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orange Asian man

orange Asian man

By DJ Chuang
ideas that have great potential to change the world from my life experiences as an author and researcher amidst multiethnic, mental health, Asian American faith communities — the voice of DJ Chuang
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May is a celebration of life for Asian Americans and mental health
Follow our daily spotlight every day in May on Instagram or Facebook feed of Erasing Shame podcast
May 01, 2021
Answer the questions people are asking already
Why are Christians and churches not talking about what people are talking about? Our failure to engage is relinquishing our role in diffusing the harmful polarization of our society today methinks...
April 20, 2021
How to make hard decisions
Great insight from a TEDx talk by Ruth Chang, and what I’m deciding for this audio podcast "How to Make Hard Choices" - TEDx talk by Ruth Chang Link to my YouTube channel
January 03, 2021
Going into 2021 with More Ideas
I want to be sharing more of things I’ve learned over the years to help people with Adulting, trying to decide if I should publish my thoughts first or find a few people that want to be in conversation first
January 02, 2021
What did Jesus do to the political leaders in his time?
How was Jesus a protester or activist in his time? And if we are to be like Jesus, how should we be activists and protesters in our time when it comes to injustices and politics?
December 14, 2020
Don’t stay stuck in life, Mister Atheist
One atheist I talked with recently was really stuck on this idea of a God that he doesn’t believe in, I wish he would spend his time and energy on something more productive instead of talking about a God that he doesn’t believe in and doesn’t exist
December 13, 2020
Where each and everyone of us are on a level playing field
You have something, I have some thing, and you can decide and choose what to do with it, to make your life better, to make others lives better, make the world better
December 08, 2020
What are you most curious about?
Curiosity is a great ingredient for learning more about the world, and they say that leadership is constant ongoing learning, and we are learning a ton during this coronavirus global pandemic, and one more thing, one of the best way to learn is to experiment
December 07, 2020
have you heard anyone ask this question?
will all that is going on in the world, when will the protests end? when will people get what they want? here’s a few of my speculations and temporary thoughts in the moment..
June 27, 2020
MultiAsian.Church: A White Pastor Ministering in a Japanese American Church with Grace and Truth
What is it like for a Caucasian to pastor and minister in an Asian American church? Pastor Matty Blevins shares all in this conversation with DJ Chuang. Well, not everything, but some things he's learned along the way, since he's only been in a non-white church context for a year and a half.  Show notes at the blog
March 10, 2020
Can we talk about Asian American pastors and pornography?
Roy Kim talks with DJ Chuang about this taboo subject of how pastors struggle with pornography. Too many pastors struggle secretly with porn addiction. Research says 57% of pastors have struggled with porn and Asian pastors and Asian American ones are no exception. This ugly struggle is true for many men, and some women, regardless of ethnic background, whether Korean American, Chinese American, Japanese American, Indian American, and the many other ethnicities and nationalities in the world, Asians and non-Asians alike.  Show notes at
March 07, 2020
When I Got Locked Up in a Psych Ward for 72 Hours and What Happened Next
The most painful time in my life happened in February 2017. It took me like 9 months to recover back to normal. Didn't think that would happen. Here's the story.
March 05, 2020
Nashville hot chicken isn’t so popular a thing in Nashville
while at a conference in Opryland Hotel, it took me 3 days to find Nashville hot chicken because I didn’t have a rental car and didn’t want to pay for a Uber ride into downtown
March 04, 2020
Parasite is a joke.. older white men that don’t get it
What would you do if you hear people talking about why Parasite won the Oscar for Best Picture? And they don’t have a clue that an Asian person was standing right there?
February 29, 2020
snapshot of church communications back in 2011
Random conversations with 2 anonymous guests at post- #cultivate11 conference tweetup at a nearby Starbucks on May 5, 2011 Cultivate Conference = Where culture, innovation and communication connect :: May 4-5, 2011
February 18, 2020
An update from my other podcast, Erasing Shame
A brief word from my other podcast, which I'd encourage you to check out, - honest talk for healthy living.
November 20, 2019
How Saddleback Church is Growing as an All Nations Congregation
a chat with Mark Grunden, a small groups pastor at Saddleback Church (one church in multiple locations, in Southern California plus 4 other countries) about how this church is becoming an "All Nations Congregation" as it is stated in one of its strategies for the 21st century cf. Saddleback Church Core Values & Strategies & Priorities over the course of its history
October 01, 2019
say that again
before you share your idea with the world, write it down or record it, here’s why
January 15, 2019
driving on the five
thinking about open source, and how we can have kingdom impact with no staff and no money
November 15, 2018
walking in Nashville
what is going on in downtown Nashville? just walking to dinner and thinking about some technical challenges with podcasting, but Anchor does make it very easy
November 08, 2018
My first day of using the smash pass
Smashburger will be a frequent stop for me for the next 100 days
November 06, 2018
Life goal #3: Asian American Christian Philanthropy
one more thing I want to work towards making a contribution in the world is this topic.. there’s a lot of raising awareness and education that’s needed to demystify philanthropy in our faith communities
November 05, 2018
Life goal #2: multiasian churches
describing my 2nd of 3 life goals that i finally came up with after age 52, and a good word about this anchor app
October 24, 2018
finally i have 3 life goals
most my life, i didn’t have specific goals i was interested in working towards. i recently discovered 3. here, i describe my first goal, erasing shame - a podcast at
September 30, 2018
Following Jesus = Becoming a Leader
a talk shared at Triangle Youth Fellowship, by DJ Chuang, September 25, 2004
September 26, 2014
what does it mean to be the church?
a workshop about the idea for "church without walls" at some event or conference back around 2008, with Daniel Young of NewSong Dallas (when it was around back then) lowering the bar of doing church, raising the bar of being church
May 15, 2008
Why does it hurt so much? (John 11:17-36)
DJ Chuang's sermon titled “Why does it hurt so much?” based on John 11:17-36, delivered at Great Commission Community Church in Arlington, Virginia, on the Sunday of the week when the Virginia Tech shootings happened in April 2007. More notes at
April 22, 2007
Daily Commute with DJ Chuang, July 14, 2005
on an evening commute from Chantilly, Virginia, to Bethesda, Maryland.. talked about coughing, interruption from a phone call, transition to a new role at work, thoughts about podcasting, rain in the background noise
July 15, 2005
Daily Commute Podcast, April 14th + April 18th, 2005
Combined 2 audios from April 14th episode and April 18th episode, back in 2005, when i was trying out different production workflows, gear and equipment my ramblings: trying to do a podcast without post-production; talked about attending a friend’s wedding at Princeton Chapel; emerging church conversation being largely a communication gap
April 19, 2005