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By DoubleDM Studios
A D&D and TTRPG Podcast creating educational and entertaining episodes featuring all kinds of tabletop discussion fun. Episodes are filled with easy actionable Advice, Insight from behind the Game Master Screen of D&D, and other TTRPG, and a lot of fun and enjoyable stories to help you grow as a Dungeon Master in the easiest way possible. Whether you are an Ironclad Veteran or a new Baby GM join us today and hit play on whatever episode you like and join in on the fun. If you want to chat with us hit us up on Twitter @doubledmpod or use our email to connect with us at
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DoubleDM #34: Everyone Games Charity Event


DoubleDM #67: How You Can Incorporate Player Ideas Better
We Support The TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights and you should too, with this link you can get up to 275+ Games by over 200 Creators for just $5 and support Reproductive Rights: In this episode, we will discuss incorporating Player Ideas and what it means to be an active listener to your players and their ideas. If you asked yourself how your Player's Ideas can enhance the D&D or TTRPG Experience, you are at the right stop. We discuss making room for those ideas and what it means to also shut down ideas if need be. We create extra time in this episode to talk about our Experience with Player Ideas big or small and how they shaped our games so far. After this episode, you will have a better understanding of how to find and encourage Player Ideas and how to incorporate them into your D&D games without breaking anything. Check out these timestamps for more Information: 12:30: Why is this a topic? 17:00: Players enjoy gaming the system 20:00: Is Rule of Cool wrong? 24:30: Limits breed Creativity 27:30: Ideas are baked into all Games 29:00: "Yes and..." and "No, but..." 33:00: How to get new Players to ideas 36:00: Be an Active Listener 41:00: What about really small ideas? 46:30: Changing the Outcome depending on Ideas You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
May 16, 2022
DoubleDM #66: How To Create More Interesting NPCs
Welcome to DoubleDMs Episode on D&D and TTRPG Non-Player Character Creation. In this episode, we will discuss Creating interesting Non-Player Characters, how to make NPCs feel more alive and real; why and how you create NPC Templates and Categories that will help you in creating NPCs on the fly during a session or more easily in prep and we discuss Throwaway NPCs and why your Players always attach to the NPCs you didn't plan instead of the Believable NPC you wrote. So sit back and let's chat about making your TTRPGs better. For more information see the Following Timestamps: 14:30: What is an NPC? 20:00: NPC Categories 23:00: How to create NPCs? 27:40: A Baseline NPC 33:30: How to build Major NPCs? 40:00: How to make an NPC feel more alive? 44:30: How to play with Throwaway NPCs? 47:00: Let your Players Decide who is Major too! Another Announcement: Starting next Episode all our Episodes will upload on Mondays instead of Sundays! Go Hire Allie for Branding and Graphic Design Work: You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
May 08, 2022
DoubleDM #65: How You Can Easily Create Better Voices
In this episode, we discuss the Topic of Voices in Tabletop Roleplaying. We discuss how you can create better voices for your Non-Player Characters and Player Characters. Character Voices can elevate your game's immersion and atmosphere for your players and allow them to connect better to your Characters. We present a lot of advice on how everyone can create a wide range of voices and how to decide on the perfect voice for your special NPCs. We touch on when you should create a voice for your characters and the many reasons why voice distinction can help you create a better experience for your players. For more information check the following Timestamps: 15:00: What is a Voice? 18:00: How to do voices? 26:00: Why do voices? 29:00: How to play with Voice Distinction 32:00: It's about Training your Voice 34:00: How to create better Voices? 38:30: When should you do voices? 44:50: How do I remember a Voice later on? You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
May 01, 2022
DoubleDM #64: How To Adapt Your Game
In this episode, we discuss the process of adaptation and changing the game to fit the needs of your table. You will have to adapt your notes, the game, or the world at some point so with this episode we give advice and insight into how to prepare for adaptation and keep the effort of adaptation as low as possible. We talk about building Constructs instead of Structures and how you can make sure you are always ready for any curveball being thrown your way.  We also discuss the newest and fresh D&D Direct, Spelljammer, Dragonlance and the Future of D&D. See the Timestamps for more Information: 20:00: What is Adaptation? 22:00: Adaptation can be scary 27:00: Let's Talk about Session Prep 33:30: Build Constructs Not Structures 37:30: Why you need to adapt 39:30: Adaptation Pro and Cons? 45:00: Build with Natural Orders 48:30: Cling to the Player Characters 54:30: Work with Streams of Thought The Roll Play Grow Interview: You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
April 24, 2022
DoubleDM #63: You need to Ensure Player Comfort ft. Allie from Dice Drop
In this episode, we talk to Allie from Dice Drop Evolution, a Mutants & Masterminds Podcast about Player Comfort and Safety. Allie and We agree that your Players and the Comfort should be a Top Priority in creating a fun and exciting Tabletop Roleplaying Experience. Everyone deserves to play TTRPGs and Comfort allows them to create, play and portray Characters. In this episode, we talk about how we ensure our player's comfort and what you can learn from us and our stories.   Timestamps for more Information:   11:30: Lets meet Allie  15:00: What does it mean to be Comfortable  18:00: A Heads Up is not a Spoiler  21:00: Know your Players  25:00: Player Comfort vs. Character Comfort  30:00: You will need to talk to your Players  35:00: Players are allowed to prepare  38:00: There isn't a game if someone is uncomfortable  45:00: It's a Privilege not a Right  50:00: How to make an Audience Comfortable with a Show  Allie and Dice Drop Links:  Allie Twitter  Dice Drop Twitter  Dice Drop Blog  You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
April 17, 2022
DoubleDM #62: How to make Travel Interesting
In this episode, we discuss traveling in Tabletop Roleplaying Games and how you can make it interesting. We touch on our opinions on travel just being the connection between engaging Points of Interest and how it could be so much more. We give advice on how to make travel engaging for you and the players through showcasing different places and people, worldbuilding, and interesting challenges. We discuss how travel can become an Impactful Tool for you to use. For more see these timestamps: 14:00: What do we mean with Travelling 18:30: Exploration is a Pillar of the Game 23:00: Travel opens up Connections 27:20: Campfire by Abyssal Brews is great 30:30: Make the Days count 34:00: Skip the Travel 36:00: Video Games Parallels 43:20: Travel Challenges You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
April 10, 2022
Why Your World Matters, A TTRPG Worldbuilding Panel
Why Your World Matters is a TTRPG Worldbuilding Panel organized in part by DoubleDM aimed at encouraging and inspiring people to start creative writing and never stop creating. In this Panel Discussion, our Host Sage is joined by 5 creative, diverse, and simply amazing Content Creators creating their own worlds and content coming together to celebrate creativity and worldbuilding. This is a stream recording turned Podcast Episode and is therefore unedited. Thank you all once again for the love and support for this project. Check out the People that helped us make this Panel a Reality: Our Guests: Matt/DungeonGlitch: Twitter / Website / Gemmed Firefly Mat/Role Play Chat: Twitter / Podcast Rie/RomeoIndigoEcho: Twitter / Instagram / TikTok Allie/Dice Drop: Twitter / Podcast Tyler/Magic Missile RPG: Twitter / Website Our Host Sage: Twitter / Twitch Our Organizers: Jason Zollinger / ChillTouchRPG: Twitter / DMsGuild You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
April 06, 2022
DoubleDM #61: You need to give your Players Agency
In this episode, we talk and discuss the topic of Player Agency and why it is so integral to the Collaborative Storytelling Experience of TTRPGs. We discuss what Player Agency even means, how you can give your Players Agency and how you do not fall into the trap of neglecting Player Agency. We give lots of advice and insight into preserving Agency at the Table and how you can create an experience your players think they are actually a part of and not just first-class viewers. For more information see these Timestamps: 11:30 What is Agency 18:30 What does it mean to give Agency to the Players 20:30 Agency is part of the Experience 27:30 The Playground Analysis 30:30 What does Agency Consist of? 34:00 How to give your Players Agency? 46:00 How Agency gets taken away? 48:30 Is there too much agency? You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
April 03, 2022
DoubleDM #60: Why You Should Leave Your Comfort Zone ft. The Dungeon Newb's Guide
In this episode, we are joined by Klaus also known as The Dungeon Newb's Guide on YouTube. Klaus Content is focused on various different ways to play Tabletop Roleplaying Games so you can find new systems to play and love. That is also the topic of this episode, we talk about branching out of your comfort zone and finding new systems to play. We give a variety of systems you can try to expand your horizon and explore new possibilities and options to maybe find your new favorite game that isn't D&D. For more Info see these Timestamps: 15:00: D&D is accessible for so many people 21:30: No system is perfect 28:00: You don't have to branch out  36:00: Playing and watching means learning 40:00: Get your friends to learn with you 44:00: You gotta make the game your own 48:00: It's never been easier Klaus Links: YouTube, Twitter, Twitch You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Ko-Fi
March 27, 2022
DoubleDM #59: How to create compelling Political Intrigue
This episode focuses on creating a good, compelling, interesting Political Intrigue game in D&D and other TTRPG. We discuss steps in creating the intrigue, common pitfalls to avoid, and best practices in handling players and information for the game. Political Intrigue seems to be harder to pull off right than other types of TTRPG campaigns, but that is largely due to the need for player buy-in into the world, the game, and the characters as well as making sure your players have agency in their action. In this episode, we will explain everything so you can create the best political intrigue game and avoid all Pitfalls. See these Timestamps for more Information: 14:45 What is Political Intrigue 20:00 What Issues do you want in Political Intrigue 24:30 Player Buy-In 30:30 Players as active Participants 34:00 Action and Combat 41:00 PvP Intrigue 44:00 How to create a Political Intrigue Game a Step by Step Tavernaut/RPG-A-Thon Information: March 27th 6 am - 22 pm EST on Twitch For more Information: Linktree You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with the latest content, schedules, and more: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
March 20, 2022
DoubleDM #58: How To Get The Feedback You Want
This week we talk about Feedback for Dungeon Masters / Game Masters. As Game Mastering a Tabletop Roleplaying Game is no one size fits all you rely heavily on feedback from your players to understand what to do better for them and how to improve your skills. We want to encourage people with this Episode to either ask for Feedback in a better way or to give their GMs better feedback with a clear goal of improvement.  In this Episode: -We discuss how you can get the Feedback you want and how you can incorporate it best into your games to enhance the experience of playing. We give guidance in helping you spot the good feedback from the bad feedback so you focus on the feedback that will help you improve instead of the feedback that is just trying to tear you down. -We talk about when you can and should ask for feedback for your game, as well as who you should ask for the feedback. While this may seem obvious that it's your players, it isn't that easy to get good feedback out of players sometimes, so using guided discussions to get the feedback you want is a great way we advise you to use to get the feedback you want. -Lastly, we also discuss how to deal with "impossible" feedback, either feedback that isn't particularly good or feedback that is downright not feedback for you. You can find the Show on Social Media and the Web to stay up to date with latest content, schedules and more: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
March 13, 2022
DoubleDM #57: Why Home Bases are so cool
This week we talk about Home Bases in Tabletop Roleplaying Games and what they do, how they work, why we like them if they are necessary, and a whole lot more. Today we give guidance on how to use Home Bases to allow for better Roleplay, Character Development, and more Player Creativity, Freedom, and Agency. We talk about why and how Home Bases promote Player Freedom, Agency, and Creativity through Downtime. We talk a lot about how Home Bases allow your players to work in small creative details around their character while using a Home Base as the Catalyst to create and discover a deeper context about characters. This all comes through the central Term for the Episode "Home" and how that affects Characters and the Game you are playing. How having a home changes a Characters behavior and how it will allow players to create something of their own in the World of the Game as well as how DMs can use Home Bases to their advantage in the story to create a more personalized and engaging story for your players to enjoy. Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
March 06, 2022
DoubleDM #56: You can beat Imposter Syndrome ft. MagicMissileRPG
This week we are joined by Tyler from Magic Missile RPG, Tyler is a great friend of the show and has his own Podcast with his friends called Magic Missile but they get up to a lot more than Podcasting. Tyler has released 2 Games using Caltrops Core, Whispering City, a Noir Heist Game, and The Final Rose, a cheesy parody game of the Reality TV Show The Bachelor. In this episode: -Tyler is here to talk to us about Imposter Syndrome as a Content Creator, especially in the TTRPG Space. We talk a lot about how our Imposter Syndrome manifests and how we deal with it. Imposter Syndrome can come up in almost everything you do, be it DMing and Podcasting or more general content creation are just 2 examples we speak of. -We discuss the influence of numbers and metrics and how you should stop obsessing over them. For us, it was very important to find a group of like-minded supportive creators in helping us silence imposter syndrome. We talk about the leap of faith you will have to do and that doing so is scary but necessary and try to encourage you to not be scared of not postponing the leap of faith.  -We try to give encouraging words we truly believe in but in the end, we can only say, the only one that can beat your imposter syndrome is you, and yes you can beat it! Magic Missile RPG:  Twitter Website Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
February 27, 2022
DoubleDM #55: The Value of Cloak and Dagger
in this week's Episode of DoubleDM we discuss the value of Cloak and Dagger. Cloak and Dagger as a Term is defined here as a Stealth Adventure with a lot of Uncertainty but a Clear Goal in mind.  We use this to work our way through a handful of interesting talking points on how to work out a great Stealth Session for your next DnD or TTRPG Game. In this episode, we will discuss how to fix Group Stealth Checks or more generally Group Checks to make them feel like those with higher values get to use their skills while those with low skills don't drag the group down.  We discuss the importance of level design for your session, how to build intricate levels that will intrigue your players to explore the hidden secrets of the place while still focusing on the objectives put in front of them, with a big look into video game level design and what you can learn from it.  The topic of failing is especially important for a cloak and dagger session since your primary objective just failed and we discuss what to do when that happens so you are prepared to run an awesome, engaging, and fun cloak and dagger session at your table. Sponsor Links: GemmedFirefly: Store / RPG For Free Infinity Odyssey Games Other Worlds: Twitter / Kickstarter / Website Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
February 20, 2022
DoubleDM #54: It's our Anniversary Episode
This Episode is the 1-year Anniversary Episode of DoubleDM, Emil and Nils talk about their first year as Podcasters and what they learned and saw over this whole year. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SUPPORTED US IN THIS FIRST YEAR We talk about what we learned, how we started out, thank a whole bunch of people for their help, support, guidance and so much more and look into the future of what is is the Stars for DoubleDM. We try to give advice we learned on how to do a Podcast, especially a Tabletop Roleplaying Games Podcast in this year. Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
February 13, 2022
DoubleDM #53: Campaign Themes and how to find them ft. Charley from Negative Modifiers
In this week's episode, we talk about Campaign Themes with Charley from Negative Modifiers, a TTRPG Podcast that has picked up a horror spin to it with a lot of content. Charley has a Theatre Background and uses this to create awesome stories for his players and audience. In that time of making the podcast and also before that he learned a lot about Themes for TTRPGs and how Campaign Themes give an overarching Structure or Backbone to your Campaigns. We discuss what a Theme is and how to find them, what and how it will help you understand the deeper meaning of your Game, and how finding a good theme will help you and your players manage expectations, roleplay, and a lot more. We also discuss a few other things around sending messages to your players through your theme and the actions you take. You can find Charley/Negative Modifiers here: Twitter/Website   Sponsor Links: GemmedFirefly: Store / RPG For Free Infinity Odyssey Games Other Worlds: Twitter / Kickstarter / Website Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
February 06, 2022
DoubleDM #52: Rewards and why you need them
Thank you so much everyone for 3000 Listens!!! In this week's episode, we discuss the topic of Rewards in Dungeons & Dragons and other Tabletop Roleplaying Games, especially how they work and why you need them at your Table/in your Games. We delve into the many types of Rewards you can use to reward your Players and their Characters and especially how important it is to fit the rewards you hand out to your Players and their Characters. Rewards are a necessary part of the games, as Rewards secure the fun of the Game and make Players feel the Advancement in their Characters, the Story, and the World. You should know when and how to hand out rewards and be aware of the influence rewards will have over your game, which means the rewards should be felt in the game and not be worked against by you, the GM. We also discuss the topic of Generosity with Rewards and how you can balance how many rewards you hand out at times and also how to handle power creep. Sponsor Links: GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
January 30, 2022
DoubleDM #51: DM Tools and what they do
Please excuse any irregularities and problems with the Editing of this Episode as we are trying a lot of new Techniques and Software. In this episode we talk about DM Tools and what they do, DMs and GMs use a lot of tools to help us run, prep, and enjoy our Games, and in this episode Nils and I highlight the Tools we use, how we use them, for what reason we use them and how they help us improve the Quality of our Games. We talk about the process of finding the right tools for the job you do. Your DM Style will be different from ours and you might therefore use different Tools than us, it is about the effect the Tools hold for us, how they help to create immersion, make preparing a game more easily, organize your notes or simply support you in the way you work. Sponsor Links: GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
January 23, 2022
DoubleDM #50: Adventure Hooks and why they help
In today's episode, we discuss Story/Adventure Hooks and especially what they are used for, how they help, and why they help. This episode discusses a wide range of topics connected to Hooks meant to reel your players into a story but that often depicts the Image of a DM forcing their Players to play a certain Narrative or Game instead of letting them decide which Story work for the game. We discuss what a Story Hook actually is for us and why everything is a Story Hook and why they actually aren't there to force your Players to adhere to your Narrative. There are many reasons why players want to go in certain directions of play but all of them can be summed up as: Players want to do something and a Story Hook that presents them with an Interesting and Engaging Opportunity to do something will reel them in. Often your Players will present you with enough Story and Adventure Opportunities in the Game and you should follow these directions as well cause they often open up to engaging and intriguing adventures. Find us on The Dungeon Newbs Guides Cannel: here Sponsor Links: GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
January 16, 2022
Welcome to the DoubleDM Podcast | DoubleDM Trailer and Highlights
This is the Trailer for the DoubleDM Discussion Podcast, where Nils and Emil discuss GM Practices and give Guidance, Advice, and Inspiration so you can grow your own style.
January 12, 2022
DoubleDM #49: Dungeons and what they are
Why Your World Matters 3 is on the 15th of January on Sages Twitch In this week's episode, we talk about Dungeons, which are an integral part of the History of Roleplaying Games, when you look at the "Grandfather" of all Roleplaying Games. A Dungeon is a term that hasn't been thoroughly defined for TTRPGs which was kinda odd to us as it is a term with a lot of History.  We talk about what a Dungeon actually is and how important they are for TTRPG, we discuss Dungeon Themes and how they can give you a lot of insight into how to design your next dungeon. A Dungeon always comes with a Hook to get your Players interested in exploring the Mysteries and Challenges the Dungeon holds, we talk about how important it is to make this Hook align with the Dungeon Theme and your Players Characters. Your Dungeon is also just a connected system of smaller Parts, its Rooms, Dungeons are a lot about Exploration for us and that should reflect in its design and its Rooms and we talk about Individual Room Design and how every Room should be an interesting Place for your Players and pose Challenges, Rewards, Mysteries, or Progression of some other kind. Sponsor Links: GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
January 09, 2022
DoubleDM #48: Puzzles and how to deal with them
Happy New Year!!!!!!! In this episode, we talk about Puzzles in Tabletop Roleplaying and what Puzzles mean for us. After our Trap Episode, we felt the need to talk about Puzzles since both get put into the same boxes for TTRPGs which is totally justified. They check mostly the same boxes as the other and fulfill the same purpose at the table. However, there are some differences you should be mindful of. Puzzles sometimes get a bad rep for their Problem of challenging Players more than their Characters and while that can be true it is far from strictly true and we try to help you understand how to bridge the Player - Character Gap to mitigate the disconnect when it comes to puzzles. We also talk about what types of puzzles there are, how they work, how puzzles are their own reward, and a lot of things from Episode 46 get revisited here too. Sponsor Links: GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
January 02, 2022
DoubleDM #47: All the Answers
Merry Christmas dear Listener. This is the long-promised DoubleDM Q&A, where Nils and Emil discuss themselves and their Opinions on different Subjects. This was part of our 2000 Twitter Follower Celebration and now it's finally out... when we have reached 3500... it takes time okay?? Next week you will once again have a regular scheduled DDM Episode as usual but this week because of Holiday Preparations we did not have the time to edit a full episode of DoubleDM Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
December 26, 2021
DoubleDM #46: Traps and how to make them good
In this week's episode, we talk about Traps in Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop Roleplaying Games and how to use them. Traps are unique challenges for your Players to deal with but can sometimes become "Gotcha" Moments since they are meant to surprise Players. We talk about how to keep that Surprise Element without making Traps boring and pure Ressource Drains. One word is key in this Instance and that is "Engagement". We talk about the actual engagement Traps can yield via Disarming, Avoiding, Rebuilding, and Detecting. We talk about how to build an engaging and fun trap using unique Triggers and Effects to create different Challenges while still keeping the Core Purpose of Traps alive. We discuss the Importance of Reason behind a trap, where it is placed, how it works, and who built it. We give advice on how to make the trap more engaging and intriguing for your players and how you can use them not only as a Trap but also as a Test of Ingenuity and a Worldbuilding Tool. Sponsor Links: Lords of Gallipae: Website/Patreon GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
December 19, 2021
DoubleDM #45: Social Hubs
You can vote for DoubleDM here: EnWorld In this week's episode, we talk about Social Hubs and why they are needed in TTRPGs. Social Hubs are all the Places people go to socialize and meet. This can be the sole reason for that place to exist or just one of many, but that is exactly the reason why you will need them in TTRPGs, because we need them in our real world as well. A Social Hub can be many things but the favorites include a Tavern, a Market Place or a Temple. We give advice on how to build social hubs and what you should pay attention to when building them, while also talking about how social hubs reflect on their patrons and how you will also build a lot for them with your social hub.  Sponsor Links: Lords of Gallipae: Website/Patreon GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
December 12, 2021
DoubleDM #44: GM Tricks
You can vote for DoubleDM here: EnWorld In this week's episode, we talk about GM Tricks. Tricks we like to use to achieve certain outcomes at the table, certain things we do to convey a certain feeling for a scene or Character. Having eye contact with a certain player while talking, pausing while talking, or anything else can be considered a trick. Often it's the things we don't think about too much and with this episode, we want to make you aware of what you already do or what you can do to create certain feelings and elevate your play. What we don't want to do is tell you that you have to use these tricks or that they are necessary to play the games, everything you can do could become a trick, we don't want you to think about every implication of everything you do but just make you think about a few things you already do or can do and help you understand why these things have a certain outcome. In the end, these games are social games and therefore require communication from us which is more than just the words we use.  Sponsor Links: Lords of Gallipae: Website/Patreon Of Gods and Game Masters: Website/Linktree GemmedFirefly: Store/ RPG For Free Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
December 05, 2021
DoubleDM #43: Pitching ft. Nathan from Reckless Attack
In this episode, we talk about Pitching with Nathan from the Reckless Attack Actual Play Podcast. A Good Pitch is a short synopsis of your Product that gets new people interested in your Product. We talk about what makes a good Pitch, what you should never do when pitching, how to make a good pitch, and a lot more. We talk about how important it is to know your audience, to know your product and all its facets, and how important it is to be genuine and truthful. Nathan has expertise on the subject of drawing what is interesting from a Story and condensing it into the interesting and relevant bits that people need to hear for them to become interested in a certain topic. Nathan/Reckless Attack Links: Linktree Website Twitter YouTube Patreon Ko-Fi Podcast Sponsor Links: Lords of Gallipae: Website/Patreon Of Gods and Game Masters: Website/Linktree Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
November 28, 2021
DoubleDM #42: Player Influence ft. DMDMStudios
In this episode, we are joined by Derek from DMDM Studios to talk about Player Influence on your Setting.  People sometimes treat their setting as sacred grounds for their stories while it should be a Playground for your Players to run around in. We talk about how to make sure you accommodate for your players while also making sure you get to have your ideas and stories in that same world. We talk about how to make it easier to let their Actions and Ideas Influence the Setting. We throw advice around on how to deal with change to your setting and having to throw away some of your content. TTRPGs are a collaborative experience and we tell you how to make sure you all have fun together! Derek: Twitter  Stream Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
November 21, 2021
DoubleDM #41: Murder Mysteries
In this episode, we talk about Murder Mysteries in TTRPGs. How they work, What is integral to them, What makes them good, How to play them from both sides, and a lot more. We talk about our preparation process, what we think works well, and a lot more so you can have a better understanding of what makes Murder Mysteries so compelling and fun to many. We talk about Problems the standard Murder Mystery has in TTRPG and how to work around that too. All in all Murder Mysteries are fun and when you understand how they work you can create a great Adventure for your friends. Screwdiver - Powder Link Sponsor Link: The Contract: / Discord Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
November 14, 2021
DoubleDM #40: Failing
In this week's episode, we talk about Failing in TTRPGs.  We talk about what Failure actually means and how it is different from Mistakes. We talk about the Fear of Failing and how to eliminate it so you don't have to fear playing the games we play for fun, we talk about the 3 different groups that can fail, the GM, the Players, the Characters, and what Failure means for all of them. We talk about Single Point of Failures and why they are bad for your game and one little secret discussion at the end of the episode. We give advice on how to eliminate the Fear of Failing and how to use Character Failure to level up your own enjoyment of the Games we play. Sponsor Links: RodInFlagons: The Contract: / Discord Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
November 07, 2021
DoubleDM #39: Horror ft. Sergio from MDRP
In this Halloween Episode of DoubleDM we talk to Sergio from Mayday Roleplay about Horror, Tension, and Suspense. Sergio is the Handler for MaydayRoleplays Doomed 2 Repeat Delta Green Campaign a Campaign dealing with Horror and Tension and Sergio is an expert at making his Players and his Audience feel shivers run down their spines. In this episode, we talk about how to gamemaster horror elements in your games, what practices are best for it and what preparations you need to make. We talk about that you can't constantly try to scare your players but also have to hit different notes in this play of emotions to elevate the horror itself. We talk about levity in Horror Games and we also talk about how important it is to know your players and their characters. Sergio gives you advice on how to write Horror and combine all the different tools into one big pot of great storytelling.  Mayday Roleplay: Website Twitter Doomed 2 Repeat Episode 11 Sponsor Links: RodInFlagons: The Contract: / Discord Our Links: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
October 31, 2021
DoubleDM #38: Expectation Management
In this episode, we talk about Expectation Management and why we think it's such an important topic to talk about. Expectations are the fuel TTRPG Tables run on if they are not met people might feel disappointed and unsatisfied, if they are met however people will feel happy and will come back happily. This is why it's so important to talk about Expectations before you even dive into playing and this is exactly what we will be focusing on today. We talk about how to manage expectations, how to talk about them in Session 0, why it is important to always keep an open line of communication to players and DMs, and what to do when expectations change. We give you practical advice on how to manage that discussion, how to navigate it and make sure everyone gets a say in it (that includes DMs), we tell you what to do if you feel like Expectations are not met or missed and how all this can help your table become better for everyone involved. Sponsor Links: Rod in Flagons: The Contract: / Discord Our Socials: Website Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
October 24, 2021
DoubleDM #37: Progression
In this episode, we talk about Progression and everything around it. Progression is used to showcase to your Players that they are actually moving in a Story, they uncover Clues, they reach stronger Enemies, their Names become known to People are all ways of Progression and especially Showcasing Progression. You need to Showcase Progression to your Players and in this Episode, we will give you an overview of how to do that.  We talk about Threat Level, Class Or Experience Point Progression, Story Progression and Pacing, Character Development and the Difference between Hidden and Obvious Progression. Sponsor Links: Ecopunk 2044: Kickstarter RodInFlagons: Our Social Media: Twitter Instagram Ko-Fi
October 17, 2021
DoubleDM #36: Taking Notes
This week we talk about taking Notes for TTRPGs. Notes help people remember Information and paint Mental Images for themselves, They are pretty useful in a lot of Aspects for TTRPGs, but there is one Major caveat there: Note Taking shouldn't be a barrier to play TTRPGs for us. Note Taking is not necessarily for everyone but this Episode talks at length about what we use our Notes for as DMs and as Players, how we take them and how to get better at taking notes, while always remembering that Notes are a tool to help you not a barrier to hinder you from having fun or even playing.  Sponsor Links:  Get Campfire right here: Our Social Media Links:
October 10, 2021
DoubleDM #35: Creating a Show ft. Russell from Spawn of Chaos
In this episode, we talk to Russell E Welch III about producing a Show in DnD (and general TTRPG), Russell is a Producer and decided one day to use that knowledge to create an Immersive DnD Show. He also is the DM for Spawn of Chaos and the CEO of the Company behind the Show and is with us today to share his knowledge from his Background and from the Show. Russell talks to us about, the Work that goes into one single Episode, what is important to actually produce a TTRPG/DnD Show, and the Challenges he and his Team faced, and gives some incredible insightful Advice to people looking to start out as well. He was not only insightful and fun to talk to but also Inspirational for us and hopefully many others. You can check out Spawn of Chaos under these Links: You can check out us at these Links:
October 03, 2021
DoubleDM #34: Everyone Games Charity Event
In this episode, Sam and Phil join us to talk with us about the Everyone Games Charity Event and Accessibility in Gaming. The event is meant to highlight that every one games, we are all One Community, everyone here games while raising money for Charities that help further the Accessibility in Gaming. Sam and Phil also talk about what we as People, Shows, and Publishers can do to help make our Tables, Games and Documents accessible to more people. Check out the Everyone Games Event using these Links: Everyone Games Website: Everyone Games Twitter: Donation Link: Knights of the Braille: Jennifer Kretschmers Accessibility in Gaming Ressources: Warlock Returns Discord: White hare Games: Accessible Games: Our Links: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Ko-Fi:
September 26, 2021
DoubleDM Bonus: Role Play Chat Recording
This is a Bonus Episode and the recording of our Episode with Role Play Chat about One-Shots in TTRPG. What makes them different, what makes them unique, what makes them interesting, and much more get's answered in this Episode!! Also, check out Role Play Chat for more Episodes like this one! Role Play Chat: Our Socials:
September 22, 2021
DoubleDM #33: Character Creation ft. CCdotdot
In this week's episode, we talk about Character Creation with our Guest CCdotdot but especially focused on the Gesture-forward way of creating characters. If you do not know what this means, give the Episode a listen, CC goes in-depth into how Gestures create a Character instead of how people "normally" or "traditionally" create Characters with a Historical Background. CC talks about his Session 0 System-agnostic Mini-Game: The DMPC is dead, which is supposed to help players understand and discover impressions of fateful moments in their past adventures and how that ties into Gestures creating a Character. We also go into how this way of discovering what the Character is like through their Gestures revealing their Essence is for Players and GMs new and old alike. CC Twitter: The DMPC is Dead: Our Socials:  Twitter: Instagram: Ko-Fi:
September 19, 2021
DoubleDM #32: Downtime ft. Role Play Chat
In this episode we talk to Mat from Role Play Chat about Downtime, especially the roleplay aspect of Downtime, what possibilities does downtime provide to GMs and Players to further enhance their Roleplay? We talk at length about how Downtime changes the Stakes of the Game to help newer players or shy players to get a better grip of roleplaying, we talk about how it can also help your players and their characters process the dangers of the Adventure. We also talk a lot about the Changing Environment of the Hobby itself and about Ammo Tracking Role Play Chat Twitter: Our Social Media: Twitter: Insta: Ko-Fi:
September 12, 2021
DoubleDM #31: The Prep Process
In this episode of DoubleDM, we talk about our Prep Process and what it means to do good prep. Prep is done so a DM can run a game comfortably, that's mostly why newer DMs do more Prep than experienced DMs, but even Experienced DMs have highly different Levels and Ways of Prep all going back to them being able to run the game comfortably. We answer questions in what helps us do our Prep, what we actually Prep, and what we think of the Quantum Challenge, if you don't know what the Quantum Challenge is, you should stay tuned throughout the Episode cause I am sure you know exactly what we are talking about. We give advice on how to do Prep more effectively and how different Prep Levels work for different People Our Socials:
September 05, 2021
DoubleDM #30: The Witcher TRPG
In this episode, we discuss our Experience with the Witcher TRPG from R. Talsorian Games and what we think of it. We played a 10 part Campaign in it and loved our experience with it. We discuss the Combat, the World Section, the Mechanics of Crafting, and everything in between. We also discuss what we learned from the System going forward in DMing, how complex and hard the System is, and what it generally provides to GMs and Players. We also want to thank all our Listeners and Social Media Followers for 2,000 Followers on Twitter, stay tuned for a Giveaway, an AMA Special Episode, and a lot more Stuff!! **We are not in any way affiliated with R. Talsorian Games, this Episode only reflects our Opinion as simple consumers of a Product** R. Talsorian Games Website: Our Social Media:
August 29, 2021
DoubleDM #29: Trail of Heroes Interview
Today we talk to Andrew and Thomas of Lords of Gallipae Games LLC about Trail of Heroes the Game they are developing. They grant us insight into how the Game came to be, what makes it unique and what it provides to players and Game Masters. They also give great insight into the TTRPG Theory behind the Design Choices of the Game. Their Twitter: Their Website:  Their upcoming Patreon: And their Discord Server Our Socials:  Twitter: Insta:
August 22, 2021
DoubleDM #28: The Ultimate Games Master App
In this episode we talk to Justin from the Ultimate Games Master App about the App they have been developing for some time now! The App is designed to give every DM of every Skill Level a great Tool to build their Campaigns, Manage their Notes and create while cutting down on the time needed for prep. It also has a Player Mode with a Character Sheet where Players can manage their Characters and even a Streamer mode for Streamers to engage and immerse their Audience in the Game played on screen! The Ultimate Games Master App is still live on Kickstarter for you to back, go to: for that. The Dev Team can also be found on Twitter: Our Socials:  Twitter: Instagram:
August 15, 2021
DoubleDM #27: Plot Twists
In this episode, we talk about plot twists. They are shocking Moments your players will be caught off guard by and make them think about their next move. We talk about how to set them up, what you need for them to work, and about how subtlety plays a big role in making them way more impactful that the Information you do reveal to your players might be. These Moments are turning points in Stories that we don't want to forget so having them Matter is one of the most important Keystones for that. Our Social Media:
August 08, 2021
DoubleDM #26: Villains
This week we talk about Villains in a Story. In a Story a Villain is one of the Main Driving Forces of that Story, second only to the Players and their Characters, the Villains create the Triggers your Players will react to and the Problems they will have to solve. We talk about how to make a good Villain in a few easy Steps while also answering what makes a Villain actually Compelling for your Players, how to play out a good villain and what it means to Fix a Villain. Our Socials:  Twitter:  Instagram:
August 01, 2021
DoubleDM #25: Nostalgia
This week's episode focuses on our past lived Stories, Memories we hold dear in our Hearts of our time playing TTRPGs. What was your first memorable moment, where you had to just sit back and look around you realizing how amazing this is.  Nostalgia plays an important part in our TTRPG Lifes, more than one might think, cause Nostalgia influences us, it shapes our Expectations and our Experience of the games we play, which is why it is good to look back once in a while to see from where you came. Our Social Media:  Twitter: Instagram:
July 25, 2021
DoubleDM #24: The Heist
In this Episode we talk about the widely-known Session Type of the Heist Scenario. A Highly Planned Robbery, to achieve Riches, Fame and Prove yourself to the Criminal Underworld as the best Thief there is. Heists work great in TTRPGs because they are High Stakes Scenarios, require Teamwork and Problem-solving.  We talk about what Elements make up a Heist, how they play together, what a GM and a Player need to keep their eyes out when prepping and playing the Heist itself as well try building a short thought experiment Heist.  Our Socials:
July 11, 2021
DoubleDM #23: Improv in TTRPG
In this episode, we talk about how Important Improv is to the Core of how TTRPGs work. TTRPGs work on the Engine of Improv and without it would just be scripted Plays or Video Games but Improv from both Sides of the GM Screen makes these Games a Fountain of Endless Possibilities.  We talk about how Improv changed for us over the Years, how important it is to our Style, and how we got our Players to Improv more and therefore Roleplay more. We try to give advice on how you can get players more into improv and roleplay, how to improve your own improv and how improv can make these games better. Our Social Media:
July 04, 2021
DoubleDM #22: Importance of Player Composition
On Todays Episode we talk about the Importance of Player Compositions, What does that mean? Well, we understand this as, the Importance of People having fun together at the table working together to solve problems and create stories. So yeah we talk about how important it is to play together, to have fun together, and to find the right group for yourself. We also touch on the Thing that a usual Party in any ttrpg should fill all the roles that ttrpg needs you to fill but we also talk about the awesomeness that comes from not filling roles in the first place. Nils is now on Vacation, the next Episodes will all be a little shorter, scuffed, and maybe unorganized, we had to prerecord to not stop creating for you guys. Our Social Medias:
June 27, 2021
DoubleDM #21: Fixing GM Mistakes
In this episode, we talk about our GM Mistakes and how we fixed them. We talk about that not all Mistakes actually are Mistakes, a lot of Stories can be written from things that might seem to be mistakes at first. A lot of us do Mistakes and that is also not the Problem, the Handling of those mistakes should be the focus of it and this is what we are talking about in this Episode. We hope our Experiences on how to Deal with our Mistakes can give you any advice on how to handle them in the future.  Our Socials:
June 20, 2021
DoubleDM #20: One-Shot vs. Campaign Design
In this Episode of DoubleDM we talk about One-Shots and Campaigns. How do both differ from each other in Play, Prep, and Design. The Discussion focuses on Major Differences we see between the two. What are the Strongsuits of both Sides and what are their Weaknesses, what they allow you to do as a DM, and what as a Player. How One-Shots provide a Training and Test Ground for a lot of Things, like new Systems, new Rules, or new People while Campaigns give you the time to develop Stories, Characters, and Twists. Campaigns need a long-term commitment while One-Shots need to be done in the given timeframe. Our Socials:
June 13, 2021
DoubleDM #19: Drawing Inspiration 2: Video Games
This Episode of the DoubleDM Podcast focuses on Drawing Inspiration as part of our Mini-Series on how and where we find Inspiration. This time we talk about the Inspiration we found from 2 Videogames: Greenhell and Greedfall. Both are very good Video Games on their own but we talk about how to draw Inspiration from them for a TTRPG Campaign, One-Shot, or even a System. We talk about what the Games actually are, what the Key Aspects from those Games are, and how to portrait them in a TTRPG, we talk about what of the Game to drop for the Enjoyment of Player and GMs and what the Key Points a System would need to have to support such a Game and Story. Our Socials:
June 06, 2021
DoubleDM #18: Battlemaps ft. Maps 'N' Quests
In this episode, we discuss how to Enhance your Game using Battle/Encounter Maps To help us do that we have a guest this week. Eric from Maps’n’Quests. With him, we talk about the pros and cons of using battle maps, their general effect on the game,  what to keep in mind during their design and compare battle maps to the theater of Mind. We talk extensively about how and why Eric became a Mapmaker and what Programs he uses to make his Maps. Eric does Large Battlemaps that you can use to plan big tactical Combats with a lot of Environment around you. Eric’s Socials: Twitter: Patreon: Our Socials: Twitter: Insta: @doubledmpod
May 30, 2021
DoubleDM #17: Railroad vs. Improv
Today we talk about something a lot of DMs talk about in Online Discourse: Improv vs. Railroad. We want to shine a light on both sides and how both sides are not only a valid Style to DM a Game but also how they work combined. We talk about what Planning we do for our Games, what we want to achieve with the Planning and where we Improvise, and how we do it. We talk about what we find easy to plan, and what is easy to improv, and the other way around, what is Hard on both sides of the Camp. We want to show that even if a lot of People often say one is better than the other that for us the Mix is the perfect Way. Our Socials: Twitter: Insta: @doubledmpod
May 23, 2021
DoubleDM #16: Ending a Story ft. Hamilton from Dragons Duel
This episode focuses on the topic of Ending Stories on TTRPGs and How Stories End. Our Guest this Week is Hamilton from Dragons Duel who is here to talk with us about how he thinks Stories in TTRPGs differ from other Media. We talk about what we can Adapt from Media for TTRPGs, What makes a Good Ending to a Campaign or Story, and also what Endings we already had in the past and what we plan to do in the future. We discuss how Endings come to be and what Endings can be if used right. Hamilton is the DM of Dragons Duel, the D&D Gameshow where you play 6 Rounds vaguely related to the 6 Ability Scores. We appreciate so much that Hamilton took the Time to talk with us since this Week was also the Season Finale of Dragons Duel Season 1. Season 2 will start in June and maybe even Nils and Emil will be on the Show. Hamilton & Dragons Duel Games Socials: Twitter: Insta: @dragons_duel Twitter: Insta: @dm_doesnt Our Socials: Twitter: Insta: @doubleDMpod
May 16, 2021
DoubleDM #15: TTRPG Setting Design ft. Jon Hodgson
This episode focuses on the topic of Designing a TTRPG Setting Book. Specifically the DnD 5e Setting Book, BEOWULF Age of Heroes from Handiwork Games. Jon Hodgson one of the Writers and the Owner of Handiwork Games talks about the challenges of designing such a Book, What the Creative Process looks like, and his best advice for people looking to do the same. He talks about the Importance of Passion for a Project and how important it is to do something accomplishable. Jon has worked a lot in the TTRPG Industry, for example, he was an Artist on the Adventures in Middle Earth by Cubicle 7 and also the Writer on the Loremasters Guide to the Adventures on Middle Earth Setting. He talks about his Past Experiences in TTRPG Design and What BEOWULF is all about. BEOWULF Age of Heroes is a 5e Setting inspired by the BEOWULF Saga, adapted for DnD 5e Duet Play (meaning 1 GM and 1 Player) diving deep into the Beowulf Mythos of besting Epic Monsters and Saving the Lands. The Book includes interesting Mechanics and Additions to DnD 5e, like the Hero Class which is adapted to make Duet Play in DnD work, or the Followers which are NPCs that work with the Hero to best Monsters and other Problems.  Jon & Handiwork Games Socials: Twitter:  Insta: @handiworkgames  Insta: @jonnyhodgsonart Our Socials: Twitter: Insta: @doubleDMpod
May 09, 2021
DoubleDM #14: The In's and Out's of Combat
This Episode answers the Question: What actually is Combat? Combat isn't just 1 Dimensional but rather an Intricate Multi Dimensional Puzzle that can get way to complex for 1 Mind to handle, so let us take you on a Journey where we help you understand what Combat is all about. What Things do you need to prepare before Combat, what do you need to keep track of while in Combat, what happens after Combat?  We give Ideas on how to Start Combat and a lot of different Things that matter when starting Combat. We talk about different Challenges and Types of Combat and we also talk about how to make Combat more Cinematic. Socials:  Insta/Twitter: @doubleDMpod
May 02, 2021
DoubleDM #13: The West Marches Playstyle ft. DnD Worlds FG
This week we got another incredible guest with us FG, the Server Owner of DnD World. Which is the biggest West Marches Text-based Discord server of the World  This Episode we talk with FG about the Experiences of running such a Big DnD Community, what Challenges she and her team faced, and what happens behind the scenes. We also talk alot about the West Marches Playstyle of DnD and its Key Differences to "Traditional" DnD. What can one adapt from the West marches Style for their own Playstyle? What makes West Marches what it is? We also talk about Text-based Play and how its Advantages and Disadvantages Shape the World and Feel of Play.  Our Social Medias: Twitter/Insta: @doubledmpod DnD Social Medias: Twitter: @dndworldtweets FG will also be heard on the Star Wars Campaign on the Check D's Out Podcast Channel: 
April 25, 2021
DoubleDM #11: How to start a Campaign
This one is a bit chaotic even for us, but nevertheless, we talk about how we start our campaigns. We answer the big questions of what do you need? What steps do we take? What steps are important? How you actually go on after you have done your first session and also what we mean when we say you need good players for a campaign. 
April 11, 2021
DoubleDM #10: Inspiration from German Folklore
This Episode is the start of our 2nd mini-series, this one is all about drawing inspiration. Where from, for what, etc.. We figured it would be best to start with a topic very familiar to us, German Folklore. You will hear that this Topic is one that is very close to our hearts. We hope you can enjoy our chaoticness and take away one or two things for your games. Hear you on the next one.
April 04, 2021
DoubleDM #9: Music & Ambience ft. Eli from MaydayRolePlay
This Episode is all about Music & Ambience.   Our Guest this Week is @aGhostofeli from We talk about Music for TTRPGs, What Kind of Music we like to use, what Music can do for TTRPGs, how it helps and how to use it to the best of its effect. We also talk about Sound Effects, Ambience Sounds and how they work a lot to make your Players feel immersed. We talk about the Effect Music and Ambience has on the Game and how to get the most out of the Effect. how Music changes in Settings, or Places in your World or for People in your World.  Thanks again to Eli for talking with us. Elis Social: MaydayRoleplay:
March 28, 2021
DoubleDM #8: Homebrew- & Houserules
This Epsiode is all about our House- & Homebrewrules we use in our games, and why we use them.
March 21, 2021
DoubleDM #7: Story Arcs
This time we talk about story arcs, what they mean regarding TTRPG's what we think about them and how we do them.
March 14, 2021
DoubleDM #6: Session Zero
Todays Epsiode is all about the Session 0 we mentioned so often in other episodes. 
March 07, 2021
DoubleDM #5: Character Backstories
This Episode is all about Character backstory. What we look for in them and some tips we use to craft our own.
March 01, 2021
DoubleDM #4: PC Interactions & Relationships
In this episode we have a guest helping us discuss and talk about our experience with inner party relationships and romantic party relationships.
February 21, 2021
DoubleDM #3: TTRPGs in Quarantine
Discussion about Covid-19, Quarantine, and the Pandemic. Today we talk with 2 of our friends about how we play during the quarantine/lockdown, what are pros & cons of Playing Online and how the whole Situation of Playing Online changed the way we play, and how we view the Game. We would like to emphasize, that if you don't feel ready to talk or hear about this very Sensitive Topic, that you should skip this Episode before next Week we dive into PC Interaction and "The Naughty Stuff"
February 14, 2021
DoubleDM #2: New Players at the table
On this episode we talk about our experience with new players at our tables and give some tips for new DM's, DM's engaging with new players and for new players in general. Still very early into our Podcast career, so please excuse any issues we have. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!
February 07, 2021
DoubleDM #1: How it all began!
This is the very first Episode ever of Double DM. A Podcast, from two DM's talking about everything TTRPG related. The topic of this Episode is an introduction to ourselves, how we began playing TTRPG's and some funny stories we had in some of our games. Please Excuse any audio issues in the first few episodes, because we still try to figure out how all of this works. Feedback is very welcome!
February 07, 2021