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Doubting It With Charlotte Pence Bond

Doubting It With Charlotte Pence Bond

By The Edifi Podcast Network
“Doubting It" explores the powerful issues of faith, culture and doubt. Hosted by Charlotte Pence Bond — author and daughter of Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence — this show explores some of the most essential questions about our faith journeys.

Through powerful interviews with transformational guests, Charlotte gets us thinking deeper about the power of asking questions — and how seeking truth can strengthen our faith in God and deepen our relationship with Him.

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Why Does God Allow Suffering? Expert Who Has Worked in Some of the Worst Disaster Areas Offers a Powerful Reflection
Why does God allow suffering? Kent Annan, director of humanitarian and disaster leadership at Wheaton College, explores some of the toughest questions about his journey working with people in some of the toughest areas across the globe. On the season one finale of "Doubting It," listen to him and Charlotte Pence Bond discuss faith, doubt, suffering and God's love. Stay tuned for season two of "Doubting It," premiering in January on The Edifi Podcast Network! Helpful Links Related to This Episode: Slow Kingdom Coming - You Welcomed Me - After Shock - M.A. Program – Resources: page for spiritual and mental health issues and the BLESS Method – Recent article about disillusionment stage during Covid-19 –
December 22, 2020
Author Chris Fabry Reveals How Life Changed When He Confronted Whether the 'Bible Really Is the Communication of God'
Author Chris Fabry explores how life changed when he truly confronted whether the "Bible really is the communication of God." He and Charlotte sit down to discuss prayer, his work on the "War Room" novel and so much more. "When we pray, we’re tapping into a power that is more than we can understand," Fabry proclaims during the show, exploring his own journey of faith and doubt. Listen to this powerful episode and discover other powerful shows on The Edifi Podcast Network!
December 15, 2020
'Live Differently': Grief, Chaos, 2020 — and What It Means to Give Thanks in All Circumstances
Charlotte Pence Bond explores grief, chaos, 2020 — and what it truly means to give thanks in all circumstances. In the midst of an insane year with a pandemic, personal challenges for all, and a difficult election cycle, it's easy to forget the power of gratitude. It's also easy to forget where our hope must remain. Charlotte unpacks this and so much more in this powerful episode of the show.
December 8, 2020
Atheist Journalist-Turned-Christian Apologist Lee Strobel Breaks Down the Investigation That Led Him to Christ
"Case for Christ" author Lee Strobel joins Charlotte Pence Bond to explain the investigation that led him from being an atheist journalist to a Christian and, years later, one of the most impactful apologists. Strobel's stunning journey has been told through his books as well as the feature film, "The Case for Christ." Listen to him join Bond to discuss faith, doubt and more!
December 1, 2020
Psychiatrist Dr. Curt Thompson Breaks Down Neurobiology, Shame and Turning It All to Christ
Psychiatrist Dr. Curt Thompson joins Charlotte Pence Bond to breaks down interpersonal neurobiology, shame and turning it all to Christ. Thompson, who offers "a Christian view of what it means to be human," will leave you thinking deeper about life, faith and the science behind it all.
November 25, 2020
Max Lucado Explains His Path to Faith and Ministry — and Some Powerful Truths About God
Charlotte Pence Bond and Max Lucado sit down to discuss faith, Lucado's personal path to God, and the ways in which we can thrive in the midst of uncertainty. From navigating difficult times to recognizing God's will — even when we don't understand the things happening around us — this episode offers some powerful truths worth pondering.
November 17, 2020
Franklin Graham Originally 'Didn't Want God Running His Life'. Here's What Happened When He Accepted Christ
Charlotte Pence Bond sits down with Franklin Graham — son of the late famed evangelist Billy Graham — to discuss his path to faith, his views on Christians in politics, the power of prayer and his advice for young parents raising children today. This personal, reflective and powerful interview covers a lot of ground, offers insight into Graham's life, and will leave you deeply inspired.
November 10, 2020
'God Has a Plan For Us': Charlotte Pence Bond's Powerful Election Day Message Reveals Touching Family Story and a Message to Those 'Nervous'
Charlotte Pence Bond breaks down her powerful and transformational election day message — and reveals the touching story behind her father's (Vice President Mike Pence) decision to keep pushing into politics after facing initial defeat. Her incredible and inspirational message gives every American something to think about as the nation heads to the polls on Tuesday. “I want to encourage you: if you’re nervous today — on election day — just remember that God has a plan for us,” Bond proclaims in this must-hear episode. “Regardless of the results of elections, we respect the person who God has placed in authority.” 
November 3, 2020
Explore Possession, Exorcisms — and What the Bible Truly Says About 'Playing With Fire'
Charlotte sits down with Billy Hallowell, author of "Playing With Fire: A Modern Investigation Into Demons, Exorcisms, and Ghosts," to discuss whether modern-day demonic possession still unfolds, and what the Bible truly says about spiritual matters. 
October 27, 2020
'God Wants to Fight For You': Charlotte Pence Bond Breaks Down Tie Between Sin & Doubt — and How We Can Break Free
Charlotte breaks down the tie between sin and doubt, and how we can all break free. In this powerful episode, she proclaims, “Sin can really play into doubt and can lead to doubt ... and can lead us away from seeking answers and seeking out that relationship with God." Listen to Charlotte's fascinating discussion and find freedom.
October 20, 2020
Ex-Porn Star Finds Jesus and Reveals Her Incredible Journey Into Ministry
Ex-porn star Brittni De La Mora spent seven years working in the adult film industry, but a chance encounter with God and the Bible changed everything. Now, she's leading XXX Church and helping people steer clear of pornography — and helping guide adult film stars to Jesus. Listen to her reveal her incredible story.
October 13, 2020
Commentator Bethany Mandel Explores Her Conversion to Judaism and Her Path to Faith
Commentator Bethany Mandel joins Charlotte Pence Bond to discuss her conversion to Judaism, struggles along the way and her fascinating faith path. 
October 6, 2020
Author Eric Metaxas Tells Charlotte Pence Bond About Doubt, Faith — and What We Can Be Sure of in Christ
Charlotte Pence Bond sits down with author and radio host Eric Metaxas to discuss doubt, Christianity and his journey to faith. Listen to this riveting conversation, and for more faith-inspiring podcasts head over to the Edifi app.
September 29, 2020
Charlotte Pence Bond Reveals Her Faith Journey, Past Struggles With Doubt — and Plenty More
Charlotte Pence Bond — author and daughter of Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence — reveals her personal faith journey, past struggles and her journey toward understanding. Get to know Charlotte as she explores some of the most essential questions about our faith journeys. Dive right in to "Doubting It"!
September 22, 2020