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Don't Make Me Laugh

Don't Make Me Laugh

By Don't Make Me Laugh
On this comedy based podcast, Truan and Joshua discuss action movies that were meant to be serious but due to numerous plot holes, awful acting, awful writing, ect., cannot be taken seriously and have the unintended consequence of being legendary funny movies. Of course we stray and play our way through the span of the episode with our strange and often opinionated views. We laugh, joke and talk at length about our love of cinema and spin wildly but hilariously off topic.
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Blade II (2002)
Welcome To Spooktober......Im sorry guys, that is the last one of that. LMAO! I cringed when I typed Spooktober. Well another year and another special episode month. Following suite with last year we are doing a Halloween inspired action movie month. We kick this year off with blade II. This iconic Superhero movie had some great talents to include, Wesley Snipes, Chris Christopherson, Donny Yen, Ron Pearlman, Norman Reedus, and a few lesser known but definitely recognized faces. This one unfortunately was only available on HBO max sooo...sorry I guess. Anyways, although the movie is all around a classic fun to watch movie, we noticed a few funny things and you'd be wrong if you thought we weren't going to make fun of it. All in all, a funny great movie and the best way to kick of October. Listen in, laugh and reminisce.  
October 11, 2021
This is the movie Noone expected to ever wanna know what you would get if you take a romantic comedy and leave it in the unwatched bin of life and instead watched what someone who hates people at work and has fever dreams of murdering watches? Plus a Cockney accent? Well that is kinda this movie. You'll love it! Give us a listen! Oh and Jonathan makes another guest host presence!
September 14, 2021
Side Tracked Episode 5
So you wanted to hear my thoughts on Guacamole made incorrectly? well settle in and get the earplugs because there is a fair amount of ranting on the subject. Also, the sound quality is back to normal. Join us and our nonsensical chat about random shite. By the way I am Including our social media links in the description so that you mo-fo's can visit us and support us. Enjoy and thank you for listening.  Contact us! we wanna hear from you. Instagram & Twitter: @Dontmakemelau9h Email: Facebook: Don't Make Me Laugh Podcast
August 9, 2021
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (2012)
Well this is our first episode with a guest, and what better guest should we have on than our baby brother Jonathan. We talk in our usual meandering way about the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire slayer. (NOTE! my (truan) Microphone broke and the sound quality on this one is not the best but I already have a new cord on the way...Sorry again) 
July 26, 2021
War.. Also Predator..
Well as previously mentioned we took a look at the movie "War", Starring Jet Li, Jason Stathem and LL cool J. Lets just say, It did not go well. this movie honestly was disappointing. so much so that I (Truan) did not get through the entire movie... Three times... so in an attempt to record another movie We opted to watch Predator. Let us get into it with you. Listen in and have some laughs. 
May 24, 2021
Sidetracked Episode 4
When your right, your right. On this episode I make fun of Andrew Garfield ( as is rightly so) and we talk at length about our affinity for the mortal kombat franchise. I guess we are back to our old shenanigans. lol I hope you guys still listen to us cause I am constantly wondering if anyone is. 
April 28, 2021
Ju Jitsu and Stuff
This is a hybrid episode due to our unscheduled hiatus for....pretty much the entire month of March. Sorry guys! the schedule change and real-world time difference kinda caused scheduling conflicts. anyhow in this episode we talk about the movie Ju Jitsu and how it bad it was. Spoiler alert, if you can make it more than halfway through this movie I believe you are a clinical Psychopath with homicidal tendencies. lol it really is a mess and it needs to be addressed. So strap in for the ride and join us for this idiotic episode. 
April 20, 2021
Enter The Dragon (1973)
Well the day has come, the legend of the dragon is upon us... not sure why I began the intro with that amount of grandiose language but you will be sorely disappointed to know that it is all fun and games from here.  We look at a film that more or less cemented one of the forefathers of MMA and joke at length about the movie. Join us and have a laugh. 
March 22, 2021
Sidetracked Episode 3
Well February is over, and we still haven't thrown in the towel. This episode is brought to you impart by ADD....wait what? you know I hate nickels but they are the only change i seem to happen upon when i find change other than pennies.. oh yeah! about X-Men origins. enjoy!
March 8, 2021
From Paris With Love (2010)
When life gives you lemons, take a smoke break and consider getting a better job...perhaps one that involves helping the CIA "off" people. LMAO! I don't really think that was the story or moral, but I got bored trying to write a good synopsis. Anyways, this one has John Travolta as a spy..its a good one. listen to it. Enjoy
February 12, 2021
Sidetracked Episode 2 (Retail Therapy)
On this episode our two heroes tell stories about working in retail, playing video games, and over all having a guest visit the podcast. As per usual the episode is delivered to your earholes by way of their usual strange brand of humor. Join the party already and have fun, but please ..Don't Make Me Laugh.
February 8, 2021
Unknown (2011)
Check the Glass! Lol! This one is a Liam Neason movie. We delve into the true insanity of this low action big budget movie. This one is fun bacause it has a very well though out twist and is over all a funny one to talk about. Join us as we stray (Far, Far Away) from the story/movie and have fun making fun of and joking at length about this movie. Enjoy! 
February 1, 2021
Sidetracked Season 2 Episode 1 (That Awkward Moment)
Hey Everyone! I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and work on the first Sidetracked of the year and season. In this episode, Truan recalls when he accidentally called a client an idiot on Google Duo. We also finally decide on the next movie that we will be discussing. Till next time  folks. 
January 25, 2021
Die Hard (1988)
Did you know 100 percent of our show was on Hiatus for no reason?..... well it was and now it's not. LMAO! Todays episode was originally supposed to be done for Christmas...then New Years....then last week.... Sooooo welcome back you scurvy bastards. We are talking about John McClain, AKA the worlds biggest balls. Yes the one and only Die Hard! and we kind of throw in a bit of a long overdue Sidetracked as well as summarize the latest current events for a sec. Hope you enjoy and boy is it good to be back. Yippy Kai Yay!!! Season 2 EPISODE 1. Welcome to 2021.
January 11, 2021
Enemy of the State (1998)
Another Christmas movie down!  As we countdown to the old yule tide day of gifts, we take a look at this Will Smith movie "Enemy of the state".  This episode I feel takes many detours to deliver the narrative in our patented hip fire style of story telling.  We zig, zag and laugh our way to the goal and hope you will all join us...Yes we are aware that we skipped a "Sidetracked" episode but trust us and enjoy. Merry Christmas you beautiful bastards! lol welcome to the holiday!
December 20, 2020
Cliff Hanger (1993)
I never really thought about this till now but, how come this move wasn't called mountain climber???  Anyways, if you were waiting for our first Sly Stallone movie, than your long wait is not over. Granted that this movie actually was not so bad and aged quite well. That didn't stop us from giving it a go.  We often procrastinate doing movies that are not that bad due to the small comedic value but wanted to ease everyone into Sylvester Stallone after the long holiday week. Give yourself a few laughs and enjoy our time together. Enjoy!
December 13, 2020
Side Tracked 11 (The Boys are back!)
We're back! We somehow survived Nic Cage month, though we didn't make it out of there unscathed. For December we decided to go ahead and make this a Christmas / Winter themed month hoping that this will ease the pain caused by Nic. In this episode we discuss the Playstation 5 and Truan goes on a bit of a rant. Did you know that Paris Hilton is a DJ? We also start discussing what we will watch for our first movie for December. Catch you all later!  
December 6, 2020
Ghost Rider (2007)
How much do you respect yourself?...enough to watch this movie and not hate it?? I hope so, cause that's what we are talking about today. We get lost in the marvel comic inspired movie that was a total disappointment among fans. This movie was so awful that Stan Lee wanted nothing to do with this and did not make his infamous marvel cameo. This movie really highlights just how bad Nicolas Cages acting really is , with it's seemingly incoherent plot and lack of character backstories. A masterpiece of a diaper fire, it is certainly a must decide.  Listen and laugh. 
November 26, 2020
Side tracked 10 ( We are all Nic Cage)
Hey everyone! In this episode of side tracked, Truan and Josh slowly see themselves becoming Nic Cage as they are now on their fourth movie for Nic Cage November! Will they ever make it out of this month sane? 
November 22, 2020
Next (2007)
Curious about the table read that lead to this movie being made?? So are we. This whole movie was a plot hole with seemingly useless characters and an awful story plot. Luckily for us it's delivered by the greatest actor ever know...Nicolas Cage?? Oh God damn it! Anyways, listen to us regret this movie. Enjoy 😉!
November 17, 2020
Side Tracked 9 (If only I had a PS5)
Hey everyone! In this week's episode, you get to listen to hosts Truan & Josh discuss how Josh was unable to get a PS5. Truan also regales us with some stories of a co worker (who shall forever remain nameless) from his time in the US Air Force. We then learn about Truan's true feelings on Guy Fieri. Finally, the next movie that the boys will be taking a look at is Next (2007), available to watch on Amazon Prime.  
November 15, 2020
Con Air (1997)
Snakes on a plane...oh no wait, convicts and Nicolas Cage. There we go, now I got it. This episode is only the second in our newest Nicolas Cage November series. Arguably one of Nic's most well known movies, this one has the added benefit of also being funny.  From An awful Southern accent to a questionable plot, it checks all the box and really highlights what this show was built on. Laugh till you cry this ones a ride. Listen in and join the crew, its Con air. 
November 9, 2020
Side tracked 8 (Golimar!)
Golimaaaaaar mar mar mar mar! Hey everybody! It's that time again. In this week's episode Josh and Truan start things off by talking about a banger known as Golimar, the Indian take on Michael Jackson's Thriller. I urge you to go ahead and look it up on Youtube for your listening pleasure. They also briefly touch upon the US election. Then they talk about their experience with CS gas during their time in boot camp. Lastly, they come up with a  theme for what movies to watch in November. Its NIC CAGE NOVEMBER!!
November 6, 2020
The Rock (1996)
Well in this episode we take a look at a movie about Alcatraz....or rather set in on Alcatraz, AKA the rock.  Starring the late great Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, this movie was soo fun to re-watch. We delve into the impossible and improbable nature of this stolen bioweapon known as VX gas. Spoiler alert, it makes you mad ugly if you  get some on you.  Return to our regularly scheduled program after our Halloween month and enjoy the first installment of Don't Make Me Laugh. Now, Enough reading you nerd, and enjoy the goddamn episode. 
November 2, 2020
Sidetracked 7 (We got one!)
In this week's Sidetracked, Truan starts things off by talking about his kids getting harassed by a group of feral chickens (fun fact they are actually his chickens). They then move onto Joe Rogan and the people that he decides to give air time to. Next they start cursing a green couch from their childhood. Afterwards they read an email that they finally got from a listener. They then close things out with another spooky story from their past. 
October 30, 2020
Blade (1998)
Ever wonder what would happen if a vampire bit a pregnant lady? Well get informed with this documentary style marvel movie...Jk, Jk. Now you all know and loved him as Simon Phoenix, my man Wesley Snipes was forgotten for far too long. One of the First Comic Book Hero movies with a Leading black (African American)superhero. He made this comic book superhero movie thing a reality before it was cool.  Truely a classic, and though the CG didn't age well, it is still a joy to watch. Pre- MCU, Pre-Matrix, it stands as a testament to the cinematic comic hero world. the Day-walker is here, so tune in enjoy and have a cup of fruit punch or beet juice to get into it. 
October 27, 2020
Side Tracked Episode 6 (Sleep Paralysis)
In this episode we start talking about the benefits of being a flat earther. P.S. There isn't any. We also compare them to anti maskers. Truan finally gets around to playing some Among Us, While Josh finished up Avatar The Last Airbender. Then we finish up the episode with Truan telling a spooky story from his childhood. Now I must go stare into a corner and contemplate Flat Earth. 
October 23, 2020
Another Halloween Episode down the hatch. This episode is about my main dude Guillermo Del Toro's comic book masterpiece "Hellboy". This one was hard to hit, due to the 2019 version being arguably worse.  We speak at length about the greatness of this flick. If you have a revisit list of movies for Halloween this one is bound to make the list. Join the demon spawn, a swamp monster, a russian mystic and Nazis delivered in a sarcastic action horror comedy. Plus we deviate a lot due to my ADD. ( Sorry)  Enjoy! 
October 19, 2020
Sidetracked Episode 5 (Sticky Fingaz)
How's it going gang? On this episode of Side Tracked, Truan and Josh discuss how similar I,Frankenstein is to Underworld and Josh is taken aback by how ripped Aaron Eckhart is. We also talk about Soulja Boy selling expensive bootlegged consoles. Were you looking for a show that is similar to X-files but instead of aliens its demons? Well, Truan has a show for you called Evil that's on Netflix. Until next time folks, I am now going to go make my eyes bleed by watching M.Night Shyamalans' "The Happening".
October 16, 2020
Happy Halloween! like vampires?...You like werewolves?? Then this the perfect episode.  We discuss the gothic inspired movie featuring Kate Beckensale about a "blood war" between two feuding houses. Ideally they want to wipe one another off the map. along the way they try to kidnap a mostly useless guy named Michael, to create a werewolf, vampire hybrid. supposedly it would be stronger than both...doesnt really seem to work that way. Anyways, listen in and enjoy the show.
October 12, 2020
Sidetracked Episode 4 (The Gingerdead Man)
Halloween is just around the corner, and we are more off topic than ever. Join us in our silly discussion about Michael Bay, Family Guy vs American Dad, and the super dreadful Gingerdead Man! Yes, we do converse about the October lineup and the next film. P.S. its not the Rock. Please join in and have fun with us.
October 9, 2020
It's the year 2079. In a world of space prisons and no Geneva convention, Guy Pearce plays Snow, a Deadpool-esk CIA operative on the wrong side of a deal gone bad. He is tasked with saving the presidents daughter from a space prison over-run with convicts. He is a man of no grace or social skills, which are hilarious to watch. Tuni in and have a laugh.
October 5, 2020
Side Tracked Episode 3
Are you kinda bored? ..Worry not, We got you covered. Listen to our silly shenanigans as we devolve into strange subject matter and odd views. Fill your silence with laughter and listen in, to get you through the day. For reference, we cover anything from PJ masks...yes the kids cartoon, to Streaming services and chat out loud about possible movies for our next episode. Stay outta trouble, practice safe sex, and hug your local trees. 
September 29, 2020
Resident Evil
This episode is about all the Zombones you could ever hope not to encounter.  We visit the distant Rona filled, Post-apocalyptic world of Racoon City. Alice (Played by Mila Jovovich) is the main character of this video game based movie. It's good for its time but not as scary as you remember. Please tune in those head wings and follow us on this installment of the Don't Make Me Laugh Podcast. 
September 29, 2020
Blood Sport
On this Episode we delve into the inner workings of convicted serial liar, Frank Dux.  We watch the quasi-bigraphical fighting movie starring Belgian action superstar and the man made of splits, the muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme. This movie quickly became a hit in its time but has not aged well. The "acting"  and true story behind the movie is whats for desert and boy is it good. you'll wanna add this to your mental library because it was a masterpiece for its time.  Turn us up and tune us in, here we go to the Kumate. 
September 14, 2020
Sidetracked episode 1
This is a loose conversation between us about random things that interest us. It strays from the somewhat loose construct of our typical episodes with no real subject off limits. Enjoy a chat between brothers while reminiscing and scheming.
September 6, 2020
Total Recall
In this episode we talk about a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action thriller. One of the great that honestly Is quite good. Doesn't stop us from looking back and reminiscing about the days when arnold was the man to watch. We go deep and with new equipment forge ahead into the unknown.
September 5, 2020
Jet Li's "The Master"
We dive into an extra long episode looking at one of Jet Li's Chinese to US release films. Not only is the story hard to follow, but its cringy to watch. Could it be a language barrier or is this movie just that bad? Action seemed to overshadow a coherent story on this one. Laugh and enjoy, and most importantly, make this a classic if you've never seen it.
August 30, 2020
Under Siege 1 and 2
On our first episode Joshua and Truan discuss the under seige movie franchise at length with a spiraling story about the cast. We do kinda get lost talking about the strange life of our beloved action star, Steven Seagal while diving into the conversation about these cult classic films.
August 23, 2020