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The Concrete Chronicles

The Concrete Chronicles

By Dominic Brogsdale
Urban storyteller Dominic Brogsdale brings readers tales of raw, intense authenticity. The following stories arise from urban reality, from what he and the people he’s known have experienced. Each story begins and ends with sobering and insightful social commentary.
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Ballin PT 1

The Concrete Chronicles

Ballin PT 2
Now an adult and successful businessman, Major reconnects with an old schoolmate. He gives that friend an opportunity of employment, but old habits of the 'hood aren't so easily defeated. #DominicRBrogsdale #GraphicNovel #Urban #Fiction #Hood #Businessman #Author
August 02, 2021
Ballin PT 1
In “Ballin’,” Major tries to rush the process to financial stability and discovers that some things don’t have shortcuts. Meet him years later as an adult when he’s finally established himself as a successful businessman who attempts to help one of his old friends from the ’hood.  #DominicRBrogsdale #GraphicNovel #Urban #Fiction #Hood #Businessman #Author 
May 26, 2021