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The DK Project

The DK Project

By Dominic King
This podcast is from the life of daddy dom, ageplay and BDSM content producer Dominic King.

It will cover a range of topics including mental health, fetish, kink, BDSM, ageplay, ABDL (adult baby diaper lover), diaper girls, spanking and more. Interviews, community events and interactions will be featured!
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Aria Black talks Diapers and CAPCON Age Players Convention
Aria talks with Daddy Dominic about all things diapers, spankings and CAPcon Ageplayers convention coming up in two weeks!  They talk details about the diaper porn they will be shooting in Chicago, and more content is coming from CAPcon so make sure to STAY TUNED so you never miss when they drop!  What will they be doing?! Download to find out! HINT: Diapers, adult baby diaper lover aka ABDL and spankings with messy diapers of course!
February 25, 2020
Diaper Girl Baby Jessica who is ALSO a Transgender ABDL
Dominic interviews Baby Jessica on this episode of the DK Project.  Baby Jessica talks about the pressures and lifestyle of living as an ABDL transgender woman as well as being a diaper girl.  Jessica is doing a video shoot with Dominic so they also talk spankings, diapers, punishments and messy diaper time!  Make sure to watch this episode and leave your comments below!
February 21, 2020
Real Diaper Girl Sarah Talks Her Life - Messy Diapers, Spankings and Bedtimes - ABDL
Sarah talks with Daddy Dominic about her dynamic with her own Daddy Dom, Smokey Rose!  DK asks her how it feels to be spanked as a grown woman, what it's like to have a bedtime, and all the details about having to use her diapers instead of the potty--making poop in her pampers!   Sarah is a real life abdl submissive diaper girl who lives a life of spankings, rules, discipline and punishment--all the BDSM!
February 19, 2020
Month 1 in Diapers So Far - ABDL Bratty Ann
In this episode Bratty Ann discusses her first month in back in adult diaper and her transition into an adult baby diaper lover.  She discusses her diaper girl blog as well.  Also a special diapered guest calls in near the end of the show! Ageplay, diapers and spanking oh my!
February 12, 2020
Dominic King Interviews Aria Black - ABDL Diaper Girl
In this podcast Aria is interviewed by Dominic King about being an adult baby and being kinky!  They also talk about shooting and working together and Aria's diaper fetish and her spanking fetish plus what it's like to be an ABDL!  Lot's of joking and all the lol's from Daddy Dominic as usual! This is shot right before the Chiefs 2020 Super Bowl Victory!
February 4, 2020
Dominic King Interviews Kit Kat tha Brat - ABDL Diaper Girl
In this podcast adult baby KitKat talks about where she is on social media, diapers and diaper play, and her upcoming events where we can find her!    They also discuss the ageplay and abdl community as well as getting over fears of coming out and accepting ourselves as being a bit differently wired!  Plus some insight into working and shooting together for Ageplay After Dark! She's into ageplay, spanking, diapers and other fun things!
February 1, 2020
Dominic King Interviews Bratty Ann ABDL Diaper Girl
In this podcast,  Dominic King interviews Bratty Ann about her journey into Ageplay, Diapers and the ABDL community!   Some highlights of this episode are bratty Ann explaining why she likes to wear and use diapers, how she is bi-curious and preferences in being polyamorous.  She hits on puppy play, her love of good spankings and her background in Master/slave dynamics and high protocol.  You don't want to miss this episode of Bratty Ann!
January 29, 2020