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Football, Mindset & Leadership Podcast

Football, Mindset & Leadership Podcast

By Don MacNaughton

It’s more than the beautiful game…
We are naturally drawn to other people, their story – with both the highs and the lows keeping us connected.
In this footballing podcast series, everyone has a story and I’ve been driven to find out all the pieces which make up their story.
If like me you are drawn to the beautiful game through a life-long unbreakable connection then this podcast series is for you.
Join me and together we can listen and learn, react, and reflect – and appreciate why football and its players, coaches, managers and involved make it much more than just a beautiful game.
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Don MacNaughton talks with Kenny Miller

Football, Mindset & Leadership Podcast

On the importance of mastering the fundamentals and developing a winning mentality as a player.
Great to speak with Aidan on his journey through the Rangers Pro youth pathway and into the senior game. Aidans Football Coaching page on Instagram follow @a4coaching
January 20, 2021
Colin Hendry on getting the most out of your talent,hard work and captaining your country at the World Cup Finals
Today I have the opportunity to speak with “Braveheart” himself, Colin Hendry. Colin is a giant in his own right, with a career spanning over 20 years as a player. Colin began his professional career with Dundee in 1983 as a striker before after cementing himself as an exceptionally effective and impressive center-half. He went on to play for clubs like Blackburn Rovers winning the Premier League and the treble with Glasgow Rangers. Coming from a household with a hard-working father had a big impact on Colin’s approach to both life and football. He showed the gritty working-class characteristics of hard work and never giving up throughout his career. In this episode, Colin shares with us some of the highlights of his playing career. From the feeling of scoring the winning goal at Wembley in front of tens of thousands of fans including his father who watched him play with pride to the pinnacle of his international playing career came when he captained for Scotland International during the 1998 World Cup. While he was giving it his all mentally, physically his body was feeling the effects season by season of playing such a physically demanding position. With the total number of operations reaching into the 20s Colin was no longer able to perform at the high level he was used too and as a result, came the end of his playing days a hard path for most professional athletes. Make sure to stay with us as Colin continues to share his footballing journey. TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Colin Hendry [01:23] Influences growing up in Keith [07:08] Football the only game in town [08:17] Route into the professional game [12:57] Playing differences in Dundee vs. Blackburn [14:34] How it felt walking out into Wembley Stadium [15:57] Why towns in the north of England have huge football heritage [19:05] Reflecting on sacrifices made by his family for his playing career [21:14] Getting the most out of your talent [24:27] Being a part of the great Blackburn Rovers Premier League Championship team [25:58] Feeling yourself getting better as a team [27:11] Playing for your childhood hero [31:26] Fondest memories of that time [33:21] Low tech training facilities [37:35] Highlights of a Scotland career [39:41] Captaining Scotland in the opening game of World Cup 98 against the mighty Brazil [42:25] Reaching the end of a golden age in Scottish football [44:37] Advice for young players who are pursuing football [46:27] Outro Connect with Colin Hendry · TWITTER · LEARN MORE Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
January 11, 2021
Don MacNaughton speaking with Craig Brown C.B.E.
In today's episode, we are joined by a true Scottish great in the world of football former Scottish International manager Craig Brown C.B.E. who was Scotland national manager between 1993 and 2001 and led Scotland to both the Euro 96 and World Cup 98 championships becoming the longest-serving Scotland manager. Craig takes us back to when he was a boy playing football in the park just for the love of playing, not knowing he would grow up to become a professional in the sport and a huge influence in its coaching philosophy. One of Craig’s favourite memories within the game is playing for the Scotland u15 schoolboy team in consecutive years where he played with two Scottish football legends. Men who later on ended up winning the European cup one as a player and one as a manager. While playing professionally with the famous Dundee F.C. team under Bob Shankly, Craig and his teammates were encouraged to head to Larg’s to participate in the S.F.A coaching licenses to improve their knowledge of the game. With his plating experience, educational background, and coaching knowledge he was able to transition into coaching full time impacting the philosophy of coaching within the country before becoming Scotland National team manager. TIMESTAMPS [00:39] Introduction to Craig Brown C.B.E [04:29] Influence Scottish heavy industry had on Scottish football and its coaching philosophy [10:24] Why Scotland traditionally has produced many good players [12:56] Did you always want to be a professional football player? [14:07] When did you see yourself getting a break as a player [19:42] Making the transition from a player into coaching [32:29] Learning coaching as a way to gain knowledge of the game [36:09] Scottish coaching and the new modern approach to the game [40:10] Having a huge influence in coaching philosophy and approach [44:21] Working as the Scotland national manager [51:56] How important is it for a coach to get the buy-in from the players [54:13] Personal coaching highlights FIND CRAIG BROWN C.B.E. · LINKEDIN · LEARN MORE ABOUT CRAIG CONNECT WITH DON MACNAUGHTON · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · FACEBOOK
December 27, 2020
Don MacNaughton speaking with Steven Mackay
In this episode of the Don MacNaughton Soccer Podcast, we speak with Steven Mackay, the current manager for Brora Rangers F.C. in the Highland League. Steven is a former Scottish professional footballer who began his career in Ross County and made appearances in the Scottish League. He describes how football not only developed his career but also personally making him a stronger person and helped develop his competitive character Listen in to learn the importance of developing a strong character as a footballer to be able to be able to with stand judgment that comes from fellow players ,coaches and fans. You will also learn what it takes to transition from a player to a manager and the difference in responsibilities for both roles. What You Will Learn: · [0:06] Intro · [0:51] He explains his involvement in the welding industry plus balancing between that role and being a football coach. · [02:20] Steven describes how he grew up playing football in a place where that’s all they knew how to do. · [5:00] How he got involved with Ross county at 14 years and the development he experienced there before going full-time at 17 years. · [7:20] The character development he experienced at Ross county and the progression of the club during his time. · [9:25] The importance of developing a ‘thick skin’ when you play full-time football. · [10:44] How he adopted health and fitness habits and the benefits he has witnessed so far. · [14:22] Steven played in the Highland League and his experiences. · [16:01] He shares the highlights of his career in Brora Rangers- the loses and the wins. · [21:32] The challenge of transitioning from a player to a manager. · [24:01] The role of a part-time football club manager which goes beyond being part-time. · [27:06] How Steven has formed a relationship of trust and challenging each other with his players. · [28:39] The ambitions and expectations of Steven for his team in the upcoming season.
December 23, 2020
Don MacNaughton speaking with Keith Lasley
In this episode of the Don MacNaughton Soccer Podcast, we have Keith Lasley, the assistant manager at Motherwell Football Club. He had a successful football career during his younger years and is a former midfielder for the Motherwell club. He explains his football career over the years and reveals how he only started feeling part of the club or as a footballer in his late twenties. Listen in to learn when and how Keith developed a passion for coaching after getting his UEFA B, his A, and his Pro Licences even though it is not something he felt great about in the beginning. You will also hear how Keith in a place of leadership, develops relationships with his players by knowing them and what they want to be. What You Will Learn: · [0:05] Intro · [1:58] How society has changed and lost the street games culture for children. · [5:27] Having older brothers as role models in the game as well as protectors. · [7:06] Keith narrates his unconventional road to a football career. · [11:33] Why young footballers need to take responsibility for making their career decisions. · [18:02] Keith explains how he started feeling part of the club and the game in his late twenties. · [22:23] The importance of training players to make their own decisions and have personal thought processes. · [28:44] The realization Keith had that he could be a soccer coach and the passion he developed for the skill afterward. · [31:14] He explains his day-to-day role as an all-around high-performance coach and the age group he enjoys coaching. · [36:37] The benefits of people investing to help develop young people at Motherwell realize their potential. · [38:55] Keith mentions part of his players he believes have the potential to go professional. · [43:47] The importance of believing in yourself and maintaining humility to succeed as a new player.
December 9, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Terry Butcher
In this episode of the Don MacNaughton Soccer Podcast, we have former England Captain Terry Butcher, currently Ipswich Town U23 coach. Terry has had a distinguished career as a footballer and manager both at a national and an international level. He describes his time as a football player and the inspiration and support he received from Sir Bobby Robson, who mastered the culture of team connection during his tenure as a coach. Terry explains the importance of developing, learning, and having the desire and intelligence to move forward to keep soaring in your soccer career. Listen in to learn the importance of involving kids in different sports before they narrow down on football to help them understand their opponent better. You will also learn how to combine traditional and modern coaching approaches to make football coaching both interesting and stimulating What You Will Learn: · [0:06] Intro · [03:00] Terry talks about his involvement in different sports during his school years and his passion for football. · [4:37] Why it is important to involve yourself in different sports before settling for a specific one. · [7:08] The importance of understanding your opponent from a young age as an individual and a team player. · [9:23] How he was inspired by Sir Bobby Robson and the support he received from him. · [12:03] The culture of determination, discipline, and team connection that Sir Bobby Robson formed during his career as a coach. · [17:03] The difference in the mental switch between playing club football and international football that Terry experienced during his career. · [20:17] Terry explains his experience as an English soccer team player. · [22:08] The importance of having the responsibility of playing for your country over the club. · [23:53] He talks about his time playing for Glasgow Rangers, which he describes as special. · [27:58] Looking back at the highlights of Terry’s football career. · [29:40] The difference between kids playing soccer today and when Terry played. · [32:38] The dangers of overcoaching- all the things that can be done differently to make football interesting again. · [36:52] The importance of effective communication on the pitch and connection off the pitch among players. · [42:32] The qualities and techniques of an effective coach.
November 28, 2020
Don MacNaughton speaking with Gordon Craig
In today’s episode we are joined by a 30-year “Coerver Coaching” veteran, Gordon Craig. Gordon has been a director in both Scotland and Portugal, traveled all over the world teaching Coerver, and has even created a Coerver Players Club for young adults. Gordon shares with us a detailed rundown on important concepts to know when coaching Coerver. From analyzing players to achieving ball mastery the science behind learning proves to be a feat anyone can attain, with the proper training of course. To learn more about this style of coaching make sure you stick around as Gordon shares with us various platforms where you can connect with other Coerver enthusiasts. TIMESTAMPS [00:00] Introduction to Gordon Craig [06:44] What Coerver is about [10:16] Developing ball mastery with players [14:22] How has coaching and the game changed in the last 10 years [18:17] Approaching coaching during Covid [22:18] Coaching young players [25:04] Making an impact as a coach to young players [26:44] Where to learn more about coerver coaching [30:37] Connect with Gordon RELATED RESOURCES · COERVER · COERVER COACHING FIND GORDON CRAIG · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN CONNECT WITH DON MACNAUGHTON · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · FACEBOOK
November 16, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Paul Sheerin
Today we speak with former football player and now Aberdeen F.C. reserve coach, Paul Sheerin. Paul shares with us whom his biggest motivator was from adolescence into adulthood, his father. As a lover of football himself, Paul’s father instilled crucial values in him at a young age that later proved to have a huge impact such as building discipline in training, providing not only encouragement but also constructive criticism. Though not always being open to such feedback as a young player in the end it helped him develop into a truly resilient coach and player. To learn more on Paul story and background you don’t want to miss this! TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Paul Sheerin [04:17] How modern technology if competing for young players attentions [05:33] Having your father an influence in coaching [07:16] The importance of instilling good values for hard work and disciple [11:21] When did you realize you had a shot in making it in professional football [16:09] Maintaining the love for them game [17:20] Nurturing the love of the game [19:02] What coaches had the biggest impact for you [20:28] Changes going from Scotland to England [23:31] How upbringing has an impact [27:11] Some highlights in your playing career [28:57] Did you always want to coach [33:09] Do you think the game has changed form when you were a player [39:49] Advice for players entering coaching [40:49] Goals moving forward [43:04] Outro CONNECT WITH DON MACNAUGHTON · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
November 12, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with John Collins
Today we speak with former Scottish international midfielder John Collins on a key concept we often do not prioritize but is essential to the game and every facet of life, that of being confident. John shares with us not only what it means to be confident but also how to achieve that sense of feeling. One of the fundamental points we discuss is the importance of preparedness. Being prepared serves as a foundation for the skill set you wish to acquire as a player. However, as a coach that responsibly is enhanced since we are the ones to identify not only their strengths but weaknesses as well. To learn more stay tuned as we discuss many more topics on how to build confidence. TIMESTAMPS [00:08] Introduction to John Collins [03:42] Preparation is everything [05:18] How to build confidence in players as a coach [07:36] Recording yourself in video clips to watch later [11:30] Having an attention to detail [14:09] Keeping confidence in a tight situation [17:42] Learn from the best to be the best [19:52] Outro LEARN MORE ABOUT JOHN COLLINS · Wikipedia CONNECT WITH DON MACNAUGHTON · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
October 23, 2020
Don MacNaughton speaking with Carl Robinson
We are joined today by current Western Sydney Wanderers manager, Carl Robinson. Carl and I discuss his background as a player and how that knowledge transitioned into his coaching. As a player Carl displayed managerial qualities, one in particular being encouraging players around him to do better individually and as a collective. From this he understood that coaching was the most logical path to take, post footballer. As a manger now Carl has had the opportunity to meet and learn from the world’s best coaches, nonetheless his number one takeaway is do not always apply prior information learned from other coaches into your managerial style. It’s sounds contradictory but you’ll have to stay tuned as to why this logic has propelled him to be the manager we know today. TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Carl Robinson [02:21] How the game in Australia is developing [03:59] How football is competing with other sports [05:31] Who influenced you most when you were playing [09:22] Did you always want to go into coaching [12:11] How a helicopter view of the game helps you improve [13:29] Transitioning from player to coach [15:03] Biggest challenge and changes going from assistant to manager [21:39] Changes of complexity in the game [26:45] Trusting your instinct as a manager [27:17] How has the game changed [29:11] Starting at an early age [31:02] Making time to get acquainted with every player [34:41] Future goals as a manager [37:40] Outro CONNECT WITH CARL · LINKEDIN · LEARN MORE CONNECT WITH DON MACNAUGHTON · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
October 20, 2020
Don MacNaughton speaking with Scott MacDonald
Scott talks about his early influences in Oz  The move to the UK and how he needed GRIT and drive to deal with the early setbacks  The coaches that influenced him  The change in his mentality and mindset as he progressed in his career The different mindsets required from playing to coaching 
October 16, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Jesse Marsch
Today we are joined by Jesse Marsch, a 14-year long-playing career in the MLS and now Head Coach for Red Bull Salzburg. Starting off his coaching career as an assistant in the U.S. National in the 2010 World Cup Jesse made his way into European football and learned and grounded himself into the culture. Jesse shares with us some key principles he brings to the game, most importantly bringing an element of fun and showing mindfulness towards the players. Stay with us as we delve deeper into modern coaching and how it plays with emotional intelligence. TIMESTAMPS [00:00] Introduction to Jesse Marsch [02:39] Difference between Red Bull network in America vs Europe [06:52] What are some key elements you have to bring to a club to make it fun [10:10] The importance of emotional intelligence in modern coaching [11:31] Evolving from player to coach [15:35] Having a plan [17:32] Vulnerability in coaching [21:11] Being vulnerable with the players [22:12] Guidance for young coaches coming into the game. [24:29] Outro WHERE TO FIND JESSE · TWITTER · REDBULLS CONNECT WITH DON MACNAUGHTON · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
October 7, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Alastair Campbell
Today I speak with Alastair Campbell; an author, broadcaster,  political communicator, and also a powerful advocate for mental health. He shares with us a few core habits he practices to maintain his mental health on a day to day basis. Equally, we go into the emergence of clubs alongside G.B. industrialization and how that played a large role in forming an identity amongst the working class. Alongside, as we see ourselves veering into the new year with Covid still on our hands the relationship between fans and football has proven to be essential to keep a sense of not only community but also mental health. Make sure to stay with us as we delve deeper into who Alastair thinks is the best player, some debate between Messi and Ronaldo, and of course the connection between fans and football. TIMESTAMPS [00:08] Introduction to Alastair Campbell [04:58] Burnley reaching the Premier League despite the size of its population [06:55] Yorkshire and Lancashire as a hotbed for football [08:12] How did you develop your love for football [10:22] Football & industrialization [12:35] Burnley maintaining their strong relationship with the town [15:19] The importance of mental health [19:34] The connection between fans and football [24:05] Football being everywhere [26:30] Best players you’ve seen [32:17] Playing with Maradona and Pele [32:52] Who is the greatest player [36:45] Messi vs Ronaldo [38:08] Key concepts to maintain mental health [42:05] Outro Connect with Alastair Campbell: · WEBSITE · TWITTER · INSTAGRAM · BUY HIS BOOK Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
July 31, 2020
Don MacNaughton talks with David McCallum
Today our guest is Head of Senior Academy at Rangers and my good friend, David McCallum. David takes this opportunity to share with us important principles to have in mind when wanting to reach your desired goal as a player, one being getting out of your comfort zone. In addition to that he puts an emphasis on the importance of developing players by offering support, motivation, and constructive criticism in order to improve their skill and tenacity. Finally, David walks us through his career as a coach, from where it started to how he reached the level he is in today. Make sure you stick around for this one! TIMESTAMPS [00:09] Introduction to David McCallum [01:36] How important is it for players to challenge themselves [03:24] Getting into football as a kid [04:39] Who influenced you the most [08:43] How being thoughtful as a player translates into coaching [13:27] Taking an interest in coaching [16:48] How the club helps develop players [20:38] Seeing the game change as a coach [23:13] Players waiting for their opportunity [25:03] Key moments of everything coming together as a coach [28:38] Highlights of coaching career [32:17] Advice for aspiring coaches [37:04] Outro Connect with David McCallum: · LINKEDIN · RANGERS WEBSITE Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
July 28, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Christie Murray
Christie talks about her influences growing up and in her playing career so far.
July 26, 2020
Don MacNaughton speaking with Gavin Levey
We are joined today by my friend and Head of Academy Coaching at Aberdeen, Gavin Levey. Being a fanatic of football and various other sports Gavin was able to become a coach without taking the conventional path of being a professional player first. From a young age Gavin showed resilience in all his endeavors, so much so that even after becoming disillusioned in being a professional player the opportunity to coach was presented and a passion in helping players improve their skills was born. Gavin is now in his third role at Aberdeen and continuing to grow his coach education to build a strong future for his players TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Gavin Levey [00:42] Getting into football [01:43] Playing other sports while young [03:25] Instilling a love for the game [04:31] Getting into football as a career [06:18] Being strategic in your thinking [09:46] Serendipity in life [14:32] Recognizing you’re on the right path [17:18] Pursuing coaching as a career [20:12] You don’t need to be a player to be an excellent coach [22:18] Having a curiosity to master your craft [24:47] Role now in Aberdeen [32:04] Advice for people who want to make coaching a career [35:36] Where to find Gavin Levey [36:59] Outro Connect with Gavin Levey: · TWITTER · ABERDEENFC TWITTER · ABEREENFC YOUTH TWITTER Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
July 24, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Jon Daly
Great to talk with Jon about his influences through his playing career And the transition into coaching.
July 22, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Stephen McManus
In today’s episode, I have the opportunity to speak with Stephen McManus. Stephan is a current Celtic Reserve team coach and has played with the club as well as Middlesbrough and Motherwell. From a young age, he always loved football and would play in the street though often would be with older mates. Because of the age and size difference between the boys, this was a limitation but in the end, it massively improved skills and awareness. Having to work twice as hard Stephen developed some great principles and would hold him in good stead throughout his career these include; discipline, sacrifice, dedication, resilience, and ability to problem solve amongst many others. As we go on Stephen shares his thoughts on building relationships with teammates and coaches as well as his experience playing with Celtic. Continue to follow as we go in-depth for this episode! TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Stephen McManus [01:41] Getting into football as a boy [03:06] Playing with older mates [07:06] Realizing you want to be a pro player [10:52] What was it like being a part of the Celtic youth set up [12:44] The importance of having a strong influence to help you develop [16:04] Trusting your parents through teenage years [19:49] Having resilience as a player [20:52] Discipline in preparation [24:42] Being a problem solver [25:51] Coaches that influenced you [28:42] Highlights from playing days [31:14] Taking nothing for granted [32:54] Setting short term goals for yourself [39:06] Building relationships with teammates and coaches [41:44] Making the transition from player to coach [49:07] Advice for young players [50:08] Outro Connect with Stephen McManus: · TWITTER · LEARN MORE Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
July 19, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Ian Murray
Was great to talk with Airdrie manager Ian Murray about his influences growing up in football. Playing for Hibs and Rangers and how resilience is important for a young player and dealing with long term injury. The reality of coaching and managing and his hopes for the future 
July 17, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Charlie Adam
I am joined today by Scottish International midfielder Charlie Adam who is currently playing for his boyhood club Dundee F.C. Charlie has played for clubs like Glasgow Rangers, Liverpool, and Blackpool. Charlie gives us a bit of his backstory from how he became interested in football as kid through his dad to when he got his first big break as a professional on loan from Rangers at St. Mirren. As he climbed the professional football ladder Charlie continued working hard to improve all the while maintaining a winning mentality and an internal drive to improve. And these mindsets combined results in the player we know today. Make sure to stay with us as we delve deeper. TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Charlie Adam [01:42] Getting into football [02:57] The importance of having support [08:34] Coaches that influenced you [09:26] Working through self-doubt [11:36] Getting you first big break [14:11] Coaches that helped improve your skills [15:31] An internal drive to be better [19:52] Playing in England [22:50] Learning from every club [24:06] Developing a winning mentality [27:01] Enjoying coaching [27:41] Advice for young players [28:26] Outro Connect with Charlie Adam: · TWITTER · LEARN MORE Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
July 15, 2020
Don MacNaughton Talking with Charlie Mulgrew
As great to talk with Charlie about the lessons he has learnt coming through the youth ranks at Celtic The coaches that have influenced him and his thoughts on the game and coaching.
July 13, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Greig Paterson
SUMMARY Today I have the opportunity to speak with Greig Paterson who is currently the Head of Coach Education & Development in Scottish F.A. Greig began his career in coach education in Glasgow as a development officer and was quickly promoted to run the coach education programs. In this episode, we discuss some of the differences in coaching across Europe. He also shares with us of a few of the tactical advantages players have when introduced to coaching at a younger age as well as how coaching has changed over the years. For a more in-depth look at Greig’s journey through coach education make sure to stay tuned! TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Greig Paterson [01:31] Getting into coaching education [03:16] The learning experience [05:02] The numerous skills needed for coach education [07:11] Differences in how countries approach coach education [11:31] Changes you’ve noticed in coach education over the years [15:29] Varied ages in coaches [20:15] Current role at SFA [23:11] Advice for people starting their coaching journey [26:12] Find out about SFA [28:18] Outro Connect with Greig Paterson: · TWITTER Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
July 12, 2020
Don MacNaughton Talking With Liam Fox
Liam talks on his influences through his playing career  The transition into a coaching role and the lessons learned on the pitch and off.
June 24, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Kev MacNaughton
Kevin talks us through his career influences  Lessons learnt in the game How he refound his passion for Art.
June 22, 2020
Don MacNaughton Talking with Frazer Robertson Technical Director "The Right to Dream" Academy Ghana
SUMMARY Today I speak with Technical Director of Right to Dream Frazer Robertson At 16 he volunteered to help a local team and from there worked hard to become a coach. Although he never saw himself pursuing coaching professional Frazer was presented with the opportunity to Coach in Ghana for the Right to DreamAcademy. In the episode Frazer shares with us a few of the culture shocks he experienced both in football and everyday life along with a few principles he learned that are now applied to his coaching. TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Frazer Robertson [01:02] Getting into football [03:44] Did you see coaching as a career [05:30] Putting in hours to learn your trade [07:36] Journey to Right to Dream Academy [09:50] The academy and how it is set up [11:27] Different approaches to the game [13:44] Relationship with FC Nordsjælland [18:40] Learning in Ghana and applying that to coaching [23:22] Keeping enthusiasm for coaching [24:20] Advice for coaches transitioning into different cultures [29:38] Outro Connect with Frazer Robertson: · RIGHT TO DREAM · TWITTER · RIGHT TO DREAM TWITTER  Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
June 21, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Steven Robb Co-Founder Bee-Inspired Clothing
SUMMARY: We are joined today by former Scottish football player of Thai Port in Thailand and now Co-Founder of the clothing line Bee Inspired, Steven Robb. Wanting a change of scenery from Scotland in his career Steven signed a two-year contract and went on to play abroad to Thailand. During his time there he enjoyed the 180° lifestyle switch of warm weather and simple pleasure like wearing shorts every day. Nonetheless, the feeling of being homesick still loomed over as well as the uncertainty of what was to come post-football. Upon reaching the end of his contract Steven began brainstorming ways to make a living and always having an entrepreneurial mindset the idea of starting a business was at the forefront. In this episode, Steven shares with us some adversities he encountered both as a player and business owner yet was able to turn that into opportunity through resilience and discipline. Make sure to join us as we delve deeper into Steven’s journey! TIMESTAMPS: [00:06] Introduction to Steven Robb [01:09] From football player to clothing line owner [05:51] Playing abroad in Thailand [08:39] Being an entrepreneurial thinker [09:52] Origins of Bee Inspired [12:15] Playing football while starting a business [18:25] Transitioning from player to another career [20:17] Having emotional intelligence for business [21:39] Finding creativity everywhere you go [26:35] Future goals for Bee Inspired [28:36] Advice for players transitioning out of football [29:46] Connect with Steven Robb [30:46] Outro Connect with Steven Robb: · TWITTER · LINKEDIN Find Bee Inspired Clothing: · WEBSITE · TWITTER · INSTAGRAM Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
June 8, 2020
Don MacNaughton Speaking with Steven Gunn
SUMMARY On this episode we speak with Steven Gunn who is currently the head of football operations at Aberdeen football club. Steven came to live in Aberdeen at 17 to begin his business course at Robert Gordon University. A few years into university an opportunity became available for a role in Aberdeen and already a lover of football, Steven jumped at the chance. Through out the show he shares with us some tactics and principles he used to land his first job as a football coordinator in addition to how these strategies developed into 20 years of experience at Aberdeen FC. You won’t want to miss this! TIMESTAMPS [00:06] Introduction to Steven Gunn [01:52] Getting into the business side of football club [05:45] First job at Aberdeen FC [08:12] Was the job what you expected [10:10] Role at Aberdeen and how it developed in the last 20 years [14:04] Business in football vs. regular business [19:01] Advice for people who is looking to get into football [23:51] Outro Connect with Steven Gunn: · TWITTER · LINKEDIN Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN
May 25, 2020
Don MacNaughton speaks with Gary Caldwell
Gary speaks about his influences growing up. Early Influences of his fathers and older brother and how being a center-half was in the Genes. Pushing to catch up and pass his brother The power to strive to do better and more. How a gift from his mother helped him remember to strive for the right things The power of a good network around you influences your standards as a person and a player. Allan Irvine’s huge influence on him in his football education The massive learning from Gordon Strachan and Roberto Martinez The challenge of transitioning from player to coach His passion and enjoyment of coaching on the grass and helping develop players.
May 21, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with James McPake
Speaking with Dundee Manager James McPake  The coaches and players that have influenced him as a player moving through Positions The coaches that really spurred his interest in coaching from 24-25. The power of asking questions to develop your knowledge of the game. How different coaches styles gave him an incredible football education The evolution of coaching in Scotland and the amount of information top players expect now from their coach. The importance of having good people around you as a manager or head coach The strength of being able to ask for advice. The power of having a close-knit staff team. The importance of learning how to deal with defeat as a manager and the process of coming through it and how that can make or break you as a manager
May 17, 2020
Don Macnaughton talking with Brian Rice
Hamilton Accies Head Coach Brian Rice talks us through some of his journey in the gams as a player and coach.
May 14, 2020
Talking with Aberdeen Gothenburg Legend Eric Black on playing and coaching
European Cup Winners Cup Winner and respected coach Eric Black talks about his journey in the game. From signing from Aberdeen as a youth to lifting the European Cup Winners Cup in Gothenburg Eric talks about the changing face of coaching and some great lessons for all coaches here.
May 13, 2020
Don MacNaughton talks with Fabrizio Piccareta
Roma u17 Head Coach shares about how his football philosophy developed through his youth and then his own coaching philosophy. The importance of the coach-player relationship The importance of Emotional Intelligence to a coach  
May 12, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Charlie Christie
Inverness C.T. Head of Youth Charlie Christie talking about his life in the game as player, manager, head of Youth Development.  Charlie talks about the influence of the street league growing up in Inverness and how that experience shaped his attitudes to football and life. The power of being part of a dressing room where you wanted to play for the manager and felt you could tale on anyone. The challenges of moving from player to coach and the coaches who have influenced his coaching philosophy. His pride in Ryans attitude and success in the game  The importance of drive, resilience and hard work in a modern player  
May 10, 2020
Don MacNaughton Talks With QPR Keeper Liam Kelly
Some superb pointers for any young player looking to get to the top  Coming out of your " Comfort Zone", recognizing your "New Normal " and thriving in it.
May 9, 2020
"You Need People" talking with Scotland National Woman Head Coach Shelley Kerr
Shelley talks about her love of the game for nurtured from an early age and how family and among others school teachers nurtured this. How early mentors inspired and challenged her to develop her thinking. The importance of being process-driven and transparent with your thinking And to all to remember to 'Enjoy It and Have Fun"
May 8, 2020
Don MacNaughton Talks with Steven Ferguson and Stuart Kettlewell
Don MacNaughton Talks with Steven Ferguson and Stuart Kettlewell  Speaking with Ross County Co-Managers Steven Ferguson & Stuart Kettlewell How their natural approach of leaving the “ego” behind allows them to communicate and work well together in the joint role How being clear between them nailing the non - negotiable’s within the group were vital for success The power of players buying into the culture of the club and the area. How to use “Room 101” to learn and improve your Coaching
May 7, 2020
"Have I Done Enough Today to Progress" - John Rankin
Speaking to Hearts u18 Coach John Rankin on his journey in the game form Man Utd Reserve Team Captain to Ross County and his relentless drive to be the best player he can be.
May 6, 2020
Don MacNaughton talks with Kenny Miller
In this episode Kenny talks of his passion for the game from an early age playing behind the goals as a kid and the magic of street football. Loving the feeling of the ball hitting the back of the net when as kids you were able to get a shot of playing in the real nets. The big influence Donald Park had on his development from when he was 12 years old How he learned to relish higher demands being placed on him and how it led to him playing at the highest level and always want to go as far as he can go. How to play at a big club you need to be able not just survive but thrive under pressure The importance of the relationship and respect between the coach and player  His belief on focusing on the "process" for consistent success always  asking  the question "how do we win"  How "WALTER Smith" got the best out of him And the key lesson he learned from Mark Warburton The importance of asking yourself on not just how can you can get better but how you can help others get better on a daily basis.
May 5, 2020
Don MacNaughton Speaking with Robby McCrorie
“You can get given ideas but it’s up to you , when you're on the pitch you learn the most “ Robby speaks about his journey from when the Girvan youth team needed a keeper and his Dad encouraged him to give it a go and how he loved the position from then. The influence of the key coaches  How they helped him see  the big picture during his teenage yeats The intensity of a keeper role and the importance of the mental side and patience. How going on loan helped him develop his game against the physical and mental challenge of keeping clean sheets in a competitive league.  How experience helps you to see the pictures unfolding on the pitch and you become, sharper and quicker and your decision making improves. How the keeper is now a key leadership position becoming the spare man good with the ball at your feet and sharp in the head And more than anything... “ if you enjoy what you're doing you will do it better “ 
May 4, 2020
Don MacNaughton talks with Ross McCrorie
Scotland under-21 Captain Ross McCrorie talking about the ups and downs of his journey as part of the Rangers Academy. How you need to be mentally prepared to take your chance as you never know when it will be presented How important family support is helping you get you through the tough times. The importance of the mental side to developing your football talent Making his "debut" for Rangers at Fir Hill then another debut in the nets in front of 40k at Ibrox. How football is the best job in the world and you have to just go out wherever and do your best whatever position you are playing in.
May 4, 2020
" We are in the Entertainment Business" ... talking with John "Yogi" Hughes
Yogi talking about his experiences playing and how he formed his coaching ethos His love of the game, the process and how he will never change his philosophy The quite brilliant analogy of  teams as "Bulls and Matadors" The key distinction between "coaching: and "teaching" and when to do each. A man to listen to if you want to learn how to develop and implement a ball playing passing game throughout a club.
April 29, 2020
Don MacNaughton Speaking with Lee Johnson
Don MacNaughton Speaking to Bristol City F.C. Head Coach Lee Johnson on his coaching journey , philosophy and lessons learned . More details to follow 
April 24, 2020
Don MacNaughton Talks With Russell Martin
Russell Martin talks about his ongoing  journey in the game
April 22, 2020
Don MacNaughton talking with Donald Park
Donald Park reflects on his journey as a player and coach 
April 21, 2020
Hugh MacDonald chats about Football through the Decades
The Legendary Scottish journalist and broadcaster discusses how football has changed through the decades and what makes a good manager a great manager with what he describes as the "Lou Reed Factor" If you love football this one is not to be missed.
April 21, 2020
Don MacNaughton talks to Kevin Thomson
Kevin talks about the lessons he learned from different coaches through his career His own motivation and drives Why being willing to master the fundamentals is vital for any young player 
April 18, 2020
Steven McGarry Perth Glory Academy Technical Director
Talking to Steven McGarry about falling in love with the game going to watch St Mirren as a boy. To playing for them and the journey from player to coach and lessons learned.
April 16, 2020