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Dog Psychology 101

Dog Psychology 101

By Angie Woods
Welcome to the Dog Psychology 101 Podcast; where we teach you about Natural Dog Behavior. I'm Angie Woods, America's Dog Behavior Specialist. Join us as we help you understand how your dog learns and interprets the world. We will guide you to become the pack leader and teacher your dog always dreamed you would be.
Dog Psychology 101 is here to help you build the best relationship possible between you and your dog!
Balance the Human + Rehab the Dog = Happy Life!
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Answering Your Questions! (Q&A #1)
In our first ever Q&A video, we will be answering some the dog questions that you all asked us via social media. We received tons of responses, so if we didn't get to your question, please stay tuned for our next episode! Thanks for joining us!
October 25, 2019
Choosing a New Puppy or Dog
In our second installment of the Dog Psychology 101 Podcast, Angie and Josh discuss everything you should keep in mind when choosing a new dog or puppy, as well as common signs to pay attention to in order to pick the perfect new addition to your family. You will learn how to make the right decision in the beginning to avoid any potential headaches in the future.
July 24, 2019
Dog Psychology vs. Human Psychology
We kick off our first podcast episode with an explanation and deep discussion of natural dog behavior. We discuss the differences between human and dog psychology in regards to communication, behavior rehabilitation, discipline, how we interpret the world, and so much more. Begin to understand how your dog navigates through the world and learn to communicate with them in a way that they truly understand. Join us as we teach you how to become your very own dog whisperer.
July 24, 2019