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By Doc is the first Martial Science Magazine dedicated to Sanuces Ryu jujitsu, Streetology and Mix Martial Science(MMS).
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The Dates Exclusive interview with Professor Yusef Rahman
The Dates Exclusive interview with Professor Yusef Rahman
10th anniversary edition Remembering the Legacy of Dr. Moses Powell and Chronicling the Dates and times of this amazing street-based jujitsu system. Interview between Guess Professor Yousef
June 23, 2022
Docmagazine First Annual Person of the Year Recipent is Grandmaster Samuel Scott.
Docmagazine First Annual Person of the Year Recipent is Grandmaster Samuel Scott.
Docmagazine First Annual Person of the Year Recipent is Grandmaster Samuel Scott. Combat Kuntao International’s headquarters is currently located in Glenn Dale, Maryland, approximately 15 minutes from Washington, DC. The parent company, Full Circle Martial Academy, opened in February 1992. Currently there are 2 locations in Maryland, along with a number of satellite programs throughout the Washington Metro area.  As seen on WUSA9 News, Master Scott, the Founder of Combat Kuntao International, and his team of instructors, are on an unrelenting journey to teach people worldwide and from all walks of life, his proven system of real world self-defense. Master Scott has been featured on a number of news mediums to include: WUSA9 News, Fox 5 News, Gazette Newspaper, Prince George’s Journal, Afro-American Newspaper, BET Heart & Soul, WPFW Radio (89.3am) WHUR World (96.3) Trenell MCcauly’s Internet Radio Show, and more.   He currently produces and hosts a highly popular cable show titled, “The Self-Defense Forum”, on Prince George’s CTV 76.  For 20 years, Combat Kuntao has been taught to Law Enforcement; Protection Specialists; Special Operations Teams; Women’s Organizations; and Corporate America. Over the years, thousands of men, women and teens, from all walks of life, have benefitted from this simple, yet highly effective system of real world self-defense. Master Scott’s formula for success is simple, straight to the point, real world survival techniques that anyone can learn in a relatively short period of time. Whether it’s a Law Enforcement Compliance and Control Program or our Women’s Personal Safety Program, the principals of simplicity and economy of motion are key components to this highly effective system of personal protection. Our new online component will allow us to not only reach concerned people throughout the world, but will also build a network of instructors committed to teaching our proven system of real world self defense.  Our online testing system will allow us to maintain the highest level of integrity and standards for our program.
June 07, 2022 Exclusive interview with Grandmaster Samuel Scott Founder of Combat Kuntoa Exclusive interview with Grandmaster Samuel Scott Founder of Combat Kuntoa
Grandmaster Samuel Scott is an accomplished Martial Science Master with an Extensive Background in Filipino Martial Science, Western Boxing, Knife Fighting, Grappling and much much more. This Podcast is a comprehensive interview of his martial science life.
November 28, 2021
Docmagazine A Tribute to Dr. Moses Powell The Greatest Martial Scientist of the 20th century
Docmagazine A Tribute to Dr. Moses Powell The Greatest Martial Scientist of the 20th century
Moses Powell (1941–2005), also known as Master Musa Muhammad,[5] was an American pioneer of martial arts in the United States.[6][7] He was born in Norfolk Virginia.[8] He held the rank of 10th degree black belt, and was famous for his one finger forward roll.[3] Moses Powell was the first martial artist invited to perform a demonstration in front of the United Nations.[8]  One of the first African Americans to instruct the DEA, FBI, and the Secret Service in martial arts.[3]  He was also a featured demonstrator New York's World Fair in 1965.[8] Notable for being a black martial artist (of minority ethnicity in the  United States), he served as an instructor to movie star Wesley Snipes.[3]  He appeared in the documentary, the Warrior Within.,[9] along with Chuck Norris.[3]  He was also the founder of the Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu system.  Additionally, he never co-signed any other systems.[10] Media appearances Moses Powell appeared on the cover of Official Karate Magazine in September 1973, Spring 1982, and February 1976.[11] He was covered in Legends of American Martial Arts (DVD) [12] Moses was also noted in the book Unlocking The Healing Powers in Your Hands: The 18 Mudra System of Qigong as a master of Jujitsu. Master Moses Powell also appeared in the movie Gordon’s War. It was also during this time of the early to mid-’70s that Master Moses  Powell also established Sanuces schools on Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn NY,  in Hartford Connecticut, and various other places in and out of New  York City. Master Moses Powell, also known as Musa Muhammad, had even  established roots in Philadelphia, PA during this time with the help of  his good friend from the very famous Tong Dojo of Brooklyn NY, Sensei  Uthman Abdus-Salaam. In 1977, Master Moses Powell was  inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In 1979, Master Moses  Powell, along with his wife Janice Hardy Powell, left New York and  relocated in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. A long time student named Rex Lee  had come to live in Florida prior to Master Moses Powell and his family  moving there also. Two other students, Gino Alfarano and Veronica  Walker, also left New York to join their teacher, Master Moses Powell.  It was there, in Ft. Lauderdale, that a new evolution of Sanuces Ryu Jiu  Jitsu took place.
July 10, 2020 Exclusive interview with Grandmaster Anton Muhammad- Heart to Heart Exclusive interview with Grandmaster Anton Muhammad- Heart to Heart
This interview goes deep into the spiritual warrior aspect of sanuces ryu jujitsu. Hanshi Anton Salahuddin A. Muhammad (ASAM), Founder and Grand Master (10  degree) of V.A.S.K. Ryu Jiu Jitsu (Vee, Al-Nas, Sanuces & Kumite  Ryu). He is also Founder and Head Master of Bay Area-based World Wide  Jiu Jitsu & Karate Do. As a 2nd generation martial artist he began training with Grand Master  Cleophus Jacobs, Sr. and studied Aikido with his uncle, 7th Degree  Shihan Luqman Abdul-Hakeem who currently lives and teaches in Morocco. His early years were rich with instruction from numerous notable martial  artists. He earned Judo 3rd Dan under John McFadden. Holds 3rd Dan in  Shotokan Karate under Master Tom Le Puppet and Professor Pierre René.  Hanshi ASAM studied Goju Karate under Grand Master Leon Wallace and  Master Sam McGee and has trained under Master Charles Elmo. Hanshi ASAM possesses an extremely diverse martial arts background with  extensive training in Boxing, Escrima, Muy Thai, 7 Star Praying Mantis,  Tiger Claw, Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Capoiera, Iado and Kendo. Hanshi ASAM is a direct student and representative of world-renown Jiu  Jitsu Master & Founder of Sanuces Ryu - the late Dr. Moses Powell.  He is also a direct student of Vee Arnis Jitsu - Founder, the late Grand  Professor Florendo Visitacion and Al-Nas Jiu Jitsu co-Founder Professor  Abbass M. Muhammad, and Soke Lil' John Davis, Founder & Grand  Master of Kumite Ryu. In addition to his leadership positions within the martial arts  community, Hanshi ASAM is also a former tournament champion in Kumite  (fighting), self-defense, and weapons. He has provided personal and team  security for various figures and organizations throughout the Bay Area  and abroad. He also leads conflict mediation and martial arts training  seminars for law enforcement and security institutions nationally and  internationally.
June 19, 2020 Podcast with Senpai Jonathan x Podcast with Senpai Jonathan x new interview tonight with my sanuces ryu jujitsu brother. Senpai Jonathan x. First degree black belt in sancues ryu jujitsu,electrical engineer,  member of the mighty FOI, Judo, Marine Corps Martial Science Instructor.  Podcast will drop exclusive inside the docradio/docmagazine facebook  group tonight at 12am.
April 22, 2020 Remember Ahati Kilindi Iyi the King of African Warrior Science Remember Ahati Kilindi Iyi the King of African Warrior Science
This interview was produced on the docradio network by GM Darrell Sarjeant and Sifu Resita Dejesus Dr. Moses Powell sent a lot of time in Detroit and became good friends of Ahati Kilindi and one day on the mat training Dr. Powell cut his belt in half and gave it to Ahati as a gesture of brotherhood.  Join GM Darrell Sarjeant and Sifu Restita DeJesus as they welcome African Arts Master Ahati Kilindi Iyi to the show on 9/12/2012. Kilindi  Iyi started his Martial Arts career learning boxing from his father.  Being an avid wrestler as a boy, Martial arts became an easy task. During  the mid 60’s he had the pleasure of seeing a Martial Arts demonstration  at the Michigan Sate Fair. Fascinated by the efficiency of the  techniques, he decided at that point and time that the fighting arts  would be his lifelong vocation. Studying with the top masters of the day  in the Detroit area, his vision of Martial Arts changed in the late  sixties and early seventies from Oriental to African Martial Concepts. Studying  with anyone from the African continent that knew anything about African  fighting arts in the United States Kilindi traveled to Africa in the  late seventies to intensify his studies of the African Fighting  Sciences. It was during this time that the Ta-merrian Martial Arts  Institute was developed and it has grown to be one of the most sought  after Martial Arts Schools in the world. Kilindi continues to this day  to be a student teacher and advocate of the ancient African Martial  tradition.
April 12, 2020 Remembers the Late Chief Grandmaster Rico Guy of the U.S Budo Kai Kan Remembers the Late Chief Grandmaster Rico Guy of the U.S Budo Kai Kan
this Podcast was made on the modern combat channel of the doc radio network. GM Darrell and Sifu Restita as they welcome Chief Grandmaster Rico Guy to the show on 8/22/12. Chief Grandmaster Rico Guy is founder and head of the U.S. Budo Kai-Kan  dojo in New York City.  Chief Grandmaster Guy is ranked as follows:  Iaido (samurai sword) 9th degree; Kendo (stickfighting) 8th degree;  Goju-Ryu Karate 10th degree; and in Go Kempo-Jitsu he is the founder and  10th degree.
April 11, 2020 Person 2012 interview with Soke Lil John Davis Person 2012 interview with Soke Lil John Davis
Soke Lil John was honored as for 2019 Person of the year. This historic interview "The Thunder Comes Before The Rain"  Soke Little John Davis and special Guest  Grandmaster Anthony Mohammed.. Soke Little John. Soke  Li'l John Davis is the founder of Kumite Ryu Jiu Jitsu, which is the  third component of V.S.K. Ryu Jiu Jitsu. He is a Grandmaster in Sanuces  and is the product of Grand Professor Vee and Dr. Moses Powell. He is a  renowned full-contact fighter and martial arts instructor and is  responsible for teaching and grooming great martial artists such as  Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad, Grandmaster Malik Shabazz and Sensei  Stephanie Grier. Respectfully known as "Soke" to his students and peers,  which is the Japanese title for "founder," John Davis was born  September 14, 1949. He was one of eight boys and three girls. At the age  of eight, he was separated from his mother and siblings and overcame  serious odds while growing up in foster care until the age of 18. Soke  Li'l John Davis started training in Shotokan Karate with Sensei Buster  when he was eight. At the age of 10, Sensei Buster took him to Dr. Moses  Powell and remembers Sensei Buster telling him "He looks good, but you  can't take him." Soke Li'l John Davis said that Dr. Moses Powell, "Faked  me out...The Doctor put me in a headlock, so I slipped out of the  headlock and got a bloody nose. It was all good though, because the  Doctor liked my spirit." He had trained with The Doctor ever since. Soke  Li'l John met Grand Professor Vee while training with Dr. Moses Powell  and says that their instruction and guidance made him what he is today.  "Grand Professor Vee was like a father figure to me. He and The Doc  carried me through the jungle," he recalls.
April 08, 2020
The Sanuces Bloodline Brotherhood Part 14 interview with Professor Don Jacob
The Sanuces Bloodline Brotherhood Part 14 interview with Professor Don Jacob
Professor Don Jacob the number One student of Dr. Moses Powell in the  Carribean by way of trinidad tells his story and journey with Dr. Powell  reaching great heights from dojos in Trinidad, England, Australlia,  United States and Canada exclusive interview with Furqan Shabazz. Follow for more magazine issues.
April 07, 2020