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Dose of Humanness

Dose of Humanness

By Mitch Hash
Real Humans, Real Conversations. Discover health in a way you can relate to.
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Benjoy Walker - From Actor to Nomad Coach — A Story of Alignment
What's up Human! This episode I get to chat with Ben Walker, who is currently a working nomad leading a group called Follow Spring North. Ben goes by Benjoy because his motto is, "Fun is the Point!" Ben is a coach at The Strong Coach where he leads fitness coaches through a 6 month program to Freedom. When you look at Ben's life, you might think... WTF? He's outside EVERY DAY, he's traveling around the United States at alllll the National Parks, he always has a smile on his face... How did he get here? In this episode we dig into what lead Ben to living this life. From life as an unsatisfied actor in New York, to quitting and signing up for professional development that emptied his bank account to ZERO. As Ben began to live his life in deeper alignment, and doing things for HIMSELF, he noticed that things come a lot easier. The way Ben lives in integrity and alignment is inspiring... You can find Ben at the links below: BENJOY IG - @Benjoywalker The Strong Coach - MITCH
May 28, 2021
Kevin Torres - Getting Real with Yourself to Truly Transform
I'm excited to introduce Kevin Torres! Kevin has created a business called Dad Bod WOD, where he coaches busy dads to weight loss, healthier lifestyles, and confident lives. Kevin himself had been on the heavier side most of his life, and had suffered lack of confidence and self worth because of this. As he began to shift his body and his mind as a busy father, he figured he would share his journey. His shares picked up momentum, and soon enough he was having people reach out for programs and coaching.  Kevin drops a lot of wisdom on the weight loss journey, and more generally, how to commit to any transformation. You can find him using the links below! KEVIN IG - Dadbod_wod Website: Dad Bod Wod Podcast: MITCH IG - sitwithmitch MUSIC IG - @einai_living YouTube - Einai Living
May 21, 2021
INTEGRITY - Midseason Rundown
Each of our guests in Season 2 thus far, Josh Lujan, Josh Hash, and Danny Rios, demonstrated a similar set of virtues in their transformative stories. They took them seriously! And they've accomplished a lot in their lives. If you listen to each episode, you can absorb their happiness and enthusiasm for life — it's contagious! Having these conversations was really dope for me as a host... I got to be in a position of awe and get curious about their life stories. This episode presents my takeaway's of the episodes from Season 2 on the topic of Transformation. We've dropped into some deep transformative stories so far in this season of the podcast. This episode highlights the biggest takeaways - Integrity, Just Starting, and Doing the Hard Things.  MUSIC Youtube: @EinaiLiving IG: einai_living
May 15, 2021
Danny Rios - A Journey to the HEART
Whats up human! This episode features a wise man — a good mentor and friend... Danny Rios! Danny is a coach of coach's, currently a leader in The Strong Coach business and community. In this episode, Danny tells his story of going deep into College Football, then to owning a Crossfit gym where he seemingly had it all. At a certain point, he realized that he was not living in alignment and it was eating at his insides. He handed the Crossfit gym over and headed on a journey within. What he found is a way of life in which he is a nomad, working his dream job with an incredible team, and taking life as it comes with joy and peace. This man embodies his teachings in a way that is SO DAMN RESPECTABLE. Take from this man's journey all that you can. And if you want to work with him, see below! DANNY IG - @Danny___rios IG - @Thestrongcoach MITCH IG - sitwithmitch MUSIC IG - @einai_living YouTube - Einai Living
May 07, 2021
Josh Hash (Strength Side) - From Suffering to Fulfillment
Myy brother, Josh Hash, joins me to get deep and talk about his journey of the last 10 years. I've always looked up to Josh — his is dedication to discovering himself, his practices, and being a student of life. In this chat we capture what it was like for him to build Strength Side from the ground up. From feeling lost and suffering, to choosing a path and going with full force, to being nomadic, to the rise of Strength Side. I got to ask him about all of the challenges, and all of the celebrations along the way.  He does not disappoint! A beautiful chat with an interesting and wise man. JOSH YouTube - Strength Side IG - Thestrengthside MITCH IG - Sitwithmitch MUSIC YouTube - Einai Living IG - Einai_living
April 30, 2021
Josh Lujan (Xaryu) - How to be Successful — Treat Life Like a Video Game
For the start of Season 2, I'm so stoked to introduce Josh Lujan! Josh has been in the professional gaming world since his younger days in which he has been top-ranked in World of Warcraft. As his life moved forward, he realized he wasn't living into his value of being healthy and fit. He saw more for himself and he set out to make a change immediately. He kept gaming, but slowly made a shift toward health by working out and eating well. As his body and health progressed he got into bodyweight training of which now he can perform some IMPRESSIVE moves. Now Josh is a voice for health and wellness in the gaming world, his mission being to "Make gaming a healthier space." As you'll hear in the episode, he now sells training programs and a cookbook to his audience of gamers. This is one inspiring dude who has lessons and wisdoms for us all. See the links below to find Josh around the socials. JOSH IG - @joshlujan Youtube - Xaryu Gamertag - Xaryu MITCH IG - sitwithmitch Music  IG - @einai_living YouTube - Einai Living
April 23, 2021
Elden Ryu Vala - What's Keeping You STUCK? What can you LET GO of?
In this Human Chat, Elden Ryu Vala joins Mitch in conversation around identity, parenting, and intergenerational trauma. We discuss how to work with these parts of ourselves that we've inherited and how we do have the option to change. Elden has studied a form of healing called Thetahealing in which you are taken into a meditative state where you become more receptive to opening up past experiences and healing them. He is offering these sessions to you listeners for 50% off his normal price - you can find this in the link below. And you can find all of his other offerings through this website. Thetahealing offering: - Acknowledge this podcast episode to receive your discount! @sitwithmitch
March 23, 2021
How to be a SOMEBODY
Dear listener. This conversation touches on success: motives for success, what it takes to become successful, and the inner and outer work that's required for one's success. The first step toward success is choosing your path. Becoming more and more you while you step away from conditioning and what you believe others want of you. Wanting success is no problem, but dig in and ask why you want it. Is it filling a hole inside of you? Or is it to be of service?  Success won't fill your holes. Only you can create wholeness. IG: @sitwithmitch
March 10, 2021
Matt Hsu - Changing Your Life Through Self Responsibility
Matt Hsu of Upright Health joins for a Human Chat about how he ended up doing something he loves and enjoys for a living, fatherhood, and overcoming workaholism. Matt's approach to life is especially interesting because his own personal inquiry and research has lead him to trust himself more than anybody else. In a culture where we're taught to rely on others to give us answers about ourselves, Matt calls bullshit. It is this thinking that really propelled myself to learn more about the world and myself through PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. This approach call for radical self responsibility, and it might just be the key to freedom in our lives.
February 24, 2021
Following Your Authenticity No Matter What - Megan Sweeney
In this episode, we introduce Megan Sweeney who is a graduate of our Becoming: Quarter Life Calling Program. Megan is an inspiring young leader who is creating her dream life from a young age. She reveals stories of trying to find her unique way and being successful but hitting some roadblocks along the way. Her story is raw, and she is showing the way of how to truly live in alignment and authenticity. She is running a program called Be YOU Bravely - her information is below if you feel connected to her mission. Megan: @truthcirclewellness Mitch: @sitwithmitch
February 16, 2021
Are You Ready to Dive Deep?
Dive deep into ideas around health, happiness, and healing. But first, dive into the pain. Ask the questions, why so much pain? Why repeated cycles of addiction, depression, suicide, homicide? Is it time to realize that we are a mentally unwell modern society? Are we ready for to admit we need collective healing? Are we ready to see that Health is far more than the physical? Caution, this episode may make you inquire into some hard questions. It discusses intense situations. It is an REAL conversation with myself and my emotions.  I'm currently reading a book by Dr. Gabor Mate called, "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts." Many ideas I discuss come from this book. Reach out - IG: @sitwithmitch
February 13, 2021
Waking Up IN and AFTER the Military - Renee Duran
In this episode, Renee joins Brooke and Mitch to tell her story of life in the army and her plans of transitioning out. She has spent most of her 20's in the military and it served her original purposes very well. Prior to meeting Brooke and Mitch and going through the Becoming: Quarter Life Calling Program, she went through an identity shifting process where she realized there must be more to life than the military. She asked the question, "who was I before all of this?" Renee is a humble spirit who radiates presence, love, and leadership. Enjoy her wisdom and maturity — she has a lot to teach all of us!
February 05, 2021
Become exactly who you want to be - The journey of Bryar Stutz
In this episode, Brooke and Mitch sit down with Bryar Stutz, a Quarter Life Calling Program Alumni. Bryar's story encapsulates the human experience of depths, loss, highs, and responsibility to overcome life's obstacles. After losing the things most valuable to him, he was left wondering who he is and what he's meant to do here. He is stepping outside of the norm to prioritize himself and find his authenticity. Bryar is a hugely inspiring figure in how he chooses to live. Enjoy!
January 28, 2021
How do I want to live? An honest and humble reflection
This episode is a little different. I sit down to chat about travels the past few months and how this experience has brought up questions about what I want my life to look like. It's raw, in the moment processing — a real conversation of me not having it figured out yet. I hope there is value in this talk to others asking the same questions.
January 20, 2021
Chillin in a Treehouse with Brooke and Mitch
A drop in from the jungle - Brooke and Mitch share about their current adventures traveling and living without walls. They open up about how the Quarter Life Calling Program has been going, and they tell stories from the past of challenge, discovery, and growth.  IG: @sitwithmitch
January 12, 2021
Troy Malone - Habit and Creation to Live Pain Free
Tune in to this story of Troy’s about facing a challenging hip issue called FAI. FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement) is a limitation of the hip that creeps on through a lifetime, as you’ll hear Troy describe. Troy has a warrior’s spirit and a beautiful approach to facing this challenge that life has thrown at him. You’ll learn a lot more than only movement and the body in this podcast: you’ll learn an approach to life. Pay attention to the language he uses as he tells his story and speaks about his future self. He has a lot of belief in himself and he trusts in the process. This is key to creating what you want in life and overcoming challenges that are put in your path. If you're into personal development, corrective exercise, natural movement, weight training, calisthenics, flexibility... This talk will be inspirational to you. IG: @sitwithmitch Anchor voice message link - Flexibility Newsletter Signup -
January 05, 2021
Flexibility Basics 2 - Create Your Flexibility Routine
Discover how to create your own training program for Flexibility Training. We discuss how to pick exercises for yourself, how often to train and stretch, and how intense to stretch. From Flexibility Basics 1 and 2, you should be able to create a 20-40 minute flexibility routine to do a 6 week training phase with. Enjoy, and ask questions below! IG @SitwithMitch  Flexibility Exercises Youtube Video -   Anchor voice message link - Flexibility Newsletter Signup -
December 30, 2020
Flexibility Basics - Assessment and Play
Beginning flexibility can be a challenging endeavor. It's slow-giving and painful nature can leave you questioning how to begin. First, take the time to understand your body. Make the questionable tangible. Bring the mystery into understanding. In this episode, learn to assess where you are restricted so that you can allow yourself a starting place in your journey. The assessment process doesn't need to be complex, simply get on the floor, roll around, try some new positions and write down what you're experiencing.  You can see the demonstration of the exercise in the podcast HERE. Instagram: @sitwithmitch Newsletter sign up:
December 23, 2020
Mathew Freeman - The People's Coach
Mathew Freeman (Mathew Freeman Show) is a coach to the core. His path has continued to lead him to working with people on their health and well being and he is damn good at it. Mathew works with people via fitness and nutrition, and as he says in the show, it's most about what the person is needing in that moment: Pick up heavy weights, a walk and talk, a truthful conversation. Life has thrown its challenges at him, and the lessons he's gathered from his experience are priceless to those of us who are digging deep into ourselves and our practices. Enjoy the show. Mathew IG: @mathewfreeman Mitch IG: @sitwithmitch @Doseofhumanness
December 15, 2020
Trevor Hash - Expansion for the hell of it
Trevor Hash is a Movement Coach who's spent years in fitness from personal training, to corrective exercise, to hand balance coaching. Mitch and Trevor drop in around what big changes he's seen in his life and how they came about. He spent a lot of time feeling stuck in his body unable to do the activities he loved. He now does ALL of the things! Trevor also shares experiences of having his mind expanded and shifting his identity, making it all seem quite desirable.
December 08, 2020
I see your bullshit
This conversation was a heartfelt reflection of my past and my present. A look at the innocence of childhood and the disruptiveness of adulthood. We CAN unlock the innocence once more to feel a sense of belonging in this world. If you listen, do let me know what you think - Mitch FIND US ON IG: @sitwithmitch @doseofhumanness
December 01, 2020
A Courageous Life
In this episode, Mitch hops on to chat about courage and responsibility - and how they're needed to make a shift in your life. Osho said, "A man really becomes a man when he accepts total responsibility - he is responsible for whatsoever he is. This is the first courage, the greatest courage. If this episode resonates, check out "courage" by Osho. Enjoy :)
November 24, 2020
The Long Game
Hello my dear listener, this episode dives into an understanding I call "the long game."  When you set out for a big goal, you are oftentimes a novice of novices. You know what you want, and you THINK you know what it takes. Then you get into the thick of it and you begin to realize what a beast this goal really is. This is "the long game."   Short term thinking leads to disappointment and anxiousness. The sooner you can get to thinking in the long term, the quicker you'll get to a place of enjoying your journey. Enjoyment is what we're looking for after all, eh? Give it a listen to dig deeper into my thoughts and rambles on this topic. If this provokes you in a stimulating way, let us know! We'd like to hear from you. Leave a review on iTunes so we can reach more people like you! If you are interested in the Becoming Mentorship Program - send Brooke or Mitch a message on Instagram. Find us on Instagram at @sitwithmitch,, @doseofhumanness
November 17, 2020
Becoming Mentorship - Quarter Life Calling
The Becoming a Mentorship Program is for individuals in their 20’s who are ready to discover their true life calling and get started on the life of their dreams. This is a challenging time to navigate for most people. It can leave some feeling stuck, confused, disconnected, and unsure of the next steps. In this program we focus on overcoming self sabotage, setting clear and specific goals, establishing daily practices, and rewriting our narratives to become the person we want to become. Tune in for more goodness!
November 13, 2020
Brooke & Mitch - Growth Stories
Brooke and Mitch each share a story of growth/transformation/change. Choosing to undergo a change in your life is a courageous act. It's courageous because you're choosing a path separate from the familiar path. That means that things from your old path may not resonate anymore. People from the old path may not resonate with you, and you with them. You may feel a sense of isolation in the beginning. Choosing self transformation takes guts and discipline. The amount of encounters you'll have that bring you back on your old path are many. The discipline you have to move your own way needs to be GREAT.
November 03, 2020
How Your Life Begins To Change
In this episode Mitch chats about the process of transformation. Most people have a grand vision of where they want to be and in the journey have met challenges and failures. There are certain, tangible steps that are needed to create REAL transformation.  Of course, as all things, there is a flow you need to catch and discipline you need to instill in order to truly level up. To create a NEW NORMAL. Get Change.
October 27, 2020
Let's Talk FOOD
Food and diet has a confusing nature to it in the modern world. There's many sources stating what's right and what's wrong. Where getting into the nitty gritty is useful, there's some low hanging fruit that you can capture first when it comes to understanding how to eat. Here, Mitch teaches you a game you can play any time you see or eat food that will teach you about the nature of that food. Hint - the closer to it's natural state, the better. Let's get out of confusion and into reality.
October 21, 2020
My flexibility journey - your hero's journey
Mitch opens up his flexibility journey to talk about transformation as a whole. There is a hero's journey in any transformation and you might relate to some of the obstacles discussed in this episode. There is always a way forward - actions compound when you perform them daily. Start now :)
October 13, 2020
The role of IDENTITY in transformation
In this episode, Mitch discusses the topic of Identity. Identity plays a huge role in any change you want to make in life. Having a fixed identity will prevent you from stepping outside of the current realm of possibility. Being open to trying different hats on and seeing which one fits is crucial to making a change. The closer you get to an identity that fits, the more energy and inspiration will flow out of you. Whether your journey is anxiety, depression, weight loss, healthy eating, professional development... Working with your identity will be key.
October 08, 2020
Why fitness and diet doesn't always work
Meet Mitch of the Human Chats. In this episode, Mitch uses his recent transition to Health Coaching to discuss why it is so difficult to stick to exercise, fitness and diet plans.
October 04, 2020