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Kiron talks...

Kiron talks...

By dominic orr
Everyone in education is currently transitioning to online because of Covid-19. They have entered the space, have managed first quick-and-dirty implementations, but they are looking for what this might all bring in the future - This will help them answer the question: Why should I make all this effort, if it is only temporary?

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Kiron talks... about podcasts in education

Kiron talks...

Kiron talks... about podcasts in education

Kiron talks...

Kiron talks... about podcasts in education
In our 17th episode we talk about ... podcasts in education. On 25 Jan  2020 Christian Friedrich, Digital Officer at WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, wrote a blog entitled "Make more podcasts". We did this.  Now we want to talk to him about his and our experiences. Last episode  of the current series.
August 28, 2020
Kiron talks... about meaningful connectivity
In our 16th episode we talk about ... access to the internet around the world and the concept "meaningful connectivity", with Eleanor A. Sarpong  Deputy Director & Policy Lead at the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI). For more information on the work of A4AI see
August 7, 2020
Kiron talks... about visualising knowledge
We got ep. 15 "Kiron talks... about visualising knowledge" for you tomorrow at 18 CET! Our guest former biologist turned visual #storyteller, Véro Mischitz @verocomics will share how to use digital mediums like #comics to teach. See Helmholz blog for various illustrations, including how to wear a Covid19 mask "like a pro" in 7 different languages.   Further links:    KLAR SOWEIT? - Helmholtz-Wissenschaftscomic! Buch BIRDING FÜR AHNUNGSLOSE - Wie du Vögel in dein Leben lässt
July 23, 2020
July 15, 2020
July 15, 2020
Kiron talks... microcredentials and the 60 year curriculum
In our 14th episode we talk about ... microcredentials and the 60 year curriculum with Gary Maklin,   Dean Continuing Education and Vice-Provost Career Pathways, University of California, Irvine (UCI).     References
July 9, 2020
Kiron talks... social innovation and education
In our 13th episode we talk about ... social innovation and education.  Our guest is Gorgi Krlev -   Gorgi Krlev's research focus is on organisation theory, institutional  theory, entrepreneurship and innovation among others. You can find out  more about the AirMOOC course and competition here:
June 25, 2020
Kiron talks... about disability and online learning
For our 12th episode of Kiron talks...about disability and online  learning with Vivian Rath, PhD student at Trinity College Dublin and  appointee to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Disability  Advisory Committee.  During the discussion, Vivian highlighted the universal design framework:
June 18, 2020
Kiron talks... about educational challenges and change under Covid19
For our 11th episode of Kiron talks... about educational challenges and  change under Covid19. This week we talk to Ben Janssen and Robert  Schuwer about a publication they were involved in called “A Global  Outlook to the Interruption of Education due to COVID-19 Pandemic:  Navigating in a Time of Uncertainty and Crisis” - see blog from Ben  here: The publication outlines for  31 countries what the Covid-19 pandemic has meant for education and what  lessons could be learned.   Here is also a link to the Kiron conference Amplify Now! -
June 11, 2020
Kiron talks... hackathons as a lever for digital literacy
For our 10th episode of Kiron talks... about hackathons for digital literacy - but also as instruments for change - with Carina Lange and Kossi A. Adzonyo. We talk about the parallels between the huge German hackathon called WirVsVirus and the hackathon in Togo called TousConreCorona. Links for Togo's AllAgainstCorona: For donations to help the team progress their projects please go here: 
June 4, 2020
Kiron talks... being an international student
2nd edition of “Kiron talks…being an international student” on April 9 2020 at 9 pm. We will talk with Khalid O. Hassan about his experience of being an international student & the importance of technology to prevent educational disruption in times of COVID-19. Tune in here. With: Khalid O. Hassan, Sabrina Konzok, Tino Brömme and Dominic Orr.
May 22, 2020
Kiron talks... digital skills in Asia and during Covid-19
3rd edition of Kiron talks...  Our guest this week was Jonghwi Park, who is a Programme Specialist at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.  Materials mentioned:  The skills framework "Digital Kids Asia-Pacific", here:
May 22, 2020
Kiron talks... being an open education advocate
It is the 4th edition of Kiron talks. This time with Gino Fransmann, who is an Academic Development Professional based at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa.
May 22, 2020
Kiron talks... community-led initiatives for empowerment
In our 5th installment, we talk to Anila Noor. She initiated New Women Connectors, a movement striving to mainstream the unheard voices of migrant and refugee women living across Europe. New Women Connectors is a perspective-shift to the refugee agenda and advocates inclusion rather than integration as a policy choice. The movement helps newcomer refugee women lift their spirits and make something of their skills. Website of New Women Connectors is here:
May 22, 2020
Kiron talks... imagining a borderless university
In our 6th Kiron talks… we talked about the borderless university, and many other things, with Luca Tateo. He is Associate Professor, Department of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo (Norway), Visiting associate professor Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and Associate professor, Research Centre for Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University (Denmark).
May 22, 2020
Kiron talks... about the economics of education
For our 7th episode we discussed issues around the economics of higher education with SUNY Old Westbury Prof. Veronika Dolar. Topics were online learning, online pivot, tuition fees, private sector, open educational resources (OER) and open pedagogy.
May 22, 2020
Kiron talks... about building trust in non-formal education
For our 8th episode of Kiron talks... we chatted with Jehane Akiki about valuing learning and making it visible and tangible. Jehane talked about the need to think beyond pieces of paper for certification, spoke about blockchain, design thinking for education, supporting refugees in the Lebanon and Jordan and helping farmers in the Lebanon. Kiron talks... is a regular chat show by Dominic Orr, Sabrina Konzok and Tino Brömme meet with interesting guests to discuss digital education and hacks of how we can move ahead together to create better learning experiences for all. We will talk to advocates, movers and shakers, professors, industry experts and policy-makers. With our informal style, we want to start conversations, not finish them.
May 22, 2020