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By Dr. Dorian R. Williams, Sr.
A segmented Christian podcast that specializes in capacity building for believers. Join Dr. Williams and his guests as they discuss a wide range of topics including wealth building, personal and professional development, spiritual progression in the faith, politics, culture and community advancement. Doc Williams and his guests also boldly tackle topics taboo to the church, doctrinal issues and controversies. Here we ask the hard questions and deal with the facts. Join us and let us help you build your capacity!
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Securing Healthcare Coverage For Small Businesses: Special Guest Leona Tatum
Join us as we discuss the need and value of securing healthcare coverage for your greatest assets.
July 18, 2021
The Corona Effect: Online or In-person—Faith or Fear?
During this episode, we tackle the Coronavirus and how it is exposing more than just our similarities. It is also exposing our differences. Is attending church proof of your great faith? Is attending service online, proof of your great fear? C’mon, let’s go!!!
March 24, 2020
Kanye West—the Christian?
Join us as we discuss Kanye West’s proclamation of faith and how it’s affecting believers around the country.
March 02, 2020
A Message to the Millennials
Join us with special guest Dorian Williams Jr. as we discuss how millennials can navigate Christianity and still maintain social relevance. Don’t miss this exciting episode!
February 09, 2020