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DIY Synth Junk

DIY Synth Junk

By Bert Jerred
I like electronics, and music, and electronic music. With hobby-grade skills and a sense of experimentation, I bring you into my workshop where we hook things up to other things and squeeze out sounds.
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Diaristic Rambling: Mechanical Keyboards, Arduino + Capacitive Keys, Analog Circuits
A diary entry: what I've been making and how to process failures (oof).
October 13, 2020
Hacksaw, From Idea to Thing, and The Fever
Pictures from this episode: Music from this episode: Where to donate if you are a former evildoer: Related things:
August 21, 2020
Meow: Cat Keyboard Audio Hijack
In this episode, I talk about hijacking the audio from electronic toys. Specifically, I talk about my yard sale Cat Keyboard whilst systematically lowering your podcast expectations. Also, a free piece of music made from resin-protected piano brains!
August 5, 2020