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Donna Emerald Podcast

Donna Emerald Podcast

By Donna Emerald
The Donna Emerald Podcast series. Ep 1. Mme. Sosostrus's Ectoplasmagoric Seance, a one act play
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New Tricks for Old Dogs

Donna Emerald Podcast

New Tricks for Old Dogs
A post from my thepowerofnoblog blog, which asks the question of how, like performing dogs in the circus of life,  we're often expected to learn new tricks,  to get along in society, or else we'll have to go without the nice doggie treats and fresh straw in our enclosure, if we decide to bite the hand that feeds us. Another, perhaps not so obvious issue arises, when we are controlled in our behaviour, or want to control others' behaviours, which I'll also share a few thoughts on, too. Oh yes, it's a big ol' psychology fest, with some sociology and spiritual/moral woo woo chucked in as well, and I try to balance all the balls in the air. Hopefully you'll find it a fun exploration of the topic.
September 01, 2022
Agent a858 "Jack"
Agent Emerald had a secret YouTube rendezvous point with "Jack", where he dropped off three videos, these two were, he claimed, him. Hear "Jack", Agent a858's voice, or is it that of a buddy from Section a858. A glorious fishing expedition, where we read, off the bank, so to speak, into the mind behind the ARG known by the codeword A858.
December 28, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 17
You know, I hate goodbyes, and I wish the fun could go on forever. We've still a chapter to go, though, and plenty of time left to stop brooding over puzzles solved, and follow the helpful breadcrumb trail, to exit the maze together.  You may even find you feel refreshed, and ready for more adventures, after the end of this last chapter, and a good night's sleep..................
June 15, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 16
Shall we play a game? The board's out of the closet, and all the pieces are in place. Who will emerge the winner, as we edge closer to the grand finale, in this thrilling battle of wits, that's a barrel of fun, too?
June 14, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 15
Donna's kept pretty busy in this episode, rummaging about in the swamp's depths, trying to find clues to the identity of the mystery man Q, who is not too happy with her, now that it's clear she's not gonna go along with his plan. Lots to enjoy, and a punishing pace, in this thrilling episode, as we head around the maze, following the breadcrumb trail.
June 13, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 14
We deserve a little rest, and a romantic date, before more fun and games, as Desiree reveals the cards up her sleeve. It's all go again in the swamp, after our brief breather, so buckle up, and tell yourself you can handle it.
June 12, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 13
Just when our narrator could do with the cavalry riding in to the rescue, she finds a whole army on her heels instead. Will she keep her head above water, or will the swamp swallow her? 
June 11, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 12
It's all big emotions, down in the heated atmosphere of the Truther swamps, and Fandango and Q are particularly hot under the collar. Will the waterworks cool the situation down, or will tempers continue to flare? Keep your cool, and try not to laugh, as we avoid false paths, and follow the pesky wabbit, to its burrow, at the centre of the maze.
June 11, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 11
New Emails arriving for Desiree daily, and who's this new religious nut that wants to discuss carpentry? Crazy as things seem, in the Truther swamps, there are some puzzles solved, and more that we're gathering pieces for, and a pattern to the mad maze. Lots more fun and many thrills, in this episode of "The Q Affaire". Just don't laugh so hard your Slurpee spills over.
June 10, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 10
Despite the demise of mob boss Mancino, Desiree decides that the Irish mafia are everywhere, starting wars and trying to hunt her down for her impor'an' secrets. Donna is naturally in the spotlight, being Irish, although the mysterious Q is asking her to stay in the shadows, so he can give her  top secret intel. Find out what happened when we Lift the Curtain on Chapter 10 of our comedic thriller.
June 09, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 9
Deep in the shadow of the Twitter swamp, offside from the YouTube Truther cesspit, a new secret is revealed, about the identity of the channel mascot Donna's been talking to, and the secret he shares is a shocking one. When we recover from our surprise, we are bound to have a few laughs, and more surprises, in store, in The Q Woo.
June 08, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part2, "The Q Woo") - Chapter 8
A knight in shining armour arrives, to fend off the boorish oafs that Donna encounters, but will we discover who he is, or will he gallop off into the distance, to save another middle aged maiden in distress? Thrills and spills abound, as we have an enjoyable joust with words, in today's Truther tournament in the swamps of YouTube.
June 07, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part2, "The Q Woo") - Chapter 7
Prankster possibilities, Phoney Wars, and trips to the beach. What more could you want, from this exciting chapter? Pack your snorkel gear 'cos we're heading into the Truther swamps again, for more fun.
June 06, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 6
Plenty of lurid gore and excitement, as usual, on Desiree's channel, with a new news scoop, as she receives an impor'an' Email from the decoder Gerald Cross, and she demands more answers about why she's received the top secret comms from Q. Are the mafia involved? It's all high drama in the stormy seas of the swamps of YouTube, in today's fun episode.
June 05, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part2, "The Q Woo") - Chapter 5
As summer approaches, bees are buzzing, and so are the  channels down in the swamps of YouTube's Truth community. As tempers heat up, the threats start. Hold your nerve, and hold tight to Donna, as we turn into a new path in the hilariously puzzling maze that takes us to the mysterious character, Q.
June 05, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part2, "The Q Woo") - Chapters 3 - 4
It's all going down, in the Truther swamps, what with Emails from Q suggesting a link to the gang, and wild dances at CERN, with Satanists frothing at the mouth, in their efforts to produce shocking content that with click with the Christians. It's like a Phoney War, only some are taking it seriously. Luckily, we can see the funny side, in today's double helping of extra sweet Truther-swamp fun.
June 04, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 2
Desiree's new crush had better prep, pray, and stay out of the way, if he wants to escape her attentions, as Col. Ray managed to do: will her dream reveal what she's hiding from the Qdecoder, Gerald Cross, or will she plummet from the rooftop of her lurid imagination, into the depths of the Truther Swamp below? Find out if future proves past, or if dreams don't make sense, with lots of  puzzles still to solve..
June 04, 2021
"The Q Affaire" (Part 2, "The Q Woo") Chapter 1
Hold my hand, and tell yourself you can handle it, because we are heading into the heart of the maze together, armed with a map of sorts. There will be dead ends and false paths, and dangers lurking at every turn, but lots of fun to be had too, in Part 2, "The Q Woo".
June 03, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 11 (Concludes Part 1)
With a couple of mysteries solved, and  a glimpse behind the curtain revealing part of what makes the Truth Community tick, Donna's ready to reenter the Wonderland of fake narratives in the swamp, with a whole new understanding. There's now opening up, too, the possibility of being able to fill in more details on the map, that will help her navigate safely through the maze, in Part 2, "The Q Woo", with you, dear reader, in this puzzling and thrilling comedic tale. If you can HANDLE the truth, that is. 
June 03, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 10
More troll tricks and arthouse movies, with some blogging on the side, should provide plenty of Truth narratives to keep the reader flipping pages, and laughing their socks off, in our twisting, and twisted, tale of Trump's Truthers, on YouTube.
June 02, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 9
Desiree's busy training trolls to become flying monkeys, and the circus in YouTube's Truther swamps hasn't sunk. Can Donna keep her head, because, as we've learned to discern by now, when Desiree's mad as hell, it ain't gonna go well?
June 01, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 8
YouTube swamps must have a circus in town, because the ratings carousels are going around, and Desiree is determined she's going to whip the merry-go-round rides into shape, by training trolls to attack her chosen targets, to make sure she's on board. Will the gang escape her wrath, and will Desiree get the ratings and donations she's shooting for, to bring the criminal gang to justice, with her news channel ideas? Buckle up, and hold on tight to your stripy pole, 'cos chapter 8's a wild ride.
May 31, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 7
Donna stumbles across some gang members, hiding out in their cult forum headquarters, and she seems to be picking up a few stalkers of her own, along the way, as she investigates the murder mystery on Truth Fleet's YouTube channel further.
May 31, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapters 5 - 6
Literal demons and Mormon mess ups; Desiree's little corner of YouTube is hopping with action, with flying monkeys and flaring tempers  circling  her channel. She finds more members to add to the gang, and makes plans to expand her Truth Ops, while Donna's researches reveal more undercover truths, and secret cults, in new revelations online.
May 31, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 4
The pot is starting to bubble, in the sweaty sewers of YouTube's Truth Community. Join us for Chapter 4 on our comedic quest, to find out if Col. Peters kept his toupee on, or loses his head, while Desiree makes our hair stand on end with her gruesome tales of murder. Can you HANDLE the truth? No? Well, that's A OK, because you are unlikely to encounter too much of it, as we wend our way through the puzzling maze of lies, in Chapter 4 of "The Q Affaire".
May 29, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 3
The third episode of Donna Emerald's hilarious political thriller, where things are heating up in the Truth Community end of the Tubes, with alien abductions and murder cults all thrown into the pot, along with the usual boiling frogs. Will the resulting mix hold, or will tempers start to flare, when the heat approaches the boil? Find out how it's going, as we stir the pot, with Desiree, and see how the plot thickens.
May 29, 2021
Access To The Manual
At last, Q has access to the manual, for his trolls in training. Their back garden tent Ops are flying, like Mrs. Murphy's pink bloomers, which provide the all clear signal, for the new recruits to carry out secret comms and dangerous missions to replenish teabag supplies.Morale is high, now that Q isn't relying on the pink "burner" phone no more. This episode is also a secret comms. blogpost, here:
May 29, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Chapter 2
Welcome to the second episode of Donna Emerald's political comedy fiction thriller, where you'll meet some of the most hilariously roguish rats and wily wascals on the "Truther" end of YouTube, all  slugging it out virtually, while trying to clear the deep state swamp for their president. There's murder and mayhem afoot, and a puzzle to solve, and even a little Q wooing along the way. in this thrilling comedic blockbuster.
May 28, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Intro and Chapter 1
Welcome to the crazy cesspit of YouTube, we like to call the "Truth Community", which bears only a passing acquaintance with the truth. In this series based on Donna Emerald's political comedy fiction thriller, you'll meet some of the most hilariously roguish rats and wily wascals, all determined to slug it out with each other, while trying to clear the deep state swamp. There's murder and mayhem, and a puzzle to solve, with a little wooing along the way. in this thrilling comedic blockbuster.
May 27, 2021
“The Q Affaire” ~ Risky Business?
Q's not happy. Donna's taken his phone away, for recruiting trolls to train, from his tent. He's been demoted, too,  just as things were looking up, and the book business was about to boom! Somehow, I don't think Q would ever get work as an Audio Book reader, either. He can barely read! This episode is also available as a blog post:
May 25, 2021
Mme. Soss. Y(eats), shoots, and leaves
Mme. Sossostrous popped up at Donna's place again, for another Order Of The Heart Cult meeting. She's not having great success with either her cult recruitment drive, or in getting silver to cross her palm. Luckily, Q is on hand to shill for her. Donna's somewhere in the background, a little put out about the broken window. All will become clear in this meeting, along with Mr. Yeats and Georgie's Theosophical and literary secrets, in the jam packed with Kookistani flavored pearls of wisdom sandwich, AKA Episode 5.
May 14, 2021
Down the Amazon with Donna
This episode is also available as a blog post: Donna Emerald's romantic comedy thriller, "The Q Affaire" is available now on Amazon: If you can't understand some of Q's secret coded lingo, don't worry. It's inside comms, meant for trained ears, apparently.
May 02, 2021
"The Q Affaire" Donna Emerald Blockbuster Book Interview
With Donna's blockbuster thriller set in the swamp of YouTube due to hit the Amazon shelves on May 1st, we look back on an excerpt from a book interview she did, on Professor Metadata's show, which gives some clues about the puzzle the book sets out to solve. 
April 23, 2021
Mme. Sossostorous' Best Bits
We last met Mme. S at the Poxley-Warner's cottage, when she swept in to perform a seance. Since then, she's hung around Donna Emerald's channel, luckily for us, as our cult leader is a fount of wisdom. Luckily, she's prepared to share some of the  Hermetic wisdom she's acquired from her years of training in ancient Kookistani methods with new initiates in her secret cult, "The Order of The Heart".  
April 17, 2021
"Mme. Sosostrus' Ectoplasmagoric Seance", A Donna Emerald One Act Play
Mme. Sosostrus is a divinely preposterous medium, and the Poxley-Warners decided one dull evening to have her round to banish a ghost. Whether they ever had one in residence in their little cottage is beside the point. Mrs. Poxley-Warner was rather fed up of listening to the baby cry, and needed a bit of a laugh, and some inspiration for her new novel. As it turned out, it was very difficult not to laugh, as Mme. Sosostrus swept in off the local holy mountain on Alice, her companion bicycle, as soon as she received the message by carrier pigeon, to assist the couple with ejecting the spectral pest. It seems her esoteric training involved some pretty odd Kookistani tricks with ectoplasm, eurothmetic gyrations, and a firm hand  with hobnail booted ghosts, and Scottish child homonculi alike. Oh yes, she came fully equipped for what turned out to be an ectoplasmagoric evening, and she threw herself into the whole seance thing in full Kookistani style. Did the ghost take fright, and take flight? Listen in, and find out. Maybe we'll even discover why he was there, to start with. A comedic one-female mystic play.
April 08, 2021