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The Daley Gator

The Daley Gator

By Doug Hagin
If You're Left, You Just Ain't Right
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DaleyGator DaleyThought #275
You go Ricky Gervaise! Pepsi says adios to Super Bowl halftime? Steve Kerr, hypocritical little turd. Yes, Beto is a royal prick! And no, gun control laws do not stop bad guys! And MORE!!!
May 25, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #274
The Commencement speech grads SHOULD hear. Ethical hunting? Hell yes! Beware sex scammers, and MORE!!!
May 22, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #273
The fruit that ate snake venom? Gun control? Or Common sense? Choose wisely! Liz Cheney, RINO supreme! And LOTS MORE!!!
May 20, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #272
Wimpy writers telling lies about guns! Race Baiting is a tragedy! She did WHAT to wigs? And LOTS MORE!!!!
May 18, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #271
Replacement Theory Mania! The lefts latest load of BS! Fat Chicks in Bikinis-Good or Bad? And MORE!!
May 17, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought! #270
Why yes, child molesters SHOULD be stigmatized! Team Mumbles cannot step to me! Another Commie on Team Biden? Transmania! AND MORE!!!!
May 16, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #269
A personal message for a Leftist! Yes, unborn babies are human too! Florida to teach about Communism's evil history. Leftist hardest hit! AND MORE!!!
May 13, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #268
Vegan Milk JUSTICE! The Left REALLY hates electricity! Crazy people? YEP! Dangerous And MORE!!!!
May 12, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #267
Eric Holder your Commie of the Day! How many genders are there? Are we afraid of words now? And MORE!!!
May 10, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #266
Menstrual Equity? The War on Gender rolls on!! He has climbed Mt. Everest how many times? Dear government schools-Parental Rights is a thing....And MORE!!!
May 08, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #265
How dumb is Juan Williams? Someone tell Geraldo Rivera to keep his damn shirt on! Another idiot cries for gun control! Prison to Campus pipeline anyone? And MORE!!!
May 06, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #264
Yes, the Left is crazy! And all for breaking certain laws! Climate Justice anyone? And MORE!!
May 05, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #263
The Left has lost all their faculties! Free Speech? Only for Leftists! Girls who want separate restrooms are advised to get therapy, an MUCH MORE MADNESS!
May 03, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #262
Extreme Individualism? Is there any other kind? Mother of 3 shoots intruder! Also Trans-INSANITY! And MORE!!!!
May 01, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought Stanley Cup Playoff Picks
No playoff/tournament in sports is better that the fight for Lord Stanley's Cup
April 30, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #260
Sage Steele Sues ESPN! Out women. In people with uteruses! Left wants to honor attempted murderer! And MORE!!
April 29, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #259
Everything is Racist, you racists! Who is a worse human being? Joy Reid or Nicole Wallace? A Mystery Quote! Google Docs is coming for YOU! And MORE!!!
April 28, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThougt #258
The circular firing squad of leftist history teaching! Yes, Freedom of Association IS a thing! Trans recruiting? AND MORE!!!!
April 26, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #257
DeSantis Derangement Syndrome anyone? No one cares if you are Gay, Trans, Bisexual, Trysexual, etc. And MORE!!!!!
April 24, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #256
Crazy? Like Jumping off a cliff Crazy? Like Stalking people Crazy? Like calling math RAAAAACIST Crazy?
April 22, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #255
My BAD WEEK! You cannot stop The DaleyGator!! BLM hates taxes and loves scamming. NO leftists Republicans are not waging war. AND MORE!!!
April 20, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #253
Random scatter shooting at various topics, Good Nekkid vs Bad Nekkid! Venomous snakes are NOT good pets. Scottish man charged with committing self-defense? AND MORE!!!
April 13, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #252
Identity Obsession Disorder? Also, some jobs are just not for you! Fake racism anyone? AND MORE!!
April 12, 2022
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #250
David "Weeny Arms" Hogg lecturing gun owners on "masculinity"? Free Speech warning signs? Censorship is not cool! And MORE!!
April 10, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #249
Supreme Court Disgrace! The war on our kids! Now the left wishes to dictate where we may live? And the EVIL of Whiteness!
April 08, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #248
GENDER WARS! The CLIMATE POLICE! Maybe locking up violent criminals is the answer.....And MORE!!
April 06, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #247
Today, a rambling discussion on several issues, mostly in the world of sports
April 05, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #246
Mental illness is NOT a family value! Then they came for our kids. LOOK AT ME Syndrome! And MORE!!
April 03, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #245
More angry Leftists! Noted hack Nicole Wallace brings the hackery! Paying people to be Transsexual? Two legends give us awful news, and MORE!!!
April 01, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #244
Moral Poverty: The Essence of Leftism! Disney should be ashamed! Carbon Offsets? What BS! And MORE!!!
March 31, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #243
A Credit Card that controls you? Noted celebrity advises women to work hard, massive butthurt ensues. Ah self-defense! Happiness as a college degree? WTF and MORE!!!
March 30, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #242
Everybody run, it's SUPER KAREN! About our next SCOTUS justice..... When Democrats say taxes, hide your wallets And MORE!!
March 28, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #241
Tipping is now racist? Another sate goes Permitless Carry! Dollar store self-defense! And MORE!!!
March 25, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #240
ESPN: Stuck on Woke! Home Depot and "Privilege"! And More!!!!!
March 23, 2022
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #239
Dear Leftists, men and women are different, so, EMBRACE the science.  Schools still treating parents as unimportant! What NOT to do with burglar! And MORE!!!!!
March 18, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #238
The Lefts fetishization of victimhood. Yes, kids should be protected from LGBTQ BS! The NFL and overtime rules, FAIL after FAIL!  DeSantis Derangement Syndrome And more!!!
March 16, 2022
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #237
CRT is free speech now? COME ON! Ultra judgmental Leftist gets his arse handed to him! Award winning HIV researcher canceled? And MORE!!!!
March 15, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought 236
Wither our history? Are Leftists making our kids crazy? Energy Independence? The Left hates that notion, and MORE!!
March 13, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #235
The Democrats Ukraine distraction. Taxing your ammo? No, Lefties, you cannot eradicate hate by engaging in it! And MORE!!
March 11, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #234
Math is RAAAAACIST! The Cult of Gun Control cannot stop digging in the Pit of Idiocy ,and MORE!!!!
March 10, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #233
YES Parental rights are human rights! The media's inability to stop propaganda. Two words, AGE APPROPRIATE! And more!!!!
March 09, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #232
Does the Left LOVES abusing children? The Left hates oil, unless we are buying to from Communist hellholes, School district spied on parents? And MORE!!
March 06, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #231
Does the left hate DeSantis more than they hate Trump? Crazy, on steroids! Gun controls fails again! And More!!
March 04, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #230
NEW show schedule, And some quick notes on ideological things!
March 03, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #228
Little Girls have fathers, who will kill you.......... Greed, Capitalism, and a midget walk into a bar... And MORE!!
February 25, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #227
Random thoughts on several topics
February 22, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #226 Gender Dysfunction! Equity is getting people killed! Social Credit Scores? And MORE!!
Gender Dysfunction! Equity is getting people killed! Social Credit Scores? And MORE!!
February 21, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #225
Just me discussing religious liberty in Finland, saying saying a final goodbye to a friend, and other subjects. 
February 19, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #224
Jemelle Hill punks herself. Gun Violence? More like moronic politicians. Climate Change scammery! And MORE!!!!
February 17, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #223
Self-defense? GOOD! The NFL? Stuck on Woke! The left looks to bankrupt gun makers! And MORE!!
February 16, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #222
Yes, China is evil and can never be trusted. So peeing is discriminatory now? Yes, AOC is still an idiot! And MORE!!
February 15, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #221
SEX!, Yes, I said SEX and how colleges are making a mockery of it! Teachers should never be Karens! The Lies of the Cult of Gun Control! And MORE!!!!!
February 13, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #220
Free Crack Pipes -BAD! Fewer abortions - GOOD! Sex games alone? WEIRD! Democrats Spin - PATHETIC! AND MORE!!
February 11, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #219
ESPN is living proof that Leftism destroys everything it touches, Also Kamala Harris, Unions BAD for America! And more!!
February 09, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #218
Crazy professor brings the Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Where were these teachers when I was in high school? Soros and military purges for wrong think? The cult of Gun Control and their lying lies! And More!!!
February 08, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #217
Top five food quirks! Stacy Abrams, put your damn ask on! Will the last sane person to leave Washington state turn out the lights, and one really triggered teacher!
February 07, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #215
Tulsi Gabbard continues to destroy Kamala Harris! Shoplifter gets brow beaten by little old lady! Skin Color is NOT a qualification for SCOTUS! And more!!
February 05, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #214
Crime is about bad people. Then they came for your hotel reservation. Adam Carolla speaks truth, the perpetually aggrieved hardest hit. And the Left LOVES the "right" kind of discrimination! And MORE!!
February 04, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #213
Education crisis? Blame the Loony Left, and MORE
February 04, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #212
Ah the useful idiot, paving the path to their own erasing! Mental wards for "Covid deniers"? Running gun battles- Good or Bad? And MORE!!!!
February 01, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #211
Why does the Cult of Gun Control hate gun safety and education? Joyless Reid is an angry shell of a woman! The truth about the Left and "equity". And.. MORE!!!
January 31, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #210
Jim Acosta plays the clown again. A Canadian is triggered by Freedom! Worst argument for gun control yet, and more!!
January 29, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #208
Chuck Schumer has no shame, January 6th Obsession Syndrome anyone? Yes, Team Biden DID try to smear parents. Dear Democrats, we are NOT a "democracy" and MORE!!!
January 13, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #207
Temper your temper, because it ain't worth it. The View does not want any Conservative women on their show. Religion baiting? And MORE!!!
January 11, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #205
Iwo Jima flag offends some leftist, mayor orders it removed, Prediction on tonight's game, AND the Super Bowl, Black professor will not stop teaching English, and MORE!!!
January 10, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #205
Leftist Elites and their disdain for America, An idiot gets his just beclowning, And MORE!!
January 08, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #203
Porn Studies? Satanic men falling pregnant? Police to suspect "Excuse me sir but is this a severed head in your cooler? Plus the J6 OBSESSION rolls on and MORE!!
January 07, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #200
Democracy is a threat to Democracy according to Democrats! Republicans winning elections is now a global threat? Reducing penalties for drive by shootings? WTF??? And MORE!!!!!
January 07, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #202
Are Democrats delusional? Democrats fail at, democracy! Dear gun control, Canadians are not into you! Oh the January 6th lies! Deranged beast attacking Welsh citizens
January 05, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #201
Inflation? The left wants more! Shut down the country? Flatten the curve? Canada hates plastics...... AND MORE!!!!!
January 04, 2022
DaleyGator DaleyThought #199
The thugs have to be stopped. Who got canceled and why! Safe Zone Stickers? Forced Pronouns in college, and MORE!!!
December 29, 2021
Daleygator Daleythought #198
Individualism our Collectivism, you choose. The Senate is not Democratic? Why should the government pay for your child care? And MORE!!!!!
December 26, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #197
Why do radio station suck these days? What happens when humans go away? OH AOC, so cute, soooooo stupid. And More!!!!!!!!!
December 23, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #196
The Left really worships misery! Why the Left values murderers more that the unborn. Should White teachers make less? Transgender Obsession Syndrome! And MORE!!
December 22, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #195
Manchin Mania! History in the cross hairs again! Why does Maryland hate self-defense? And, MORE!!!
December 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #194
Gender is RAAAAACISM or something! Ah the Christmas Decoration Police! Do Christmas songs trigger you? And MORE!!!
December 20, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #193
Date killers! More DeSantis Derangement Syndrome! Elon Musk OWNS Senator Phonywatha! Woke Algebra? CLIMATE DOOM! More Campus insanity! AND MORE!!!!
December 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #192
Safe Storage Law? Or an attempt at back door gun control? Yes Salon is a mecca of bad writing by deranged Leftists. The Left insists that we spend more money to combat "Climate Change", and MORE!!!
December 16, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #191
Dumbest quote of the year. Faking hate crimes is the left's version of fake orgasms. What really scary things are crossing our border. Free Speech? House Dems hate that! And More!!
December 15, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #190
Violent Crime + War on Cops + Bail Reform + Excusing and Celebrating Deviancy will equal the death of America
December 14, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #189
Dear ladies, welcome to the view from under the Leftist Bus of Equality. The Gun Violence Lie! Those defending the Second deserve recognition. Awww those poor violent criminals! Some history...................
December 13, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #188
Could the Oxford, Michigan school shooting have been prevented?
December 10, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #187
YES, Gender does matter! Forced recycling of food. Is it in our future? Oh God help us, preferred pronoun ALERT!
December 09, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #186
So, you just "found" $600,000 in your walls? Dems reveal their conspiracy theory side, Coups you say? World's biggest Karen found and MORE!!
December 08, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #185
Equality? Rising Crime? Democrats want to drive America down? And More!!!
December 07, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #184
Leftists heads exploding as parents are taking greater control of curriculum in schools! Restaurant boots cops because SAFE SPACE!! Those KRAZY Aussies and school lunches? And MORE!!
December 06, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #183
Chris Cuomo, and the lie of "privilege"! Oh Oregon! Bodily autonomy, and the Left's hypocrisy! The five most obnoxious people you meet. And MORE!!
December 05, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #182
So, now adoption is worse than abortion? Leftist DA's and their war on Americans, Thoughts on school shooters and MORE!!
December 03, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #181
 Three Evil Leftist billionaires walk into a bar, Ah the language police have returned, Yes, it is all part of the Leftists plans and more
December 02, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #180
Al Sharpton fear mongering, again, self-defense in the crosshairs, Geraldo sucks, Less sex in America? And more
December 01, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #179
Scumbag alert, GUN SAFETY! Notre Dame LSU, OU, USC, UF and coaching madness, Having a gun when yo need a gun is bad? Media Bias, and MORE!!
November 30, 2021
DaleyGator Daley Thought #178
The New Coach- Friendship-White Freedom? If Thanksgiving causes you to suffer from Butt Hurt...GOOD! And more!!
November 29, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #177
Salvation Army surrenders to Wokedom, Why yes the NAACP is still useless, And the punchable face of David Brooks
November 26, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #!76
Free Dog Care? Leftist midget stunned that America is not "down with Joe". Race Baiting? TONS OF IT! Media Butt Hurt Syndrome? Sure! Ans MORE!!!!!!!
November 24, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #175
The Left loathes self-defense, Hollywood stupidity, They want you afraid, very afraid! 
November 23, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #174
Democrat calls SUV attack "Karma" for Rittenhouse verdict! Rutgers Professor hates her some White folks. The war on Thanksgiving and MORE!!!!!
November 22, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #173
My but MSNBS is a it of hatred! Fat Shaming? Just no! Trashing Turkey Day? And MORE!!!!
November 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #172
The Verdict is.......JUSTICE!! New York-The Statist State! The left is permanently divorced from reality, and more.........................
November 19, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #171
Racist much Leftists? Liberals hate it when Americans succeed. and No matter WHAT You do, you Republicans are all RAAAAACISTS! And More!
November 18, 2021
The DaleyGator DaleyThought #170
Merrick Garland lied? That is a BIG dinosaur! That was a BIG dinosaur. THAT is the best song ever? And MORE!!!!
November 17, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #169
Licensing parenting? The death of self-defense? Killer Scorpions and Climate Change Justice? And More!!!
November 16, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #168
Forgive, and do not prosecute! Rittenhouse is a vigilante? Nuclear Families are evil now! And MORE!!!
November 15, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #167
Team Biden Mysery for America Tour rolls on! The Left and Bigotry perfect partners! Media and credibility? NOPE! And MORE!!!!
November 11, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #166
Aspiring rapper Update, crime still does not pay. Triggered by a blackboard, and parents 1 school board 0
November 08, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #165
Friday Night OUTRAGE!
November 06, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #164
A salute to Jefferson, the "other" reason for Democrats defeat in Virginia, and MORE!!!
November 04, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #163
The Virginia Election FALLOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And more!!
November 03, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #161
AT&T CEO HATES him some America, Juan Williams meets moral retardation and MORE!!
November 02, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #162
The stupidity of Communism, Who wants kids to be miserable? So, Condoleeza Rice is a White Supremacist? And MORE!!
October 27, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #160
More Pronoun insanity? Then they came for Reagan. Wisconistan? AND MORE!!!!!!
October 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #159
A hint for prosecuters GET THE VIOLENT FELONS, cheerleaders getting political? Guns do not cause crime, Yale Law School is so busted, and MORE!!!!
October 20, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #158
CISGENDERPHOBIA? The border is a bigger mess than we thought, and EV batteries will be killing us all soon, and MORE!!!!
October 19, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #157
Canceling Halloween? Should hippies be parents News for dogs, and MORE!!!!!!
October 18, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #156
Creeping Communism, and the end of America! How about we start RAISING families and embracing marriage? Soft on Crime? BAD, AWFUL, TERRIBLE idea!
October 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #155
CRT at Wal Mart? UGH! Another fake story on race? Leftist hypocrisy! Rapper does not see skin color? RAAAAACIST!! And LOTS MORE!!
October 15, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #154
President Mumbles-redefining pathetic! The worst case of irresponsible gun ownership ever! Screw the Leftist censors. Bow and Arrow Control? AND MORE!!!
October 14, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #153
GRUDENGATE!! The Lefts obsession with being offended, Why are rappers mysoginy are not frowned upon? And MORE!!!
October 13, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #152
More Grudengate! More grossly fake outrage, Demi Lovato speaks, stupidity ensues, and MUCH MORE!!
October 12, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #151
Jon Gruden is guilty of Whiteness!, Nanny States and Nanny State laws! Othello is now OFFENSIVE! And more!!!
October 11, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #150
Urban Meyer Obsession Syndrome! No, consequences are NOT racist, the Rolling Stones go WOKE? and MORE!!!
October 10, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #149
Oh goody more CANCEL EVERYTHING, Mike Rowe sets a liberal straight, Merrick Garland sics the FBI on parents, and the media gets one right, and MORE!!!!!
October 08, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #148
Ah Self-Defense! More on Bidens bank snooping plans. The left with the ease that you breathe! A Top 5. And MORE!!! Including my pick for dumbest coach in sports today!!
October 07, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #147
How drunk was he??? Do you believe in curses? Biden hires devoted Communist to run banking, what could ever go wrong? The FBI being weaponized by Team Biden?? And More!!!
October 06, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #146
Sage Steele, advice to young women, ESPN, and Fake Outrage Syndrome! Alyssa Milano, activist, hypocrite! The cost, in $$$$$$$$$$$$ of erasing history and MORE!!!!!
October 05, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #145
Vegetarian dogs? Why Feminism erases femininity! When I say wishes to erase us…………. and what is Year Zero?
October 04, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #143
Planes, Cranes and Erasing America. The UN gun control you need to know about. Thank you Shaq! Country star erased by CMA! And MORE!!!!!!!!!
October 03, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #144
The left still suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, No, Congress should not "remake" the Presidency, The Left's hypocrisy overflows again, And MORE!!!!!
October 01, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #142
The greatness of George Orwell, Team Biden and their lack of accepting responsibility, A new dinosaur identified, college brats, and MORE!!!
September 30, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #141
If you thought CVS and their 12 ft long receipts were obnoxious....., Crazy cat lady Maxine Waters vs Juan Williams in a stupidity battle, Climate DOOM! And MORE!!!!!!
September 29, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #140
Defining "wokeness", NEVER drink bear urine, Golf is RAAAAACIST!, Bidens war on law and order, and MORE!!!!!!!
September 28, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #139
Guns, self-defense, the second amendment, ALL about firearms today!
September 27, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #138
Racist horses you say? The Great Reset? Is this the beginning? Build Back Better? What does that even mean, and more!!!!
September 24, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #137
James Bond going woke? Do y'all even grasp how much $3.5 triilion is? Are Vaccine mandates RAAAAACIST? Our biorder boondoggle and MORE!!!!!
September 23, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #136
Leftist's keep turning violent people out of jail, then blame legal gun owners! DUDE stop calling 911!!!! Ain't self-defense grand? College students triggered by words, on a blackboard! And MORE!!!!
September 22, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #135
The Truth? The Left desspises it! Big Government and you ability to work, and to get medical treatment in GRAVE PERIL!!! Yes, I do, will ALWAYS!!
September 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #134
The war, on guns, our liberties is still real. Leftism, an ideolgy of double standards and arrogance, and MORE!!!!!!!
September 20, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #133
Left likes being "sensitive"? But only to some. Joy Reid, HYPOCRITE! Meet Jenn Jackson, stupid and crazy is no way to go through life! AND MORE!!!!!
September 19, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #132
Facebook bans Fugging? Actress gets cancelled, proceeds to make an ass of herself. Team Biden tried to hide latest border catastrophe. Wisdom from Clarence Thomas, and much, much more!!!!
September 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #131
Covid Vaccine and Testicles? Joy Reid taking KRAZY to new levels, Adam Kinziger is Your Political Hack of the Day, Racist sweatpants?? AND MORE!!!!!!
September 16, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #130
Flying Rhinos? Stupid Tech heads! Oh Goody more inflation! Campus insanity, LOTS of it!! And MORE!!!!!
September 15, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #129
Have you see AOC's butt? Nicki Minage called Joy Reid a WHAT? Boy and his dogs HEROES! MTV and Hawt Lesbian Bondage?? Why the Hell not? Australia limiting beer? AND MORE!!!!!!
September 14, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #128
Peeping Toms might want to avoid her house! Will Governor Douchenozzle survive the recall? College INSANITY times three, and MORE!!!!
September 13, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #127
Destroying our history in order to destroy our nation? Evil indeed! What did "W" mean? Corporations against self-defense? Justice Breyer speaks on court packing, and MORE!!!!
September 12, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #126
Respect you say Mr. President? MSNBS guest needs Jesus, and science! Seth Meyers, the Marxist Moron of the Day! AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Cick Below, listen, learn, laugh and so on!!
September 10, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #125
The War on History, Cultural Marxism, the moral retardation of the Left, campus idiocy Sports Talk Morons, and MORE!!!!
September 09, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #124
Are You Woke Enough? Defund police? Close prisons? Then what? Americas Straight Talk Sherriff! When you have to leave the work you love, a bartender's lament! AND MORE!!
September 08, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #123
David Frum is really good at being a smug prick isn't he? Is Biden a liar, or a liar with severe memory issues? Sense of urgency is now  RAAAAACIST!! So, apparently Japan were the good guys in WW2 now? AND MORE!!
September 07, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #122
Anti-White Racism in the NFL? How dumb is Eric Swalwell? Racial Obsession Syndrome on steroids, and MORE!!!!! CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN!!!!!
September 06, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #121
Desecrating Monuments, Race Pimping, Media malpractice, Covid virtue signalling, and MORE! Click Below to LISTEN!
September 03, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #120
Brushing your teeth is RAAAAACIST! Stone Mountain? RAAAAACIST! History? RAAAAACIST! Eating Breakfast? RAAAAACIST! And More you Racistly Racist RAAAAACISTS!
September 02, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #119
Gutfeldmania? Biden incompetence on steroids! Censoring TV shows? And MORE!!
September 01, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThougt #118
Calling out Team Biden for leaving Americans behind, Man's best friends left behind too? Arming terrorists, while disarming Americans, and MORE
August 31, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #117
Wisom! A Double Dose! Can we export our values? Identity obsession REJECTED!! And more
August 30, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #116
The left's intellectually bankrupt White Supremacist narrative! Nirvanna sued by a baby? An Atheist Caplain you say?
August 29, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #115
What the Left excels at, and what they suck at! A Message from Trump! What is Liberty anyway.... And Much More!!
August 27, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #114
Pre-tipping? HELL NO! A man put WHAT up his WHAT?? Latest Leftist stupidity? Banning bows and arrows. If you believe "looting and riots" do not hurt people..... and LOTS MORE!!
August 26, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #113
University Idiocy! Bumbling Biden! Why the left hates police, and I picked the wrong week to stop cussing!!
August 25, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #112
Self-Defense GOOD! Bravo to the TSA? Is it time for Joe to go? The Most Offensive college mascot it..... and MORE!
August 24, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #111
Demi Lovato, the crazy people! The media bash Bumbles Biden! Have I mentioned that the left is ruining comedy, parody, and everything else? And MORE!!
August 23, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #110
President Mumbles is losing the media? Smearing Black Conservatives, a despicable Leftist tactic, Rep. Mo Brooks condemns DC terrorist, gets smeared by CNN hack
August 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #109
What did Sleepy Joe know, and when? Baseball announcer suspended because WOKE! Are rattlesnakes just messing with us? Ain't Nobody wanna see that! And lots more
August 20, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #108A
Some historical perspective we need, Carrie Underwood and Star Wars vs Cancel Culture? And More!!
August 19, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #107
More DeSantis Derangement Disorder. The Biggest lie the left tells. Gun Control is based on lies, and control. Remember when segregation was bad? And more!!
August 18, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #106
Clearing the tabs, stories I have been meaning to get to but just haven't
August 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #105
Another Soros DA, Meet Bettina Love, CRT theorist, Mileage taxes, and MORE
August 13, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #104
Oh NO, Offendeditis! MORE hate from Joyless Reid, and the death of the three "R's" of education
August 12, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #103
DeSantis Derangement Disorder!!!!! Stelter tries to defend Chris Cuomo, FAIL ensues! The Racist Rock terrorizing Wisconsin college! MSNBS cries for Governor Cuomo because REPUBLICANS!!! And more
August 11, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #102
More DeSantis Obsession Syndrome from the left? CHECK! Mike Rowe eloquently defangs an idiot? CHECK! Governor Boob Grabber is out? CHECK! And more!!
August 10, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #101
DeSantis Derangement Syndrome! Mike Rowe sets some records straight. That whole b And so, much more!! Border surge in Covid cases? Just ignore that!
August 09, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #100
Rep. Cori Bush the BITTER BLACK WOMAN. Also a BITTER trans dude in a dress! And... more Covid CRAZINESS! and more!!!
August 07, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #99
GUNS, GUNS, GUNS!!! Mexico sues American firearm makers? Armed Self-Defense! Queer feelings? AND more!!!!!!!!!!
August 06, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #98
Teaching Stupidity! Mileage taxes? The Destructiveness of Identity Obsession, and more!!
August 05, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #97
Cuomo the Harasser! How would you defend yourself if disarmed?. Mandating Vaccines? NOT the job of government!! And more!!
August 03, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #96
Lying Leftists defending Lying Leftists for being Lying Leftists? Stinky beer talk.  SHOCKING NEWS ALERT! Megan Rapinoe is not happy? And more!!!
August 02, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #95
Another non-apology from another hate-filed Leftist, Some thoughts on the SEC, Sooners and Horns, OH MY! Ayanna Pressley's latest hatefulness, and MORE!!
July 31, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #94
Noted race pimp sees American flags, butthurt ensues, MSNBS hack does not grasp that facts matter, Leave bears alone, and MORE!!
July 30, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #93
Dear Verizon.....YOU SUCK! Can the SEC get even awesomer? Thank YOU Sunni Lee! And now we know Music is RAAAAACIST!
July 29, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #92
Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, So, Cleveland thought rebranding the Indians was good enough? AOC, Stuck on Stoopit! And, yes, MORE!!
July 27, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #91
Communism is evil, and is alive, and we MUST fight it! CRT? Indoctrination NOT education! Isn't it crazy that people who experienced Communism hate it so? AND MORE!
July 25, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #90
Biden Vs Israel, Why are "leaders" afraid of the public speaking about firearm policies, The tragedy of military suicides, and why he Left could not care less
July 24, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #89
Mass shooting foiled! Oh the latest plague on America? WHITELASH!! And more!
July 22, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #88
Racial Obsession Syndrome. Democrats used to warn about voter fraud, Ban pickup trucks? And the Left's war on our privacy, and MORE
July 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #87
Kaepernick called out. The Founders definition of  "rights" Vs the Left's definition, Let's just rename everything! And MORE
July 20, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #86
CRT creating divisions in schools, Hey New Zealand, how is that gun control working for ya? Cancel Culture vs Cancel Culture? Racial Obsession Syndrome, and MORE
July 19, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #85
More anti-police narratives, Another radical Biden nominee, why do people blame guns rather than criminals? And...MORE
July 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #84
Is feeling safe a "right"? Guns and armed security for Democrats, but not for you and I? Leaders do not bend to outrage mobs! And more
July 16, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #83
What the Hell Houston! Know what "bugs" the left now? Swatting, NO, not that kind you pervs, and MORE!!!!!!
July 15, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #82
Democrats are still out to take your guns, ENOUGH racializing everything. Cancelmania rolls on, and more!
July 13, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #80
Cancel everything? The left will if we do not take a stand. The left comes for Sacagawea, and the Alamo. Soft on Crime Chicago, and why most people shot by police earned the bullets they got! And more!
July 11, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #79
Another blow to history, rFrench food is so RAAAACIST! The media needs a refresher in journalism, and more
July 10, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #78
Abolishing prisons and police? Critical Race Theory or Theocracy? And more
July 08, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #77
The 1619 project, and the Communists behind it and CRT. Teachers shaming Conservatives. NY Times triggered by pickups with Old Glory on them and more
July 06, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #76
RAAAAACISM, No Olympic rules are not racist, stupid maybe but... Cori Bush is a race pimp, quit looking at my weiner you pervs! And more!!
July 05, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #75
Google wants to be your Big Brother, More worthless apologies, self-defense rocks, and why the second matters most on the fourth, and more
July 03, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #74
The WORSTEST Thing EVAH! The Left fixation with government aid, What happened on this day.... and more!!
July 02, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #72
Teacher sues Chicago school board, Gwen Berry looking for a pay day, why Liberals are like they are, and MORE!
July 01, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #73
Critical Race Theory, a race baiter gets angry people are calling out his race baiting, a Muslim Polygamist gets his just rewards, gun control lies, and more
June 30, 2021
Daley Gator DaleyThought #71
Another Comedic Coward kneels to the Wokers, Another reporter wit the IQ of a tree stump, Marxifornia is BIG MAD, and more
June 29, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #70
The idiocy of "high-capacity" magazine bans, attempted cop-killer, busted at Black Supremacist bunker, radically anti-gun nominee David Chipman is unfit, and more
June 27, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #69
The media's war on guns and self-defense, Brandeis University and more banned words and phrases, and more
June 26, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #68
CRT? Its Communism. Man the left fears DeSantis, Defending the right to arms and more
June 25, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #67
Gun control stupidity, vs common sense, OU punishes student for "Wrong Thought", and MORE!!
June 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #66
The Aspen Institute and disinformation, Are they watching you? Poking fun at a gender confused idiot, AND more!!
June 20, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #65
College CRAZINESS, watch your drunk friends, Holidays hurt your feewings??
June 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #64
RAAAAACIST BIRDS!! Calamity Kamala, Missouri ain't having gun control, and more!!!!
June 16, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #61
Charlie Crist is back in Florida, and he is still a shit stain, War Memorial defaced, and Digging up dead Confederates? Why we MUST defend history
June 03, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #60
WHY I carry handgun, The Facts about Texas voter law, and MORE
June 02, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #59
Racial Wealth Gap? Media bias and incompetence. And yes, MORE!
June 01, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #58
AP axes biased reporter Brian Stelter hardest hit, Violence at a rap concert? NO!! Why I belong The Five! A new Top 5 and MORE!!!!
May 31, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #57
Disarming police? REALLY? Armed teacher stops a kidnapping, and a top 5 and more
May 30, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #56
What "woke" brain washing looks, and sounds like. Bonus!! Top 5 things you should NEVER do at a bar
May 28, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #55
Transgender regrets?  Paul Ryan? Never heard of her. Nick Fuentes you little bitch. Don Lemon you  ignorant ass! AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 27, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #54
What every commencement speech should be
May 25, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #53
Who let the dogs out? Gotta watch those slurs! You cut my WHAT off? And much more
May 22, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #52
Critical Race Theory, Cowards are the Cancel Crowds best buddies, Math is RAAAAACIST, and more!!
May 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #51
The media and selective reporting, Jaguars, Biden FAIL! after FAIL! and more
May 19, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #50
PC and Policing, Wokeism IS Racism, Another day, another MSNBS degenerate, Don Lemon totally digs silent RAAAACISM and MORE!!!!!
May 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #49
15 facts- Techno Racism?- WOKEISM!- Offendeditis and MORE
May 15, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #48
Packer Fans Rejoice!- Israel wants peace not war- Reality star CANCELLED- Sad news from Everest. Mask Shaming and MORE
May 13, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #47
How the media creates narratives- Republicans who sell out never were Republicans- Death for Donuts?- and more
May 12, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #46
Those evil Republicans- Are we cancelling painted rocks now?- The Left's twisted obsession with erasing things- and more
May 11, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #45
Senator Scott still being smeared. Voting integrity? Not if the left has their way. Leftist bean counters, and more
May 11, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #44
Yes self-defense is for Christians too Charles Blow is in the Pit of Leftist Stupidity They eat WHAT???? And more
May 08, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #43
The threat of critical theories
May 07, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #42
Self-Defense do's, and maybe do not's, The greatness of my grandparents, My top 5 Guitarists, and more CLICK THE PIC TO LISTEN
May 07, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #41
White Privilege and the war on sports. So RAAAAACISM killed Jackie Robinson? Ammo control...... College brats vs common sense. NO CHOCOLATE FOR COPS? And MSNBS is still trash
May 05, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #40
Mitt gets booed. Racist prof hates on Whitey. Another Noose that wasn't. Why does Biden hate White Farmers? Stuck on Stoopit in St. Louis. And more!!!!!
May 04, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #39
Some Republicans really need to study the War Between the States. Team Biden soft on Iran. The Jeopardy scandal that wasn't. Carjackers get their just rewards. And more
May 03, 2021
Marxifornia considering releasing violent felons early? Elon Musk, Miley Cyrus, the Wokesters will cancel you now, and Kamala Harris gets another gig she is not qualified for
May 02, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought 37
Random Topics that caught my eye
May 01, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #36
Gassing White People? How we know Sen. Tim Scott is doing something right, NY Giant fans being, snapper heads and more
April 30, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #35
Race Pimping is EAZZZY for Ayanna Pressley and Maxine Waters and cancelling Sir Isaac Newton?
April 29, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought#34
Laundry justice? Is Shannon Sharpe an idiot? Lots more and College Craziness galore!
April 28, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #33
The Peril of Water Pistols, Dumb Jock Privilege Cal Berkeley being goofy as always, NO! Cops will not "shoot 'em in the leg" and lots more!
April 25, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #32
The Left forced to face the Truth about police shootings. And, remember every time you listen a Leftist loses their mind!
April 23, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought#31 Lebron the Super Bitter Buffoon
Could Lebron James be any more phony? Or foolish? Is he trying to get cops killed?
April 22, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #30
Talking to Bears? Useless gun laws!  Lebron's hypocrisy!  Some people just hate cops, and YES lots more!
April 21, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #29 The verdict is in
Chauvin convicted on all counts, BLM activist loves her some looting, hack reporters, Karma is an elephant? And MORE
April 20, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #28 Fools share their ignorance
Boehner, Cuomo, Madonna, plus Breonna Taylor's mom blasts BLM scammers, and more
April 19, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #27
Pushing Trans Politics on Kids, Woke bird watchers, Maxine Waters ever flapping gums, Woke newspapers and Racial Obsession Syndrome, and much more
April 18, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #26
CBS News cropped image of Adam Toledo holding gun, Parent pushes back against critical race theory, No, we do not have to trample gun rights to be safer
April 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #25
Twitter bans Project Veritas, Naked burglars?, Chelsea Handler is a moron, Idris Elba ain't really Black? and MORE
April 16, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #24
Climate Emergency! Who was Daunte Wright? What the Hell are they teaching our kids? And more............
April 15, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #23
CNN busted, MSNBS blames everything on White Supremacy, and Joe Biden loves Andrew Cuomos balls?
April 14, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #22 Black Lies Matter, Rip Crews, Biden appoints anti-Israeli fanatic, Riots are NOT protests and more
Black Lies Matter, Rip Crews, Biden appoints anti-Israeli fanatic, Riots are NOT protests and more
April 13, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #21 Equality You say?
The biggest difference between left and right might be how the left defines equality
April 12, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #20 Corruptocrats!
DaleyGator DaleyThought #20 The only authentic thing about our government? The pursuit of corruption
April 11, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Episode 19 Joe Biden Lies about Guns
Also Hunter Biden's new book, climate alarmism, and more
April 09, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought Episode 18 Random Thoughts
Biden sucks, Democrats, are they idiots, or liars? More lies about Georgia and Penis shrinking?
April 07, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought Episode 17
President DeSantis?????
April 06, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought Episode 16 Defeating the Wokers
Zombies are not real, but we have our own menace to fight
April 05, 2021
TheDaleyGatorDaleyThought Episode 15
Whole lotta WOKE AS F@#$ goin' on
April 04, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Episode 14
What do all these things have in common..................LEFTISM
April 02, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Episode 13
The University vs Education, plus the foolish purveyors of gun control
March 31, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Episode12 Tipping is now RAAAACIST?
Is cancel culture new? No! It is as old as any evil. Does the left know what they are doing? OH YES they do
March 30, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Episode 11
Our nation is infected, with Leftism
March 29, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought Episode 10 Cancel EVERYTHING
Another show with a few topics that have drawn my attention
March 27, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Episode 9- WOKE? No thank you!
Here comes Wokeness? God help us
March 25, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought So much to talk bout.............
A variety of topics and stories enjoy!
March 24, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought #8
The War on Gender? It gets crazier and, crazier
March 22, 2021
The DalaeyGatorDaleyThought Saving History
Give up our history? Hell No!
March 21, 2021
DaleyGatorDaleyThought #5 RAAAAACISM
Racial Obsession Syndrome is an ugly thing folks. Skin color is truly unimportant, the person inside the skin is what matters and defines them. 
March 17, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought When Democrats say "we are not coming for your guns....."
Remember kids, to the Left truth is meaningless
March 14, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Episode 3 The War on Language
So, words like "mom" "dad" are not bad and hurtful according to a private school in New York
March 12, 2021
The DaleyGator DaleyThought The War on Language
A private school in New York indoctrinating kids to be woke? Here the left goes again
March 12, 2021
DaleyGator DaleyThought Cancel EVERYTHING
Well, well, back to doing these podcasts, trying to get my voice right. This time it is all about the left's attempt to cancel, America. We are in for a hard fight folks
March 10, 2021
Democrats-Their "isms" now have "isms"
Arizona Senator gets criticism over voting no on $15 an hour minimum wage then plays the sexism card MSN News
March 06, 2021