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Dog Lovers Club Podcast

Dog Lovers Club Podcast

By Christine Young
Join the discussions to get better, faster, safer results with your dog. Together we can improve their health, safety, security, and comfort.

We believe in the Magic of Dogs. Their unconditional love, empathy, enthusiasm, drive, and adaptability are unprecedented. It transforms individuals and communities around the world.

Our mission is to bring, support, education and funding to update standards and practices.

Together we can foster a powerful lasting impact on the welfare of dogs everywhere!

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BaRk bARk baRK 🐕 What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You ⁉️
So often our dogs are not barking to give us a hard time, they may be having a hard time or perhaps stuck in a pattern that we can change.  In this episode, we explain why Dog Management is so powerful, we help you know what training to consider and a reminder that regular practice and lot of patience will get you the results you're looking for!
May 11, 2022
Canine Body Language
Our dogs are very generous and pay attention to our Body Language, they know what we are saying much better than we know what they are saying. As you take a little time to learn their language, you will be amazed at how much the communication between you will improve.
April 02, 2022
Fearful Fidos
We discussed the 5F’s which are the main coping strategies commonly seen in times of stress or anxiety.  Flight, Fight, Freeze, Faint and the often subtle or misunderstood Fidget or Fool Around. We also touched on some of the potential causes of a fear response including known or often unknown pain your dog is experiencing, genetic & epigenetics, a lack of sensitive socialization, early experiences, and trauma can all have a roll to play. 
March 09, 2022
The 4 Rules of Recall
This episode will teach you why and how to implement The 4 Rules of Recall 1. Call once 2. Call only for pleasant experience 3. Call only when you know they will come 4. Have a Party when they arrive HELPFUL LINKS Canine Enrichment Sniffari Dog Management CO-HOST LINK Kelly Keebler
February 02, 2022
🐶🐶🐶 Puppies!
Puppies keep us socially connected, increase exercise, reduce stress, and so much more! Topics we chatted about in this episode: 🐾 Sensitive Socialization 🐾 Researching your Breed/s, Breeder and/or Adoption/Rescue Organization 🐾 Husbandry (Learn Low Stress Handling for Vet Visits and Grooming) 🐾 Management/Schedules/Routines 🐾 Conditioning Containment ( Crates, Exercise Pens, Gated areas, Cars) 🐾 Bonding first to prevent Separation Related Problems 🐾 Body language HELPFUL LINKS New Puppy Checklist Sensitive Socialization Checklist Meet Your Dog by Kim Brophey Canine Enrichment Sniffari PDF (image embedded on page) Dog Management Body language CO-HOST LINKS Janet Cutler Justine Chater Schuurman Kelly Keebler Tracie Lampton
January 01, 2022