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By Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera speaks, sometimes with guests, about mental health, mindset, and support for creatives. We tackle difficult topics and share personal stories from our personal history and share how we apply them today. The goal of the show is to share that we are not alone in the struggles we facr. You are seen and you are heard.

Disclaimer: I, and none of my guests (unless stated) are not mental health professionals, we are people sharing our stories.

If you're suffering please seek professional help or if you're in crisis mode please call 1-800-273-8255
One Year on Anchor! Thank You!
This is the one year episode! I've been on the platform for a year, since Anchor 2.0 and life been make a 180-turn ever since. Anchor has allowed me to quickly execute podcasts, speak about topics I never thought I could, and connect with people I never thought I could. I met my lady-friend, @thedarlingrage on this platform and as the platform grows, I'm feeling the perks of that as well. Thanks Anchor and thank you fans!
July 14, 2018
Emily Prokop on her ADHD Superpowers!
Today on the show I speak with the lovely Emily Prokop, host of "The Story Behind" a podcast focused on the story behind every day things. She is a great talent who was nice enough to share with me her diagnosis of ADHD and how's been able to make connections to past behaviors based on that diagnosis. Females are a bit more difficult to diagnose as having ADHD so we speak a bit the cognitive aspects of ADHD. We also talk about her podcast and some of the topic she speaks about. You could say it's the story behind "The Story Behind." You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at Join our Facebook page at You can join our Facebook group to see live recordings at
July 14, 2018
Replacing Apologies with Affirmations
Today on the show we're talking about replacing apologies with affirmations. Specifically talking about replacing apologies that come from insecurities and assumptions. A simple reframing of "sorry" into "thank you" can do so much for building relationships, not playing the victim, and empowering yourself to continue on a positive mental health journey. Put on your comfy socks and get set for a lovely episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Support Group: Courses:
July 13, 2018
Learning Styles and Mental Health
Today on the show we're talking about learning styles and mental health. I talk a bit about my past as a difficult learner and how I've been able to take the reigns as an adult to figure out ways to nurture my intelligence without feeling like I'm not able to keep up with the expectations of others. Learning my own style of acquiring information has allowed me to make for lost time in a school system that wasn't focused on my individual needs, which absolutely had a negative effect on my upbringing and social life. I'm sure many of you out there feel the same. So let's gather around the fire and get set for a story of childhood educational difficulty on this episode of DOPEamine. More episodes: Support Group: MBTI Courses:
July 12, 2018
Karina Pardus on Postpartum Depression
Today on the show I have Karina Pardus, a musical composer who helps creators to add musical flavor to their work. She's also dealt with postpartum depression, so we spent much of our time talking about that, the effect it's had on her life and the changes she's made to improve her situation. There's a lot of great information here if you're someone who has dealt or is currently dealing with this difficult situation. There is a unique level of stigma to explore when it comes to mothers and their children. You'll absolutely feel a little more brave after this episode of DOPEamine. More Episodes: Facebook Group: Podcast Course: Also, don't bother with going to the grocery store on those off days. Instacart has you covered. Use the link to get $10 off your first order:
July 11, 2018
Survival Bias
Today on the show we're talking about the concept of survival bias. What does that mean? It's what successful happen to fall into occasionally when they reach a level of success and start sharing advice with others. This means they may start ignoring certain aspects that led to their success and trying to pass that off as the only way to succeed. It can have negative effects as it can make you feel inadequate when you don't reach the same level of success quickly. Get set for a realtalk episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Support group: Courses:
July 10, 2018
Failure is Feedback
Today on the show we talk about failure and all of the emotional components that come with it. For most part, failure is a very emotional experience for ourselves and those around us. We experience shame, sadness, depression and defeat at the hands of failure but when it's all said and done it helps us most to look at failure as a means for us to move forward. Failure provides us with feedback for what we've just experienced in order to learn from it. Knowing this phrase "Failure is Feedback" can help when looking back at failures and comparing it to where you are today. Dust your shoulders off and get ready for the latest episode of DOPEamine! More Episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
July 9, 2018
Coaching vs. Therapy
Today on the show I talk about coaching versus therapy. What's the difference between the two? How can one be more helpful than the other? Therapy is important for assessing your mental state and making sense of the past while coaching can be an important aspect of moving forward when you're feeling stuck. Like most things it is up to the individual and their personal needs. So sit on the couch and let it all out on the latest episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
July 6, 2018
Today on the show we're talking about individualism. What does it take to be your own person? Does that always involve being the lone wolf? The short answer is no, you can be a part of a group or community and still be an individual but it's a matter of determining whether or not that community is true to your values and gives you the opportunities you're looking for. I talk a little about The Rachel Divide and how that influenced this discussion. Grab your closest friends and join me for the latest episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
July 5, 2018
Jermaine Tolbert: Genius of A Schizophrenic
Today on the show we have Jermaine Tolbert, former lead singer of 3D, a group who was set to work with Pharrell Williams of Star Trak Ent. when his life changed as he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and depression just before it his big break. He's since gone through development to improve his condition and changed his life through actionable steps that can be found in the book "Genius of A Schizophrenic" You can find Jermaine on Twitter at You can find more episodes of the show at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can join our Facebook support group at
July 4, 2018
Injuries and Mental Health
Today on the show we talk about injuries can have a long term mental health affect if not taken care of. I mostly talk about my experience with my Achilles injury and how that's had an affect on my health, my perception of myself, my energy level, what I do and how I take care of myself. Sit down for this one, I know I did and join me for this hobbling along episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
July 3, 2018
Partnering to Improve Weaknesses
Today on the show I talk about working with a partner to improve your weaknesses (and strengths). That means working with your relationship partner, business partner, coach or therapist to assess your personal development journey and gain some perspective from someone else on how you can grow as a person. For me, that has been improving my emotional state and being more empathetic to others. To be honest, other people's emotions are my least favorite thing in the world. They're frustrating and feel like a waste of time for me but being in a relationship with a feeling type who can speak the same development language as me has given me the opportunity to improve in that area. So grab a tissue and join me for this latest episode of DOPEamine! More Episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
July 2, 2018
Holistic Cognition
Today on the show I wanted to talk about the concept that I've been developing called "Holistic Cognition." It's meant as a way for someone like me, who doesn't have a faith and doesn't really agree with the current labeling of spirituality as anything I personally resonate with. So, throughout the show I talk about my relationship with religion, how it has been difficult for me to grasp and respect throughout my life and how it is now something that I've been able to apply to my life in ways that are still respectful to my individuality and strengths in being a logical thinker type of person. So, sit yourself down on your favorite blade of grass and join me on this woo-woo episode of DOPEamine! More Episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
June 29, 2018
Personal Development is Personal
Today on the show I'm talking about the personal aspect of personal development. Meaning, that it is your personal responsibility to foster you're own growth. One of the key items that I talk about on this is taking personal responsibility for your emotions, your reactions, your environment and every aspect of your life that you can. So today, that is all going to translate into your personal development journey. That means researching items in ways that you know how, learning to ask the right questions and take ownership for everything that is happening...good or bad. So buckle up, because it's going to be a bumpy ride on the episode of DOPEamine! More Episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
June 28, 2018
ADHD Misconceptions
Today on the show I wanted to talk about ADHD misconceptions. Like many conditions, there is a public perception that often gets in the way of progress from a societal perspective but also hinders individual growth. Some people may oppose a diagnosis because of the public perception, for example. So I wanted to talk about ADHD in particular because it is an avenue that I'm personally starting to explore as I dive further into my personal development journey. A lot of things match up for me. So, I wanted to share what I've been learning, how that connects to me and my growth and hopefully teach you something that you didn't know about ADHD. Let's hyperfocus together on this next episode of DOPEamine! More Episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
June 26, 2018
Today on the show I wanted to talk about Humility and how it's especially important on our self development journey. Many aspects of self-development will teach you how to be confident but it can be easy to overlook how helpful it is to keep some of the confidence in-check in a healthy way. That means asking yourself questions and considering that what you know is all that you know. There will always been new information out there and it is important to be receptive to that new information to grow and develop as a person. So pull up a chair, grab a drink and join me on the humble episode of DOPEamine! More Episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
June 25, 2018
Let's talk about "hustle" and all that it means. There is a bit of confusion about what hustle even means and why there is some disdain towards it. But I don't believe that all hustle is bad but there is plenty about hustle that isn't good and can be detrimental to your mental health. Let's talk about what to consider when applying a hustle mindset to your life and considering whether or not it's something you even need in your life. Let's put on our boots and get to walkin' on this episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course: Host:
June 22, 2018
Quick Tip: Ambient Noise
We're not only talk about mental health on this show but occasionally we discuss business and what it takes to reach people. So, today I wanted to give a quick tip to listeners and share with the Anchor community how you can get started on that podcast without worrying too much about all of the little details. Just go do the thing! More episodes: Podcast Course:
June 21, 2018
Trolls and Negative Feedback
You know how it goes as a creator, an artist, or a public persona...there are going to be haters if you're good enough at something. That's just what happens as you start to gain notoriety for the thing that you're doing but since you may not have any experience with it...what do you do? How you approach handling those types of people without being a jerk, hiding any feedback and truth from your audience, or letting it put you into a depressive spiral? I talk about the different kind of feedback that you'll get as you put your work out there and ways that you can deal with it. Mostly giving you the permission anything that is meant to burn down the house that you're building. I also talk about constructive feedback and how that comes into play. So pull up a chair, grab a snickers and prepare for your ears for another episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Facebook Support Group: Podcast Course:
June 21, 2018
Victoria Teasdale | Aspergers, Individual Care and Boundaries
Today on the show I've got Victoria Teasdale with me talking about her work as an empowerment coach. She helps people determine which areas they're struggling and works with them to improve in areas of communication, sensory, physical, cognitive, and emotional types of growth. She has seen her own difficulties growing and is using what she has learned in her journey to help others. We talk about creating a living document, not living within a box, unique strength, her battle with Aspergers as well as discussions on individual care and setting boundaries. There is so much here that I'm excited to share with you! Please let us know what you think of this episode! You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can hear more episodes of DOPEamine at Be sure to check out our Facebook group, DOPEamine - Mental Health Support for Creatives and Entrepreneurs
June 20, 2018
Today on the show we talk about insignificance. Specifically the feeling of "Why does anything matter?" to which I ask "Why does anything have to matter?" It's a tricky questions and a tricky conversation but I've been dealing with the depths of purpose, reality and my mental health for over 20 years, so I've got a thing or two to share on the topic. Buckle up, cause it's a bumpy ride but by the time it's over you should feel a sense of letting a lot of that heaviness go and just be able to have yourself a good ol' time on the latest episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Facebook Support Group: Podcast Course:
June 19, 2018
Breaking The Cycle of Abuse
Today on the show we're talking about breaking the cycle of abuse. It's an episode focused on helping former abusers understanding how they can stop being an abuser and also not be susceptible to abuse themselves. I specifically talk about it in the context of romantic relationships but it can apply to family or work dynamics as well, in some cases. I talk about how romantic relationships are about 3 entities, not, your partner and the relationship. I talk a bit about control and how that affects relationships along with projections of insecurity. I hope you'll join on this episode to find a better way for all of us to expression love and boundaries on this episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Facebook Group: Podcast Course:
June 18, 2018
Fatherhood and Manhood
On this special episode of DOPEamine we talk about Father's day and what it means to me as a father who is away from his son, some of the stigma associated and how we can continue to be better men even as we face the challenges of fatherhood. I've been lucky enough to learn how to be a grown man through personal examples and through my personal self-development journey. I also just watched Tony Robbins' "I'm not your guru" so naturally I was a bit inspired. Let's lace up our boots, set up some explosives and launch this episode into space on the latest episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Support Group: Podcast Course:
June 18, 2018
Celebrity Deaths
Today on the show I wanted to talk a heavy but important topic: Celebrity Deaths. With the recent passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, the internet is agape with the shock of frustration of losing two important people in the world. With that frustration comes additional frustrations from the responses from the crowd. From the ignorant to the unhelpful, we breakdown the different types of responses and how even you can have an impact on your immediate support system. The point of this show is to share how only sharing the suicide hotline isn't enough for us to contribute to the well-being of the human race. I thank you guys for listening to this very important episode of DOPEamine. More episodes: Facebook Group: Podcast Course:
June 15, 2018
Today on the show let's talk about introversion. What does it really mean to be an introvert? How does it affect your energy and your mental health? I talk a bit about the stigma surrounding many introverts and the variety of introverts that exist. We also talk a bit about extroverts and how they can be misunderstood as well. I wanted to talk about introverts specifically because much of world seems to have a more natural understanding of extroverts but introverts remains either a mystery or mislabeled. So let's explore all of that on today's episode of DOPEamine! More episodes: Facebook Group: Podcast Course:
June 14, 2018
Courtney Blair on Connecting People to Podcasts
Today I've had the honor and pleasure to speak with my new friend Courtney Blair. We talk about her business Zippy Content, how it came to be and how she's a natural when it comes to connecting people. She shares a bit of her story as to how she started the business, how she's planning to grow, and we get a cameo from her most adorable daughter. This was a fun casual episode about podcasting and connecting people to the podcasting world. If you're a podcaster or aspiring podcaster, this episode is for you! Go to to find out about the service. You can find out more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
June 13, 2018
Thinking and Feeling
Today on the show I wanted to talk about Thinking and Feeling. I wanted to talk about this concept in abstract terms but mentions of Myers-Briggs does come up. It's the inspiration for this episode. Thinking and Feeling is often thought of Thinking vs. Feeling. Thinking being in reference to analytical thinking and Feeling more focused on emotions. Often they are at odds but in this episode we talk about the difference along with how we bridge the gap to help ourselves think or feel a little better in given scenarios or to better understand someone who uses the opposite function more often. I think it's an interesting show and I hope you enjoy it as well! More episodes: Facebook group: Podcast Course:
June 12, 2018
Female to Male Abuse
Today on the show we're talking about emotional abuse, particular female to male emotional abuse. Much of what is said in this episode can apply to all matters of abuse but there are a few distinct differences when it comes from female to male. Men, in particular, face different challenges when it comes to lack of a support system, their own stigma, and pressure to keep the family unit together or wanting to maintain a sexual relationship. We talk about all of this and more on the next episode of DOPEamine! You can check out other episodes at You can check out our facebook group at You can check out our podcast course for absolute beginners at
June 11, 2018
Cognitive Empathy as an INTP
Today on the show I wanted to talk about Cognitive Empathy. What does that mean? That means, that as more of a thinker type, I've always had a hard time relating to people and how they simply "feel" things. I've always had to learn more about people by asking questions, looking for signs and learning about systems like MBTI. I've developed a better understanding of my past through this development and hopefully I can help you, too! You can listen to other episodes of the show on You can sign up for Myers-Briggs consulting at You can pick up the Podcast Course for Absolute Beginners at
June 8, 2018
Honoring Mental Health in a Relationship
Today on the show I talk about Honoring Mental Health in a Relationship. In it's most simplest terms, that's about respect and loving one another through every little difficult. Sometimes you have to set boundaries but remember that it's not about control, it's about putting checks and balances in place to make sure that you're cultivating the life and relationship that you want for each other. Speaking to one another about what you're dealing with is also important. We also talk about relationships in which one partner has issues and the other doesn't as well as relationships in which both partners have difficulties. You can listen to more episodes at You can pick up our Podcast Course for Absolute Beginners at
June 7, 2018
Marshall Sylver on Hypnotism, Certainty, and Money
Today on the show I have world renowned hypnotist Marshall Sylver with me to talk about the launch of his program called CertaintyInc. He uses his abilities to help other unlock a sense of certainty within themselves to go after their dreams and ambitions. We have a lot of mental blockers in life and this is another avenue that many successful people have taken to explore what they never thought was possible. He's even translated that into his personally life, helping his wife feel no pain during the birth of their children which he broadcasted live to show how it all works. I'm fascinated by the discussion as he shares money mindset tips, talks about how he got started in hypnotism and shares more about his upcoming program. He's been on numerous talk shows in his career and will not stop! You can look for Marshall Sylver at and look for to launch in October. You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
June 6, 2018
Tough Love Tuesday: What is Happiness?
Today on the show I wanted to talk about the concept of happiness. What is happiness? How do we approach happiness as individuals and a society? I don't think many of us have the most helpful perspective on happiness and that can send us into a very uncomfortable place. There's a lot to break down here so I hope you'll join me on this wonderfully cynical journey into the concept of "Happiness." You can hear more episodes of the show at You can pick up the Podcast Course for Absolute Beginners at
June 5, 2018
Podcasting as a Personal Development Tool
Today on the show I wanted to talk about how we can use podcasting as a personal development tool. Podcasting isn't just about being fun and entertaining but through that process of becoming more entertaining we can learn a lot about ourselves. What we like, what we don't like, what don't we like about how we speak? What is the best way to connect with people? I've been able to use podcasting as a therapeutic tool, which has been very important to me. So I share that and more on this episode of DOPEamine! You can hear more episodes of the show at You can pick up our Podcast Course for Absolute Beginners at
June 4, 2018
The Future of DOPEamine!
Just a quick update on the future of the show! Now 5 days a week!
June 1, 2018
Educating Others on Your Mental Illness
Today on the show I wanted to talk about educating others on your mental illness. That means openly discussing your boundaries and needs with those around you to better set yourself up for success during difficult times. We talk a bit about still handling your responsibilities and not using your mental health as excuse while also talking about how sharing your experience with those close to you is a means to battle stigma as well. Providing clarity can be a way of defending yourself against those trying to do harm as well. It's a good show and there's a lot to break down, so join me! You can hear more episodes at You can purchase our Podcast Course for Absolute Beginners at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
June 1, 2018
Safe Spaces
Today on this quick episode of DOPEamine, I wanted to talk about safe spaces. We have a group dedicated to creating a safe space for creatives to express their difficulties but that's not the only way to create a safe space. I talk about those details and why it's so important to have one. Join our group at
May 31, 2018
Ashley Sanders | Leadership, Comedy, Marketing, and Grief
Today on the show we have Ashley Sanders who has had her own YouTube and Facebook show for a long time focused on helping people innovate but is now transitioning into helping people become leaders through her Leadership Retreat called Camp Ashley. Ashley is a lot of fun to speak to and she's very open about who she is. She shares with us how she grew up in a family of leaders, how that rubbed off on her, her relationship with comedy, why she doesn't like marketing so much anymore and discusses the processing of grief with the passing of her beloved grandmother. These sound like heavy topics but we approach with a levity that will certainly leaving you smiling once you're done listening to it. You can find out more about Ashley Sanders at You can hear other episodes of the show at and learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
May 30, 2018
MBTI Kryptonite: How Each Type Responds to Stress
Today I wanted to talk about Myers-Briggs inferior function. What is your weakness and what creates stress for your type? How do you overcome that? What can you learn from that? If you don't know your type, this could be a way to learn which type you fall under based on how you respond to stress. In general, I think it's quite interesting to look at each type to see some of the darker sides and what we can to nurture our strengths in order to improve. You can listen to the show at You can purchase our Podcasting Course for Absolute Beginners at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
May 28, 2018
Today on the show let's talk about "Alone." Being alone, feeling alone, feeling lonely, the existential aspect of alone...there's a lot to break down. From relationships to whether or not you physically like to be alone, the point is to talk about this subject from varying points of you. Being alone or not being alone doesn't live within the realm of right or wrong, it's another avenue of discovering your identity to best suit your needs in any given situation. Ultimately, there's this concept that we're alone our entire lives in one sense, so how do we cope with that? There's a lot to break down and think about here as we dive into the deep dark abyss of dealing with the concept "Alone." You can hear more episodes of the show on You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at And also, please check out my new podcast course available for 70% for a limited time at
May 25, 2018
10,000 Listens on @Anchor
A quick update to thank everyone for listening to the show for all this time. I've been at it for about a year and none of this can happen without you, so thank you! Here's to another 10k!
May 25, 2018
Perry Liao | Purpose Driven Mastery for Asian Men
Today I speak with Perry Laio, mindset and spirituality mentor for men seeking Purpose Driven Mastery. Perry focuses on helping Asian men gain a sense of individuality and freedom in the direction of their lives. Many eastern cultures remain closely tied to their families throughout their lives and with that comes the pressure of succeeding in the way your parents want you to succeed. Good grades and a stable job are more sought after than a life of entrepreneurship. With the increasing numbers of business owners only increasing, this episode is important for those who are having trouble stepping into their own light. You can learn more about Perry Laio at You can hear other episodes of the show at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
May 23, 2018
Unexpected Life Events
Today on the show I'm talking about unexpected life events. Those major things that happen to each of but often manifest different and at different times. Complacency can take us off guard and being thrown off of our routine can have mental and financial side effects. I share with you a recent story of financial hardship and how I worked through that journey. For the most part we discuss how everyone is different so they're going handle the emotional and thinking aspects of these events differently. So, please do stick around and let me know what you think of this episode! You can hear more episodes at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at Check out my podcast course at
May 21, 2018
No Action is An Action
Today on the show I wanted to talk about the lack of action equaling an action. It's easy for us to feel like we should just ignore certain things. Ignore our mental health, ignore responsibilities or ignore the people and situations around us. Frankly, not making a decision equals a decision and I'm here to discuss that. You can check out the podcast at You can also learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can follow on social at
May 18, 2018
Ed Holtzman | Growth from Alcoholism, Anxiety, Depression
Today on the we have Ed Holtzman joining me to talk about his past dealing with Alcoholism, anxiety and depression. He shares some stories of his journey from being a roadie for big bands with Atlantic Records, to DJing then making big life changes during rehab to set him on a better path for himself. He shares his journey and love for internet marketing as well, so there's some practical advice here on how to help gain new clients and manage a business without triggering your anxiety. This was a really amazing conversation that you'll be sure to learn something from! Without further ado, welcome to the show Ed Holtzman!
May 16, 2018
Self-Harm, Suicide and Not Wanting To Exist. WARNING: HEAVY EPISODE AND HEAVY TOPIC!
WARNING: HEAVY EPISODE AND HEAVY TOPIC! Yes, warnings everywhere. This episode is most definitely a heavy one. We talk about self-harm, suicide and the difference between that and simply not wanting to exist. Many of us have experienced this deeply painful feeling of worthlessness, helplessness and simply not wanting to exist. For me, this has manifested in my past as reckless behavior since I didn't value myself as much as I do now. So, essentially I share my stories of suicide attempts and how I've re-framed my approach to suicide as momentarily versus permanent. I'm only able to speak from my experience as I'm absolutely not a doctor and am not providing medical advice on how you should approach suicidal tendencies. If you're suffering please seek professional help or if you're in crisis mode please call 1-800-273-8255.
May 15, 2018
The Source of Advice
Today on the show I talk about The Source of Advice. When we have an idea for something, especially when it's something in which we may be breaking the mold a bit, we tend to ask our friends if it's a good idea. Frankly, their advice, especially if negative, is likely not going to be helpful. Are they experts in the thing you're trying to do? Why are you really asking them and why are you asking for permission? Let's break it down. You can check out the podcast at You can also learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can follow on social at You can join the group at
May 11, 2018
Experiential Knowledge with Joy Idries
Today on the show I have Joy Idries with me discussing experiential knowledge and her experience with helping people become more connected between their head and their heart. Her work is truly transformational as she even helps me tap into an emotional side that I don't normally express very well. You can find Joy on Facebook through her group "Truly Transformational" at Without further ado, please welcome Joy Idries to the show!
May 9, 2018
Travel Vs. Escapism
Today on the show I talk about the topic of travel vs. escapism. What's the difference between getting away to enjoy yourself and getting away to not have to face your problems? I break down a bit of what that means and how that has manifested in my life through the various bits of travel I've done, life changes I've made and decisions I've seen others make when it comes to escaping their responsibility. We're currently looking for show sponsors, so if you appeal to podcast creators, content creators, new business owners looking to improve their life then you'll be a great fit as a sponsor! Reach out to me at You can hear other episodes of the show at You can join our group at You can learn more about the host at
May 7, 2018
Depression and Sex
Today on the show I wanted to talk about Sex and Depression. Many of us who are dealing with depression also have spouses who want our physical attention. Much of the time being depressed it not conducive to wanting to give sexual attention to someone. So what do you do? How do you approach telling your loved one that you don't want to be touched? We talk about that and more this week on DOPEAMINE! You can check out the podcast at You can also learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can follow on social at Join our support group at
May 4, 2018
Amy Bernier | Boundaries and Saying "Yes!" to yourself!
Amy Bernier joins me on this episode to talk about her struggles with being a people pleaser all of her life and how that began to affect her physically. She's taken some major steps to improve her and perception of herself. She gives some really great advice and how to center yourself to find ways to say no to others and say yes to yourself. You can find her work at Without further ado, welcome to the show Amy Bernier!
May 2, 2018
Using Your Mental Health as Creative Inspiration
Today on the show I talk about using your mental health as creative inspiration. Musicians, artists and other creators often us their personal stories as inspiration for their expression, which includes your struggle with mental health. The entire point of this podcast is to promote the idea that it's okay to struggle and mental health is a very real aspect in our lives, so why not use it as part of our creative expression. Sure, some point don't want all of the details of what you're feeling, so applying that to creative expression can be a healthy outlet without alienating yourself in any way. You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can join our Facebook page at
April 30, 2018
Triggers and Our Environment
Today on the show I talk about the triggers we face in our every day environment. I give some examples of what I face and offer some insight into things you should consider if you're finding it difficult to get through the day because of your environment. Things like loud noises, bright lights and intense smells can sometimes be triggers for those dealing with mood disorder. We talk a bit about the stigma behind the word "trigger" and mood disorders as well. You can check out the podcast at You can also learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can follow on social at
April 27, 2018
Saras Feijóo | Unlocking Creativity
Description:Today I'm joined by a personal of international wisdom and energy! Saras Feijoo, a creativity mentor, international curator, multimedia performance artist and all-around lovely person, joins me to talk about the power of creativity. We talk about how everyone has a natural sense of creativity within themselves and often hold themselves back from playing as much as they'd like. We also talk about integrating creativity into your day and what you can do on your own to get your creativity going. This is most definitely one of the more fun shows that'll leave you wanting to dance through the hallways. Welcome, Saras! You can find out more about Saras at SarasFeijó! Welcome to the show, Saras Feijóo!
April 25, 2018
Taking Responsibility for Your Mental Health
Today on the show I wanted to talk about taking responsibility for your mental health. What does that mean? Well, simply put, in most cases your life is not anyone else's responsibility. Yes, that sounds harsh but that's the reality we live in. If we let ourselves go, don't find the right support, don't learn more about yourself and refuse to grow then we'll most definitely be doomed to deal with more difficult aspects of mental illness. I talk a little bit about comparing mental health to being born into a family below the poverty line and that not being an excuse to throw your hands up and give up. There's a lot to break down here, so I hope you'll join me! You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can hear more episodes at Join our Facebook group "DOPEamine - Mental Health Support for Creatives and Entrepreneus"
April 23, 2018
Revisiting The Past
Today I wanted to talk about revisiting the past. It's something that we eventually do on our mental health journey but how useful is it? Should we take stock in our past? Should we ignore it completely? Many of us idolized the past, or our past, specifically. Many of us have had difficult pasts and may not want to revisit those things. I'm here to talk about the power of going into the past and the danger of getting lost in it. I hope you'll enjoy this one! You can learn more about the host at You can subscribe to the show at You can subscribe on youtube at You can find our Facebook community at
April 20, 2018
Kate St. Hilaire | Bold and Introverted Entrepreneurship
Today on the show I have Kate St Hilaire, who is a coach for introverted entrepreneurs looking to get themselves out there. Kate has a wealth of knowledge and some personal stories to share from her life as an introvert. We talk about the mindset of an introvert as well as some stigma surrounding this common personality type. There are a lot of walls to break for people's view of introverts as well as from introverts themselves. Being a natural introvert myself, I was extra excited to have Kate on the podcast. We also speak a bit about the Myers-Briggs personality assessment and how that helps her with client discovery. Find Kate at the Bold and Introverted Entrepreneur at If you're an introvert struggling to find your way around the world, this is the episode for you! Welcome Kate St Hilaire!
April 18, 2018
The Inevitable Emotional Crash
Today on the show I wanted to share with everyone some of the side effects that I deal with when it comes to the emotional crash after mania. I've been dealing with cyclothymia (a mood disorder) since I was a kid and over the years have learned ways of coping with it. However, I know that there is a certain inevitability when it comes to this cycle. I start to feel and feel like I can take on the world but then the crash comes. So, a major component of that is preparing myself for when that happens. I take extra measure to make sure that when I crash I'm able to come with ways to still get work done. You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can listen to more episodes at We also have a new facebook community at:
April 16, 2018
Today on the show I wanted to talk applying self-discipline. Many of us feel like we don't need any rules in our lives but tend to find that some semblance of structure turns out to be beneficial for them. I find that those who benefit the most from sense of routine or structure are those who are dealing with a trigger-like illness. I know that if I break my morning routine or sleep schedule too drastic, it throws me off balance. I wanted to share my personal experience in this area as I continue to grow in my mental health journey! You can check out the podcast at You can also learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can follow on social at And now you can join our Facebook group!
April 13, 2018
David Yarde | Upward and Onward
Today I spoke to David Yarde, graphic designer and business owner who spent some time in the corporate world before realizing he'd rather have his own business. He brings up a good point that while many people may see the corporate world as more stable, it's often the other way around, at least for creatives, because your fate is in someone else's hands. He works with his wife, so we spoke a bit about that dynamic as well as taking time to be healthy and not overworking yourself. Lots of great insight from David! You can find his work at
April 11, 2018
James Gaffney | Punk Rock Mindset and Design
Today on the show we have James Gaffney, a graphic designer with his own business creating his own path the punk rock way. We talk quite a bit about punk rock, how that gen-x mindset is seaping into culture in a larger way, how to build a team and how design stays the same while trends change. If you're a designer at any stage of your career, this episode is for you. Lots of great information from James on how to make decisions for yourself, be respectful to clients while trying new things and we even talk about pricing projects. Lots to break down and lots to share with you all! It was a dope conversation, one of my favorites so far. You can find James over at Without further do, welcome James Gaffney!
April 9, 2018
Public Vulnerability
Today on the show I talk about public vulnerability. Many content creators are considered to be "normal" every day people. You and I aren't celebrities, we're just people trying to make a living on our own terms. Many of us, however, also don't have public relations teams telling us how to be. How do we approach our work? What can we be open about? What should we be open about? I talk about the positives of being open about who you are and getting in front of any negativity that someone can throw at you. This is the first episode I've done live on our Facebook page, so if you go like us there you can see these episodes as they're being recorded! You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
April 9, 2018
Support for Rape and Other Trauma
Warning: This episode discusses the heavy topic of rape. So today is a bit of a heavy episode. I came across a reddit thread in which a distraught sister had just discovered who her sister's attacker was and decided to take to reddit in order to determine a course of action. Should she confront him? Should she prosecute? Should she urge her sister to do something? What came out of it was something interesting. I discovered that there is a common thread when it comes to trauma, pointing a finger at the victim. Now this isn't about blaming the victim for being attacked but about blaming the victim for not doing anything. Applying pressure as someone who should be providing support for their sibling, friend, co-worker, etc. This episode talks about how we can better support each other in trauma and how we can give the power back to the victim who has had all sense of control taken from them. You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
April 6, 2018
Passions and Sins: Enneagram Prompting
So, today I wanted to talk about using enneagrams and the resulting "passions" as a way to prompt yourself to learn about where you are in life and where you'd like to go. Many of us are simply lost and sometimes we need a bit of a boost; some new information about how to proceed. I think looking at enneagrams and the resulting passions, based on the seven deadly sins are a great way to look at how you're making decisions, what is your driving force, what are your weaknesses and what should you lean into. I find that gluttony is my major focus that has it's own strengths and weakness. Strength in aspiring for more but a weakness in not appreciating more of what I have. This is something I'm continuing to work on. There is no one specific answer or path but multiple results may help you look at where you can improve. I hope you'll enjoy this one! If you're not subscribed, please do so! You can learn more about the host at
April 2, 2018
Breakdown: INTP and Mental Health from an INTP
Today on the show I want to share with you a recent YouTube video I did about INTPs and Mental Health. In the future, I'd like to break down more specific examples of what I feel is an INTP personality trait versus the mental health struggles I've dealt with because sometimes those wires get crossed. INTPs tend to struggle socially but can be quite genius when it comes to logic and understanding. Many aspects of what an INTP is translates well into why I even do this podcast to begin with. I think this is a great episode to learn a lot more about me but also help anyone who is also an INTP or knows of an INTP that they have some struggle understanding. You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can check out the YouTube channel at
March 30, 2018
Colleen Farese | Alternative Discovery
Today on the show I have my dear friend Colleen Farese with me to talk about her personal story of finding focus through Tarot and spirituality. She was once, too quickly, diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it wasn't very helpful for her. She didn't feel like herself and needed an alternative method of discovering what she needed. Before you run away, skeptical person, this episode touches on the practical side of Tarot and how the fun of it is a way for you to prompt your mind into being honest with itself. As we know, sometimes the most difficult part of growth is honesty, and Tarot has given her the opportunity to do that. One size does not fit all, so here is a different way of finding clarity in life. You can find out more about Colleen at Check out today's sponsor at
March 28, 2018
Repression vs. Positivity
Today on the show I wanted to talk about this idea of repression and positivity being two very different things. We can be positive about a situation and about our future but if it's a means to cover up the negative then it's not so helpful. One of the common things I've seen amongst people, those I've come across and interviewed, is that repression can lead to negative physical and mental symptoms in our lives. Not being real about where we're at in life will lead us down a path of simply not being true to who we are and what we need. So, I design repression in terms of my story of divorce, growing up in a tough town of Philly, and how I started to allow myself the room to process emotions and more specifically be clear about my emotions and my intent versus someone else's intent. This show got quite real and I'm incredibly proud of how it turned out. It's one of those shows that just feels like a therapy session. So I hope you'll enjoy it and leave a review!
March 26, 2018
A Fall from Grace
Today on the show I wanted to talk about Falling from Grace. Specifically I mean falling from a high place of importance, understanding or social standing. This could mean losing your job, spouse, falling out from a relationship with a loved one. Essentially falling from some place of perceived perfection. For many of us, that's building a business and having it fail. I share some ideas on how you can regroup and recenter yourself. What you should be doing and focusing on as well as some specific questions that can help you be more honest with yourself. I think you'll like this one. You can hear more episodes of DOPEAMINE at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can check out this week's sponsor at
March 26, 2018
Eduard Boka | Foundation, Seizing Opportunity and "Why?"
This one is what I'd like to call a "full episode!" Today on the show I have with me Eduard Boka, a business consultant and marketing strategist, who gives a breadth of knowledge as it pertains to mindset and business. We talk quite a bit about building your foundation, seizing opportunity and looking deeper into "Why" you're doing what you're doing. Eduard also has the unique experience of being from, living in and doing business from Romania with United States customers. He discusses why U.S. customers fit him better. He also shares how he nearly jumped on the idea of Canva before they came onto the market and shares the lessons he's learned from that experience. This episode is a big one if you're a marketer and entrepreneur looking for stories of real people going through many stages of businesses and life from a unique perspective. I love this episode and I think you will too! You can check out Eduard Boka and his business at
March 21, 2018
Money Mindset | Growing Up Poor
Today on the show I talk about money mindset and how growing up poor has affected my perception of growth in business. I've been trying to be a full-fledged entrepreneur for a long time but poor money habits, mindset, and perspective have kept me from allowing myself to grow in the ways that I'd like to. I talk a bit about altruism, greed, capatilism and more as we dive into this much needed topic of discussion. Let's do this! I"m now looking for sponsors for the show, so if you're interested please reach out to You can hear the show at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at http://www.himynameischristian.
March 19, 2018
The Mathematics of Love
Today on the show I wanted to talk about a great TED Talk I came across called "The Mathematics of Love." It's one of my favorites as it dives into the complexities of finding a partner. Even if you feel like you're really good at swooning someone from a feelings perspective, you're still playing a numbers game. There is no tried and true one method for finding the right partner but understanding the odds could put those odds in your favor. Hannah Fry also speaks about how to maintain a health marriage and what the stats say are the best qualities of lasting love. You can find the TED Talk on youtube with a simple google search. You can listen to more episodes of DOPEamine at and you can find out more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
March 16, 2018
Oh Baby 👶
Jameson has arrived 👶
March 15, 2018
Rosemary Richings | Copywriting and Dyspraxia
Today on the show I have Rosemary Richings, a talented copywriter who speaks of her growth as a professional writer and the tools she uses to continue forward in her career whilst facing Dyspraxia, a form of developmental coordination disorder (DCD), a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults. Rosemary was kind enough to share her story and talk about how entrepreneurs can work on issues of anxiety and self-doubt whilst starting their own business. Rosemary also comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so there's a lot of interesting stuff here to break down. You can find Rosemary over at Without further ado, Welcome Rosemary Richings to the show!
March 14, 2018
Juliet Lucero | Educating Schools on Anti-Bullying, Mental Health and Shooter Drills
Today on the show I have Juliet Lucero with me to discuss some deep and heavy topics including bullying, mental health and school shootings. These are all topics can make people feel uncomfortable but with the unfortunate reality of mass killings being ever-present in our world, it's a topic we need to discuss. It's also a topic we need to educate schools on in terms of preventative measures, identifying potential threads, helping those with mental health struggles, preventing stigma and teaching people to be better to each other. They even had a webinar discussing 13 Reasons Why and how the show has a negative impact, intentional or not. Juliet shares how her work with Keenan & Associates is assisting schools in improving in these ways. We also talk a little bit about music as she's a DJ in her spare time to relief the stress that comes with a job like this. We had an excellent chat about some important topics that everyone should listen to! You can find her music at JulietStar.c
March 12, 2018
Not Doing Enough
Welcome to the Friday show! What's the Friday show? Eh, I don't really know yet. I think it'll be a time for me to talk a little bit more about what's going on in my life at the moment. Where I'm in my personal growth journey along with my personal mental health struggle as well. I may have guests in the future but I do like the idea of it being the opportunity for you guys to get to know me a little bit better. Today on the show I talk about "Not Doing Enough." I struggle so intensely with this feeling of never feeling a sense of accomplishment in life, that I'm always searching for the next thing and sometimes I need to take a step back to look at the things I dismiss as meaningful tasks and allow myself to take stock in those things. Taking care of myself is okay and is a part of the goal. Being process focused isn't as easy as it sounds but I'm going to keep working on it and sharing that journey with you guys! You can hear this episode and more at or h
March 9, 2018
Tyron Cutner | Well-Dressed Mindset
Today on the show I speak with Tyron Cutner about the importance of Men's Style as it pertains to the mindset of the modern man. It's without question that we see a sharp-dressed person as someone we should take serious and that is exactly the philosophy that Tyron speaks about in this episode. He helps other men realize their potential in dressing well and unlocks their life potential through unlocking the well-dressed man that exists in everyone. I really loved talking about this topic as it has importance to me in my story and personal growth. You can follow his Facebook group at Well Dressed Academy. Welcome, Tyron Cutner to the show!
March 7, 2018
Finding Your Thing
Today on the show I talk about finding your "thing." You know, the meaning of your life, the career you want, the piece of the puzzle that will make you feel whole. I discuss the search and what type of thinking you can employ to help you find that sense of being that you may be striving for. Consider in yourself what fits your core values, what makes you feel good, what makes sense and what you have talent in. This is definitely more of a philosophical episode meant to stimulate a bit of discovery. I hope you learn something!
March 5, 2018
Coach B | Simple Health Changes
Bertrand Ngampa joins me on the show today talk about how you can make simple changes in your life to get yourself into a healthier lifestyle. Coach B takes an approach that many people need when it comes to their health, practicality. He knows that there are simple things that people can do to start to make a change and he isn't going to hide it behind a paywall. He shares some great stories about his youth with issues in school then the military giving him some direction and other things that led him to this part of his life where he's now training and coaching people to be their best selves. Coach B has a really great story and is a great resource to work with to get start on making healthier decisions right now. Thanks for join me, Coach B!
February 28, 2018
Anchor 3.0 and What I'm Up to Next...
Anchor dropped a big new updates on its app making it even easier to record podcasts directly from your phone with very little effort. There's of course a learning curve but it's still a million times easier to record on your phone instead of needing all the extra equipment or knowledge of RSS feeds!
February 26, 2018
Epilepsy With Brandon Guzzardo
Today on the show I speak with Brandon Guzzardo, a graphic designer who is new to the field and making waves with his clients. His epilepsy led to his job parting ways with him a few years ago but he didn't let that stop him as he created the opportunity for himself to learn graphic design and start creating social graphics for his clients. We also talk about overcoming such odds along with how we can all create more and learn more in the modern world. Please welcome Brandon Guzzardo!
February 22, 2018
Brendan Alan Barrett
I've got Brendan Alan Barrett on the show today to talk about his podcast "The Business of Family and Selling", which is all about sales excellence for moms, dads, husbands and wives who work with sales teams and is a discussion of work-life balance. Brendan works with businesses and their sales teams to promote a healthy way of living to make sure the stress of sales isn't brought home. He shares great book suggestions that led him down this path. At its essence, this episode is in service to work-life balance and selling without hurting the dynamic at home. This is a great episode! I had a lovely time! Without further ado, welcome Brendan Alan Barrett!
February 21, 2018
Shootings And Stigma
Today on the show I talk about the unfortunate recent shooting at a high school in Florida. I wanted to cover the stigma behind mental illness that comes out of these majorly sad events and talk to my listeners about what they can do to not be so consumed by such sad news. It's a heavy episode with a lot to cover, so I massively appreciate you listening. Please subscribe to the show and check us out on
February 16, 2018
Amanda Sloan And Thom Knight
Today on the show I have Amanda Sloan and Thom Knight with me to discuss their work on ThankfulCow Solutions, a social agency focused on Coffee Shops and Restaurants. This dynamic duo, perfect for Valentine's day, happy V-day everyone, works together utilizing different strengths in media and social marketing to help their client shops and restaurants. We talk a bit about how they came across their niche, recent developments on their roles working together and what it's like to be working with your partner. We really get into some interest bits about supporting each other as partners through a business venture. It's a really fun and sweet episode as we get a glimpse into what works so well for these two. Find out more about Thankful Cow at, and on Facebook & Instagram at ThankfulCowSolutions. Without further ado, welcome to the show Thom Knight and Amanda Sloan!
February 14, 2018
Myers-Briggs Breakdown
Today on the show I'm flying solo to talk about Myers-Briggs personality types and how they can help you on your mental health journey. Learning that I'm an INTP has opened the doors for me to realize I have different strengths to offer the world and have often been trying to be something I'm not. Many introverts feel like they need to be more out there than they should be. We need time to think and process, some of us need to consider, strongly, the types of people we interact with. It's incredibly important to continue searching to find more about yourself to allow yourself to be completely who you are to avoid repressing thoughts, needs, and feelings that lead to many mental health struggles. Disclaimer: I am not a mental health or Myers-Briggs professional, simply someone sharing their own experiences. If you're suffering from mental health difficulties please consult a mental health professional.
February 12, 2018
John Jones On EFD
Today on the show I have John Jones joining me to talk about his IT business in the UK and how he operated that business whilst having Executive Function Disorder (EFD). EFD makes it difficult for someone to strategize, plan and stay on deadline. Naturally, John has come up with tools and tactics over time that has allowed him to grow as a person and function as a business owner. He also employs a lot of similar techniques with raising his kids whom have some of their own difficulties. His partner is his rock and helps help with forward motion. John is a good man and was a pleasure to talk to! If you like practical advice for planning better and working with people based on your personal strengths. This is the show for you! Welcome John Jones!
February 7, 2018
Carrie Miller On Post-Divorce
Today on the show I have Carrie Miller who is a post-divorce specialist to talk about how she helps people regain a sense of self after the difficult situation that is divorce. We take this opportunity to talk about my divorce and allow Carrie to show off her talents and expertise with my situation. She's been a very big help to me in making me realize a few key elements that took place in my relationship, helped me build more empathy for my formal partner, and helped me feel like on the right path to move forward healthily. Carrie can be found on her Facebook group Passion + Action. Without further ado, welcome Carrie Miller!
January 31, 2018
Natalia Yungerlevi
Today on the show I have with me the wonderful Natalia Yungerlevi. She works with businesses to help them retain talent through assessment and teaching owners as well as employees on how to build a better working environment. That largely stems from taking good care of each other and listening to needs beyond what is typically expected. She has also a personal story about her life and work in the foster care system. She's utilizing her skills in helping businesses in order to help the foster care system take better care of its youth through a non-profit called Blank Canvas Youth. It was quite a lovely conversation and I'm happy to share her story. Without further ado, please welcome Natalia Yungerlevi!
January 24, 2018
Art Therapy W/ Malinda Baum
My guest this week is Malinda Baum who is a former firefighter and current visual artist aiming to help cancer patients reclaim their life through visual art therapy. She teaches people how to spend a little time each day with the craft regardless of skill level. She has a wonderful story that will surely inspire you! Welcome, Malinda!
January 17, 2018
Guest Spot On Passion + Action
I joined Carrie Miller on a Facebook Live in her group Passion + Action to tell a bit of my story of divorce and heartbreak. Carrie is a post-divorce specialist with some amazing insight on helping someone not only survive after a divorce but to forgive themselves and find their individual identity. This is the audio of that talk. To find the video version go to Facebook and search for Passion + Action. We also spoke about self-respect, social stigma, personal growth, and forgiving yourself. Please check out the show, give us a good rating and check out Carrie's group Passion + Action.
January 16, 2018
The Biggest Change Of 2018
2018 can be a big year for all of us if we finally join the year we're in. What does that mean? That means realizing that we have more control of the media landscape than we allow ourselves to believe. Everything we discuss or love is brought to us via more content. We're deciding what gets put in front of us. No longer do we live in a time where few entities control everything. So from a consumer standpoint, we need to take ownership of that for our own sanity.
January 5, 2018
BPD Chat With Pers
Today on the show we have a good friend of mine here chatting with me about borderline personality disorder, C-PTSD, OCD and a multitude of other topics. PersB Mental Health joins the show to talk about what she's got cooking for 2018, shares a bit about life with BPD, and where she's at in her personal journey. She's a young podcaster wise beyond her years, so this is a chat for everyone. Everyone give Pers some love!
January 3, 2018
080 | Repression and Mania
I find mania to be the more difficult and less understood aspect of bipolar disorder. The highs seems you're just being productive or extra fun but what is really going on is a chemical regression of negative feelings. Once brain chemistry catches up, the crash begins. On this episode, I read a really great article that logically breaks down the intense difficult that comes with fending the maddening affects of mania. Once again, I'm not a medical professional. Just someone with experience trying to help.
December 29, 2017
Manic Productivity
Today on the podcast I talk about manic productivity. It's the state of being one with bipolar disorder or cyclothymia gets into as mania starts to seep in. I talk a little about what I do to track my moods, what hypomania is and where I'm at in my cyclothymic cycle. I am not a mental health professional, so please see a therapist or your general practitioner on medical advice pertaining to mental health.
December 28, 2017
Growth Chat | Ron McKnight
My guest today and my first guest of 2018 will be Ron McKnight who is the owner of Him and his wife help life coaches get the clients they need through digital techniques. Today we chat about personal growth as he shares a bit of his story and thoughts on battling FOMO. Sit back, grab your hot cocoa and enjoy the smooth sounds of Ron McKnight!
December 27, 2017
New Schedule For 2018!
The new year is often a time for change. New thoughts, plans, ideas and approaches to life are filling out brains. So, for me in 2018, I plan on doing more interviews with other creatives, business owners, friends and maybe even my parents to see what they have to say about being creative and managing your business along with managing your mental health. I'd also love to know what your plans are for the coming year! Send me some love @rivalmydesign or at
December 27, 2017
Social Stigmas
From Divorce to Mental Health. Stigmas from friends and family are often founded on weak ideas of concepts passed from generation to generation. Ideas that we have to battle with ourselves as we go through unusual circumstances in life that aren't as unusual as we may think. Let's break it down.
December 12, 2017
Process Vs. Goals
Having goals is, of course, paramount to getting anywhere and doing anything but process is so much more important. You have to love what you do every step of the way. On today's podcast, we talk about how you can best set yourself up to love the process of creating your content and why just having goals can be a bit shallow.
December 7, 2017
Mental Health Maintenance
We all need to take time for ourselves throughout our day. Take a walk, take a breath, listen to music and give yourself the space to continue moving on. This isn't advice exclusive to those suffering from the difficulties of mental health, it's for everyone. On this episode of the C-Note Audio Extravaganza we explore what you can do to give yourself a little extra room to breath every day when you can't afford to take a full mental health day.
December 5, 2017
Customer Service
Podcast | Customer Service • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Being nice is good for business • Good Customer Service is About Providing Value • Thanks for listening! :D • Takin' Care of Business
December 4, 2017
THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Differentiating PTSD from C-PTSD • BPD and C-PTSD • BPD vs. C-PTSD and Childhood Treatments for C-PTSD • Kids
November 28, 2017
What Is C-PTSD?
Podcast | C-PTSD • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • What is C-PTSD? • C-PTSD Symptoms • Treatment for C-PTSD • Thanks for listening! :D
November 28, 2017
My Experience with Gaslighting
Podcast | Gaslighting • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Reality Breakers (gaslighting) • My experience with gaslighting • Gaslighting PTSD • Thanks for listening! :D
November 28, 2017
Podcast | Redefine Selfish • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Are You Selfish? • Thanks for listening! :D • Selfless
November 27, 2017
Thanksgiving Extravaganza!
Holiday Depression: Please Be Aware! Take Care of Yourself and Each Other! ❄️😘 • Happy Gobble Til You Wobble! 🦃 • Happy Thanksgiving! • Many A-Thanksgiving! • Turkey Facts! • Let's Google some turkey facts! #thanksgiving • MORE TURKEY FACTS! • Done and done. • Thanks for listening! :D
November 23, 2017
Believing In Your Value
I've been speaking a lot lately about stopping others from getting in the way of your success but none of that matters if you don't believe in yourself first. You are your own most major barrier to doing what you want to do in this world. I mean that. When something gets difficult, what do we do? We make an excuse not to try. When someone asks us to do something that contradicts with our plan, what do we do? We give in and do it even when we don't want to do. When we start doing something and stop to look at it, what do we do? We just harshly and discourage ourselves. We are essentially our own worst enemy much of the time. We judge ourselves, we freeze in fear, or feel we have nothing of value to offer. Every human being has something of value to offer another person. So, where do we start? Know that not everyone is your audience. You're not ever speaking to 7 billion people at once. You're not supposed to and you can't. Not only because it's a bit near impossible but also because
November 22, 2017
Valuing People Too Much
In an extension of previous topics, I wanted to keep attacking this notion that anything we want to do needs to be filtered through the lense of other people in order for that thing to happen. Why do we need approval to do what we want to do? Why do we need someone to sign off on our idea? Especially in 2017 when we there are so few barriers to do what we can to show off our talents. Are you a great musician? Put your stuff on SoundCloud. An amazing artist? Connect and post your work on Instagram. The only thing stopping us is ourselves, old school thinking and how much stock we put in other people’s opinions. If you truly love what you’re doing, loving the process and respecting yourself enough, you would never let the opinions, blockades, or fears of judgement stop you from getting what you want. Sure, you can gather ideas and opinions from other people but ultimately you need to take ownership of your choices and learn to live with those choices. So perhaps that fear you’re experie
November 20, 2017
Media Tools And Mindset
In yesterday's podcast I spoke about the external things in life that are possibly holding us, friends and other negative people close to use who feel like because they feel inadequate about themselves. What's more unfair than that? You holding yourself back because of excuses that don't make sense like "I don't have the tools" or "I don't have the knowledge." Those are two statements that make very little sense in 2017. We literally have media production machines in our pockets. We have the ability to make YouTube videos with our camera phones and edit them with apps or shoot them in one go to not have to edit at all. We can record podcasts with Anchor by literally putting the phone up to our ears and talking for a while. We are our own PR company with Instagram and Snapchat. We can communicate with communities via Facebook and other services...all while commuting or sitting in bed! So what's actually the problem? There's gotta be something bigger. There's a mindset s
November 17, 2017
Removing Negative Family
With unlimited access to data and many of us having access to cell phones that serve as a mini media production studio, we're slowly running out of excuses to do the things we want to do in this world. Instagram allows us to be our own PR department, YouTube for video production, Anchor for podcasting and Facebook for creating groups for like-minded people...there are fewer and fewer reasons for us to accomplish anything we want in life. So, why is it that so many of still struggle with getting off the ground? Why do we continue to make excuses? I believe mindset is the difference between staying on the bench and getting to the starting line. Unfortunately, we may come across a time in our lives when even those closest to use are going to envy, hate, or look down upon our ambitions, goals, or life changes. Like lobsters in a bucket they can't bare to see you leave for whatever reason they've made up in their head. As unfortunate as it is to see, you have to remember that they are
November 16, 2017
No Ones Cares
Podcast | No One Cares About What You Care About • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • No One Cares • Ownership of Your Issues • With Great Whining Comes Great Responsibility • Careful • It's Getting OK Now • Tia Lupe I know this is hard to hear but no one cares. I'm serious. I'm not trying to be mean, or a downer. I simply want you to know that what you waste your time thinking about, the excuses you make for yourself and things you keep to yourself for fear of judgement are things that no one actually cares about but you. Not only do you need to take ownership of that but you need to realize that no one can be more invested in your life than you. Expecting others to create a path for you or always have your interest in mind could lead to a lot of unneeded pressure in your personal and professional relationship. Join me as I discuss this topic in more depth!
November 15, 2017
Zenkai Boost
Podcast | Zenkai Boost • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Synthetic Happiness • Breakdown and Build Up • Shark Habits • Come out Swinging • Fight • All Downhill from Here
November 14, 2017
Facing The Truth
Podcast | Facing The Truth • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • A Link to the Past • Let's Be Real • Facing ourselves and the problem • Find Your Truth to Improve Your Truth • Bias and Peace in Objective Truth • Truth of My Youth • So Here We Are • Ghouls
November 8, 2017
You're Too Smart
Podcast | Intelligence • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Too smart for your own good | Arrogance • Intelligence and Growth • You're everything and...
October 31, 2017
Compliments And Thank Yous
Podcast | Compliments and Thank Yous • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Social Compliments | Men to Women • Salesmen and Compliments • Accepting Co...
October 30, 2017
WCDB | 001 | Solo Content 🤔🤔
We Can Do Better | 001 | Solo Content? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
October 30, 2017
My Trip Across the Country
Podcast | #cnoteUSA • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • #cnoteUSA Solitude • Success beyond location • Momentum • Soak it in • Prepare to take lots ...
October 29, 2017
#MeToo And Manhood
Podcast | #MeToo and Manhood • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Insecure Dominance • Male Value • Why there is such disrespect... • Women don't owe...
October 18, 2017
You fancy, Huh?
Podcast: You fancy, huh? • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • The Ultimate Tool • Find your reason for making • You don't deserve fancy • Fancy (feat...
October 17, 2017
Love 😍 😍 😍
9.27.2017 | Birthday Edition 🎂 • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Love Lurve loouve • What is love? Lady don't hurt me. • Insecurity is the killer...
September 27, 2017
Emotional Abuse
Southern Accents • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • My Definition of Emotional Abuse • A Legit Definition of Emotional Abuse • My experience and fe...
September 19, 2017
9.18.2017 | Purging • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Purging and Auditing
September 19, 2017
9.13.2017 | Burnout • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Allow Yourself The Room To Breathe • Burnout: Take Care of Yourself • Burnout • Wendy Clear
September 13, 2017
9.12.2017 | Quitting • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • "Quitters Never Win" • "Quitters Never Win" • Quitting is your decision • Quitting as a mea...
September 12, 2017
Being honest with yourself
9.11.2017 | Being Honest With Yourself • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Honesty and Communicating • Honesty and Communicating • Honesty and Commu...
September 11, 2017
What I've Learned from Stoics
9.8.2017 | A bad hurricane joke | Stoicism • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • A bit about stoicism • The Stoics on Bullying • Natural Needs Versus ...
September 8, 2017
Poker Life Advice
9.7.2017 | Poker Life Advice • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Lessons from Poker • Get to know your neighbor • Observing and Community Guidelines...
September 7, 2017
I Learned so much from games
9.6.2017 | Video Games • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • My Video Game History • Video Game Music 🎶 • What I've learned from gaming • Firewatch a...
September 7, 2017
Dress For Success
9.5.2017 • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Dress for success • Good style is a conscious decision • Jeans that fit • Clothing Fit • Take responsib...
September 6, 2017
8.29.2017 | Rest • Sleep and I have an Obama impression, apparently • Daily Rest and Visually Thinking • Rest = Professional
September 3, 2017
Monday! • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Stickage • You're only as good as your last at-bat • Failure and Moving On • Living in Your Failures
September 3, 2017
Replay | Sunday Sorbet
Sunday Sorbet! • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Dear ⚓: App Design and Fewer Animations • Dear ⚓: App Design Efficiency • Dear ⚓ Favorite Drawer ...
September 3, 2017
9.1.2017 | Jokes • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Literally • Ignorance • It's not fucking funny • Let's take it down a notch
September 1, 2017
8.31.2017 | Excuses • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Nothing but nothing • Mentoring and Excuses • I don't want to
August 31, 2017
Bullies And Insults
Bullies and Insults • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Not letting it affect you • Not letting it affect you • It's about their insecurity • Toughe...
August 30, 2017
Monetizing Content and Service
8.24.2017 | Money 💵 • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Monetizing on Anchor ⚓ • Perils of Monetizing • Marketers Ruin Platforms • Monetizing on ea...
August 24, 2017
A Chat w/ Darling Rage Nation!
Darling Rage Nation | Take 1 • Darling Rage Nation | Take 2
August 23, 2017
Creative Block
8.22.2017 • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Causes of creative blockage • Do things • My Film Marketing Job • Imposter Syndrome
August 22, 2017
Sunday Motivation • Eclipse 101 • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Types of intelligence • A Poker Story • Your turn: Intelligence
August 21, 2017
Working For Free
Tomorrow's Topic • 8.18.2017 | Working for free • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Giving more based on respect • Internships • Helping friends • S...
August 18, 2017
8.17.2017 | Time ⌚ • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Audit your value of time • Dodging lines • 24 hours • Excuses and contradictions • It's about...
August 17, 2017
Professional VS. Personality
8.16.2017 | Personality vs. Professionalism • Intro • You've got personality, kid! • Dress Code • Too Professional • Personally Borderline
August 16, 2017
Effort And Trying New Things!
Effort and Trying New Things • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Stop Watching Game of Thrones • There is no try • Allow yourself the room to try • ...
August 16, 2017
The Power Of Negativity
The positive power of negativity • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • What would happen if you lost everything? • The loss of loves • Appreciation, n...
August 14, 2017
Sunday Sorbet
Sunday Updates • Development and Planning Sundays • Swing for the Fences - False Alarm • THE CNOTE AUDIO EXTRAVAGANZA | GET RIGHT 53 - Jawn (ft Ms Jade & Pharaoh DeNiro) • Jawn • The Plan • Public ...
August 14, 2017
8/11/17 - Image • Brand Image • Personal Image • Voice • How are you improving your image?
August 11, 2017
Support Systems
Protecting the Anchor ⚓ Community Against Toxicity • Shameful Plug • Great job • Sums it Up By Swing For The Fences • Empathy and The Reality of Mental Health Issues • Facebook TV/Watch Tab • Toxic...
August 10, 2017
Respect For Mental Health
🙏🇬🇧 • Thanks for the kind words. • Speaking Openly About Mental Health • The Conflicts of Expressing Ourselves • Thinking Beyond Religion • Creating Respect for Mental Health • Social Creatures
August 9, 2017
The 3 Methods Of Success
Sick Day Take 2 • Methods of Success: Stability • Methods of Success: Money • Methods of Success: Money • Methods of Success: Recap • My Legacy
August 9, 2017
Male Emotion
Taking a mental day • Men and emotions • Emotional support for men • "manly" • Be emotional, man! • Men and insecurity, how we treat women • Women who also push male stereotypes
August 8, 2017
A Manic Episode
Mental Health Difficulties • Cyclothymia • School and depression • Relationships and mental health • Not just teenage angst • Adult depressive • Be fucking nice to people • Take responsibility • Fr...
August 8, 2017
Perfect 👌
4/7/17 • Perfectionism • The Cons of Perfect • Pros of Perfect • Increase your speed • Question of the day!
August 7, 2017
So Much Good, So Many Mistakes
#flashbackfriday • Mom + Dad = Me • Mom + Dad = Me • Dreaded High School • DragonBall Websites • College and meeting people • I failed A LOT • My First Interview • Internships • 1 success 1 failure...
August 4, 2017
Focus • Know Your Focus • Unnecessary distractions • Focus Recharge • Get rid of nonsense • Office Taboos • Thank you/you first
August 3, 2017
August Second • Find a way to feel good • Goals and nice to haves • Big project goals • Be ambitious but not harsh on yourself • What is your lofty goal?
August 2, 2017
Branding, Marketing And Sales
Happy Tuesday! • Ask, not sell • Branding: Apple • Building your brand • Get out there!
August 1, 2017
Have No Fear!
Have no fear! • New Music and Midsummer Scream • Ghostly boundaries • "Let" • Control versus respect • Respect, you never know • I'm not that kind of friend
July 31, 2017
Positive Karma
Give More, Expect Less • No One is Your Master • Giving is good for business. • Positive Karma
July 28, 2017
Be Willing To Adjust • Positive Re-framing • Question Yourself • Tell People What You Need • Don't get stucky
July 27, 2017
Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!
July 21, 2017
One Step Closer | Chester
Much Love To CB and LP • General Frustrations • The Perception of Normal • Value People
July 21, 2017
SDCC and Preparation
SDCC and Preparation • Be Ready Every Day • Work Politics Are A Waste • You Only See The Finished Product
July 20, 2017
Learn To Sell
Learning to Sell as a Designer • Psychological Design • How and What, When Pitching • Good Rapport is Good For Business
July 19, 2017
So Much Winning
Keep At It • Manufacture Wins • So Much Winning
July 19, 2017
Get Uncomfortable
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone • #motivationmonday • New Song! • Get Ahead of the Pack • Stop listening and go do it!
July 17, 2017
Be Real With Your Clients • Take Care of Yourself First • 80/20 • The Same 24 Hours for All
July 15, 2017
Support Your Friends!
Be Nice to People! • My Second Single • Support Your Friends! • Los Darth Vatos • Have A Happy Friday!
July 14, 2017
An "All-Voice" Future
Planting the Seeds • An "All-Voice" Future • No More "Hey, Call Me!" • The Challenges of an "All-Voice" Future • Requiring Manners in Voice Commands
July 13, 2017
Go Be Great
Gratitude • Never Fear, Get It Out There • Be A Bit Obnoxious About Your Work • Go Be Great
July 12, 2017
Culture, Not Business
Culture, Not Business • Get Personal • Cow Appreciation Day • My Embarrassing Twitter Auto DM • Swing for the Fences' Second Single • "Just One Time" by Swing For The Fences • More About The Swing ...
July 12, 2017
Simplify • Which social platform to focus on? • Should you have a website in 2017? • Figure Out Your Brand Voice
July 11, 2017
Pizza Rant
Pizza Rant • What else I'd like to see from Anchor ⚓ • Dropping an Anchor ⚓ Audio Test • Community Suggestions for ⚓
July 10, 2017
A New Frontier
Allow Me to Introduce Myself • Quick Updates to Your Personal Brand • Spider-Man Homecoming Non -Spoiler Review • Number One is Done
July 10, 2017
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