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Survivors Hype

Survivors Hype

By Donald Leroy Brown Jr
Since the Covid 19 crisis I have been having guests and putting special focus on the subject and how different people in different walks of life are dealing and surviving it. In life there will always be another incident to survive. In this podcast I will discuss how I came up with the term survivor's hype. Through music, comedy, sadness, anger, and so many other ways. Stay tuned...
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New Vitality Medi Spa episode 1
In this episode I am introducing Dr. Vicky McLean of New Vitality Medi Spa . In this episode she talks about the benefits of some of the services provided through her company, her hopes for this community and what is most requested at this location. The number to contact her is 601-265-2016
December 03, 2021
Special Episode With My Father Donald L Brown Sr.
In this episode. I get a Golden Opportunity to talk with my Father who hadn't been to Mississippi in years. I get a chance to ask him things I always wanted to ask him and talk to him about survival.
May 30, 2021
Random Survivor Moment
Im in pain, and this is my legacy. I hope and pray to get better. To reach someone one day. I have no blood line to carry me into the future. Bare with me Survivors
February 26, 2021
Survivors Hype Formula? PART 1
In this segment, I'm sitting in my mothers room looking at all the things and exploring the crises of watching the woman that gave me birth falling apart and staying together all at the same time. The struggle of age and Surviving
February 24, 2021
Special subject Covid 19 PT 1
In this episode I talk to a Medical Naturalists who is in Ministry about her views on the Corona Virus (Covid 19). I ask a series of questions about how it impacted her life, what she thinks about it and how she is surviving it.  DISCLAIMER (All the views expressed in my interviews are solely the views and beliefs of the people I interview... I do not discriminate because everyone has a voice!)
October 29, 2020
Extra- Losing Angela (The final b4 the final ) Spoken word and talk.
I returned to Angelas grave to express a bit before my finale. My finale will feature a very special guest. I do a little talking and a little spoken word. So just enjoy and bare with me.
March 09, 2020
Losing Angela pt 2 (relationships)
In this episode I talk about the strains of mourning after tragedy and how it affects relationships. After my sister died I remember learning about what was happening and how it changed all the relationships in my life.
February 07, 2020
Interlude 1 (something that makes me hype)
Have you ever had someone say something to you after a tragedy that just upsets you, or is out of touch with the situation!? I can't believe how many times I've experienced this. It makes me hype.
February 06, 2020
Tragedy as a toddler pt 1 (Losing Angela)
In this entry I will discuss witnessing the death of my sister Angela who was only a year older then me and how it sent me on my journey to Survivors Hype. Also I will mention dealing with toddlers after a tragedy.
February 04, 2020
Survivor's Hype intro 1
In this 1st introduction I just want everyone to know that they are not struggling alone. I hope to make a positive impression by giving them the term Survivors Hype , it's a real thing.  Most people have it and never knew what to call it. Once you realize it... call it out and use it. We will all have another challenge,  death , loss,  or struggle to survive! Let's do it together and let the Survivors Hype kick in!
February 04, 2020