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Don't Shoot The Messenger

Don't Shoot The Messenger

By The Just Don't Network
Aliens. Secret societies. Other dimensions. Join Chris & Jinx as they unravel the threads of conspiracy to reveal the tapestry of lies that cloaks our world in shadow. After they stop laughing at them, of course. After all, they're just the messengers and the truth is way, WAY out there.
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DSTM #208 - Gods Among Us?
Did gods and angels walk among ancient humans? Chris & Jinx polish up their reading glasses for a deep dive into The Book of Enoch and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth to find out. Is it fiction or is it gospel? --=INCOMING TRANSMISSION=--
May 15, 2019
DSTM #207 - Project Montauk & Merlin
Chris and Jinx look into the Montauk Project, the area 51 of the east coast, and... could it have something to do with Merlin??? Incoming message...
May 01, 2019
DSTM #206 - And Now For the Weather in Philadelphia
Disappearing ships and government controlled weather, oh my!  First, Chris and Jinx look into a conspiracy that goes back to Albert Einstein & WWII.  Then, in the second half, is the government really responsible for the changes in weather patterns? Incoming message...
April 02, 2019
DSTM #205 - A Reptile Dysfunction
INVASION SPECIAL: It's a full-on studio invasion as Chris faces the wrath of The Reptilian Commander. Why is he angry? Who is Melvin? Where is Chris? What does he have against Bennigan's? And which side is Jinx REALLY on? The answers begin here... --TRANSMISSION INCOMING--
March 26, 2019
"Bending The Truth" - DSTM Episode #205 Trailer
"Bending The Truth" - A Promo Trailer for Episode #205. Subscribe Now! 
March 24, 2019
DSTM #204 - FlatVaxx
Chris & Jinx drop the messenger role for a change and go in for the attack on the anti-vax movement.  In the 2nd half, Chris has a challenge for Flat Earthers (or Flearthers as Jinx's daughter likes to call them): Prove it!  Incoming message...
March 19, 2019
DSTM #203 - The Walls Come Crumbling Down
Chris & Jinx dig into a difficult topic: 9-11.  Who knew what, when, and why?  Will this conspiracy leave more questions than answers? Incoming message... 
March 06, 2019
DSTM #202 - Alien Tower
Chris & Jinx go Down Under to dig into Ayers Rock! Was it left there by aliens? What's with all these serpent gods? Preparing for incoming message...
February 27, 2019
DSTM #201 - Denver Down Under
Chris & Jinx are back in the studio & ready for another season!  Have you heard about what's going down in Denver?  Preparing for incoming message...
February 20, 2019
DSTM #110 - Not What the Doctor Ordered
Chris & Jinx get down deep into the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. It definitely wasn't a dream but was there a conspiracy?  Incoming message...
August 17, 2017
DSTM #109 - Complicated Conversation
Things get complicated between Chris & Jinx when they discuss celebrity deaths. Incoming message...  
August 10, 2017
DSTM #108 - Interview with a Reptile (Not Tom Cruise)
Jinx & Chris respond to a listener comment & the reptiles speak out. *Butt probe not included (unless you're Chris). Incoming message... 
August 03, 2017
DSTM #107 - Flat Earth: A Circular Argument
Is the Earth really flat or does this theory fall flat on its head? Find out what Chris & Jinx have to say about this new old theory.  Incoming message... 
July 28, 2017
DSTM #106 - End Scene
Chris & Jinx delve into two of Hollywood's most controversial "death scenes" along with their "guest legal analyst", John Conn Jr. Oh, and have we been to the moon or is that just a lemon of a story?  Message incoming... 
July 20, 2017
DSTM #105 - Lost & Found
Chris is a reptile!!!!! Or at least his son is... maybe? Oh, and we found Hitler & Amelia! Maybe. Plus, new segment: religious hour... in 15 seconds.... maybe... 
July 13, 2017
DSTM #104 - The Reptilian Elite - Pt. 2
Chris explores the the root of all evil as he and Jinx dive head-first into the ultimate conspiracy theory. Bubblegum and magic sunglasses optional. 
June 30, 2017
DSTM #103 - The Reptilian Elite - Pt. 1
Chris explores the the root of all evil as he and Jinx dive head-first into the ultimate conspiracy theory. Bubblegum and magic sunglasses optional. 
June 29, 2017
DSTM #102 - Journey to the Centre of the Third Reich
Jinx & Chris discuss the alleged suicide of Adolph Hitler and how it relates to the Hollow Earth theory. 
June 21, 2017
DSTM #101 - Paul is Dead
Jinx and Chris take on the Beatles' greatest conspiracy theory in this debut episode of Don't Shoot the Messenger. *The views and opinions expressed on the show are not necessarily those of the hosts and were probably subliminally-programmed into the hosts during remote-viewing sessions conducted by psychic agents of an insidious cabal such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Priori of Sion, the Knights Templar, or the Reptilian Elite. Or all of the above.
June 15, 2017