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DIU Podcast is the original Asian podcast based out of Toronto. Follow Gavin and Jack and tune in to the ramblings of two Chinese-Canadian guys as they discuss the daily issues experienced in normal life.
DIU Pod 57 (November 27, 2020: second lockdown, Adamson BBQ)
The DIU gang meet in the studio once again for an in-person recording session. Jack takes a shot at plugging sponsors/affiliate links. With the second lockdown in effect, Jack worries about the people from Toronto and Peel coming up to York region and infecting the good people of Markham. The gang discusses the merits of a full lockdown throughout the province. Jack proposes strict authoritarian rules. Gavin talks about a BBQ restaurant owner in Peel region who called the government’s bluff and opened up his store to the public. Should the government have the ability to tell small business to shut down? Let us know what you think in the comment section. Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some ways to tell people to back off - perfect for social distancing. Click here to follow along with the lesson. And don’t forget to check out Christian Filipina; help us out by clicking through this link if you’re thinking of joining the site. Loose Ends Restaurant stays open in Etobicoke despite lockdown (via CBC) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 27, 2020
DIU Pod 56 (November 20, 2020: hidden fees, relationship questions)
Gavin laments about the cruel nature of the world as he tells us about his new PC setup. We also hear from Jack about why DIU hasn’t setup our affiliate link with Christian Filipina yet (as discussed in the previous episode). Gavin retells his story from last night about an almost perfect night out at a restaurant. He was surprised to find that the total bill was not what he expected to pay. Should waiters tell customers about “additional fees” when it comes to ordering food? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Jack revives the love corner segment as we read anonymous posts from Subtle Asian Relationships. We go over some relationship insecurities and talk about 1) significant others who do everything for you and 2) dating someone only because you were their “second choice.” Afterwards, we learn three idioms in the Cantonese Corner. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends Jack came through and created the affiliate account. We'll talk more about it next week, but feel free to support us by clicking through this link! Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 20, 2020
DIU Pod 55 (November 13, 2020: affiliate marketing, COVID curfew)
The DIU Pod gang discusses a business manner as they have been approached by a dating website for a potential sponsorship opportunity. Eager to monetize the podcast (as discussed on DIU Pod 42), Jack and Gavin discuss why the show would be an amazing fit for promoting a dating site. Gavin talks about the hypothetical situation of a curfew to help curb COVID. The topic came about because a recent online survey suggests that 67% of Canadians would be in favour of adopting a curfew (from 10 pm to 5 am) if the COVID situation was dire enough. The gang discusses what a curfew would mean for Canadians. Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us three more Cantonese idioms. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends More than two-thirds of Canadians would support a curfew (via CP24) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 13, 2020
DIU Pod 54 (November 6, 2020: asteroids, body counts, anti-Asian racism)
Back to an online episode this week as a sick Gavin dubs this episode his “flu-game” podcast and we  hear about his recent illness. The gang discuss the benefits of not having a flood of children ringing your doorbell for Halloween this year. Jack warns us about the asteroid Apophis which apparently has a 1/150,000 chance of hitting the Earth on April 12, 2068. We talk about the potential of an planet-ending catastrophe and Jack proposes that his army of children can help save the day. Speaking of procreating, Jack brings up a recent Facebook-thread he commented on about the “body counts” of a potential romantic partner. Jack’s comments on how he would not consider dating anyone who has slept with 10+ (“double digits) people draw the ire of other Facebook users. We go further in on this issue and discuss why some people may have gotten angry at the comment. Let us know your opinion of a “body count” in the comment section - do you care? Gavin is tired of Jack constantly sending us stories about anti-Asian racism in our group chat. Jack seems to think that the rest of the DIU Pod gang don’t think this type of racism exists. We talk about the recent assault against internet-celebrity Uncle Roger and a new campaign in Toronto which aims to reduce racist attitudes towards East-Asians. We discuss what can be done to prevent racist mindsets as well. Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us three new idioms. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends Infamous asteroid Apophis might hit Earth in 2068 (via Earthsky) CNN Reporter describes 3 racist attacks in an hour (via CNN) Increased racism towards Asians in Vancouver (via CBC) Toronto For All campaign ( Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 6, 2020
DIU Pod 53 (October 30, 2020: furnace sounds, being too discreet)
Gavin makes a big announcement at the start of the show as he explains that his current living situation has changed. The DIU Pod gang gather to check out the new place. Gavin talks about the process of setting up the new studio and how his plans may have been dashed by being too close to the furnace. In a natural Jack-fashion, Jack makes Gavin’s move all about himself. An upset Jack claims that he should have known about the move earlier than “other people” because of the duo’s close ties. Who’s in the wrong here? Listen to the episode and let us know what you think. The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us a few phrases related to this heated episode. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here (52:41). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 30, 2020
DIU Pod 52 (October 23, 2020: disregarding the podcast, building furniture)
Gavin retells the tales of his recent hiking adventure. Jack remains firm on his stance that hiking is a good date spot. We also revisit last week’s hot debate about paying for a mutual friend’s drink in a platonic hangout session. Jack talks about the barrage of messages he’s been getting from friends asking about his developing love life. All the questions people have can easily be answered by listening to DIU Pod 51 – in which we interview the actual girl!!! Do people listen to the show? No! You want to learn about Jack’s love life? LISTEN TO THE SHOW DAMNIT!!! Gavin talks about his recent furniture building escapades at IKEA. He is convinced that everyone – at some point in their lives – has or will mess up in the assembling of furniture, and that men should not be ostracized for messing up the seemingly simple process. Have you messed up in building furniture (IKEA or not)? Let us know in the comments! After the furniture discussion, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese vocabulary related to furniture. Listen along with the lesson by clicking here. Also, stay tuned for the second all-Cantonese podcast featuring Kyle and Jack. The episode will be a website exclusive, so come back to and check it out on October 24. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 23, 2020
DIU Pod 51 (October 16, 2020: pandemic speed dating part 2, chivalry)
A large group of people descend upon Jack’s basement for a special episode of DIU Podcast. Listeners may recall Jack’s retelling of his speed dating experience a few weeks ago. We strongly recommend that you listen to DIU Pod 49 before this episode. This week, we hear from two ladies - KayKay and Natalie - who were at that very same event and get their side of the story. We also learn more information about Jack’s hiking date, why his date got mad at Jack’s offer to pay, and other juicy details surrounding Jack’s budding romance. We also discuss how Jack’s romantic interest feels about his constant insecurities being mentioned on the podcast, third wheeling on dates, and the importance of chivalry in dating. Let us know in the comments whether or not you think opening car doors is an important gesture. Afterwards, the Kao Lui Corner returns for another week as we hear the female perspective on dating. This one is for the single guys out there, so take notes! Topics include: rejecting people softly, Zoom dates and dating in 2020, and why university is the best time to chase girls. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 16, 2020
DIU Pod 50 (October 9, 2020: mid autumn festival, workplace politics)
The DIU Podcast crew celebrate mid autumn festival for the big 50th. We are joined by Jack’s language exchange friend from Taiwan, Layx. Right off the bat, we hear about why he had to fake his age and how he infiltrated one of Taiwan’s most famous choirs. We talk about the mid autumn festival and how it is being celebrated in Taiwan as well. Afterwards, Layx talks about his current workplace situation in which he is being ostracized by his fellow co-workers for being too much of a loose-cannon badass. Jack revives one of the show’s old segments and puts on his Love Guru hat. We talk about the benefit of knowing English when chasing girls in Taiwan. Layx also talks about how he met and approached his wife during their university days. Hear about how Layx “accidentally” forgot his wallet on their first date as well. Recorded on October 1, 2020. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 9, 2020
DIU Pod 49 (October 2, 2020: pandemic speed dating, overpopulation)
Jack comes into the studio a rejuvenated man as he no longer carries the pessimistic attitude displayed from the last episode. We hear about Jack’s adventures going to a speed dating event amidst the covid pandemic. Find out why he’s so happy… although I’m sure it may already be obvious why ;) Gavin talks about a controversial ad which popped up in downtown Vancouver. The ad suggests that parents should only have one child to limit the dangerous effects of overpopulation. The DIU gang talk about why this ad is doing a terrible job. Gavin talks about why population control such as rules to limit children are ineffective. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us two more idioms. This week, the phrases are related to rabbits. We also get an email from a listener asking for some Cantonese advice. Listen along with the lesson by clicking here. Lastly, we play a little clip of the heavily anticipated all-Cantonese DIU Pod episode hosted by Kyle and Jack. Stay tuned on as the full Cantonese episode will receive an exclusive drop later this week! Loose Ends Vancouver bus ad (via CTV News) Five Cantonese Podcasts (via Cantonese with Brittney on YouTube) Eight Cantonese YouTubers (via Cantonese with Brittney on YouTube) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 2, 2020
DIU Pod 48 (Sept 25, 2020: talking on dating apps, personal data on apps)
Gavin starts the show off with an announcement that he is now an uncle. This earth shattering announcement propels the DIU host into a new light of optimism. In addition to being a new uncle, life-sized gundams and the ever-growing sandwich wars contribute to a growing faith in humanity. Jack remains depressed, as usual. Jack gives us an update on his Hinge adventures initially discussed on DIU Pod 44. This time, the issue is that Jack can hardly get his matches to respond to his text prompts. Is Jack doing something wrong - or are dating apps just bad? Listen in and share your opinions in the comments. Gavin talks about the recent TikTok deal as the popular app was almost banned in the United States. President Trump suggested that TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, may secretly be stealing information from the 100 million American users of the app. We discuss the reality that all apps has the ability to steal your information and that the digital life - while convenient - is not really secure. We also hear about why Jack thinks Douyin is better than TikTok and learn that he doesn’t know what “cakes” means. In the Cantonese Corner, we learn three more idioms as Jack continues on his never-ending quest to spread the gospel of Cantonese. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends Life-Size moving Gundam in Yokohama (via Complex) What Google does when a government request your data (via ZDNet) Jack doesn’t understand the Ty Lawson story (via SCMP) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
September 25, 2020
DIU Pod 47 (September 18, 2020: reverting to stage 2, back to school)
The DIU Podcast gang takes a moment to remember our fallen Toronto Raptors team. Jack is ready to throw Pascal Siakam under the bus, much to the dislike of Gavin and other true fans. This week, Jack talks about what our lives would look like if the provincial government returned to phase two of the COVID reopening plan. Currently in phase 3, we are able to experience dine-in eating and larger group meet ups. We hear about Jack’s newfound sense of of being introverted, Gavin talks about the new Popeye’s chicken sandwich, and we hear about a $900 karaoke machine. In other news, many cases of COVID have been reported since schools have reopened in September. The DIU Podcast gang weigh the pros and cons of in-person vs. online schooling. Beyond the traditional course material, schools often provide a great chance for students to socially develop. We imagine what the future generation of kids who are raised on online education will look like. Jack returns to the textbook life in this week’s segment of the Cantonese Corner. We learn about two idioms while hearing fully-Cantonese stories. Don’t worry, English translations are provided! Follow along with the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends More Toronto Parents are Switching to Online Education (via CP24) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
September 18, 2020
DIU Pod 46 (September 11, 2020: Mulan backlash, fake Asian accents)
A lot of Asian-related issues in the burner this week as the gang start off by talking about the new live-action adaptation of Mulan. We discuss the movement to #BoycottMulan and talk about whether or not the lead actress should have publicized her support for the Hong Kong police. We also talk about the terrible treatment the Chinese government has shown towards Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. In the movie’s ending credits, Disney publicly thanks organizations in Xinjiang which are responsible for locking up the Muslim minorities in their brainwashing camps. The gang also talk about recent viral internet celebrity, Uncle Roger, who famously bashed BBC a BBC chef for her take on making egg fried rice. Gavin and Jack have a discussion about what it means to use a Chinese accent for comedic relief. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us some words related to movies and this week’s topics. Click here to follow along with the lesson. Loose Ends Disney criticized for filming Mulan in Xinjiang (via BBC) Uncle Roger video (via YouTube) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
September 11, 2020
Episode 45 (September 4, 2020: Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Neuralink)
Jack shares the big news of his newfound Twitch affiliation as he is one step closer towards realizing his dream. We spend a surprisingly long time talking about his trials and tribulations. Afterwards, we hear Jack complain about the recent Miss Hong Kong Pageant winner. The winner, Lisa Tse, is of Chinese/Scottish descent. A furious Jack believes that a biracial person should not be able to participate in the contest. The gang discusses whether or not the winner should be celebrated. Gavin talks about Elon Musk’s latest project, Neuralink. When implanted into one’s brain, this coin-sized computer chip would allow humans to communicate with computers. Musk’s recent demonstration with live pigs indicates that it is possible for this technology to be applied on humans. The gang discuss what a future with Neuralink would look like. The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases based on today’s topics. Listen along with the class here. Loose Ends Watch the video we played on the show: Interview with Lisa Tse (via YouTube). Watch Elon Musk's Neuralink demonstration (via YouTube). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
September 4, 2020
DIU Pod 44 (August 28, 2020: Qixi Day, Hinge, Kyle’s Announcement)
Four men enter a studio to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The DIU Podcast gang sit down on Qixi Festival (a Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day) in this romance-filled episode. Jack and Robin talk about their recent experiences on Hinge and we try to identify why they have not been successful. We hear from DIU Pod superfan Grace for a female perspective. Check out Robin and Jack's profiles on the website ( - DIU Pod 44).  DIU Taiwan correspondent, Kyle, checks in with the team and gives us an update on his current situation. Listeners may remember Kyle’s previous update from DIU Pod 21. Tune in to hear his big announcement! Jack prepares a Cantonese Corner on the spot and we really hear about his experiences with the segment. Follow along the lesson by clicking here. Will we see a new segment soon? Stay tuned to find out. Loose Ends Check out Grace’s blog posts about her Hinge experiences: My Dating Experience on Hinge My 6 Dates with 6 guys on Hinge Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
August 28, 2020
DIU Pod 43 (August 21, 2020: Twitch streaming, Wuhan water party)
After bragging about the feat which was the DIU Podcast 100th episode, the gang quickly fall back to reality. Mic failures and missed show segments are revisited before the start of the show. Jack gives us updates about his Twitch streaming adventures. Coming off a fresh webcam purchase, the revitalized co-host hopes to begin his quest for fame and money. Hear about the origins of Jack’s Twitch username and the dilemma which is setting up an “about you” page. We will also be announcing Jack’s streaming debut very shortly. In the meantime, you can check out his Twitch channel here. Gavin briefly talks about a wild party in Wuhan last weekend which saw thousands of partygoers in a water park. Has the epicenter of COVID really recovered from the pandemic which sent them into 76 days of lockdown? The gang briefly discusses. Shout out to DIU Pod fan Lou, who complained about last episode. We were initially supposed to talk about our most memorable moments on the podcast’s 100th episode celebration but got sidetracked talking about Jack’s male-pattern baldness. So instead, we revisit the moments this week. Jack has a brief Cantonese corner as we learn about some phrases discussed on today’s episode. Follow along the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends Read about the wild water party festival in Wuhan which attracted thousands of people (via CNN) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
August 21, 2020
DIU Pod 42 (August 14, 2020: The Big 100)
After many months of virtual podcasts, the DIU Pod gang are reunited for the big 100th episode. We hear about the reason for last week’s delay which was also discussed on DIU Pod 41.5. We give a big shout out to our superfan Kenny for sending us a donation via eTransfer (hit us up at With 100 episodes under our belt, Jack brings up the important issue of how we haven’t monetized the podcast. Jack proceeds to bring in several ideas about how DIU Podcast can start earning money. Gavin – while excited about the possibility of earning money –  is hesitant because Jack has seemingly never fulfilled any project or goal he has set out to accomplish in the history of the show. The gang take turns to discuss why Jack constantly bails on his goals. The discussion somehow ends up with Jack buying a webcam. We hear about Jack’s recent consultation with a hair transplant clinic. Hear about the potential procedures Jack has considered. Will getting a full head of hair make Jack the confident being he aspires to be? Tune in for this emotional conversation. The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some phrases related to the show. Follow along with the lesson here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
August 14, 2020
DIU Pod 41.5 (the "episode" before the big 100th celebration)
It's the big episode 100... or so we would be saying if not for some last minute technical issues. Join us next week as Jack and Gavin try to record the big 100 (DIU Pod 42) face-to-face in the studio. In the meantime, enjoy this short issue which was hastily recorded close to midnight. Stay tuned for an exciting episode next week! Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
August 5, 2020
DIU Pod 41 (July 31, 2020: NBA Bubble, Female Streamers & Simps)
Jack and Gavin reunite for a new season of DIU Pod. Gavin talks about how every video game should have a “play now” mode as common courtesy. Jack plugs his guest appearance on Pass the Poutine Podcast (dropping Aug 1). Season 3 of DIU Pod aligns with Stage 3 of Ontario’s plan to reopen after months staying indoors. While not completely safe, it is great to see restaurants and other services slowly open their doors. Gavin talks about the return on the NBA, which have now quarantined themselves in the Disney World Bubble – an elite training camp where the best basketball players gather to complete the postponed 2019-2020 NBA season. The two discuss the pros and cons of the season returning. Fueled by his usual rage, Jack rants about how female streamers on Twitch are able to earn tons of money simply because they are female. Jack talks about how “simps” are paying these mediocre gamers and is totally jealous that he can’t do the same thing. He claims that female streamers have it easy and secretly wishes he was a hot 18 year old teen. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us some vocabulary related to DIU Pod 41. Click here to follow along with the lesson. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
July 31, 2020
DIU Pod 40 (July 3, 2020: automatic speeding tickets, HK security law)
It’s the season 2 finale of DIU Pod and the duo recall their long history of podcasting. It turns out this is also the 98th canonized episode of DIU Podcast – making DIU Pod 42 the BIG 100! Gavin talks about the changing math curriculum as the province looks to discard the disaster which was “discovery math” for a more “back-to-the-basics” approach. Jack recalls his story about how he gamed with Carl from The Walking Dead. Toronto is set to activate 50 automated speed enforcement cameras across the city which will automatically send speeding tickets to anyone  caught driving above the speed limit. While this certainly is an issue of the impending robot takeover, the gang also discuss what this means for the everyday driver. Beijing recently passed the highly controversial Hong Kong National Security Law which criminalizes subversion, succession, terrorism, and colluding with foreign forces to endanger national security. The law, which was passed very quietly, spells trouble for the many protesters and who have been calling for Hong Kong’s independence. We hear from Kyle who breaks down what this law means for the protesters and also hear about how he was banned from Twitter for 12 hours. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us some vocabulary related to the episode’s topics. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here. DIU Podcast will be taking the usual three weeks hiatus in between seasons. Thank you for listening, and we hope you will be back for DIU Pod 41! Loose Ends Read about Ontatario’s changing math curriculum (via CBC News) Watch the recording of Jack gaming with Carl from the Walking Dead (via Twitch, starting from around the 4 hour mark) Read about Toronto’s automated speed enforcement program (via BlogTO) Learn more about the Hong Kong National Security law (via Aljazeera) Shortly after the recording of this episode, the first arrest in Hong Kong occurred for violating the new National Security Law (via CBC News) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
July 3, 2020
DIU Pod 39 (June 26, 2020: defund the police, Chinese-Canadians racism)
Gavin recounts his adventures at the shopping mall after three weeks of closure. We discuss the future of the reopening society and discuss whether or not it is too early to open up shopping malls again. Jack has finally made an appointment to get a haircut. Gavin talks about the recent public calls to defund the police. With the recent protests and riots – bringing to surface the many incidents of police brutality against the public – the notion that police should be defunded is gaining steam. We discuss how reinvesting police funds into the community can deter crime in the future. Jack believes police need more training with de-escalating situations. Jack talks about a recent survey which indicate that many Chinese-Canadians feel they are experiencing discrimination because of their race during the pandemic. We look over some and discuss some of the survey’s findings. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us some vocabulary words about this episode’s topics. Follow along the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends Learn more about defunding the police (via CNN) Camden (cast study) crime statistics (via the Philadelphia Inquirer) Read about the survey we mentioned in regards to Chinese-Canadian racism (via Fresh Daily) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
June 26, 2020
DIU Pod 38 (June 19, 2020: next-gen consoles, defining Millennial adults)
Society is on the verge of reopening and the gang briefly looks at how service industries in the future will look like. A fully-automated restaurant is about to open in Toronto and we talk about the demise of the public washroom. An eternal battle which emerges once a decade resurfaces this episode as Jack contemplates the next-gen gaming systems: should he buy a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X? Which console are you planning to get? Let us know in the comments! Gavin discovers a Tik Tok comment thread where a bunch of Gen Z are talking smack about Millennials. The idea centers around how Millennials are not fitting into the “traditional” definition of adults. What does it mean for a Millennial to be an adult, and why has this image of a traditional adult evolved so drastically? Tune in to the episode and join in on the discussion. After several weeks with no content, the Cantonese Ambassador finally returns to the show with the latest segment of the Cantonese Corner. This episode, Jack teaches us some words related to gaming and generations. Follow along the lesson by clicking here. Loose Ends Canada's first fully-automated restaurant coming to Toronto (via City News) Read about Gen Z dunking on Millennial adults (via Mashable) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
June 19, 2020
DIU Pod 37 (June 12, 2020: Starting the Dialogue on Black Lives Matter)
Gavin reflects on last week’s episode (DIU Pod 36) and talks about the importance of re-examining the issue of Asians and Black Lives Matter. While there were many interesting points discussed last week, the conversation didn’t really capture the idea of how and why Asians should support Black Lives Matter. Over the weekend, the DIU Podcast team received an email from first-time listener Lisa from New York City. The email had several great responses to some of the discussion topics from DIU Pod 36. Of course, with this being an online podcast, Lisa happily joins Gavin to dive deeper into her original email. This week, we further examine how a lot of things in everyday life - which many consider normal - are actually forms of privilege which do not apply to African Americans. In addition, Lisa shares some personal stories and experiences with racism and privilege. Gavin suggests that many people are afraid to talk about this issue, for various reasons. Lisa and Gavin talk about why there are people who are hesitating to even start a conversation. At the same time, we examine why some Asians may seem to shy away from this discussion by showing indifference. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t need a reason to call out the racism which is pushed on people around the world. Supporting Black Lives Matter is a matter of supporting other minorities as well. While it is a movement which is calling out the systemic racism, inequality, and police brutality faced by one group of people; it is ultimately a reflection of how all minorities should be treated. Black Lives Matter. Resources Dave Chang's Podcast - How Asian Americans Can Better Support Black Lives Matter 13TH - Full Documentary on YouTube A list of helpful articles and books for allyship - via Google drive Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
June 12, 2020
DIU Podcast 36 (June 5, 2020: Asians and Black Lives Matter)
With protests and riots sprouting globally after the death of George Floyd, the DIU Podcast gang attempts to talk about the heavy issues surrounding racism and activism. We discuss different ideas about how Asians can support Black Lives Matter. The idea of intersectionality between Asians and Blacks has a ton of potential for discussion; much more than we can fit in a single recording. Furthermore, we can only speak on our personal experiences as Asian Canadians. We talk about the idea of protest and riot, and how it has been mobilized in North America. Jack compares the similarities between these protests and the ones which overtook Hong Kong last year. Afterwards, Gavin and Jack exchange different ideas surrounding the role of Asian Americans in the Black Lives Matter movement. Jack questions why mainstream media is not highlighting anti-Asian racism. The conversation dives into American history, race relations, media representation, and the idea of the model minority. We also move on to discuss the role of social media in large scale movements. For example, does posting a black image with the caption of #BlackOutTuesday contribute to the movement? The group discusses the merits of performance activism. At the end of the day, this is a conversation about how Asians should relate to the BLM movement. We offer no finalities; no clear-cut answer as to how Asians should react to the movement. Hopefully this conversation proved insightful - if not at least entertaining - for those who tuned in for the ride. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
June 5, 2020
DIU Pod 35 (May 29, 2020: Asian Heritage Month, Vancouver vs Toronto)
In celebration of Asian Heritage Month (at the last possible moment in May), the gang finally give a shout out to the month which seems to seriously need a new PR person. Jack and Gavin talk about finally seeing each other after two months of social isolation as we talk about how the world has changed. The DIU Pod gang is joined by Nina, the host of Pass the Poutine Podcast, and Gavin’s friend from his days teaching English in Korea. So basically, three former english teachers in Asia step into a podcast and try to speak English. Speaking of Pass the Poutine Podcast, Jack goes on about how he was triggered because one of Nina’s (Asian) guests said she only dates white people. Jack claims that these people are a disgrace to their own race because they are disregarding them as potential partners. We go into a discussion about white people in Asia and whether or not they get benefits. Gavin brings in a news report from Japan which suggests that English speakers spread coronavirus more quickly than Japanese speakers because of the way English speakers spit while talking. Check out the video by clicking this webpage (via SoraNews). We often focus on the racism against Asian-Americans in the West, but we seldom discuss the racism happening towards foreigners and expats in Asia. Lastly, we conclude Asian Heritage Month by having an all-out discussion between Vancouver and Toronto. Topics include which city is more classy, attractive, expensive, and basically better. Jack claims he belongs in Vancouver and swears that the girls are hotter there. Tune in this episode for the ultimate east vs west debate you never knew you needed! Loose Ends We talked a lot about Vancouver being more expensive than Toronto... but is it really? A quick search on Numbeo suggests the two cities may be closer than we thought. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
May 29, 2020
DIU Pod 34 (May 22, 2020: reopening economy, quarantine dating game)
The DIU Podcast gang hopped back on the Discord for another jam-packed episode of the show. Gavin follows up with his McDonald’s story from episode 33 as he reads the email he received. Jack also chimes in with a short issue for the first time in like three episodes. Things naturally get political as is the norm since Jack is always trying to find a way to shit on the mainland. Gavin talks about how the economy is reopening and what that means for the good people of Ontario. We talk about whether or not it is too soon to restart society and why there are so many people protesting the lockdown. As citizens, are we supposed to listen to the government or take action into our own hands. Tune in and join the discussion. The conversation transitions into drive-in movie theatres and we begin to talk about the realities of modern (self-isolating) dating. How can people get their romantic fix if they are trapped at home? Jack talks about how we are living in a new world where personality (and voice) comes before looks. Robin takes us down memory lane and we talk about the good ol’ days of MSN flirting. Also, what is Asian Avenue? Tune in to find out! Loose Ends Check out this news segment from Al Jazeera about racism towards Africans in China (I couldn't find the LA Times article lol) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
May 22, 2020
DIU Pod 33 (May 15, 2020: McDonald’s order, Subtle Cantonese Trait Discord)
The gang returns to the podcast studio this episode and Gavin appears as a new and rejuvenated podcaster. As a result, we talk about the idea of returning to a once-a-week show schedule. Gavin retells the thrilling story which made him lose hope in all of humanity. Tune in for this exciting tale about getting fast food at McDonalds - yes that has become the highlight of the week… Jack introduces our mystery guest, Soulest. The two met on the previously discussed Subtle Cantonese Trait (SCT) Discord page. Soulest tells us about why she decided to join SCT and how her upbringing and life has led to her meeting Jack (virtually). The gang discuss issues such as how the Chinese diaspora learns Chinese and why second generation Mandarin speakers seem more likely to retain their mother tongue when compared to their Cantonese peers. In this week’s Cantonese Corner, we revisit the alleged “advanced level classes” Jack mentioned that he would start hosting on the SCT Discord during episode 31. After four weeks without an update, Gavin demands to hear why our in-house Cantonese Ambassador has not taught a single lesson. We hear about Jack’s reasoning/excuses and discuss what he should do. If you like drama and spicy gossip… this is the segment for you. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
May 15, 2020
DIU Pod 32 (May 1, 2020: erotic novels, learning Chinese, ideal partners)
Tons of fun and shenanigans on this week's show as we invite long-time DIU Podcast supporter, Grace, to the show! Grace talks about how Gavin and Jack are the ultimate DIU Podcast dream team. We also learn about the website Grace manages, Volare Novels, which specializes in translating Chinese novels into English. We quickly learn that these novels are targeted towards women and are quite erotic. In the tradition of DIU Podcast, our guest tries to accomplish an impossible feat; trying to make Jack feel better about his life. Will Grace be successful? Tune in to find out. We also hear about Jack’s anime transformation from whitewashed kid (WTF?!!) to the Cantonese SJW that he is today. The group talks about what guys and girls find attractive in the opposite sex. Men tend to hold physical beauty to high standards, but is the same true for women? Speaking of what men find attractive, Grace proves she is a huge DIU Podcast fan by listing off the many traits Jack looks for in a potential partner. Jack tells us that he would be way more successful dating in Taiwan than in Canada as he talks about his key qualities. The conversation moves towards learning Chinese as Grace and Jack exchange origin stories of how they got to learn Cantonese. Again proving that she is a dedicated DIU Podcast listener, Grace shares her drawing of the cube test we performed last episode. Jack and Gavin break down her drawing and analyse Grace’s personality. Grace talks about her latest blog post on Volare Novels (don’t worry, it’s not a translation of an erotic novel) about how to spark interesting coversations with your crush. Click here to read the article. Also check out Grace’s other blog, Live and Learn 88 (click here), and read her most popular translation of a Chinese novel: the Eunuch is Pregnant by clicking here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
May 1, 2020
DIU Pod 31 (April 17, 2020: the cube psychology quiz, Canto teacher Jack)
Another week, another groundbreaking DIU Pod achievement. This time, Gavin and Jack are joined via discord by other members of the DIU team: Robin, Seb, and Kyle. We get an update from Kyle, who is seemingly breezing through the coronavirus in Taiwan. Listen in as he describes the scenario over there. Hear about the government-seized face masks and how you can reuse them with the help of your everyday rice cooker. The gang also talks about quarantine life, and that naturally leads to Animal Crossing. Jack, who is experiencing FOMO (because he doesn’t have a Switch) wants no part of this conversation. Gavin brings in a psychology quiz called “the cube.” The quiz is part of the Japanese psychology known as Kokology. By answering seemingly mundane and simple questions, we can learn more about a person’s character. Join in on the fun as Gavin brings the group along for this enlightening adventure. Lastly, Jack has some big news regarding his evolution as a Cantonese Ambassador as he talks about the possibility of spreading his teachings to a larger audience. The rest of the gang question his ability to lead a successful classroom. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
April 17, 2020
DIU Pod 30 (April 3, 2020: Quarantine Life, Terrible Internet)
The DIU Pod gang returned after a week off in what seemed to be the most depressing hiatus known to podcast history. Jack calls in on Skype again as the world starts to self-quarantine themselves. While Gavin and Jack rave about the benefits of working from home, it’s clear that this new lifestyle is full of its own set of daily issues. Perhaps the largest issues is the fact that there are literally no other news stories being mentioned - which makes sense when you consider the fact there’s a deadly virus out there. Jack, sounding more and more like a Commie, reaffirms his point that China’s way of fixing the crisis works because of the government’s iron fist. We compare how governments in the West have handled the situation as well. Switching gears to more serious issues, Gavin rants about how his home internet connection has been absolute garbage because everyone is either working from home or streaming netflix… Speaking of the Internet, the world seems to be inundated with people who are sending Instagram Challenges while they are stuck at home. I’m not going to workout just because someone tagged me in their IG story. No one wants to see you do push-ups, just do your exercises like a normal human being and stfu about. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack talks about some of his top recommendations for Cantonese movies. It’s the perfect time to watch them because we’re all going to be stuck at home anyways. Just please, for the love of God, don’t overload my Internet while you are streaming. Follow along with the lesson here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
April 3, 2020
DIU Pod 29 (March 20, 2020: Cornavirus Endgame)
We’ve entered the Endgame in the movie that is Cornavirus. In a groundbreaking move on DIU Podcast, Jack and Gavin rendezvous online via Skype to host the podcast. This week the gang talked all about the virus and its updates since Jack mentioned the issue on DIU Pod 22. Issues include the phenomenon of #CancelEverything – where everything we know and love, from the NBA to eating at restaurants, are being cancelled. We also talk about Ontario in a “state of emerency” and the travel restrictions placed on Canada. Trump refers to COVID-19 as a “Chinese Virus” and many people, including Jack, are pissed off. Lastly, we discuss the trend of panic buying and try to wrap our heads around why people are buying so much toilet paper!? In the Canonese Corner, Jack teaches us some timely vocabulary words related to the episode. Follow along with the lesson here. Loose Ends Guy who horded hand sanitizer can’t sell them anymore (via Global News) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
March 20, 2020
DIU Pod 28 (March 13, 2020: disciplining children & fake coughing)
Gavin reports back from his trip to Chick-Fil-A. Is the infamous chicken burger restaurant really worth the hype? Jack brings in the issue of disciplining children. This topic, sparked by a viral Facebook post of a mom who uses push ups to punish their children, got the DIU Podcast duo to talk about their childhood discipline tactics. We talk about whether or not hitting children is an effective manner to raise kids. Gavin talks about a Chinese lady who pretended to cough on a flight attendant in an attempt to get off the plane more quickly. The flight, landed in Shanghai, had to be parked for more than ten hours because they were waiting for health officials to check the passenger’s status before alighting. We talk about using “fake coughs” to get what you want during the coronavirus outbreak. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack introduces the idea of Cantonese rap. He introduces a rap group called “the Low Mays” and we discuss the differences between English and Chinese rap. Follow along with the lesson here. Loose Ends Ontario license plates reverts back to blue on white Facebook post mentioned on the show about disciplining kids with push ups. Story about Chinese lady coughing on a flight attendant. The Low May songs: Broke Ass and Life Winners. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
March 13, 2020
DIU Pod 27 (March 6, 2020: the Birthday Special)
It's the BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! This week Gavin and Jack both celebrate their birthdays (March 2 and 6, respectively). The DIU duo get together for some fun and festive shenanigans. Gavin and Jack debate whether or not turning 28 is a big issue. Why does Gavin feel so optimistic, and why does Jack feel so depressed? Listen in as the two offer their contrasting viewpoints about this new saga of life. As promised during last week's episode, Gavin and Jack prepare questions for the game designed to see if the hosts can think like the other person. Each person has prepared five questions, along with their answers - can the DIU Pod hosts successfully guess how their co-host think? Tune in and listen to the banter. As a rare birthday special treat, we receive a letter from a FEMALE listener who is seeking the sagely advice of Jack. Listen in to the letter filled with gossip and the official Love Guru answer. Lastly, we do a very quick Cantonese Corner featuring some Cantonese phrases associated with birthdays. Follow along with the lesson here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
March 6, 2020
DIU Pod 26 (February 28, 2020: Ontario license plates, VR dead people)
Jack randomly decides to start his rap career at the beginning of the episode. Maybe finally being able to play basketball again gave him the courage to pursue this endeavor… This week, we talk about the new Ontario license plate design which has been a huge failure, largely in part because they are basically impossible to read at night. Jack rants about how the whole process of changing license plates is a huge waste of time and money. We then talk about a South Korean mom whose daughter passed away three years ago at the age of seven. The mom was “reunited” with the daughter through VR technology. What does this mean for the future? Gavin and Jack discuss what they would say to each other’s VR avatar after death. In the Cantonese Corner, we learn about why Jack is obsessed with a Facebook group named Subtle Cantonese Traits. Gavin partakes in an emoji guessing quiz while we learn some Cantonese idioms. Gavin and Jack share their different ideologies about how people should learn languages. Follow along with the lesson here. Loose Ends Read about the new Ontario license plate designs here (via the National Post) Read about the South Korean mom who met her dead daughter in VR here (via the Asian Parent: Singapore) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
February 28, 2020
DIU Pod 25 (February 21, 2020: chaotic children, reclining airplane seats)
Jack recounts his recent long-weekend trip to New York with his old teaching friends from Taiwan. Learn about why the transit in the Big Apple is so trash, how to avoid getting stabbed, and hear about the hot ABC girls. We watch a video featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson as he explains why children, who are naturally chaotic, should be encouraged to explore the world around them. We talk about how children should be raised, and how the creativity of children can be nourished without turning them into complete psychopaths. Gavin talks about a recent Internet debate of whether or not people in airplanes should recline their seats back. The debate, sparked by a Twitter video, has divided the Internet as to the finer points of plane riding etiquette. Are you pro-recline or anti-recline? Tune in to hear Gavin and Jack’s arguments In the Cantonese Corner, Jack decides to randomly talk about vegetables. Follow along with the lesson here. Loose Ends Watch the video with Neil deGrasse Tyson here (via Facebook) See the Twitter video which caused the latest debate (via Twitter) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
February 21, 2020
DIU Pod 24 (February 14, 2020: Valentine's Day special)
Love is in the air... or is it? The DIU Podcast gang talk come together before Valentine's Day to talk about an array of love-related issues. Before the show, we acknowledge Parasite and give a shout-out to the Korean movie which won four Oscars. We also learn that, Jack (a proud supporter of Asians, apparently), did not yet watch the movie. We also talk about racial backlash against the movie which has gained significant global coverage. We read a fan email asking the Love Guru for some advice for Valentine's Day. We also talk about why Valentine's Day is perhaps the biggest issue to ever face man-kind. However, Gavin and Jack seem to have slightly different reasons as to why that is... In the Cantonese Corner, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some common vocabulary which may be useful for Valentine's Day. Follow along with the lesson here. Loose Ends Read about the Tweet we mentioned about Parasite (via Market Watch) You can also tell that none of us watched the Oscars because we didn't even mentioned Bong Joon Ho's translator, Sharon Choi, who is apparently internet famous now (via Indie Wire) - my bad. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
February 19, 2020
DIU Pod 23 (February 7, 2020: buying a house, marriage question)
Jack brings in an update on the situation in Wuhan; although whether we can trust what he says is still completely up in the air. Jack brings in the issue of how he feels insecure when compared to his peers who own homes. We talk about the millennial struggle of staying at home and whether or not societal norms have changed. Jack enlightens us about his future plans of home ownership and living with his parents. Afterwards, Gavin rants about the annoying people who probe about non-existent wedding plans. Are they the worst people in the world? Tune in and join the discussion! Jack provides a “cultural” lesson on this week’s Cantonese Corner. He claims that women from the Canton region make the best wives. The reason being… well, you’ll need to listen to the show to find out. Follow along with the lesson here. Loose Ends Read about the Chun-Li cos-player / nurse in Wuhan (via Next Shark). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
February 7, 2020
DIU Pod 22 (January 31, 2020: artificial intelligence, Corona virus)
The regular cast returns to the studio and sits down for another week behind the mic. Gavin talks about new AI technology, known as NEONs, which are bridging the way towards the robot takeover. These AIs, while still in infancy, are supposed to be able to communicate with people and take over roles like yoga instructors or news anchors. The duo try to imagine a future where Jack marries a robot AI. Jack brings in the issue of the coronavirus. Further fueling his rage for, he talks about how the Chinese government may have purposely hid the news of this novel virus from the rest of the world. Jack also talks about other conspiracy theories surrounding the ground-zero of the virus, Wuhan. Regardless of your opinions on the virus, everyone should just wash their hands. Afterwards, a somber moment befalls the show as we talk about the passing of Kobe Byrant. Jack and Gavin talk about how Kobe made a big impact on their lives. Rest in peace, Mamba. The Cantonese Ambassador decides to teach us how to say some countries and cities in Cantonese. Follow along the lesson here. Loose Ends While I made NEON AIs sound amazing, they are actually very underwhelming. Learn more about them from this CNET article. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
January 31, 2020
DIU Pod 21 (January 24, 2020: Chinese New Year, Balding men)
The DIU Podcast gang start off season two by celebrating Chinese New Year! Gavin talks about the new studio, and it's all hands on deck as the we get five people help break in the new setup. Jack starts the show off by telling us the enthralling story of how he fractured his ring finger. Was he practicing wing-chun during the DIU Podcast haitus? Probably not - but tune in to find out how he got injured. Keeping to the theme of Chinese New Year, the gang talk about the Chinese zodiacs. We talk about what this year (the rat) means for us and learn which animals are a good match for us. We also talk about red envelopes and whether or not we have to start giving them out. Kyle talks about his journey from Taiwan and we discuss the differences between the lifestyles in North America and Asia. A sad Jack continues to bash Canada because he can't handle a bit of cold weather. Apparently, there are also some wedding announcements which may-or-may-not be true. Afterwards, because the show somehow revolves around Jack's baldness, the gang tries to comfort Jack by telling him bald men can be good looking. Is it depressing? Tune in and give your opinions! Lastly, the Cantonese Ambassador hastily puts together a segment around Chinese New Year and we learn about some common phrases which can be used during this holiday. Follow along with the lesson notes here. Loose Ends Read about US News' rankings for the best countries. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
January 24, 2020
DIU Pod 20 (January 3, 2020: Ip Man 4 Spoilers, Asian representation, 2020 goals)
New year, new mic. Gavin unveils the new Blue Yeti mic as the gang is shocked by its superior quality. Robin returns on the show for the season finale. Grab your popcorn, because this is going to be a two-hour special! Huge spoiler warning right off the bat as the gang basically spends the first 20 minutes of the show talking about Ip Man 4. Skip this topic by jumping to the 22:18 mark. As a decade-in-review topic, Jack talks about Asian representation in mainstream media. We talk about how Asians have been getting more spotlight and discuss how we got to this point. We also talk about why we think Chinese people have such bad branding/PR in modern times. Robin drops some wisdom bombs about being in his 30s, while Jack drops a bomb about his love life (Robin probes him to tell us more). Robin and Jack compare ideology about what it means to find love. The show concludes with everyone reflecting on 2019 and sharing their New Year resolutions for 2020. DIU Podcast will return in late January. Stay tuned! Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
January 3, 2020
DIU Pod 19 (Dec 27, 2019: Asians celebrating Christmas, getting sick during Christmas)
On this Christmas-themed episode, we are joined by DIU Podcast superfan, Dr. Eugene Tang, who has returned to his Canadian motherland after another year of sciencing in California. We get an update from Jack about his vaping habits, talk more about the benefits of sex dolls, and discuss intellectualism as nature/nurture - all this before our first topic (now that's a Christmas special!). Jack wonders if Chinese people in Canada should celebrate Christmas (a.k.a. the Devil's holiday), and we discuss what it truly means to celebrate the holiday. Gavin brings in a brief topic about being sick during the holidays and how the stomach flu makes him get pissed off more easily. The Cantonese Ambassador forgoes his section this week as the gang talk about Shanghainese, another dying Chinese dialect. Shanghainese, a language declining more rapidly than Cantonese, was formerly the most commonly spoken language in the Shanghai area about 30 years ago. Listen along to the Shanghainese Corner and learn a few phrases as well. Follow along with the lesson guide here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
December 27, 2019
DIU Pod 18 (December 20, 2019: parental bias, sex dolls)
A giddy Jack C starts off the show on a surprisingly high note before giving us an update about "the League." He then goes on to rant about how his sister is always getting more parental attention. We dive deep into his deepest desires about wanting to be loved... and we also learn about how his dream car was snatched away from his fingertips, Meanwhile, Gavin talks about a sex doll brothel in Mississauga which is facing some legal issues with the city bylaws. The gang talks about the implications of real-looking sex dolls on the future of the human species. Finer debate questions include: "can using a sex doll be considered cheating?" or "would you rather have your daughter fuck a sex doll or hooligan?" The Cantonese Ambassador returns with another poorly prepared segment as the gang struggle to get through the textbook. Read the lesson notes here. Loose Ends Read more about the sex doll brothel charges here (via Daily Hive) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
December 20, 2019
DIU Pod 17 (December 13, 2019: dating app profile pics, banana art)
Building off last week’s steam, Jack jumps onto his favorite dating app, TanTan. We learn about Jack’s swiping criteria and discuss how people who don’t put clear pictures of their face are a big issue. Jack also signs up for the highly-exclusive dating app known as The League. We go through filling out his profile and learn more about this mysterious application. Gavin brings in the topic of the banana art, where an Italian artist literally duct taped a banana on the wall (and sold it for $120,000). About to lose faith in the art world, Gavin explains why the series of events was actually inspiring to artists around the world. In the Cantonese Corner, Gavin and Jack read a dialogue about greetings. Follow along with the lesson notes here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
December 13, 2019
DIU Pod 16 (December 06, 2019: getting over a cheating ex, timely news stories)
In case you haven't heard... DIU Podcast is on Twitter. Follow us @DIUPodcast for the latest updates, reactions, and Jack quotes - this is something NO DIU PODCAST FAN should miss out on. Don't have Twitter? Make an account now! We receive a listener email this week as we once again summon the Love Guru back from retirement. This week's listener is having a hard time getting over his ex. To make matters worse, his ex is now in a relationship with his former-best friend. Tune in to hear about this tale of romance, heartbreak and betrayal. Listen longer, and here Jack break down every single dating app he has ever used. Afterwards, Gavin gives a brief update about the legend which has now been dubbed peepeepoopoo man. He rants about how it's difficult to bring in timely news issues because there is a three day gap between podcast recording (usually on Tuesdays) and the episode being dropped (on Fridays). On the Cantonese Corner, Gavin and Jack once again team up to deliver a dialogue about interrogatives. Follow along with the lesson notes here. Loose Ends Follow along the CNET article about the best dating apps of 2019. Peepeepoopoo man updates here (via the eyeopener). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
December 6, 2019
DIU Pod 15 (November 29, 2019: Toronto poop thrower, cyclists)
Jack’s pink vape, getting DIU Podcast Spotify and Jack losing his claim to be an “IT guy.” The show starts off hot with a ton of pre-issue ramblings. Gavin brings in the issue of the infamous Toronto poop thrower. What does a grown man throwing buckets of liquid feces spell for the future of our society? Afterwards, We discuss a recent incident in which a cyclist was hit by a turning SUV in Markham.. Jack talks about how he hates bikers (cyclist) and how they should all be hit by cars. The gang discuss whether pedestrians should wear bright armbands while walking. In this week’s Cantonese Corner, Jack and Gavin return to a new dialogue where we learn how to ask about the date. Click here to follow the lesson. Also, don’t forget to follow DIU Podcast on Twitter @DiuPodcast for the latest podcast news and more commentary on social events. Loose Ends The infamous Toronto poop thrower was arrested literally the next day after we recorded this episode. Read the Toronto Police’s official announcement. Watch the video of the cyclist getting hit by the SUV here (via Toronto Star). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 29, 2019
DIU Pod 14 (November 22, 2019: Long-term/marriage Love Guru questions)
Joining the DIU Podcast gang this week is Jack's long-time/high school role model, Louie. In Jack's eyes, Louie is the perfect example of someone who has been successful in love - thus being dubbed the long-term/marriage love guru. Louie, and his wife Zenna, talk about their recent wedding ceremony and how their story began. Afterwards, Jack, who has never had long-term love success, bombards the couple with questions. Tune in as we talk about everything from marriage advice to Jack's Chinese fortune teller. This week, in classic Jack fashion, he throws his responsibility of being a Cantonese Ambassador onto an unsuspecting Zenna. Listen in to a very brief Cantonese Corner at the end of the content-filled episode. Follow along this week's lesson here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 22, 2019
DIU Pod 13 (November 15, 2019: cellphone ban in schools, Don Cherry fired)
Gavin breaks down his unfortunate week before starting this week’s podcast surrounding Canadian issues. Gavin talks about the recent cellphone ban in all Ontario schools. We discuss some of the pros and cons of the ban; we also learn that Jack would be a terrible high school student today. Afterwards, Jack talks about Don Cherry being fired from Hockey Night in Canada after he apparently made xenophobic remarks against Canadian immigrants who don’t buy poppies for Remembrance Day. In the Cantonese Corner this week, Gavin and Jack read a dialogue about catching up with friends. Follow along the lesson here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 15, 2019
DIU Pod 12 (November 8, 2019: McDonald's CEO firing, long commutes)
Join the DIU Podcast gang as they creak their (chairs) way through another episode this week. Gavin revisits last week's issue of the Boston College suicide. He also talks about the story of McDonald's firing their CEO because he was in a consensual relationship with an employee. Tune in to hear about what the (retired) love guru has to say about this. Afterwards, Jack complains about his daily (three-hour) commute. Feeling discouraged, he makes a huge statement which may impact the future of DIU Podcast. In this week's Cantonese Corner, Jack brings in a new conversational textbook. He appears to promote Gavin to a Cantonese Ambassador as the gang demonstrate a conversation about formal greetings. Follow along here. Loose Ends This is the article I was referring to when reading about the McDonald's CEO (via CNN). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 8, 2019
DIU Pod 11 (November 1, 2019: Boston College suicide, Shoppers Drug Mart rant)
Tons of excitement this week as the DIU Podcast gang get up to their usual antics. Gavin decides to call back a Chinese robocall number - the results may surprise you. We also recap Louie's wedding, where Jack sang a Mandarin song - much to one listener's disappointment. Jack talks about the story of a Boston College student committing suicide hours before his graduation ceremony. The student, who was in an abusive relationship, was constantly told to die by his girlfriend. We discuss what the line for freedom of speech is. Afterwards, Gavin talks about a viral video of a lady yelling at Shoppers Drug Mart employees because they were speaking another language in front of her face. In the Cantonese Corner, Jack brings in phrases which use the word "shit." Follow along with the lesson write up here. Loose Ends I initially read out the actual number of the person I called on the first part of the show. Of course, being a real number, I removed the part where I said her number on the show. Read more about the Boston College student's suicide here (via The Straits Times). Read about (and watch the video) the Shopper's Drug Mart rant here (via Vancouver Sun). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
November 1, 2019
DIU Pod 10 (October 25, 2019: Chinese robocalls, Jack not married yet)
The DIU Podcast gang sit down and briefly discuss the results of the federal election. Afterwards Gavin talks about the terrible issue of receiving Chinese robocalls everyday. Whether its unwarranted calls or filling up the voicemail box, this is a continued issues which doesn't seem to have a solution. Afterwards, a clearly distressed Jack talks about his fears of not being able to get married by (his personal goal) before his 28th birthday in March. Is Jack close to getting married? Tune in to find out! In this week's Cantonese Corner, Jack returns to his Cantonese 2 JPEG book and we learn some vocabulary words using the word for "tooth." Follow along with the lesson notes here. (44:21) Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 25, 2019
DIU Pod 9 (October 18, 2019: 2019 federal election party platforms)
With the big election coming up on Oct 21, a concerned Jack talks about how many of the youth need to vote. The DIU Podcast gang break down some of the main political platforms for each party and discuss their feelings on the subject. Topics include: climate change, education, health care, and more. Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador – running out of ideas – consults a textbook and teaches us some interesting vocabulary using the word “heart.” Lesson notes can be found here. Loose Ends The Voter turnout for the 2015 election was 68.5%, which was the highest turnout rate since 1993. The largest turnout for a federal election was in 1958 when 79.4% of voters hit the polls. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 18, 2019
DIU Pod 8 (October 11, 2019: people who flake on plans, businesses sucking up to China)
DIU Podcast Green Ranger, Robin, returns to the studio this week as the gang get up to their usual shenanigans. Gavin brings in a personal issue when he retells his weekend misfortunes. After his friend flakes on their plans, Gavin rants about this inconsiderate act. Jack, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Let us know what you think about this in the comment section below. Afterwards, Jack talks about the GM of the Houston Rockets who has recently come under fire for tweeting his support for the protesters in Hong Kong. His tweet – which was very promptly deleted – angered many fans in China and resulted in many Chinese sponsors pulling away from the team. What are the ramifications of such a flex pulled off by China? Tune in and join the discussion. Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us about one of his favorite Cantonese idioms. Feel free to listen along with this post. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 11, 2019
DIU pod 7 (October 4, 2019: long distance relationships, Amber Alerts)
An email from a listener prompts the DIU gang to talk about long distance relationships. Jack briefly returns to the show as a Love Guru as he talks about what our listener should do. How can a long distance relationship work? Tune in to hear our opinions. Afterwards, Jack rants about how his afternoon nap was interrupted because of an Amber Alert. The gang talks about whether it is necessary to have loud alarms overriding phones when there is a life on the line. In this week’s Cantonese corner, the Cantonese Ambassador finally teaches us something everyone can use – how to swear in Cantonese. Tune in to learn about classic Cantonese swears and how you can use them in everyday life. Follow along here. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
October 4, 2019
DIU Pod 6 (September 27, 2019: Justin Trudeau brownface, being too PC)
Plenty of hot issues discussed on this week as the DIU Pod gang talks about Justin Trudeau’s recently surfaced brownface photo. We talk about whether wearing makeup to color one’s face is considered racist. We also consider if this situation make us think differently about Canada’s Prime Minister. Jack builds on this topic and re-states a previous claim of his that the world is becoming increasingly PC (Politically Correct).  Unwarranted backlash against Trudeau, Shane Gillis, and Jay Chou’s new music video has led him to conclude that the younger generation are being way more sensitive than he is – and that’s a bad thing. In this week’s Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us a simple phrase used to ask for direction. Follow along with this post here. Loose Ends I mentioned the incident where a comedian on SNL was fired for his prior remarks on a podcast. I made a mistake with his name, which is Shane Gillis (I called him Sean) This was the article Jack referred to about the criticism towards Jay Chou’s latest music video (via Inkstone). Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
September 27, 2019
DIU Pod 5 (September 20, 2019: democracy & communism, voting habits)
Joining us in the studio this week is long time DIU Podcast supporter, Robin. Having appeared on earlier episodes, Robin takes advantage of the podcast to ask about Jack and Gavin’s biggest takeaways from their time spent abroad. The conversation quickly spirals as several hot topics are covered. Issues include: Hong Kong’s extradition bill, democracy vs communism, political ideologies, and how we should vote. At the end of the long show Jack gives us a condensed Cantonese corner. Follow along with this post. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
September 20, 2019
DIU Pod 4 (September 13. 2019: vaping ban, Chick-Fil-A in Toronto)
This week on DIU Pod the gang talks about several contraversial issues. Jack brings in the topic of a possible ban on vaping as there have been more deaths surrounding the use of vapes. Jack claims that vaping is a great alternative for smokers who are trying to quit smoking. Gavin wonders if Jack is now addicted to vaping. Afterwards, Gavin talks about the opening of Toronto’s first Chick-fil-A. The famous chicken restaurant has been surrounded by controversy because the ownership sticks to traditional Christian values; most notably the idea of a traditional (Biblical) marriage of a man and women. The gang discusses if eating at Chick-fil-A means supporting anti-LGBTQ ideas. Follow along during the Cantonese Corner as Jack talks about Cantonese food culture. We also learn about his favorite dim sum dishes. Loose Ends There are now six deaths related to vaping; find out more through this CNN article. I made an error when I said Chick-fil-A is the third largest restaurant. In reality, it is the third largest restaurant in America.
September 13, 2019
DIU Pod 3 (September 13, 2019: being single, dating tips)
The Love Guru makes a return this episode as we are joined by our guest, Ben, who seeks the sagely advice of Jack C. We talk about the issue (if it can really be considered an issue) of being single. We talk about if single people work on improving themselves before focusing on getting a girl/boyfriend. The Love Guru also returns to true form as he provides some very solid tips about how the get the ball rolling on a romantic relationship. In the Cantonese corner, we learn about some simple phrases to use on a date to ask about where someone wants to go or what they want to eat. Follow along with this post. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
September 6, 2019
DIU Pod 2 (August 30, 2019: Canadian identity, Amazon rain forest fires)
DIU Japan legend Andrew joins the gang on this week’s podcast and has some questions for the former Lover Guru. Afterwards, the gang talks about Canada and what it really means to have a “Canadian identity.” We also talk about the Amazon rain forest fires from a variety of perspectives. Are world leaders being petty? Is this a problem with global implications? Tune in to this week’s episode of DIU Pod and join the discussion. Our in-house Cantonese Ambassador continues his quest to preserve the Cantonese language in the second installment of the Cantonese corner. Jack teaches us some useful phrases for making introductions while also discussing the future path of this segment. Follow along with this post! Loose Ends The concept that the Amazon rain forest represents the “Earth’s lungs” has been mentioned in the media at large. However, that number may be inaccurate. To suggest that this area produces 20% of the planet’s oxygen is a gross misrepresented perpetuated by several media outlets. Check out this National Geographic piece for more details. There was some confusion about the nature of the 20 million dollar aid package for Brazil and the circumstances surrounding the money being rejected. Of course, this story will continue to evolve as time goes on, but this article could provide some more information. Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
August 30, 2019
DIU Pod 1 (August 23, 2019: new domain name, Hong Kong Protest)
DIU Pod Episode 1 DIU Podcast is back, or rather, reborn! Gavin and Jack are once again reunited in their old studio and are looking to continue the old podcast. Tune in to find out more about the new name – DIU Pod – and what the guys have been up to recently. Today’s topic centers around the Hong Kong protests which have been ongoing for months. Jack talks about why the protest are occurring and Gavin talks about the difficulties surrounding media representation when it comes to news. Hear about Jack’s increasing passion about Cantonese and how he is trying to preserve the dying language. We learn about his future aspirations and unveil a new segment on the show. Follow along today’s segment with this post. This and much more, on the first episode of DIU Pod! Theme Music Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 
August 23, 2019