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The Double Disillusionists

The Double Disillusionists

By Andrew P Street and Dom Knight
Light-hearted political chat with Andrew P Street and Dom Knight along with a range of more eminent experts. Sadly, we haven't done one of these since 2017.
The Post Postal Survey Show (live with Antony Green and Sally Rugg)
On the evening when the ABS' postal survey postbox finally slammed closed, Sally Rugg (GetUp's marriage equality campaign director) and Antony Green (the ABC's election analyst) shared their impressions of a most unusual event within Australian politics, from the perspective of a campaigner and a psephologist respectively – and predicted what would happen next.
November 14, 2017
A Wake for the Citizenship Five
So, courtesy of the High Court, Malcolm Roberts is no longer a senator, because life is cruel, and schadenfreude is delicious. Recording in a pub, we commemorated his passing with beers and regrets that we've done so few podcasts recently that we've missed the chance to explore the details of his extraordinarily absurd legal defence. Joyce – well, he's not going anywhere, but  for Nash, Ludlum, and Waters – will we ever see their likes again? Yes, yes we will.
November 2, 2017
Yes (live with Dee Jefferson and Brendan Maclean)
So much talk about same-sex marriage, so little of it from the people on whose lives it will actually impact. So we invited Brendan Maclean (actor/singer/general performance powerhouse) and Dee Jefferson (Time Out's Arts and Culture editor) to tell us what it means to them. Recorded live at Giant Dwarf in Redfern on Tuesday 5 September.
September 8, 2017
Polls, Plebiscites and This Postal Palaver (with Rebecca Huntley)
Essential Communications' Rebecca Huntley talks APS and Dom through the postal survey shenanigans from the perspective of a professional pollster – how meaningful will the numbers be, exactly? Plus, the slow-burn dual citizenship debacle - will Barnaby Joyce do to Malcolm Turnbull what he threatened to do to Pistol and Boo?
August 25, 2017
Don On The Fourth Of July (with Amanda Tattersall and David Smith)
A special US politics edition live at Giant Dwarf. On Independence Day, APS and Dom were joined on stage by Dr David Smith from Sydney Uni's US Studies Centre and Dr Amanda Tattersall, host of the Change Makers podcast and an expert in community organising. After just under six frenetic, disruptive months into the Trump administration, they looked at his record so far (or lack thereof), discussed some of the success community movements have had in responding, and explored just how close we are to Thunderdome.
July 10, 2017
Why Our Climate Policy Bights (with Peter Owen)
With the Coalition once again tying itself in knots over climate policy and renewable energy, we thought we'd talk to someone who wishes we'd just get on with it – Peter Owen, who's the Director of the Wilderness Society in South Australia. He makes the case for transitioning to 100% renewable energy, and in particular, stopping drilling in the Great Australian Bight.
June 14, 2017
It's Never Too Late For An Early Election (with Alice Workman)
Could there be an early election? Even though it feels like only yesterday that we had a really, really long one? Alice Workman (BuzzFeed) has a theory you'll want to hear – book your international travel now! Plus the latest cascading One Nation debacles and the occasional shot of covfefe.
June 1, 2017
Like Stunned Cattle To The Slaughter
We'll deny we said it, but One Nation are having a tough week. Meanwhile, the government can't make inroads in the polls, and Labor are for some reason experiencing leadership jitters right when they're on top. Oh, and we plug the next live show at Giant Dwarf on 6 June. Did we mention tickets are available now?
May 24, 2017
First Anniversary Super Exciting Budget Birthday Party Edition
It's been a year since our first podcast, so APS and Dom (we) are takin' the podcast acoustic and unplugged, stripping it back to what it's really all about... two guys talking extensively about the intimate details of budgetary policy. Which is perhaps why the Double Disillusionists still haven't signed a sponsor after 12 months. C'mon, Squarespace, let's not kid ourselves that your standards are hig... they are? Well, okay then.
May 15, 2017
Budget Pre-Mortem (live with Kristina Keneally and Mark Humphries)
One week before the Federal Budget, we welcomed Kristina Keneally (Sky News, The Guardian) and Mark Humphries (The Feed, Chaser Quarterly) to help APS and Dom understand Malcolm Turnbull's sudden transformation into the PM who really, really wants to spend billions of dollars on schools. Will this stymie PM-in-waiting Bill Shorten and PM-in-exile Tony Abbott? We also subjected the audience to a live citizenship test – try it at - and book now at for the next show.
May 4, 2017
Australians All Let Us Revise (with Janine Perrett)
As its Australian values campaign rolls on, government MP Andrew Laming wants to update the national anthem, while Cory Bernardi is taking Family First under his generous wing, and on Manus – well, we couldn't possibly comment. With Sky News' Janine Perrett.
April 26, 2017
Reservoir Of Good Sense Dogs
Andrew P Street and Dom Knight dip into the Australian people's alleged reservoir of good sense to find Malcolm Turnbull rebranding himself as a warrior for Australian values. Like in the film Reservoir Dogs, kinda. Okay it's a tenuous analogy but what else is there that's reservoir-related?! And they're both Mr White - boom!
April 22, 2017
The War On Snowflakes (with Maddie Palmer)
Mark Latham's Outsiders is new to Facebook, so the Double Disillusionists have an even more low-fi competitor in the "people talking about politics on the internet" stakes. Maddie Palmer has watched His Outsideness (But Still On A Parliamentary Pension) in action on the prestigious The Internet, and tells APS and Dom all about it.
April 13, 2017
Beat the Q Society (live with Chris Taylor and Jacqueline Maley)
At our April live event, Jacqueline Maley (SMH) tells us about her curious trip to the Q Society's controversial event in North Ryde, and Chris Taylor (The Chaser) considers comedy in the Trump era. Next event is Tuesday May 2 - tickets on sale soon at
April 7, 2017
Rightsiders (with Mark Humphries)
In a shameless bid for a no-holds-barred panel show, Dom, APS and Mark Humphries launch their own three-bloke anti-PC straight talkfest, 'Rightsiders'. Truth bombs incoming! (PS - the moment we stopped recording, we became aware of a sudden gap in the market - call us, Sky!)
March 29, 2017
Duttocalypse Now? (live with Van Badham, Alice Workman and Michael Hing)
We're doing the show live on the first Tuesday of each month... here's some of our first one for 2017. With leadership speculation surging around Canberra yet again, we cast an eye across the field to replace Malcolm Turnbull. Tony Abbott? Peter Dutton? Julie Bishop? Kevin Andrews, even? Kevin Rudd, if we're going in decreasing order of plausibility? Our guests are Van Badham (Guardian), Michael Hing (The Feed/triple j) and Alice Workman (Buzzfeed). The next live event is Tuesday 4 April at Giant Dwarf - book now at!
March 9, 2017
As Newspoll Giveth, Newspoll Might Just Taketh Away
As the Coalition rushes towards yet another spill, pundits everywhere are wondering exactly which alternative PM can somehow doing a better job of selling the same unpopular policies. Tony Abbott? Peter Dutton? Julie Bishop? Scott Morrison? Scott Morrison's lump of coal? (And there's no guest this week, we're saving 'em for the live show next week - book now at!)
March 1, 2017
Great Highly-Paid Job, Michael Sukkar (with Richard Cooke)
This week's podcast asks whether we can afford housing and burnimgcoal burning as Richard Cooke (The Monthly) joins us to explain why the Coalition might be tricking Labor into that ol' creeping socialism – and his grand plan to invade WA. ALSO FEATURING lots of plugs for our LIVE SHOWS, just announced for 7 March and 4 April! Book at!
February 21, 2017
Baby, It's Coal Outside (with Maddie Palmer)
Ever get the sense that our parliamentarians are fiddling while Australia burns... even more coal? Then again, those lumps ARE fun to play with in Parliament! Dom, APS and writer/broadcaster Maddie Palmer wonder why the Coalition is so determined to run to the right with Forrest Gump-like speed and mental acuity. And consider where the WA Nationals fit into that increasingly crowded sector of our political spectrum.
February 14, 2017
Cory Reactor Meltdown (with Dee Madigan)
Parliament's back in action, and so are we for another year of #auspol a-banterin'! Political strategist Dee Madigan (Gruen, PM Live) joins APS and Dom to make sense of Cory Bernardi's departure from the Liberal Party and assess the ever-louder spill rumours – with Dutton rumoured to be loading his spud gun, can the PM stick around for a full term?
February 7, 2017
A Very Double Disillusioned Christmas (with Alice Workman and Dan Ilic)
What a year. No, really, what a year. In our final episode for 2016, Dan Ilic (Fusion) and Alice Workman (BuzzFeed) join APS and Dom from LA* and Canberra respectively to look back on a year strangely full of elections, and strangely devoid of substantive change, both home and abroad, when Canberrans were forced to roll, roll, roll towards freedom... Catch you all in 2017 when the politickin' resumes, and in the meantime, have a great pointedly non-Christian holiday/pro-Christmas uprising. And thanks for listening in 2016. * He was back for Christmas anyway, but it sounds more glamorous if we suggest he flew home specially.
December 20, 2016
Race, #Rod4PM and the rise of Trump (live with Ruby Hamad and Mark Di Stefano)
As the repercussions from Donald Trump's victory continue, Ruby Hamad (Daily Life) explains why she thinks Peter Dutton should resign, and Mark Di Stefano (Buzzfeed) gives a masterclass on how to get a hashtag trending – and what better hashtag than #Rod4PM? Recorded live at Giant Dwarf on 24 November – look out for more live shows in 2017.
December 5, 2016
Explain the Swamp
APS and Dom talk Trump. For more on what his election means for Australia, join us in person, along with Mark Di Stefano (Buzzfeed) and Jacqueline Maley (Fairfax), at Giant Dwarf in Sydney on Thu 24 November - tickets via
November 15, 2016
The Shear Genius of Rod Culleton (with Jacqueline Maley)
Sure, senators are getting referred to the High Court with dizzying rapidity, and we'll discuss that – but the big news is that the Australian Border Force has a podcast, available in both audible AND TRANSCRIPT form. Fairfax's Jacqueline Maley joins Dom and APS – in a wig freshly-shorn from a sheep's belly – to help us judge. (Image - Tom Roberts depicts young barristers preparing for court...)
November 3, 2016
When The Solicitors-General Talk (with Jane Gilmore)
Two Commonwealth Legal Officers... now, only one will survive. Well, neither is a genuine possibility. Writer Jane Gilmore joins Dom and APS to mull over the legal imbroglio, Tony Abbott's recent adventures and housing affordability. Or, more accurately, unaffordability.
October 26, 2016
It Just Wasn't Bob Day's Day (with Maddie Palmer)
WhatsApp this week, you ask? We're discussing the…
October 18, 2016
Can An Election Mend A Broken Heart? (with Lee Zachariah)
Lee Zachariah wrote the book 'Double Dissolution'…
October 11, 2016
Whither/Wither The Plebiscite? (with Mark Humphries)
This week, it's nearly all about the plebiscite. …
September 27, 2016
What If A Senator Quit And Nobody Noticed (with Alice Workman)
Ever ghosted? That is, left a party without telli…
September 21, 2016
The Empirical Evidence for Squat Toilets (with Charles Firth)
Charles Firth (Chaser Quarterly) joins APS and Do…
August 18, 2016
Stop Making Census (with Alex Lee)
Returning post their post-election hiatus, APS an…
August 11, 2016
There's Never Been A More Exciting Time To Go To The Pub
Looking back on Saturday's election result, APS a…
July 5, 2016
The Brexit Instability Crisis Disaster Episode (with Mark Humphries)
This week, The Feed's Mark Humphries joins Andrew…
June 28, 2016
Scare Campaigns And ScoMophobia, Oh My!
As the parties become increasingly shrill and des…
June 23, 2016
Preferences, Privilege and Palmer (with Jacqueline Maley)
As politicians' tempers fray, SMH columnist Jacqu…
June 13, 2016
Bring Out The Half-Time Oranges (with Dee Madigan)
It's about halfway through the campaign, so campa…
June 3, 2016
A Debate Without Winners (with Richard Cooke)
Is this election broken, is our political system …
May 30, 2016
Dead Cats and Dodgy Broadband (with Alice Workman)
Buzzfeed's Alice Workman joins APS and Dom to ans…
May 24, 2016
The Spirit of Tasmania (with Dan Ilić)
Dan Ilić is hitching his way from Hobart to Cape …
May 17, 2016
It's On! (with Sean Kelly)
It's On! Both Election 2016 and this new podcast.…
May 9, 2016