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Do Re Mi: The Sound of Music Podcast

Do Re Mi: The Sound of Music Podcast

By The Good Evening Girls
A podcast about everything you need to know about The Sound of Music. And we mean EVERYTHING...
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Ep 07: Movie Commentary - Watch With Us!
Grab your riding crop and put on your old curtains - it's time for a good ole' fashion watch along! We will let you know when to hit play so you can watch the movie along with our titillating commentary and astute observations. AKA we swoon over Christopher Plummer and attempt to remember all the fun facts we've learned through making this podcast. We recommend you put on captions and don't worry - there's an intermission! 
May 10, 2019
Ep 06: I’d Like To Stay And Be Relevant In Pop Culture
What is “The Sound of Music” up to these days anyway? Turns out - a lot. From South Park to Ariana Grande to NBC Live this cult classic is all over the place. Join us as we talk about SOM’s lasting effect in today’s world. Have you ever wanted to take a Maria Von Trapp apple strudel baking class? This episode is for you!
April 16, 2019
Ep 05: They Must Have Done Something Good: The Aftermath
Reviews ranged from “warmly pulsating and captivating” to “cosy-cum-corny”, but nothing could stop this box office hit from being the first film to gross over $100 million. Today we talk about what happened after filming: critic reviews, public reception, and the casts’ post-SOM careers. Can you guess which Von Trapp child went on to be a software engineer for geologists? Stay tuned!
April 2, 2019
Ep 04: Lights! Camera! Captain-- I mean fraulein!
Secret crushes, missing teeth, and too much schnapps! The  filming of "The Sound of Music" had more than a few hiccups, but the show went on rain or shine. And there was a lot of rain. Trust us.
March 22, 2019
Ep 03: Pre-Pro La-Ti-Do: Before Filming (and better audio)
I'm Leisl, I'm 16, and I don't need any prior acting experience! Today we talk about everything leading up to filming. From directors and choreographers to location scouting and casting. Can you guess which cast member referred to the movie as "Sound of Mucus"? Come find out!
March 18, 2019
Ep 02: The Truth About the Real Von Trapp Family
Ski lodges, scarlet fever, and hemorrhoids- these are a few of the Von Trapp family's favorite things. Well kind of... Light your advent wreaths and join us as we look in to the real family behind "The Sound of Music".
March 12, 2019
Ep 01: Let's Start At the Very Beginning
Join us as we track down the very beginnings of The Sound of Music story. From the real Maria's book to the silver screen and everything in between. We talk Broadway, Nazis, and try to do math!
February 8, 2019