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Creating Fuego

Creating Fuego

By Donny Fuego
The Fuego show podcast is a long form conversation hosted by photographer Donny Fuego with friends and guests that have included Photographers, videographers, musicians, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and beyond.
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(Spanish) 60 Days Vegan with a Nutritionist
In This episode I am hanging out with my friend Egifred we will be sharing some deep concept of becoming Vegan and why. Fitness Vegano : El Vegano Cordobes : Podcasts Joan Boluda, John De La Paz. Documentales. Cowspiracy, What the Health, Earthling, Fork over Knives Instagram: @egifred Instagram: @donny.fuego
May 31, 2019
Hung Out with Tony Robbins & Gary V
In today's episode we will talk about the new Tony Robbins event in Chicago. Guest in the event Gary Vaynerchuck, Kevin O'Brian, and many more. Insta: donny.fuego
May 8, 2019
Going Vegetarian? with Gabriel Sanchez
In this episode we will cover some examples about going vegan vs vegetarian, why we are in this path and some of the quick changes in our body. with Gabriel Sanchez Instagram : @5minsmoto
April 26, 2019
Music Photography with Neal Zeleznak & Denis Cheng
In todays episode we are talking with @nealpatrickz & about what it takes to become a music photographer, going on tours, shoot festivals and more... 
March 15, 2019
3 Tips to Produce Short Results for Local Businesses.
In this Episode, we will discuss why I have been going thru some changes, how to embrace it and why is important. In addition, we talk about changes in local business and 3 tips on how to produce short results. 
March 8, 2019
Episode 2 | Unf*ck Yourself Book Review
Why am I learning Chinese ? In this episode I am reviewing the book Unf*ck yourself by Gary John Bishop.
February 14, 2019
Episode 1 | Why this podcast? Business, Social & EPK
Welcome to the first episode of creating fuego. This first episode we will be covering: Why this podcast? Some of the impact of internet and social media may have in local businesses. Why EPK or Electronic Press Kit are important not only for musicians but for every creative person. 
February 3, 2019