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The Divine Healthy Living Show

The Divine Healthy Living Show

By Karen Hurd
You were created by God to feel fabulous and be healthy. Take control of your health with simple real world hacks, practical advice, and holistic living principles. Science-based, faith-filled, and lots of laughter.

We talk about all things Divine, Healthy, and Living!

Karen Hurd is a Mom of 5 grown children, grandmother, entrepreneur, activist, and wellness advocate who loves and serves Jesus.

Donna Martin is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and personal trainer

The Divine Healthy Living Show is a production of WomanWize
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Recovery From Trauma
Come out of the shadows of fear, depression, and anxiety! Healing from trauma doesn't always mean reliving the pain.  Join  Melanie Mosbarger PLC CTTS and Wellness Educator Karen Hurd to learn how to incorporate body healing into recovery from trauma, stress, and anxiety.  God desires healing and shalom for you! Visit Melanie Mosbarger P.L.C., CTTS #divinehealthyliving #womanwize #trauma #PTSD #traumarecovery #stress  Follow Divine Healthy Living on Telegram: Join the Conversation on Divine Healthy Living Network Check out the Wellness Project:
July 9, 2021
Metabolism Made Easy - Burning More Calories Naturally
Your metabolism helps your body function.  A healthy efficient metabolism helps you burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Join Certified Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer Donna Martin and Wellness Educator Karen Hurd  - to get your metabolism burning calories!  #divinehealthyliving #womanwize #metabolismboost #weightlosstips Follow Divine Healthy Living on Telegram: Join the Conversation on Divine Healthy Living Network 
June 24, 2021
Almost Everything You Need to Know About ADD/HD and Your Child
ADHD - It's real.  What makes it worse, what looks like "fake ADHD" , over medication, lifestyle, and what you can do naturally to help. As an ADHD Mom herself, Karen shares the SIMPLE lifestyle and nutrition tips that changed her life and helped her get her brain back.  Topics in this information packed episode: brain health, gut health , meal planning tips, which supplements matter and how ADHD is an advantage. #ADHD #Brainhealth #guthealth Get your free access to Your Wellness Project - and get Karen's weekly update Vitality for Life Wellness Center ( Find Divine Healthy Living on Telegram Facebook WomanWize Health Message Karen
March 31, 2021
Recovering from Traumatic Injury - Beating the Odds
A car accident changed Stacey Lehn’s life forever. She suffered for two years with undiagnosed brain trauma. She fought back every day. 4 years and 7 brain surgeries later she is a survivor and a victor over traumatic brain injury. Stacey beat the odds – and she exceeded the expectations of her doctors. And as you know when someone in your family is given a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, it absolutely changes the course of an entire family’s history. It is a very profound, life altering thing. It can be all encompassing, not only for the care providers but obviously for the person who is the victim of a traumatic brain injury. But we are here to bring you some HOPE. And we are grateful to God that we have this kind of hope that we can share with you. Learn more about brain health and get free access to hundreds of resources -  join our thriving community at Your Wellness Project Follow Divine Healthy Living on Telegram:  Join the conversation on our private network
March 24, 2021
Slaying the Supplement Myths - Interview with Stephen Chaney, PhD.
Top research scientist and holistic health advocate, Dr. Stephen Chaney,  reveals the lies of the supplement industry, how mutant mice have skewed the information on soy and breast cancer, the origin of the MTHFR gene mutation and folic acid.  We talk about the reality of big pharma and nutrition information.  Dr. Chaney is the author of Slaying the Supplement Myths and Slaying the Food Myths.  Download your free book What Your Doctor Wasn't Taught in Med School -  and get access to hundreds of free resources and join our thriving wellness community at Your Wellness Project Facebook Telegram
March 24, 2021
Winning Over Diet Overwhelm PT 2
The average person attempts four different diets per year.  We have all started a new thing in great excitement - "This is IT!" - only to fall off the wagon, and then find a new program and try again.  The diet cycle has got to STOP. In PT 1, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist Donna Martin and Karen Hurd shared strategies for the mindset and emotional roadblocks that create overwhelm.  In PT 2, Karen and Donna share real life strategies that work in the day-to-day of any weight loss goal. Download our free book 7 Big Secrets to Losing Weight Follow  WomanWize Health on Facebook Get free access to hundreds of resources, webinars, and join our thrinving community at Your Wellness Project  
March 24, 2021
Winning over Diet Overwhelm PT 1
Do you feel motivated and empowered when you try to change your health and weight?  Or do the myriad number of eating plans, weight loss tips, and maybe the failed attempts make you feel overwhelmed?   Learn the secret behind overcoming diet overwhelm. 
March 11, 2021