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Retail Retold

Retail Retold

By DLC Management Corp.
The Retail Retold Podcast highlights community retailer stories from across the country and gives a behind-the-scenes perspective from business leaders in both retail and real estate industries. The show’s episodes contain valuable insights that help solve the needs of entrepreneurs and real estate pros.

Each week our guests share stories of what worked, what didn’t, the ups and downs – giving the audience a critical set of tools needed for business success. Join host Chris Ressa and new guests weekly for amazing insights and thought-provoking stories. Brought to you by DLC Management Corp.
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EP 125: Grant’s Kitchen & Grill in Gallatin, TN with Caroline Harrelson
Caroline Harrelson, Retail Recruitment Consultant Specialist for The Retail Coach, shares what it is like to work for local municipalities to bring retail to their communities. Listen in to hear how she helped connect Grant’s Kitchen & Grill, a casual restaurant with one location, to a new market, and an investor to partner with! Giving a small business owner the opportunity to scale up and work out a deal leading to his dream of franchising realized!
July 29, 2021
EP 124: Auntie Anne’s in Orlando, FL & Duck Donuts in Harrisburg, PA with Andy Kmiec
7-billion-dollar donut industry and growing! We have a double header in today’s episode! Andy Kmiec, Vice President of Development at Duck Donuts, shares his story about opening an unconventional Auntie Anne’s location in Orlando, and Duck Donut’s new endeavor into the drive-thru business model in Harrisburg, PA. Listen in now to hear how he got the deals done with perseverance, brand awareness, and creativity, turning a 200 sq. foot kiosk into a top selling location!
July 22, 2021
EP 123: Magic Beans in Cambridge, MA with Eli Gurock
Opening a new location in 45 days, just in time for Christmas! Eli Gurock, co-owner of Magic Beans, a baby gear and toy retailer, and Youtuber with over 22M views joins us on today’s podcast. Eli shares his story about opening a new location in Cambridge MA filling the space previously occupied by a specialty toy store just weeks before the Christmas shopping season. Listen to his episode now to find out how he navigates customer acquisition costs, and his innovative solution to staffing!
July 15, 2021
EP 122: Maria Toliopoulos (RTS #36)
It’s time for some more real talk with Maria Toliopoulos! Maria, Vice President of Real Estate Strategy at Ulta Beauty, brings her Real Estate and leadership strategy to today’s talk. Chris and Maria discuss the convergence of the physical retail space and online retail, and how Amazon’s move to brick-and-mortar locations and, the pandemic provided two pivotal moments for retailers to bring change and innovation to their real estate strategies. Maria also shares where she finds her passion for retail real estate and what excites her about being a leader. Listen now!
July 8, 2021
EP 121: Rick Helfenbein (RTS #35)
It’s time for some REAL TALK with Rick Helfenbein! Rick is a Retail & Fashion Industry Consultant, and former Chairman, President and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association. With over 20 years of experience in fashion retail and manufacturing, Rick shares his take on the fashion industry today, and where it’s going tomorrow! Listen in as he shares industry trade trends, and the surprising opportunities inflation can bring to fashion retailers.
July 6, 2021
EP 120: Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Dallas, TX with Kris Smith
Today’s guest is Kris Smith, Vice President of Real Estate Development for Hand & Stone Massage Franchise Corporation Kris’ enthusiasm and dedication to his franchisees is hard to ignore! In this episode, Kris shares his own unique experience as a former franchisee and how it impacts his role as a VP. Chris and Kris discuss the value in multi-unit operators, building the franchisee-franchisor relationship, and the benefits of a member-based business.
July 1, 2021
EP 119: Armor Coffee Co. in Allen, TX with Mike Todryk
Today’s guest is Mike Todryk, CEO and founder of Armor Coffee Co. Mike and Chris discuss the importance of customer loyalty, choosing faith over fear during uncertain times, and what success really looks like. Mike also shares his powerhouse, three pillar business strategy with us. Listen now!
June 24, 2021
EP 118: Buff City Soap in Charleston, WV with Rick Kueber
Rick Kueber, the CEO of Sun Tan City, and a franchisee of Buff City Soap and Planet Fitness joins our host Chris Ressa to discuss the importance of a good track record and knowing your trade area. Rick shares a story about a Buff City Soap deal in Charleston, WV, giving us a textbook example of the saying “there’s no deal until there’s a deal.”
June 17, 2021
EP 117: Apple Store at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA with Alan Barocas
"You can make a major impact on the retail landscape if you have a working formula” Our guest today is Alan Barocas, former Sr. EVP of Leasing at GGP and former SVP of Retail at Gap Inc. Listen to the compelling way Alan brings retail knowledge to leasing strategies, and what he has to say about co-tenancy and improving work culture!
June 10, 2021
EP 116: Dairy Queen in Brainerd, MN with Jennifer Rude
Today's guest is Jennifer Rude, Franchise Developer at Dairy Queen. She jumps on the podcast to discuss the future of DQ Franchises and shares an inspirational story about a Dairy Queen in Brainerd, MN that shows how "paying it forward" can catch on like wildfire, even during a pandemic. Listen now!
June 3, 2021
EP 115: Five Below in Downingtown, PA with Zach Minteer
Getting a lease resolved in 30 days, a brand new prototype & a new beginning for Five Below... Zach Minteer, VP of Real Estate at Five Below, joins us on today's podcast. Zach shares a story about opening a new prototype for Five Below in Downingtown, PA where timing is EVERYTHING! Listen to his episode now to find out how he navigated risks and challenges that appeared while making this deal.
May 27, 2021
EP 114: HTeaO in Georgetown, TX with Brad Williamson
What's one thing most people agree with that you do not?  Listen in now to hear Brad Williamson's fun answer to this question along with everything there is to know about the current operations of HTeaO. 
May 20, 2021
EP 113: Porsche Driving Experience Center in Atlanta, GA with Ken Ashley
Wondering what's going on in the world of office real estate today? Check out this new episode with Ken Ashley, Executive Director of Cushman & Wakefield.
May 13, 2021
EP 112: Insomnia Cookies at Temple University, PA with Dave Lasus
Dave Lasus, the current CEO at Heart + Paw, joins our host, Chris Ressa to take a deep dive into the future of Heart + Paw and shares a story from his past about an Insomnia cookie deal at Temple University.  Listen now!
May 6, 2021
EP 111: Pyscho Bunny in Tysons, VA with Drew Schaul
Today's guest is Drew Schaul, VP of CBRE.  Listen in as he shares the story of opening a new Psycho Bunny at Tysons Corner in Tysons, VA. 
April 29, 2021
EP 110: The Top 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Facilities Maintenance Company with Ryan Dempsey (RTS #34)
Today's Real Talk Series guest is Ryan Dempsey, Managing Partner at East End Group. Listen in as Chris and Ryan go over the Top 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Facilities Maintenance Company.  
April 27, 2021
EP 109: Busy Beaver Center, Calcutta OH with Joseph Kallen
"The regional retailers are expanding we just don’t get the headlines…” Our guest today is Joseph Kallen, CEO at Busy Beaver Building Centers, Inc. Listen to the unique way Joseph is handling the inventory at Building Beavers Building Centers and what he has to say about thriving regional retail brands!  
April 22, 2021
EP 108: 5 Things People Don't Know About Solar with Bluesky Utility (RTS #33)
Want to learn more about solar energy? This is the perfect episode for you! Chris sits down with Bluesky Utility to discuss the 5 things that people don't know about solar. 
April 20, 2021
EP 107: Walmart Neighborhood Market in Athens, GA with Karren Hutton
43 Walmarts in 36 months…  Karren Hutton proves the impossible is possible in today’s story about opening up the last of the 43 Walmarts. Listen in now to hear her incredible story and how she got it all done just in time for opening day!
April 15, 2021
EP 106: Gautham Vadakkepatt (RTS #32) The Center For Retail Transformation
It's time for some more REAL TALK, with Gautham Vadakkepatt, Founding Director of The Center For Retail Transformation. Learn all about how he's influencing his students to push the boundaries of retail.
April 13, 2021
Ep 105: BurritoBar in Howell, MI with Shawn Saraga
Today's guest is Shawn Saraga, VP of Business Development for BarBurrito Restaurants. Shawn shares insights on BarBurrito expanding down into the US after finding continued success in Canada. Learn how they plan to set themselves apart from the Chipotles and other fast-casual Mexican food brands in the United States as well as what it took to move into one of their first locations in the states, in Howell, MI.
April 8, 2021
EP 104: Andre Harris (RTS #31)
It's time for some Real Talk with Andre Harris! Andre is a culture transformation leader and game-changer with over 25 years of experience in creating customer-centric cultures where customers are loyal and employees are engaged. Listen in as she goes over 5 Tips for Landlords to Improve the Customer Experience for Their Tenants.
April 6, 2021
EP 103: MYKITA in New York, NY with Larry Haber
Today's guest is Larry Haber, Managing Partner of CRE at AGMB, LLP. Larry represents both tenants and landlords, focusing primarily on commercial lease negotiations, restructurings, reviews and audits in addition to real estate acquisitions, dispositions, construction contracts and due diligence advisory services.  Larry and Chris discuss MYKITA opening in NYC as well as the Top 3 Commercial Real Estate Trends from an attorney's perspective. Listen now!
April 2, 2021
EP 102: Neely Tamminga (RTS #30)
Real Talk Series #30 with Neely Tamminga, CEO of DISTILL Advisory. Learn about the Top 4 Economic Influences On Today’s Consumer!
March 30, 2021
EP 101: Falafel Inc. in Kansas City, MO with Ahmad Ashkar
Today's guest is Ahmad Ashkar, Falafel Inc. Founder. Ahmad has also served as the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of the Hult Prize Foundation, graduating more than 2.1M impact entrepreneurs from 121 countries and directly deploying $100M in capital with indirect funding of $1B+. Listen in to hear Ahmad's entrepreneurial perspective on the food and beverage industry, why he created Falafel Inc. and to learn about the unique impact his company has on the lives of refugees.
March 25, 2021
EP 100: Brunswick Home & Billiards in Chicago, IL with Sandy Stein
Today's guest is Sandford (Sandy) Stein, Forbes Contributor & Founder of RETAIL SPEAK on LinkedIn. In 2014, Sanford launched RETAIL SPEAK™, a LinkedIn platform for sharing ideas on all things retailing. This is on the heels of the introduction of his book RETAIL SCHMETAIL™ ONE Hundred Years, TWO Immigrants, THREE Generations, FOUR Hundred Projects. The combination textbook/memoir was awarded an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award in 2015. "In the age of Amazon, Sandy Stein reminds us why retail is far from dead."
March 18, 2021
EP 99: Tory Burch in Honolulu, HI with Ron Thurston
Today's guest is Ron Thurston, Best Selling Author of RETAIL PRIDE, Vice President of Stores at INTERMIX and Board of Directors at GOODWILL. Are you still stuck in the mindset of location, location, location? Ron may change your mind in this week's episode!
March 11, 2021
EP 98: Andrew Cox (RTS#29)
Real Talk Series #29 : Retail Supply Chain Today's guest is Andrew Cox, Senior Retail Analyst at FreightWave. Chris and Andrew take a deep dive into the world of freight and logistics as they discuss The Top Trends in The Retail Supply Chain.  1. Divergence in Delivery Strategies 2. Supply Chain Strategies (BOPIS, Curbside PickUp) 3. Low Inventory Levels 
March 9, 2021
EP 97: The Local Oyster in Baltimore, MD with Mike Morris
Mike Morris, Principal at Cana Development, joins our host Chris Ressa to discuss all things related to food halls and food hall development. Wondering about the current state of food halls, how they differ from food courts, or how The Local Oyster landed its location in Baltimore, MD? Listen now!
March 4, 2021
EP 96: Nuts About Cakes in Lagos, Nigeria with Nike Majekodunmi
We're taking a virtual trip all the way to Nigeria in this latest episode of Retail Retold!  Nike Majekodunmi shares her bootstrapping, entrepreneurial journey with us as well as walking us through the process of setting up her Nuts About Cakes location in Lagos, Nigeria. Listen now to hear Nike's fascinating story!
February 25, 2021
EP 95: Jeremy Goodrich & Stephanie Saunders (RTS #28)
We have a special Real Talk Series Episode today with two guests! This is a combined episode with two full-length interviews. First up is Jeremy Goodrich, Owner of Shine Insurance Agency. His segment is all about Real Estate Insurance. Second is Stephanie Saunders, Partner at United Claims Specialists. Her segment is a deep dive into the role of Public Adjusters. Listen in for some fascinating insights on the two related topics!
February 23, 2021
EP 94: Kitchen House Coffee in St. Louis, MO with David Rodgers
Today's guest is David Rodgers, owner of Kitchen House Coffee in St. Louis, MO. The coffee house is an extension of Paul Whitsitt & Rodgers' nearby urban farm, Kitchen House Farm, named for the old kitchen house or summer kitchen that still stands on the property. The vision for Kitchen House Coffee is centered around the idea of finding a country respite in the city - a repurposed, urban space focused on sustainable product. Listen in to hear how David made the decision to step out of the corporate Retail Real Estate world and into owning his own Coffee Shop! David is a true inspiration and community leader, dedicated to giving back and helping his neighbors and the local Shenandoah High School.
February 19, 2021
EP 93: Caroline and Main in Saratoga Springs, NY with Heidi Owen West
Heidi Owen West is a true retail inspiration! She's taking over Saratoga Springs, NY with not one but three shops in walking distance from one another. Listen in to hear how she's powered through 2020 and has differentiated her customer's retailing experience.
February 11, 2021
EP 92: Dunkin Donuts in Memphis, TN with Larry Strain
Larry is an industry-respected growth driver bringing 20(+) years of success steering national retail expansion for many high-profile brands: • Starbucks Coffee • McDonald’s • Dunkin’ Brands • Global Partners • and many more… On today's show, Larry tells us the unique story of the very first to market Dunkin Donuts in Memphis, TN. Fascinating! Listen in now to hear for yourself.
February 5, 2021
EP 91: Nicole Leinbach Reyhle (RTS#27)
Real Talk Series #27 with Nicole Leinbach Reyhle. Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is the Founder and Publisher of, a well-respected retail industry resource that has been recognized worldwide for its leading business insight since 2007. With a core concentration on independent retailers, small businesses, technology and how the various touchpoints of commerce influence modern merchants, Reyhle is a frequent guest and contributor to various media outlets that include The Today Show, Forbes, and countless B2B publications.
February 2, 2021
EP 90: Party City in Anchorage, AL with Jason Gendel
Today we're joined by Jason Gendel, VP of Real Estate for Party City. Jason has over fifteen years of experience in the real estate industry. Listen in to learn about Part City's recent ventures, where they're heading in the future, and to hear an interesting story about opening up a retail store in Anchorage Alaska! 
January 28, 2021
EP 89: Mark Thompson (RTS #26)
This episode is a part of our Real Talk Series. Today's guest is Mark Thompson, Founder of NNN Capital and Often referenced as the " for grocery-anchored real estate," tracks all 25,000 grocery-anchored real estate properties across the country providing on-market and sold optics in addition to providing daily updates through their newsfeed. Listen now to hear Mark's perspective on the grocery market!
January 26, 2021
EP 88: PRESS Massage in Williamsburg, NY with Rachel Beider
Rachel Beider is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and mentor. Rachel is the proud owner of PRESS Modern Massage, a group of award-winning clinical massage studios. She has made her career about empowering wellness professionals to start and grow their own practices, via Wellness Business Consulting.  Rachel is a passionate entrepreneur, today she shares the story of opening her very first PRESS Massage location.
January 21, 2021
EP 87: Brittain Ladd (RTS #25)
Have you ever heard of micro fulfillment?  Brittain Ladd will fill you in on this and more in this Real Talk Series episode of Retail Retold.  Brittain Ladd is the Chief Supply Chain Officer at PULSE Integration and has had over 20 years of experience in the retail world. Mr. Ladd has appeared on every major network globally including CNN, Fox, BBC, and multiple stations in Japan, China, Russia, and Latin America. He is also a contributor to publications such as Forbes, Observer, and numerous industry publications. Listen in now to learn about micro fulfillment, automation, streamlining process solutions, and yes, even self-driving scooters.
January 19, 2021
EP 86: Lovesac in Chicago, IL with Clary Groen
Clary H. Groen is the first Vice President of Real Estate for Lovesac (NASDAQ: LOVE), a direct-to-consumer specialty furniture brand with approximately 80 retail showrooms supporting its eCommerce delivery model. Mr. Groen is also Founder and President of Foresite Retail Advisors, provider of comprehensive consulting services specializing in the development of internal foundations for store development departments and strategic expansion. Listen in now to hear his unique story about opening a Lovesac in Chicago, IL. 
January 14, 2021
EP 85: Simeon Siegel (RTS#24)
Real Talk Series #24 with Simeon Siegel, Managing Director, Senior Retail and eCommerce Analyst at BMO Capital Markets Simeon Siegel is a Managing Director and award-winning Senior Analyst specializing in Retail and E-commerce. Simeon has been named a Rising Star of Wall Street by Institutional Investor, a Rising Star of Equity Research by Business Insider, a Top Stock Picker by StarMine and a Top Earnings Estimator by Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv. He has worked on the Institutional Investor #1 ranked All America Research Team for Specialty Retail and the Wall Street Journal's "Best on the Street" list of top analysts.  Listen in now to hear interesting insights and a thought-provoking conversation about the world of retail real estate.
January 12, 2021
EP 84: Listener Q & A #1
We're starting off 2021 with a bang! Our host, Chris Ressa reads and responds to listener questions for this first episode of the new year.
January 9, 2021
EP 83: One Paseo in San Diego, CA with Carrie Bobb
LAST EPISODE OF 2020! Today's guest is Carrie Bobb, the founder and CEO of Carrie Bobb & Co. She is a consumer analytics expert and has a strong history of driving revenue through digital and brick & mortar leasing strategies. She has successfully merchandised and executed the leasing for some of San Diego's most notable and high profile retail projects for over 17 years. Listen in as she talks specifically about the One Paseo shopping center in SD, California.
December 31, 2020
EP 82: UNIQLO in Chicago, IL with Sanjiv Chadha
Today’s Guest is Sanjiv Chadha, President of NWS Architects/Chadha & Associates. Sanjiv shares his insights on what's to come for retail in 2021, projects he is currently working on and an interesting story about a UNIQLO in Chicago, IL. Listen in to hear how he navigated a failing smoke test inspection just days before opening!
December 24, 2020
EP 81: Fleet Feet in Poughkeepsie, NY with Kim Caruso
Today's guest is one of our own tenants Kim Caruso! Kim is the owner of Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie located at the Shoppes at South Hills. Kim is the definition of grit and resolve. After fifteen years of working as a marketing professional, Kim developed a new love of running and a new desire for a career change. Listen in now to hear her entrepreneurial journey and the details about how she was able to open up her first store. 
December 17, 2020
EP 80: Valvoline in Alpharetta, GA with David Wright
On today's episode we have David Wright, Senior Real Estate Manager at Valvoline Inc. David shares not one but TWO stories with us on today’s episode. The first is about a McDonald’s maneuvering into a baseball field and the second is about a Valvoline deal that turned into a corner piece as you enter the Atlanta Market.
December 10, 2020
EP 79: (RTS #23) with Julia Raymond
Today's episode is part of our Real Talk Series.  Our featured guest is Julia Raymond, Editor-in-Chief at RETHINK Retail, Podcast Host, and Global Director at Valtech After spending 4 years in global marketing roles for the digital agency Valtech, Julia co-founded its media brand RETHINK Retail. By interviewing retail executives, academics and thought leaders, she delivers retail insights for leaders, from leaders. In today's episode, Julia discusses 3 tips for podcasters, reimagining retail centers, her perspective on the retail market today and shares an endearing story about her grandmother. 
December 8, 2020
EP 78: Basecamp Fitness in Edina, MN with Mark Norman
Today’s guest is Mark Norman the VP of Real Estate at Self Esteem Brands, LLC.  Self Esteem Brands is the parent company of Anytime Fitness (the world’s #1 “Top Global” franchise) Waxing the City, Basecamp Fitness, and The Bar Method. In today's episode, Mark tells Chris the story of a Basecamp fitness studio that opened in his hometown of Edina, MN. Mark has 17 years of experience in the Retail Real Estate Industry. Listen in as he dives into his own perspective on the market today for fitness and other service businesses.
December 3, 2020
EP 77: The White House Interiors in Birmingham, AL with Ann Marie James
Today we have, Ann Marie James, the owner of The White House Interiors. Ann Marie is also a real estate investor and the owner of Silver Real Estate and Crown Properties. She’s bought, remodeled and furnished more than 200 houses in Birmingham, the Lake Martin area and the Florida Panhandle.   The White House Interiors is a charming, privately owned store in the Greystone area.  Listen in to her story now to learn how she has grown her new thriving business!
November 26, 2020
EP 76: (RTS#22) LeasePilot with Gabriel Safar
This episode is a deep dive into the LeasePilot software with the Co-Founder & CEO, Gabriel Safar. LeasePilot is a cloud-based software provider that facilitates the preparation and abstraction of commercial leases. As a former real estate attorney, Gabriel is focused on promoting a paradigm shift in the way commercial leases are drafted, negotiated and consumed by real estate organizations. The purpose of LeasePilot is to cut the amount of time it takes to go from an LOI to a signed lease in half and automate the transfer of leasing information into other critical systems such as financial reporting and property management software. LeasePilot does this through a novel combination of context-aware automation, purpose-built lease drafting tools and a modern SaaS architecture. Listen now to learn more about Gabriel's process in creating the LeasePilot program!
November 25, 2020
EP 75: Leap in Chicago, IL with Rebecca Fitts
Leap is the leading platform for branded retail & emerging brands. By leveraging technology, world class store management and real estate expertise, the Platform makes retail turnkey for brands. We’ve made launching and scaling retail as simple as starting an online store — while turning it into a single line item. Our guest Rebecca Fitts is the Director of Real Estate at Leap and the Co-host of the podcast ‘Retail is your Business'. Rebecca shares the story of one of leap's latest locations in Chicago, IL. 
November 19, 2020
EP 74: Chickie's & Pete's in Marlton, NJ with Brian Finnegan
Today's guest is Brian Finnegan, Executive Vice President, and Chief Revenue Officer at Brixmor Property Group. Brian actively serves in the International Council of Shopping Centers, including the Open Air Centers Committee, and was Chair of the 2019 OAC Summit. His leadership has been recognized in Chain Store Age’s “50 Under 40” and again in “10 Under 40” as well as Shopping Centers Today “Leasing Leaders”. Brian and Chris discuss an array of topics including the current state of retail real estate, the importance of peer relationships, outparcel demand, how retailers might handle a second wave of COVID as well as his own personal tale of opening Chickie's & Pete's in Marlton, NJ. Chickie's & Pete's, also known as the taste of Philadelphia sports, is a company full of history. The Chickie’s & Pete’s hometown flavor has expanded to 12 locations across Philadelphia and New Jersey and was voted ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar on the East Coast. Listen now to hear how Brian was able to help open up one of his favorite game time restaurants!
November 13, 2020
EP 73: Top 5 Retail Trends in 2021
Today Chris is joined by John Dee and Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl of Placewise.  Placewise delivers digital technology, data and e-commerce to shopping centers around the world. In this episode, Chris, John and Stephanie discuss the relationship between the digital landscape, retailers and landlords as well as their thoughts. on the Top 5 Retail Trends in 2021.
November 10, 2020
EP 72: [solidcore] in Bismarck, ND with Anne Mahlum
Today's guest is Anne Mahlum the Founder, Owner and CEO of a fast-growing boutique fitness company she founded in DC in 2013 called [solidcore] In just 6 years, Anne has grown her company to more than 70 locations (entirely corporately owned) with more than 100,000 clients, including Michelle Obama. [solidcore]  has studios in DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, New York, Texas, Georgia, Minneapolis, North Dakota, Connecticut, Illinois and Michigan. In late 2017, Anne brought on Peterson Partners as a minority investor to help take the company to close to 100 locations by the end of 2020.  She has received notable media attention for her success as a woman entrepreneur and business acumen, including features in The Washington Post, The Washington Business Journal and Runner's World.
November 5, 2020
EP 71: (SPECIAL EDITION) ShopRite in Vernon, CT with Chris Ressa
November 1st marks the 1-year anniversary of the Retail Retold podcast!!! Woohoo, Happy (Almost) Birthday to us! As an early celebration, we're flipping the script! Adam Ifshin, DLC Management Corp. Founder & CEO, takes over the role of host in today's podcast and interviews Chris Ressa about one of his own favorite stories. Adam and Chris discuss the story of ShopRite in Vernon, CT along with some thought-provoking topics based on leadership and culture. This is an episode you won't want to miss!
October 29, 2020
EP 70: McCalister's Deli in Oklahoma City, OK with Adam Saxton
Today's guest is Adam Saxton Co-CEO & Owner of The Saxton Group | McAlister's Deli Multi-Unit Franchisee Saxton is also the elected President of the McAlister's Deli Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) and is currently serving his third term elected by other franchisees. In this capacity he works in close partnership with other franchisees to influence and advise the McAlister's Deli and FOCUS Brands corporate senior leadership teams on strategic brand initiatives surrounding marketing, brand development, menu pipeline, culinary innovation, operations, training, design, development and field support. Listen in as he tells our host a unique story about the McCalister's Deli that recently opened in Oklahoma City.
October 23, 2020
EP 69: (Real Talk Series #21) Gene Zannetti
How do you train confidence? Gene Zannetti, Mindset Coaching Sales and Sports Teams, jumps on the podcast today for a motivational interview where he discusses ways to adjust your mindset and work on your confidence. He also tells Chris his Top 5 Business Mindset Tips “I'm thankful for the opportunity to work." "I’m aggressive and relentless.” “I have no fear of losing or making mistakes.” “I never give up.” “I trust in the process.” Listen in to hear how athletes and entrepreneurs can benefit from training their mindsets.
October 20, 2020
EP 68: Re-Opening CHICO'S with Greg Baker
Greg Baker is the SVP, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary at CHICO'S FAS, INC. Greg is a trusted problem solver with extensive experience tackling complex business and legal issues in public and private companies. He manages legal, risk management, real estate, construction, and global compliance teams. This is a unique episode of Retail Retold. Greg shares the story and process of re-opening not one but 1,300 CHICO'S stores! Greg also discusses the various new business strategies that CHICO'S has implemented over the past six months.  In this episode, Chris and Greg get candid about the relationship between landlords and tenants. They openly discuss challenges they both faced around the topic of rent and have a refreshingly honest conversation. Listen in now to hear how they approached their own business obstacles amid the height of the pandemic.
October 15, 2020
EP 67: Bed Bath & Beyond in Woodbridge, NJ with Seth Geldzahler
From first negotiations to getting a lease signed in 19 days… Today’s guest is Seth Geldzahler. Seth has a long history in the field of retail real estate. His most recent position was held with Bed Bath & Beyond as VP of Real Estate for 24 years. In today's episode, Seth shares a recent deal about Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby in Woodbridge NJ. Find out how Seth and his team completed the deal in just 19 days! Chris and Seth also discuss a variety of topics such as the importance of mentorship, the current retail market, and how to measure the success of a retail store.
October 8, 2020
EP 66: (Real Talk Series #20) Gregg Katz
Real Talk Series #20 with Gregg Katz Today we have Gregg Katz, Chief Strategy Officer of TSCG. As Chief Strategy Officer, Gregg’s focus is to create and implement strategies for organizational structure and human capital, data, analytics, social platforms, website, GIS, mobile technology, and branding. Gregg joined TSCG in 2006 as a Tenant Rep.  Prior to joining TSCG, he spent 15 years in restaurant operations, consulting, marketing, and site selection, including owning and operating a quick-casual restaurant group in Orlando, Florida from 1996-2001. Listen-in to hear Gregg's unique perspective on today's retail industry.
October 6, 2020
EP 65: Zero Empty Spaces in Fort Lauderdale, FL with Andrew Martinaeu
Today’s guest is Andrew Martineau Co-Founder of Zero Empty Spaces. Zero Empty Spaces creates affordable artist studios in vacant spaces around the country where artists can create and collaborate at an affordable price. They are working to expand the appreciation of all genres of art and helping to create a thriving cultural community in various cities. Andrew shares a unique story about one of their Zero Empty Spaces located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Listen to his story now to find out how landlords have benefited from Zero Empty Spaces coming into their centers.
October 1, 2020
EP 64: Amazing Lash Studio in Iowa with Grant Guidinger
Today's guest is Grant Guidinger Vice President of Real Estate at WellBiz Brands, Inc. Grant manages an internal team and external vendor network to support real estate store development and portfolio and asset management for Amazing Lash Studio, Elements Massage, and Fitness Together.  In this episode, Grant tells our host Chris Ressa, the story of an Amazing Lash Studio located in Iowa. Have you ever heard of a rogue tenant? Listen in now to learn what they are and how they affected this deal in Iowa!
September 24, 2020
EP 63: (RTS #19) Zero Cash Flow Deals with Karly Iacono
Real Talk Series #19 with Karly Iacono Today's guest is Karly Iacono, First Vice President - Net Leased Properties Group for Marcus & Millichap. The Iacono Retail Group of Marcus & Millichap, led by Karly Iacono, is a highly-skilled group of Commercial Real Estate Brokers with deep expertise in Net Leased Investments and Multi-Tenant Retail with a specific focus on 1031 exchanges. With a broad client base consisting of publicly traded REITS, developers, owner-operators considering sale-leasebacks, and private investors the team is uniquely positioned to move capital across different market segments. In today's episode, Karly shares the ins and outs of zero cash flow deals along with interesting insight on net lease investments.
September 22, 2020
EP 62: What's for Lunch in America? with Noelle Ifshin
What’s for lunch in America? Our own Noelle Ifshin from DLC Management joins Chris on the podcast today. Noelle is our in-house expert on all things restaurant. Noelle has held an array of roles for various hospitality organizations, ranging from front and back of the house, single unit management to multi-unit director, as well as company-wide profit management duties. She is equally comfortable over a cross-section of volume levels, concept niches, and company cultures. Her diverse experience includes Executive Chef Positions, F&B management, catering, large event management projects, renovations, and new build-outs. Listen-in as Noelle and Chris discuss a variety of topics regarding the restaurant industry.  Noelle was also an integral part of creating our FREE eBook, The Restaurant Reinvention, which can download here:
September 17, 2020
EP 61: (Real Talk Series #18) Spencer Levy and Melina Cordero
Real Talk Series #18 CAPITAL MARKETS with Spencer Levy and Melina Cordero Today's episode includes Spencer Levy and Melina Cordero from CBRE. Spencer Levy is the Chairman of Americas Research and Senior Economic Advisor for CBRE. Spencer is the chief spokesman on real estate matters for CBRE in the Americas. He is regularly quoted in major business publications and frequently is a guest on business television, including CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, PBS, and Fox Business. Spencer is the host of CBRE’s podcast “The Weekly Take.” He is widely considered one of the finest commentators in the entire commercial real estate industry. Melina Cordero is the Managing Director of Retail Capital Markets at CBRE. As the leader of CBRE’s retail capital markets business for the Americas, Melina Cordero leads a team of more than 130 retail professionals who specialize in the sale, debt and structured finance placement assistance, and recapitalization of retail properties.  Here are a few topics that Spencer, Melina & Chris discuss in this episode: Negative Internet Growth Growth in Demand vs. Shifts in Demand  2019 Capital Markets vs. 2021 Capital Markets Brands Refusing to Sell Online How Local Politics Effect Commercial Real Estate
September 15, 2020
EP 60: Stuckey's Roadside Chain in Unadilla, GA with Stephanie Stuckey
She spent her entire life's savings to buy back her family's company and now she’s hitting the road! Our guest today is Stephanie Stuckey, CEO of Stuckey's roadside chain, a family-owned business headquartered in Eastman, GA. "Proudly selling pecan log rolls and rubber alligators to highway travelers since 1937." Today’s episode is a story of true American grit. In this episode, Stephanie summarizes the fascinating 80+ year history of the Stuckey’s roadside chain. This family-run business has made it through countless changes in the United States economy and Stephanie is determined to lead the Stuckey’s brand successfully into the future. Listen in to hear the unique way her grandfather used to decide on new store locations and how Stephanie plans to take this retro franchise head-on into today's new modern retail landscape.
September 10, 2020
EP 59: (RTS #17) Top 5 Most Surprising Trends in Traffic at Retail Properties with Ethan Chernofsky
Real Talk Series #17 with Ethan Chernofsky Today we have a special bonus episode with Ethan Chernofsky the VP of Marketing at is a location analytics and foot traffic data platform. Ethan shares his insider knowledge and goes over the Top 5 Most Surprising Trends in Traffic at Retail Properties. This episode is incredibly thought-provoking to say the least. Listen-in now to hear for yourself!  Be sure to share if you found this as interesting as we did!  & Don't forget to give us a rating, we'd love to hear from you.
September 8, 2020
EP 58: Starbucks in Newtown, CT with Kevin Solli
Today's guest is Kevin Solli, our first engineer on the podcast! Kevin is the founder and principal engineer of Solli Engineering and is experienced in Civil Engineering, specializing in land development. He has extensive experience in the northeast and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the local and state permitting and construction requirements. Kevin has over 15 years of experience specializing in civil engineering, site development, transportation and traffic analysis and value engineering.  He has been responsible for the engineering design and preparation of contract documents for a wide variety of projects.  Kevin’s experiences as an engineer, manager and owner have included coordination of multi-disciplined teams of engineers in the professional execution of projects from the due diligence and planning stages through permit approvals and construction completion. In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss the story of the Starbucks Drive Thru in Newtown, CT. This story reveals the behind the scenes of making a deal and just how complex the process can be. Listen-in to hear how Kevin over came hurtle after hurtle including topics like building around wetlands, garbage can placement, explaining your reasoning to the town and so much more!
September 3, 2020
EP 57: (Real Talk Series #16) Ali Wolf
Real Talk Series #16 with Ali Wolf Ali Wolf is the Chief Economist for Meyers Research. As head of the Economics Department, Ali manages and analyzes the content for Zonda, provides data analytics, runs special research projects, and does presentations across the country on topics spanning both the housing market and the wider economy. Ali has focused a lot of her career on understanding prior recessions and led the charge on ‘Millennials discussing Millennials’ in the homebuilding space. Listen-in to today's bonus episode to hear Ali's latest thoughts on the housing market!
September 1, 2020
EP 56: AMC Theatre in Carbondale, IL with Stephanie Baldwin
What’s really going on in the movie theater business? Our guest today is Stephanie Baldwin, Vice President of Real Estate and Analysis for AMC Theatres. Stephanie dives into the world of the movie theater business with our host Chris Ressa. Stephanie provides a behind-the-scenes analysis on AMC’s approach to re-opening and moving forward post-pandemic. She goes on to share a specific story of an AMC Theatres deal in Carbondale, IL.  The story highlights her creativity and innovative deal-making approach. “Be transparent, honest and empathize with the person who's on the other side of the discussion” - Stephanie Baldwin 
August 27, 2020
EP 55: Taco Mac in Charolette, NC with Adam Williams
“One deal can change the narrative of your career” - Adam Williams Are you new in the business or currently struggling to make deals happen? Our guest today is Adam Williams, Partner at Legacy Real Estate Advisors and host of Retail Redeveloped. Williams tells our host Chris Ressa the story of his very first deal. While sharing his story he expresses his strong opinion that getting just one deal under your belt can make all the difference when it comes to opening doors and getting unexpected opportunities that can accelerate your career. This is a great story for anyone whose struggling to make a deal happen or who’s thinking about leaving the commercial real estate business.
August 20, 2020
EP 54: (Real Talk Series #15) Judi Fox
Real Talk Series #15 with Judi Fox Judi Fox, LinkedIn Business Accelerator - Video & Content Strategist & Speaker. In this episode Judi opens-up about different tips for growing your network on LinkedIn, types of equipment you need to start creating content, and the mentality to use when approaching social media. Whether you are brand new to social media or have been using it for some time, there are tips for all ends of the spectrum in this bonus interview! #FoxRocks #RessaOnRealEstate
August 18, 2020
EP 53: CVS in Hamden, CT with Andrew Callahan
Today’s guest is Andrew Callahan, Co Owner at Venture Retail Partners. Listen-in as Andrew and Chris discuss the story of CVS in Hamden, CT. This is a great episode that exposes all the different moving parts in the deal making process. Find out why some deals may take more time than others, like this deal in Hamden, where persistence and understanding the process paid off!
August 14, 2020
EP 52: Mattress Warehouse in Woodbridge, VA with Bill Papettas and Tracy Jones
The COVID Pandemic CLEARING roadblocks?… We have the full story here! Can you imagine what it’d be like to reopen 283 stores while also opening a brand new location? Our guests Bill and Tracy open-up about Mattress Warehouse's experiences through the current pandemic. Tracy Jones the VP of Marketing at Mattress Warehouse, Inc. Warehouse and Bill Papettas President of Mattress Warehouse join our host Chris Ressa on today’s episode of Retail Retold. Listen-in to hear how they are making their customers feel comfortable with the clean shop promise and to learn the insider details about their new location in Woodbridge, VA.
August 7, 2020
EP 51: (Real Talk Series #14) Tony D'Onofrio
Real Talk Series #14 with Tony D'Onofrio Large companies like Amazon, Walmart & Target have been digitizing their business' at a rapid pace, but what does the digital transformation look like for ALL retail stores?… Today's episode of Retail Retold is an interview with Tony D'Onofrio. Tony D’Onofrio is CEO of the consultancy firm TD Insights where he is recognized as a global social media influencer in retail, security, and emerging technologies. Tony is listed as a top 100 Global Retail Influencer 2019 and publishes regularly on multiple global platforms including  His Current Focus Includes:  Private equity board assignments for portfolio companies  A leading global motivational speaker voice on the "Disruptive Future of Retail" Consulting with select innovation companies on global growth & expansion Disrupting selected sectors through industry leading social media activities Listen-in to Tony's enlightening episode about the world of retail technologies and digitalization now!
August 4, 2020
EP 50: Lidl in Frederick, MD with Connor Bevans & Adam Greenberg
On today’s episode of Retail Retold, we have TWO guests! The first is Connor Bevans Senior Director of Real Estate at Lidl US and Adam Greenberg VP of Leasing at DLC Management Corp. Connor and Adam were both an intricate part of two new Lidl deals. This episode dives deep into the specific story of the new Frederick, MD location which is currently under construction. This is a story based on a relationship foundation, working well together, understanding what each company needs, and honest communication. Other topics Chris, Connor, and Adam take-on include: In-person meetings The current state of grocery Market growth Commitments Communication
July 30, 2020
EP 49: Dutch Bros Coffee in Rio Rancho, NM with Aaron Harris
Over 50 new deals signed in the past 4 months... Today’s guest is Aaron Harris, Vice President of Real Estate and Construction for Dutch Bros Coffee. Aaron describes how the Dutch Bros company has leaned into the new consumer trends, worked on growth, and found success through the pandemic. He goes on to tell our host Chris Ressa about the specific story of Dutch Bros Coffee in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Listen in to hear how this brand new location had instant success and a line in the drive-thru before they even opened!
July 23, 2020
EP 48: (Real Talk Series #13) Danny Klein
Real Talk Series #13 with Danny Klein A quick-service boom, changing consumer demand & contactless payment… Danny Klein, Director of Digital Content at Food News Media | QSR magazine | FSR magazine. Chris and Dan chat openly about the positives and negatives regarding the current state of the food and beverage industry. Listen-in to the thought-provoking episode now!
July 21, 2020
EP 47: The Container Store in New York, NY with Valerie Richardson
“We can build beautiful properties but if we don’t   have tenants in those properties that are fresh and relevant and compelling to the customer then we’ve lost the game.” - Valerie Richardson In today’s episode of Retail Retold, we have Valerie Richardson, Vice President of Real Estate at The Container Store. Richardson has over 35 years of experience in retail real estate, working for brands such as Trammell Crow Company, Ann Taylor, Barnes & Noble, and most recently, The Container Store, where she has led the real estate team for 19 years. An active industry participant and advocate, Ms. Richardson was elected Chairman of ICSC for the 2018-2019 term, after having served on the Board of Trustees since 2004. She was the first ICSC Chairman to come to the post from an active retail company. In today’s episode, she shares the story of the first The Container Store in Chelsea, NYC. The journey of this store is Complex, innovative, and full of fascinating information. Listen in to hear how this store changed the entire trajectory of the entire company.
July 17, 2020
EP 46: VASA Fitness in Phoenix, AZ with Josh Simon
A true entrepreneur... Today’s guest is Josh Simon, CEO & Founder of SimonCRE. Josh is a true entrepreneur who grew his company from 1 person to 40 in the last 10 years.  His company, SimonCRE, is a full service commercial real estate development company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They specialize in ground-up development, single-tenant build to suit projects and redevelopment of distressed properties.  In today’s episode, Josh shares the story of VASA fitness in Pheonix, AZ. Listen in to hear how a fire, a forecloser and a farmer have to do with a new VASA Fitness opening in 2021.
July 9, 2020
EP 45: (Real Talk Series #12) Steve Collins
Real Talk Series #12 with Steve Collins. Steve has worked in commercial real estate since 2006. Throughout his career, he has been involved in all facets of the industry including site selection, development, leasing, management, and investment sales. Since 2011, Steve has focused on investment sales. Since focusing on investment sales he has completed almost $500 million in transactions across 7 states. Prior to commercial real estate, Steve worked for U.S. Congressman Charlie Norwood (GA) as his Project Coordinator where he was involved in a variety of local and national issues. Steve is a 2002 graduate of Harvard University. While at Harvard, Steve was a four-year member and All-Ivy performer for the Harvard football team. Prior to Harvard, Steve attended Fork Union Military Academy where he was a member of the Post Graduate football team. Steve is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame Foundation Board, and is a graduate of the Coverdell Leadership Institute. Listen in as Steve tells Chris how a few months of quarantine inspired him and his partners to rent an RV and travel across the country...
July 7, 2020
EP 44: Office Depot in Miami, FL with Nicholas Roth
What does a Miami night club have to do with Office Depot?... Listen-in to find out. Our guest, Nicholas Roth, has over 20 years of experience in the retail real estate industry. He is currently the VP of Real Estate at Rooms To Go. On today’s podcast, Nicholas shares the story of Office Depot in Miami, FL. This story is one-of-a-kind to say the least! Nicholas describes how his persistence turned into a dynamite deal!
July 3, 2020
EP 43: (Real Talk Series #11) Anjee Solanki
Real Talk Series #11 with Anjee Solanki What does the customer journey look like post-pandemic? In today’s episode, we have Anjee Solanki, National Director of Retail Services, US at Colliers International. Anjee believes Optimization and efficiency will lead the world of retail into the future.  Do you agree? In this episode, Chris Ressa and Anjee discuss a variety of topics such as over-blown headline news, closure data, ghost kitchens, optimistic American views, revenge spending, engaging consumers, and more!
June 30, 2020
EP 42: Panera in Shrewsbury, MA with Ben Kaplan
What does the cafe of the future look like?... Today’s podcast features Ben Kaplan, VP of Real Estate and Development at Hamra Enterprises. Hamra Enterprises operates, develops, and owns multiple restaurant brands such as Panera Bread, Wendy's, Noodles and Company in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Ben oversees all real estate, development, and facilities for all of their brands. Chris Ressa and Ben discuss their views on the food and beverage industry, what businesses of the future may look like, Panera franchises, and more!
June 27, 2020
EP 41: (Real Talk Series #10) Chris Walton
Real Talk Series #10 with Chris Walton Chris Walton is a leading expert and influencer in omnichannel retailing. An accomplished Senior Executive, with nearly 20 years of success within the retail and retail technology industries, Chris has high-level executive experience across nearly every discipline within retail. Currently he is the CEO and Founder of Omni Talk, one of the fastest growing blogs in retail, and Third Haus, a retail technology lab and joint venture with Xenia Retail out of Minneapolis. He is a regular keynote speaker, a contributor for Forbes and the Robin Report, and he also sits on the Advisory Board for Delivery Solutions and Xenia Retail. Listen-in as Walton and our host Chris Ressa tackle current topics that revolve around the retail world. 
June 23, 2020
EP 40: Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Rockwall, TX with Melissa Tinsley
The franchise opened just two weeks prior to the COVID19 shut-down… On today's episode of Retail Retold we have Melissa Tinsley, Franchise Real Estate Manager from Tropical Smoothie Café.  Melissa shares a unique story about a new franchise location that recently opened in her own hometown of Rockwall, TX. Chris & Melissa discuss the ups and downs that this Tropical Smoothie Cafe has already faced just within it's first few months of opening. The first and biggest challenge being the COVID19 “shut-down” just TWO WEEKS after it's launch. Listen-in to hear how the story develops and what the business looks like post-pandemic.
June 18, 2020
EP 39: (Real Talk Series #9) James Cook
Real Talk Series #9 James Cook Today's guest is James Cook, Americas Director of Retail Research at JLL and Host of the Where We Buy Podcast. James focuses on the development and implementation of research strategy, methodology, platform deliverables and broad sector analyses for retail property markets in the Americas. With this intelligence, he produces industry-leading research and insightful thought leadership. In today's podcast, James & Chris discuss the staggering unemployment number, online retailers, relationships between landlords and tenants, daily needs retail, experiential retail and more! Listen-in now to find out what James is most optimistic about coming out of the pandemic. 
June 16, 2020
EP 38: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop in Sioux Falls, SD with David Bloom
“Having alignment on mission, purpose and values means more today then ever before…” On today’s episode of Retail Retold we have David Bloom,  Chief Development and Operating Officer of Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Inc. David has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, including being a part of Quiznos expansion from 18 locations to a staggering 5,000 locations. On this episode Chris Ressa and David discuss restaurant delivery fees, take out, market data, mobile kitchens, brick and mortar locations and a recent rise in Capriotti's sales. Listen-in to find out what David thinks will leave a lasting impact on the restaurant industry moving forward. #RetailRetoldPodcast #RetailRetold #RetailRealEstate
June 11, 2020
EP 37: (Real Talk Series #8) Creditntell
Real Talk Series #8 with Creditntell On today’s episode of the Retail Retold Podcast, we have the top analysts from Creditntell. The Creditntell guests include Jim Rice, Sheema Shah, And Michael Blackburn. Listen-in as they review and discuss the current status of various retailers including what trends they foresee sticking around post-pandemic. They also cover topics such as enclosed malls, out-of-date merchandise, online purchasing, curbside pickup, and digitally native brands.
June 9, 2020
EP 36: Cell Phones For Less in Syracuse, NY with Anas Almaletti
From chemistry to CEO…  This week’s guest is Anas Almaletti, CEO of Cell Phones For Less Inc. Listen to Anas’ story of growing with Cricket wireless, creating growth and scaling his company into an astounding 27 stores. In this episode, Anas shares details about his perseverance, determination and hard work that helped him achieve the growth he has today. Anas tells Chris the unique way he got the idea for opening up his first store as well as his journey from a Chemistry Major to CEO.
June 4, 2020
EP 35: Publix in Orlando, FL with John Crossman
It’s beyond location, location, location… John Crossman is an accomplished business and real estate executive, speaker, and author with a flair for transforming organizational go-to-market strategies as well as outperforming sales goals for leading companies, including Crossman & Company and Trammell Crow Company. Currently, John provides consulting services to executives, organizations, and educational institutions on building and sustaining success. John is often sought to speak about his book, “Career Killers/Career Builders: The Book Every Millennial Should Read”. In this book, he shares authentic stories and keys to his own success, professionally and personally, including the importance of “becoming coachable”. On today’s show, John tells Chris Ressa the story of Publix in Orlando, FL. Want to know how Disney, Publix & Retail Center of the Year relate? Listen to John’s unique story which highlights the importance of relationships, respectfulness and trust.
May 28, 2020
EP 34: (Real Talk Series #7) Adam Lipkin
Real Talk Series #7 with Adam Lipkin In today's episode, we have Adam Lipkin a.k.a the C-PACE Guy. Adam is the Executive Director at Hannon Armstrong. Wondering what C-PACE is? "Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a financing structure in which owners borrow money for energy efficiency, renewable energy, or resiliency costs and make repayments as an assessment on their property tax bill. On most development projects, that can be a lot, up to 20-25% or more of your combined hard and soft costs. Listen in as Lipkin tells Chris all about C-PACE and how it might benefit your next project! 
May 26, 2020
EP 33: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Great Falls, MT with Amy Hall
On today’s podcast we have Amy Hall, COO of Caton Commercial Real Estate Group.  Amy has evolved as a leader in the commercial real estate industry. Serving as a speaker, facilitator, teacher, mentor, Illinois state Ambassador for ICSC, and as a panelist/moderator for ICSC and other industry organizations. In this episode Amy tells the story of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Great Falls, Montana. Amy & Chris discuss this story, 3D Virtual Tours, the future of curbside pick-up, what life’s like in Chicago and more. Listen here!
May 21, 2020
EP 32: Manolo Blahnik in NYC, with Ariel Schuster
On today's podcast, we have Ariel Schuster.  Schuster brings 20 years of retail real estate experience to his role as a vice-chairman with Newmark Knight Frank. Schuster’s roster of landlord clients includes such prestigious owners as Brookfield, Edward J. Minskoff Equities, Extell Development, The LeFrak Organization, Related Companies, SL Realty Corp., and The Winter Organization, among others.  In this episode, Schuster shares his own opinion about the current retail real estate landscape in NYC. He tells Chris about his predictions for NYC post-COVID-19 and also discusses his own story about a recent deal he worked on for a luxury shoe store, Manolo Blahnik which will be opening on Madison Avenue in NYC. 
May 15, 2020
EP 31: (Real Talk Series #6) Sucharita Kodali
Real Talk Series #6 with Sucharita. Kodali On today's podcast, we have Sucharita (Mulpuru) Kodali. Sucharita is the Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.  Sucharita serves digital business strategy professionals. She is an expert on eCommerce, omnichannel retail, consumer behavior, and trends in the online shopping space. She is also an authority on technology developments that affect the online commerce industry and vendors that facilitate online marketing and merchandising. In her research, Sucharita covers such consumer-oriented topics as eCommerce forecasting and trends, merchandising best practices, conversion optimization, and social computing in the retail world. She has also authored "The State Of Retailing Online," a joint study conducted annually with NRF. Before that Sucharita worked for various Retail companies such as Disney, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Toy's R Us. Sucharita brings her personal perspective on how the current Pandemic is affecting retail and how it may change retail for years to come. Listen in as Chris & Sucharita dive-deep into the current world of Retail and what can be expected in the near future.
May 12, 2020
EP 30: Launch Trampoline Park in Warwick, RI with Rob Arnold
In today's episode of Retail Retold, we have Rob Arnold Co-Owner and CEO of Launch Franchising.  Rob tells our host Chris Ressa the story of his flagship Launch Trampoline Park in Warwick, RI. An entrepreneur to his core, Rob shares how a trip to Disney inspired the birth of Launch Franchise. In this interview, Rob highlights the importance of Launch Trampoline Park evolving into Launch Entertainment. He describes all the new lanes of entertainment they have recently introduced which includes VR, bowling, arcades, laser tag, and even a few bars! He also opens up to Chris about what their re-opening plan is going to look like, noting that the most important part is making sure their customers are comfortable, safe, and ready to re-enter social settings. Listen to find out how he put a creative spin on face masks which will even make them fun for the whole family to wear!
April 30, 2020
EP 29: Cost Segregation Expert, Yonah Weiss
IMPORTANT EPISODE FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS!  As Business Director at a national cost segregation leader, Madison SPECS, Yonah Weiss has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation. On today's podcast Yonah shares his insider tips on cost segregation and explains the recent changes to the CARES ACT. Have you heard of QIP (Qualified Improvement Property)? Are you wondering if it will change your Cost Segregation Benefits? If so, you definitely will be interested to hear if there's a way your own small business can benefit from the new CARES ACT updates. Listen for yourself and let us know what you think!
April 23, 2020
EP 28: (Real Talk Series #5) Zach Lones
Real Talk Series #4 with Zach Lones On today's podcast we have Zach Lones, Director of Social Media Marketing at Wal-Mart. As you can imagine, Zach has an interesting perspective on how the digital landscape will affect future business'. Zach shares his top 3 social media tips as well as his own personal story with our host Chris Ressa.  Listen as they discuss his journey from Cashier to Store Manager to how he landed his current role as Director of Social Media.
April 21, 2020
EP 27: Denver Bouldering Club in Thornton, CO with Caleb Krumsieg
A cold calling success story!  Caleb Krumsieg, Director of Leasing at Dunton Commercial LLC in Denver Colorado, tells Chris the story of how Denver Bouldering Club ended up at their center in Thornton, CO. Krumsieg shares how they've created a unique synergistic destination for local consumers out of a run-down center. This story highlights the importance of tenant relationships and merchandising mix while proving that the old fashion cold calling method still works! Listen-in to hear for yourself.
April 17, 2020
EP 26: CVS in Peekskill, NY with Adam Ifshin
C: "What's your best piece of commercial real estate advice?" A: "It's always people before assets." . . . Today's episode features our fearless leader Adam Ifshin.  Adam is the Founder and CEO of DLC Management Corp., which he founded in 1991. Since then, he has grown DLC into one of the nation’s premier owners and operators of retail real estate, and one of the most active acquirers of assets with value-added potential. He openly shares the journey of how he became the team-building entrepreneur he is today. An economic historian by training, Adam shares some enlightening predictions, getting real about the current state of the industry, and describes his thoughts on what he believe's the post-COVID-19 era will be like. His insights are eye-opening, to say the least. The second portion of this podcast is the story of a CVS in Peekskill, NY. This particular deal is definitely special... for a few reasons!  Listen to find out why. 
April 9, 2020
EP 25: (Real Talk Series #4) Dana Telsey
Real Talk Series #4 with Dana Telsey Has the retail landscape changed forever? Listen in to Chris Ressa and Dana Telsey's virtual "fireside chat" about the industry on today's podcast.  Dana is the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Research Officer at Telsey Advisory Group. In 2020, Dana was recognized for her leadership in Finance by Barron’s, on their inaugural 2020 list of 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance. In 2018, Ms. Telsey was elected to the International Council of Shopping Center’s (ICSC) Board of Trustees for an initial three-year term. In 2016, Ms. Telsey won the Thomson Reuters award for “Number 1 Stock Picker for Multiline Retail”. In this episode, Chris and Dana dive into their own personal predictions about the future of retail real estate and share their thoughts on the way we will all engage with each other in the future.  Take a listen & join in their conversation!
April 3, 2020
EP 24: Ashbrook Marketplace in Loudoun County, VA with Diana Shipley
On today's episode, we have Diana Shipley,  Vice President of Leasing at Saul Centers, Inc. Saul Centers, Inc. operates and manages a real estate portfolio of 59 grocery anchored shopping centers and office properties totaling approximately 9.1 million square feet. Approximately 85 percent of cash flow is generated from properties in the metropolitan Washington D.C/Baltimore area. Additional Centers located in Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey markets. In this episode our host Chris Ressa & Diana Shipley do a deep dive on an entire development called Ashbrook Marketplace. Diana shares the behind-the-scenes details about how they were able to lease-up 100% of the center within one year! Listen as Diana & Chris discuss this story as well as other current events affecting the commercial real estate world today.
March 26, 2020
EP 23: Whole Foods Market in Winter Park, FL with Kim McCann
Police escorts at a public forum, an old junkyard & a barn remodeled into a modern Whole Foods? That's right, today's episode has everything! Our guest of honor today is Kim McCann of ELEVEN18 Architecture. Kim Day McCann AIA LEED AP, Mark Adams AIA and Neke White make up the heart of the ELEVEN18 team and with over forty years of combined experience in architecture, interior design, and graphics. Today, Kim chats with our host Chris Ressa about a particularly interesting story located in Winter Park, FL. Listen as Kim shares all the behind the scenes drama that made this project into a reality! 
March 19, 2020
EP 22: (Real Talk Series #3) James Walker
Real Talk Series #3 On today's podcast we have James Walker. With more than 30 years of broad based, senior level, management experience in the hospitality and retail industries, Walker has served as President, Chief Development Officer, as well as in Senior Operations and New Product Development positions, for brands such as Baja Fresh®, Cinnabon®, Johnny Rockets® and Subway®. As the North American Vice President for Subway®, Walker oversaw their 28,000 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. He has conducted business in more than 70 international markets, including such emerging markets as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Pakistan and Mongolia. Today, Walker is the SVP for Nathan's Famous, Inc. Listen as Chris & Walker discuss the future of Nathan's famous and the exciting new business ventures the company is growing into.
March 17, 2020
EP 21: Cash Wise Food & Liquor, Dickinson, ND with Adam Hirschfeld
On today’s podcast we have Adam Hirschfeld a partner at Rudolph Fields LLP. Adam has significant experience in the areas of retail and office leasing, as well as other areas or real estate law. Adam has worked on many new developments, re-developments, and expansions of shopping centers. In this episode Adam & Chris discuss the story of Cash Wise Grocers at the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson, North Dakota. Listen as Adam shares his unique legal perspective as they discuss the behind scenes legal challenges of leasing deals.
March 12, 2020
EP 20: Planet Fitness & Kohls Partnership with Jen Annello
On today's episode of Retail Retold we have Jen Annello, Director of Real Estate for Planet Fitness Midwest, South Central U.S. & Mexico. Chris & Jen discuss the booming fitness industry and the future of Planet Fitness' growth. Jen shares her view on competition in the industry and the reason for Planet Fitness' success. In this episode Chris & Jen dive deep into the story of Planet Fitness' recent partnership with Kohls. Listen as Jen talks about the progress of this valuable relationship and the benefits that the two business' have on each other. 
March 5, 2020
EP 19: Anchor Shops in Philadelphia, PA with Shlomo Chopp
On today's episode we have Shlomo Chopp the Founder & CEO of Anchor Shops by ShopFulfill. Chopp has over 15 years’ experience in technology and real estate with a focus on problem solving and asset turnaround. It's easy to hear Shlomo's passion as he tells Chris about his recent deal in Pennsylvania. Chopp will be debuting his new concept with the launch of Anchor Shops in Philadelphia's downtown Fashion District. Chopp dives deep into what makes the Anchor Shop a unique shopping experience for modern day consumers. Listen as he shares his view on the future of retail and find out how he's planning to merge the two worlds of e-commerce & physical retail.  Shlomo Chopp, ShopFulfill, Anchor Shops
February 27, 2020
EP 18: (Real Talk Series #2) Barry Wolfe
Real Talk Series #2 with Barry Wolfe Prior to joining Marcus & Millichap, Barry Wolfe was a practicing attorney (JD, University of Georgia) specializing in retail real estate transactions and served as in-house counsel and head of the real estate-legal department for a NYSE-traded retailer. He is also a multi-year CoStar Power Broker with over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. Listen as Chris & Barry discuss the world of triple net leases. Barry shares his personal insights on the industry and talks about the importance of focusing on all aspects of a deal instead of just judging an opportunity by the credit alone.  Barry Wolfe LinkedIn
February 25, 2020
EP 17: Floor and Decor in Las Vegas, NV with Deana Marcello
Deana Marcello is a Vice President at Logic Commercial Real Estate bringing over ten years’ experience specializing in commercial REO, investment and owner/user sales as well as representation for national retail tenants and institutional landlords. Listen as she tells the story of transforming a "retail graveyard" into a thriving shopping center with over 90% occupancy. Deana shares the story of a Floor and Decor deal which started this positive momentum.
February 21, 2020
Ep 16: SHOWFIELDS in Miami with Amir Zwickel
In today's episode, we feature Amir Zwickel, Co-Founder & Chief Real Estate Officer at SHOWFIELDS. Amir describes the holistic approach to their store model, and tells the story of his new flagship store opening in Miami.  He walks us through the new concept of "C" Commerce which contains the five C's: Convenience, Curation, Content, Community, and Connection. Listen as he shares the importance of curating an experience for consumers, providing them with a new way to discover new and local brands. 
February 14, 2020
EP 15: Polpettina in Eastchester, NY with Kyle Inserra
Kyle Inserra currently works as Associate at CBRE specializing in restaurant brokerage but he didn’t take the traditional path to become one. After studying Business Administration at Franklin & Marshall College, he attended the prestigious French Culinary Institute now known as International Culinary Institute. He spent 15 years as Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Manager working in the New York City, Hoboken and U.S. Virgin Islands. Coming back to New York from U.S Virgin Island, he opened his former restaurant, Polpettina in 2009. Originally a deli store with just 10 seats, Kyle describes how he turned this place into a widely successful restaurant in Southern Westchester. In today’s episode, Kyle shares rookie mistakes he has made in the earlier years of running Polpettina and how he turned these hard lessons learned into valuable experiences. From tricky zoning permits to the importance of picking the right business partner, his story describes challenges that would be helpful for any first-time restaurant owners.
February 6, 2020
EP 14: Purple Pop-Up Stores with Melissa Gonzalez
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are skyrocketing in popularity — the shopping experience is convenient. But the downside is that you have to buy the product untouched and unseen.  That's where pop-up stores come in. Not only these stores present consumers with the elements of fresh feel, exclusivity, and surprise, they give DTC and digitally native brands the opportunity to interact with their consumers and showcase their products - in person.  No wonder there are more pop-up stores popping up everywhere.  On today’s show, Chris talks to Melissa Gonzalez, retail strategist and CEO of The Lionesque Group. Since 2009, The Lionesque Group has worked with leading and emerging brands to open more than 150 brick and mortar locations. Their impressive client list includes Nordstrom Local, Madison Reed, Sally Hansen, Purple, Amazon Video and many more.  Melissa dives deep into how pop-up stores are developed in a variety of shapes and how digitally native and DTC brands decide on their brick-and-mortar locations. Melissa shares her story of working with Purple (the world's first comfort tech company selling mattresses and pillows) to find their pop-up stores. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out Melissa’s new book, The Pop Up Paradigm: How Brands Build Human Connections in a Digital Age!
January 30, 2020
EP 13: Massage Envy in Lake Success, NY with Jayson Siano
In today’s episode Chris sits down with Jayson Siano, CEO of SABRE Real Estate and the Founder of b.creative and FitWell Advisors. Jayson is a renaissance man in the industry responsible for the expansion of many brands into the NY Metro market including Starbucks, Orange Theory Fitness, Chipotle, City MD and SolidCore. In this episode you’ll learn why patience is key as they discuss the story of Massage Envy at Lake Success Shopping Center in New Hyde Park, NY and other stories from Jayson’s past. Jayson also touches on the importance of differentiating your business and how consumers are shaping the future of retail real estate and other trends in the CRE world.  Jayson Siano    /    Website:    / Social: Instagram – JaysonSiano
January 23, 2020
EP 12: Howard and Phil’s Western Wear in Pasadena, CA with Bob Phibbs
LinkedIn’s top retail influencer, author of three books, internationally recognized business strategist, customer service expert, sales coach, marketing mentor, and motivational business speaker? Yes, we’re talking about just one person. Impressive, right? Bob Phibbs, aka the Retail Doctor, joins us on today’s jam-packed show. In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s so critical for retailers to create an emotional connection between their brands and customers, and how improving soft skills of the frontline store staff can improve customer experiences, ultimately driving revenues up. Also, stick around to hear Bob’s WILD story on opening a Howard and Phil’s Western Wear store in Pasadena, CA in just TWO days! This is a great episode with a true retail rock star who has seen and experienced the ups and downs of the retail industry over the last 30 years. If you like this show, please share it with your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors! Download this one today and make sure you subscribe to it so you don’t miss our new episodes every Thursday!
January 16, 2020
EP 11: (Real Talk Series #1) Steve Dennis
Real Talk Series #1 with Steve Dennis A decade ago, you could get away with being average in retail because consumers back then didn’t have the same kind of resources and information we have these days. Since the emergence of digital disruptions, everything has changed. There is no room for average, boring retail anymore. Steve Dennis, who has more than 30 years of experience in retail as a senior executive at Fortune 500 retail companies and now a strategy consultant, talks why consumers now demand Remarkable Retail and how to create it. Steve says retail must also be personal. No customer wants to be average, and no customer has to be. That said, how do we define a memorable retail experience? How can retailers create relevant, authentic, and impactful experiences for their customers? Find out now! Join Chris as he talks with Steve about the essentials for remarkable retail and his new book.
January 14, 2020
EP 10: Bealls Outlet in Bradenton, FL with Wade Laufenberg
On today’s show, Chris sits down with Wade Laufenberg who has almost 30 years of experience in retail real estate under his belt. You’ll love the story Wade, VP of Real Estate, shares about Bealls Outlet, which has 450 stores in 16 states. Previously, the Bealls Outlet location in Bradenton, FL was on a sublease of Office Depot. Knowing the lease was coming to an end and Office Depot wouldn't exercise an option to renew, Wade needed to find a new location in the tight market of the Bradenton retail corridor. It took some time and patience, but it got the deal that was perfect for their business.  Find out how Bealls Outlet secured its new location and developed a combo store layout that houses both Bealls Outlet and Home Centric, which is an office-price home retailer.
January 9, 2020
EP 9: Salsa Fresca in Bedford Hills, NY with Seth Hirschel
In the summer of 2008, John Tucker approached Marc Miles and Seth Hirschel with a business plan to open a healthy fast-casual Mexican restaurant that was absent in the Westchester County, New York. They founded Salsa Fresca shortly after, opening its first restaurant in Millerton, N.Y., with an open kitchen concept while using fresh, quality ingredients. Fast forward, Salsa Fresca now has 10 locations in New York and Connecticut and plans to expand nationally. In today’s conversation with Seth Hirschel, one of Salsa Fresca’s founders and Chief Development Officer, Seth shares what he has learned from building Salsa Fresca and how the whole narrative on the fast-casual is changing.
January 2, 2020
EP 8: CanesWear in Davie, FL with Beth Azor
On today’s show, Chris interviews Beth Azor who currently owns and manages six shopping centers in Florida. Beth tells a fantastic story of the success of a local mom and pop store, CanesWear.  About six years ago, Beth spots a store about a mile away from her Shoppes at Arrowhead shopping center that sells apparel merchandise for the University of Miami sports teams. Immediately seeing the potential of this store and recognizing it as a destination draw tenant, Beth persuades the owner of CanesWear to move to vacant space at her shopping center.  Of course, it wasn’t easy. But she succeeded in bringing CanesWear to her shopping center and ultimately helping the local store grow its business in size and earning from $300,000 to over $1 million. Today’s episode is a true example of how landlords can motivate tenants to build greater business and wealth while genuinely understanding their business needs. Don’t miss it!
December 26, 2019
EP 7: Liquor Factory in Andover, NJ with Matt Tobin
New Jersey is notorious for its restrictive laws governing who can sell alcohol. Those laws limit the supply of licenses based on population - one liquor license per 5,000 residents. Because of such restrictions, many liquor licenses in New Jersey are bought from existing license holders. In places where demand is high, licenses can sell for $1million or more – if they are available at all.  Despite this restrictive business landscape, Liquor Factory has paved its way to becoming a staple in New Jersey with six different locations. On today’s show, Matt Tobin of Liquor Factory dives deep into what is like running a successful family business. Plus, he gives great and practical tips on opening a liquor store in New Jersey.  In this episode, we cover these FAQs:  How many liquor licenses can a person hold in NJ?  What’s the difference between restaurant licenses and liquor licenses?  How long is the liquor license bidding process?  How do you ensure the success of each store when you own several locations?  How can you turn a former restaurant into a liquor store? What kind of license do you need?
December 19, 2019
EP 6: Hibbett Sports in Louisville, Mississippi with Jeff Gray
Not everyone loves the process of signing a commercial lease because it is often complicated and sometimes painfully lengthy. But in this episode, Jeff Gray, VP of Real Estate at Hibbett Sports, tells a story that defies such a perception. He goes on to share the most unusual negotiation process that took place behind this deal and it is something he has never experienced in his 29 year career in real estate. Find out now!
December 12, 2019
EP 5: Stella Valle in Flemington, NJ with Ashley Dellavalle Jung and Paige Dellavalle Walker
Sister duo Ashley Dellavalle Jung and Paige Dellavalle Walker have been seen by millions on Shark Tank. After successfully pitching their jewelry business to the Sharks in 2013, the sisters, who are also West Point grads and retired soldiers, have opened their first Stella Valle pop up store in Flemington, NJ. The key takeaway from this episode:   Why digitally native brands like Stella Valle are turning to physical retail Why the sisters decided to open their store in Flemington, NJ Tips for launching a pop-up store Fearless entrepreneurs’ viewpoints and insights on growing your own business
December 5, 2019
EP 4: AFC Urgent Care in Fuquay-Varina, NC with Aaron Zucker
Demand for accessible and affordable urgent care clinics has been growing rapidly. According to the Urgent Care Association (UCA), the total number of urgent care centers in the U.S. has increased by eight percent from the previous year. In this episode, Aaron Zucker of Zucker Investment Group tells his remarkable story of turning a vacant KFC into a brand new AFC urgent care in Fuquay-Varina, NC.
November 28, 2019
EP 3: Walmart Supercenter in Albany, NY with Douglas Jerum
Did you know that the Walmart Supercenter at Crossgate Commons in Albany, NY was the biggest Supercenter in the world when it opened in May 2008? This Walmart location was also the first two-story Supercenter to open in the United States. Building the first two-story Supercenter wasn’t an easy process as planning and construction needed to consider all things new such as installing a special escalator for shopping carts. On today’s show, Douglas Jerum, Managing Director at Hanna Commercial, sits down with Chris to discuss his journey from finding the perfect site to opening a massive 260,000 square feet Walmart Supercenter.
November 21, 2019
EP 2: Walgreens in Paterson, NJ with Al Callegari
Walgreens had a void in the Paterson marketplace which it was eagerly looking to fill. However, land availability, especially the size required by the standard Walgreens footprint, was not readily available in urban marketplaces such as Paterson. In this episode, Al Callegari, DLC Management’s Senior Vice President of Development & Third Party Services, tells the behind the scenes of this project in which he had to acquire eight different pieces of land from five different owners and how he assembled these lands into one complete store.
November 14, 2019
EP 1: Pet Supplies Plus in Mt Vernon, IL with Josh Goldstein
In our debut episode, we chat with Josh Goldstein, Director of Real Estate at Pet Supplies Plus, the third-largest specialty pet food retailer in the US. In this interview, we tackle a number of tough topics: Does increasing customer dwell time lead to profits? How do you know you’re making the right decision when entering new markets? Is commercial real estate more of an art than a science? After listening to this episode, you’ll know the answers! This content is Copyright © 2019 DLC Management Corp. All Rights Reserved.
November 1, 2019