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By Double Spaced
Celebrating the art of sci-fi writing
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Episode 1: Introductions and Tips for New Sci-Fi Writers
Welcome to this introductory episode of the Double-Spaced podcast with your hosts Shawn and Tina. This podcast is all about the art of writing sci-fi, and we plan to tackle a different piece of that theme in each episode. Topics will include everything from tips on getting started in writing to the publishing side of things and everything in between. In this inaugural episode, we talk about our backgrounds, who we are, and what we aim to achieve with this show. The main topic of this episode centers on a BBC article entitled "Five Creative Writing Tips for When you Want to Tell Your Story." These basic tips are great for beginners and vets alike. We then cover a few current writing competitions and plan to continue that tradition in future episodes. We appreciate you listening and invite feedback! You can reach us at doublespacedpodcast AT Follow us on Twitter: @SpacedDouble Shawn's Stuff:  Blackfinger Garage Post-Apocalyptic Media Tina's Stuff: Amazon Author Page Sound & Fury Book Reviews Rising Action Publishing Co Music: Silky by Alex Figueira
June 20, 2022