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Conscious Manifesting Tips

Conscious Manifesting Tips

By Caroline Jalango
Sharing Higher Consciousness Manifestation Tips and Law of Attraction Strategies that WORK, How they have Worked for Me and How YOU can Apply them so they can WORK for YOU!
If you consciously USE the POWER of YOUR IMAGINATION— You will Manifest whatever you want. If you apply certain principles in your imagination process—You can be whatever you want and manifest whatever you want. Discover these manifesting tips, play with them, practice and have fun.
You are a CREATOR and Your IMAGINATION is Power and Wisdom. Use it!
Creation and Manifestation is ALL WITHIN First and Then WITHOUT!
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Conscious Manifestor! If you are in the process of manifesting FINANCIAL security, HEALTH, a BUSINESS, a RELATIONSHIP, a DECISION in your favor, an EDUCATION...or whatever...YOU MAY ENCOUNTER OPPOSITION from people or from circumstances...BUT.... 
April 23, 2019
Distracted by TERRIBLE NEWS?
Conscious Manifestor! Are YOU getting DISTRACTED by the NEWS about all the terrible things that are going on in the EXTERNAL world? Is the negative news about the economy, politics, health, relationships affecting you and therefore PARALYSING your desire to continue your manifestation process?
April 16, 2019
Conscious Manifestors! Some of us are facing situations that  we desperately need to SHIFT and MOVE out of! Everyone's situation is different. Some people are sick, some are broke, some are jobless, some are in legal conflicts, some are feeling matter what it is...ONE THING you can do RIGHT NOW to shift you out of your PROBLEM STATE is....
April 9, 2019
Accept and Assume YOUR DESIRES Immediately
Conscious Manifestors! The Moment YOU get that DESIRE to Manifest ANYTHING...the MOMENT the desire comes upon your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS...
April 2, 2019
LIFT OTHERS UP as a Manifesting Strategy!
Conscious Manifestors! What YOU do for OTHERS...YOU do for YOU as Well! LIFTING others UP as a Manifesting Strategy is ONE of my ABSOLUTE Favorite ways of Manifesting. Make it YOURS as WELL! Tune in and FIND OUT how to EASILY do This!
March 25, 2019
STOP STRESSING OUT! Do This! Conscious Manifestors! Are YOU wondering if you are MANIFESTING CORRECTLY? If you are STRESSING out about what YOU want to manifest and wondering whether you are UPROOTING the SEEDS you want to Manifest - Health, Wealth, Love, Career, Business etc. FIND OUT what to DO and ensure that YOUR MANIFESTATION SEED remains STABLE in your CONSCIOUSNESS...until it shows up in YOUR ETERNAL REALITY.  
March 19, 2019
How to ELIMINATE YOUR FALSE GODS! Conscious Manifestor! Do YOU have a FALSE GOD? As a CREATOR, You can't depend or rely on a FALSE GOD especially if you want to successfully and speedily MANIFEST Anything! You must ELIMINATE FALSE GODS. This EFFECTIVE Manifesting Strategy that I am sharing in this podcast will help you SOLVE that SNEAKY SABOTAGING ''false god'' problem and get you on the path of Conscious Manifesting like a BOSS! Listen and Find Out!!!
March 12, 2019
Do YOU have a FALSE GOD? Conscious Manifestor! Do YOU have a FALSE GOD? If you do...PAY ATTENTION to this SNEAKY MANIFESTING SABOTAGE...because it will cause YOUR Conscious Manifestation Process of Health, Wealth, Love or Whatever to NOT see the LIGHT of DAY! What is a FALSE GOD anyway and WHY is it important to notice if you have it and how it is showing up in YOUR MANIFESTING process? Listen and Find Out!
March 5, 2019
What Are YOU IMAGINING Right Now? NOTICE! Conscious Manifestors! What You Are Imagining Right Now is Creating SOMETHING that will show up in YOUR Reality! IMAGINATION creates reality. Imagination is Power and whatever is showing up in your current EXTERNAL reality or in your LIFE right now is a RESULT of YOUR CONSCIOUS or UNCONSCIOUS Imaginings! So...what are you imagining RIGHT NOW? Listen in and find out why this Conscious Manifesting Tip is REALLY Important and How To Ensure That You Manifest Only What You Truly Desire!
February 26, 2019
Are YOU CANCELLING Your Manifestation by DOING THIS? Conscious Manifestors, no matter what you want to MANIFEST in your reality, HEALTH, MONEY, JOB, PROMOTION, SUCCESS, LOVE...or whatever...the first thing you MUST STOP DOING is THIS....
February 19, 2019
Your Manifesting DECISIONS Reveal Everything... As a Conscious Manifestor, No Matter what you want to manifest— health, wealth, loving relationships etc...YOUR DECISIONS will REVEAL whether you are TRULY OCCUPYING the RIGHT State of Consciousness required to manifest what YOU WANT. How you are reacting and responding to life and how you are making decisions has a BIG IMPACT on whether what you want to manifest will see the LIGHT of DAY. Listen in...
February 12, 2019
Why Continue IMAGINING CRAP You Don't Want? As Conscious Manifestors, WHY DO YOU KEEP IMAGINING CRAP and IMPRESSING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS with Things You Don't struggle, suffering, poverty, debt, unemployment, sickness, sorrow etc? Why WASTE Your Imagination in that way? Your Imagination and Your CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES YOUR EXTERNAL REALITY. So...Pay Attention. Listen In and Find Out What To Do Instead.
February 5, 2019
IS YOUR Manifesting Based on Desperation & FEAR? DO THIS INSTEAD! Part 2 Conscious Manifestors...YOUR IMAGINATION is the KEY to Manifestation. It is the POWER that starts the process of creation. So your SEEDS of Manifesting WEALTH, HEALTH, LOVE etc....need to be planted in a way that is not laced with the energy of DESPERATION, STRUGGLE, FEAR or ANXIETY. In this podcast I talk about how to do this...TUNE IN!
January 29, 2019
Are YOU Imagining RELIEF from YOUR Problems? DO THIS INSTEAD! Part 1 Conscious Manifestors, If you are experiencing, financial aka MONEY problems, health aka SICKNESS problems, LOVE situations, JOB related matters, or whatever... RELIEF from all of it would be wonderful!!! BUT wait a minute!!! Did you know that there is something much MORE EFFECTIVE than just IMAGINING Relief from your situation? Take a listen because there is something EFFECTIVE YOU can DO in Your Creative IMAGINATION process.
January 22, 2019
How to PRAY for LOVED Ones...and Others. As Conscious Manifestors, We All Know People Who Could Really Use our Conscious Manifesting Abilities to LIFT THEM out of CRAPPY SITUATIONS. Discover How You Can Begin To Do That RIGHT NOW!
January 15, 2019
What Do PEOPLE NOTICE About YOU?  As a Conscious Manifestor, what do people NOTICE about YOU?  What is NOTICEABLE about YOU? PAY ATTENTION to this—because what you are planning to MANIFEST...even though it is still Speaking LOUDLY. People will NOTICE things about YOU. You will also NOTICE things about YOURSELF that REVEAL whether you have OCCUPIED the right State of Conscious that will bring what you want into EXTERNAL reality. 
January 8, 2019
Is YOUR PAST Negatively Affecting YOU Right Now? Do This Immediately. Conscious Manifestor...if a PAST MEMORY, PAST EVENT, PAST SITUATION or A PAST RELATIONSHIP is NEGATIVELY affecting your CURRENT LIFE...and INTERFERING with your FORWARD progress...this PODCAST IS FOR YOU! If YOU want to manifest money, You want to manifest health, You want to manifest a loving relationship, You want to manifest a good job, You want to be secure…happy…but it’s NOT HAPPENING!  If you are tired of unwanted patterns that keep repeating over and over again… If you are tired of producing the same old results that keep you in an unending cycle of frustration…struggle and desperation… If something in your life just won’t go away…or keeps escalating… Then this PODCAST is absolutely for you! If the same issues you don’t want are being replayed in your life experience…you can get closure right now! TAKE A LISTEN!
January 2, 2019
DO THIS and Make YOUR 2019 Your BEST YEAR YET!!! Conscious Manifestors! I really want you all to Make 2019 the BEST YEAR so far! So, I am gonna SHARE one of My Favorite Manifesting Tips with you... It is QUICK, EASY and EFFECTIVE! So...listen, notice and apply!
December 31, 2018
How To START YOUR DAY...You Gotta Do This! As a Conscious Manifestor...Why Would You let YOUR DAY Go Sideways....When You Can Easily Get DIRECT HITS on What You Want to Manifest? How You START your DAY MATTERS! Listen in and find out how to do this like a BOSS.
December 26, 2018
Imagine a Life YOU LOVE...Where You Are Not Bothered by THAT!  As a conscious Manifestor...ARE YOU EASILY BUMPED OUT or TRIGGERED out of your STATE of PEACEFUL Manifesting by XYZ happening? If you want to manifest, health, wealth, loving relationships etc...You need to imagine a Life That You LOVE so much that you have no time to be bothered by the nonsense going on. Don't DELAY your manifestation process...speed it up by Imagining what you love and staying in that state. 
December 17, 2018
You Can EASILY Manifest...Just Like This! Manifesting doesn't have to be STRESSFUL and HARD! We are programmed to believe that things are not easy, life is hard, manifesting what we want is a struggle, everything is hard work, hard work pays etc. So, we get used to struggling and hustling and efforting too much when manifesting...because we believe that manifesting what we want is hard. It doesn't have to be that way. Find out how to make manifesting what you want easy, simple and effortless.
December 13, 2018
WHY Your TYPICAL DAY as A Manifestor Matters. How would YOUR TYPICAL DAY be like if you really were HEALTHY, or FINANCIALLY FREE or in that Loving RELATIONSHIP? Many of conscious Manifestors can't even describe this or identify with the feeling of what their typical day already having what they want to manifest would be like....because it is so abstract in their mind. As a conscious manifestor...your manifestation needs to feel REAL and NATURAL to you can SPEED UP the Process in the EXTERNAL.
December 10, 2018
Your GUILT and Unworthy Feelings Need to GO! Eliminate! As a conscious Manifestor, that SNEAKY feeling of GUILT and UNWORTHINESS has Got to GO! Guilt and Unworthiness can hinder your conscious manifesting efforts and sabotage your manifesting process. So whether you want to manifest, wealth, health, loving relationships, successful business, new opportunities...take a listen because guilt could be a sabotaging factor. Guilt and unworthiness and feelings of being undeserving need to be eliminated immediately...and you can eliminate guilt right now.
December 6, 2018
What Have YOU Been Aware of Since Morning? Hmmm.... As a Conscious Manifestor you must Pay Attention to your "AWARENESS"...because what you are IMPRESSING upon your Imagination and Consciousness is what will BE SHOWING UP in your External Reality shortly. So if you want to manifest health, wealth, love, a successful business, a gig or need to listen to this podcast!
December 3, 2018
Are YOU Still USING AFFIRMATIONS? Forget Them IMMEDIATELY. Are YOU in the habit of chanting Affirmations or Mantras? In conscious manifestation, there is a huge difference between SELF TALK, or INNER CONVERSATIONS and AFFIRMATIONS or MANTRAS which are repeated and chanted over and over again! Self Talk - Inner Dialogue Works and Affirmations Don't! Affirmations will DERAIL YOU! Find out Why and How!
November 29, 2018
Oops! You're Manifesting From Wrong State of Consciousness You can't be trying to manifest HEALTH if you are still in a STATE of SICKNESS. You can't be trying to manifest MONEY if You are still in the STATE of POVERTY consciousness. To manifest a LOVING RELATIONSHIP you must be in the state of "HAPPILY LOVED." Your Consciousness Must SHIFT First! You must in imagination and consciousness totally ABANDON the OLD STATE or the UNWANTED state and MOVE in consciousness to the NEW...Take a Listen to this! It will Change YOUR Life!
November 26, 2018
What Do You Want? Um...Um...I Dunno! As a Conscious Manifestor who wants to manifest, Health, Wealth, a Loving Relationship, a Successful Business or Career, Great Opportunities...It is IMPORTANT to be clear about WHAT YOU that you don't manifest what you don't want. Listen in on how to get clear on what you truly want!
November 23, 2018
Use Your INNER SENSES for Manifesting
If your desire or what you want doesn't feel REAL or NATURAL to just won't manifest. You gotta touch your desire with your INNER SENSES...your inner EYES, EARS, TOUCH...YOU GOTTA FEEL IT! So this Conscious Manifesting Tip is about helping you clothe your desire (what you want) with tones of reality—in your that it can manifest externally.
November 21, 2018
The Relax and Assume Manifesting Tip Many people know what they want to manifest BUT when you ask them whether they truly believe that what they want will materialize....Hmmm They are not certain! They do not have that SOLID CERTAINTY and Confidence that what they want will materialize! If you find yourself saying, "I don't know if...I am not sure if...maybe maybe not...etc." You are in luck because this manifesting consciousness tip will MOVE you into a state of solid certainty that YOUR DESIRE will manifest.
November 19, 2018
Anxiety Driving You Nuts? Want to Manifest Health? Wealth, Money? A Job? A Gig? Feeling ANXIETY During a Manifestation Process Can Derail You BIG TIME especially if you leave it unchecked! Are You Letting Your Imagination Run Wild Over Things You Don't Want! Try This Conscious Manifesting Tip and Let's Get Rid of Anxiety!
November 17, 2018
Spiritually Awake But Broke and Sick The spiritual awakening journey is an amazing experience! Isn't it! It sure is! However while we are waking up, the physical realities also need attention. Whether you are spiritually awake or not, bills still have to be paid, your physical health has to be addressed, money, food, clothing, shelter, comfort for you and your family has to be available... This means that WE must all learn how to consciously manifest what we want, so we can manifest lovely things, experiences and a lovely life where our physical needs are also met as well! We are creators...and we must create and manifest LOVELY for us and THRIVE! Be happy, be at peace, be secure...get on top of it!
November 15, 2018
Eat The Pasta and Reject The Rice! As a conscious manifestor...are you settling for a weak compromised version of what you truly want? What is showing up in your life? Is it Pasta or Rice?
November 13, 2018
What You're Thinking of is a NO NO Thinking of something will derail you...Thinking FROM something is GOLD! Find out the difference and then create and manifest consciously.
November 11, 2018
If You're Lonely...You Gotta Reach Out! Many are waking up in consciousness and realizing that they are all alone. Many lightworkers are lonely and isolated! It doesn't have to be that can do something about it!
November 9, 2018
Notice...or You'll Manifest Crap! If you are consciously trying to manifest health, money...or if you are sick, broke, lonely, loveless, frustrated, depressed or whatever...and you are consciously trying to manifest a lovely state for better pay attention and NOTICE...otherwise you'll manifest crap!
November 9, 2018
Block Out The Nonsense! We all expect and want to have a good life BUT there are some things that happen to us that are so bad...that they can leave us literally shaking like leaves! Some news is so's blinding! Bad health diagnosis, sudden unemployment, dwindling cash, losses and disappointments of all kinds, threatening legal or financial matters...and whatever! So...what's an Awakened Being to do? Block out the Nonsense! Find out how!
November 8, 2018