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The Dollar AND Difference Show

The Dollar AND Difference Show

By Josh Schukman
We're entrepreneurs who care.

We're building wildly profitable companies that ARE ALSO wildly impactful.

We've got a social impact that we care deeply about and we're not afraid to bake that impact into our businesses.

You might call yourself things like: social impact entrepreneur, purposeful entrepreneur, or just an entrepreneur who gives a damn.

Companies like Warby Parker, TOMS Shoes, and LSTN Headphones are our role models.

So, if you are making a dollar AND a difference with your business (or if you want to) this podcast is the place where you can figure out how to do it.
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S4 | E8: I've got tons of traffic to my website but few purchases - Help!
How do you get people to SEE what your offering with your business? It's the gremlin we all struggle with at some point in our impact businesses... And as Social Impact Entrepreneurs it's even more important than ever that we get this right. So, tune into the Dollar and Difference Show today to hear Josh talk through the SINGLE BIGGEST thing you need to do to get yourself growing. --- Thanks as always to our show sponsor, Kajabi! Kajabi is THE all-in-one platform to help you build a community of customers that love you and love doing business with you. Get your 28 day free trial right here: Want to see the podcast LIVE and maybe even be a guest? Join our Facebook group here to catch us LIVE:
January 14, 2019
S4 | E9: How do I build an impact business when my health isn't cooperating?
Life can throw a lot at us... And it seems like things go especially haywire when we're trying to grow a business on profit AND purpose. So, on today's episode, Josh goes live with Eddie, a member of our community. Eddie has been recently challenged by some health issues that are impacting his business growth. Josh jumps in and offers some pointers to right the ship! --- Thanks as always to our show sponsor, Kajabi! Kajabi is THE all-in-one platform to build your website and get a community of customers who love you and love doing business with you. Get your 28 day free trial right here: Want to see the podcast LIVE and maybe even be a guest? Join our Facebook group here to catch us LIVE:
January 11, 2019
S4 | E7: What's the best way to price my offering?
Josh goes LIVE with Sanchia, an Impact Business Base member to help her figure out the tricky topic of PRICING your offer! --- Thanks as always to our show sponsor, Kajabi! Kajabi is THE all-in-one platform to help you build a community of customers that love you and love doing business with you. Get your 28 day free trial right here: Want to see the podcast LIVE and maybe even be a guest? Join our Facebook group here to catch us LIVE:
December 18, 2018
S4 | E6: Is FAILURE nature's way of clearing your head?
When 'failure' comes your way do you let it drag you down, roll you in the dirt and kick you while you're down??? Or do you have some #mindsethacks that help you turn failure into success??? Join Josh today as he talks about some tactics to make failure you're best friend :) --- Thanks as always to our show sponsor, Kajabi! Kajabi is THE all-in-one platform to help you build a community of customers that love you and love doing business with you. Get a 28 day free trial right here: Want to see the podcast LIVE and maybe even be a guest? Join our Facebook group here to catch us LIVE:
December 04, 2018
S4 | E5: How do you build a business when you don't think you have enough capital?
This is exactly the question Josh answers when he goes live to help out Alex of Kahlo Coffee... See, she's worried about the $9,000 she'll need to get her first supply of green coffee. Josh tells her that she should be because we still haven't proven the business model, so he walks her through 2 KEY STEPS she needs to take to grow in a much LEANER way. ---- Thanks as always to our show sponsor, Kajabi! Kajabi is THE all-in-one platform to help you build a community of customers that love you and love doing business with you. Get a 28 day free trial right here: Want to see the podcast LIVE and maybe even be a guest? Join our Facebook group here to catch us LIVE:
November 27, 2018
S4 | E4: Measure What Matters. Ditch What Doesn't. Double Down on What Does.
Do your marketing efforts ever feel like you're just "pissing in the wind"? Well, if that's you, then you've gotta join us for these #growthhackinghangouts We don't pretend to have all the answers, but damnit, we're gonna try to find 'em. :) Today, Josh talks about how to create a sales funnel and the importance of figuring out EXACTLY how your customers are coming to you. --- Thanks as always to our show sponsor, Kajabi! Kajabi is THE all-in-one platform to help you build a community of customers that love you and love doing business with you. Get a 28 day free trial right here: Want to see the podcast LIVE and maybe even be a guest? Join our Facebook group here to catch us LIVE:
November 20, 2018
S4 | E3: Are you struggling to grow a Community of Customers?
If so, you're far from alone... I'd say this is a TOP 3 challenge for heart centered entrepreneurs. But marketing yourself doesn't have to be like grinding teeth! In fact, growth and marketing can be a fun way to endear yourself to your community! So, check out this podcast where I bring in Andrew of to help him figure this out for his business. --- Thanks as always to our show sponsor, Kajabi! Kajabi is THE all-in-one platform to help you build a community of customers that love you and love doing business with you. Get a 28 day free trial right here: Want to see the podcast LIVE and maybe even be a guest? Join our Facebook group here to catch us LIVE:
November 13, 2018
S4 | E2: The power of PATIENCE
Are you dying to use your business to make positive impact, but things just never seem to happen FAST ENOUGH? Join Josh as he talks about the power of PATIENCE in our businesses. SHOW NOTES: Needing new eyeglasses? Get 5 free try on pairs from our cause based business partner Warby Parker: And as for the free Masterclass Josh mentions on this episode... here's where to sign up:
October 23, 2018
S4 | E1: Are you stuck in the SCRAMBLE?
Do you feel like your always hunting for your next gig? Your next contract? Feel like you're always scrambling for that next bit of REVENUE? Do you sometimes question if all this is worth it because you're just coming and going and can't seem to make ends meet? Well, you're not alone. Let's help you tackle this today and figure out a way through it... SHOW NOTES: Are you looking for a styling pair of glasses to help you see in style? And how'd you feel if your glasses also made social impact? Well if that's you, then you'll love today's show sponsor: Warby Parker. They best part is, you don't have to go ANYWHERE to sample your new glasses - you can just jump online and Warby Parker will send you FREE try on samples. Check it out and get your next great pair of impactful eyeglasses right here: Questions for the show? Email Josh at
October 12, 2018
S3 | E14: Does our ‘Social Impact’ really matter?
We spend so much time worrying about what to call ourselves... To some we’re ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ to others we’re ‘Impact Entrepreneurs’ and others still call our ventures ‘Social Enterprises’... But what’s the point of all of that? Shouldn’t we really just spend our time building kick ass businesses THAT ALSO make kick ass impact? Tune in to hear Josh’s thoughts and to share yours... Here’s the Facebook post where you can leave your comments: Today's show is brought to you by
October 05, 2018
S3 | E13: Didn’t hit your goal? Keep moving anyway.
Monday Impact Moment: Measure What Matters. Ditch What Doesnt. Double Down on WHAT DOES.
September 25, 2018
S3 | E12: Don't be Afraid to Sell Your Social Impact
It's the thing almost all of us cringe at...SELLING. We say to ourselves, can't we just hire someone to do it? Or can't we just partner with a marketing guru to make it all go away?  The most honest answer to these questions is NO. The simple fact is that if you want to make it in social impact entrepreneurship it WILL mean selling yourself and the impact you're making. So, Josh made this podcast to help you make this easy as pie. P.S. Huge thanks to for sponsoring the show - let's show em' some love by checking out their high quality shades that are revolutionizing sunglasses AND giving back to a cause you choose. 
August 09, 2018
S3 | E10: Don't ask customers what they want. Ask them what they DON'T WANT.
"If I'd asked em' what THEY wanted, they would've said 'FASTER HORSES'" -Henry Ford >>This episode is brought to us by the great folks at awesome quality sunglasses that give back to a cause you care about. Check em' out here: www.ant
July 10, 2018
S3 | E9: WHY do you do what you do? (Pt. 1)
The most VITAL part of any social impact entrepreneur's business is a genuine and heartfelt WHY that drives what you do. Without this, you simply won't make it in social impact business.  Join Josh on this 4 part series as he tells you why you need a WHY, how to craft it, how to share it, and why this separates us from all those 'bad businesses' out there. P.S. Josh hosts this weekly podcast LIVE in a private Facebook group for social impact entrepreneurs. You can join for free right here:
June 08, 2018
a quick note just for you podcast listeners (time sensitive)
Josh shares some stuff that's just for podcast listeners, so you'll have to just listen to get the scoop :)
April 13, 2018
S3 | E8: Legalize for Social Impact Business
Join Josh as he records another LIVE show where he chats and takes your questions about different legal structure options you have in social impact business. Josh will tell you the important questions you ask yourself and get you pointed in the right direction on this one :) And, as always, we'd like to send a HUGE and SPECIAL thanks to the sponsor of this mini-series, Live the Give.  They have an amazing range of socially conscious clothes. Have a look and show them some love right here:
April 10, 2018
S3 | E7: BONUS - Live Q&A with YOU!
Thanks to Live the Give for sponsoring this series! Let's show them our love by jumping on their site and checking out some of their great socially conscious clothes right here: This was a super fun episode because Josh went live and answered questions from all of you straight in the Facebook group! Here are some examples of the questions: Alyssa wants to know about the process of becoming 'B-Corp Certified' (that's like the 'certified organic seal' of social impact business)? Kevon asks about the best ways to get startup capitol? Lisa want's to know when's the best time to make the leap full-time into her social impact business? Ashley wants to know the best way to get a logo on a shoestring? Tune in and there's bound to be an answer to a question you've got! 
March 20, 2018
S3 | E6: Lean Startup for Social Good
Jump on this episode where Josh boils down 'Lean Startup' tactics for social good. Basically, this means he'll show you some proven tactics for launching with less time and money than you thought you needed ;) This episode and this entire mini-series are sponsored by a social impact business called Live the Give. Their founder Najat wanted a clothing company that was socially conscious by nature AND gave back to children's education around the world. does this beautifully by offering a stylish range of clothes that ALL come from WRAP certified providers (basically, WRAP certification is like 'certified organic' of the clothing space - you know anything that's WRAP certified comes from places that offer fair and safe conditions for their communities).  So, give a special thanks to Najat and Live the Give for sponsoring our show by checking out what they have at ww
March 07, 2018
S3 | E5: Why you don't need as much time & money as you think
Too many people think they don't have the time & money to live their dreams and launch a social impact business. In this episode, Josh shows you why that's almost always a crappy excuse for not making your impact.  Tons of social impact entrepreneurs start with nothing and there are tactics you can use to help you get started even if you think you're missing something. Josh talks you through these tactics and gives you some real life examples of social impact businesses who have successfully used them to beat the time/money curse. Thanks to Live the Give for sponsoring this episode. Their line of socially conscious clothes has been keeping Josh and his team in style this past year :) Check them out and grab some great clothes while supporting conscious fashion around the world:
January 07, 2018
S3 | E4: Answering YOUR questions...
Josh goes LIVE with two guests from the Social Change Nation community. These are two folks who are just like you - startup social entrepreneurs facing challenges to grow social impact businesses. Josh chats with Robin, who has a social impact film venture. And then with Patricc and Fiona who co-run a social venture that sells clothes and gives away bags of food. Josh helps Robin figure out how to get more exposure. He then helps Patricc and Fiona to help their brand stand out above the rest. Robin's venture is here: And Patricc and Fiona's is here: Lastly, Josh mentions a special offer on the podcast for their Impact Business Boot
December 13, 2017
S3 | E3: How Social Entrepreneurship is Transforming Business FOR GOOD
Did you know that millennials are overwhelmingly buying from cause based brands over regular ones? Join Josh as he goes live to talk about these stats and more that show that Social Entrepreneurs are here to stay.
December 06, 2017
S3 | E2: Why Social Entrepreneurs Start With Why
The evidence is overwhelming... big ol' businesses are sacrificing long term sustainability for the sake of short term shareholders. Social entrepreneurs breathe a different air. We believe that businesses can and must make a dollar AND a difference... And that all starts with a deep and heartfelt WHY that drives what we do and helps us build our social impact businesses. Tune into this podcast to hear about how the social entrepreneurship greats dug deep and wove their 'why' through their brands. >>Thanks to for sponsoring today's episode. Check out their great line of socially conscious clothes today:
December 05, 2017
S3 | E1: What is Social Entrepreneurship and Why Does it Matter?
In this first lesson of our mini-series on 'Social Entrepreneurship 101' we talk about the definition of social entrepreneurship and the many different forms of social impact businesses that we see in the world today.
November 17, 2017
S2 | E9: A look under the hood of a real social venture
Join Josh as he goes live to have a candid chat with you about the social venture that he runs with his wife: Hostel KC.  Hostel KC is the place where "Sleep Has a Purpose" because for every 300 beds they book, they build a home for a family in need in the Caribbean.   It's also one of the most hip places to stay in Kansas City and is filling a huge gap in Kansas City for lodging that is affordable, comfortable, and attractive to millennials and young professionals. To date, they've booked 800+ bed nights and built 3 homes for families in Jamaica.  This podcast is the tell all tale of the journey... the good, the bad, the ugly, the shitty and the downright scary :) Show Sponsor + Coupon
September 27, 2017
S2 | E8: LIVE - Your questions answered!
We've never done this one before! Josh actually went LIVE earlier this week with several folks from the Social Change Nation community and answered their questions straight on the call.  It was an amazing show because of the rawness of it. It was just real social entrepreneurs with real challenges getting the coaching they needed. Join us for this super fun podcast because we're sure that you're grappling with some of the same challenges we address on here! Oh, and Josh makes you a special offer on the podcast. He starts breaking into that at the 38.5 minute mark, so feel free to skip there if you want to check that out fast! It's a time sensitive special offer for our Impact Business Bootcamp, you can also check it out here: Lastly, Josh mentioned one other resource called TweetDeck. It's a free resource to help you
September 08, 2017
S2 | E7: How to balance making a dollar with making a difference
Have you ever felt torn with the 'balancing act' between making a dollar AND a difference? If so, don't worry - you're far from alone. In fact, this is one of the most common challenges that social entrepreneurs face. The good news is, we've dug in and figured out some strategies to help you through this. Tune in as Josh unpacks them in this episode. Also, Josh mentioned an article from Virgin (that's Richard Branson's biz!) with a lot of statistics that prove social entrepreneurship is a massive opportunity for businesses that do it right. Here's the link to that article: Hap
August 20, 2017
S2 | E6: How to get 'weird' in impact business
Impact Business is a 'weird' form of business. It's WEIRD to believe that you can make a dollar AND a difference, but that's exactly what we're doing as social entrepreneurs. If you wanna make it in this space, you're going to have to embrace the fact that you're a weirdo, get connected with other weirdos, and remember that the only people crazy enough to change this world are the ones THAT DO. So, join your fellow weirdo Josh of Social Change Nation as he talks about getting weird to help us transform business FOR GOOD. Josh also mentions two important things on this podcast... First, here's that quote he read from Dean Alfange about being 'uncommon' Last, here's a link to that virtual school for new social entrepreneurs like you
June 23, 2017
S2 | E5: What is Social Entrepreneurship?
One of the biggest challenges for any social entrepreneur comes when they need to explain what it is they do to friends, colleagues, investors, etc. Tune in as Josh gets you the tools you'll need to speak boldly and confidently about the impact business you're in. Josh also makes the case that it is vital for YOU to boldly define yourself to others because our movement depends on all of us getting out and speaking truth about making a dollar AND a difference. Here's what you'll get if you listen in: 1.) The definition of social entrepreneurship 2.) What social entrepreneurship IS NOT 3.) The multiple forms of social entrepreneurship 4.) How you can take a stand and help us transform business FOR GOOD  
June 14, 2017
S2 | E4: Interview with the President of Kiva US
Check out this rockin' podcast where Josh interviews Jonny Price, the President of Kiva US. They chat all about microcredit, small business, and how YOU can get up to a $10k interest free loan for your biz that's making a dollar AND a difference.
May 04, 2017
S2 | E3: What could a dose of desperation do for your business?
As social entrepreneurs, we're tasked with bringing hope into some often desperate situations. While this can create extremely challenging times for us as entrepreneurs it can also be one of our greatest strengths when viewed properly. Join Josh as he gets you 6 ways that building in a sense of urgency and channeling desperation in your business is a vital way to make a dollar AND a difference.
April 11, 2017
S2 | E2: Don't be Vanilla.
Social entrepreneurship means challenging entrenched ideas and taking on business as usual. Join Josh for this impassioned podcast where he gets you strategies for not being vanilla in your social venture.
March 16, 2017
S2 | E1: The Building Blocks of Social Entrepreneurship
Welcome to the first episode of our new season! In this, Josh explains a bit about the new direction of the podcast + he talks about the foundational pieces that YOU need to have in place as you launch a venture that makes a dollar AND a difference. Tune in if you want to learn: -How to define yourself as a social entrepreneur -How to think about funding your venture -The different types of social entrepreneurship -How to start lean -and much more... Lastly, if you haven't already, be sure to snag our free e-guide: '10 Keys for Launching a Successful Social Entrepreneur's Business'
January 28, 2017
How to Reposition Your Brand for Social Good
I've been dying to do this episode for a long time!  Also, I'm super stoked to have Jared Angaza with me as a special guest. Jared has over 20 years of experience as a social entrepreneur and has consulted with some EXTREMELY well known brands. Jared and I have been friends for a long time, and there's something we've noticed: many established companies and veteran entrepreneurs are seeking to reposition their brands for social good.  In other words, traditional entrepreneurs are wanting to become social entrepreneurs because they understand that it's the best way to do business! Check out this podcast for evidence that shows how social entrepreneurs are leading a pivotal shift in business, why social entrepreneurs are more profitable than their traditional counterparts, and 7 tactics you can implement right away to reposition your brand for social good. Also... Jared and I make a super s
August 01, 2016
How to Become a Social Entrepreneur Without Leaving Your Day Job
This post originally appeared in Millennial Magazine. Check out the transcript below for links to everything Josh mentioned: Article after article has shown that millennials are the most purpose driven generation. We value purpose over the size of our paycheck, demand meaningful work, and are consistently on the hunt for new ways to change the world. Enter the social entrepreneur. Millennials are also called the most entrepreneurial generation ever. After watching our parents get booted out of work during the recession, we millennials are highly skeptical of corporate America.
July 15, 2016
Why Social Entrepreneurs are FOR PROFIT.
On this revolutionary day, join Josh as he talks all about the social entrepreneurship revolution and why it's here to stay. BONUS: Josh rants about why you've gotta be profitable to be a sustainable social entrepreneur.
July 04, 2016
What I learned in my first year of social entrepreneurship...
You've gotta listen to this one... Josh tells all about the roller coaster ride that was his first year in social entrepreneurship.  Tune in, get some nuggets of wisdom, and start rocking them in your own venture. Also, we'd love it if you'd share this episode with your friends.  You can easily do that by sharing this link via email, twitter, Facebook, or whatever you use to get social (we've put some easy sharing buttons right here in the post!). Keep it real Change Nation, -Josh
June 22, 2016
What is Social Entrepreneurship?
If you're a startup social entrepreneur, the chances are high that you've been asked this question.  Tune in today as Josh gives you the ammunition you need to answer it confidently and passionately.
June 16, 2016
Rooftop Urban Agriculture, EdenWorks
Hey Change Nation, we are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our early entrepreneurs! This week we are featuring an entrepreneur who found his calling and purpose for changing the world through entrepreneurship. CEO and Co-founder of EdenWorks, Jason Green, was able to use his background knowledge of bioengineering and physical sciences to create a sustainable, healthy way for growing food in urban cities. Just like his mantra says, “Everything that we know is broken, suboptimal, and so we must start
October 28, 2015
The Gift of Vision, Panda Sunglasses
Hey Change Nation, we are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our early entrepreneurs! This week we are featuring an entrepreneur whose social business model actually provides the gift of clear sight to those with vision impairments! Founder of Panda Sunglasses, Vincent Ko, speaks about the start of his social venture and how it is impacting the sight of the world! Panda Sunglasses creates unique, hand-crafted sunglasses that then provide medical eye exams and prescription glasses to the vision impaired through the buy-one give-
October 21, 2015
Pioneer for Change- Jared Angaza
Hey Change Nation, we are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our early entrepreneurs! This week we are featuring an entrepreneur who is not only a pioneer to many other startups and change agents, but also is one the individuals who has helped shape and inspire me to become more involved in the ‘social good’ space. Get ready to meet... Jared Angaza! This guys has devoted countless hours to serving others and finding innovative ways to adapt as changes occur in social good and social business! From a young age, Jared has loved tel
October 14, 2015
Mission Belt - The Perfect Fit, Every Time.
Hey Change Nation, we are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our early entrepreneurs! This week we are featuring an entrepreneur who found a new use for an old product- a great way to be innovative! Co-founder Zach Holzapfel and his team realized that by implementing a social mission into their business, they could not only impact consumers of the product, but also others in the world who need resources for a better livelihood, thus, Mission Belt was formed! This company has the one belt that can give you a perfect fit every time. How you ask? No holes, no size requirements! Th
October 07, 2015
Social Entre 101: venture capital
Last week in social entre 101 we talked about crowdfunding. (if you missed it, click here to check out the audio version) If crowdfunding platforms are an amateur sport, venture capital is where the professionals go to play. That’s not to say you shouldn’t explore this option as a new startup, but it is a game that is played by a vastly different set of rules than the crowdfunding game. If you’ve never heard of venture capital before, it’s essentially where someone (or some business) has a lot of free cash to invest.  They then give you that cash so you can build a product, pay salaries, market, or any
October 02, 2015
Social Entre 101: crowdfunding for social entrepreneurs
Welcome to Friday. Last week, I asked you to ask yourself some questions that will help you figure out how you want to fund your social venture. If you missed that, or any other lesson in Social Entrepreneurship 101, you can always click here for the audio lessons. During the next few weeks, I’m going to walk you through the
September 25, 2015
Social Entre 101: getting started on funding...
As we roll forward in social entrepreneurship 101, it's time we started chatting about how you'll fund your social venture. This is the question I'm most frequently asked about. Next week, I'll start getting you some resources to find funding, but first, I want you to start by asking some questions of yourself:  One of the largest challenges I see cause based entrepreneurs face is how to raise the cash needed to launch their businesses.  In the early days, you’ll be refining your story, developing your process, and linking up with your customers.  So, it’s highly likely that you will need some ‘seed’ funding to kee
September 18, 2015
Changing the World one Headphone at a Time
Hey Change Nation! We are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our early entrepreneurs! This week we are featuring Bridget Hilton, an entrepreneur who is literally helping our world to hear every day! The passion she brings to the table fuels her business for social good, LSTN Headphones!      Bridget Hilton, got her inspiration for LSTN Headphones after watching a viral YouTube video of a woman hearing her own voice for the first time.  She knew then that she wanted to help give the gift of hearing to the hearin
September 16, 2015
Social Entre 101: how to profit...
“your profitability = your ability to profit others.” – Social Change NationWelcome to another fantastic Friday.  As you're now well aware, Friday is the day we dish out a fresh installment of social entrepreneurship 101.  These are the lessons I learned from interviews with 101 social entrepreneurs. If you've missed any, click here for the audio versions. Today, let's talk about profit...The only way to turn a profit in cause-based business is to profit others far more than you profit yourself.  That doesn’t mean you’ll take a vow of poverty, in fact you can do quite well in this business, but it does mean that you have to be other centered.You’ve already shown where your
September 11, 2015
Make an 'Ideal Impact' with Olivier Kamanda
Hey Change Nation! We are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our earl
September 08, 2015
Social Entre 101: how to build a team of change agents...
"Make people feel like they can become part of something greater than themselves, and they’ll love you for it."That's a little quote I dreamed up as I was chatting with social entrepreneurs around the world.  If there is one thing that makes a successful social entrepreneur stand out, it's their ability to bring people into causes that are bigger than any one person. In today's installment of social entrepreneurship, let's talk about how you build a team that is dedicated to your mission. If you don't think you're at the point of building a team, think again - even if you're finding volunteers or committed customers, you need to be thinking about building your movement from the earliest of days.  (btw, if you've missed earlier installments of social entrepreneurship 101, 
September 04, 2015
Social Entre 101: the nuts and bolts of social entrepreneurship...
I hope you're having a stellar Friday.  On my end, I'm deep in wedding planning and ready for some cooler fall weather! Football season is also kicking into high gear, so I'm pretty jazzed about that. Anyway, for our next installment of social entrepreneurship 101 I want us to move into the nuts and bolts of social entrepreneurship.  These are the things like legal structure, funding, product creation, etc that make this whole world tick. Ready to rock? Good. Let's do this: You’re entering the world of cause-based business at a very exciting time. Millenials are using their enormous influence and buying power to shift the course of business forever. Today’s consumer is no longer content with a business that drives toward the single bottom line of profit
August 28, 2015
Social Entre 101: this is how you find profitable partners...
Welcome to this latest installment in Social Entrepreneurship 101. If you missed the other lessons, check out the audio versions here. Today, let’s chat about your partners who’ll help you build your venture. The fundamental truth of social entrepreneurship is this: we’re all in it together. Social entrepreneurs are the most generous, caring, and helpful people on the planet.  But we’re also business minded.  So, as you create your movement, come up with ways to create synergies that result in a win for all parties involved.
August 21, 2015
Social Entre 101: what will you offer for social good?
Welcome back to our series on social entrepreneurship!  I’m working to get you the basic foundation you’d need to get rolling as a social entrepreneur.  Oh, and btw, if you didn’t catch the first parts of the series, I’ll be posting it all on the podblog. Click here if you missed out. Today will be a longer one, but we’re going to be covering a really important topic: how to create a product or service that will be your business and drive your social good efforts.  Let’s start things off with a quote from a social entrep
August 14, 2015
Social Entre 101: The people you'll serve
What’s krackin’?  I hope you’ve been having a swell day, and are ready to rock your Friday with some words of wisdom about social change. Before we break into today's lesson on social entrepreneurship, I wanted to apologize that I haven't put out a 'best of' episode of the podcast here in a bit.  That's my bad, and I'll work to get it rolling again soon.  The reason is exciting - our new podcast has been a blast and taking up good chunks of our time, but still, no reason we can't get some best of episodes in your earbuds.  I'll work on that this weekend and get those rolling again.  Alright, 'nuff said on that...You’ll remember last week in social entre 101 we chatted about crafting your why (remember, if you’re still having trouble on that, hit ‘reply’ and I’ll help you).  So, I’m assuming you’ve started that up (don’t worry if it’s far from perfect - the key
August 09, 2015
Social entrepreneurs start with why
I mentioned that you can get a $1k grant to start your social venture in this podcast - click here for more info.   “We’ve got trouble?”  
July 31, 2015
What's your 'why'?
“We’ve got trouble?”   It was the 5th time in about as many days that I’d heard this question from Arion.  Despite the fact that it typically followed one of his many classroom disturbances, it always made me smile inwardly. The little dude was a troublemaker to be sure, but he was also one of my favorite
July 31, 2015
Social Entrepreneurship 101
  In a hurry and just wanna listen to this post?  Click here to subscribe to our podblog on Itunes.   What’s happenin’?  I really can’t tell you how excited I am for the things we have on the horizon here at Change Nation.  From the reformatted
July 24, 2015
Urban Innovation with Tumml
Hey Change Nation! This is the fourth week in July of our series featuring the 'Best of SCN'! Focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting, I believe this interview will be interesting to many. This week we discuss an area of social entrepreneurship that Social Change Nation is very passionate about: Urban Innovation. Clara Brenner, the founder and director of the Tumml has been able to change urban cities and for good with her non-profit urban venture accelerator Tumml! Their mission is to empower entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. With a hands-on approach, Tumml provides entrepreneurs with the tools to help scale their impact and enhance quality of life in cities everywhere.  Clara shares many stories of urban impact ventures that have solved
July 21, 2015
big business beware of us...
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July 17, 2015
Foods That Provide Pure Joy
Hey Change Nation! This is the third week of our series featuring the "Best of SCN"! Focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting, this week we are bringing back my interview with Pure Joy Fo
July 14, 2015
life, love, and the pursuit of social change
An audio version of the blog post for the week.  Josh goes one on one to chat about the latest in his life and journey toward becoming an agent for social change. 
July 10, 2015
Bella Minds, Empowering Women
July 07, 2015
Life Equals > Vitamins That Give
Hey Change Nation! This podcast is the first in our "Best of SCN" series, taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the stories of some amazing social entrepreneurs. This week we are bringing back one of my first live interviews with none other than Kyle FitzGerald of Life Equals– an amazing cause based company right here in my hometown of Kansas City! Life Equals offers multivitamins both direct to consumer, and via channels such as Whole Foods.  In turn, each purchase of multivitamins here in the U.S. leads to
June 30, 2015
Misfits for Good, CTC International (Part 2)
Hey Change Nation! I hope you enjoyed part 1 with Zane Wilemon of
June 23, 2015
"I Am, Because We Are" , Zane Wilemon (Part 1)
This week’s podcast is very exciting for all entrepreneurs and startups, because at some point or another all of you have had this moment. The ways in which change agents develop the means for their causes are extremely unique, and speaking with us today is someone who found himself through venturing out to try new things, not only for personal gain, but for the ability to bring together communities and make a difference. Zane Wilemon, Founder and
June 19, 2015
Why Your Business Should Become a Certified B Corporation (Part 2)
This interview with Sydney Smith of B Corporation has been a truly inspiring conversation, and I hope it has been able to spark a sense of urgency in the lives of Change Agents out there! In Part 2 this week I go through some questions with Sydney to get a feel for what we can be doing now to change the world and impact others positively. I also wanted to land on two important topics discussed throughout our conversation covering ‘Taking A Stand’ and also 'Cause-Based Funding' / 'Socially-Minded Investing'. Many of you listening are encountering some of the same questions I had, and luckily we are able to hear insight from an official B Lab ‘Standards Analyst’ on these very topics! As you listen be sure to remember to ‘Take A Stand’ for your cause, your business or organization, and strive to make a difference in the lives of other
June 16, 2015
Inside The 'B Corporation' Movement, Sydney Smith (Part 1)
I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to share with you this week’s social good podcast, as the topic is one that
June 12, 2015
Answering the Nag, Catchafire (Part 3-BONUS!)
This week's interview is unique because there is a BONUS Podcast with key take-away’s from my conversation with Haley Samuelson of Catchafire! There are two main areas I wanted to hit on from our conversation. The areas to focus on are intrapreneurship and 'answering-the-nag'. Both of these topics have surface more and more throughout the journey of my social venture and the stories of entrepreneurs I’ve been privileged to connect with and interview. The messages within each of these are too important to keep to myself, I hope you find the meanings helpful in your own social good journey!    Intrapreneurship:
June 09, 2015
The Road to Intrapreneurship, Catchafire (Part 2)
We are back with part 2 of this week’s interview with Hayley Samuelson of Catchafire! In this segment we dig into the purpose of serving on or with a social good mission. A large part of this is made up of ‘intrapreneurs’. Don’t know what an 'Intrapreneur' is? Well you’re about to find out! Not only is the traditional entrepreneur a huge factor in the social-good sector of business, but their team and the human resources who promote the social mission everyday are also just as important! In this section we also explore more of what it means to become a B-Corp. and
June 09, 2015
Volunteering with Purpose, Hayley Samuelson (Part 1)
Is finding capable and motivated volunteers for your business a challenging process? Are you a non-profit or a start-up organization needing direction in certain areas of weakness? Well the good news is that there are many volunteers out there who have the skill sets you need to propel your business forward. But, the even better news is that there is a social venture who is dedicated to helping you find and match up with unique and knowl
June 07, 2015
It's About YOU. CollegePlus (Part 2)
We’re back for Part 2 of our interview with Jonathan Brush of CollegePlus! As if the first interview session wasn’t inspiring enough, Jonathan brings more insight and expertise to the topic of Higher Education. The revolutionary changes that have been happening in the education system are not all bad, and CollegePlus is a great positive example of a premium and affordable educational service to thousands of students! In this segment Jonathan walks us through a simulation of the first-step needed to start changing the course of your career or life today through a mock phone call with myself and Social Change Nation! Jonathan discusses the importance of taking the first step because nothing can be lost by
June 02, 2015
Higher Education with Passion, Jonathan Brush (Part 1)
Are you set-up for an “A+ Life”? Well let’s face it, you don’t have to be the perfect student to succeed and accomplish your dreams. However, in order to reach your goals you must first have some established. This week we are covering the important topics of higher education through debt management and career fulfillment with none other than Jonathan Brush of College Plus! Jonathan found importance in purposeful and customized education at a young age. He has more recently discovered the great need for debt management and affordable education for students during his 11 year term as Director of Admissions at a traditional college. College Plus gives people an opportunity to earn a fully accredited bachelor's degree in a way that is purposeful: to help them figure out why they are in a
May 29, 2015
"Get + Give + Employ." Mitscoots Socks
This week we’ve dedicated one podcast to discovering the story and background of a social enterprise company that changes lives through socks. These aren’t just any socks, the sustainable and unique design stands out from the rest. Mitsc
May 25, 2015
Become a "Hammocker", Yellow Leaf Hammocks (Part 2)
    Have you taken time to relax lately? Learn how to become a “Hammocker” with us as we talk this week with Joe Demin of Yellow Leaf Hammocks! The challenge has been posed as, “Do Good. Relax. ” and by purchasing one of their hammocks, you can do both! In part 2 of our interview with Joe he unveils some of his journey regarding the “B Corporati
May 18, 2015
"Do Good. Relax." Joe Demin (Part 1)
“Do Good. Relax.” Wait, did you just say I can do good for others by relaxing? The answer is, YES! This week we chat with an inspiring entrepreneur who traveled solo for 600 miles in a cab to bring life to what is now ‘
May 15, 2015
Make Your Brand Roar, WhyWhisper Co. (Part 2)
It's time for Part 2 of our interview with the social media, marketing, and brand strategist professional, Alexandra Ostrow! Alexandra created
May 11, 2015
WhyWhisper your Brand? Alexandra Ostrow (Part 1)
Are you looking for a way to create, curate, and effectively promote content or your business mission? Then this is the Podcast for
May 11, 2015
'beyondBeanie' Stirs Europe's Social Entrepreneurship Movement (Part 2)
Hey Change Nation! It's time for Part 2 of our interview with Tito Alvarez, the founder of ‘beyond Beanie’! In this half of the podcast we discuss the importance of the social entrepreneurship mov
May 05, 2015
Beanies that Go Beyond Fashion, Tito Alvarez (Part 1)
This week we speak with our first Social Good Entrepreneur from Switzerland! Tito Alvarez of ‘beyond Beanie’ has an inspiring story of how he makes a ‘Dollar AND a Difference’ for people around the world. It all started with the realization that change was needed, steady implementation of critical building blocks, and then creating a business with a mission that helps others through authentic, fashionable products! Tito first started ‘beyond Beanie’ after visiting Bolivia and seeing the need for economic support and growth for artisan women selling their products on street corners. The purchases you make through ‘beyond Beanie’ help Tito to support artisans in Bolivia as well as children in orphanages in need of meals and school supplies! Check into the podcast to see how so
May 04, 2015
Success Starts with One, Rosa's Fresh Pizza (Part 2)
Hey Change Nation! It's time for Part 2 of our interview with Mason Wartman, founder of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. In this part of the interview, Mason shares his top three areas to focus on for success in business or a social venture. Mason also provides insights to questions such as, what do you focus on from the start? How can you define who you are as an entrepreneur? Lastly, we discuss the importance of remaining open to the opportunities that will arise along the way. Listen below to find out how Mason has used these areas of focus to accomplish success with Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, and make an impact on lives every day for just $1!  Mason wraps up the interview by answering our blitz questions to provide you with great advice and resources! Check out our show notes below for those!   
April 28, 2015
Mason W, Accidental Social Entrepreneur & Anti-Homeless Warrior (Part 1)
This week’s podcast takes a twist on traditional cause-based businesses. Social Change Nation was privileged to interview Mason Wartman, the founder of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza 
April 27, 2015
Dan Friedman of Thinkful provides Real World Experience to Students (Part 2)
Hey Change Nation we are back with part 2 of our interview with Dan Friedman of Thinkful! In this half of our talk with Dan we discuss some of the key motivators to spark a change in his life and his decision to join the Thiel Fellowship as a college student under 20 years old. Though the University experience was great, Dan and friends still had an itch to do something more for the world despite their academic endeavors. Dan realized he was studying the broader world but not being a part of it and wanted to do something that had a bigger impact. Another great insight discussed is the important aspects of what the future of higher education will look like from Dan’s perspective, and how he is using Thinkful to give students real worl
April 21, 2015
Revolutionizing Higher Education with Dan Friedman of Thinkful (Part 1)
A Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneur who is transforming Higher Education through Thinkful, a social venture he founded in 2012 as part of the Thiel Fellowship. This fellowship encourages bright college students to take time off from school and start disruptive ventures. Today Thinkful is reaching tens of thousands of students and teaching them skills in technology, programming, data science, and design all through their unique one-on-one teaching system! Thinkful targets students who are looking to start a new career, want to grow in their current career, and who are interested in starting their own companies.   Listen in as we talk with Dan about new and exciting developments within the field of education! 
April 20, 2015
Michael Limatta (Part 2)
  Join us for Part 2 of the interview with Michael Limatta on bridging the digital divide, Google Fiber, and creating tech opportunities! Check out the Connecting for Good website.  
April 16, 2015
Connecting for Good with Michael Limatta (Part 1)
  Did you know that there are many in the United States without internet connectivity? Michael has been a longtime Change Agent in Kansas City and his passion is for bridging this digital divide. Join us today as he talks about Google Fiber and connecting the un-connected in Kansas City.
April 14, 2015
035: (Part 2) Kiran and Ryan Drive Clean Energy by Providing Utilities
We are back for part 2 of our interview with Kiran Bhatraju and Ryan Nesbitt of Arcadia Power.  In this section we are able to dive deep into the unique
April 08, 2015
036: (Part 1) Kiran Bhatraju and Ryan Nesbitt of Arcadia Power
This week we talk with two change agents and disruptors in the energy industry.  Kiran Bhatraju and Ryan Nesbitt are the founders of Arcadia Power.  
April 06, 2015
035: (Part 2) Zoe Schumm Creates Social Change with Ethical Fashion
We are back talking sustainable and ethical fashion with Zoe Schumm of 4 all Humanity.  Zoe talks about the process of working with third world countries and touches on how she chooses areas to partner.  We then move into the rapid fire section where Zoe
April 01, 2015
035: (Part 1) Zoe Schumm of 4 All Humanity
FAIR TRADE FASHION.  What does that mean to you?  
March 30, 2015
BONUS PODCAST: Tools for Social Entrepreneurs
  Hey Change Nation!  Josh is flying solo today on this BONUS podcast. This is our way of saying thanks to all of you in Change Nation and to send a special welcome to all our new listeners! SHOW NOTES: 1.) Shoot Josh an email at, say hey, and let us know how we can best help you!  We'll answer every email :) 2.) If you'd be so kind, we'd love a rating on the podcast!  You can do that here (you'll have to click 'view in Itunes'). 3.) Open up the Social Entrepreneur's Toolbox and Join Change Nation by signing on
March 26, 2015
034; (Part 2) Phil Ozorkiewics Creates a Vision for Social Change with OJOS Eyewear
Part 2 of our interview of Phil Ozorkiewicz of OJOS Eyewear involves some specific questions that dive deep into his journey to social entrepreneurship and how he founded
March 25, 2015
034: (Part 1) Phil Ozorkiewicz of OJOS Eyewear
This week we talk with Phil Ozorkiewicz, founder of OJOS Eyewear,  about sustainable fashion and social entrepreneurship.  
March 23, 2015
033: (Part 2) Tyler Merrick Uses Consumer Products Skill to Drive Social Change
We are back with Part 2 of our interview with Tyler Merrick of Project 7.  Tyler answers some of our rapid fire questions and gives great advice and  insight that is definitely worth the listen!    
March 18, 2015
033: Tyler Merrick of Project 7
This is a  MUST LISTEN PODCAST for any social entrepreneur in the consumer product space.  We get to chat with a social entrepreneurship leader; Tyler Merrick.  Tyler is a leader in the social entrepreneur movement and found
March 16, 2015
032: (Part 2) Julie and Sheila Drive Social Change through Luxury Fashion
We are back with Julie and Sheila of Lions in Four talking with them about how they made the decision to create their own non-profit and work specifically with women in India.  They also give some great advice for new social entrepreneur deciding whether to partner with an existing non-profit or start their own. Finally, Sheila and Julie discuss creating a strong brand name and exceptional products before the rapid fire round
March 11, 2015
032: Julie Martin and Sheila Martinsen of Lions in Four
HIGH FASHION meets HIGH IMPACT.   This week we chat Julie with Ma
March 09, 2015
031: (Part 2) Kari Brizius Re-purposes Billboards into Promotional Bags and Accessories
We are back talking with Kari Brizius of Relan. Relan is the social enterprise that works to reduce waste by repurposing banners and billboards into promotional bags and accessories.  Kari answers some question about some of the unique characteristics of Relan and sustainability before going through the lightning round Q & A’s.
March 04, 2015
031: (Part 1) Kari Brizus of Relan
This week we have a podcast guranteed to be a lot of fun for anyone passionate about fashion, marketing, and up-cycling.
March 02, 2015
030: (Part 2) Adam and Bob Disrupt The Legal World with Caused Based Law Firm
Adam Wright and Bob Connaster come back to answer some questions over topics specific to their cause based law firm: Wright Connaster Law. Some of the things that they touched on were:
February 25, 2015
030: (Part 1) Adam and Bob of Wright Connaster Law
GET EXCITED CHANGE NATION! This week we are talking about LEGAL ISSUES!   Wait… What?  
February 23, 2015
029: (Part 2) Kyle Parsons Re-purposes Waste Into Footwear with Soul
Listen in as we’re back for Part 2 of our interview with Kyle Parsons of Indosole. In this section, we ask Kyle a couple of questions on the specifics of Indosole’s philosophy, mission, and structure before getting into some rapidfire Q&A’s.
February 18, 2015
029: (Part 1) Kyle Parsons of Indosole
What is social entrepreneurship?  
February 16, 2015
028: (Part 2) Ben Block Creates Social Network to Make The World A Better Place
Part 2 of our interview with Ben Block of GozAround focuses on some quick but insightful rapid fire questions:  
February 11, 2015
028: (Part 1) Ben Block of GozAround
  Can social media be used as an effective way to help those in need and make the world a better place?  This week we
February 09, 2015
027: (Part 1) Amy McLaren of World Teacher Aid
Amy McLaren is a full time teacher as well as being the co-founder of the canadian charity
February 05, 2015
027: (Part 2) Amy McLaren Leverages Traditional Business to Start Her Own Charity
Josh recaps the conversation with Amy McLaren and highlights several key takeaways:  
February 05, 2015
026: Kyle Fitzgerald Nourishes the World through Life Equals
Kyle Fitzgerald is the Founder of Life Equals, a social venture the sells premium vitamins and supplements to help nourish consumers as well as those in need around the world.  Lack of nutrients causes 1 in every 3 child deaths and affects over 2 billion people worldwide.  Life Equals allows some of the over 140 million Americans who use vitamins every day to play a part to help solve this problem.  Life Equals is the only vitamin company that has a one-for-one giving model.  That means that for every one vitamin sold, they give donate one children’s multivitamin to u
January 15, 2015
Talking Urban Innovation with Clara Brenner of Tumml
This week we focus on an area of social entrepreneurship that Social Change Nation is very passionate about: Urban Innovation.   Our first i
January 07, 2015
024: Jared Angaza talks Change Agency
A MUST LISTEN interview with social entrepreneur and change agent Jared Angaza.   Jared is a philosopher, humanitarian, writer, and strategist
December 17, 2014
023: Andrew Stanley Empowers Volunteering
Listen to our interview with native Kansas Citian and fellow Jayhawk, Andrew Stanley.  Andrew is the founder of VolunteerMark,  a social enterprise designed to enhance t
December 15, 2014
022: Jason Green of EdenWorks talks Urban Agriculture
“Everything that we know is broken, and we have to start from scratch.”  That is the challenging conviction of Jason Green, the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of EdenWorks.  Jason founded EdenWorks as a way to bring innovation to the food industry through disruptive change.  EdenWorks is a for profit organization that is leading the urban agriculture movement
December 10, 2014
021: Jenn Saw Empowers Women at Bella Minds
Listen in to our FIRST EVER IN STUDIO INTERVIEW as we talk IN PERSON with the founder of Bella Minds, Jenn Shaw.  Bella Minds is a for-profit social enterprise
December 08, 2014
020: Bobby Calvillo Funds a Nonprofit Through a Blimpie's Restaurant
Looking to add a new revenue stream help fund your Nonprofit or Social Enterprise? Try becoming a blimpies franchisee.  
December 04, 2014
019: Charlie Rose of City Year Talks
Still feeling sluggish after all of that turkey over Thanksgiving? Then listen to our Podcast full of inspiration from Charlie Rose, Senior VP and Dean of City Year.  City Year is a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting young adults engaged in national service.  Charlie and City Year participants work improve education in urban areas and to bridge the gap between what schools and teacher
December 02, 2014
018: Tristina Sinopoli Talks Funding Social Ventures
This Podcast is all about the best ways to FUND YOUR SOCIAL VENTURE.  Listen in to  gain  expert insight and learn the best practices to raise capital from legitimate investors from our guest Tristina Sinopoli.  Tristina works with the SVX (Social Venture Connection) which is a division of the MaRS Center for Impact Investing in Toronto, Canada.   There are 23 ventures on the SVX platform that are actively raising
November 21, 2014
017: Rose Broome of HandUP
In 2012, Rose Broome walked buy a homeless woman sleeping on a San Francisco street on a winter night and wanted to do something to help.  She thought, “in a world where I can take out my phone and order food or get a taxi with the push of a button, why can’t I use my phone to help this person?”  Rose decided to create a solution to that problem with her tech company HandUP.  The company leverages technology and the power of human relationships to fight urban poverty by connec
November 19, 2014
016: Richard Morris of The Giving Machine
Voices of Social Change crosses the pond to connect with Richard Morris of The Giving Machine in the UK.  
November 12, 2014
015: Johnny Price of Kiva Zip
Listen this week to hear how Johnny Price flips the lending industry on its head as the Senior Director at Kiva Zip.  Kiva Zip is a microfinancing nonprofit or
November 10, 2014
014: Megan of OCEAN Accelerator
Build yourself while building your business.  This is the message of Megan McDonough of OCEAN Accelerator; the nation's first and only independent faith based high tech business ac
November 05, 2014
013: Ari Raz Disrupts the Baby Food Industry
Ari Raz feeds off his passion for food and nutrition as he runs his social venture that feeds those in need.  Pure Joy Foods was founding in February and is dedicated to delivering high quality nutritious food to as many young children as possible, whether or not their families can afford it.  As of now, they primarily focus on premium organic baby food, but hope to grow into providing different food products as their customers mature.  Azi sheds light on the nutritional issues facing children in the United States.  22 million ch
November 03, 2014
012: Oliver Kamandan Sparks Change with the News We Read
Oliver Kamandan gives us some good news about social entrepreneurship as he shares about his social venture Ideal Impact!   This chat with Oliver is the second in our series featuring entrep
October 29, 2014
011: Diana Sierra of Be Girl Pads
Be sure to take notes as you listen to Diana Sierra share how she used her background in product design to start the social enterprise Be Girl Pads.  As the first in a series of intervie
October 27, 2014
010: Hayley Besheer of MADI Apparel
Listen in as we hear from the founder of MADI Apparel and native Kansas Citian, Hayley Beshee.  
October 22, 2014
009: An Open Letter to Dr. Dre
Join us this week as Josh shares an 'open letter' to Dr. Dre this week's recap podcast. The letter is used as a way to hopefully get Dr. Dre thinking - but mainly for us as a community to think about how our businesses can use their power and influence to transform systems for the better.  Take this interview with Bridget of LSTN headphones - she has a company similiar to Beats by Dr. Dre - only it has the incredible social mission of also helping the world to hear.  The photo above is of Bridget in Uganda as she is helping a child hear for the first time.  You think Dr. Dre's done anything like that??? So, tune in as we recap what we've found out about sustainable fashion, and us
October 17, 2014
008: Bridget Hilton of LSTN
  Bridget Hilton, got her inspiration for LSTN Headphones after watching a viral y
October 15, 2014
An Interview with David Dietz of Modavanti
Listen to David Dietz, founder of the sustainable fashion company Modavanti, share his story of harnessing fashion as a force for good.  David was a conflict journalist covering revolutions in the Middle East before he discovered the dirtiness of the textile industry and set out to start his own revolution.    The fashion industry is one of the highest producers of waste and pollution, and is a vital component in the effort to change the current trends of global warming and climate change. Modavanti is completely dedicated to changing the world through sustainable fashion by selling clothes made by designers using sustainable practices and dedicated to a cause.  The company also donates 2 percent of all profits to organizations making an impact by supporting artisans and providing clean water in develop
October 13, 2014
Social Change Through Fashion
Join us for this week's recap podcast as Josh chats about what social entrepreneurship really means, the lessons from our latest interviews on sustainable fashion, and other cause minded musings... Key Takeaways -Entrepreneur Magazine will be profiling a bunch of great social entrepreneurs here - I'd highly reccomend checking it out. -We need ensembles, not soloists for social change.  Check here WEBSITES OF SOCIAL BUSINESSES FROM THE WEEK:
October 10, 2014
Zac Holzapfel of Mission Belt
Zac Holzapfel is the Co-founder of Mission Belt, a company whose mission is to help people around the world break out of the poverty cycle through their belt business.  Zac shares his inspiration and philosophy on Social Enterprises.  Zac believes in producing captial for change, and not merely asking for donations.  That is why Mission Belt is a for-profit company that produces and sells belts in order to have the means to change the lives of those living in poverty.  Mission Belts does this by funding Micro-Loans which are given to those in poverty to start a sustainable agricultural business.  Zac stresses that without sustainability, there is no mission.  As you listen to Zac, think about how you can produce your own change.  Young or old, we all have been given the opportunity to make money as an entrepreneurs and business professionals.  Why wait to give back?
October 08, 2014
Turning Guns into Jewelry w/Jessica and Jewelry for a Cause
    Can fashion have a purpose?  Just ask Jessica of Jewelry for a Cause.  She's running a revolutionary Jewelry company that devotes itself to pulling guns off the streets and turning them into beautiful jewelry that starts conversations about how we can all work to reduce gun violence and restore our communities. This is a MUST LISTEN interview - I was nearly moved to tears at several points with the moving stories Jessica shared. What's more - Jessica sets an example for all of us about how to lead a movement in which we listen to the communities we serve and do what is best for them - all while running a highly sucessful business that raises awareness - or as Jessica might say - raises the cailber.  The cailber of our conversations, our service, a
October 06, 2014
Shana Goodwin of Thistle Farms
Love Heals. That is Shana Goodwin’s overwhelming message as she tells her story and experience working with a non-profit and social enterprise.  Shana Goodwin is a Sales Representative for Thistle Farms which sells handmade and all natural bath and body products.  Thistle Farms is the Social Enterprise of Magdalene House, which provides housing, rehabilitation services, and opportunity to learn responsibility and valuable job skills to women living on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee.  All of the revenue from Thistle Farms goes towards funding the operations of Magdalene House.  Shana Goodwin speaks openly about her life being born into drug addiction and trafficking that left her living on the streets or in jail.  She was court appointed to live at the M
October 03, 2014
Vincent Ko of Panda
Social entrepreneur Vincent Ko shares about creating a clear vision for social change as the founder of Panda.  Vincent shares his inspiring story of starting a life changing fashion company despite not having any design background.  Panda sells high-end sunglasses handmade from sustainable bamboo and partners with Optometry Giving Sight to donate eye examinations to those in need.  Vincent shares how he used his passion for a cuase to grow his fashion company into a movement for social change.   Vincent Ko and Panda design sustainable sunglasses to give sight to those in need. How will you be visionary? 
October 01, 2014
START HERE: The Launch of Voices of Social Change!
Josh - the founder of Social Change Nation talks about his personal philosophy, the promises of Social Change Nation, and the format of the Voices of Social Change podcast.
September 29, 2014
Lauren Warbeck
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September 05, 2014
Idahosa Ness changes the world through language & music
Welcome back - today's show features Idahosa (pronounced ee - DOW- ssah) Ness who has pioneered The Mimic Method of learning languages. His philosophy is that a world that is connected through music and language is one that is better for us all.  To this end, Idahosa devotes himself full time to teaching others to speak multiple languages (he speaks four himself!).  His revolutionary strategy involves music as a connecting force for language learning!     Don't miss this exciting innovator unpack his story! 
August 25, 2014
Carmel Boss Brings Hope to Single Moms
  This is one of the most inspiring interviews I've ever hosted!  Carmel Boss founded CoAbode, a network across the country which allows single moms to connect with each other and share housing.  The result is safer neighborhoods, better schools for their kids, and support as the experience shared struggles and victories.   I'll let Carmel take the story from here - but it is an incredibly inspiring message that has given me amazing insight into a cause of my own!  (shared housing for refugees) tune in, and see what Carmel Boss and CoAbode can inspire you to do in your community!  
August 21, 2014
Madeline Keulen - Social EntrepreneurSHIP
Madeline K. provides us with some awesome insight that she honed on a Semester at Sea.  While at Sea, Madelin founded a company called Ubuntu coffee with a tremendous social mission - tune in as she break's it down for us, and inspires us about what the newest generation has in mind for social business!
August 18, 2014
Episode 015: How the One-for-One Model Launches Movements
In this episode, Josh reviews this week's focus on one-for-one business models in Social Entrepreneurship, talks about the power of story, the buying power and clout of millennials, and closes with some updates on some exciting tech changes to the podcast.  
August 15, 2014
Episode 014: Kyle of LifeEquals - Bringing Nutrition to the World
In my first live interview, I spoke with Kyle FitzGerald of Life Equals - an amazing cause based company right here in my hometown of Kansas City. Life Equals offers multivitamins both direct to consumer, and via channels such as Whole Foods.  In turn, each purchase of multivitamins here in the U.S. leads to a one-for-one donation of a supply of multivitamins to a child in one of 50 countries where undernourishment is an extreme problem.     Considering that malmourishment can be directly tied to some of the largest health issues in developing nations, Kyle and the team at Life Equalsare tackling one of the world's most pressing problems with their business.     Tune in for some amazing practical tips and strong wisdom from a one-for-one company making a dollar and a difference.  
August 13, 2014
Episode 013: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi: Outdoor Gear For Good
Davis Smith was one of the first social entrepreneurs that took a chance on us, and joined in for an interview!  He has a tremendous story and a heart for serving people all over the world through his company Cotopaxi, and out door gear company that builds a one-for-one model into its business plan.  This model is becoming critical as cause based businesses spring up around the world, and we'll chat about it a ton this week!In Davis's case, one-for-one works essentially like this: each product sold has a unique story.  For example, purchasing a water bottle leads directly to support of charity:water - so this means that as a consumer, I understand exactly how my purchase is supporting someone, and that story fits with what I bought.  This is the power of the one-for-one model, and it's a tremendous shift from typical corporate philanthropy, which saw companies doanting to a variety of cau
August 11, 2014
Carolyn Davis Creates Financial Literacy in Canada
Carolyn Davis provides us with some excellent strategies for running an innovative organiztion designed to create financial literacy among families most in need of it.
July 21, 2014
A Reorientation of SCN, and My Promise to You
Josh signs on solo to chat through some changes around this podcast that will make it more valuable, and makes promises to change nation.   He also talks about what he's doing to resolve some recent tech issues that have shown up in podcast quality.
July 18, 2014
Episode 008 Belinda Bell & Social Biz Incubators in the UK
Another chat with the UK!  This one is with Belinda Bell, who is running a Social Biz Incubator near Cambridge U.
July 16, 2014
Episode 007: Ari Weinberger Videographs Social Change
Ari Weinberger is videographing the social change movement - tune in as he shares amazing stories from several of the change agents he's interacted with along the way - and also fills us in on a pretty cool video project!
July 10, 2014
Episode 006: Reflections on the Launch of a Social Movement
This week's recap podcast is on Monday instead of the usual Friday! This week only (I think!  Still toying with format...) I'm doing my recap from last week on a Monday - this is because I want to share with you all some candid thoughts the launch of Social Change Nation and share some of my thoughts on the amazingly inspiring interviews I"ve been having with change agents around the world.     So, tune in for the latest updates, and some great insights on launching your movement into an online space! (aka - learn from the mistakes I made with my launch :) 
July 10, 2014
TaskSquad Crushes Youth Unemployment in the UK
Learn about TaskSquad - an innovative social venture in the UK.
July 09, 2014
Episode 004: Social Impact Bonds
A great interview with the Social Finance organization - pioneers at a new form of social enterprise funding here in the U.S. known internationally as social impact bonds.  Recording quality = a little down because of connectivity issues (I promise very few of my interviews are this way! I've had to learn a bit as I go :) but well worth the listen - especially if you're looking for an innovative way to measure and fund social change!
July 09, 2014
Episode 003: Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak creates Social Change via Toilets...
A must listen!  My first interview with India, and I loved it!  Dr. Pathak is an amazing agent of change - tune in as he tell his story and why he has proven that his work transforming Indian sanitation has been a tremendous force for social justice in his home country.   The interview can be a tad hard to understand at times, but I promise it's worth the listen!
July 09, 2014
Episode 002: Maria Meyers, Leader of Loacal Innovation Center Talks Social Entrepreneurship
Tune in for a great overview of social entrepreneurship from Maria Meyers, who heads up an innovation center in Kansas City.  She has some terrific insight to help us lay the foundations for our future conversations!    
July 08, 2014
Episode 001: The Launch of Social Biz Showcase
Josh (host of Social Biz Showcase) shares his story, the mission of, and what's to come as part of the Social Biz Showcase podcast.
June 18, 2014