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The Double Booked Podcast

The Double Booked Podcast

By Chuck Gose & Kristin Hancock
The Double Booked podcast is about the duality of life, hosted by communicators and partners Chuck Gose and Kristin Hancock. We hope the podcast lives up the to intro song. Witty rants and comms with heart. Put together we're better than the sum of our parts. And let's face it - we're all double booked.

Intro music by Jonathan Mann
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Billy Ocean, Dude Where's My Car & Animal Pyschics
We hit a few new topics this time around - including Kristin's disdain for 80s icon Billy Ocean. And we learn the secret behind who gave us a 3-star review.....
August 14, 2020
Bdog, Scott Stratten & Baby Names
In our second episode of The Double Booked Podcast, we talk about why Chuck is going live on social media all the time (seemingly), what we're missing with virtual events, and our furry new family member. We also rant about nicknames (Chuck), white privilege (Kristin) and the "artwork" above our mantle.   
June 19, 2020
Black Lives Matter, Twitter Fights & Nacho Vidal
Thank you for checking out our very first episode of the Double Booked Podcast, hosted by Kristin Hancock and Chuck Gose. In our premiere episode, we discuss some of the brand statements and videos around Black Lives Matter. We also talk about why Kristin keeps getting into Twitter fights. 
June 15, 2020