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Get Divorced Without Getting Screwed

Get Divorced Without Getting Screwed

By Divorce Shield
This is a podcast for MEN who are thinking about divorce, in the middle of a divorce, or are recovering from divorce. You will get advice from experts and hear inspirational stories of men who have survived divorce.
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58. Reinventing Yourself After Divorce (Guest: Nancy Sawyer)
Join me for an exciting conversation about reinventing yourself and getting a divorce without hate. It's not true that you have to feel hatred for your ex-spouse after the split; however, you cannot control how each person wants their life post-relationship. Our special guest Nancy Sawyer (@mama_of_reinvention), will tell you all about reinventing yourself; Nancy has spent the last ten years reinventing herself and picking herself back up after life sent her challenge after challenge. An entrepreneur for 25+ years and a happily divorced Mom of two teens, Coach Nancy is on a mission to help divorcees rediscover their joy and reclaim their lives. In this episode, we discuss: ✅ How to manage emotions during a divorce process and post-divorce. ✅ How to co-parent when your ex-spouse has a new relationship. ✅ Interpersonal relations during a divorce process and after. ✅ How to have a different perspective about divorce. ...AND SO MUCH MORE... For more information about our free men's divorce community, go to For more information about our guest Nancy Sawyer, book a free call with Nancy to talk through where you are and where you want to be. (This is not a sales call! It's a free offer to help you identify the most important next step for you to begin the rest of your life.) Phone Number: (781) 760-2061 Website: Instagram: @mama_of_reinvention Email: Facebook Profile: @Nancy.m.sawyer.9
September 30, 2022
57. Surviving Divorce and Living Your Best Life (Guest: Warren Lieff) [SEASON 3 PREMIERE]
Join me for an empowering conversation about Surviving Divorce and Living Your Best Life. You might wonder if it's possible or too reasonable to believe that you can have a better future than before, but I am here today with some encouraging news! Our special guest Warren Lieff (@livin_life_inspired) will tell all - he was 59 years old when he decided on this course of action and said, "it is never too late." He shared his story so YOU CAN KNOW what YOU NEED TO DO next. In this episode, we discuss: ✅ How divorce impacts your life. ✅ How can you pick yourself back up? ✅ Co-parenting during and after divorce. ✅ How to reinvent yourself. ...AND SO MUCH MORE... For more information about our free men's divorce community, go to For more information about our guest Warren Lieff: Phone Number: 203-913-4922 Website: Instagram: @livin_life_inspired
September 23, 2022
56. Making the Decision to End My Marriage
Coming to the terms with yourself that divorce is the right decision, is never easy. Sometimes, the road to that happy ending that we’ve all dreamed of takes a few wicked turns along the way—but choosing your happiness and your children’s wellbeing, above all else, will always be an act of bravery. In this final episode of 2021, I’d like to give our listeners an update on the divorce process that I’m currently going through, as well as share all of the ways that I've been able to put to use all of the crucial and valuable information that has been discussed since the beginning of this podcast. In this episode, we discuss: ✅ Identifying if getting divorced is the best decision ✅ Throwing your excuses out the window ✅ Understanding divorce is a personal decision that no one else can make for you ✅ Overcoming the fear of divorce ✅ You’re entitled to be completely happy! ✅ Components that can and can’t be fixed in a marriage ✅ Divorce is not a failure ✅ Signs that the relationship isn’t working for you anymore ✅ What happens next? The first step in the divorce process ✅ The key to a better divorce process ✅ The first person you should reach out to ✅ How to keep your emotions in check ✅ Mediation is the best option in most cases ✅ Making the best of your life ....AND MUCH MORE.....
December 27, 2021
55. The Financial Blueprint to Your Post-Divorce Home (Guest: Jimmy Joseph)
🏡 Owning or searching for a home while going through a divorce can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. 🙍‍♂️ You might also have to live on less money than you planned or receive less income. 📉 These are some of the reasons why financial planning is crucial. ⚠️ Our guest Jimmy Joseph, a mortgage professional with over 20 years of experience in financial services, will walk you through the best financial plan for your post-divorce home. 💸💥 We discuss: ✅ How much money do you need to put down on a house? ✅ What is a low-interest rate? ✅ What is the most important consideration when people buy a house? ✅ How much of a down payment do you need? ✅ Rent v. Owning ✅ What type of mortgage broker should you work with? ✅ What is the most important thing you need in a divorce? ✅ Let's talk about appraisals! ✅ State of the housing market. ✅ Second mortgages and home equity lines ✅ Fixed v. Variable Interest Rates ✅ Pay off the mortgage v. money in the market? ✅ Managing credit during a divorce ✅ Credits scores and debt-to-income ratio ✅ Timing of Seeling ....AND SO MUCH MORE....
December 19, 2021
54. Using Divorce Mediation to End your Marriage with Dignity (and without breaking the bank) (Guest: Judith Weigle)
Divorce Mediation. What is it? Why should you use it? Can you really have a better divorce? Sound too good to be true? Come find out all about divorce mediation and what YOU NEED TO KNOW from special guest Judith Weigle (@theamicabledivorceexpert). In this episode, we discuss: ✅ What is Divorce Mediation? ✅ Who is a good candidate for mediation? ✅ How does mediation work? ✅ Mediation stories from two experienced divorce mediators. ✅ Honesty and trust to get to an amicable divorce. ✅ How mediators help resolve all types of disputes. ✅ The ways in which support is determined through mediation. ✅ Taking personal responsibility during a divorce. ✅ Divorce is not a failure. ✅ The journey to come to terms with the divorce. ✅ Our host makes a big personal announcement. ...AND SO MUCH MORE... For more information about our free men's divorce community, go to For more information about our guest Judith Weigle, go to
November 22, 2021
53. Positive Parenting Through Divorce (Guest: Janet Philbin)
Did you know that the way we deal with our children can be directly traced to our own childhoods? When you go through a divorce, children can get caught in the middle, making your ability to be the best parent of them even more important. Come learn how you can be the parent that your children need with special guest Janet Philbin, LCSW. (@janet_philbin_lcsw)
November 15, 2021
52. Can Divorce Lead to a Better Family? (Guests: Nikki DeBartolo and Benjamin Heldfond)
Our special guests, Nikki DeBartolo and Benjamin Heldfond, from @ourhappydivorce, share their divorce story and how they became a STRONGER family AFTER divorce. Yes, you read that right! Come find out how their divorce had such a successful outcome and receive great co-parenting advice. In this episode, we discuss: ✔ What led to their divorce ✔ First step after learning that divorce is happening ✔ Keeping your emotions in check ✔ Communication with your ex ✔ Having an amicable divorce ✔ The importance of the right approach to divorce ✔ Keep your children front and center ✔ Moving onto the next chapter of your life while staying friends ....AND MUCH MORE....
October 25, 2021
51. The Art of Finding and Hiring the RIGHT Divorce Attorney for YOU!
Going through a divorce is hard enough without having the realization that you may enter the court system for the first time! Hiring an attorney may be part of your divorce process. But, you probably have a lot of questions about that process. In this episode of Divorce Shield LIVE, we discuss: When should you hire a divorce attorney? Where should you look for a divorce attorney? Who should you hire as a divorce attorney? How are you doing to hire them from a cost perspective? Why is it so important to get the right attorney at the right time? Why you cannot afford to get this hire wrong! AND SO MUCH MORE! For more information and to join our Men's Divorce Support Group, go to
October 11, 2021
50. Can Divorce be Transformational? (Guest: Jeremy Davis)
Divorce can lead to big changes in a man's life. Some embrace these changes and really improve their lives in big ways. In our conversation with Jeremy Davis, we discuss: - How a long relationship ended after a short marriage - Getting divorced with an infant child - How money can really cause issues in a marriage - Getting married young - Making big changes physically and mentally after divorce - New relationships post-divorce - Co-parenting with your ex - Creating a better divorce process ...AND MUCH MORE... To check out our free Men's Divorce Support group, head over to
October 04, 2021
49. Divorced Dad Anonymous: How Divorce Can Change Your Life in Positive Ways
Come check out our conversation with “Paul from St. Paul” (also known as Divorced Dad Anonymous). We discussed: - His marriage - How the divorce started - What bad habits he ended when the divorce started - How his children were caught in the divorce and how he and his ex-wife handled it - His desire to help men tell their divorce stories to give strength to others - His perception of the divorce system …AND SO MUCH MORE…
September 27, 2021
48. Men & Custody: Are we doomed to failure? [SEASON 2 PREMIERE]
[SEASON 2 PREMIERE] Divorce is scary without children. Add children into the mix and it is downright terrifying for many men. Should you be concerned? Do men really get screwed in divorce?  In this episode, we discuss: - The different kinds of custody - How parenting time schedules are put together - The best way to get divorced for the children - Fighting now versus fighting later - Not turning your custody fight into a math problem - Taking personal responsibility for your own decisions ...AND MUCH MORE... Come join our divorce support community for free at
September 20, 2021
47. Co-Parenting and Starting a New Life After Divorce (Guest: James Bastian) [SEASON ONE FINALE]
How should men handle getting divorced? Come find out from @_jamesbastian_ how you need to handle your children and yourself when you go through a divorce. In this episode, we discuss: ✅ Lack of resources for men going through divorce ✅ Need for mental health help surrounding divorce ✅ The thoughts that men have during divorce ✅ Putting kids first ✅ Making sure kids know that the divorce has nothing to do with them ✅ How divorce impacts your children’s view on marriage ✅ Being honest about why the marriage ended ✅ Books and resources for children ✅ Children need happy parents, not married parents ✅ Leave your children out of the divorce process! ✅ Importance of “date night” ✅ Talking about marital problems with your guy friends ✅ Making a choice of how to handle divorce ✅ The benefits of divorce ✅ Being blindsided by divorce ✅ Weak marriage will easily lead to divorce ...AND SO MUCH MORE... For more information, visit
June 28, 2021
46. What Women Wish They Had Done Differently in Their Divorces (Guests: T.H. Irvin & Jessica Klingbaum)
Guys, what do women think of divorce? Do they have regrets or would have done something differently? Come find out what the ExExperts have to say about divorce, and learn how they are trying to change the face of this often difficult situation. We discuss: How they each found out divorce was coming What the divorce process looked like An amicable divorce versus War of the Roses Putting children first When is the time right to get divorced Your Divorce TEAM Asking the experts questions How your attorney can dictate the type of divorce you have The importance of mindset Their advice they have for men going through a divorce ...AND SO MUCH MORE... Learn more about the Ex-Experts (Jessica Klingbaum and T.H. Irwin) by visiting their website: and following them on Instagram ExExperts Learn more about Divorce Shield and its resources for men going through divorce at
June 21, 2021
45. Navigating Post-Divorce Fears (Guest: Nancy Burger)
Fear. 😰 It drives so many of us in the wrong direction. When it comes to divorce, fear can move down the wrong path. We discussed fear with Nancy Burger (@nancyrburger) and how it impacts so many people.    In this interview, we discuss: ✅ What is a fear strategist? ✅ Helping people deal with fear ✅ What is fear? ✅ Real versus imagined fears ✅ Finding the genesis of a fear ✅ Fear Strategist versus Mental Health Professional ✅ Raising a child and fear ✅ Facing your fears ✅ How your approach to divorce can be rooted in fear ...AND SO MUCH MORE...   Learn more about Nancy @ Learn more about Divorce Shield @
June 14, 2021
44. Divorce and Coming Out: Cary's Divorce Story (Guest: Cary Zackman)
Think divorce is hard. Try coming to terms with your sexuality and dealing with a divorce. This conversation with Cary Zackman (@caryzackman) takes you through a journey of self-discovery, fear, anger, confusion, and ultimately acceptance. Want to learn how to deal with the stress of divorce while keeping your head and life up? In this episode, we discuss: ✅ Loving your wife while not being "in love" with her ✅ Lengthy separation is not a good idea ✅ Impact of divorce on children ✅ When it is time to get divorced ✅ Importance of not being emotional during divorce ✅ Discovering who you are later in life ✅ Mindset mindset mindset!! ✅ His advice for men thinking about divorce ...AND SO MUCH MORE...   You can learn more about Divorce Shield @
May 31, 2021
43. The BETTER Way to Get Divorced (Guest: Nanci Smith, Esq.)
Think that going to court to get divorced is the only way to get out of your marriage? Think again! We discuss collaborative divorce and mediation with @nancismithlaw in this great interview. There is a better way to just have to CHOOSE it. In this episode, we discuss: ✅ Difference between collaborative divorce and mediation ✅ What is collaborative divorce ✅ Who is on your collaborative divorce team ✅ The financial and emotional benefits of collaborative divorce ✅ Cost of Litigation versus Mediation versus collaborative divorce ✅ How to find a collaborative divorce attorney ✅ Talking to your spouse about the right divorce process ✅ "Fairness" in the divorce process ...AND SO MUCH MORE... You can learn more about Nanci @ You can learn more about Divorce Shield @
May 23, 2021
42. A Man's Guide to Dressing for Success After Divorce (Guest: Rebecca Johnson)
Dress for success. We have all heard that, right? Did you know that you need to dress for the life you want post-divorce too? We spoke to Rebecca Johnson, a personal stylist with J. Hilburn, about how clothes can make a big difference in your life.   We discussed: - What is a personal stylist? - How clothes can be life-changing - The science of dressing - How people can tell if you are wearing quality clothing - Examples of men who upgraded their clothes and their lives - Reminding yourself that you are worthy - Investing in yourself - An upgraded look can land you a new relationship - How a personal stylist works ....and so much more...   Links for Videoes Referenced in Interview: RuPaul - = George Clooney "Three Kings" clip -    Contact Information for Rebecca:   Call or Text: 305-803-3355 @1stimpressionsbyrebeccaj   For more information about Divorce Shield, visit
May 18, 2021
41. What REAL Men Need to Know About Divorce (Guest: James Brien)
What do REAL MEN need to know about divorce? Find out from the author of "The Real Man's Guide to Divorce." We discuss the entire journey, from beginning to end, that men go through in divorce. We discuss: - Getting your mindset in the right place - Concentrating on your children - Parenting plans - Mental Health and men - The U.K. court system and its bias towards women - Taking care of your body - Dressing and grooming for success - Dating! ...AND SO MUCH MORE... Find out more about James at You can purchase his book "The Real Men's Guide to Divorce" here:
May 10, 2021
40. Organizing Your Home and Your Life After Divorce (Guest: Michelle Sarao)
Want to learn how you can get help organizing your home and your life after #divorce​? Going through the end of a marriage is hard enough without worrying about finding new houses or organizing your children's schedules. Come learn how you can get it all done!   In this episode, we discuss: - Importance of organization - Savings of time and money when getting help - Impact of divorce and moving on children - Organizing children's schedules - Co-parenting in harmony - Changing a house post-divorce - Moving and decluttering as a way to start a new life - How a professional organizer can make your divorce better ....AND SO MUCH MORE.... Learn more about Michelle at  Learn more about Divorce Shield at
May 03, 2021
39. To Divorce or Not to Divorce, That is the Question (Guest: Kim Bowen)
Deciding whether or not to get divorced is one of the hardest decisions you can make. Kim Bowen, the founder of The Marriage Place, teaches us how to figure out if you should get divorced or whether you should just take your marriage in a new direction. We discuss: - Figuring out if marriage is the right move - Referring out clients to collaborative divorce - Working through the past, present, and future - Doing the hard work of looking inward - Discernment therapy - Therapy v. Coaching - Narcissism - The options that people have in counseling - Marriage saving therapy - The need for structure in discernment therapy - Not deciding about your future - Unrealistic reasons to want a divorce - Impact of social media on marriage - How porn impacts marriage - Compatibility ...AND SO MUCH MORE... To learn more about Kim, visit
April 27, 2021
38. A Child's Perceptive on Custody (Guest: Sydney)
Ever wonder what children think about custody? Come hear from seven year old Sydney on what she thinks about divorce and children living in two different houses. The conversation is eye-opening!
April 19, 2021
37. The Divorce Story of James: How Divorce Can Change Your Life For the Better (Guest: James Bastian)
Divorce does not have to be all bad. There are many divorces that open up your eyes to new possibilities and a life you never considered before. In this episode, we talk to James Bastian about his divorce and co-parenting with his ex in the years since the divorce process. We discuss: - Signs that a marriage is on the rocks - Should you regret a marriage that didn't work? - Hurtful comments during divorce - Being guided by an attorney during a divorce - Dual citizenship and marriage with children - End of marriage does not make you a failure - How does Mormonism impact marriage and divorce - Perceptions of others in divorce and how to ignore the noise - Processing being told that the marriage is over - Red flags that the divorce is on the rocks - How the divorce process can get nasty and heated - Documents during divorce can be very hurtful - You can choose whether you want an amicable divorce or War of the Roses - The high cost of fighting in divorce (and afterward) - Every day you choose how to view the world post-divorce Find out more about us at 
April 12, 2021
36. Starting Over After Divorce (Guest: Allyson Fusella)
Divorce is never easy. You are destroying the vows you took at your wedding to love, honor, and cherish your spouse forever. After divorce, many question themselves, the choices they made, their value, their needs, and their worthiness. Join Allyson Fusella as she takes us through the choices you can make after divorce. We discuss: - Choosing to face your fears - Not ignoring or denying your feelings surrounding your fears - Choosing to be grateful for the lessons from your divorce - You control how many times you repeat the same unhealthy behavior - Choosing to forgive what you can't forget - The importance of worthiness - Learning how to learn who you are and your own inner beauty - Choosing to dream again To find out more about Allyson, visit To schedule a FREE Discovery Call with Divorce Shield, visit
April 01, 2021
35. How Men Can Sabotage Their Custody Case (Guests: Adelola Dow, Esq., and Stephanie Hunnell, Esq.)
What do men need to know about approaching a custody dispute? Turns out, there is a lot! Join my guests Adelola Dow (aka Ade) and Stephanie Hunnell as we discuss this complicated topic. They are both divorce attorneys and the co-hosts of the "Undoing I Do with Stephanie and Ade" Facebook Show.  In this show, we discuss: - What to look for in hiring an attorney - Setting expectations for how a custody case will turn out at the beginning of a case - Dos and Don'ts of Communication with your attorney - How courts are proceeding in the age of ZOOM - Make sure your attorneys isn't a dinosaur when it comes to technology - Gender bias in custody cases - Using custody positions as leverage in the financial part of the divorce - How women feel about men getting more custody - Importance of getting involved in your children's lives - Don't lie or withhold information from your attorney! - How drugs and alcohol impact custody - Making arguments in divorce that are not consistent with how you acted during the marriage - The importance of calendaring - Stay off social media when you start a divorce - Take the emotion out of your divorce ...AND SO MUCH MORE... You can learn more about Ade at, and more about Stephanie at To join the Divorce Shield TRIBE, a free Men's Divorce Support Community, go to
March 22, 2021
34. The Cultural Issues in Divorce that Men NEED TO KNOW! (Guest: Stephanie Tang, Esq.)
Divorce is hard. Add cultural issues into the legal process, and divorce is even more difficult. Come find out from our guest Stephanie Tang, Esq., a divorce attorney from Chicago, how men can navigate cultural issues in divorce.   We discuss: - Approaching divorce with the right mindset - Hiring the right attorney - How different cultures approach divorce - Educating your attorney on your culture - Mistakes people make in settling divorce - How the court approaches divorce with different cultures ...AND MUCH MORE   You can learn more about Stephanie at ​To schedule a Discovery Call to learn how Divorce Coaching can help you plan for and navigate divorce, click here:
March 14, 2021
33. Getting Your Sexual Groove Back After Divorce (Guest: Beverly Perryman)
Sex. What a loaded word! What mistakes in intimacy lead to divorce? How can you correct them for your next relationship? Join Certified Sexologist Beverly Perryman as we discuss:  - What is a sexologist? - How to build intimacy - Special room just for you and your spouse - The issues that people have with sex and intimacy - How to help people rekindle the flame - How working with a sex coach can help you - Sex is not a bad word that you need to be ashamed of - Communication is the top killer of sex - How to get your groove back in the next relationship. .....AND MUCH MORE   You can learn more about Beverly at  You can learn more about Divorce Shield and our FREE Men's Divorce Support Community at
March 07, 2021
32. Divorcing a Narcissistic Woman: A Real Divorce Story (Guest: The Dadvocate)
There are many reasons why people get divorced. At its core, unhappiness leads people to make the decision to end a marriage. Often, we later look back at our marriage and realize there were many signs that it was not a healthy relationship. It is always easy to Monday-Morning-QB. Join our guest Dadvocate (he prefers to not have his real name public as he has young children), as we discuss: - Deciding when to leave a marriage - Living with a narcissist - Co-Parenting after divorce - Settling your custody dispute - The fight for your children never ends - The inequity of the family court system - Looking back at signs the marriage should have ended sooner - Gaslighting and its impact on marriage and children - How love bombing can make you fall for a narcissist before you know who they are ....AND SO MUCH MORE..... For more information about our guest, check out To join our free Facebook community for men thinking about or going through divorce, check out
February 28, 2021
31. Mistakes that Men Make During Divorce (Guest: Christina Previte, Esq.)
Join our guest Christina Previte, Esq., as we discuss the common mistakes that men make when going through a divorce.  We discuss: - Making sure you get an attorney that understands your goals - You do not have to go directly to court when you start a divorce - Tips on hiring an attorney - Keeping things civil with your wife - Make sure your attorney is managing your EXPECTATIONS! - Communication with your wife during a divorce is good - Making sure you have healthy communication with your wife that does not turn into a domestic violence situation - The use of audio recordings in divorce - Using the children as a sounding board for your divorce - Everything to write, do or so is potential evidence - Get a real therapist - Hiding assets - Whether you must follow Order .....AND SO MUCH MORE.   If you want more information about us, visit  If you want more information about Christina, visit her on Instagram @theprev  For more information about the law firm, visit
February 24, 2021
30. Guys....Make a DECISION!
Is Divorce on the horizon? No one wants to get divorced. But, when that situation becomes a reality in your life, you need to make a decision. Do not be paralyzed. In this episode, we go into detail about how you make the decision to get divorced, and what your first step should be. Want to join our free divorce support community called Divorce Shield TRIBE? Check out
February 15, 2021
29. Therapy and Divorce: Why is it important and how do you start? (Guest: Bonnie Miller Ladds)
When you start down the road toward divorce, it is easy to forget about the most important person in your life....YOU. There is no planning for divorce that doesn't include working on you. Join our guest Bonnie Miller Ladds, LCSW, as we discuss: - What is therapy? - How do you find a therapist? - How do men and women differ when it comes to approaching therapy? - What does therapy do in a man's life to help him manage divorce? - How therapy can work for anyone. To learn more about us, visit To learn more about our guest Bonnie Miller Ladds at
February 08, 2021
28. How Men Find Happiness After Divorce (Guest: Allyson Fusella)
Happiness. It is something that many men do not really think about. When a marriage ends, there is usually an absence of happiness in a man's life, whether he wants to admit it or not. Did you know that there are specific methods you can use to figure out what you want out of life and to help you find happiness? Join our guest Allyson Fusella, as she discusses: - Why marriages end - Learning to mirror back to your spouse (and your kids) - Elevated emotion and how it can be the cornerstone of a healthy and happy relationship - How our sense of self-worth plays a big role in our relationships and our happiness - Heart Math and how it can provide proof to men that emotion impacts health - What steps men should take to learn lessons from their failed marriage so that they can move forward into a happy relationship To learn more about us, visit To learn more about our guest Allyson Fusella, visit
February 01, 2021
27. How to Stay Healthy Before, During, and After Divorce (Guest: Irslan Ali)
Divorce is hard on your body. Want to learn how you can eat healthy even in the most stressful of times? Come join our guest Irslan Ali, the creator of the FHIT Training Method, as he discusses: - How you must learn to de-stress before you can start on the road to being healthy - Figuring out if your body is in "fight or flight" mode? - The techniques to calm your mind before building health habits - Accountability is King! - The foods that can make or break your health when stress is in the air You can find out more about Irslan here: You can find out more about Divorce Shield here:
January 25, 2021
26. Divorcé Michael and the lessons he learned from Divorce
We all learn so much from those who have gone through the divorce process. What lessons do they learn? What would they do differently if they would do it all over again?  In this episode, we talk to Michael about his divorce, his post-divorced life, and what lessons he has learned. We discuss with him: - Why his marriage failed - How divorce impacted his relationship with his child - What signs of divorce he noticed - Finance stress of marriage and divorce - When he started the legal process - Crafting an agreement - Not rushing through the process - Disputes post-divorce and how decisions made or not made during divorce made all the difference - Finding happiness after divorce If you need help to plan and prepare for divorce, check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp at If you want to join our Divorce Shield TRIBE and get help from men who are going through divorce, check out 
January 18, 2021
25. How your Mind and Body Impact Divorce
Did you know that divorce can be influenced by your diet and exercise? A big part of protecting your sanity is making sure that your mind and body are right. In this episode, we discuss things you can do to keep your mind in top shape as you approach divorce. For more help, visit 
January 11, 2021
24. Should I Get Divorced?
Deciding whether to get divorced is one of the most difficult decisions that you will make in your life. It will have an impact on you, your spouse, and your children. So, should you get divorced? What are the signs to look out for? What do you need to know?  In this episode of the Get Divorced Without Getting Screwed Podcast, we look at 12 signs that your marriage may be at its end. These include: ✔ Always having to win arguments ✔ Never fighting ✔ Having the need to provoke your spouse ✔ Your spouse and annoyance ✔ Hiding your "real self" from your spouse ✔ Exaggerating on social media ✔ Is your spouse your "go to" person? ✔ Putting things and people before your spouse ✔ No more "we" ✔ The "exit strategy" ✔ Always thinking about divorce If you have signs that your marriage is in trouble, do not despair. It is not the end of your life. Just take a deep breath and know that we are here for you. Check out the Divorce Preparation Academy by going here:  
January 05, 2021
23. Divorce and the Holidays
We are in the middle of the holidays. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or any other kind of holiday, or if you don't celebrate any holidays at all, the end of the year is really a unique time. You have got a new year about to start. When we start New Year, most people think about new beginnings. They start weight loss plans, decide to exercise, read every night, and spend more time with their kids. But, what about starting a divorce during the holidays? In this episode, we discuss: ✔ You only live once! ✔ Don’t wait until after the holidays to start divorce preparation. ✔ You are the most important person in your life. ✔ If you want to start the divorce process next year, this is the right time to start planning. ✔ Don’t make the decision to get divorced in the middle of the holidays. ✔ Whether deciding to divorce based on one event makes sense. ✔ Using the holidays to improve your relationship with your children. ✔ Avoiding arguments with your wife over the holidays. And so much more! Come learn what it takes to survive and thrive over the holidays. Are you ready to start preparing for divorce? Come check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp ( and get 20% off with coupon code DSPODCAST. Start the next chapter in your life TODAY!
December 17, 2020
22. The Divorce Preparation Bootcamp
How do you prepare for divorce so that you don't get screwed? It starts by going back to school! Welcome to the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp (previously known as the Divorce Preparation Academy).  Learn more by clicking here:  Question? Email us at
November 06, 2020
21. What is a Divorce Coach and do you need one?
In the process of preparing for Divorce, do you need a Divorce Coach? To start with, what is a divorce coach? Let's tackle this together.
October 14, 2020
20. Why is Preparing for Divorce so important?
There are so many important reasons to prepare for divorce. But, why should YOU think it is important? What will happen if you don't prepare for divorce?
September 24, 2020
19. Are there consequences to waiting to get Divorced?
Is there a right time to get divorced? When do you know it is time to start preparing for divorce? Knowing when to start is as important as what you do to prepare. 
September 18, 2020
18. In Divorce, is your Wife the enemy?
When you start any legal process, it is natural to see the other side in a negative light. But, when confronting divorce, is your Wife the enemy? When you are preparing for Divorce, how should you see your wife? The answer will likely dictate whether you have a quick and inexpensive process that will allow you to get a fair result, or an expensive and difficult process. 
September 10, 2020
17. Dating before Divorce...Good or Bad?
Should you start dating someone new before your divorce is finished? What impact can it have on your divorce and your relationship with your soon-to-be former wife? 
August 11, 2020
16. How do your tell your Wife that you want a Divorce?
Preparing for divorce is easy compared to that moment when you have to tell your Wife that you want a divorce. Is there a right way and a wrong way to tell her? Let's talk about it!
August 07, 2020
15. Should you discuss divorce with your divorced friends?
You know the drill. You are getting divorced and want to talk to someone that has been through the process. Is that a good idea? Find out!
August 04, 2020
14. Now that you have your Divorce Team, LISTEN TO THEM
What good is putting together your team if you don't use them correctly? Let's talk about what you should and should not tell your professional team members during your divorce preparation process. For more information, email us at  
July 18, 2020
13. Let's Finish Drafting your Divorce Team
Like a basketball team, you need a minimum of five professionals on your divorce team. On this episode, we round out your team with some essential professionals that you will need in order to properly prepare for divorce. 
July 15, 2020
12. A therapist is an ESSENTIAL member of your Divorce Team
You already know that you ultimately need a divorce attorney to tell you what the law is and what you are entitled to. However, an often overlooked member of your divorce team is a mental health professional. Find out why.
July 14, 2020
11. Don't be like George! Stop sitting around and make a change before you screw yourself.
So many men should have better prepared for divorce. Learn about George and the mistakes he made that let his wife take advantage of him in their divorce. Come learn how you can avoid the same mistakes. 
July 10, 2020
10. How to Find and Hire a Divorce Attorney
The quarterback of your divorce team is a divorce attorney. How do you find one? What kind of attorney is best for you? Come find out the first things you need to pay attention to when you start interviewing divorce attorneys. 
July 09, 2020
9. Draft your Divorce Dream Team
When you start preparing for Divorce, you need to put together a team of professionals. Who should be on your team? Who should you be drafting to help you through the process?
July 08, 2020
8. Concentrate on YOU When Starting Divorce
Many men forget about themselves when they start the divorce process. What can you do to ensure that you are taking care of yourself and your own mental health when you start the divorce process? Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp! All podcast listeners get 20% off the Bootcamp. Just use coupon code DSPODCAST. Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
July 02, 2020
7. I live in a State where Men ALWAYS Get Screwed.
Do you live in a state (or country) where you think men always get screwed in divorce? Does that mean you just should not prepare for the process?  Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp! All podcast listeners get 20% off the Bootcamp. Just use coupon code DSPODCAST. Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
June 30, 2020
6. How do you know when it is time to Divorce?
Often, the hardest decision to make is to start a divorce. How do you know when the time is right? Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp! All podcast listeners get 20% off the Bootcamp. Just use coupon code DSPODCAST. Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
June 29, 2020
5. Learn about "Adam" and How he F-ed Up His Divorce.
There are many examples of men who did not prepare for divorce or did not take the divorce process seriously. We are going to investigate one such guy today and all of the mistakes he made, including not recognizing when his marriage was over and what steps he needed to take when there were clues that his marriage's days were numbered.  Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp! All podcast listeners get 20% off the Bootcamp. Just use coupon code DSPODCAST. Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
June 26, 2020
4. Isn't Preparing for Divorce Dirty?
Want to prepare for Divorce, but think that it will come back to bite you?  Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp! All podcast listeners get 20% off the Bootcamp. Just use coupon code DSPODCAST. Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
June 25, 2020
3. What are the four Pillars of Preparing for Divorce?
Learn the four general categories of things that you need to do in order to prepare for divorce and get the best possible result. Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp!  All podcast listeners get 20% off the Bootcamp. Just use coupon code DSPODCAST. Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
June 24, 2020
2. Why should you Prepare for Divorce?
You want to prepare for divorce. But, are you wondering WHY you should prepare for divorce? Let's explore it together.  Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp! All podcast listeners get 20% off the Bootcamp. Just use coupon code DSPODCAST. Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
June 23, 2020
1. How to Get DIVORCED Without Getting Screwed
Join us for Episode #1. Let's start learning how to get divorced without getting screwed.  Want to learn HOW to prepare for divorce? Check out the Divorce Preparation Bootcamp! Let's get started helping you get divorced without getting screwed!
June 21, 2020