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Do No Harm

Do No Harm

By DoNoHarm hrk
Do No Harm is a podcast series which provides context and encourages learning about anti-Black racism in health care. Hosted by 3 Black women, we'll delve into a myriad of topics ranging from mental health to implicit bias to medical surveillance tech. This podcast is part of a larger platform, Do No Harm: how racism kills, which provides resources as well as updates on news/media relating to Blackness in health care. You can check out the rest of the platform at Please visit our website for access to full audio transcriptions of each episode!
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From Eugenics to Your Doctor's Office: the dangers of race-based medicine
Next time you say race is a risk factor, don't. On this week's episode we'll be diving into topics such as race based correction factors in modern medicine, the move from eugenics to race based medicine, and racial disparities in the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists have long known that race is not biological, yet, it is still used as a basis for so many medical procedures and diagnoses. This reliance on race as a risk factor, rather than racism, is a vestige from eugenics embedded within our medical system which perpetuates disparities and inequity among minoritized people; particularly black people. We encourage you to check out the additional resources about these topics on our website where you can also find the transcript for this episode:
November 19, 2020
For Black Mothers and Their Children, An Ode to Black Joy
On this episode of Do No Harm, we discuss how the historic, systemic, and omnipresent misogynoir perpetuated by the US healthcare system and society at large leads to stark racial maternal and infant health inequities. We argue that Birth and Reproductive Justice cannot occur in medicalized and oppressive spaces and delve into how radical Black doulas are returning Black pregnancy and birthing to a site of community, healing, and love. Throughout this episode, we highlight what aspiring healthcare should be understanding and doing to create spaces and systems in which Black mothers and their children are seen, heard, and validated. Please visit the “podcast” page on our website ( to find a transcript for this episode. Check out the “resources” page for all of the studies, papers, and books we mentioned throughout this episode. 
October 6, 2020
Burn It Down: white supremacy, anti-blackness, and health inequity
On this week's episode of Do No Harm we'll be delving into the effects of white supremacy on health care and the ways it manifests as inequitable treatment and health disparities. Before going into more specific topics we wanted to give y'all a chance to understand where we're coming from and the lens that we'll be looking at health and medicine through throughout this podcast series. In this episode we touch on topics such as implicit bias, historical and contemporary lack of access/exclusion, and the current disparities seen with COVID-19 testing, treatment, and outcomes. All of the studies, papers, and books mentioned in this episode can be found on our "resources" page along with additional resources on the topic. If you are listening to this episode on a platform other than our website and would like access to a transcript please visit the "podcast" page on our website ( where transcripts for each episode can be found.
September 15, 2020
Do No Harm: An Introduction
Hey y'all! Curious to know more about this platform or who we are? Check out this short introduction to Do No Harm and its creators! If you are listening to this podcast on a platform other than our site please head to for a full transcript of the episode.
September 13, 2020