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DiamondKesawn Presents Podcast

DiamondKesawn Presents Podcast

By DiamondKesawn
Tune in as DiamondKesawn catches you up on the latest in Entertainment with Interviews, Spotlights, Reviews, and More. The #DKP Podcast is the place where Music, Entertainment, and Lifestyle come together to give you a DiamondKesawn Approved experience!!!...

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The Young Tez Takeover: REAL
Never taking a break from his #Music, #Chicago Rapper Young Tez is back with his latest release ‘REAL!’ Addressing the topic of those who been down vs. those who play down, REAL is a lyrical dissection of understanding how to analyze who’s really about you and your strive to win. Tap in now for this Inside the Track exclusive as Young Tez breaks it down fully then premieres the track. This one is #DiamondKesawn Certified. Young Tez Music
September 23, 2022
Track Talk: Apollo Mighty 'Another Lover'
With the release of his latest single “Another Lover,” R&B Phenom Apollo Mighty stops through #DKPthePodcast to give @DiamondKesawn the inside scoop on the track, life after the breakup, and most of all his journey of Living UNapologetically! This is the conversation you’ve needed that you didn’t know was coming. Tap In Now as Apollo makes it clear that he is ready to POP HIS SHYTT! Available on all #Podcast Platforms and via I am DiamondKesawn and THIS is DiamondKesawn Presents… Apollo MIghty Online:
September 21, 2022
Life After Love Island USA: Nicholas Birchall
What started out as a journey to find love on Love Island turned into a life-changing decision for Nicholas Birchall whose coming out story happened for the world to see. Understanding that life as a bi-sexual male comes with its own internal battle. Nicholas Birchall made a decision that was personal as well as influential at the same time. After struggling with the opinions of others since middle school, his desire to be free and walk in his truth has always been something he wanted to do. “I have always struggled with my identity and sexuality,” Birchall admits while getting vulnerable about his upbringing and ruthless bullying in highschool.  “[The bullying] was one of the things that made me hide for so long, but after getting on this reality show … I decided the time was right.” Now in his twenties, Nic embarked upon his journey to find love on the hit show Love Island USA. No longer fearing what the world had to say or who may or may not accept him, during his time on the show, Nic made the decision to remove himself from a situation that was no longer a good representation of who he is or what he came for.  With his head held high, and his integrity higher, he left the show to finally open up about his sexuality and identity, something he had been working up the courage to do for years prior and was shocked when he was met with discrimination and exclusion.  As the only member of Love Island USA to not be invited back to this season’s reunion, and having been dropped from countless interviews and press features after coming out as bisexual, Nicholas Birchall has been silenced... Until Now! Take a listen as Nic takes the road leading up to filming, as well as life after coming out and what's to come from him. Stay in Tune with Nic on Instagram
September 18, 2022
From Super Bowl Champion to Music Mogul: Bryant McKinnie
As a man of many talents, Bryant McKinnie isn't new to the Grind he is True to it in every sense of the word. The 2012 Super Bowl Champion, is a solid fixture in both the sports and music industries.  McKinnie, mostly recognized for his unrivaled contributions as an offensive lineman to the University of Miami Hurricanes, NFL Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, and Miami Dolphins football teams.  First noticed for his athletic ability at Woodbury High School in his hometown of Woodbury, New Jersey; McKinnie played Defensive lineman for the Thundering Herd football team, lettered twice in track & field competing in the 400 meters, shot put, and discus events. Recently on my radar during his appearance on America's Got Talent as a member of The Players Choir. Bryant took to the stage to perform Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop The Feeling' in front of a sold-out crowd and the judges we have grown to love. As Bryant continues to move in multiple realms, I had the opportunity to go beyond the Industry Hustle and talk to the mogul himself. A conversation that covers a multitude of ventures, take a listen as Bryant McKinnie talks about the Music, the Podcasts, as well as What's Next in the near future. Follow Bryant McKinnie on Social Media Instagram / Twitter / Facebook
September 03, 2022
Inside the Artistry: Brooke Annibale 'Better By Now'
Brooke Annibale is an artist who is able to inspire her listeners with her story which translates into her music. As the world comes out of a pandemic, Brooke is showing us how she spent her time. Crafting an album that represents so many elements or emotions and head vs. heart, 'Better By Now' introduces us to a fundamental core of musical goodness. In her trademark layered approach, Better By Now features 10 blossoming indie-pop tracks that Brooke described as a “spectrum of emotions.” Take a listen as Brooke talks about making significant strides in her mental-health journey and reflects on love, anxiety, depression, and how two seemingly opposing forces can exist at once. Follow Brook Annibale TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / ONLINE
August 20, 2022
A moment with Royalty: King Dashaun Basquiat bka Dashaun Wesley
When you put it all together you realize that the iCON Dashaun Wesley is mmmgood at all that he does! Presenting a level of technical brilliance (A brilliant person, idea, or performance that is extremely clever or skillful... brilliantly adverb... brilliance uncountable noun) that is uncompromisable, unwavering, and most of all, unboxed, Dashaun is a living example that it is possible to control the pen that writes your journey. With a journey of coming into his own and engaging in the dance scene on Christopher St. to storming the Ballroom scene and becoming the defining example of what it is to execute ELEMENTS, and serve a Nastyyyyy Duckwalk, Class is always in Session when he's around. Dashaun is embarking on his real-time brand expansion on national television, and we are all here for it! Knowing all I know, I had to take a moment and catch up with Dashaun to get his story in his words told his way. Tap in as I go beyond the camera and am afforded a glimpse into the life of this Mogul in the making. I present to you, Dashaun Wesley: the Definition of Technical-Brilliance!
August 20, 2022
Unapologetically Me with Siena Liggins: the Music, the Story, the Meaning
Taking a moment away from the road, Siena Liggins steps into the RA Zone and allows us access to more than just the music. Being an artist that has spent her entire life around diverse music, Siena presents a musical journey of unique sounds, crisp vocals, sensuality, and most of all, originality. With the release of 'Ms. Out Tonight,' Siena tells a story that is perfect for the summer and a true representation of being into someone who's not out yet and the realities of self-expression, personal reflection, and amour-propre. Take a listen as Sienna talks all things her! (Full Spotlight: Raynbow Affair Magazine) About Siena Liggins: Siena Liggins went from a behind-the-scenes songwriter to one of Billboard’s Top Ten new LGBTQ artists of the year.  Ms. Out Tonight, the singer’s debut album serves as a seminar on representing queer sexuality in music. On sexed-up anthems like “Dirty Girl” feat. Yung Baby Tate, “No Valet,” “Girlfriend” and more, Liggins leaves no room for interpretation; she’s going to write songs about her authentic experience as a queer woman.
August 20, 2022
The Vet has Returned... Inside his Chase: Andre Hammond
Tap Into the Raynbow Affair Magazine Issue #21 Special as the cast of Chasing: LA Season 2 takes control. In this spotlight, I go beyond what we see on camera and get to know the person, their craft, and most of all, what they want the fans to take away from this season.
July 28, 2022
The One Who Defines the Chase: Jeremy Copeland is "Shedding His Skin!"
Tap Into the Raynbow Affair Magazine Issue #21 Special as the cast of Chasing: LA Season 2 takes control. In this spotlight, I go beyond what we see on camera and get to know the person, their craft, and most of all, what they want the fans to take away from this season.
July 28, 2022
The New Definition of Explosion: Rich Bomb
Tap Into the Raynbow Affair Magazine Issue #21 Special as the cast of Chasing: LA Season 2 takes control. In this spotlight, I go beyond what we see on camera and get to know the person, their craft, and most of all, what they want the fans to take away from this season.
July 28, 2022
More Than the Chase with Hershii LiqCour-Jete
Tap Into the Raynbow Affair Magazine Issue #21 Special as the cast of Chasing: LA Season 2 takes control. In this spotlight, I go beyond what we see on camera and get to know the person, their craft, and most of all, what they want the fans to take away from this season.
July 28, 2022
The Queen of the Chase: Nicole Rae
Tap Into the Raynbow Affair Magazine Issue #21 Special as the cast of Chasing: LA Season 2 takes control. In this spotlight, I go beyond what we see on camera and get to know the person, their craft, and most of all, what they want the fans to take away from this season.
July 28, 2022
His City! His Cast! His Credit! Quentin Tra'Veon Harris Takes LA Behind the Camera
Tap Into the Raynbow Affair Magazine Issue #21 Special as the cast of Chasing: LA Season 2 takes control. In this spotlight, I go beyond what we see on camera and get to know the person, their craft, and most of all, what they want the fans to take away from this season.
July 28, 2022
The New Way to Date! Inside Filteroff with Co-Creator and CEO, Zach
Inside the App Filteroff with Co-Creator and CEO, Zach. "Filteroff is a video speed dating app! Our mission is to facilitate authentic connections for singles around the world."
June 29, 2022
Inside Her Career: Courtney Ward-Thompkins the road to “BTS in TV/Film with Courtney Ward-Thompkins”
Taking a moment away from her prep time, noted Producer and CEO, Courtney Ward-Thompkins affords me the chance to go back to how it all began and get an in-depth understanding of her journey from Clark Atlanta to $100 Million Dollar Productions, and More. With her tenure and passion for continued greatness, Courtney is presenting the Atl Market with “BTS in TV/Film with Courtney Ward-Thompkins.” Scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 16, 2022, from 9am – 11am EST at Bobbcat Film Studios, “BTS in TV/Film with Courtney Ward-Thompkins” will introduce current college students, recent graduates, and professionals who are transitioning to a film and television career the ins and outs of what it takes to be a production assistant. Participants will learn: How the production office supports the entire production process How to execute lease agreements How to organize and order equipment and more Since launching her career in 2003 with Will Packer’s “The Gospel”, Thompkins has worked on several major film productions that have grossed well over $100 million in box office receipts. Past work includes “Due Date” starring Robert Downey Jr., “Zombieland” starring Woody Harrelson, “Punky Brewster Reboot”, “The Founder”, “House of Payne”, “Meet the Browns”, and more. Most recently, Thompkins was hired in the role as production supervisor for Netflix’s “First Kill”, which debuts June 10, 2022 and is currently working on “Heels” season 2 with STARZ and Lionsgate as a production coordinator. Register for “BTS in TV/Film with Courtney Ward-Thompkins” Here Follow Courtney Ward-Thompkins on IG
June 21, 2022
Inside "Going Viral" with Larry Brock
Hip Hop & Pop artist Larry Brock released his new music video for his single “Going Viral” today. Label CEO, D Major of Skollaz Ent,  say's “He is Blowing Up”! It's his time. The new video, which has reached 50k views on Youtube has really helped to push the visibility of this hit song.  Wildly popular Tik Tok dancers DaMobHouse picked up the song and did three videos for it, which started a dance Challenge all around the nation.  The song also was recently featured on the industry popular site Hip Hop Weekly and Franchise Magazine, which also catapulted the track to new heights. “Going Viral” is the latest visual release that was shot in York, PA at The Plex with cameos from several local standout artists/Dj's like "Da Real DurtyFlow", "DJ Negmawon", "Kas Brees" and "Gutta". The accomplished and multi-talented Hip Hop & Pop artist says the song is a fun look into how an artist can go viral from a small city and he plans on making this song a global sensation as well. “I dreamed of a reaction like this. This song is dedicated to my fans, supporters and my team, who inspired me to write this banger which everyone can vibe out with. Going Viral represents the modern day access we all have in music through social media, word of mouth and other visibility outlets" says Larry Brock. The video for "Going Viral" was shot by @swanneyvisuals and the track is produced by @chrisblaqbeats. The single is now available everywhere music is streamed and sold and is currently being played on 91.5 The Blaze (Orlando, FL), 92.9 The Mix (Hartford, CT), 96 The Beat (Las vegas), 97.3 The Beat (Jackson, MS), Big Urban Soundz (Augusta, GA) and Blazin New Music (Cleveland, OH). The Baltimore-born artist is now signed to Skollaz Entertainment who is distributed by Sony Music/The Orchard by way of Native Son Records and is sponsored by Philly Black Bottle Boys (Luc Belaire). Larry Brock is excited for the avenue these opportunities will give his musical career.  Join us in helping this song go viral by sharing the video and joining the press opportunities with Larry Brock. Follow Larry Brock on all platforms: Instagram @Iamlarrybrock Instagram @larrybrockfanpage Facebook @larrybrockmuzic
June 10, 2022
DiamondKesawn's Review: "Peace"
Take a listen as I give it to you all the way 100 on the short entitled "Peace." "When Daniel meets Leon discretion becomes more paramount than anything. Names, titles, and circumstances are left at the door in order to live in safety but when Leon begins to challenge Daniel on the status of their relationship lines are blurred and Daniel is left to decide on the truth of their love affair." Full Feature via Raynbow Affair Magazine:
May 11, 2022
Film Review: "HALLELUJAH" from Writer/Director: Victor Gabriel
Tap in as I take you through the journey of "Hallelujah" the short. On a path of self-awareness, tragedy, and realization, Hallelujah is a short that leads you to ask a few questions, wonder a few things, and most of all, explore within.
March 19, 2022
Teresa Morcho: Past, Present, and Future; The Stud Model Project
Taking a moment away from her busy schedule, Teresa Morcho allows me the opportunity to dive deep into the life she has lived. Understanding that Art imitates Life, I had to dig waaaaaaay back to the beginning as we begin to explore the birth of "The Stud Model Project." More than just a project, The Fairy Stud Mother has birthed an agency of creativity, expression, representation, and inclusion that has grown beyond what one may have expected... Listen in as we explore the Life of Teresa and the birth of The Stud Model Project. Full Article via Raynbow Affair:
February 27, 2022
Inside the Sip Back with T. Marie and TasteTee Wines
What is traditionally known as Taco Tuesday has now turned into TasteTee Tuesday for me as Media Personality and Social Twirler T. Marie held a Private Invite Sip Back Powered by TasteTee Wine. Great Food. Great Wine. And, Great People combined to make a night that can only be delivered with an impromptu recording. Tap In! “With a core mission of creating things to enhance your lifestyle, ALL THINGS BeaTEEful introduces TASTEE MOSCATO. Our company is known for creating products that are beneficial and enjoyable. Owner, Katrina "T'Marie" Curtis is a coach and influencer who understands that simple things in life, give people the most pleasure. She appreciates that Wine is not just a drink. It has also become the bond that brings people together, a confidence booster, and the remedy to relaxation. TASTETEE MOSCATO is a luxurious tasting experience sure to satisfy your palette in every way.” Shop the Brand:
February 17, 2022
Inside The Career, Lil KeKe: Tha Man, The Music, The Legend
Rapper Lil’ Keke is an enduring figure in Houston’s legendary Screwed Up Click (SUC). For nearly 25 years, he’s “pimped the pen” with his inventive phrases and freestyle flow. Lil’ Keke sharpened his freestyle skills while rapping to tapes as he rode around Houston’s southside. He is known for working with Houston icon DJ Screw—the mastermind behind the “chopped and screwed” sound-- alongside Fat Pat and other members of the Screwed Up Click. Lil' Keke gained national attention with his track "Southside" from his 1997 release "Don't Mess Wit Texas". With over 25 projects under his belt, he is known for being a creative force in the music industry. He is more than just a rapper, he is a mogul. Born Marcus Edwards in Houston Texas, the self-proclaimed Captain of the Screwed Up Click has made history in many ways. Outside of music, he has a love and passion for coaching the youth. His efforts with the youth-led him to be personally recognized by President Barack Obama in 2018. Former Houston Mayor, Annise Parker proclaimed July 13th as Lil Keke's 713 Day in 2015. The honor was followed up by current Houston, Sylvester Turner in 2019. 713 day is a staple for Houston as it is Houston's first area code. Keke is also the CEO of SLF Made which is a clothing merchandise line that celebrates the Houston Culture. His talents have led him to be the executive producer of various films that will be released in 2022. In February of 2022, Keke will release his highly anticipated project, LGND (Legend). The project features talent such as Slim Thug, ZRo, Sauce Walka, Juicy J, DJ Chose, and more. Fans can expect more music from Keke, tours, and one of the biggest 713 days ever. Take a listen as I go beyond the Music and inside his career with the LEGEND himself. Take a listen to the Album: LGND
February 15, 2022
Date Night with DiamondKesawn and Michael Jonvier
This Date Night started as Two Friends and some Wings... However, it ended up in a Recap of Michael Jonvier's personal “Date Night.” The Difference between “Doing Too Much” and being “Clingy.” And, most of all, the question of the night….. “Are you trying to Date ME or my Persona?” This is an Insider EXCLUSIVE on #DateNight with DiamondKesawn and Michael Jonvier…
January 29, 2022
Inside the Music: The Man, The Career, The Music with Houston's Own, Lil O
With over 20 years in the game, and being one of the FIRST to have a track (Can't Stop) with Destiny's Child before they took over the world. Lil O is a name that when mentioned comes with respect and recognition. Lil' O (born Ore Magnus Lawson; November 22, 1977, in Lagos, Nigeria) is a Houston Based rapper, raised in Southwest Houston, Texas. He is an original member of DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click. Full Story via The HYPE Magazine: Lil O Spotlight
December 23, 2021
Beyond The Sport! Raven "Hulk" Saunders: Give Me One Shot
At a time that the world was seeking an escape from what had become our pandemic normal, it was time for the Olympics. This particular Olympics was more than just another Olympics. The 2020 Olympics represented a sense of normalcy. It was a curated set of athletic events combined that allowed us as people to remember what life was like before the pandemic. Now, in all fairness, this Olympics was nothing like the usual, not only because of the rules of Social Distancing and Mask Mandates, no; but because of athletes like Raven "Hulk" Saunders. Raven "Hulk" Saunders represents athleticism in a way that was true to her core. She unapologetically remained true to her Raven-ism and allowed the world to experience her and all her glory. As such, I had to take a moment to get all up in her business. And when I say ALL UP IN, I mean ALL UP IN... From life before the Olympics to Life after a remarkable Win followed by a Tragedy beyond measure. Through it all, Raven is only asking for one thing. For us to Give her One-Shot! Tap in and Take a Listen. Raven on Instagram Raven on Twitter
November 07, 2021
Film Review "Haunted Trail" Written, Produced, and Co-Directed Raven Magwood
I had a chance to attend the Atlanta Screening for Haunted Trail and Babeeeeeeeeeee... This one is a Must-See! Tap in so I can give you some inside scoop, as well as listen in to what cast members Hope Forever and Reggie Couz had to say as I caught u with the on the Red Carpet. Directed by Robin Givens Starring Desi Banks [Comedian, Actor, Host/Entertainer] as "Zay" Starring Reggie Couz [Singer, Actor, Comedian] as "Austin" Written, Produced, and Co-Directed by 28-Year-Old Raven Magwood [Best-Selling Author & Speaker] Produced by Jock McKissic [Currently Starring In Your Honor with Bryan Cranston] Starring Marquise C. Brown [Known for Scandal, Grey's Anatomy] Also Starring Brook Sill, Matt William Knowles, and more! Website: Instagram:
October 15, 2021
3 Million and Counting- Soman Chainani: The Man, His Time, His Truth
Walking into the industry with the odds stacked against him, Soman Chainani is a testament to what it means to allow your determination to fuel your drive. Tackling the industry from an angle that has become a staple amongst readers, Soman has used his creative ability to feed the masses. Deciding that he didn't need anyone's permission to write, Soman has introduced to "The School for Good and Evil." After 16 No's, it was one Female Publisher of Color who understood the unique perspective expressed within the pages and decided to take a leap and bring "The School for Good and Evil" to fruition. Full Story at: Raynbow Affair Magazine
September 28, 2021
The HYPE Magazine Live Session: DJ XO
Tap in as I go beyond the music with do boy DJ XO... You know, the one who think he all that... LoL! Live Session for The HYPE Magazine!
September 08, 2021
I pulled the Scholarship Prank on my Grandmother
Anyone who knows me will tell you that my grandmother is my heart. Recently on Social Media, the trend has been pulling the "Scholarship Application" prank on your grandparents. Lissen! Don't judge me... This was too good for my old ass not to do it. Take a listen at how Missionary reacted... This is one for the books!
August 16, 2021
Beyond The Funny: Cheating Ass Myron
You’ve fallen in love with the Comedian CheatingAssMyron, but there’s more to the story. Take a moment and get in as Paula P. and I go Beyond the Funny of CheatingAssMyron and get introduced to Myron Jewell… #TheMan #TheComedian #TheStory Follow the Movement: CheatingAssMyron on Instagram CheatingAssMyron on Twitter
August 10, 2021
An Impromptu Hot Spot on DKP: Behind the Setup with Paula P.
Tune in as I take a moment to talk the Re-Launch or Showcase Studioz with Owner, Paula P. Taking time away during the Pandemic, Paula has elevated what Showcase is all about. Get Ready and Link In! Showcase Studioz Online Showcase Studioz on IG Paula P. on IG
August 01, 2021
Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Model Spotlight: Ralph Whorn
Let's go inside the pages of Ultimate Apeel Magazine with the Cover Model himself, Ralph Whorn XXX!
July 01, 2021
Yoncé Jones: The Story, The Reality, and The Demand for Respect
As an Activist and Spokesperson, Yoncé is a woman who is not afraid of her truth and using the power within her story to empower others. With a conscious effort towards breaking the stigma attached to the Trans, and HIV communities, Yoncé has decided to embark on a path that is not only forcing the world to pay attention but, helping others begin to heal from within. As we continuously grow our understanding of the importance of Mental Health, understanding the power in truth affords us the opportunity to explore healing in its truest sense. Allow me to bring you into the Truth of Yoncé Jones… The Story, The Reality, and The Demand for Respect! Powered By: Raynbow Affair Magazine
June 06, 2021
Beyond The Music: Ultra Naté (Brought to you by Nexus Radio)
Thanks to Nexus Radio I had the chance to sit down with the Legend herself,  Ultra Naté to candidly discuss her foray into the music industry, LGBTQ+ advocacy in music, Kamala Harris, and much more. Babeeeeeeeee! When I tell you her energy is unmatched. She is a woman of Soul, Deliverability, and Heroism. Her story is a perfect representation of Black History in the Music Industry and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to speak with her. Take a listen!
February 25, 2021
Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Model Spotlight: C. Scott Da Hottest
Let's go inside the pages of Ultimate Apeel Magazine with the Cover Model himself, C. Scott Da Hottest!
January 23, 2021
Track By Track: Apollo Mighty "Behavior"
With the recent release of his project entitled, "Behavior" I had the chance to catch up with the young King Apollo Mighty to get the inside perspective on each track. When I tell you we went innnnnnnnnnnn... Babeeeeeeeeeee, this musical driven breakdown of a conversation is def one to be in tune with. Enjoy! Behavior
December 29, 2020
Track By Track: Leila "Glass Highways"
You all know when I want to know more I go for it. LoL! I had the chance to go beyond the song titles and inside of the tracks with Leila as she allowed me to get the meaning to Glass Highways as I got Lost in Leila Land! Enjoy Glass Highways
December 29, 2020
Track By Track: Phylle "Worthy"
Tune in as Phylle takes us Track By Track through his latest release entitled, "Worthy!"
December 29, 2020
Welcome to Phylle World… Are you Worthy??
Phylle is the kind of artist that forces you to look deeper into what it is you desire in life. Being one who is transparent with his journey, to see the success and hear the journey you find yourself rooting for him without even realizing it. I had the chance to catch up with Phylle and talk all things him. Press play and get in tune with the Man Behind the Music! This is Phylle Uncut! Worthy
December 29, 2020
DKP Rewind with Guy Moments
Guy Moments is the reason I started watching cartoons again..... This is the Throwbackkkkkkkkk I needed today. Catch up on their episodes at 
December 24, 2020
DKP Rewind with Jimi James
It was a few years ago and Jimi James stole my heartttttttt.... I loveeeee her... Lemme take you Backkkkkkkkkk! 
December 17, 2020
DKP Rewind with DCole
Let's take it back to when D. Cole took over DKP Radio!
December 10, 2020
DKP Rewind with J. Reu
A BEAST with a Pen...... Let's go back to when J. Reu first put us on game to his $FxckFame Movement.
December 03, 2020
DKP Rewind with Temi
You remember when Temi stopped by to do it for the Ladies??? Yeahhhhhh.... This boy got R&B on LOCK!
November 26, 2020
DKP Rewind with BWildin
Ya'll remember when BWildin was Wildin and I wanted to know why??? Throwbackkkkkkkkk
November 19, 2020
Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Model Spotlight: Suki Lee
Inside the Issue 34 Cover with Model Suki Lee.
November 12, 2020
Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Model Spotlight: GSuperstar
Inside the Cover with Issue 33 Cover Model GSuperstar.
November 05, 2020
DKP Rewind with Trevis Romell
You know ain't nothing like some good R&B and Trevis made sure to hit DKP with that Heat!
October 29, 2020
Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Model Spotlight: Phantom
Let’s go beyond the cover and get to know all sides of Phantom.
October 24, 2020
DKP Rewind with Korestacks
Don't act like we forgot about how Korestacks stopped through DKP and made his mark! 
October 22, 2020
Track By Track: Ali Caldwell
Listen in as Ali Caldwell gives us a breakdown behind the meaning of each track on her project entitled "88." Hear "88" Apple: Spotify: YouTube Music:
October 18, 2020
DKP Rewind with Ms. Dria
Ya'll remember when Ms. Dria stopped through DKP to Turn Up!
October 15, 2020
Artist Spotlight: Kahlil Simplis
Inside the Music with Kahlil Simplis
October 12, 2020
Let's get into Ceraadi's Playlist with Ceraadi
Listen in as Ceraadi takes on the journey of the making of their Playlist and all things them.
October 11, 2020
DKP Rewind with Mr. Hanky
Take it back to when Mr. Hanky stepped into DKP.
October 08, 2020
Up Close and Personal with Ali Caldwell
Get in tune with Ali Caldwell as we discuss the road to “88.”
October 05, 2020
DKP Rewind with J. Mocha
Let's take it back to when J. Mocha stepped into the zone.
October 01, 2020
RA Mag Spotlight: Brave Williams
Babeeeeeeeeeee. I had the chance to catch up with Brave as she was just wrapping her latest project and decided to hit us with the release of her lyric video to “Don’t Tell Me No.” Brave allowed RA the opportunity to go behind the music and go on a journey with her. Tune in as we discuss her memories of falling in love with music, her journey in the industry, and of course, she drops the dime on what we can look forward to. Enjoy!
September 27, 2020
RA Mag Spotlight- Talkin Dat “Go Fren” Shiiiiiiiii with Piggy
Babeeeeeeeeeeee! I knew from the moment I heard “Go Fren” that Piggy was gonna be my good gurlfriend. From the moment you press play “Go Fren” is the kind of track that you rock too, especially if you rock with your friends. Taking a break from the studio I get a chance to catch up with Piggy and discuss her start in Music, her New Single, and what’s to come. Tune in to get the inside scoop from Piggy herself.
September 20, 2020
RA Mag Spotlight- The Man Behind “Bless My Soul” Apollo Mighty
Recently I introduced you to the music phenom named Apollo Might via his recent release entitled “Bless My Soul”. Along with this introduction, I introduced myself to Apollo Mighty as well. His ability to use his words to draw me into the song lead me to want to know more. If you know me like I know ya’ll know me, being that I wanted to know more, I had to make the call. Tune in as I go beyond the music with Apollo Mighty.
September 20, 2020
Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Model Spotlight: Sully
Welcome to the World of Sully as he discusses going from a Boxer to a Model leading up to him covering Ultimate Apeel Magazine.
September 20, 2020
RA Mag Spotlight- Inside The Music with Juvahn
Shy by nature but a BEAST on the Track, once Juvahn hit us with City, I had to take a moment and get into exactly who Juvahn is as well as all that went into the creation of the track. This Australia native has been on repeat in my car for days. For this reason alone, I had to go Inside the Music. Get into it!
September 19, 2020
RAmag Spotlight- Inside the Mind of a Creator: Patrick Ladonis
Have you ever seen a show so good that you wonder to yourself “What was the creator thinking?” Well, I have! I have been tuned into Scales and as the seasons continue, I am drawn into the stories of each character as well as I find myself wondering, where did the writer(s) get this concept/situation from. SCALES is the digital series that follows Remy Howard, a guy who’s drawn to complicated people and relationships. Set in Atlanta, SCALES focuses on the challenges of finding and keeping love even when it’s not good for them. With that in mind, I had to take a moment and get inside the mind of Patrick Ladonis.
September 19, 2020
Blck Label Cover Model Spotlight: Antoine Lust
Tune in as we go behind the Cover with Model Antoine Lust.
September 19, 2020
Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Spotlight: Trey Pressley
Listen in as Trey Pressley talks Fitness, Dating, Life, and being the Ultimate Apeel Magazine Cover Model. It's more to him than meets the eye. As he says, Woop Woop! Ultimate Apeel Magazine Issue #35:…zine-35-pdf/
September 14, 2020