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DK's Podcast, BEE Tales

DK's Podcast, BEE Tales

By Donalyn Kent
Children's book author, Donalyn Kent shares her honey bee story and bee-related fun facts.
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Author's Reading "Painting for Honey Bees"

DK's Podcast, BEE Tales

Painting for Honey Bees - Audio Glossary
Author, Donalyn Kent shares a short audio of the list of honey bee-related glossary words straight from her children's picture book titled "Painting for Honey Bees."  These quick-reference definitions along with some brief descriptions are fun and educational especially for young, growing minds!  
April 23, 2020
Ten Ways to Help Protect Honey Bees
Author, Donalyn Kent shares an excerpt from her book "Painting for Honey Bees" and how YOU can help protect honey bees in your own backyard!
April 23, 2020
Author's Reading "Painting for Honey Bees"
Author, Donalyn Kent's audio recording of her children's picture book titled "Painting for Honey Bees."  Great story for children ages 4-12 (grades K-5th).  It's an interesting tale that not only entertains, but teaches the readers (young and old) about honey bees and why they are so fascinating.
April 23, 2020
New "podcaster" - Children's Book Author
Just a quick note to introduce myself to podcast audiences (young and old).  Episodes (book reading, fun facts, definitions, etc.) coming soon to entertain busy little listeners!
April 16, 2020