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Docplanner Tech Talks

Docplanner Tech Talks

By Docplanner Tech
Welcome to our Docplanner Tech Talks - podcast, which is our way to share knowledge and become closer to the Tech community.
I'm Przemek Paczoski and I'm the QA Team Leader in Docplanner - a tech company, which consists of the successful ZnanyLekarz in Poland and its counterparts in other countries around the world.
Our mission is to make the healthcare experience more human, and in this podcast, you'll meet passionate people, who are motivated to do it!

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Episode #3 How to scale the company from 10 to 100 people in IT both technologically and from People Experience point of view?
The third episode of Docplanner Tech Talks Podcast is here! This time we have two special guests - Maciej Szkamruk, whom you may know from the first episode, and Ewelina Melon - Head of the People Experience team in Docplanner. They are talking about building the team, scaling the company from 10 to 100 people in IT, and why cooperation between team leaders and people experience specialist is a clue to create a great place for everyone. 
September 28, 2020
Episode #2 What does it mean to be a Site Reliability Engineer in Docplanner?
In the second episode Łukasz Barulski - Site Reliability Engineer and a Team Leader talks about his role, experience, challenges in a team and many more...   Here you'll find a link to his article on our medium profile, and to a job offer for SRE position in Barcelona.  Learn more about us: by reading our articles on Medium written from different teams' perspective, by watching our videos on YouTube channel, our people and values are very important to us, go to our Facebook page and visit our Linkedin to take a look :) Subscribe our Newsletter and become a part of our community.
August 21, 2020
Episode #1 How to transfer your company to a new product in one night?
In our first episode, Przemek talks with Maciek Szkamruk - Team Leader and Backend Developer - about his journey within Docplanner and his experience with merge with Doctoralia.  Check out our Social Media to get to know us better: Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Twitter And Join our universe by signing up for our Newsletter.
July 30, 2020