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Divorce Diaries Show

Divorce Diaries Show

By Michele Traina
A comedy show that follows Michele's divorce journey as a single mom teaching kids with special needs and dating men with special needs.
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Spiraling New Jokes
A spiral of jokes, comparisons, and keeping up with taking care of my italian momma as she recovers from surgery and judging my life choices, with love and food of course. =) Upcoming shows:  Sept 30 Catch A Rising Star- Princeton, NJ Oct 21 Oakley, Nutley, NJ Nov 5-The Crow Comedy Club- Santa Monica, CA Nov 6- Mic Drop Comedy Club- San Diego, CA #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #princetonnj #princetondivorce #jerseydivorce #sandiego #losangelesdivorce #californiadivorce #californiadreams #divorce #singlemom #singlemomlife #comedypodcasts #divorcepodcats #divorcehumor
September 26, 2022
I discuss small crowds at my NYC Divorce Diaries but a small win. Sometimes all you need is a little sign to remind you you're journey is different and the right one for your end goal. At least that's my mindset.  Tune in and subscribe and watch the video of the podcast here:
September 19, 2022
Whatever You Attract is What you Get?
In the Heat of the struggle, what's the worst thing? A new crush, don't worry it is quickly shut down by the so called crush. Pouring energy into the right thing is super important, no more veering off task. I am sick of hearing "its not personal, it's not you" when every guy I like doesn't like me back.  This episode explores my journey of taking it to hte next level, maxing out- shout out to Ed Mylett, and a recent look at David A. Arnold's life and how he was taken to soon from this world and as a comedian I heard some of his advice and really want to continue applying that mentality to my life.
September 12, 2022
Meshugana Michele Part 2 with Special Guest Noam Raucher
TO WATCH US:  Part 1 -  Part 2-   Listen in the car here    Noam is a rabbi, father, podcast host, divorced coach, and has a great sense of humor.  See why he calls me Gina and Meshugana.   For more on Noam : : IG: @noamraucher    TWITTER: @noamraucher  UPCOMING DIVORCE DIARIES LIVE SHOWS: SEPT. 18 BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB- NYC NOV 6- MIC DROP COMEDY CLUB- SAN DIEGO  #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #jewish #rabbi #divorcehumor #divorcesupport #podcastlife #podcast #singlemom #singledad
September 04, 2022
Meshugana Michele Part 1
Letting go with The Divorced Rabbi,  Noam Raucher, Part 1.   Noam is a rabbi, father, podcast host, divorced coach, and has a great sense of humor.  See why he calls me Gina and Mushugana.   For more on Noam : : IG: @noamraucher    TWITTER: @noamraucher    Subscribe to the Podcast:  Upcoming shows, events, and news about the TV SERIES!  #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #comedians #comedy #podcast #divorcedpodcast #divorcehumor #jerseycomedy #chicagocomedy #nyccomedy
September 02, 2022
I don't work unless there's a contract and I don't wake up at 5am unless there's Coffee. ☕️⬇️🙏😀 UPCOMING SHOWS SEPT 18 NYC BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB NOV 6  MIC DROP COMEDY CLUB Subscribe to Divorce Diaries Podcast: #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #singlemom #divorcedmom #podcast #podcastlife #podcastinglife #SNL #comedian #comedycentral
August 28, 2022
Go Where the Love Is
Go where the love is, go where the green lights are. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of yellows from inquiries form clubs or bookers and it downright hurts.   I am also getting stuck behind a lot of people who are slow as F in the supermarket like I’ll end up running to Shoprite right before my daughter is done with gymnastics because if I buy perishables at the beginning it’l be 2 hours and it’ll go bad so I wait 30 minute before she’s done to go get the groceries so they don't spoil in the heat. Then I end up cutting it close because I  get distracted by checking my IG or email three times in the car, now I’m trying to get out of the store and the people in front of me are moving SOOOO SLOW. literally has happened so many times that today I started to think why has that been happening , is that the other side’s way of telling me…it’s going to take time just trust that you’ll get there.
August 21, 2022
Fear is a Bitch
What happened with the comedian? Did he text me, did I call him? Yes to both, sort of, find out what he said and why fear is nagging at me along with self doubt and comparison chaos. This episode gets a bit deep and more honest than usual, I'm letting you in on the vulnerable side of the process which isn't always rainbows and skittles as you are chasing your dreams, catch them I should say. =D Subscribe to the podcast: Check out the video portion of the podcast here: #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #singlemom #singlemomlife #divorced #divorcedmom #motivation #selfdoubt #fear
August 14, 2022
The Comedian & the Cop
I  did text him back and my friend and fellow lady in blue weighs in on the situation, she calls in so the audio may not be great but listen in to what I did with the last guy I went out with and how I am refusing to listen to anyone's advice.  I am the person that will ask everyone's opinion until someone gives me the green light to do what I have set in my mind I am going to do anyway. Listen in and subscribe here: WATCH on YOU TUBE: #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #singlemom #singlemomlife 
August 07, 2022
COMEDY, DATING, STAYING FOCUSED, some book suggestions and dating fails as usual. Take a listen and let me know what you think! #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #singlemom #singlemomlife
July 31, 2022
If you can't make it to Richmond, catch the latest of the best of my Divorce Diaries show I am rehearsing while taking multiple pauses to fulfill mom duties, fears of COVID, and just random redirecting of myself and the undiagnosed ADHD I have. Hope you can make it to Richmond! Divorce Diaries will be at Firehouse Theatre on July 28th 7:30pm #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #divorced #divorcepodcasts #singlemom #comedianslife #divorcehumor #divorcerecovery #divorcesupport
July 24, 2022
Meet David Vox Mullen! He's a comedian, actor, musician, producer, writer, and he is the official producer of the Divorce Diaries TV series. About a year from the original proof of concept/pilot being shot, lots of flakey people and potential 'producers',  some heart to heart with the universe, I found the right fit for  a producer for Divorce Diaries. Up until this point I've been producing the show similar to my role as a parent...alone. I have EP's but that is a bit different than a producer, Vox has come on board to produce the show and make Season 1 come to fruition. I couldn't be more excited is an understatement.  I'm excited for you to listen to this episode and hear how David connects to the world of Divorce, comedy, Divorce Diaries, and how he puts some of my exes into a really funny spot during our improv section of the show. To follow all of David's work: Subscribe & Follow his Music here: #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #divorcehumor #davidvoxmullen #micheletraina #comedianslife #writerslife #comedyseries #Improvisation #healthroughhumor
July 24, 2022
#divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries
July 15, 2022
Sometimes no response IS better
The men I fall for never take accountability, I have more of a chance of seeing a unicorn than an apology. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #podcast #lovewhatudo 
June 26, 2022
After a trip to Cleveland, Cuyahoga Falls, I made one last (hopefully one last) attempt at speaking with a burned out flame. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #singlemom #singlemomlife
June 21, 2022
TAKE A LISTEN TO MY INTERVIEW ON WNIR RADIO WITH PHIL AND JOYCE,  I talk about Divorce Diaries LIVE show, my work as a single mom, and the TV pilot!
June 15, 2022
LIVE from my Cousin's backyard, while the kids are swimming and playing we discuss the latest on the men in my life playing with my emotion because they are emotionally unavailable, because some of them are 'in love with their mother'. Unfiltered, raw, funny, and you'll feel like you are in the beautiful, funny chaos that is the Divorce Diaries world. Upcoming LIVE DIVORCE DIARIES SHOWS & SCREENINGS OF THE PILOT #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #italiancousins #cousins #love #singlemom #singlemomlife
June 07, 2022
LIVESTREAM ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL, talking about the EX FLAME rekindled, a sharing of EP 2 of the scripted series, and how prying doors of our past are a band aid for protecting us from future flames. Subscribe to Divorce Diaries You Tube: Upcoming LIVE Shows: #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #singlemom #singlemomlife #dating #datinglife  #lovewhatudo #singles #divorcees
May 24, 2022
I am sharing one of the next installations of Divorce Diaries, a web series I wrote based on what is going on with Divorce Diaries the scripted series. Listen to a read aloud of the script and let me know your thoughts! Manny is a producer Michele met and thought she would connect with both professionally and personally, but cut to the same lesson she hasnt learned yet, she has been used as an emotional support dog. To see this filmed we need support, sponsors, donors, whichever we can get #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #comedy #comedyseries #tvseries  
May 18, 2022
Freakin out
Typical day in my life trying to not freak out and text an ex or someone that’s avoiding me to not get distracted.
May 17, 2022
Old Flame Rekindled
I talk about my most recent visit from an ex and how it didn’t add a notch to my belt but definitely wiped my last experience away and it felt good!
May 14, 2022
No Refunds ?
A rant on single mom sh*t like being charged by your child’s drs office for a phone call for her medicine.
May 04, 2022
Saturday thoughts
I talk about Florida, a sold out show, goals, manifesting and still feeling lost with love and letting go.
May 01, 2022
I'm inviting you in to a raw rehearsal of my upcoming show in Florida. Let me know your thoughts, what stuck with you, what did you want to hear more of , what don't you care about or didn't feel connected to.  Send me your thoughts!
April 18, 2022
HELLO SORRY THANK YOU is how I introduced myself through a darth vayder mask, being a Stand In for a Bravo Reality Show and trying to not get in my own way with self doubt and comparing myself to others. How do we not get in our own way? How do we not fall down the rabbit hole of social media comparison of who is doing 'better' than us? Feels like middle school all over again, but maybe that's my problem I need to deal with.  More on the latest with Divorce Diaries live shows, television series, and men that have triggered me to appear like a tasmanian devil. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #divorced
April 03, 2022
Healing not hurting. I write based off what I experience in life, I get balls to do something then I get anxiety. Comedians write based off their life, its healing not meant to hurt. Would you date a comic who puts her exes in parts of her material? Would you put your ex in your material? I am examine some comedy, fear, and insecurities mixes with my perception on female comics who should be unfiltered. We live one life, love it, laugh about it, and try to be as honest as possible. But maybe be a little more patient than me? I don't know I'm still working on it. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #comedy #comedypodcasts #divorcepodcasts
March 23, 2022
Quentin Heggs and Me!
Comedian, actor, and fellow divorcee Quentin Heggs and I recap after a year since we last recorded together. Listen in to whats new and some new twists in dating and comedy. Definitely put your ear pods in and take us on your run, walk, or cleaning the house because this is a good hour convo that mixes comedy, dating, and mixed signals. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #singlemom #singlemomlife
March 01, 2022
REALLY let it Go Michele
I've heard this a thousand times before in my lifetime and its frustrating. I share some info, some humor, and some a bit more emotional on why I can't let things go. It has nothing to do with having feelings for them still, it has to do with the hurt of feeling used and taken advantage of.  Being Played is one the worst expressions in life, no one wants to feel it and shame on you if you do it.  Have I done it? I try not to, this episode talks about where I am at in 'finding or allowing love in with a man' if its not in the cards for me is this something to be depressed about or motivated by? Love isn't in the air with a man but it is with everything else in life so why focus on the one area that is lacking it? I'm working on it and if you can connect to this, review, share your thoughts, and keep listening. 
February 27, 2022
Me & Vic Cedẽno PART 2
Vic and I talk more about dating, relationships, intimacy after divorce and how that. connects to the pilot of Divorce Diaries, my emergency calls to my doctor, and how to handle 'avoiders' or men that play the long game. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #singlemom #singlemomlife 
February 12, 2022
A little share of my weekend and what made me bite my tongue when a pregnant lady  shunned me into the corner table at a restaurant and how the producer is still avoiding me and answering anything I ask. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce
January 24, 2022
MICHELE & VIC: Part 1-"It's CedeÑo"
Part 1 of a two part episode with Vic Cedeno, a comedian, fellow Paterson born and raised like myself, comedian, actor, and father. This part we discuss the pilot and the back story of the Cop. Vic and I met doing stand up comedy at one of my earlier performances of Divorce Diaries in New Jersey. Since then I knew he'd be perfect for playing one of my exes, the cop. Vic Cedeno can be found at @vicisfunny on IG and on his podcast The Vcast To Subscribe to MORE Divorce Diaries:  or
January 18, 2022
A Roast of Dating
Comedian Jonathan Ziegel joins me to talk divorce, dating, comedy, and we roast dating. I do it a lot already but Jonathan a comedian who produces multiple shows in the tri state area including a roast battle called  ROAST BEEF at Stand Up NY in NYC, has a knack for listening to good roasts and for giving me some rationale dating advice. Although we know what I typically do with advice, listen to it and then do the opposite. Maybe this time is different, Jonathan also weighs in on some of my dating choices. This is a fun, an informative episode that there are men in NYC who actually listen on a date-Jonathan is one of them.  Check out Jonathan on his social media as Jonathan Ziegel or @the_real_jz_! 
January 05, 2022
His Response
My santa letter was acknowledged but not answered. Wishing someone well but not wanting to speak to them is the equivalent to "I hope I never hear from or see you again". Even a really good slice of pizza can't fix this 'friendship' gone bad.  I am swearing off crushes, friendships, romantic weekends, and even a free coffee from the male barista who'se half my age- I'm officially done with thinking their is THE ONE or signs exist. (Damn I'm negative, jokes to follow) #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #dating #singleforlife #single #divorce
December 28, 2021
Dear Santa
Hoping for a response but it seems like it'll take a Christmas miracle. Ever want an answer as to why someone doesn't talk to you anymore? Frustrated, confused, and I will for sure be using humor in a later episode to try and piece together why the hell I choose men that leave me faster than you can see Santa on his sled. #divorce #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries
December 17, 2021
Michele & Mike Hopeless Romantics
Meet Mike my comedian friend and fellow hopeless romantic. Cut from the same cloth of wanting mongamy versus 'grey' area, Mike and I discuss comedy, dating, divorce and how we thought our family upbringing of love and commitment would land us in great relationships. Except I am attracted to men that can't commit to a cereal let alone me. Mike and I talk dating, relationships, and roasting our exes. Follow Mikes comedy and his podcast The Basemount Lounge here: Subscribe to more Divorce Diaries: #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #divorce #dating #singles #singlelife
December 13, 2021
California Dreaming
Updates from my recent performance stop in Ventura, how it was being back in Cali.  Surprise visits from friends, how I'm trying to learn to let go or at least loosen the grasp, and upcoming shows in Chicago. #divorcediariesshow #divorcediaries #comedy  #chicago #ventura #losangeles Upcoming Shows in Aurora IL MORE INFO ABOUT DIVORCE DIARIES
November 16, 2021
Michele interviews Chris Lamberth who plays Chris in the pilot. We talk about what surprised Chris about filming, his character Chris' role in Michele's love life, and what's the next step with the pilot.
November 09, 2021
A small win!
Live set at New York Comedy Festival , hope u enjoy!
November 08, 2021
When people you care about unfollow you because of your material, life as a comic and divorcee.
October 27, 2021
Principals Office
Actor, comedian, and executive producer from Divorce Diaries TV pilot joins me discussing his experience on set and off. As a creative team member, as an actor, and as a divorced dad Mark talks about his favorite part filming, surprises, and some improv bits that evolved with some of the teachers on set. Stay tuned for more with the pilot: Subscribe to Divorce Diaries Show You Tube:
October 13, 2021
This episode I talk with Doug Bass, the one and only, comedian, filmmaker, actor, dog walker, and my best friend. He features on Divorce Diaries the LIVE show and he's one sarcastic funny as F guy who has a love for coffee, dogs, and comedy. Listen in to us talk about the creative process of writing the pilot, filming it, and one of the things Doug was most surprised about the pilot. Check out all of Doug's work here including his show and podcast I'm A Basshole-
October 07, 2021
That Call
That dreaded phone number and the call you wish would happened
October 01, 2021
CATCH UP! I’m not in Denial I’m in Optimism?
Fall has started, the TV pilot has wrapped post production, and new shows coming to different areas? All while the last man I was with refuses to speak to me, I refuse to accept the disappointment, and I am trying to not wake my daughter up before school prep hours of the am. A chunk of talk and humor #divorcediariesshow #divorce #divorcediaries #singlemom #singlemomlife #divorcehumor #comedian
September 23, 2021
Night before 4th grade
It was the night before fourth grade and all through the house and a creature was stirring thank God not a mouse, I vacuumed today ☺️
September 07, 2021
Sunday Stuck
Dear Diary , please send me men that don’t plan things w their mom.
September 06, 2021
Dear Diary Off to the pages
Quick diary entry to getting out of the funk , it’s Saturday and I’m in a funk because of a recent experience that has left me stuck.
September 05, 2021
A new Five minute set for a small crowd in jersey city, live on stage !
August 30, 2021
F what They Think
When you can’t let it go, you talk about it, you make comedy about it, and you may cry a little, but you joke about it after you wipe those tears. I hate being or feeling used, so does everyone else right? I’m sure the men that have used me or I have allowed to use me don’t think they actually did anything wrong, listen in to how I am processing this today.
August 28, 2021
Sunday Silence
What men want? What about what we want -for them to stop pushing our buttons -and then they wonder why we get stuck, we are like an elevator we will stop on a random floor and making you sweat. #divorcediariesshow #divorce
August 23, 2021
Monday night check in
Check in w being stuck on a situation that I cannot control and yet wish I could. #divorce #divorcediariesshow
August 17, 2021
Filtering my frustrations w myself and love out onstage. Post production and more to come in this episode!
August 15, 2021
Monday win
New pediatrician , new ways of thought
August 10, 2021
Friends without Benefits
Self sabotage would be my name if I were in Mortal Kombat , which is how dating feels sometimes
August 08, 2021
Waiting in the Wings
A FRIENDly reminder that I am the underdog, and someone prettier, funnier, and with better skin is waiting to step in front of me onstage. That's ok though, I'll emerge at some point, but here's a moment that reminded me of the heart of my show, the heart of what I am building as at TV series.
June 07, 2021
Fresh from a SOLD OUT WEEKEND in Punta Gorda Florida, far fetched romances in my head, and finding a happy medium between releasing anxiety and not releasing my impulsivity. #divorcediaries #divorcediariesshow #divorce #divorcehumor
May 24, 2021
I am WORTH it?
An on the go episode about what happened with operation  coparenting mother's day and the relief it brought to my heart. Also my diluted brain realizes why the "I'm worth it" phrase doesn't always make me 'feel better'. I am worth it, but there's always six other women lingering around that the guy is keeping in his back pocket as 'options'. #divorce #divorcediaries #divorcediariesshow #singlemom #singleforlife
May 11, 2021
Mother's Day as a Single Mom
Ex husband's and their girlfriends ruining the day, find out how I don't handle it well. #dating #divorce #relationships #exes #divorcediaries #divorcediariesshow
May 10, 2021
Why I am like Debbi Miller from Hysterical Blindness and the deal I make with signs from above. People use the phrase desperate for love if we want love, but its not correct. As sexual, sensual, and emotionally charged beings we need it , I need it like I need my Cafe Bustelo each morning. More on the pilot, upcoming shows, and my emotional roller coaster week. Click here to help support the Go Fund Me for the TV Pilot- Click here for upcoming shows: Subscribe to Divorce Diaries You Tube:
April 26, 2021
Mark Primiano, executive producer, cast member of Divorce Diaries talks with Michele about the pilot, divorce, and the first time he met me. At a strip club crying over an ex. Click below to help us reach our funding goals, Funding goes towards production costs for crew, equipment, and marketing for the pilot. To see a LIVE SHOW of Divorce Diaries-click here for tickets to an upcoming show:
April 25, 2021
Boundaries Broken
"Let's be Friends", I'm ok being at the table for one. Thanks. Team Michele or Team no Michele, that's the side, tug of war doesn't have a grey area, and neither do I any more.  Help us reach our goal: Come see a UPCOMING SHOW: 
April 19, 2021
One of the many men with commitment allergies, get to know the GREEK and have you dated a momma’s boy? Is that ok to be a momma’s boy? Check out the INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN-funding the PILOT OF DIVORCE DIARIES
April 14, 2021
I am totally in love w love, despite my love for my divorce journey. Take a listen in and click the link below to see what IN PERSON SHOWS are near you, how our TV pilot could use your help, and new content on all social platforms.
April 12, 2021
DIVORCE the Friend Zone
Michele talks about being friend zoned and how dating in the pandemic has allowed her to truly uncover the issue in the men she chooses. Them not realizing tha the universe wants them to be with her. Michele is aware of her irrational statements and they used for humor, so please enjoy a new set and contribute to the TV Pilot production campaign:
April 07, 2021
My Daughter Does NOT Want to Like Boys
My daughter is infuriated that she has a crush and hear her reaction, almost mirrors what and how I should be telling my own interesting taste in men who seem interested and then see their shadow in my planning our engagement party and run ilke a frightening groundhog in February. Does this make sense? If not or if so listen in and check out more Divorce Diaries here! HELP US REACH OUR CAMPAIGN GOAL TO FUND DIVORCE DIARIES THE PILOT
March 30, 2021
Michele's Exes Argue over hot topics of the week. Which argument with an ex or current significant other stands out for you, let us know Michele discusses the Indiegogo campaign and more! UPCOMING IN PERSON SHOWS VISIT:
March 22, 2021
My ex has a live in girlfriend and I’m joking about it & totally not bitter #comedy #divorcediaries #divorce #divorcediariesshow
March 01, 2021
A live recording of Michele's updates on Divorce Diaires, a little bit of stand up, gossip, and some words from our LIVE YouTube & Tik Tok viewers. Dating, Divorce, and keeping up with Perfect Mom.
February 16, 2021
Men with IEPS & Much more
Michele does some stand up, discuses divorce hot topics, trending with Traina, and we hear from The Greek about Valentine's Day and his attitude for this year. #divorcediaries #divorce #divorcediariesshow #singlemom #dating #comedy #standupcomedy
January 24, 2021
Happy National Divorce Month
Michele workshops a new five minute set, talks about dating, texting, answers questions from tik tok followers on her LIVEstream, and more. #divorce #divorcediares #divorcediariesshow #singlemom #dating
January 11, 2021
Succeeding in the Struggle
Michele is back from a brief hiatus of the podcast, revealing some new jokes, new bits, and new dates? Fearful of viewing remote learning report cards, facing the holidays in pandemic,  and figuring out if there's a love out there under a mask.
December 13, 2020
thank god I divorced, pursue and embody what you love #divorce #comedian #standupcomedy #divorcediariesshow
November 06, 2020
Bowman Designs my Divorce
Michele interviews Alexandra Bowman and they dish, late night, college, comedy, and of course dating post divorce, see how Alexandra handles one of Michele's Exes.  Alexandra is a fierce political cartoonist who has some of her work featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. #latenightcomedy #comedy #politicalcartoonist #illustrator #stephencolbert #divorcediariesshow
October 07, 2020
Commissioner of Comedy James Mattern
James and I discuss comedy, the pandemic and how he has a relation to one of my exes, through the 3 degrees of ex separation. James talks about his podcast, how he's been on television, and successfully managed during the pandemic. Motivating and fun time and I think he's afraid of my dating choices. #comedy #divorcediariesshow #jamesmattern #standupcomedy
September 29, 2020
Seek those who fan your flame
A quick bit about my Saturday evening after a recording and thoughts on my crush.
September 26, 2020
Q and TEA with Quentin Heggs
Comedian and entertainer Quentin Heggs is a guest and he is giving feedback and advice about comedy, booking work on television, divorce, dating, and how Michele can manage as a single mom and seeking without all the 'sugar daddy's' creeping on her on instagram.
September 24, 2020
Paul Farahvar dishes with a Marching Band Geek
The funny and charismatic Persian comedian, writer, podcaster and 'revised attorney is dishing with Michele about comedy, marketing, and marching bad. He's crushin it in quarantine and shares some of his go to moves in the world of as a comedian, entrepreneur, and tries to help Michele with some dating advice. Paul also interviews one of the least favorite of Michele's exes , The Coach.
September 17, 2020
The Dad Diaries
Michele interviews Stéphane Jutras the creator of Divorced Dad Diaries and we discuss dating, divorce, and he even interviews one of my exes
September 12, 2020
I have a Crush
One on one diary moment with Michele, dating, crushes, single mom week in pandemic, find out what's next for Michele in her post divorce journey
September 05, 2020
Scripted Series Episode 2b
Michele battles with her mom and her questionable boyfriend about wine, texts, and commitment.
August 25, 2020
Episode 2 Continues
Michele is on her way to work after she forgot Valentine’s Day and feeling mommy shamed by the PTO, will the principal her classroom? Will he remember her name? Episode 2 at school continues .
July 31, 2020
Scripted Series Episode 2a.
At the top of Episode 2, Perfect Moms bump into Michele at school, who so delicately remind Michele that she has forgotten a major holiday. 
July 26, 2020
Conversations in the car
On my way back from dropping my daughter off at her dads I have conversations about upcoming divorce jokes and everything related to my divorce diaries.
July 04, 2020
Follow Michele's journey post divorce as she teaches kids with special needs, dates men with special needs, and tries to convince everyone that divorce is a better path for her.
July 02, 2020
Happy fathers day single moms!
I talk a little bit about my dad and all the single moms out there my upbringing in North Jersey house a little bit different than the Jersey shore check it out.
June 19, 2020
Divorce is OUR Happily and Funny Ever After
Special guest, comedian, actor, and running for NYC Mayor Stacy Prussman, weighs in on divorce, dating, and patterns in why we may choose the men we date, especially with the Greek Michele seems to be hanging onto like a hangnail.
May 30, 2020
Divorce Diaries Scripted Series
More from the script of the Divorce Diaries pilot rough draft, Michele’s Divorce journey teaching kids with special needs and dating men with special needs.
May 18, 2020
Michele, Doug, and Mark take a look at some additional scenes for the pilot episode. Rough draft of whats to come with Divorce Diaries the Scripted Series.
May 11, 2020
Divorce Diaries Episode 5 MAN PANEL Returns
Comedy, hot topics on divorce, dating, and who would you rather. The man panel weighs in on how Michele is reacting to some of her exes, pandemic and quarantine life, and how to handle the outside world once this is over.
May 02, 2020
Divorce Diaries NETFLIX PILOT-Episode 4
A sneak peek into the script for Divorce Diaries The Pilot, with my good friends Mark Primiano and Doug Bass, comics and veteran trained Groundling Improvisers, these guys play my exes back to the playground, my boss who doesn't know know my name, and my coworkers who won't let me sit at their table.
April 25, 2020
Episode 3 Female Divorcee Panel Weighs in
This female panel of comics, lawyers, radio professionals discusses if the man or woman usually will wait around longer in a marriage, what's popping in Club Divorcetine-Divorcee club in quarantine, and advises Michele on an irrational text she is about to send to her ex, on SEND THAT TEXT.
April 17, 2020
Single Mom Soliloquy
In this mini episode Michele discusses single mom jobs in quarantine, pokes fun at the Easter bunny for claiming to be a man, and shares an open letter to her ex The Cop.  Subscribe to the podcast, like, review and most importantly laugh at life's beautiful mishaps. Special tribute to Michele's late father Frank Traina, RIP Spartacus.
April 12, 2020
MAN PANEL WEIGHS in on my Divorce Journey
A divorced male panel and I discuss divorce, dating, and hot topics in club divorcetine, a club at home I've created for divorcees. We hear about a Doctor who's husband is keeping his children away from her till post corona and follower of Divorce Diaries whose soon to be ex is making everything extra during this difficult time. The man panel holds Michele back as she decides whether or not to unleash her irrational texts on both of these soon to be exes.
April 11, 2020
Divorce Diaries Show Relaunch Episode 1 with Sarah J!
I am relaunching Divorce Diaries Show on this amazing platform ANCHOR and comedian and creator of RVs and Cats Sarah J is my first guest on the first episode of Divorce Diaries Show Relaunch! Sarah J and I talk about our divorce and the similarities we have had in shifting gears from performer to wife to back to performer. Sarah J has an awesome new special out on Amazon Prime and she interviews my exes to find out what exactly is wrong with the men I date. Subscribe and if you like write a review, and check out Sarah J's special RV's and Cats.
April 06, 2020
Divorce Diaries Preview Episode
Divorce comedy, use laughter to heal. This is a test episode, keep tuning in for more of Michele's divorce journey as she tackles, diapers, dating, and divorce. Divorce Diaries Show Website for more info, the show aims to laugh at life's beautiful mishaps.
April 02, 2020