a log-wielding homeless man while fishing. You don't want to miss their chat! Walton Rods: WR Facebook: WR Instagram: WR Twitter: ## Follow Brad on Instagram: ##  Subscribe to the podcast at-  Apple: Spotify:
December 4, 2019
EP 59: Logan Metesh of High Caliber History
In Episode 59 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews High Caliber History's Logan Metesh. Logan is a noted freelance firearms historian. Before branching out on his own, he worked for the Smithsonian Institution, National Park Service, and the NRA Museum. Unlike many in his field, he's a Millennial and one who specializes in firearms.  He discussed:  His background and what led him to working in this industry His past employment Misconceptions about curating  Insight into museum work and historians' perceptions of firearms His freelance work in the present day The most memorable item he's ever handled or encountered Why POMA is a great avenue for budding outdoor communicators Why it's important for listeners to patronage museums and support them Subscribe on Apple: Subscribe on Spotify: ### Show Resources:  Logan's website: Logan's Facebook Page: Logan's Instagram Page: Logan's Twitter Page: HCH Patreon: Subscribe
December 2, 2019
EP 58: Ladies Fish Tales from Headwaters on the Soque
On October 26, 2019, five female outdoor communicators became Soque Slayers at Headwaters on the Soque (HOTS). It was the lodge's inaugural Ladies Cast and Blast event. Five women from different states, backgrounds, interest levels, and fishing styles all united by a love of fishing, fly and all, share their experiences from this heavenly slice of northeast Georgia. Here are their fish tales.  Our roundtable discussion featured:   Cindy Nguyen of Columbia Sportswear: Captain Debbie Hanson of Shefishes2 and TakeMeFishing: Dun Magazine's Becca Powell: Outdoor Writer Emily George: Content Creator Lexi Quinn: Contact lodge owner Mark Lovell about pricing and availability here: Follow HOTS here on social media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
November 27, 2019
EP 57: Gun Control is Coming to Virginia—Here's How to Fight Back & Win
In Episode 57 of District of Conservation, Gabriella dissects the gun control bills that will be heard in Virginia's General Assembly come January and why they won't stop crimes but rather criminalize law-abiding gun owners in the state. She also offers three ways to be proactive and fight back these bad bills.  SHOW NOTES:  HB 2 Firearm transfers DOJ  study HB9 Stolen firearms -24 hour penalty SB 12 Like HB2 SB 13 Capitol Square gun ban SB 14 - Ban of trigger activator SB 15: Ban carrying weapons in buildings owned by the Commonwealth (government buildings): Virginia Beach shooting victim considered taking gun to work over concerns about colleague, lawyer says: SB 16: Assault weapons ban (most semi-auto would be banned too) SB 18: Universal background check bill & penalty for 18 and under SB 22: Reinstates one handgun a month purchase ban: SB 35: Gun bans in permitted areas: 2020 Lobby Day:
November 25, 2019
EP 56: We're Moving to Mondays!
District of Conservation will now drop episodes every Monday. And for the holiday season, we'll double up on episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  On Monday, Gabriella will have an episode about the gun control bills that will be heard in Virginia's General Assembly come January. On Wednesday, her group interview with female outdoor writers from her Headwaters on the Soque trip debuts. You don't want to miss it! Subscribe on Apple: Subscribe on Spotify:
November 22, 2019
EP 55: Hooking More People on Fishing with Stephanie Vatalaro of Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
Stephanie Vatalaro of Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation is our guest for Episode 55 of District of Conservation.  She serves as the Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing at the organization, which is based in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is a national, non-profit organization that has been leading the drive for over 20 years – in partnership with industry and government, and through its brands Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar – to increase participation in recreational boating and fishing, thereby helping to conserve and restore our country’s aquatic natural resources. Get to know Stephanie and RBFF today on the podcast! Apple: Spotify:  ### SHOW NOTES:  Visit their website: Find them on Facebook: Find them on Instagram: Find them on Twitter: Women Making Waves Campaign: Get a Fishing License: Places to Fish and Boat: Show Notes: RBFF Staff - Subscribe to their newsletter 'News Waves' here: Subscribe to the YouTube channel and watch their How-To's: "Stories of Anglers": 60 in 60:
November 19, 2019
EP 54: Checking In With Safari Club International at Their New DC HQ
Gabriella visited with Ben Cassidy, Chip Honeycutt, and Cyrus Baird at SCI's new DC headquarters on October 21st to see what they're up to, what's going on federally and across the states (in terms of legislation), their new podcast "Tag Soup" debuting, and so much more.  Safari Club International (SCI) is a not-for-profit organization of hunters whose primary missions are to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation. SCI's 50,000 members and 180 chapters in the US and around the world are passionate about hunting and about wildlife conservation. SHOW NOTES SCI: SCI  Social Media Accounts:   FB:  IG:  TW:  Hunter Advocacy Action Center:  Tag Soup:  Membership Info:  February 2020 Convention:  SCI Chapter Events:  Status of PA Sunday Hunting Bill:
October 29, 2019
EP 53: Vote 2A in Virginia, Dierks Bentley Fined for Fishing Sans License, Airbnb Caves to PETA, SCOTUS To Heart First Gun Case in a Decade
In Episode 53 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the latest outdoor and conservation news AND previews some upcoming interviews on the docket.  Why it's important for Virginia voters to vote for pro-gun candidates on November 5th Dierks Bentley getting fined $139.50 for not fishing with a license. No one is above the law: Airbnb changing Animal Experiences after PETA pressure, gives the fraudulent group $100K:; SCOTUS to hear first gun case in a decade, by Stephen Gutowski
October 22, 2019
EP 52: An Update on Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Grizzlies with Joe Kondelis of Western Bear Foundation
Joe Kondelis of Western Bear Foundation is BACK on the podcast to talk about what's happening with the grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE)—which comprises portions of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  When we first spoke to Joe last year, Judge Christensen ruled that a tentative fall 2019 managed grizzly bear hunt  in the region couldn't take place on the grounds that wildlife biologists allegedly "misled" the public on the recovery status of GYE grizzly bears, despite delisting even being endorsed by the Obama administration—a position that has continued in the Trump administration today.  In Episode 52, Joe discusses:  The implications of that Montana judge re-listing the fully recovered GYE grizzly bears Why there are so many human-bear conflicts in the region lately What could have been had the managed hunt gone through Why legal hunters aren't out to kill grizzlies or bears, in general Lethal and non-lethal ways to mitigate human-bear conflicts How hunters can reconcile their love of bears with management practices How to achieve more harmony with bears without sacrificing livelihoods And ways listeners can support and get involved with the Western Bear Foundation FInd District of Conservation at these major podcast portals:  Apple: iHeart Radio: Spotify: ### SHOW NOTES:  USFWS Had to Relist GYE Grizzlies: Western Bear Foundation Website: Facebook: Instagram: Joe's Instagram:
October 8, 2019
EP 51: Mark Oliva of National Shooting Sports Foundation
In Episode 51 of District of Conservation, Gabriella ventured to the Washington, D.C., office of the National Shooting Sports Foundation to sit down with Mark Oliva, the trade association's Director of Public Affairs. NSSF annually puts on SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and boasts well over 10,000 members.  Mark discussed:  His military career and how he landed in public affairs His role at NSSF How NSSF differs from NRA, GOA, and Second Amendment Foundation What NSSF's platform is and its various programs What's on the docket in Congress and elsewhere Pittman-Robertson Act Funds NOTES:  Follow Mark on Twitter: Follow NSSF on Twitter: Follow NSSF on Instagram: Follow NSSF on Facebook: NSSF website: Suicide Prevention: Project ChildSafe: SHOT Show 2020: US Fish and Wildlife's "Partner with a Payer Program" Fix NICS:
October 1, 2019
EP 50: Navigating Today's Outdoor Media Landscape with Ken Perrotte
In Episode 50 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews award-winning outdoor writer and photographer Ken Perrotte. Ken is an Air Force veteran with decades' long experience in the communications field. He has served as the Fredericksburg Free Land Star's outdoor columnist since 1997, and also serves as the Conservation Field Editor for NWTF's Turkey Country and as Ducks Unlimited Magazine's South Atlantic Flyway Editor. Ken has had over 2,000 articles published in dozens of hunting, fishing, and sporting publications over the years. He maintains the Outdoors Rambler website. Read his full biography here.  Ken discussed:  How he got 'hooked' on the Great Outdoors What led him to outdoor communications His thoughts on the changing media landscape and how that affects outdoor writing The future of outdoor communications and what aspiring communicators should do  How to recruit, retain, and reactivate newbies into hunting—particularly Millennials and other adults Where to connect with him SHOW NOTES More about Ken: The American Sportsman TV Show: Ken's Free Lance Star columns: Outdoors Rambler Website: Outdoors Rambler Facebook: National Wild Turkey Federation: POMA: AGLOW: SEOPA:
September 24, 2019
EP 49: What to Expect on Season 2, Adult Onset Hunters, Aurelia Skipwith’s Nomination Hearing
In Episode 49 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the following:  What to expect on Season Two of the podcast Whether or not adult onset hunting is an epidemic or not How Aurelia Skipwith's nomination hearing to become the next U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officer went
September 17, 2019
EP 48: Gun Confiscation, Read #WhyMeadowDied, Cannibalism Won't Save the Planet, $170.6M in LWCF Grants Added
In Episode 48 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the following:  Congressional Democrats pushing the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 (which would ban most semi-automatic firearms), red flag laws, and universal background checks (plus a plug for WHY MEADOW DIED) A Swedish scientist suggests eating human flesh will curb climate change and better the planet (Gross) The Department of Interior appropriating $170.6M in grant money for more Land and Water Conservation Fund projects SHOW NOTES Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 SENATE: HOUSE WHY MEADOW DIED: Cannibalism & Environmentalism Resurgent Article: Kuru - death by Cannibalism: DOI / LWCF Grant Funding for Projects Press Release Announcing $170.6M in funding for LWCF projects:
September 10, 2019
EP 47: 'Tis Hunting Season, On William Perry Pendley, 1.4 M More Acres for Fishing & Hunting Opportunities Open on USFWS Lands
In Episode 47 of District of Conservation, we've got much to celebrate! First, it's our one year anniversary of launching, so this show will be a special one to mark the start of Season II of the podcast.  Gabriella discussed the start of the 2019-2020 hunting season and why it's important to get more adult onset hunters into the field. She also discussed William Perry Pendley, the new BLM Deputy Policy and Programs Director, and his op-ed at the Denver Post hitting back at critics about his positions on public lands and news from Department of Interior opening up 1.4m more acres of public land—specifically on 77 national wildlife refuges and 15 national fish hatcheries —to hunting and fishing opportunities.  SHOW NOTES:  IWF 13 Great Podcasts by Conservative Women: William Perry Pendley's Bio at BLM: Pendley's Controversial 2016 NRO Column: EAJA: "Sagebrush Rebellion" Background: WPP's Denver Post Column: WPP's Statement of Not Pursuing Wholesale Transfer of Public Lands: DOI Statement on Opening Up 1.4M More Acres of Public Lands for Hunting and Fishing - August 30, 2019
September 3, 2019
EP 46: The Future of Trapping with Jeff Traynor of Furbearer Conservation
In Episode 46 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Jeff Traynor of Furbearer Conservation. Nothing provokes immense reaction from Americans today than any mention of fur or fur-trapping. Celebrities, advocacy groups, and politicians have suggested wearing fur is murder and evil. In recent years, the war on fur has greatly reached new heights.  This year, we saw many states take up bills banning predator hunting and trapping—namely in the states of New Mexico and California.  Was this always the case? Not at all.  Historically, trapping wasn’t simply for exchanging pelts or fur. It was also an effective wildlife management tool—a practice still employed today by many ranchers and farmers.  In fact, furbearer management and trapping have a place in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.  In today’s episode, we are joined by Jeff Traynor of Furbearer Conservation. Jeff Traynor is a licensed trapper, on-call urban/wildlife conflict consultant, Associate Certified Entomologist, and wildlife control operator with over a decade of wildlife-handling and conflict mitigation experience. His wildlife services are offered to a myriad of various clients, including government, residential, commercial and agricultural land-owners throughout The Granite State. Jeff was awarded the 2017 “Trapper of the Year” award from the NH Trappers Association, and was also awarded the 2017 “Communication Award of Excellence” from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission for his efforts with the Furbearer Conservation™ project. He is also a certified Trapper Education Instructor for the state of New Hampshire. Jeff’s opinions and commentary on the benefits of regulated furbearer management have been featured both in radio and print. Jeff dedicates his time not only to advocating for regulated trapping practices, but also bolster education on the traits and characteristics of fur-bearing species, as well as non-lethal alternatives to nuisance conflict situations with urbanized wildlife. He passionately regards the importance of, and advocacy for modern fur trapping both as a regulated outdoor activity and as an integral component of modern wildlife management, biology, and conservation. As the founder of Furbearer Conservation™, Jeff continues to create content for the Furbearer Conservation™ project to help foster highly regulated trapping ethics and advocate for sustainable wildlife conservation efforts for future generations to enjoy. SHOW NOTES:  Furbearer Conservation Website: FC Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Furbearer Conservation Newsletter:
August 20, 2019
EP 45: Endangered Species Act Reforms Will Help More Species Recover, Feral Hogs Are a Real Problem, Congressional Republicans Going Soft on 2A Should Worry You
In Episode 45 of District of Conservation, Gabriella breaks down three important news items. They include:  Newly-unveiled rules changes—or improvements—to the Endangered Species Act, specifically Section 4, 4(d), and 7, were announced by the Department of Interior yesterday to ensure more than 3 percent of listed species are delisted and can be recovered A defense of culling efforts of feral hogs which are invasive and not human-caused, despite one New Republic article claiming otherwise Why Republicans shouldn't wobble and surrender to gun control proposals in wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, which will fail to address the root of the problems of mass shootings ### SHOW NOTES:  ESA Press Release- DOI: Three Percent ESA Recovery Stat: USFWS ESA Revised Regulations, Section 4, 4(d), 7: Section 4: Section 7: New Republic Article Blaming Humans for Invasive Feral Hogs: Six Million Wild Hog Figure: Washington Post: ### Subscribe to District of Conservation here: Follow the podcast on social media:   Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
August 13, 2019
EP 44: Let's Go Shooting
In Episode 44 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the start of National Shooting Sports Month, the critical role firearms play in this country, and how August serves as the perfect opportunity to teach people real gun safety and handling.  Notes: National Shooting Sports Month context How excise taxes collected on firearms go back to and pay most of conservation funding (i.e. habitat conservation and wildlife restoration efforts) First Department of Interior declaration in support of the occasion (2017) Last year's White House proclamation in support of National Shooting Sports Month. 
August 1, 2019
EP 43: Cody McLaughlin of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Joins the Podcast
In Episode 43 of District of Conservation, Gabriella chats with Cody McLaughlin—a Republican political operative by day, outdoorsman and conservationist by night and weekend. Cody sits on the board of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance. He was recently recognized as a "30 Under 30: The Green Generation" winner and Insider NJ's 2019 Insider 100 winner.  He discusses the following on today's episode:  His background and how he got hooked on fishing and hunting Why New Jersey has great fishing and hunting opportunities His work as a Republican political operative and how he reconciles it with conservation An update on the black bear hunt ban and where it stands legally and politically Why conservatives can be conservationists His recent trip to the White House His favorite fish to catch and upcoming hunting plans for fall 2019 Notes:  Cody's work profile at The Prosper Group His write-up on a recent experience at the White House with other conservationists and outdoor group representatives.  Cody's work in Save Jersey, NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum, and Bearing Arms Follow him on Twitter. 
July 30, 2019
EP 42: My Interview with Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is Up at Sporting Classics Daily
In Episode 42 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses her just released interview with Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt up at Sporting Classics Daily.  Prior to becoming the 53rd Interior Secretary, Mr. Bernhardt served as Deputy Interior Secretary under past Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, who exited the Trump administration in December of last year. He also served various posts in the same agency during the Bush administration from 2001-2009 and most recently was a Board of Director on Virginia's Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF).  A native of Rifle, Colorado, Bernhardt says hunting and fishing are in his blood. He credits his grandpa for hooking him on fly fishing at an early age. From there, he was soon drawn to shooting sports and hunting. Read the full interview here.  To learn more about Secretary Bernhardt and the Interior Department, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow the podcast on social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Connect with host Gabriella Hoffman on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
July 23, 2019
EP 41: Can Conservatives Be Conservationists? Plus The DC Project and BLM Moving Out West
In Episode 41 of District of Conservation, Gabriella deconstructs the misconceptions about political conservatives and conservation by arguing the two can be reconciled. She also discussed the formation of the Republican-led bicameral Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, her findings at the recent DC Project fly-over, and why Bureau of Land Management moving out West is good for improving stakeholder and land management efforts. 
July 16, 2019
EP 40: Lexi Quinn Discusses the Transition from Firefighter to Business Owner, Her Love of Hunting, and The #ValueOfPOMA
In District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Lexi Quinn, a newly-retired firefighter and immediate past U.S. Forest Service wildland firefighter. She discusses how she got her start in the Great Outdoors through bowhunting, what compelled her to become a firefighter, how fires are started, what it was like combatting the recent California fires, what it's like for women to serve as firefighters, her thoughts on forest management and what should improve, her next move(s), the value of POMA and why she's glad she joined the organization.  Connect with Lexi on social media:  Personal insta: lexxyquinn_  Blog insta: LifeBeyondLimitsOfficial   Blog website:  Media insta: roaming_hygge_media    Facebook: Lexi Quinn
July 9, 2019
EP 39: Op-Ed Calls for Cutting Hunting Access on Public Lands, Previewing My Interview With Secretary Bernhardt, Buy Yo 2019-2020 Duck Stamps
In Episode 39 of District of Conservation, Gabriella previews her interview with Interior Secretary Bernhardt and what they discussed; the problem with this anti-hunting op-ed in the Hartford Courier that calls for cutting hunting access on public lands with declining hunting numbers; and why you should buy a 2019-2020 duck stamp. 
July 2, 2019
EP 38: Value of POMA and On Winning a Pinnacle Award, NEPA and Forestry Reforms, A DC Fourth of July on Expanded National Park Service Monuments
In Episode 38 of District of Conservation, Gabriella returns from a two-week hiatus and updates listeners on the latest happenings and what she's been up to.  During Professional Outdoor Media Association's (POMA) Business Conference in Wichita, Kansas last week, she won the Pinnacle Award in the Conservation category for her Sporting Classics piece "Judicial Review Shouldn't Trump Wildlife Conservation" and she discusses why she's glad she belongs to POMA. Gabriella also discusses the piece being featured in an upcoming print edition of Sporting Classics Magazine for the September/October 2019 issue.  On policy or news updates, she discusses NEPA reforms and why forestry needs to be depoliticized plus updated Fourth of July plans on National Park Service lands in Washington,D.C. for the upcoming "Salute to America" event on the National Mall and Lincoln Memorial. 
June 25, 2019
EP 37: Great Outdoors Month, President Trump Really Doesn't Like Suppressors, War Brewing on 2020 Federal Duck Stamp Contest Theme
In Episode 37 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses how listeners can participating in National Fishing and Boating Weeks festivities through Free Fishing Days again via but largely discussed Great Outdoors Month and how to participate; why Trump shouldn't ban suppressors despite one being used in the Virginia Beach mass shooting; and the brewing war on the proposed 2020 Federal Duck Stamp hunting theme.  Notes:  — 2019 National Fishing and Boating Week information.  —Great Outdoors Month website — White House briefing featuring Trump quote on suppressors —Resurgent article on suppressors.  —Federal Duck Stamp theme rule change — "mandatory" hunting theme — 2017 Hunting and Fishing directive from the Department of Interior —Audobon Society article against the rule change.
June 4, 2019
EP 36: Introduce Someone New to Fishing This Year & Gearing Up for National Fishing and Boating Week 2019
In Episode 36 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses fishing in western Maryland for the first time and why the area is a hidden gem. She also discusses taking her friend, Matthew Redmond, on his second fishing trip and his unconventional "first catch" with a carp plus their visit to Catoctin Wildlife Preserve in Thurmont, Maryland.  She also discusses the upcoming 2019 National Fishing and Boating Week and how listeners can practice safe boating and ethical fishing practices from June 1-9, 2019, in their states. 
May 28, 2019
EP 35: On Being a Finalist for POMA's 2019 Pinnacle Awards, Herrera vs. Wyoming, DOI Memo on Frivolous Attorney's Fees and Costs Paid By Taxpayers
In Episode 35 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses being selected as a finalist for Professional Outdoor Media Association's 2019 Pinnacle Awards. She'll find out June 19th if she's a Category Winner or Outstanding Achievement recipient in either the Newspaper/Online Publication or Wildlife Conservation categories.  She also touched upon the new SCOTUS ruling, Herrera vs. Wyoming, that ruled 5-4 that a 1868 Native American treaty exempts the plaintiff from adhering to state wildlife laws in Wyoming, since the state was incorporated after the treaty was signed. Herrera illegally poached a bull elk sans license and out of season in January 2014. There's contention over whether tribal rights will supersede state law and invite other parties to request similar exemptions to seasons and license requirements.  Gabriella also discussed why DOI is making environmental attorney's fees and costs recouped by taxpayers available to the public. Here's the memo to better understand what this will entail. It comes after a September 2018 Secretarial order that called for such transparency. 
May 21, 2019
EP 34: Being on Tarpon Time, More Public Target Ranges Coming, Wild Game Donation Bill Being Mulled, and Moratorium on Virginia's Trophy Striped Bass Season
In Episode 34 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recounts her recent tarpon fishing trip and how she lost a battle with one. However, she didn't come up empty-handed: she caught some bluefish and her first speckled trout. She fished alongside two ladies, Emily Feeks and Amy Lockhart, who serve in the Navy, thanks to James Boggs of Team ADDO. They fished with Captain Jason Lineburger of Ruthless Fishing Charters, who put them on the board with a lot of snook, speckled trout, and blue fish.  Gabriella also discussed H.R. 1222 passing both chambers of Congress and awaiting signage by President Trump; H.R.  2291 - the Wild Game Donation Act of 2019 - being mulled in the House and NSSF's good explainer on what it'll do if passed; and the moratorium on the Virginia striped bass trophy season that recently went into effect. 
May 7, 2019
EP 33: Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins Talks The Power of Video Storytelling and Why It's Needed in Hunting
In Episode 33 of District of Conservation, Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins joins the podcast to discuss Season 3 of his project and the power of video storytelling in the hunting industry.  Here's what he touched upon:  His background and how a letter is the inspiration behind Blood Origins His career in wildlife biology  What is Blood Origins and the gist of the project Why he prefers America's conservation system over anywhere else The challenges that arise from people and entities not engaged in video storytelling What makes a good hunting story and what he looks out for in subjects to profile How to win over skeptics in the hunting industry and the importance of projecting authenticity Dream guests for the series How listeners can support Blood Origins and get involved Visit to learn more about the project. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
April 30, 2019
EP 32: Earth Day Special- Introducing Conservation Nation, Another Virginia Deer Found With CWD, DOI Sport Fishing and Boating Council
In Episode 32 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the bleak origin of Earth Day and how sportsmen and women can reclaim the holiday from radical environmentalists. She also discussed her new CFACT video series CONSERVATION NATION and what viewers can expect from it. She also touched upon the latest chronic wasting disease (CWD) case found in a Culpeper, VA deer and some new members of the Department of Interior's Sport Fishing and Boating Council.  Watch CONSERVATION NATION EP. 1 with Buck Robinson of Outdoor Access here and SUBSCRIBE to their YouTube channel to never miss an episode. 
April 23, 2019
EP 31: Brian Lynn and Bruce Tague from Sportsmen's Alliance Join the Podcast
On Episode 31 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Brian Lynn and Bruce Tague from Sportsmen's Alliance. Brian serves as the Vice President of Communications and Marketing, while Bruce serves as Vice President of Government Affairs.  Sportsmen's Alliance first began as the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America and Wildlife Conservation Fund of America, the organization formed in 1977 after Ohio Ballot Issue 2 threatened Ohio’s trapping community. After leading the fight to successfully defeat the bill, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance was officially incorporated in 1978 as the number one defender of sportsmen across the country. During the summer of 2015, USSA’s name changed to the Sportsmen’s Alliance in an effort to decrease name length and enhance brand recognition. Here's what they discussed:  Introduction + Sportsmen's Alliance Basics  How is SA different from other hunting organizations and who their partners are Hunting bills (anti- and pro-) that have been deliberated across the US this legislative session — over 500 and what kinds of bills will be considered in the future Why hunters should care about electing and supporting the right politicians What David Bernhardt's confirmation to lead DOI means for hunters, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts Hunting isn't a constitutional right, but is a right per right to hunt and fish amendments found in 22 states across the U.S. Why hunters should be aware of anti-harassment laws in place in all but CA to protect them against bullying by anti-hunters What the media gets wrong about hunters and how to counter negative portrayals Final thoughts and how listeners can connect with them.  To learn more about Sportsmen's Alliance, visit and join their organization. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  *Show Notes*  Right to Hunt and Fish Amendments: Hunter Harassment Laws:
April 16, 2019
EP 30: Yes, Elk Are Thriving in Virginia and Come To Ohio State University Tomorrow for a "Hunting is Conservation" Panel
In Episode 30 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recounts her experience in Virginia's Elk Country and why this is a conservation success. She also  talked about her upcoming talk at Ohio State University tomorrow on how "Hunting is Conservation" alongside Bruce Tague of Sportsmen's Alliance and Dr. Robert Gates from Ohio State University's School of Environment and Natural Resources.  There are about 200 elk in SWVA right in the heart of Coal Country.  Elk used to roam much of the East Coast until the late 1880’s, when the Eastern elk sub-species were over-hunted and poached to extinction. It was hunters, interestingly enough, who realized they must be responsible for and protect them, which is why the North American Model of Conservation was established. True conservation groups like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation were started to bring imperiled wildlife back to the forefront. Today, elk can be found all over the East Coast and may soon be found in states like Illinois and New York. Their return is welcome as they play an integral role in the ecosystem. Elk reintroduction efforts began in 2012. Seven years later, the herd is ever-growing and 50 new calves are expected to be born this month. For now, hunting the herd should be put on hold until it reaches manageable numbers for sustainable culling. A few elk have sadly been poached by terrible people since the introduction but all stakeholders are vested in and determined to protect them and see them flourish. That is the truth about hunters and conservation. Elk Notes:[0]=68.ARDTYa4WzztDHeRstrRKi7v6_MQ2ILtIW1zYkKwK11vazkoQYIJKHFU9lW7w8wVVuxnqtTsdV6CIbYXC212PmrCqWmMpRaOrB9faQLUhT0lXKbvJhZEsTfJ_-LiTpgm5JYcSqrg1udyXQSwbo1qX3t1HQvfL0ZRKGehyoXQb9K86y9G1ixQhMMAVaCg-RRY3hKeZNepk5IFNBaDQQpJmS4sfLodivO3Q22bWbebuN0Yfdk64s0YaEz06D4S4O0rGV74i5aYFLomSeGUhWRHw7OlXu5Yn8wa5iwgQU6YIgTlDMHnwRGFKCMoD1Y-otMJZO0awSclF_mVGM9UVd5AJelXGULhmFTc&__tn__=H-R Info for Attending the OSU Panel Discussion:
April 2, 2019
EP 29: Stephen Gutowski of Washington Free Beacon Joins the Podcast to Talk What the Media Gets Wrong About Guns and More
In Episode 29 of District of Conservation, Gabriella invites listeners to hear from Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon. He is an NRA-certified firearms instructor and a recipient of a 2018 Defender of Liberty award from Second Amendment Foundation. Why firearms? Excise taxes collected on firearms through the Pittman-Robertson Act help pay the majority of conservation funding that comes from hunters and anglers.  Gutowski has written for WFB since September 2014. What sparked his interest in firearms and subsequent interest in reporting on them? A 2009 visit to the range during a media internship. Though he grew up in Pennsylvania, it wasn't until he moved to the Washington, D.C. area  Stephen's interest in firearms took form. He noticed there was a serious deficit of gun beat reporters and made it his mission, given his newfound interest in the topic, to help bring fairness to the subject. Now, he's on a mission to not only inform his readers on the latest news and legislation being considered but to ensure mainstream reporters get their firearms facts right. Gutowski, Gabriella argues, is someone industry folks, reporters, and gun owners should follow.  Follow Stephen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Bookmark his articles and send him a tip.
March 26, 2019
EP 28: Nathan Edmondson of Eco Defense Group (EDGE) Joins the Podcast
In Episode 28 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes Nathan Edmondson of Eco Defense Group to the podcast.  Nathan has worked in the entertainment industry and says his involvement in wildlife conservation was necessitated by an urgent need to protect endangered species like the African elephant.  The rest is history.  Nathan talks about the following during the interview:  How he got involved in wildlife conservation and how EDGE was born What EDGE is and why it was started He discussed how EDGE doesn't employ Neo-Colonialism by working with locals to ensure they don't get sucked into poaching The seriousness of anti-poaching efforts The Buzzfeed report on paramilitary anti-poaching troopers World Wildlife Fund contracted out and why their group wouldn't outsource hiring to those they don't vet EDGE initiatives and why Americans should care about conserving endangered species there and domestically How listeners can get involved with EDGE and learn more about the group. EDGE was established in 2017 and is committed to ambitious preservation of African wildlife through protection, innovation and community. Their work spans across South Africa, Namibia and other countries as projects dictate.  Their extensive experience on the ground, exclusive access to frontline conservation areas and extraordinary team members — with backgrounds in US Special Operations, entertainment, genetics, business and other fields — make them a radically effective organization. Contact them at  Support their latest campaign to protect the rhino here.  You can learn more about the organization at Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
March 19, 2019
EP 27: Boris is Back! My Dad Returns to the Podcast to Talk Mountain Lions, Green New Deal, Conservation, and Our Upcoming Fishing Trips
In Episode 27 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes her dad, Boris Hoffman, back to the podcast.  They discuss mountain lions, the Green New Deal, Conservation, gun control, hunting, and their upcoming fishing trips.
March 12, 2019
EP 26: Make Hunting Ecumenical Again and Outdoor Women Making Waves During March
In Episode 26 of District of Conservation, Gabriella deviates from the usual discussion of public policy affecting anglers and hunters to instead discuss the need for the outdoor industry to adopt a more ecumenical approach to hunting and fishing recruitment efforts, not subtraction with lectures on the "right" way to hunt or fish. She also mentions Independent Women Forum's inclusion of the podcast on their "must-listen" list: It doesn't matter how you hunt or fish as long as it's tasteful, ethical, and legal. West vs. East. Rifle vs. bow. Small game vs. big game. Public land vs. private land. High fence vs. backcountry. And sometimes, Fly vs. bait  or spin cast. It doesn't matter. Nobody should dictate your preferred style of hunting or fishing—given we have free will here in the U.S. With hunting participation in dire need of new participants, nothing stymies this more than negative voices. Can we get past these stupid intraparty arguments? Let's go fishing and hunting! She mentions how Outdoor Access Inc. is a good solution for private land hunting access: And Gabriella touches upon how lady anglers and hunters should be honored during the month of March through elevation, not torched and discouraged. She discusses a great post by Alycia Downs' recent blog post on her website TIDE + TALE on why outdoor women who are authentic and trying shouldn't be teared down. It goes along the lines of the first topic of discussion. Here's Alycia's article: Join the Wild Women Working in the Outdoors Industry Facebook page too:
March 5, 2019
EP 25: House Democrats Are Keen on Confiscating Guns From Law-Abiding Americans, Maryland Sunday Hunting Bills, and LWCF Could Be Killed By the Green New Deal
In Episode 25 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a wide swath of trending and breaking topics.  First, she discusses how keen House Democrats are with gun confiscation, rather than working to actually reduce gun violence. H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112 may pass through the House of Representatives today or mid-week, and that would be alarming.  HR 8 Text: Shayna's Miami Herald Article: Mention of DOJ study where 90% of criminals admit to using illegal means to procure guns:  HR 1112 Text: NJ Story: Second, she breaks down how good it is to see Sunday Hunting bills for deer and waterfowl in Maryland.  Sportsmen's Alliance blurb: SB 293: (Bill was withdrawn ) SB 390: Still being considered And she tops it off with a brief overview of permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund and why the Green New Deal would wipe it out of existence. LWCF Background: Resurgent Article: 
February 26, 2019
EP 24: Boris Hoffman Fled Socialism to Pursue His American Dream and Fish Without Fear
In Episode 24 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Boris Hoffman— a general contractor and avid angler. Boris also happens to be Gabriella's dad.  Boris discusses the following:  — How he picked up fishing in Soviet-occupied Lithuania despite not having family interested in it —How central planning destroyed the environment in Eastern Europe —He expanded on Soviet propaganda they fed the populace that capitalism killed wildlife and the environment, but says immigrating to the USA the opposite was true —He said the Green New Deal would kill the construction industry and boating/hunting industries —Why our conservation model in America is best —Why environmental policies should be basic but limited and energy companies shouldn't be subsidized  —He discusses the gun culture of the USSR vs. the gun culture of America and why the latter is better —Why we are NRA members are law-abiding and join the organization willingly—like he and Gabriella did —How an FBI agent told him he didn't know where Lithuania was when he was going through the NICS background check when purchasing our guns.  —Why it’s important to get kids hooked on the Great Outdoors —Why we love Raise Em Outdoors and plan to be fishing counselors again —Why he wants to start hunting at age 64 & value of meat and pelts Learn more about him and hire him for your next remodeling project, if in the DC Metro Area, at . 
February 19, 2019
EP 23: The "Green New Deal" Is Awful for True Conservation, PA Sunday Hunting Making Waves, Animal Rights Groups Thwarting Maryland Ray Fishing Management
In Episode 23 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discuss how the "Green New Deal" is not only awful for the environment, it'll kill conservation efforts, boating, and other activities that involve traditional energy sources.  Plus, she discussed Pennsylvania's Sunday Hunting bill being considered and animal rights activists interfering with ray fishing management efforts in Maryland.  SHOW NOTES Green New Deal: PA Hunting Bill - St. Senate : Ray tournament fishing ban extension:
February 12, 2019
EP 22: David Bernhardt Nominated to Run Interior Department
In Episode 22 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a lot of news—starting with how pro-gun interests in Virginia will benefit from the fallout of political chaos befalling Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) and Lt. Government Justin Fairfax. She also discusses appearing in both Field & Stream and Outdoor Life for the first time. She wrote about SHOT Show 2019 happenings there.  Gabriella also discussed the selection of Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, previously Deputy Interior Secretary, to succeed former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who bowed out in December. She also discussed the news that a Lee County, VA school district is countersuing Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a huge anti-gunner, for preventing the school district from implementing this firearms policy.  SHOW NOTES Articles -  Field & Stream piece: Outdoor Life piece: DOI Announcement: Stephen Gutowski's Lee County lawsuit piece:
February 5, 2019
EP 21: Post SHOT Show Recap & Interior/USFWS Social Media Accounts Are Running Again!
In Episode 21 of District of Conservation, Gabriella reviews her recent trip to SHOT Show and previews her upcoming articles reviewing the show for a big outdoor publication and ReelCamo Girl.  She also discusses why it's good to see U.S. Department of Interior / US Fish and Wildlife Service social media up and running again is a good thing.  Show Notes:
January 29, 2019
EP 20: Bad Gun Bills Mostly Defeated in Virginia. Plus Some Good Hunting Bills.
In Episode 20 of District of Conservation, Gabriella updates listeners on the status of Governor Northam's (D-VA) anti-gun package—most of which were defeated—and three surprisingly good hunting bills before the General Assembly this legislative session.  Show notes:  Gutowski on assault weapons bans bill still in the Senate: HB 1621 Hunting license; trip hunting license for residents. Allows Virginia residents to purchase a trip hunting license in lieu of the standard local or statewide hunting license; Trip hunting licenses.  HB 2331 Wildlife Corridor Action Plan and Advisory Council . Elk Hunting License—HB 2687:[0]=68.ARD5m1pHu8iT316lp4AnY9umv2-a472DlS9P1saIGTNsVfmwCnEQLSe0Q1Giddq2ynhZ4RL63vuYHGk5gEs0cuCAJVT9AkImCP952FTQQQ-izB1x5G9ojxLdBsb5VJF7YiSs5ddUyG4gRibrYkKZdO6gMb--nLTCdtuXm2n5xPvQP0XhqGoeJ5UCsutd3FQiKilaTNAlGxYClrHQdaIuBw4omTeYqBZv9YmAea6GeYa4atTBBXJa_zcxvwgbNuptXyoAYiY_m1RuCbanzyJc03db_9ZXf8prY23824xaOcD8je8FVyD_LdHg4NhvU82VDQisqkmJe0aev1U4dKppZ4ed 
January 22, 2019
EP 19: 2019 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival Recap and Interviews
In Episode 19 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recaps the 19th annual Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival. She also conducts four mini interviews with four outdoor communicators at the show:  —Emily George, outdoor writer, SEOPA member, and content specialist at Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Instagram: —Debbie Hanson, outdoor writer and freshwater fishing guide out of Estero, Florida.  Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: —Joe Mahler, artist and fly casting instructor. He also works closely with Reilly Rod Crafters Website: Facebook: Instagram: —Matt Reilly, millennial fishing guide out of SW Virginia and outdoor writer Website: Facebook: Instagram:  To learn more about the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival, visit .  Follow them on social media:  Facebook: Twitter:  Instagram:
January 15, 2019
EP 18: There's Nothing "Reasonable" About Gov. Northam's Gun Control Package
In Episode 18 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the signing of the Modern Fish Act into law, the upcoming gun legislation in Virginia's General Assembly, and her fishing/hunting goals for 2019.  SHOW NOTES:  Northam's announcement on "reasonable" gun package: Northam's $1.4M donation from gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, from 2017 campaign: Gun bills to be mulled in the 2019 legislative session: VCDL's App on how each gun bill, good or bad, weighs:  Info on Virginia Lobby Day 1/21:
January 8, 2019
EP 17: Free Market Environmentalism with CFACT's Adam Houser and Graham Beduze
In Episode 17 of District of Conservation, Gabriella sits down with Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)'s campus division, which is run by Adam Houser and Graham Beduze. It was recorded in SW Florida over the weekend at their Eco Summit, where Gabriella delivered a "Hunting is Conservation" speech to student leaders.  Adam and Graham touched upon the following:  —What CFACT is and their roles in the organization —They discussed what free market environmentalism is — Conservation vs. Preservation Debate —The problems with the Green New Deal —The intersectionality of environmentalism and technology  —Why socialism undermines the climate, not bolsters it —Challenges to Free Market Environmentalism  —What CFACT's 2019 goals are ### Follow CFACT on social media _ Follow Graham: _ Follow Adam:
January 1, 2019
EP 16: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is Out—Who Will Replace Him? Plus Two Fish-Minded Bills
In Episode 16 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the news of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's tenure at DOI, his accomplishments, what led to him resigning, and who his successor could be. She also discussed the Modern Fish Act making waves in the Senate, awaiting reconciliation and the Endangered Salmon Predation Prevention Act. Show Links: Zinke's statement: Zinke v. Pruitt comparison: Zinke v Grijalva spat; New chair wanted to subpoena him Modern Fish Act update - passage in the U.S. Senate : Endangered Salmon Predation Prevention Act:
December 18, 2018
EP 15: The Greater Sage Grouse, Sportsmen's Package Must Pass, WOTUS Rule Reform is Conservation Win
In Episode 15 of District of Conservation, Gabriella explains the situation with the greater sage grouse and reforms to the 2015 plan; conservation groups backing a "Sportsmen's Package" during the Lame Duck Session, and newly announced plans to scale back the overreaches of the 2015 Waters of the U.S. which subjects all bodies of water, including puddles and ditches, to regulation. SHOW NOTES: SAGE GROUSE IUCN Status on Sage Grouse and Threats to It: Final Records of Decision from September 2015 explaining plan for greater sage grouse: Pew on 2015 sage grouse plan: Wyoming Tribune Eagle on state's rights angle to management of sage grouse and WY Governor opinion TRCP Article on Rule Change: SPORTSMEN PACKAGE - LAME DUCK WOTUS Rule Reform:
December 11, 2018
EP 14: President H.W. Bush Should Be Honored For His Contributions to Fishing and Conservation
In Episode 14 of District of Conservation, Gabriella touches on Bush 41's legacy with respect to conservation, environmental issues, and fishing. She also discusses why the 8-0 ruling in Weyerhaueser vs. U.S.F.W.S is a win for private property rights and conservation. She also touches upon four critical pieces of legislation awaiting passage in Congress — especially the Senate. They include the Modern Fish Act, Manage Our Wolves Act, renewing the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and Modernizing Pittman Robertson-Act. Link to H.W. Bush conservation legacy : & DU statement on his passing Weyerhaueser vs. USFWS context EP5 of District of Conservation: Modern Fish Act: EP 12 Manage Our Wolves Act: Land and Water Conservation Fund: Modernizing Pittman-Robertson :
December 4, 2018
EP 13: It's #GivingTuesday: Which Groups Should Hunters, Anglers, and Gun Owners Support?
In Episode 13 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a helpful article on which conservation groups hunters and anglers should support on #GivingTuesday and lists the best groups to support that promote true conservation efforts. Article on Charity Navigator, IRS 990 / 1040 Forms, and Foundation Money Groups Gabriella mentioned as worthy of donating to or joining: Sportsmen's Alliance - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - NRA - Western Bear Foundation - National Wild Turkey Federation - Ducks Unlimited - Delta Waterfowl - Safari Club International - Raise 'Em Outdoors - Project Healing Waters - Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation -
November 27, 2018
EP 12: Allen Luck of American Sportfishing Association Talks Modern Fish Act Status and More
In Episode 12 of District of Conservation, Gabriella is joined by Allen Luck of American Sportfishing Association live in Old Town Alexandria. Allen serves as Digital Director at the trade organization and runs their "Keep America Fishing" initiative. He also is a tournament bass angler. Allen discusses his work with ASA, discusses the status of the Modern Fish Act, talks about his recent "catch of a lifetime", why shows like Mike Iaconelli's "Fish My City" can inspire more anglers to fish in urban areas, how to continue fishing participation, and how listeners could connect with him. Learn more about ASA at & Follow Keep America Fishing online Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow ASA online Facebook: Twitter: Follow Allen online: Website: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: Learn about the Modern Fish Act and its status here:
November 20, 2018
EP 11: New House Leadership Will Work Against Sportsmen's Interests
In Episode 11 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the effects of the 2018 midterm elections. She notes that Democrats who have reclaimed the House of Representatives want to pursue anti-gun legislation, but won't have it advance past their chamber. It'll die in the U.S. Senate. She notes that the new incoming Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) boasts an abysmal record on sportsmen's issues and has backing from extreme animal rights groups. She notes that NC passing the right to hunt and fish amendment is a win for conservation and that state Democrats worked actively against it. LINKS: Democrats want to push more aggressive gun control : Raul Grijalva to lead House Natural Resources if Democrats retake the House NC Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment
November 13, 2018
EP 10: Election Day Special on What Hunters, Anglers, and Gun Owners Will Likely Vote For
In Episode 10 of District of Conservation, Gabriella details whether or not hunters and anglers will be driven to vote by single issues like public lands access and red tide/toxic algae and if they will break political orthodoxy or not; Gabriella details her thoughts on the North Dakota Democrat Party's awful ads targeting hunters and scaring them about voting today; and Gabriella details why North Carolina residents should vote and support the right to hunt and fish (RTHF) amendment against arguments opposing it. Links for discussion: North Dakota Ad: NC Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment For: Against:
November 6, 2018
EP 9: I Was One of 245 Americans Who Participated in TIME's "Guns in America" Cover
In Episode 9 of District of Conservation, Gabriella gives a brief overview of her experience participating in TIME Magazine's "Guns in America" cover: She also discusses the appointment of Aurelia Skipwith to be Acting Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Senate confirmation process that await her; new hunting license numbers showing a whopping 15.6M hunters across the U.S. bought licenses; President Trump signing the most comprehensive water infrastructure bill into law last week - especially to help with the EAA Reservoir Construction in Florida; and new updates to waterfowl and Canada goose possession limits in the Atlantic Flyway (Maryland and Virginia) set to be enacted during the 2019-2020 season. Links: DOI - USFWS Skipwith Nomination: National Hunting License Report: WRDA and EAA Reservoir: Atlantic Flyway Possession Changes for 2019-2020 Season:
October 30, 2018
EP 8: Erin Crooks of Raise 'Em Outdoors
In Episode 8 of District of Conservation, Erin Crooks of Raise 'Em Outdoors joins the podcast. Erin discussed being a Virginia transplant, a recap of her 2018 kids' camps, why she wants more kids fishing/hunting, her son's anti-hunting kindergarten teacher, why we love GoWild, and more. Learn more at Donate gear/tackle/apparel to REO here: Follow Erin on Instagram: Follow REO on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
October 24, 2018
EP 7: National Hunting & Fishing Month, Billfish Conservation, EAA Reservoir Approved, Gun Bank Bill
In Episode 7 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recounts her recent trip to Florida, discusses National Hunting and Fishing Month proclamation, the implementation of the improved Billfish Conservation Act of 2012, both chambers of Congress passing water infrastructure bill that'll help Florida construct the EAA Reservoir, and why Sen. Kennedy (R-LA)'s No Red and Blue Banks Act will keep a check on banks that engage in social corporate policies that penalize law-abiding gun manufacturers and companies.
October 16, 2018
EP 6: Joe Kondelis of Western Bear Foundation
In Episode 6 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Joe Kondelis of Western Bear Foundation. Joe serves as president and CEO of the organization, which is dedicated to the conservation of western bears like the grizzly. Joe discussed his group's mission statement, the problem with judicial review interfering with managed grizzly hunts, offers a defense of big game hunting, and discusses the future of conservation if the Endangered Species Act isn't reformed to accurately reflect the health of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem strain of grizzly bears. Learn more at and follow them on social media: Facebook: Instagram:
October 9, 2018
EP 5: It's Time to Modernize the Endangered Species Act
In Episode 5 of District of Conservation, Gabriella breaks down the need to reform the ESA, discussed the Supreme Court case Weyerhaeuser v. USFWS, and several ESA reform bills - including a bill to delist the gray wolf - that passed in the House Committee on Natural Resources.
October 2, 2018
EP 4: NRA TV Host Cam Edwards Joins the Podcast
In Episode 4 of District of Conservation, NRATV host Cam Edwards joins Gabriella on the show to discuss how he got his start in media, the firearms industry, how NRA members should be more invested in nuanced gun issues, why Democrats in NRA should be embraced, and how firearms proponents can work with hunters to stop the division and fight alongside one another in critical policy/cultural battles.