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Tight Pants

Tight Pants

By Princess Grace and Anonymous June

The podcast that accentuates all the subtleties. Each episode, Princess Grace and her anonymous cohost June talk about whether a given Homestar Runner character fucks.

I sincerely hope this is the only Homestar Runner sex podcast.

The spreadsheet with our findings so far:
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Does Homestar Runner Fuck?

Tight Pants

Ablative Fursonae Layers
Ablative Fursonae Layers
Grace, whoever the hell this alleged June is, and Grace's beloved hedge witch girlfriend Piper get down to brass tacks. Specifically, what is Strong Sad's deal? We dive deep into glimpsing this sad basketball elephant man's soul, and come away with hope for his future. Will this boy develop gender? Will he find someone who loves him for him? We sure hope so. He holds up too much of a mirror to us and our loved ones to hope for anything else. One way or another, we will determine if Strong Sad fucks. You can find the internet's beloved Princess Grace at June cannot reveal her name for legal reasons, but she does stream at Noted hedge witch Piper can be found and appreciated on twitter at @onestrawshort.
September 03, 2021
Fontsonae and Werewolf Law
Fontsonae and Werewolf Law
Diamond Heist, her unnamed client, June, and fan-favorite werewolf Bear convene to discuss one of the most pressing issues of our time: does Strong Mad fuck? It's a no-holds-barred talk 'em out as our panel of handsome-talking experts get to the bottom of the question on everybody's minds. I dare you to put this episode right into your ear holes. Diamond Heist has no contact info in this dimension, but you can find Princess Grace at June cannot reveal her name for legal reasons, but she does stream at Bear was also in this episode. The Cheat Sergal (The Chergal?) was drawn by last week's guest star, the lovely Distressed Egg. Go check them out at!
February 13, 2021
Tiny Assholes and Hypercheat Theory
Tiny Assholes and Hypercheat Theory
Grace, June, and suspiciously prepared special guest Iris Jay discuss whether The Cheat, fine looking young man and beloved Trivial Pursuit cheese wedge, fucks. Along the way, we talk about leprechauns, the secret origin of sergals, the Iran-Contra affair, and so much more. It's a ride, and, honestly, our best episode yet. I can't even tell you everything that happens because it's so cram-packed with content. I can tell you we laughed for like a minute straight as soon as we stopped recording.  You can find everything Grace does, including links to our sister podcast, Disc Coverers, at! You certainly can't find June at @junipertheory on twitter. You certainly CAN find Iris at @irisjaycomics,, and at Also, you should read her extremely good webcomic at
December 17, 2020
Does Strong Bad Fuck?
Does Strong Bad Fuck?
We're at it again. You cannot stop our inexorable advance. This week, we tackle the age-old question: Does Strong Bad Fuck? We discuss how Strong  Bad represents the Homestar Runner body of work's views on masculinity, look up some fan fiction to keep our fingers on the pulse, and get pretty hot and heavy. This is an episode you can really write home about, if you know someone at home who needs to know about Strong Bad's sex life. We properly introduce the Tight Pants Very Good Homestar Runner Sex Spreadsheet, and correct the gravest oversight so far: we didn't assign Homestar a fursona. Disc Coverers, An Extremely Good Discworld Podcast:
December 02, 2020
Does Homestar Runner Fuck?
Does Homestar Runner Fuck?
Grace and her anonymous cohost June talk about this week's hot topic: Does Homestar Runner fuck? Along the way, we chat about the format, our hopes and dreams, and just how we wound up in this predicament. I apologize in advance for the editing. It'll be better next time. I promise.
November 19, 2020