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Don't Burn the Witch

Don't Burn the Witch

By Lisa Taylor & Arlona Polywka
In this podcast, Arlona and Lisa shed light on topics to provide insight, awareness and a new perspective, all in a friendly conversation that will bring laughter, sadness and might move you to action.

When you don't have the knowledge, fear can take over. This is about deconstructing unhealthy fear. Share the knowledge.

Lisa Taylor, is a Healer, and Holistic Coach. Her business is The Hive Holistic.
Arlona is a Producer and Writer and former hair stylist.

Lisa met Arlona when she was still a practicing hair stylist. The connection was instant and many conversation and laughter was had.
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The Value of Money
Here, we talk about money - as an exchange, as a currency as an energy flow, and whom has access to it.  The old world paradigm was that specific groups had access to more money than others.  The new world shift is that EVERYONE has the right to be abundant and prosperous with all resources. There is enough for all.  When we look a the energetics and spiritual/higher perspective, we see that it is an energy and a universal law - the Law of Giving and Receiving.
January 24, 2022
The Beauty in Birthdays
Lisa celebrated her b(earth)day recently and had some realizations about the beauty of birthdays, beauty = aging + alignment.  Arlona and Lisa discuss their childhood experiences of birthdays and how that shows up now as adults. Birthdays can also be triggering - again is stigmatized. Witches would give themselves permission to celebrate how they wanted to. Throwing yourself a party, doing nothing at home, you do you.  The wisdom of birthdays is that you become more comfortable in aligning with yourself and your values and needs.  You get to create the vision of what you want to feel on your birthday regardless of what was done in the past.  This  internal alignment shows up on the outside, too. Have you noticed how the most comfortable people in their skin are the most beautiful? More time on earth = more wisdom and THAT is beautiful! 
January 17, 2022
When Does the Universe Respond?
Arlona has a breakthrough after being annoyed, receiving divine messages and changing her perspective.  She shares how it started; it began months prior and included many steps to receive what she was asking for.  The steps to receiving are listed below: 1. Ask: sincerely connect with yourself to ask what would be best and in alignment for your soul. 2. Listen - meditate or slow down otherwise - listen to the messages coming through that show that you are being heard. 3. Receive the gifts - part of slowing down allows you to know when the gifts are being given.
January 10, 2022
Introducing Don't Burn the Witch
The origin story of our podcast, Don't Burn the Witch.  Lisa and Arlona are two friends that met at the hair salon. Arlona was the stylist and Lisa found her after a quick search after moving to her new home in LA. While the hairstylist - client relationship can be a tricky one, these two were able to have many types of conversations while still feeling safe and maintaining a friendship. They laughed a lot and it was refreshing to find a judgement-free zone for both.  After a few moves, job shifts due to the pandemic, Arlona and Lisa re-connected. They discussed the idea of a podcast and topics that they both resonated with, and Don't Burn the Witch is born!
January 03, 2022
Happy New Year
Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2022 and giving your permission to celebrate however you decide. Honor yourself, your timeline and internal clock. This could mean staying home, not celebrating at all or continuing to process the madness that happened in 2021. RESOURCES National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK Our House - Grief Support Center Adults, Kids and more grief support for Free Loveland Foundation
December 31, 2021
Happy Holidaze
In this episode, we talk about the Holidays; which can bring magic, joy and togetherness. They can also bring toxicity, emotional hangovers, and exhaustion.  Why do we put ourselves in these positions for the Holidays if the intention is gathering and good will?  Why continue the legacy of pain, suffering and guilt? Why not do it differently? Lisa and Arlona explore this topic and share their own experiences plus how to handle when things are not conventional with those in your life!
December 20, 2021