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The Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey

The Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey

By Dan K Show
The Dan K Show is now in podcast form! The definitive source for all things Junior Hockey, College Hockey, and beyond. Reach out to Dan and Lucas @The_DanKShow on Twitter and Facebook, and head over to @The_DanKShow on Instagram to see pictures from past events.
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Dan K Show Presents E25: The NCDC

The Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey

Dan K Show Presents E25: The NCDC

The Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey

Junior Hockey E27: Midwest West Showcase Recap
Dan and Lucas look back on the highlights and results from the Midwest West Showcase, and how those results might shape the season to come! Follow the Dan K Show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @The_DanKShow
October 28, 2020
Dan K Show Presents E26: Jason Kersner, Head Coach Rockets Hockey Club (USPHL NCDC)
This week, Dan and Lucas talk with Rockets Head Coach Jason Kersner fresh off a weekend win, and in the midst of a phenomenal start to the season. The challenges of being with a new team, letting the Rockets creativity shine on the ice, and a holistic approach to training, all this week on Dan K Show Presents. Make sure to follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @The_DanKShow
October 21, 2020
Dan K Show Presents E25: The NCDC
This week, Dan and Lucas dive into the NCDC as it stands in October. They examine what they've seen from the NJ Hitmen, Rockets Hockey Club, Boston Junior Bruins, Islanders Hockey Club, and Boston Advantage. Our Free Skate deals with Lucas and Dan venting some frustrations with regards to the MLB Postseason, and specifically, the New York Yankees. Some baseball, some hockey, all fun this week on Dan K Show Presents. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @The_DanKShow for more!
October 14, 2020
The Ride: BJB Showcase
A new listening experience from the Dan K Show! Have you ever wanted to hear Dan and Lucas's thoughts immediately after leaving an event? Have you ever said, "Man those guys are always so prepared for every show?" Well, then prepare yourself for the opposite. This unedited (aka lightly edited) podcast is a look back at the Boston Junior Bruins Showcase from the guys who saw it firsthand.
October 7, 2020
Junior Hockey E23: Garrett Strot, Head Coach Tampa Bay Juniors (USPHL)
This week, the Dan K Show watched a LOT of hockey. In that weekend, the Tampa Bay Juniors, led by head coach Garrett Strot, came out as one of the most dominant teams. This week, we talked to Coach Strot about that opening weekend, the Tampa Bay Juniors team philosophy, and what it's like coaching and recruiting in the Florida Division. For more information on the Tampa Bay Juniors, go to and don't forget to follow the Dan k show @The_DanKShow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
September 23, 2020
Junior Hockey E22: Michael Callan, Head Coach Provo Riverblades (USPHL)
This week, Dan and Lucas welcome Riverblades head coach Mike Callan to the show. Coach Callan has the impressive job of building a new team for the '20-'21 season, which will compete in the high altitude and high powered USPHL Mountain Division. Listen as he talks working out in a former Olympic facility, building a squad from the ground up, and expectations for this year. Find out more about the Riverblades at and don't forget to follow the Dan K Show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @The_DanKShow
September 16, 2020
Junior Hockey E21: USPHL Elite Division Preview
This week, Dan and Lucas round out their '20-'21 season previews by looking at the Elite Division. Last year's Elite Nationals bracket was all hype for Dan and Lucas, and with the premature ending of last season, that hype has been transferred to this season. Listen as Dan and Lucas break down their expectations for the season, and make a few way too early predictions.
September 9, 2020
Junior Hockey E20: Alex Thomas, Northern Cyclones Broadcaster
This week, the Dan K Show welcomes fellow broadcaster Alex Thomas of the Northern Cyclones to talk about all things junior hockey. As a broadcaster for the Northern Cyclones, Alex has a unique viewpoint on the growth of the NCDC division, and why it uniquely prepares athletes for the next level. Dan, Lucas, and Alex chat about the recent upgraded to the Northern Cyclones facilities, swap broadcasting stories and tips, and get into a little bit of NHL playoff talk.  Remember to follow the Dan K Show @The_DanKShow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow Alex Thomas on Twitter @Alex_Thomas14
August 26, 2020
Junior Hockey E19: Elite Junior Profiles
This week, the Dan K Show talks to the internet! Well, not quite. But we do have some guests who have developed a website to help use the power of the internet to its fullest potential for hockey players of all ages. Paul Pechmann and Lane Houk of Elite Junior Profiles join the show to discuss how they can help high-achieving student-athletes and their parents build, grow, enhance and showcase the student-athlete’s online profile to prospective scouts, colleges, coaches,  committees and organizations. Find out how you can join their platform at  Don't forget to follow the Dan K Show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @The_DanKShow
August 19, 2020
Junior Hockey E18: Stanley Cup Predictions
This week, the Dan K Show put down the interview request phone and decided to chat about the NHL Playoffs and give their predictions for the Stanley Cup! Other topics for this week: Dan discusses his indoor Yellow Jacket problem, Lucas has questions for an ornithologist, and a friendly wager is made on those Stanley Cup predictions. Make sure to follow @The_DanKShow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more great content!
August 12, 2020
Junior Hockey E17: Ryan Creenan (SUNY Morrisville DIII) and Nick Bernstein (Richmond Generals, USPHL)
This week, Dan and Lucas digitally travel to Richmond to talk to two Richmond Generals goaltenders known for their presence on and off the ice. Ryan Creenan and Nick Bernstein spent last season as a 1-2 punch at the Elite and Premier levels, and they bring that dynamic to "Dan K Show Presents". Listen this week as we talk playing for Richmond, dig deep into the mind of a goaltender, and share some of our favorite stories from the Generals home rink,  SkateNation Plus
August 5, 2020
Junior Hockey E16: Dan Hodge, Head Coach Twin City Thunder (USPHL NCDC)
We couldn't quite catch up with Coach Hodge in New Hampshire this past weekend, so we had him on the podcast to make up for it! Hodge takes the helm of the Twin City Thunder for the upcoming season, and we asked him about his experience in the league, his approach to the game, and how his career playing hockey will translate into success behind the bench,
July 29, 2020
Junior Hockey E15: Mike Stanaway, Head Coach New York Aviators (USPHL Premier)
This week, Dan and Lucas talk Aviators hockey with the man who knows it best, Head Coach Mike Stanaway. Tune in as Dan and Lucas talk to Coach Stanaway about his offensive mindset, the ins and outs of recruiting in New York, and what it's like to be a part of the Aviator family
July 22, 2020
Junior Hockey E14: Triston Jensen, Head Coach Rum River Mallards (USPHL)
This week, Dan and Lucas talk to Coach Jensen about his career as a player, what it was like becoming the coach of the Mallards halfway through last season season, and what's next for one of the fastest rising teams in the Midwest. All this and more on this week's episode. Follow @The_DanKShow on social media, and head to for more info on playing for the Rum River Mallards
July 15, 2020
Junior Hockey E13: Jared Fisher, Fort Wayne Spacemen
This week, the Dan K Show talks with the USPHL's leading Premier scorer, Jared Fisher. We talk about his personal highlights, his run with the Spacemen, and why he has stayed within the USPHL's development model for his entire career. 
July 1, 2020
Junior Hockey E12: Bill Flanagan, Head Coach Northern Cyclones (USPHL NCDC)
Dan and Lucas welcome coach Bill Flanagan of the Northern Cyclones on to the podcast. Coach Flanagan has had a long history of success in hockey, and we spoke with him about his work in women's hockey, junior hockey, and development at all levels of the game. Head to for more information about the team, and make sure to follow @The_DanKShow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
June 24, 2020
Junior Hockey E11: Chicago Combine
This week, Dan and Lucas talk about their reactions to the USPHL Chicago Combine, and talk about some tips that players attending future combines can use to improve their chances of getting noticed by coaches and scouts
June 17, 2020
Junior Hockey E10: Race in Hockey
This week, Dan and Lucas took a break from their regularly scheduled format to discuss some of the issues present int he game of hockey, as well as preview content, slated to be released in the upcoming weeks, that will serve to amplify the stories of POC who play the game of hockey. Stay tuned to @The_DanKShow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details on that release, and to reach out to talk with Dan and Lucas
June 10, 2020
Junior Hockey E09: Kevin St. Jacques, Head Coach Carolina Jr. Canes (USPHL)
This week, Dan and Lucas welcome Kevin St. Jacques to talk about his time around the game, as well as a deep dive into what makes the USPHL Southeast division one of the toughest year in and year out. The conversation centers around his squad, the Carolina Jr. Canes, and their successes last season, plus what they hope to build on for this upcoming year.
June 3, 2020
Junior Hockey E08: Brett Wall, Head Coach Hudson Havoc (USPHL)
This week, Dan and Lucas welcome Coach Brett Wall of the Hudson Havoc to talk about his time with the team, and the Havoc's preparation for next season.
May 27, 2020
Junior Hockey E07: Brandon Osmundson and John Moncovich, Utica College
This week, Dan and Lucas battled zoom outages and lawn mowers to bring you a long awaited interview with two of our favorite players; Brandon Osmundson and John Moncovich. These two made their mark as being a left hand-right hand duo for the Hampton Roads Whalers, before taking their talents north to Utica College's DIII program, a program which was the heavy favorite to win it all before the season was cut short. Listen as the guys talk junior hockey, making the jump to college, and some tips for youngsters getting ready to make the leap to the next level.
May 21, 2020
Junior Hockey E06: University of Kentucky, University of Louisvile, and the TSCHL (ACHA DII)
This week, Dan and Lucas sat down with the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville coaching staffs, as well as Commissioner of the TSCHL Tim Driscoll, to have a wide ranging discussion on the rivalry between schools, the addition of Kentucky to the TSCHL, and what kind of opportunities are available for hockey players at one of the nine member school of the TSCHL.
May 14, 2020
Junior Hockey E05: Lennie Childs, Assistant Coach Janesville Jets (NAHL)
This week, Dan and Lucas sit down with current Assistant Coach of the Janesville Jets (NAHL) to talk about his time on the bench, recruiting in the NAHL, and how the Jets look to continue to build on their stellar resume in the upcoming season.
May 7, 2020
Junior Hockey E04: The Pueblo Bulls
On this week's show, Dan and Lucas chat with Owner Jerry Wilhite, General Manager David Nelson, and Head Coach Chris Wilhite of the Pueblo Bulls. The Bulls are one of the newest additions to the USPHL, which has recently added western teams to it's already large footprint. 
April 30, 2020
Junior Hockey E03: Dan Bradley, the Voice of the Minnesota Mullets (USPHL Premier)
This week, Dan and Lucas talk with Dan Bradley, the Play-by-Play announcer for the Minnesota Mullets. The conversation turns to Dan's broadcast career before diving into broadcast "tools of the trade", and how to keep up with the changing trends in media. This is a must listen for broadcasters and fans! 
April 23, 2020
Junior Hockey E02: Adam Houli (Head Coach NJ 87's, EHL) and Anthony DiPaolo (Broadcaster NJ 87's and NJ Titans)
The Dan K Show takes a dive into the world of the EHL with Adam Houli (Head Coach NJ 87's, EHL) and Anthony DiPaolo (Broadcaster NJ 87's and NJ Titans). They join us to talk about the in-house development program of the NJ 87's, the state of junior hockey in New Jersey, and share some stories about their hockey careers
April 16, 2020
Junior Hockey E01: Head Coaches Jim Henkel (USPHL NCDC CT Jr. Rangers) and Ryan Frew (USPHL NCDC NH Jr. Monarchs)
On this week's show, Dan and Lucas welcome two long-time Dan K Show favorites. Head Coaches Jim Henkel (USPHL NCDC CT Jr. Rangers) and Ryan Frew (USPHL NCDC NH Jr. Monarchs) chat about their hockey history, recruitment in the time of COVID-19, and how they have built two of the most successful programs in the USPHL. Go to for more, and make sure to reach out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @The_DanKShow
April 9, 2020
Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey
The Dan K Show, now in podcast form! Take the best show in Junior Hockey with you wherever you go on your favorite streaming platform. New episodes weekly! Want to be a part of the conversation? Tweet @The_DanKShow to chime in.
March 31, 2020